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Let’s get it out of the way.

There’s a lot of speculation going on at the moment with regards to a Premier League player, some of it from people that should know better. A chunk of it is badly wrong. There seems to be far too many wannabe accounts trying to guess at serious accusations to create a perception they are close to Arsenal. Some of them are being exposed, even today, it’s a terrible look.

In serious moments like this, it’s wise to look at who isn’t posting content.

However this next week plays out, let’s remember there’s a women, two according to The Telegraph, that might be victims of something hideous. There’s also a career on the line, because if this player is charged, that is the end of their season at a minimum. If they are prosecuted, that is their career over, and let’s be honest, if they did it, fuck them, they deserve everything that is coming their way.

Best to let the police do their jobs and leave the outcome of the case to the courts before casting judgments.

Also, be super careful what you write online. Your tweets and social posts can get you into serious trouble. It’s just not worth it.

Onto football.

We’re being linked with Savic of Lazio. There are stories in Italy that the 27 year old is a target of Arsenal for a staggering £55m. This feels like the sort of story that is created to generate interest from a club that doesn’t have a lot of money. He’s a top player, he looks like he could be a right wing podcaster talking about cancel culture… or he could be a delightfully pleasant nerd that waxes his moustache and gives evening seminars at Peckham natural wins shops on communal gardening.

The Tielemans stories are ramping up, midfield is a massive priority for Arsenal this summer, we can’t be caught short next season, so we’re heading to Leicester with a bid for a player that sounds like he’s already agreed he wants Arsenal. It’s quite amusing to me that Tielemans wasn’t that interesting until people imagined him in the Newcastle midfield next season. He’s a top player, if we get him, it will be a major coup for us.

The Lisandro Martinez story continues to drag. The player has two offers on the table, one as a centre back, one as a left back. Does he want more of the same with Ten Hag? Or does he fancy something a little sexier at Arsenal? Hopefully we find out soon because we need him in the squad ASAP.

The good news, as it stands, is that we’ll have a first team ready for game one of the season. We don’t need Tielemans, Martinez, or a wide player for the first month. They are nice to haves, but they are quality and depth signings. The key is having a first team to choose from on game day one. So far, that looks likely.

Let’s see what the club do this week.

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  1. andy1886

    Who is the better judge of a player? Writers on a blog or fellow professional players? The PFA young player shortlist for 21/22 included Saka, Ramsdale and Mount. Ode wasn’t on the short list. Foden won the award.

    It isn’t about being partisan I would have picked Saka, but it’s hard to argue that us fans are a better judge than the entire collective of PL players.

  2. Nigel Tufnel

    Sorry I just can’t get past the motivation for the “let’s shit on our probable future captain Ødegaard” crowd here.

    Nobody says we can’t disagree, even strongly disagree, we do it all the time.. but for anyone to try to use a bullshit stat like “big” chances created, against a great young creative player, is being disingenuous.. you’re not THAT stupid.

    Then another clown had to schooled by Pedro on how quality pressing really works. Just watch Man City and you should see it. But to say things like Øde runs around uselessly, while he’s actually leading the press intelligently, shows you have different motivation for criticising the guy.

    One of the best posters here using that same ridiculous stat and then extrapolating that Ødegaard is the 40th best creator in the league?

    You don’t really think that. You watch the games and you should retract that comment. It’s almost libel it’s so bad.

    Sometimes I get caught up in the back and forth of debates here, and go too far.

    But if you’ll notice, I don’t do that at the expense of our players. Ripping into them to try and win a point.

    Save that negative passion for our opponents.

  3. Ishola70

    I’m not shitting on Odegaard at all.

    People throw the elite description around too easily that is all.

  4. Dissenter

    Un gave the best answer already; “Salah has been absolutely wild clsss for years
    He’s levels above elite”

    If elite is Salah, then I agree
    Elite is a range, and Saka has show that consistency playing in a squad with too many weaknesses.
    Liverpool have the right tools set at the right places to make Salah perform at that level

    Point taken though.

  5. bacaryisgod

    Out of respect for Pedro, I’m going to be very careful here.

    Whoever the player that has been arrested on alleged rape is, that same player has been arrested for two previous rape allegations from a different woman in 2021. according to the BBC.

    The only thing that confuses me is why have these two allegations been added to this most recent allegeation/arrest. Were the two previous allegations not considered sufficiently sound to have warranted their own charge?

    I’m not questioning the validity of any of the allegations against the player in question but am curious why the police didn’t arrest the player previously for the 2021 rape allegations.

  6. IAT-Robbie

    I see some on here are still disputing the value of big chance creation. The ironic thing with this logical somersault is that if big chance creation is nonsense then chance creation must surely be nonsense too. After all they involve the same actions and xG is what separates the two.

    It’s like saying shots on target are somehow less valuable than total shots and are ultimately nonsense. We all know that makes no sense.

    Just like the A&E leadership at Arsenal.

  7. bacaryisgod

    Ishola is correct. Neither Mount or Odegaard are elite but interesting to see Pedro call Mount elite when usually praising opposing managers and/or players comes with a ‘they wouldn’t allow that comment at an Arsenal pub’ retort from Pedro.

    The truth about Odegaard is probably somewhere in the middle. Would he have created bigger chances with a better strikeforce ahead of him? Almost certainly. Is the ‘big chances created’ a useless statistic? No, but like the regular chances created stat, it needs context. You really can’t criticize one of those stats while extolling the virtues of the other. They both have flaws.

  8. MidwestGun

    Actually kind of amazed the media has been as airtight about who the player in question is.

    . Had this been an NFL player .. TMZ over here would have leaked the Club and by elimination outed him and the player would have already released .. the obligatory… It’s all false accusations, statement by now.

    Anyhow.. it’s a pretty dark cloud hanging over the transfer window… for sure. Defintely killed my Jesus buzz until we know what’s up.

  9. Rich

    Elite has to be taken into context.

    Saka was the best teenager in the league from 2019/20-2020/21

    Last season he was the best 20 year old operating in the PL.

    Therefor amongst his peers, Saka has to be considered elite.

    Comparing Salah who’s almost 10 years older than Saka, and at the peak of his powers, is ridiculous, they’re at entirely different stages of their careers + trajectory

    You could compare Saka + Salah both at 20, and it would be 100% accurate to say that Saka has done more at 20, than Salah had at 24

  10. salparadisenyc


    World Class gets thrown about too much for me, but Mo certainly makes the cut.
    Generational talent.

  11. MidwestGun

    Pretty much every athlete in the Prem is elite. as somebody who once tried to aspire to that level. Elite is too broad a term if you have to put it into context.
    I think it’s a matter of semantics.. World Class is a different deal… top 5 at their position for me is a fair definition for that.

  12. Un

    You could compare Saka + Salah both at 20, and it would be 100% accurate to say that Saka has done more at 20, than Salah had


  13. andy1886

    Bacary, the answer to your rather delicate question is that the second complainant came forward after the first accusation but the events of that accuser occurred some time before the latest one. Hence the more recent charges are for events that preceded the event of the first charge. Make sense?

  14. Dissenter

    I’m on board with that last post of the Elite status of Salah vs Saka
    The trajectory does have Saka in the elite range.

    Count me in on that Rich-ism.

  15. Nigel Tufnel


    I hear you about White and that part is fair. I’ve even recently mentioned that we overpaid for a young, English ball playing defender talent. I’m pretty sure that if Man City were in the market for a defender, they would have paid circa that amount. They have overpaid for English players many times to fill quotas. Some great players like Walker, and some squad fillers too, like John Stones.

    I wasn’t talking about you though…, there are people here who will never praise White for having a good season.

    It’s really pretty obvious, they’ll never give him a chance, so I’ll keep defending our player. If Saliba looks better than him, I’ll be sure to call for him to play.

    The Saliba lovers will be extra harsh on White and Gabs this season I think, no matter how well they might perform.

  16. Ishola70

    Saka is a very good young player that may become like Salah and enter the real elite zone.

    That’s about it really.

  17. Tom

    shit, waste of space, plodder, decent, good, very good, elite, world class, era defining, and all time great, is the legrove scale for players talent.

    How many of these would Xhaka tick I wonder.

  18. andy1886

    Nigel, why make things up?

    Nobody has ‘shit all over Odegaard’, the question was is he ‘elite’ or as some of us think a very good player who isn’t elite yet. If thinking a player is very good but not ‘elite’ offends you then you’re a little on the sensitive side. And feel free to tell the multi-billion pound Premier League that their stats are nonsense because you and Pedro know better, after all what do they know about the game?

    Again on the ‘Ode just runs around uselessly’ thing nobody actually said that, you’re twisting things as usual. And to repeat we can’t be compared to City with regards to pressing, City control games with 70% or 80% possession most of the time so don’t actually need to press to the degree that we do. And they win the ball back higher up the pitch than we do. But do keep on making stuff up and going for the simplistic argument if you like.

  19. Tom

    “The Saliba lovers will be extra harsh on White and Gabs this season I think, no matter how well they might perform.”

    Nigel, I think it will be the other way around, actually.
    Saliba will be scrutinized more and every mistake of his, which I’m sure there will be plenty, will be used as justification that he was never ready.

  20. Rich

    Saka is the best 20yr old in the league.

    How exceptional Saka has been for us from the age of 18-20, simply isn’t normal.

    How many teenagers over the last decade have played consistently in the PL?

    Yet alone played consistently in a team that’s been exceptionally poor, but that teenager has consistently been the shining light of that team?…

    Saka is an elite talent, there’s no guarantee he’ll deliver on that undoubted ability, and become world class,

    But there can be absolutely zero argument against the consistent level Saka has been performing at, can be described as anything other than elite

    Elite definition “A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group”

    Saka + Odegaard = Elite by definition, because both players when compared to their peers, are amongst the best in the league when you take account for conte t around age + level of experience

  21. Dissenter

    “Saliba will be scrutinized more and every mistake of his, which I’m sure there will be plenty, will be used as justification that he was never ready.”

    I agree. I think Pedro has drafts of such posts ready to go, they just need fillers to be post-ready.

  22. Dissenter

    You’re an insufferable fellow
    You had all of agree with you that Saka is elite, then you deftly dropped Odegaard within the same sentence.
    I see what you did there.

  23. Rich


    By definition Odegaard is elite

    If you don’t like that term, don’t blame me, blame the English dictionary….

  24. georgia boy

    Yo Pete love ya big fella, but I think you are projecting about savic and the Podcaster comment lol. Still a big fan but it’s a bit silly innit.

  25. bacaryisgod


    That makes perfect sense about the individual coming forward after the first complaint was made, although it seems a rather rapid development given the media block unless complainant #1 and #2 knew each other.

  26. Ishola70


    “although it seems a rather rapid development given the media block unless complainant #1 and #2 knew each other.”

    The players harem.

    Whoever the player is.

  27. Andy1886

    Bacary, since the police gave out enough details to narrow it down to a very small number of individuals the second complainant could be pretty confident that it was the same person. It’s one thing to initiate a complaint of that nature but much easier to come forward when there are already accusations made. It’s why although they can’t name the individual the police give out limited information to see if any further possible offences come to light.

  28. raptora

    Today I learned that elite/world class etc is added to different ages of players. So every player has to be compared to their peers. So by that logic Walcott and Wilshere were elite 20 yos, but by 25 they were no longer elite. Excuse me but isn’t that why people have came up with the addition of talent to the specification of the player for the younger players? Mediocre TALENT, average TALENT, elite TALENT, world class TALENT. One can not simply use the term elite or world class without adding TALENT if the said player isn’t already full time elite or world class or w/e. Say Mbappe is already world class so no need of the world talent to be added to it. But the likes of Saliba, Saka, Martinelli can be mentioned as elite or world class talents cause they surely aren’t among the very bests in the world at this moment. Anyhow, tiring subject that I thought most people had a similar understanding of.

  29. Goobergooner

    “Arsenal finished on 69 points last season without a striker that could run until the last 8 games”

    Pedro I’m pretty sure Eddie was on our books and at the club the whole season. There is no way you can say we didn’t shit the bed this season.

  30. China1

    Correct goober. We didn’t have a CF who could run except that we did and instead preferred to use two strikers who both looked spent instead.

    It cost us the CL.

  31. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arsenal with Thomas Partey starting last season:

    ◎ 23 Matches
    ◉ 56 Points
    ◉ 2.43 Points per game

    Arsenal without Thomas Partey starting last season:

    ◎ 15 Matches
    ◉ 13 Points
    ◉ 0.87 Points per game”

    Nothing is more important than making sure our CM doesn’t fall off a cliff next season because of the absence of our only good player there.

    If Partey isn’t available at all next season we need 2 top quality players, no one else we have right now is good enough to start for us for any period of time.
    Get Grimaldo for 7m and skip buying a winger if that’s what’s needed to get Savic + a DM.

    A top winger would be nice but it’s not a necessity by any means, we have plenty of players that play on the wings and do it well, without Partey we have 0 players that can do the same in CM, unless Sambi steps up a couple of levels.

  32. Goobergooner

    “would be nice if certain others didn’t try and piss on the hope we are building”

    Yes I know Emery wasn’t fit for us, but where was this comment when others had a little bit of hope not even halfway through his first season?

  33. Goobergooner

    So essentially what I get from the super fans on here is that it’s ok to bash Wenger and Emery and all the players that were a bad fit under Arteta, but not anything since he taken over.

    No agendas anywhere

  34. Nigel Tufnel

    I hadn’t thought about Saliba possibly getting harsh treatment that way.

    But from my estimation there seems to be a lot more pro-Saliba gooners around, definitely anti- Ben White.

    I was getting sick of hearing about Saliba all last season, and if he doesn’t extend with us early, I’m ready to say fek him and wave goodbye. If he extends I’ll be supporting him as much as anybody. Exciting raw talent, but comes off arrogant from things I’ve heard.

  35. Goobergooner

    And half the time it’s not even bashing, case in point some saying ode needs to step it up with a proper striker is counted as bashing the club.
    Like wtf

  36. Nigel Tufnel

    Andy get a little self awareness,

    People who come here for the first time will see this: Pedro writing and defending a positive outlook for the current team, and trashing our rivals for gooner fun.

    Then they’ll see loads of commenters who are so anxious to be important, that they’ll trash our players, and praise rivals …. just to try to get a win.

    When I was enjoying Liverpool losing the CL, people were defending them, as if that was some noble exercise. Who TF cares about Liverpool here?

    The tone from some people here is a bit disgusting in the whole process.

    You can be pretty objective, but have a little bias towards Arsenal. Some of you seem to revel in the attacks too much.

    There is now a better ratio of good commenters, and it’s not because of Pedro. It’s because Arsenal is putting something exciting together. Fight it all you want. The loud minority is losing.

  37. TheBayingMob

    “When I was enjoying Liverpool losing the CL, people were defending them, as if that was some noble exercise. Who TF cares about Liverpool here?”

    When England won the 2001 Rugby World Cup I happened to be in New Zealand; Wellington IIRC … anyway, what was interesting was seeing the Kiwi’s support the Aussie’s, I was intrigued because if it had been in Scotland, the jocks would definitely be all out Aussie fans even though we share a border and an alliance with them. When I asked them why they wanted to see Australia win, they said it was a Southern Hemisphere thing. I mean, it could have been their England hatred came above everything; point is, ye … who wants to see Liverpool win anything? I dislike the two big Spanish clubs as much as the next man, but hate Liverpool way more.

  38. Zacharse

    Complainant #2 has gotta be housekeeper/babysitter otherwise how do you explain 2 alleged incidents separated by a month? Something tells me the anonymity is keeping because its not an obvious case like the one up in manchester.

  39. China1

    ‘Comes off as arrogant’

    Are you on here telling everyone off for being negative about our own players lol

    It’s funny that if he signs you like him but if he leaves you don’t. If he signs does that mean he’s not arrogant anymore?

  40. China1

    Freddie exactly correct

    I have high hopes for Sambi this season but the jury remains out on him for now. Even with Partey we are not good enough. Without him we’re miles off in midfield. We need two first team quality CMs playing in our first team. It’s that simple

    If there’s a bit of a drop to the bench where xhaka/mo/sambi are etc, I can accept that for now. But I can’t accept bench players being first choice players which is what we’ve suffered with now in CM since probably 2010. It’s a bad joke that has to end

  41. Dark Hei

    I guess everyone is bored which is why we are playing blog-wrestling.

    Still if the rumors about Tielemans is true, I think we are in good shape.

    G.Jesus, Fabio Viera, Tielemans, and the 2 LANS, Saliba and Nketiah, certainly makes us better than last season.

    We likely need another LB if Arteta gives up on Tavarez, which is a shame. Wonder why they spent the $$ on someone who is so fundamentally different from Tierny

  42. Luteo Guenreira

    Not replacing the possible season long absence in midfield would be absolutely…..criminal.

    I’ll see myself out.

  43. Topside Northbank

    Linked to players at LB, CB and winger.

    It’s obvious we need imo 2 more good quality players in midfield above anything as it looks.

    If no reasonable bids come in I would keep AMN and Bellerin no point loaning them as out of contract 2023 they can get mins in Europa league and cover in AMN several positions.

    Patino as above looks like he has put on weight, no reason to not also use him in Europa league and first team squad.

    Local west London journalist’s are reporting a deal for Leno to Fulham is close to completion .
    A lot of work still to be done in’s and out’s but the gaping hole in the squad is midfield.

  44. Matt

    Nigel talking about arrogance and not having any self awareness. Now THAT is something you can’t make up.

    Consistently the worst poster on here since the site was launched. You’re good for controversy and nothing else and that’s why Pedro hasn’t banned you.

  45. Pierre


    As one can see from the above link , Arsenal were 17th in the league for big chances created last season …with Odegaard.

    The top 4 clubs for big chances created were the clubs that finished in the top 4..

    In season 2017/18 , Wenger’s last season , we were 2nd for big chances created …..with Ozil.


    I think it’s fair to say that Odegaard has replaced Ozil as our playmaker or creative force.
    I think it is obvious that when you look at these figures that some ( including Arteta) are over rating Odegaard, that we need more creativity or that the team is missing the creative influence of Ozil….thats what these figures tell us.

    What these figures also tell us is that last season , despite what the defenders of Arteta and Odegaard say, it was not the strikers that were the problem as we scored 61 goals from 39 big chances created.

    Compare that to the other 19 teams in the league who scored 1,010 goals from 1,009 big chances created.

    This tells me that it was not a striker issue last season , it was a creative issue and it is something we need to address , to go from the 2nd most creative side (with ozil) , to the 17th most creative side (with Odegaard) in 4 years is something that can’t be ignored ..

    Maybe Fabio Vieira can make up some of the difference, or maybe play Smith Rowe in the position he was born to play.

  46. Zacharse

    true story, more than 10 years ago
    when i was staying at a fancy hotel in west palm beach i saw the rock come to the pool in a pink thong with a young guy, twink looking, also in thong also waxed also tanned etc etc. now the rock has children etc so take that however you like not like he’d be the first actor/wrestler to be gay and conceal it for a bigger paycheck. not that there’s anything wrong w any of it etc. just thought you should know as the LG comment section can be brutal lol
    like this guy matt ^^ who thinks nigel has been posting here since the site started lol

  47. Pierre

    “like this guy matt ^^ who thinks nigel has been posting here since the site started lol”

    I think you’ll find that he didn’t actually say that.

  48. Matt


    My comment was, and try to keep up here, since the site has launched, Nigel has been the worst poster consistently. Meaning that everyone has their moments when they talk shit and wind people up (myself included) but they also engage in discussing the club. All Nigel wants to do is complain about everyone else that doesn’t agree with his opinion and talk about people not being arsenal fans, which is just boring.

    Pierre gets it. You are clearly struggling but that doesn’t surprise me either.

  49. Habesha Gooner

    This boring narrative that Odegaard isn’t a creative or a very good midfielder is boring. He isn’t elite yet. But he is as close as anyone to those elite players than most midfielders. He is very good right now. And we will see even more from him in the coming seasons.

  50. DivineSherlock

    Pierre comparing Ozil and Odegaard is funny . Ozil had a forward line of Giroud , Sanchez , Walcott and late midfield runs of Ramsey to create with meanwhile Odegaard came in and had to deal with Lacazette + a disinterested Aubameyang .

  51. Goobergooner

    Tom, this is exactly how it will be. Can’t wait

    “Saliba will be scrutinized more and every mistake of his, which I’m sure there will be plenty, will be used as justification that he was never ready.”

  52. Goobergooner

    I’m a year when top 4 wasn’t even a primary target (BS), why wouldn’t you allow one of your best young players to settle into the team, get a proper feel for the language and the city and just ground himself into his new chapter at arsenal.

    I get it that the loan worked out a treat.

    But it definitely could of worked out a treat keeping him here and playing him, and spending 50m on a cm. I’d say that latter would have moved that needle more than a just a bit

    The excuse Arteta (and his fanboys I assume) will have to not play him is he’s still adapting to the league this coming season.

    I’m sure if given a proper chance saliba will take it at arsenal.

  53. Mysticleaves

    Being very exhausting but exciting reading 2 pages of Odegaard. I agree that he’s not elite at all. He’s an elite talent by league standards. Him and Saka are only elite when compared to our team alone. But both elite talents.

    Also, I’d take Mason Mount and James Madison over Odegaard ATM based on their performances in the league the past 2 seasons. Both are marginally better creative midfielders (I think the best metric to measure this is end product and they both have more goals and assists than Odegaard). I’d also take Foden, obviously. So, no! He’s not the best attacking midfielder under 25 in the league (word to Rich) but he has the talent to get there.

    Also, Un doing a B Silva and Odegaard comparison is wild cos Silva plays farther way from the opposition goal than Odegaard does. Ode is tasked to supply our finishers while Silva is more conductor than final box player. In simpler terms, Ode is consistently the closest midfielder to our finishers while Silva does a bulk of his work further back. So to compare both of them is apples and oranges really.

  54. Sotongunner

    Very simple. Odegaard is a great foitballer and the stats bear that out. “elite” etc is just semantics, we got a bargain with this player. Savic to replace Xhaka will be some sort of poetic justice, you would have to wonder how those too might get along….? Absolutely delicious.
    Savic would be a great signing as a replacement anyway as he can do all the things previously mentioned player can do and he will probably be able to actually tackle as well. Unfortunately think we are going to need a more defensive type midfielder to go alongside him as well.
    Maybe we can chuck torreira in as a sweetener?

  55. Adams

    How much do you think we will sell odegaard now?. The young lad has clearly improved us and settled quickly in a league that is hard for most players to adapt to i.e saul niguez. Though he is not yet elite but he is the closest we have in our midfield to become an elite player. And that can only happen if we show our love and support.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    The imperative at the moment is to recruit a Central Midfield Player who will included in our
    Starting Lineup.

    Second Arsenal need to focus on Saka when he returns from holiday next week signing a
    new contract.

    Third Arsenal need to offload 8 Players from first team squad. Seven should generate moderate transfer fees and the eighth should be released from contract. The players to
    leave should be:
    RUNARSSON [Contract Release]

    Personally I think that Arsenal will be lucky to generate more than £50-60 million from these sales factoring in current wages.

    So as I have posted Arsenal should be offloading this summer 11 players and generating about £60-70 million in transfer fees. More relevantly we should be reducing significantly
    our wage bill.

  57. raptora

    “Big chances created is a fake stat (Odegaard 40-55th). But meanwhile let me show you the stat of chances created, now that’s a real one (because Ode is high there).”

  58. andy1886

    It’s a funny old world where you can’t debate the merits of players on a football blog. As if it needs to be said, out in the big wide world with fans of other clubs of course we ‘big up’ our players but amongst supposed friends it should be okay to share different views without been labelled some kind of traitor or be labelled as intellectually challenged.

    Back in the day we would tell Sp*rs fans that Rixy was better than Hoddle. Amongst ourselves we’d probably agree that he was a good player that had some great moments but was a little inconsistent. That’s how it goes.

    Just to finally add that the word ‘hate’ gets thrown around far to easily. Maybe it’s a symptom of a black and white world where people struggle with nuance.

  59. Pierre

    “Pierre comparing Ozil and Odegaard is funny . Ozil had a forward line of Giroud , Sanchez , Walcott and late midfield runs of Ramsey to create with meanwhile Odegaard came in and had to deal with Lacazette + a disinterested Aubameyang .”

    Are you intimating that walcott, sanchez and giroud were better than Aubamayang , saka, Martinelli/Smith rowe.

    You are talking as if Giroud , walcott and sanchez were an elite forward line.

    What i will say is for a spell Ozil had Cazorla to create space for him and Ozil then formed a perfect relationship with Sanchez.

    If i was picking a front 3 out of those you mentioned it would be saka/Aubamayang/sanchez ….

  60. Marko

    Just fyi on the midfielders who have a year left on their contracts…
    Douglas Luiz
    Fabian Ruiz
    Konrad Laimer
    Carlos Soler
    Renato Sanches

    Point being no excuses for not addressing the midfield cause there’s a fuck tonne of options out there

  61. China1

    The rock is a genuine hero of mine.

    He’s a great motivational speaker and comes across really well. He’s also a brilliant showman. Besides loving his wrestling days as a kid I do think he’s a very worthy owner of the title ‘legend’.

    Also his entrance theme was badass. There was that one wrestle mania where he came out with a flamethrower and burned down his own name. That guitar soloing in the background. Aaaaah amazing.

  62. Positive pete

    Almunia say no more.Lol! Couldn’t beat a forearm smash from that old villain Mick McManus!Those we’re the days.Dickie Davies & the Teleprinter.What more could you ask for?

  63. Westy

    I work in media selling ads, but can you please restrict these stupid pop ups, or at least get them frequency capped?
    It’s really annoying and I hate it when people talk about annoying ads!!

  64. Tom

    Joe Rogan had it right when he said wrestling was gay.
    Anywhere else in the world but in that ring you show up dressed like that; shirtless, wearing a mask, leather boots and speedos………you’re there to suck dick.

  65. Goobergooner

    Hahaha don’t even go there 😂

    Marko nice list of midfielders above, I can’t say I’ve particularly watched any of them lately, but who would your preferred be there?

  66. Howard

    Odegaard is only good at middle and bottom-of-table teams. His stats relates to those games.

    The guy hides in all big games. There’s no big game that he performed. He was very poor against City, Spurs , and even United, but Arteta prefers him despite his poor performances.

    Slows down the game
    Consistently try to hold on to the ball and lose it
    Poor shooting ability , missing sitters

    I prefer ESR to him in that role but am not Arteta

    I can see Fabio Viera making his position threatened .

  67. Nigel Tufnel

    Incredible that there’s still losers here attacking Ødegaard today. They never get tired of slamming our own guys, even if the fanbase think he was our second best player last season, behind Saka.

    An obnoxious, unappreciative minority here. But the cynicism is strong.

    Legrave will never change.

  68. China1

    Speaking of wwe

    Leeds are signing a winger called sinisterra

    Great name for a WWE bad guy. Isn’t there someone with a similar name already?

  69. Positive pete

    Terraloon.Yep remember him & his wee ponytail.B4 it became fashionable lol! Les Kellet,catweazle,Rocco bros,Johnny Eagle, hilarious.It was more fake than a Tottenham 🏆

  70. Marko

    Laimer and Aouar would be my picks. Laimer is a hardworking tenacious cm who Bayern want to sign and look enough is enough it’s time for Aouar to make the move

  71. Goobergooner

    Yeah fair call. Aouar definitely has the skill set, it comes down to Arteta and what he’s looking for character wise that seems to me would be the problem there. Can’t step a toe over the line here haha.

    Douglas Luiz and tielemans would fit nicely into our midfield. Luiz loves to get stuck in and he’s young enough and pl proven. I just think if tielemans comes for 25-30 it would be an absolute score.

    Soler, I’d actually love to see in the prem. Wouldnt mind him either.

  72. Goobergooner

    Aoaur would be a great addition because he is very versatile in the midfield. Can play a bit deeper in a 2 or as a more attacking 8 or 10. I do think he is very much worth a shout though I feel like that boat sailed when Arteta last had a chance to sign him.

  73. Nigel Tufnel

    Hey China,

    Yeah I’m totally honest about my hypocrisy.

    Of course I’ll allow for an obnoxious, arrogant player, as long as he’s loyal to the team and really works hard, EVEN if he’s not world class.

    A great player who is a snake and wants out for greed, or is just using Arsenal as a stepping stone, that, I have no regard for, and of course won’t feel any loyalty towards that player.

    I will compliment non Arsenal players, but I’m not going to go on long rants and constantly defend them. Who needs to see that here?

  74. Nigel Tufnel

    I heard somebody who watches Aoaur mention him as a possible right wing option, they say that he’s a little flawed as a midfielder, inconsistent work rate. That could be also said about Tielemans on occasion I guess.

    One thing, why say Arteta had a chance to sign him as if he missed some grand opportunity?

    No boat has sailed for anybody, because nobody wants Aoaur for some reason, even at an 85% price cut. Any team could have him if they offer the slightest amount of cash. All the clubs in the world look at the guy like he’s radioactive. Perfect Levy signing. He loves a discount bargain.

  75. AFC Forever


    “Raheem Sterling cost Chelsea about 55 million and add ons. That puts the Jesus deal into perspective.”

    Yes, it does.

    We only paid £45m for a player who has scored 53 goals with 23 assists in just 99 starts. He’s also only 25 years of age whereas Sterling is 27. Fantastic bit of business getting Jesus in without Champions League Football. Massive coup.

  76. Un

    GoobergoonerJuly 7, 2022 02:33:31
    “would be nice if certain others didn’t try and piss on the hope we are building”Yes I know Emery wasn’t fit for us, but where was this comment when others had a little bit of hope not even halfway through his first season

    I have emery the benefit of the doubt
    I was highly skeptical but thought I’d let him do his thing
    There was a point in the second half of his first season when I thought he’d turned us around.
    As gutted as I was about losing to chelsea (and I was vocal about it) when we signed pepe and Tierney and all I thought there was cause for optimism
    That very quickly evaporated in the second season and he was rightly sacked by Xmas

    For the record
    I’ve been critical of certain elements of what arteta has done. I don’t agree with a lot of what he does but there at least is a strategy and an identity to what he does.
    I’m willing to give him this season and if it’s another £150m outlay to finish outside the top four playing crab football, slowly, then it’s a no for me

  77. Nigel Tufnel

    Edon Zhegrova… people will be underwhelmed after hoping for Raphinha.

    Sounds like a hard worker on the pitch, from people who watched him, but not going to add goals if he’s spelling Saka.

    I am sure we’ll want to loan out Marquinhos, but I have to say his videos make him look like a powerful young lad.. not meek at all. I’d love to see him play for us soon.

  78. Un

    HowardJuly 7, 2022 14:26:28
    Odegaard is only good at middle and bottom-of-table teams. His stats relates to those games.


    Didn’t watch him against Chelsea and United then when we scored 7 and he was incredible?

  79. Un

    We only paid £45m for a player who has scored 53 goals with 23 assists in just 99 starts. He’s also only 25 years of age whereas Sterling is 27. Fantastic bit of business getting Jesus in without Champions League Football. Massive coup.

    Don’t praise arsenal
    🤫 you worthless AKB

  80. GoonerDave

    I think we dodged a bullet on Sterling. His best days might be behind him. Capable of purple patches for Chelsea but not a top top player. By all accounts, he will be on eye watering wages too.
    Not enough credit is being given to Arteta and the negotiating team for the Jesus deal. It looks better every day. I might have my doubts about Arteta but credit where it’s due.
    Not to be a gossip and I know nothing of the situation, but if we are about to lose Thomas Partey for the season, we urgently need a replacement. And we need to spend big.

  81. salparadisenyc

    Zhegrova sounds like a Partey contingency plan being investigated to me.

    Not a gentle subject to discuss, but it’s one we will have to engage eventually when facts made public. Pure footballing terms the club can’t hide from potential of loosing its midfield anchor for season if it comes to that, a replacement will have to be found altering course of window from a Raphina type splash to Partey cover.

    Bigger picture footballing doesn’t compare but as we’ve seen the game and clubs effected go on.

  82. AFC Forever


    “Not enough credit is being given to Arteta and the negotiating team for the Jesus deal. It looks better every day. I might have my doubts about Arteta but credit where it’s due”

    Great comment Dave. I was excited when we were linked to Jesus and hopeful Arteta’s connections would get it over the line. I wan’t too optimistic though, because of the fact we didn’t have champions league football. It’s an amazing deal and I love it when someone signs for the right reason.

    About Partey. You are right to raise the issue. We average more than 2 points when he plays, it’s been hovering around 1 point without him. He only managed 24 games last season, which cost us CL football. You don’t need to be Rachel Riley to do the numbers. If the latest rumours are to be believed, they are after all only rumours, it’s not looking good. It’s a problem to be resolved for sure.

  83. Valentin

    I wonder if the guy who got convicted and subsequently banned from Stamford Bridge for making monkey gesture toward Sterling will now cheer him up.

    It remind me of the idiots supporting Millwall screaming racist chants toward their opponents black players, but then went to ask for their own black players’ authograph.

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s 2.43 points per game with Partey and 0.89 without.

    Screw every other position, if he isn’t available we need 2 starting caliber CMs or it’s the same story as last season.

  85. raulishuss

    How many dm in the world is better than partey or that could replace his quality? The all probably play for big clubs anyway. even pool finds it difficult when fabinho isn’t around. replacing partey will be difficult but necessary. I hope we can find a replacement but I doubt.

  86. Tom

    “It’s 2.43 points per game with Partey and 0.89 without.”

    Freddie, I’m not trying to minimize his worth but that is a staggering discrepancy, which makes me wonder whether something else must be there at play too.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any side miss one player and have their ppg plummet like that.

  87. Tom

    There’s something to be said about the squad building strategy when losing one player makes your ppg go from 2.43 to 0.89.

  88. AFC Forever


    Thanks for that. A bit of context in so much as those 11 games also included other absences. Still, it’s quite a drop more than I thought. Obviously need proper context. I remember when Liverpool had their massive point drop when Van Dijk was done by Pickford. It’s not just losing the player for what he brings individually but his collective value to the team.

  89. Dissenter

    “There’s something to be said about the squad building strategy when losing one player makes your ppg go from 2.43 to 0.89.”

    You would expect that the summer transfer will use that data to prioritize the signings
    Instead, we tried valiantly to spend 45 million plus on coverage for Saka. I was glad when the Raphina deal unraveled.

  90. Tom

    Posters talking about the legrove curse…………Im starting to believe it.

    Pedro spent entire season making a case a Conte type manager would never consider Arsenal.
    He went to Spurs.
    Then Pedro spent months making the case Conte would destroy them from within.
    They pipped us to the CL.
    Then Pedro got busy poo pooing Bissouma for his alleged reputation and within a month the Partey case dropped(still a rumor).

    Someone needs to have a word with Pedro for the sake of the Arsenal.

  91. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not sure how his injuries corresponded with Tierneys for example but the drop without just him wasn’t nearly as steep.

    The rest of our CM can hold it together for one off games but if it’s anything more than that they’re simply not good enough.
    I have high hopes for Sambi still but he should be backup and when he does play he needs a top player beside him, not Xhaka or Elneny.


    I’m sure there were other injuries at the same time, and our squad was pretty imbalanced last season, not helped with lack of rotation but it’s still a pretty damning statistic.

    Really hope it gets addressed properly this window. I’d be tempted to buy 2 starting quality CM/DM even if we do have Partey available just to avoid the massive drop in quality and allow for more rotation. Anything else is a bonus.