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My word, Gabriel Jesus seems like a proper decent chap!

I’ve seen him tell the media:

‘I’m not here to be a superstar’

… and then:

‘I’m looking forward to playing with a striker with his qualities’ (Eddie)

I don’t know about you but I’m still absorbing his performance from yesterday.

It’s still quite amazing that there has been quite a few people that have doubted whether adding a proper striker to our system would change our system.

Well, you saw in one game what quality adds to the way we play.

Lacazette was too slow to link play and attack the box.

Auba was too old to change his game.

Eddie showed the way with limited games.

Gabi Jesus has shown where the next level is.

He attacks the front post, he links play, he runs at players, he has a beautiful weight of pass, and he has an incredible work ethic.

We’re not just adding raw football to our forward line, we’re adding a really clever player that has been schooled at the University of Pep G.

There’s still work to do on the squad.

Keiran Tierney needs proper cover. Martinez would be great but we have to be prepared for him choosing Manchester United.

We haven’t addressed our midfield challenges. Mo Elneny is a very good player but we need more quality in midfield. Tielemans, Savic, whoever… we need more experience and players with different tools. I love Sambi Lokonga, but I’m just not sure you can put a season on his shoulders if Thomas Partey gets another long-term injury.

Then we need to look for goals in that frontline. There will be a natural uplift. Jesus will inspire people to take more chances. Experience should add calmness in front of goal. But we need a rocketeer adding to the tally. We need 70+ goals. If it’s not Raphinha, who is it?

The good news is that we’re out the woods regards to a starting 11, bar Thomas Partey who wasn’t in Germany. We have enough depth for the opening month. Going to Palace with two fullbacks and a striker will be good for us. I’d still like to see a full squad by game day one. Last year was so damn messy.

I’m also fascinated to see which young players stay and which go. Charlie Patino looked much more in control of his body when he played yesterday. He’s bulked up, he wasn’t shoved around, and he looked more assured and ambitious with his passing. Does he need a loan? Possibly.

I wonder who is staying on for Europa and who is going out on loan?

Right, short post today. See you in the comments.

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  1. DivineSherlock


    Fed still the goat for me . Man played some of the most beautiful tennis I have ever seen , probably wont see it replicated ever again . Modern tennis being all about being an athlete and outlasting your opponent in rallies . If Federer stayed fit in latter part of his years , he would have definitely won more.

  2. AFC Forever


    Djokovic is too experienced to let the Kyrgios behaviour disrupt him. I’n many ways Kygios fell on his own sword. He needs to learn from that because he’s a great player.

  3. DivineSherlock

    AFC Forever

    He needs to learn from that because he’s a great player.

    That first set he won was some incredible tennis , had Djokovic in the mat and defensive . I dont think he will change , everyone knows he is good but he is just too erratic mentally . Like Mario Balotelli ? Perhaps.

  4. WengerEagle

    Don’t really get why Djoker isn’t beloved like Fed and Rafa tbh who are the Saints of tennis and can do no wrong with fans. Maybe that is why I suppose, he came along later and absolutely blitzed the two of them.

    Quite a funny and charismatic dude, absolute grinder with a monster winning mentality. Not much to dislike besides the Vaxx stuff which has only surfaced since the pandemic and he was getting no love before that either.

  5. AFC Forever

    It’s so much more enjoyable when people show respect instead of all the sledging that we get. Warms the heart. Soppy bugger!!!!!

  6. WengerEagle

    Fed was like Messi in that he was an artist. His natural ability was well above the tour or anyone else and he played the most unforgettable tennis.

    Whereas Rafa and Novak are both more Ronaldo. Great natural ability but had to grind and really work to level up to compete with the freak geniuses Messi/Federer.