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Arsenal transfer news is light on juice.

There’s a great big monstrous elephant in the room that we can’t talk about, but at a base level, what you can say is our best player, for whatever reason, is not with the squad on tour in Germany. Our season collapsed on his long-term absence last year and it’s arguably why we finished 8th in Arteta’s first full season.

As it stands, Mo Elneny is single pivoting for us, as Matt said on the podcast, that’s the difference from looking distinctly West Ham, to looking like we can compete with Manchester City at home.

There does appear to be movement on Youri Tielemans. If I were to guess why things have been slow, it’s fewfold:

  1. The player would be due back on July 14th with the rest of the international players. Clubs tend not to want to take on wages until players are working.
  2. Tielemans only wants Arsenal, so there’s not much chance of being gazumped by Todd Boehly, Newcastle, or Manchester United.
  3. Arsenal don’t want to pay Leicester a massive fee.

Frenkie De Jong is rumoured to be costing about £65m with bonuses going up to £80m. The wild part of the story is the deal is being held up because Barca owe him £17m in deferred payments. Quite something for a player that tanked.

Anyway, this is from Crab Stats.

We’re getting Youri T for less than half the price, less than half the salary, and we know he’s Premier League proven. I’ll take that sort of business all day long. He’s going to be much better than some of the miserable chatter that’s followed him after a bad season at Leicester.

We’ve been linked with Lille winger Edon Zhegrova. A Bosnian journalist has leaked that we’re in for the Kosovan. Have we had a Kosovan play for us before? I can’t think of one?

Anyway, it’s bit of a weird link. The player spent half his season in the Jupiler League with Basel, he moved to Lille, now we’re being asked to believe he’s being flipped again? What do we know about him? Not a lot. He’s fast, he’s direct, he looks like he has a mean cross, and he does have a penchant for a thunderbolt.

We bid £40m for Raphinha last week, now we’re turning to a player with half a season in Ligue One? It makes little sense unless accounting dynamics shifted because we have to account for an extra signing this window.

Still, I’m not sure anyone really expected a £55m winger to rotate with Saka, we just wanted someone capable of doing a job when they come on. Nico Pepe that ain’t…

Talking of the elusive Ivorian, Mr Galtier has taken over at PSG. He once said Pepe is a natural talent like Benzema. If he truly believes that, would he really let the boy sit on the bench at Arsenal? SURELY PSG WANT A PIECE WITH A £40M FEE?

We haven’t really done much moving on players. Hector Bellerin is staying in a hotel in London right now and wants out. Don’t pay attention to publications suggesting he’ll be here day one, the player, as it stands, does not want to be back-up right-back for Arsenal.

Lucas Torreira feels like the unpopular kid at the school disco sitting on the seats while everyone else makes moves. Why can’t he get a club to love him? Spurs just sold Steven B for £25m, why can’t we sell Bernd Leno for more than £2m? We are TERRIBLE at selling players.

Loans might be interesting this year.

Folarin Balogun, I love him, but he needs to get some development minutes. No doubt, he’s an outrageous talent, but he needs to bulk up, get bullied in the showers by a Welsh 36 yr old called Huw, and he needs to live in a place where the best place for a night out is a Sainsbury’s car park next to a burning recycling bin.

Who else leaves? Charlie Patino has been on a pure meat diet, but he’s still very green, and he looked off the pace when he debuted. Can he make a Saka-like jump this season or does he need the Saliba treatment?

Europa League IS a great place to learn about young players, so hopefully, we get a bit of excitement there, but at the same time, I hope the best young players don’t lose out because they stayed for the 6 European games, versus opting for the 4500 minutes they might get elsewhere.

Gabi Jesus dropped his first interview with Charles Watts at Goal.

Then I was pretty sure I would come to Arsenal. But after I talked to Mikel, I was 100 per cent sure. Because I trust in him. Because I trust in this big club. And I trust in myself and the players as well.

It is a big club with a big project. When Edu explained to me what they want for the future, I was so excited to join Arsenal because I love the project.

I want to win trophies. I want to win everything.

I love it.

He’s not here for 4th, he wants to win something big, and he’s going to help our young players set new standards.

Very exciting.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Yep .. I think Jesus is defintely gonna help us blow out some lower table teams this season.. maybe not have so much pressure every single match

  2. Topside Northbank

    Jesus looking lively what movement in the box can give you with link up play.

    Good friend of mine match going Man City fan told me constantly since we were linked nad he was signed not a City fan he knows that wasn’t gutted he was leaving.

    Told me have a read of their main forum as well to see how they feel. Jesus is simply way better that what we had up top last season.

  3. raptora

    Park registered 7 EPL minutes in his Arsenal career. I’m not counting him obviously hahaha. We bought Podolski for the LW in the same window we bought Giroud for the CF position.

  4. AFC Forever


    Yep. I copped a lot of flak for my opinion on Jesus being an absolute steal when he was being slagged off. I was told he can’t score goals!!! You’re no mug if you can smash in 53 goals in 99 starts at the highest level.

    It’s only a preseason game of course, but it’s his movement, technique.and awareness that you have to look at. He’s going to give Eddie and all the other players a massive lift because he’s got the medals to go with his class.

  5. raulishuss

    rap. poldi was bought as a striker. remember caz was suppose to be the left winger? plus poldi wore the no9 too

  6. AFC Forever


    Yep he’s not looked great out there Mari.

    Got some games in the USA for you boys coming up! Local enough for you to attend? Wish I could join you.

  7. MidwestGun

    Good run out.. especially for the Brazilians.. chemistry is already there.

    AFC –

    Yep.. unfortunately all the games on the east coast.. this time.. Hopefully sometime they make it my way, one of these years. Have to be near Texas for me to make it. We do have a lot of stadums here though so maybe.

  8. MidwestGun

    No idea what got into Elneny but he was taking some bombs, today. I didn’t miss Xhaka not gonna lie. We gonna need better then Elneny and Lokonga though but it sounds like we are making moves in the transfer window.. so have to wait and see

  9. Markymark

    Jesus ain’t worth 50m , Arsenal will never spend the money , he’s too short , he’s not right for us , he only scores every 157 minutes , there’s better value out there . That 90 year old the Spuds signed is brilliant business.

    Eat the cheese , just eat the cheese !

  10. Topside Northbank


    Jesus will help open up space for our wide players as well has a very high workrate no doubt I can see him improving us with and without the ball.

    I don’t think he is a elite finisher but a good one saying that I have no qualms about him hiding when he does miss chances.

    For the realistic options available for forwards I really can’t see what anyone can complain about 25 years old coming into his prime, he may just relish being the main man at Arsenal.

  11. AFC Forever


    Yes I think Martinelli could have a very good season. He’ll be another who will benefit training and playing with Jesus. No doubt about it, we are building a young squad with some exciting talent. I’m looking forward to some Samba Football too.

  12. AFC Forever


    Yes he makes smart runs and is an intelligent player. All the players will benefit with better movement, and of course Eddie’s pretty lively too. It’s his experience though, and the fact he has been there and done it, it’s the one thing we have really lack.led imo.

  13. Un


    30 starts
    17 goals
    4 assists


    35 starts
    18 goals
    10 assists

    26 starts
    12 goals
    4 assists

    27 starts
    16 goals
    2 assists


    23 starts

    6 goals 8 assists

    141 starts
    97 (G/A)

    Over 2/3
    Voted player of the season in 18/19

    Shall we check park, bendtner, podolski chamack
    Or let’s compare him to lukaku or Torres at Chelsea she shevchenko, Werner, Havertz?

  14. Mr Serge

    Db10 legendJuly 8, 2022 17:35:32
    @TR7He’s Greek so don’t want him to win. Greek twats

    Wtf that’s a bit racist did a Greek shag your Mrs or something?

  15. Thierry Martinelli

    AFC ….. Yeah, I’m all in on the team bringing back Samba football.
    Eddie needs to give Viera his diet and gym regimen. The lad has bulked up nice.
    All in all, happy for the win and I don’t care if it’s a pre seaso match or a CL finals – I don’t think any player in that pitch gave it 50% coz nothing was on the line. People like to win.

  16. raptora

    Fabrizio Romano
    Ousmane Dembélé. Barcelona and player’s camp are really close to find full agreement, matter of details – but new deal depends on Barça’s green light. Decision now up to Barcelona, more than Dembélé. 🚨🇫🇷 #FCB

    Ousmane, waiting for FCB to decide.
    Raphinha, part of this ‘domino’.

    I’m seriously annoyed at the Raphinha and Lisandro talk. What a drama. Just get on it with will they…

  17. AFC Forever


    Yep it’s just a friendly to get minutes in legs and try a few things. It’s always nice to see one or two players showing what they can do. That second half sub we bought on looked decent though…!

  18. Topside Northbank

    Laca last season would drop deep link play reasonably well to allow our wide men to get in behind the opponents full backs. It worked well for a time but teams worked us out pretty quickly.

    His lack of movement and being able to actually get on the end of move’s cost us.There was way more threat when Nketiah came in just his movement and pressing as well as getting into the box to have the chance to finsih let alone doing so..

  19. Un


    Are you ever not moaning about arsenal, our players, our coach, our transfer dealings, our matches? Is there nothing at all positive about the club that you might wish t share? You’re one negative bloke. Must be laugh a minute at your house

  20. Un

    Zhegrovia, Paquetta and Tielemans still high on radar seemingly.
    Never watched Paquetta
    Is he any good? What type of player is he?

  21. AFC Forever


    “I’m seriously annoyed at the Raphinha and Lisandro talk. What a drama. Just get on it with will they…”

    Fuck me, doesn’t take much to get you annoyed!!

    Do yourself a favour and stop reading all this clickbait bollocks then you won’t be so permanently raged.

    Better still, go and find a small bloke to pick on, give him a good hiding – and then you won’t feel the need to whine endlessly on here about everything. With a bit of luck, he’ll give you a much needed slap…!!

  22. AFC Forever


    “Raptora Are you ever not moaning about arsenal, our players, our coach, our transfer dealings, our matches? Is there nothing at all positive”

    Ha ha, I just said the same thing. He spends entire days slagging off Arsenal. He did it all last pre-season. I really hope that small fella turns out to be a caged fighter from the UFC who’ has just had a row with the wife.

  23. Topside Northbank

    Tierney not injured was doing a warm down at HT guess the plan was to get 30m in his legs.

    Pacqueta links make no sense to me if genuine we have plenty of players that do similar roles. Newcastle could be where he ends up good friend of Bruno, Pacqueta good player no doubt.

  24. WengerEagle

    “Yep. I copped a lot of flak for my opinion on Jesus being an absolute steal when he was being slagged off. I was told he can’t score goals!!! You’re no mug if you can smash in 53 goals in 99 starts at the highest level.”

    I like your commentary even if I don’t agree with a lot of it AFC but come on lad, let’s not pretend that this was sone visionary take out on an island on here.

    Quite a lot of us were very complimentary of the Jesus move and listed his qualities and what he would bring. Most of us said that he was the best ST we could buy this summer on the marke and especially for £45m.

    Let’s hope he pisses out goals in the PL being our 9. Not superstitious but that 9 has had a curse on it for us.

  25. Thierry Martinelli

    Paqueta is also a Brazilian. Will fit perfectly with our Samba ambitions 😂😂😂😂
    Anyway, I saw him while he played for AC Milan – as an attacking midfielder. Don’t know if they sold or loaned him to Lyon.

  26. WengerEagle

    “Fuck me, doesn’t take much to get you annoyed!!

    Do yourself a favour and stop reading all this clickbait bollocks then you won’t be so permanently raged.Better still, go and find a small bloke to pick on, give him a good hiding – and then you won’t feel the need to whine endlessly on here about everything. With a bit of luck, he’ll give you a much needed slap…!!”

    Rap’s a stand-up dude on here AFC, if you cannot moan on an online blog then where can you do it?
    Uncalled for with this comment seeing as how it’s never personal with Rap’s criticism and he obviously cares a lot about Arsenal.

  27. MidwestGun

    I thought the first half showed why we need to get rid of most of the fringe players.. Mari, AMN, Nelson, Bellerin, Pepe were all pretty much ineffective to useless but the second half showed what we have to be excited about.. once we subbed in some starters. Jesus and Marti were electric at times, the sense of urgency went up about a million percent when they came on.

    Anyhow.. good preseason run out as we got to see a lot of players.

  28. Pierre

    “Good to see Jesus off to a good start, going to be nice to have a proper player up top again.”

    Yes, he played well on the right flank didn’t he.

  29. Rich

    Bit worried Tierney went off, but other than that it was an enjoyable second half.

    Mo came on and took the game by the scruff.

    Won’t be reading too much into it though, it’s generally about building fitness, and if we can build some confidence as well, that’s a nice bonus.

  30. Thierry Martinelli

    MidwestGunJuly 8, 2022 19:21:02
    I thought the first half showed why we need to get rid of most of the fringe players.. Mari, AMN, Nelson, Bellerin, Pepe

    I tried to see what AMN can do and with all due respect to the lad, he’s just Westbrom levels of football. Bellerin is just past his sell by date. I’ve always thought Nelson could surprise me but just like AMN, he doesn’t stir anything. Zero disruption whatsoever.

  31. Samesong

    Leave Rap alone bloody hell.

    It’s funny how people encourage people to talk and go on about mental health and then shut them down the minute they don’t like their opinions. As WE said Rap a good one!

  32. MidwestGun

    Yep.. pretty much. Lokonga looked much better playing next to Mo Elneny second half as well.. he isn’t near ready to be the man ,… in midfield. We need reinforcements, imo there regardless of the Partey thing if true.

  33. AFC Forever


    raps the biggest whiner on here mate, I’m entitled to that opinion please don’t try to police it. Did not agree fine but many others do.

    You are joking about Jesus. There were plenty on here piling in on him, come on mate I usually respect your honesty.. perhaps they are days you missed it?

  34. Rich

    Interesting that Leno + Tavares weren’t involved.

    Was Tavares in Germany?

    I know Leno was, so maybe his move to Fulham is close to being finalised.

    If we miss out on Martinez, hopefully we’ll move quickly for Zinchenko.

  35. MidwestGun

    Yep.. the dark cloud hanging over the whole thing is my biggest concern right now. I wish they would just say who it is so we can move on .. one way or another

  36. Un

    Arsenal win and Jesus pretty much scores 4, rap’s first few posts are to highlight anything negative he can think of.
    Moan all you want but it’s not against the law to notice and highlight such negativity.
    Today was a good day to be an arsenal fan and cause for optimism.

  37. Un

    Hang on, nodody has proven anything yet
    Girl goes to his room on holiday. Knows who he is. She wasn’t expecting tea and tiffin I’m sure.

    Unbelievably stupid to get yourself caught up in something like this though but maybe all he’s done is what we’ve all done and she’s either woke up feeling shit about herself or she played him a blinder from the start
    Otherwise, what is this girl doing in his hotel room?

  38. Karsa

    It’s no good saying Arsenal have known about police charges since last year so why haven’t they bought anyone when we don’t even know whether one of our players is involved.

  39. WengerEagle


    I have never tried to police anything on here but if you’re having an uncalled for pop at a poster I can respond if I want. You’re basically policing yourself by telling me that ironically.

    Anyway, Rap’s a big boy he can defend himself so I’ll leave it at that.

    Did you miss all of my own Jesus commentary or something? Or Raptora’s? Or Habesha, Midwest or the countless others I saw on the regular in the weeks before this last one where I have barely been on.

    All very postive and complimentary. I know you like to think we all just constantly talk shit about the club’s decisions but it’s not the case. Jesus and Martinez moves/interest were both welcomed with open arms before the latter imploded and Raphinha’s move was too barring the financial concern and our priority, just like with Ben White last summer (I know you disagree on White but you get the point).

  40. AFC Forever


    Yes, I do agree.

    Problem is you have to respect the law and the principal of innocent until proven guilty. We all know that we’ve had this sort of thing before prove to be untrue. It’s tough for any football club because they can’t just offload someone who might be innocent yet consider losing them.

    It’s a conundrum. It just seems to be happening far too much lately.

  41. AFC Forever


    75/25 I’ll take that. I just hope he puts a real market down and also improves the players around him. I do think it’s a big signing that will also improve our other players training & playing together.

  42. WengerEagle

    Another thing to consider here is the insane degree and spectrum there is to the seriousness of a sexual assault accusation.

    This was a rape accusation. And it’s the 3rd one against said player. Did Mendy not get erased for that by City? I know he’a up to 9 now but he was binned after more than 1 IIRC.

  43. WengerEagle


    He will fit in like a glove and as I was saying earlier, he is going to surprise some people with how many goals he will score.

    He will be the focal point here, at City he was a mere cog in the wheel so he didn’t get as much chance to shine.

  44. AFC Forever


    Actually that’s a very good point.

    The problem is you still have to assume innocence. Otherwise your going to get your arse sued. When you’ve got a £50m assett on say £209k a week it makes it all far more complex.

    What a mess.

  45. Un


    Sorry mate? I think you’ve misunderstood my point. Which is that from what’s being leaked it sounds like someone has been stitched up.

    How would you feel if you pulled a girl, did the deed and it was all sweet in the morning and then this happens
    If the guy in question did anything he shouldn’t have then he will get what he deserves but if he did want young people (and not so young) do, consensually then she should be shamed.
    This topic couple veer dangerously away from football and get me in trouble so I’ll leave it at that

  46. AFC Forever


    I said this to Andy the other day. Pep used him to perform tactical roles in his team. Pep can rotate because he has such quality.

    He played with a false 9 with two guys pinned wide on both flank so there was rarely a role for Jesus as a traditional 9.. Jesus was playing different roles and many of those were off the bench. Pep said he used him to close down games due to his pressing intensity and tactical knowledge and he never complained. Centrally and I’m the channels between full back and centre half he’s going to be a handful. It was also create space for other players. I can’t wait!!

  47. raptora

    Yo thanks for the support, I saw what the 2 fellas said, decided not worth to even respond to it as if it’s only them two and their likes talking smack about me, then I don’t give a fuck as their opinion doesn’t matter to me.

    Something they could also do from time to time instead of instigating useless bickering especially one that I’m negative about the club when I’ve just said stuff like “Nketiah with a great dribble and pass to Martinelli who gives a delicious cross to Jesus for his 2nd goal. Good stuff!” and after I was all in on Gabi Jesus and gave my kudos to everyone responsible to make it happen for pulling this transfer as it’s a coup and a half.

    Excuse me for being worried and annoyed that our club still hasn’t brought in a DM or a CM when we looked in big trouble there even before the latest news dropped. I assume as most fans tbh but apparently because I said it it’s a problem cause of my other views of thinking we can do better than Arteta and because I dared to say that Don’s love of his life Jacky W wasn’t intelligent enough to learn how to protect himself from bad tackles and kept leaving his feet where it will hurt.

    Anyways, pretty sad that some folks need to speak out and cause problems out of nowhere like all I said was that it’s annoying that it’s been a month of Raphinha and Lisandro when we’re sitting on our hands with the DM/CM problems. Like surely most fans will agree with me.

    But police the blog as much as you want. I don’t give a fuck and honestly if my dudes in here that I value didn’t speak back at you then I wouldn’t have even waste my time to say anything. Waste of my time. I couldn’t care less what you two say about me. Like at all.

  48. andy1886

    Un, just because a girl goes back to his room it’s not consent for anything. You and I know what it’s like with young lads but you just can’t do that any more. Once you’ve had a daughter of your own you understand.

    Anyway, let justice be done, shouldn’t matter if he’s a footballer or a plumber.

  49. Un


    I’d love to know what the positive/negative ratio is on your comments about arsenal
    My guess is 1/20 if I’m being generous. Likely closer to 1/50
    Who’s your favourite film character? Eryore from Winnie the Pooh? Do flowers wilt when you walk past?

  50. AFC Forever


    I read that too, can’t remember who it was.

    Worth pointing out that the trophy dodging Spuds paid £60m for Richarlison, a player who has been flirting with relegation at Watford & Everton.

    Jesus was £45m and he’s been winning Premier Leagues & scoring in the PL – but we overpaid. I repeat, absolute steal.

  51. Un


    I do have daughters 😂 🙈
    Let me be clear, I’m not condoning anything beyond consensual relations. However i doubt the woman’s intentions if she’s going to his room at night time. We all know where that’s gonna lead and if she didn’t want it to then why did she go there
    I’ll be teaching my girls not to be going to any rooms wit any strange men they meet, famous or not, let me assure you

  52. Freddie Ljungberg


    You can’t call don don anymore, apparently pedro thinks that’s a dick move…

    The lack of movement in CM/DM is very worrying since we needed at least one starter in there before all of this happened and even if he’s cleared that’s the minimum. If he’s not and is not available this season we need at very least 2 new starters in midfield.
    Hope all these CAM and winger links are just clickbait and smokescreens and our real moves are being done on the low low.

  53. Andy1886

    Yeah, of course that’s the common sense thing to do but women shouldn’t have to decline to go anywhere in case they get assaulted. Guess we’ll see how it plays out and hopefully any contingencies necessary will be put in place prior to the start of the season.

  54. Un


    No they shouldn’t but going alone to a strange man’s room at night might cast doubt on your story if you claim you were going there for anything other than a physical interaction.

  55. Matt

    AFC calling out others for policing the blog. Is it April 1st already!! Honestly, the lack of self awareness of frightening.

    I remember when it was Ok to vent frustration on this blog without accusation of being a plastic or spurs fan. Shame…

  56. Rich

    Arteta saying the plan was to give Tierney 30 minutes, because he’s been out for 3 months.

    Good news he’s not aggravated anything.

  57. AFC Forever


    That’s good news, as I had hoped. We have to get his numbers up and he needs a good pre-season.

  58. Tom

    Jeaus looked very good and I’d like to take credit personally for liking this transfer when some on here voiced their doubts.
    Reluctantly I might give some credit to Edu and Arteta too, for plucking him out of obscurity and convincing him to play for us on pittance of a wage.

  59. Dissenter

    Apparently Lazio asking for £68m for savic
    We should try and offer Torreira, xakha and Nelson with £35m”

    Why not offer the earnings from half of the Emirates stadium for the next 15 seasons?

    Is Savic so damn good that we can’t walk away,…goddammit ?
    Does he have 8 extremities by any chance

  60. Tom

    “How would you feel if you pulled a girl, did the deed and it was all sweet in the morning and then this happens”

    And how do you know it was all ” sweet ” in the morning?

  61. Un


    If I’ve got to explain how you know she enjoyed her time with you through her morning interactions then I’ll assume not exactly a hot with the ladies eh

    I’m not trivialising anything. I just think it sees odd and don’t think we should be expecting any arsenal players to miss the season based on what’s been released so far

  62. Tom

    Un, yea, I’ve been struggling in the ladies department big time so always on a look out for pointers from a ladies man like yourself.
    Step one is to get them into your room then, and once they’re in all bets are off?
    Got it.

  63. Tom

    Dissenter, actually, it makes perfect sense Arsenal didn’t go near Bissouma if the player in question is our TP.
    Can you imagine the implications of signing one with the other going through the same thing with the club knowing ?
    The media would have a frenzy

  64. Un


    If that’s how you get your kicks. I prefer mutual attraction/consent 😎

    You couldn’t make it up really could you? Like a bloody drama plot
    Either way, the man being accused might be completely innocent. We don’t know and we shouldn’t label anyone until the verdict is determined. The only two people who will really know are the people who were in the room that night (unless there’s footage like the greenwood case)

  65. izzo

    Have we all seen what a real striker looks like now? Fantastic finishes by Jesus! Criminal how we persisted with the likes of Laca and Auba for so long.