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I’m feeling pretty damn fine.

The good news? We once again have a full squad of players to choose from. It now seems very likely that every player is going to head out to America tomorrow. That is good news.

Players transfers seem to be taking their sweet time, there’s not a lot of gossip running through the system, but rest assured, the club is working hard on new deals.

If we can get a left back and a midfielder in the next week, we’ll be a much better side than the one that ended the season.

Main concern is injuries and keeping players fit. Watching Harry Kane collapse on the floor during preseason isn’t the vibe I want to see in America this week, but it was a sharp reminder… these players get put through the wringer, our season crashed because we couldn’t maintain the fitness of our key players without Europe, what is being done to make things better now we have Europa League?

Well, for starters, we have a deeper squad of talent. We’ll start the season minus problematic low talent, low attitude players. That’s a really good place to be.

… but. The most important element comes from the coaching staff. They have to make sure Arteta rotates his players this season. Big Mo, Eddie, and Cedric all proved capable deputies last season. We do NOT have to beast our starting 13 every single game. If w do that again, things will go south in December and March again. We can’t afford for that to happen this season. The stakes are simply TOO high.


Jack Wilshere retired from football. Sad.

Jack Wilshere is back at Arsenal as an U18 coach. Yay!


You wait, when Arteta exits, the clamouring for Jack as the next first-team coach will be MASSIVE.

Good luck to him.


Mesut Ozil, the most wronged footballer of all time… has had his contract cancelled by coach number two at Fenerbache.


But I thought Emery, Freddie, and Arteta were the problem?

Johnny on the podcast cut a classy muted view on this that maybe the player is missing something in his life.

For me, cutting an unclassy tone, I think he has it ALL in his life and doesn’t need football.

He should have retired years ago. Passion is gone. He’ll find another club, do the same, and the cycle will repeat.

An outrageous visionary of the game who gave up.


Using builder identification language, Big Gabriel as we’ll now call him (it’s usually too many Dave’s on a building site), is attracting sticky rumours from Juve.

The player is a fan fave, he’s had ups and downs, but he’s pure talent… but everyone has a price.

Is Don Pep G doing his underling a favor here? Is he buying De Ligt for £76m, so Mikel get take all that money to bolster his title dreams this summer?

Who knows, but if Juve took that money to Arsenal, I’m not sure what we’d do? We have to sell someone painful at some point, right?

Imagine the damage we could do with that money ON TOP of the money we’re already spending.

Right, short one today, I have a NEW podcast that I recorded with Johnny. I am VERY sorry we messed the sound up.

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  1. Habesha Gooner

    We are being linked with Mykola Matviyenko again. I remember we were linked with him before Gabriel arrived. He is as tall as White and people had objections to it because of his build. He is primarily a CB and he can play LB too. He is 26 now.

    Arteta seems to have a certain defensive profile to add to that backline. Matviyenko makes sense now because we were linked with Martinez. They are quite similar players. Arteta is looking for that type of certain profile for that backup LB and rotation LCB option.

  2. Nigel Tufnel

    I said here yesterday that Partey situation seems to be looking brighter….

    Then some doomers came in with bad info to scare everybody. Always in a panic and eager to believe the worst.

    The talk about midfielders… to even mention Rabiot is so annoying when we are aiming so much higher.

    We don’t want spoiled problem cases to add to this exciting young squad that has great chemistry.

    Paqueta, if we’re in for him, is ranked super high in pressing and defensive effort. It’s like some of you don’t even see a theme developing in what we’re trying to do. Thank God Pedro gets it.

    Rabiot, Aouar. Technical directors from legrove……

  3. Nigel Tufnel

    On Partey….

    This is the takeaway for me…

    He was probably the guy in question,

    But the great news is that the case against him is probably proving to be much less convincing. That’s why I feel things looking up for him.

    Believe every *whatever* is not possible in a world full of liars and grifters.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    The athletic have apparently reported that the club of the arrested player have decided not to suspend him.

    It checks out that Partey is now going to America when he didn’t go to Germany. Looks like the club know a out the story and they believe Partey. I don’t think they would take him on tour otherwise.

  5. Habesha Gooner


    Here was the story back in 2020. Matviyenko was valued £30 mil and we ended up going for Mari. The the next summer we signed Gabriel.

    The funny story is Ajax want Matviyenko to replace Lisandro Martinez who we wanted. And United are going to get him. Now we might take Ajax’s target 😂😂😂. And for much cheaper than 30 mil too. He will be available at 12.6 mil according to rumors. Arteta has had his eye on him for a while it seems. Looks a good player on YouTube too.

  6. Terraloon


    But the great news is that the case against him is probably proving to be much less convincing. That’s why I feel things looking up for him.

    How on earth based on what we do know and yep what we don’t know draw any conclusion whatsoever?

    As witnessed in the Greenwood case where we have seen some of the evidence and yet he still hasn’t been charged. Utd decided to suspend and still no charges.

  7. Pierre

    Nigel Tufnell
    “Paqueta, if we’re in for him, is ranked super high in pressing and defensive effort. It’s like some of you don’t even see a theme developing in what we’re trying to do”!

    And yet xhaka is first name on the team sheet, where does he fit into the theme .

  8. MidwestGun

    Don’t take this the wrong way Nigel but I don’t understand why you are raging against people who might want certain players like Aour or Rabiot? Who cares?…is your opinion on players the final say on who people can rate or not?

    I personally like when people mention different players and give their opionion because then I can compare notes.. See how I feel about it.. it’s one of the best aspects of Le Grove and your having a tizzy fit almost daily about it I don’t have to be a chef to enjoy and talk about food and I don’t have to be a technical directot either to rate a football player.

  9. Tom

    “Believe every *whatever* is not possible in a world full of liars and grifters.”

    “Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger
    But she ain’t messing’ with no broke n*#@$ “

  10. Emiratesstroller

    I have just looked at the positional stats of Parqueta on Transfermarkt at both Brazil and
    Olympique Lyonnais which make interesting reading.

    Central Midfield x 9 times
    Attacking Midfield x 14 times
    Left Midfield x 3 times
    Left Wing x 1 time

    Olympique Marseille
    Central Midfield x 23 times
    Attacking Midfield x 28 times
    Centre Forward x 3 times !!!!

    So Parqueta should not be considered a conventional attacking midfielder. H e is equally
    comfortable in central midfield role and perhaps rather like Cazorla a fairly versatile player.

    This may explain why Arsenal are so keen on recruiting him.

    What it tells me is that Arsenal will need to rely on Messrs Partey, Xhaka and Elneny to play
    the conventional defensive midfield player alongside most probably Parqueta.

  11. WengerEagle

    Nigel is such an emotional little petal, lol.

    Chill out sweetheart. You’ll soon realise that yes, when you venture onto the internet that people have different opinions that do not align with yours or Pedro’s who aren’t renowned football scouts last time I checked.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    I think that we conclude that if Partey was the player under investigation Arsenal have decided to take him on the trip and more importantly both Police and US Immigration
    Authorities are not objecting.

    You can draw your own conclusions for this decision.

  13. MidwestGun

    E-stroller that was kind of what I figured in regards to Paqueta.and his positioning. with what Karim said yesterday too and from what Ive seen him with Brazil.. He could definitely play in Xhaka’s spot. Tha’s why I was kind of surprised to see Valentin pit him in the number 10 box so quickly.

    He seems to be a little more versatile then that.. although to be honest the price tag is way too steep at least for now.

  14. Tom

    KANYE 2020

    Dear Future,

    I still believe in you.
    We still believe in you.

    Even in our darkest moments,
    We believe.

    We believe in a world at peace.
    We believe in our people.
    We believe in our families.
    We will see families anchoring
    on faith.
    Our future holds a better America.
    In our future, we will H.E.A.L.
    Hold Everyone Accountable to

    Our future will provide expecting families with a safe and secure plan that values every stage of life. Our future will provide a justice system that treats everyone equally regardless of their socioeconomic status. Our future will provide an education system that promotes freedom and visionary thinking. Our happy, healthy future looks like the new Garden of Eden with children running and the elderly brimming with joy on how beautiful our world has become. Our future has homes for everyone.

    Our future has food for

    Our future has love.
    Our future is free from debt, shame, guilt, worry, stress, war, greed, hate, misuse of power, prejudices, manipulation, and discrimination.

    Jesus loves everyone.

    When I close my eyes, I see our God providing us with a bright future. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas when I think about our future.

    Dear Future,
    I still believe in you.

    I know the world is going to get better, but you need us as a people to heal. You need us to hold everyone accountable to love.

    God is love.

    Let’s lead with love. Our future is waiting on us.”

    I’m still shocked he didn’t win having presented such vision

  15. WengerEagle

    Left Testicle

    It’s the Jekyll and Hyde that’s strange.

    Some days he is actually objective about Arteta and things we need to improve on.

    And other days he is angrily swinging out of Pedro’s gonads.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg

    Paqueta makes sense in a 4123 formation as oje of the attacking 8s, in the position Xhaka was supposed to be playing at the end of last season.

    ESR is mostly seen as a backup LW to Arteta and Vieira isn’t ready physically to start yet. The problem with that is that as soon as Partey isn’t available we’d have to go back to a double pivot anyway because none of the other DMs are good enough to do that job by themselves.

    Add a DM + CM and it’s possible. Need to trim some fat there too though, Torreira and Xhaka needs to leave.

  17. Graham62

    Pepe came into an utter shitfest at Arsenal back in August 2019.
    Emery was basically on his way out, Freddie was going to temporarily take over the reins and Arteta was not far off from entering the fold.

    He came from an environment where he was comfortable and at ease.
    Has he been dealt a fair hand? Has he been treated in a manner that has made him feel wanted and yes, even loved?
    I don’t think he has.

    He was ridiculed by Arteta when he got sent off at Leeds, whilst other players were allowed to get away with far worse. We know who!
    The talent has always been there but has he really been seen as an asset or a hindrance?

    I feel sorry for the guy, I genuinely do.

  18. Left Testicle

    Pepe is so unpredictable with the ball at his feet that even he doesn’t know what his going to do with it. His Arsenal YouTube highlights video would last less than 30 seconds and that would include those annoyingly long intros.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg



    One of Pepes many highlight videos from his time at Arsenal. 8 minutes 30 seconds btw, although the long intros are annoying…

    He was just starting to adapt when Arteta took over and started crushing his confidence, would have been a great asset to us with another manager. Wouldn’t have been next to worthless on the transfer market now either.

  20. Mr Serge

    Diss this is true on any player in any team wenger never liked Merse he was gone very quickly

    While we are talking what player\ players hurt you the most when they left the club ?

    Rocky killed me when we sold him I even remember where I was when I heard, I was in disbelief, I was in ayia napa,

    Liam Brady was the other he was my favourite player when I was growing up in Islington,

  21. Nigel Tufnel


    I truly believe we are trying to get away from Xhaka with the players we’re targeting.

    I’ll be really upset if we don’t at least move Xhaka down the pecking order.

    I’m confident, because we know that we’ve been given the funds to get it done.

  22. Nigel Tufnel


    That’s right about Partey and it’s the obvious direction things are going.

    It’s not vindication, and not an all clear signal…. but looks a lot more hopeful than just a few days ago.