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Should I shut down the blog after that suggestion?


Arsenal rattled 5 goals past Nurnberg, Gabriel Jesus was at the centre of a lot of the goodness, scoring his first with an awesome run and near-post finish. His second when he charged at the near post and scored with his head. His 3rd came from a near-post run and a lovely finish. He was also in the right position to force their defender into an error after Eddie hit the underside of the bar. Some say one of those goals was scored by Nurnberg. I refute that.

The game was super rusty in general. We went two goals down from two strikes. Matt Turner didn’t really live up to the hype in regards to his shot-stopping, allowing a long-range effort to swerve past him. The second goal they scored was more of a finish, but still not sure that performance will instill much fear into Ramsdale.

Other notable performances? Mo Elneny came on, took the game by the scruff of the neck, and scored a fucking SCREAMER. Say what you will about the Egyptian, but that form is fresh off the back doing exactly the same after our three losses in the Prem last season. He’s a good player and he showed he’s going to be more than capable of rotating with whoever our pivot is next season.

It’s early days for judging new signings, but Marquinhos looks physically at Premier League level, and he was an absolute terrier when he came on. He might get shipped out on loan, but I liked the look of him, he’s hungry, that’s what I loved.

Hector is going to get moved on, he’s not the ticket.

Ainsley started, is there a way back for him as back up right back? Doubtful. Which is a shame.

Kieran Tierney went off before 45mins was up. We really, really, really need to secure a very good left back for next season because KT will always break. Lisandro Martinez is still in the mixer, he is the chosen one, if it’s not him, get Zinchenko in the red and white.

The big talking point?

Gabriel Jesus.

He gave me all the sexy feels rocking that #9 shirt.

Things I like:

Elite movement

  • Pace
  • Connectivity
  • Powerful pressing
  • Energy
  • Superb finishing
  • Leadership
  • The unique ability to create something out of nothing from a standing start. Suarez-like in that respect

He also scored a header to put my Tall Boy Summer ideas in the bin.

There was also more chatter on the story we’re all hating at the moment.

The club involved apparently knew of player assault allegations last autumn.

I’m going to give you the club thinking on the issue, not from first-hand accounts, but how businesses have to think about these things.

* Before I get into this, my thoughts are with the alleged victims. It is brave to come out against powerful footballers. Especially considering how grim football fans are, especially in England. They deserve their day in court if the evidence is there. *

The club in question has legal and ethical issues.

Legally, you can’t sack someone based on allegations. Presumption of guilt because the internet demands it isn’t reality nor should it be, we’ve seen enough cases go the other way lately to throw caution to the wind before weighing in as judge, jury, and executioner.

A club can suspend a player, but usually, there will have to be some clear indication that the party is guilty. Either because they own it or there is enough evidence to support a suspension.

CR7 was accused of quite the crime in 2009. That case was re-upped, it was an allegation, but a judge threw it out.

Yves Bissouma was accused of a crime last October, after an 8-month investigation, no charge was forthcoming.

Both played.

Benjamin Mendy was only suspended when he was charged.

Mason Greenwood was suspended without charges, but there was online evidence from his victim that made his position untenable.

A basic judicial principle in England is you are presumed innocent until found guilty.

There are ethical issues involved here and there will be consequences for the club in question.

If you play an alleged serial rapist while you wait for charges, then the player is charged, you will be eviscerated by your fans, by the papers, and all manner of organizations who will call you irresponsible and the protector of a predator.

It’s lose/lose for the club in question.

Suspend a high-profile name, damage your short-term goals, waste huge amounts of money, and the player is innocent… you have butchered a career out of caution.

Play a high-profile monster and charges come, you have propped up a disgusting human.

This is a decision that will require sound leadership. If I were to put money on it, I’d say that the club will wait until there is a charge and hope the name doesn’t get out.

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    The principle is “innocent unless proved guilty”. That is 100% correct.

    The complication in football is the discussion whether a footballer under investigation should be identified and more importantly playing football.

    The reality is it will be very difficult to hide the identity of the footballer under investigation
    or the club he plays for.

    As I posted if it proves to be an Arsenal player I don’t think that the club will allow him to
    play whilst under investigation. Other clubs may operate differently.

  2. Spanishdave

    The player who is accused will not be able to fully concentrate on playing, and is of no use in the team until the matter is resolved.
    We need to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
    We will as usual fumble about until the last minute, it’s the Arsenal way.

  3. Terraloon


    Greenwood is totally different.
    There is incontrovertible proof of his guilt.
    Ok let me rephrase, unless he is found guilty or uncontrollable proof he commuted rape is offered

    Is there ? The innocent till proven has to apply but you seem to have made your mind up based on what ? The answer to that is what you have read on line not the evidence .

    Even after all this time Greenwood hasn’t been charged on what you clearly think is an open and shut case . Look I am not saying he won’t be charged, won’t be found guilty but at this point in time no court has ruled on any charges based on all the evidence.

  4. Bob N16

    Evidence against Greenwood is in the public domain or at least enough to make it almost impossible for him to be picked.

  5. Dissenter

    Agreed 100%

    I’ve not heard anyone suggest he’s remotely guilty, we don’t have facts

    The conversation is about what pressures the club may face since they are multiple accusations [reportedly], by more than one persons.
    Arsenal can’t even talk about and Arsenal should never talk about it.

    It’s; about what they do or not do, with the information they are privileged to have being the employer of a well compensated footballer.

  6. Luteo Guenreira

    I know there’s always a recency bias, and Tony has gone a little bonkers due to his excommunication, but he’s just a dumb old fuck who is too stupid to realize how dumb he comes off.

    Let’s not forget that Bamford/Dariano went so far as to use BennyDevito’s email address, which he requested directly from Benny when they were on better terms, to come back on LeGrove using Benny’s handle, then praised Bamford/himself while talking shit about Pedro, all while pretending to be Benny. Some truly diabolical shit involving identity theft.

  7. Dissenter

    Are you sure it’s not another poster who’s bored after a Friday night binge
    Strange things happen here.

    Hard to think a 70 year+ fellow will sink that low to post s his teenage son.

  8. Un


    There is a recording of greenwood threatening to punch her if she didn’t open her legs and images of her with a battered face
    Can’t see him arguing his way out of that

  9. Emiratesstroller


    I posted earlier a reference to Tony Adams who was charged and convicted of a criminal offence and subsequently received a prison sentence.

    The level of offence was quite different, but Adams from recollection did not play for the club during the entire time when he was under investigation. What the club did do was provide the player with support.

    On a separate matter it is always difficult if not impossible to prevent the identity of a public
    figure whether a politician or footballer being not disclosed. Someone will spill the beans.

  10. GoonerDave

    “You lost me at milkers” Says the man with a titty shot as his profile pic. That is funny.
    Andy – if your ideology is making you look like a hypocrite, your ideology might be flawed.

  11. Luteo Guenreira

    Worked up over what? I was just saying Tony isn’t as bad as Bamford’s identity theft. You mean cause I called him a dumb old fuck? Relax.

    Dissenter. If it’s someone pretending, he was very quick to bring up unrelated golf topics with me that goes back well over a year. I know your posting identity is all about the “what if’s” these days, but I don’t think that’s necessary with this one.

  12. Dissenter

    ‘ On a separate matter it is always difficult if not impossible to prevent the identity of a public
    figure whether a politician or footballer being not disclosed. Someone will spill the beans.’

    I think it’s better to just release the Information
    In the US, arrest records are public
    The UK stem of releasing partial information, enough to zero in on the individual is far worse because it lets innuendos do the rest of the job.

  13. Dissenter

    I too remember those convos and I bet many here recall them too.
    Pedro could have been starting shite too
    If it’s Tony, then I have him in my pre years because that’s pitiable

  14. Terraloon


    There is a recording of greenwood threatening to punch her if she didn’t open her legs and images of her with a battered face
    Can’t see him arguing his way out of that

    You miss my point .

    He might well be found guilty but at this point in time he hasn’t even been charged so based on the Innocent to proven guilty mantra irrespective of what you have heard, what you or indeed any of us think he has to be said to be “ Innocent to proven guilty” once you pick and choose when to apply that basic rule it has to rendered obsolete

  15. Dissenter

    The fact that Greenwood hasn’t been charge, doesn’t that give you some pause as to the certainty of his conviction
    I mentioned Amber Heard as case study< be weary of this self made recordings
    You can manipulate everything these days.

  16. Samesong

    Top 13 unbreakable Records in Football🙀

    🚨 Lewandowski 5 goals⚽ in 9 minutes

    🚨Mane 3 goals⚽ in 2 mins

    🚨CR7,Suarez,Zlatan scoring in every minutes

    🚨Messi 91 goals⚽ in a calendar year

    🚨Aguero hattrick against Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea in one season

    🚨Lukaku 7 touches in 90 mins👏

    🚨Kovacic 2 goals⚽ in 437 days

    🚨Jorghino 1 open play career goal⚽

    🚨Odoi 4 Pl goals⚽ in 5 seasons

    🚨Hazard 3 goals⚽ in 3 years

    🚨Chelsea 117 yrs of existence no home.

    🚨 Lukaku sweating even on bench😂

    🚨 Giroud 90 mins without touching the ball.😁

  17. Positive pete

    Er Diss.Lets not forget that “ smug Tony” has also earned the wrath of one or two other blogs where he’s been elbowed off.So desperate for attention he pops up in one of his multiple personas,Junior.

  18. Dissenter

    He fits the descriptors
    He hasn’t implicitly denies it, which is what ant agent/PR person will tell their clients to do; post pics of you on vacay or just having fun. When shite hits the fan, they tell you to withdraw which is what has happened to Yak
    He’s not in Germany with the rest of the squad even though he’s not injured, in line with the reports of having to be questioned
    Innocent until proven guilty, not even been charged yet of course.

  19. Goobergooner

    Midwest and Pierre

    “Where is Pierre when you need him to talk about Ozil to get us back on brand?
    PierreJuly 9, 2022 08:04:28
    “Remember that people have been ditched for less than this under the non-negotiables”Like questioning a wage cut..”

    Hahaha that is the best 2 comments in a row 😂 what a cracker to get us back into some legrove sanity

  20. Dissenter

    The “denial” I wrote about, was about being the player who;s the focus of an investigation
    Adams stated that it’s not clear as to whether Partey is the one that was accused.

    I too. don’t believe Partey did it. Don’t ask me how I know though.

  21. Bob N16

    Fox in the box,

    This stage of pre season is as much about fitness and training ground work than who your opposition is. It’s also worth noting they were training at the Adidas training facilities, that must have come into the decision to play the opposition that they did.

  22. Un


    Not quite son
    There is proof of Greenwoods guilt. There is none of the player in this case. Yet. So until there is then he’s innocent in mine and many others eyes.

    Anyway, semantics, this is boring now.

  23. Rich

    Be good to get some movements on outgoings this week.

    Leno, Mari, Niles, Bellerin, Runarsson, Nelson

    Can all leave the club without the need for replacements from a “numerical” standpoint

    Under the circumstances Torreira might be worth keeping around, even though a parting of the ways is probably for the best, but numerically there’s a chance we could need another central midfielder

    Tavares needs a loan, but we need to secure a replacement first.

    Balogun + Okonkwo + Norton Cuffy likely need loans as well, I reallylike Balogun, he’s a massive talent, but there’s no value in him sitting behind Jesus + Eddie

    Not unless we play Jesus wide, which could be an option, but listening to his interview, and what Arteta has said, it should like he’s been signed to play centrally.

    Ramsdale, Turner, Hein
    Tomiyasu, Cedric
    Tierney, ?
    Saliba, White
    Gabriel, Holding
    Partey, Elneny, Torreira
    Xhaka, Sambi, Patino
    Odegaard, Vieira
    Saka, Pepe
    Martinelli, Smith Rowe
    Jesus, Eddie

    From a numerical standpoint we should be fine, I’m sure we’d like to upgrade Holding + Pepe, and sign a player more suited to that left sided No8 role.

    But if there’s no offers, we’ll have to try and extract value from the player we have,

    Much of our improvement should be internal, it’s up to Arteta to show he can improve the young players at his disposal

    We also need to renew some contracts, Saka, Saliba, Martinelli, Patino, Gabriel, Norton Cuffy

  24. Gonsterous

    Watching the highlights of the game. Most players looked rusty apart from nketiah who was on fire. Long may it continue. Martinelli racked up assists like it was going out of fashion.

    Excited for the new season. Can’t get here fast enough. The squad may look very different from the one that we rolled out yesterday.

  25. Habesha Gooner

    Greenwood’s case is different. There is a lot of evidence against him eventhough he hasn’t been found guilty yet. Even then he hasn’t been sacked by United, just suspended. Partey just has an accusation labeled at him so far.

  26. Nigel Tufnel

    This is all a clever play by the club around Partey.

    Set off this firestorm, and when he is cleared, there will be such a feeling of relief that it will be the most impressive
    “Like a new signing”ever.

  27. Terraloon


    What the court has found him guilty?

    I am not saying that there is any proof whatsoever that the player in this matter has committed any crime I agree that in this instance of course he must be presumed innocent but you are acting as judge and jury re Greenwood and that is a dangerous place to be.

  28. Un

    Ok mate. You win
    I’m done with this rabbit hole. I dont care about greenwood. I’m just suspicious of this case due to the details. That’s it. No more

    What are you thinking? Football talk? This is a legal blog now. Take your footy elsewhere 😂

  29. AFC Forever


    No it’s not. It’s about people like you needing to dig out Arteta. That’s what this Partey stuff is all about. Had we dropped him based on an unproven allegation and secured fewer points you would be saying it was a bad decision.

    Some of you are very transparent mate.

  30. AFC Forever


    Greenwood was caught on video. Man Utd had no choice it was shown on social media.

    Brighton didn’t drop Bissouma.

    Just ignore some of these dishonest clowns and the agenda that dominates their every thought. They know they are wrong.

  31. andy1886

    AFCF, think that you’re way off the mark with that last comment. This has nothing to do with Arteta – you’re obsessed! Arteta isn’t making any decisions on the player at this stage, the club and by that I mean at the very highest levels will based on advice from legal, HR, public affairs and any other function that needs to be involved. No-one thinks this has anything to do with the manager, you’re looking for an agenda where there isn’t one.

  32. Dissenter

    ‘ DissenterNo it’s not. It’s about people like you needing to dig out Arteta.’

    That’s it then
    You solved the riddle, You got me.

    What does this have to do with Arteta?
    Don’t bother answering though, just hold the thought.

    It doesn’t explain why you misattributed a post Terraloon made at the top of the post to me and then started doing your usual melodrama.

  33. Un

    AFC ForeverJuly 9, 2022 12:49:37
    DissenterNo it’s not. It’s about people like you needing to dig out Arteta. That’s what this Partey stuff is all about. Had we dropped him based on an unproven

    That’s exactly what this is about. And he Arteta stuff goes back to the old akb days. Aaaaaalll the way back.

    The idea being that the club should have signed bissouma so Arteta is this and that 🥱

    Whatever happens it’s a sad day that finishing in the top four is laced with extra relish so you can laugh at your own fellow supporters who piss on the club.

    In other news, the second coming of Jesus has got a few tails up

  34. AFC Forever


    Really? I said yesterday Arsenal would have legal experts giving them advice.Fans on here are a bunch of know-it-all know nothings. Experts on everything. Pedro nailed it.

    It’s a stupid debate, pointless. We don’t know it is Partey & none of us have spoken to the lawyers or seen the evidence. Why is it necessary to argue over nothing? Is it really that important to be right on everything?

    Jesus did well yesterday, why don’t we talk about that?

  35. Dissenter

    I’m glad you can see the silly agenda that driving some of the comments
    Why would any decent human being think this was about Arteta,
    Arteta had close to 2 decades of playing footie at the highest level and was anything but the ultimate professional.

    This is above the manager’s pay grade, he only chimes in when they want his opinion. It’s his superiors who will be deciding what to do after consulting widely. I reckon they will have an independent team review to reduce bias.

    Arteta will be wise to stay away and do job he was hired to do.

  36. AFC Forever


    If it’s nothing to do with Arteta why was Dissenter rambling on about non-negotiables and Arteta getting rid of players for less?

    If you’re siding with Dissenter then of course I’m bloody right!!! Of course it’s your bloody agenda. Everything usually is.

  37. GoonerDave

    Unfortunately, I haven’t heard the term “junior school” in a very long time. Therefore, I must completely disregard your comment.

  38. andy1886

    AFCF, thanks for the reply but I still don’t see what it has to do with Arteta neither have I seen anyone apart from you say it does. You brought it up and made a connection so it’s a bit rich to ask why people might comment on that.

    I didn’t see the game yesterday but by all accounts Jesus had a very good game. I’ll be at the Emirates for the Seville game so looking forward to seeing him and any of our other new players in the flesh for the first time.

  39. AFC Forever

    We dissenter

    Now you are trying to worm your way out. Nice try. But your previous comments are in black and white.

    You’re lying. You explicitly linked non-negotiable and compared getting rid of Guendouzi to not getting rid of Partey (who has been all godly linked to a crime).

    It’s in the comment section you cant deny what you said.

  40. AFC Forever

    *allegedly linked to a crime.

    Let’s be very careful here when we talk about Partey it’s just an allegation and supposition.

  41. andy1886

    GoonerDave, true, it’s a term that went out of vogue long ago. Still can’t work out what year 11,12 or whatever is in terms of age. Told my grandkids that I had my Rubik’s Cube confiscated in Sixth Form and they didn’t have a clue what any of that meant!

  42. AFC Forever


    “AFCF, thanks for the reply but I still don’t see what it has to do with Arteta neither have I seen anyone apart from you say it does”

    Your either bullshitting or ignoring what has been written. I concede defeat.,

  43. Dissenter

    We were talking about an ethical dilemma in response to Pedro’s original post
    One extreme is to let him play, the other was the non-negotiable approach. Even Pedro made mention of the extremes of choices the club has and that’s no-win.
    The non-negotiable was brought up as part of the quagmire of what do you do. I repeatedly wrote that there’s no right answer.
    You’re obsessed with your pet peeves and you always derail conversations to take you to them rabbit holes.
    In your mind, you’re the superior fan shining your glorious light on us paupers.

    Arteta ffs?
    You’re the man

  44. Positive pete

    Must say Eddie looked sharp yesterday.Seems to have bulked up & gained more confidence.Also could it be he’s struck up a bit of a partnership with Jesus.Early days I know.& bearing in mind the level of opposition but looks promising.

  45. Un


    He looks like he’s gonna hit the ground running and linked really well with Jesus
    Very encouraging from both

  46. Emiratesstroller

    The Daily Telegraph have updated today developments in the ” alleged”rape case” which makes interesting reading.

    1. The player’s club received the first complaints about the player 11 months ago. That allegation was made last August and reported to Scotland Yard. The complaint was passed
    on to an overseas force linked to complainant.

    2. In March the Metropolitan Police launched an investigation having established “jurisdiction” and then received a second complaint in February. Apparently his club have
    known since last autumn that the player was under investigation.

    3. The player had been arrested last Monday concerning the latest complaint that took place
    in June.

    4. The Metropolitan Police have confirmed to DT that the earlier complaint of rape by a different woman was reported in August 2021 and happened outside the UK. They have confirmed that the club know who the player is.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    The significance of what I have just posted is that the Club have known about earlier allegations of rape from first woman since August 2021. So the arrest of the player was
    under investigation is not a surprise albeit that the third alleged rape last month was
    the reason for the arrest.

  48. Un


    I read that this morning too
    But what does it change? It doesn’t imply guilt does it? At this stage they are just yet to be proven allegations and could well be a shakedown by a disgruntled ex gf and a holdiay fling

  49. Markymark

    News Now are reporting it as Partey and that it’s his wife who had put in one of the complaints

  50. RP7

    “Partey’s girlfriend, Bella reportedly set him up because he reportedly refused to marry her during her recent visit to Spain, wrote the journalist on Twitter.”

    This stuff happens all the time in conservative cultures.
    In India, majority of “rapes” are found out to be baseless accusations because the guy refused to marry the girl he deflowered (while majority of actual rapes are not reported because a girl losing her virginity makes her unmarriable, especially in lower castes)

  51. G

    ‘’ But why go and play Nurnberg – a Bundesliga 2 side? Why not a top-10 Bundesliga side for a friendly? Or, are we ?‘’

    Mate it was more for fitness and integrate 1 or 2 players….

  52. G

    On the flip side RP7 .. in India some rapes guys with money will get away with rape cause they’ll pay off the police..

  53. Vintage Gun

    The latest Party update if true fits into what I’ve heard and what a few others on here were also hearing. That his new wife was one of the accusers.

    Regarding the first accuser i heard that the two allegations SHE made were based on TWO separate occasions.

    Although this doesn’t prove or dispel the allegations, it certainly adds layers of complexity to the case.

    For example, why would the first accuser meet up again with their alleged rapist? Why report the issue to police after the 2nd incident and not the first?

    Again I’m not declaring his innocence or guilt. Its just that the case seems a bit strange from the limited information available

  54. Vintage Gun

    “Exactly what I’ve been asking which makes me Harvey Weinstein apparently”

    Well to me it just makes you open minded which is probably classed as worse if you go against the grain these days.

    I have all the sympathy in the world for REAL victims of rape. And if Party’s accusers claims are true then i hope the law throws the book at him.

    But here’s the thing, I’m not going to call on him to be banned/suspended or jailed just because two women have made allegations against him as it would insinuate that an accusers claim should be taken as gospel. What it should be is a basis for investigation and nothing more until further evidence is acquired, if any.

    Play Party unless/until he is charged. An arrest doesn’t mean Jack until charged and even then the said person has to be convicted.

    Otherwise i could walk into my local police station and say ‘Harry Kane, Mo Salah and Harland have just roasted me and have them suspended for the upcoming season.

  55. Bob N16

    Un, you don’t know the facts but are implying the accusations are a ‘stitch up’. Wouldn’t it make more sense to reserve judgement until the facts come out otherwise people might accuse you of not taking rape accusations seriously.?

    The police are clearly taking it seriously.

  56. Adams

    The cases of rape and sexual assault are on the rise among footballers this days. I don’t even know who to trust between the players and the alleged victims.

  57. China1

    Wilshere has officially retired

    Thanks for the memories Jack. Your career might not have sustained your true level for long due to injuries but deary me you were *awesome* in your youth.

    And who can forget his best goals?

    All the best to him even more so as it looks like he’ll coach an arsenal youth team next

  58. Nigel Tufnel

    I’ve only stated the general point that a person is innocent until PROVEN otherwise. We would all want the same rights.
    He’s our player and I hope he is found not guilty, and I hope it doesn’t ruin his season or career just because of bad publicity.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Wilshire has been Coach of the U18s at Arsenal. He said that his football playing career was
    sadly unfulfilled, but hoped to achieve success as a coach.

    Personally I am glad that the club have offered him that job.

  60. Adams

    I like reull walters game yesterday. The guy is too confident for his age i hope he takes the next step like saka

  61. Un


    I suspect it is but would hold my hands up if I’m wrong.
    Maybe it would be better to say less and wait but we are all here to share our opinions aren’t we? And while this does veer a little off of he sport itself it is highly relevant to our season and our club

    Anyway. Let’s see