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Well Happy July 4th to all my wonderful American readers and the Brits who like the day because it was actually the original Brexit. But, we got Brexited, so not really a choice. I gotta work on the delivery of that joke.


Into the mixer.

It would seem the big wait for Gabriel Jesus was because the social admin wanted to do a social post with the 3 Gabi’s in it. I’m down for that sort of craft.

Now we’re here, who really cares about the wait?

Edu is obviously thrilled, no one has enjoyed the window more than the Brazilian Invincible.

“Gabriel is a player who we have admired for a long time now. He is 25 years old and an established Brazil international who has consistently demonstrated that he is a player at a very high level. We look forward to seeing him join up with his new teammates ahead of the new season. We all welcome Gabriel to Arsenal.”

Mikel is also excited because we all know that this deal doesn’t happen without him, this is a move built on relationships, and Jesus needed to know he’d be looked after at his new club, and he has found that with Arsenal.

“I’m very excited. The club has done a tremendous job to recruit a player of this stature. I know Gabriel personally very well, and we all know him well from his time in the Premier League and being really successful here.”

It’s also worth paying attention to Fabrizio Romano who said at least 3 clubs were still trying to hijack the move as of last Sunday. That tells you a couple of things, firstly, Arteta has a good project going on at Arsenal and knows how to sell it. The second, this market is crazy, it seems everyone is running the same software tool, looking at the same players.

Arteta didn’t get a lot of space to talk about the player, but what he did say followed the pattern of the last 10 signings… character, desire, quality.

“I think it’s a package. Start with his character, the person, the smile and what he represents as a human being. Then he’s an incredible professional, with his work ethic and enthusiasm. You will see it the first day he puts on his boots and enters the training pitch; he has the enthusiasm that he is going to create on his own on that pitch.

“And then obviously there are his qualities, his anger to score, his willingness to be coached, to improve. He is used to winning and he knows that winning is the only way to do it. I think he will set different standards at the club.”

I like the bit at the bottom with regards to standards. Jesus is 25 and he’s won 4 Premier League titles already. That sort of human in and around the training ground is going to be huge. Arsenal’s squad, so far this summer, has aged down. We don’t have players for the kids to learn from. This is a player that is going to teach players on the rise how to handle the frying pan when the going gets tough. Newcastle was our ground zero last season, it wasn’t about quality, it was about strength in the vital moment of the season. Putting winners into the team is going to make those moments less daunting next season.

In his wider-ranging interview, Arteta doubled down on what we all expecting him to highlight… the forward line we’re building is going to be very dynamic and flexible. I think he’s adding explosive power and high-level technicians to our forward line so we can be unpredictable and deliver far more output next season.

So look, here are the additions to the squad.

  • Gabriel Jesus
  • Matt Turner
  • Fabio Vieira
  • William Saliba
  • Marquinhos

There’s still plenty more to go and you only have to look at Arteta’s body language to know that we’re going hard at the summer. He’s calm, he’s smiling, he’s looking like he’s just seen god. A bit like how he was after that magical international break. Any manager that talks about a players smile first when asked a question is in good shape.

There are three positions still to fill if we’re to go into next season.

  • Winger
  • Central midfielder
  • Left-back

Who knows where we’ll land on those deals, but we’re still in the mixer for Lisandro Martinez at left-back. Central midfield hasn’t moved, there are strong rumours that we’ve agreed terms with Tielemans, and there are new stories coming from Italy that we’re after Savic. Wide forward, who knows? I don’t believe that we’re in for Serge G though. He’s a superstar, but he’d break our wage structure, and I’m not sure we’re at the stage of our journey where we’d be a prime destination for him.

This summer is going pretty well right now, there’s a lot more to go, and there will be ups and downs, but the most important thing is we end the window with what we need. We have a squad more than capable of managing August. There are no injuries, we have two strikers tied down to long-term deals, and the squad will be buzzing with all the movement.

It’s a good time to be an Arsenal fan.

Right, I think you should be jumping into our latest podcast. We had Sophie from Highbury Squad join the show for the first time. It was an excellent show, we talked a lot about the dynamics impacting how we feel about the window, and discussed whether our lack of CL is impacting the speed of the moves. It’s a crack, subscribe, sign up to our Patreon, and let’s get AMPED for the new season.

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Been a while. Happy with G Jesus but I do worry that he’s not quite what we need. I have no doubt he’ll do well for us, just not sure if it’ll be in the way that Lacazette did well (I think overall we’d agree he did) or if it’s how Sanchez did well. Obviously I’m hoping for the latter! Really think we need to prioritise CM now. As much as everyone is going on about what a great window this is, if we don’t get that position then we don’t compete next season. Partey wont stay fit all season,… Read more »


One thing that does excite me about G Jesus is reading what City fans say about him. Look at his farewell interview on Youtube and read the comments – City fans love him, and that speaks volumes. So fingers crossed!

Mark S

DM is back!




Jesus save us!

Hearing noises that it might be a Gabrielle in and a Gabrielle out?

Juventus apparently lining up a £45mill bid for GM..?

It would make huge sense to go full on Lisandro Martinez if that is the case. there potential for Arthur Melo to go the other way? Would prefer Savic if those rumours have any foundation. Would probably prefer Tielemans also tbh.

Mark S

Crazy how many “Ins” we’ve had this window. I love it! Gone are the days of Wenger saying you couldn’t sign more than 3 players because you’d disrupt the squad. Like has been mentioned on this site many times, we seem to have a plan…and we seem to be trying to get that plan executed as quick as we can.


I like this Frenkie de Jong fella. He wants to stay in Barca at all costs but he’s not willing to renegotiate his obscene £285k salary per reports. Barca want to sell him so he could get a very similar salary at Manure, but he doesn’t want to leave. What is the solution?!?!


The video of Jesus unveiling at Arsenal is very revealing.
It looks like the club has bought Arteta a toy he desires. It was revealing that Arteta, not Edu is the one that received Jesus when he alighted from the car. The manager looked truly excited.

Good times ahead
Now go and get that midfielder that can bench Xhaka [coach’s pet] and Yakubu.


It would be silly to sell Gabriel for £45 million
That’s cheap for a player of his quality and potential.

I know Un doesn’t fancy him but I’ll take him over any Argentine Eredivisie import any day.


“Christian Eriksen on a 3 year deal does not feel like a mindset shift at United.“

Pedro, and why would United need to shift their mindset when they have enough talent to compete for top four straight away, and are capable matching everyone’s wages and transfers.

The only question remains is ten Hag the right man for the job, but if he is this was always the route they’d take.

I know you’d have loved them taking in a project youth rebuild style to validate your take on football, but this was never on the cards with them.


The most important transfer of the window.
Zac Swanson is going to Pompey


Praise Jesus! and welcome to the Club. Don’t underestimate how much adding a winner to the starting lineup will help the sense of urgency and reduce playing scared. Great move for showing players like Saka, Marti, and ESR how it’s done within the same system and having a mentor that’s been there done that. .

Let’s not stop here though.. upgrade the midfield, please.



Yeah why do we allow ourselves to be low-balled so often when it comes to our players ? Surely Juventus can pay 60 million for Gabriel M or we should say thanks no deal.


Those light rumors linking us to Savic, please God let it be true. Thats a proper CM right there. I d take Tielemans too, anyone that can prevent Xhaka from Xhakaring Arsenal again this season.


raptora, of course de Jong wants to stay at Barca, who wouldn’t under his circumstances?
But if he digs in his heels hard enough United will eventually make him an offer worthy of consideration.
They are paying deGea £375 kpw ffs.


Still 59 days to go. Lots more mayhem to come.
Happy 4th of July


All the Savic reports stemed from Italy ‘sources’
So I would take the rumours with a pinch of salt.
Arsenal is clickbait and made up or agents drumming up business.

Bob N16

Bigper, buzzkiller!


Bob, completely unlike you to concentrate on a poster instead on what actually is being said, when a simple rebuke would’ve been Jesus’ wages are nothing like Ozil’s round two version, and Arsenal could move him on with relative ease if it didn’t work out.


Big has a tiny wooden spoon, trying to stir. It’s hilarious.
And completely wrong. Comparing the best pressing forward in the world according to Pep to Ozil is absolute lunacy.


Kind of funny that G. Jesus plays more like an Arsenal #14 and Nketiah plays more like a traditional 9. Maybe they should switch numbers?

Nice post 👍 Have we had any bids for Xhaka yet ? Oh…
How about Pepe…no ? Oh dear.


Love the Vieira and Jesus signings. Super quality. Would still like to see a beast signing in the middle. Somebody who can take control of a game and drive us forward.


Pedro, Ronaldo was a big part of their last season’s demise but not as big as appointing RR on interim bases who bombed completely with the entire squad that knew he wouldn’t be around for long.

A 30 yo Eriksen is nothing like Ronaldo either, he’ll do as he’s told no questions asked.
And unlike Ronaldo he’s actually still in his prime.



I don’t know but for the same reasons we went for Jesus means we should be going for Gnabry too. I mean Jesus is on 220k pw and Gnabry is a much better profile player. World class even. Would be our highest profile player. Packs a lot of winners mentality and vibe. Has a connection with the club and genuinely wants to come back. He’d be a no brainer at 300k pw.

Also 220 for Jesus has already disrupted the wage bill as the nearest to him will be Pepe at 140k if I am correct.

Matt B

After what happened last summer, I’m not sure Eriksen is in his prime Tom…

Matt B

Jesus is a great signing and sends a real message of intent. Our forward line is looking pretty good — fast, aggressive and unpredictable

Nigel Tufnel

Bigper is more than cynical. A cynical troll.

Nice signing. A midfielder would make me happy next. I’m sure there’s a plan, but not knowing is driving us all crazy.


bench Partey? I’d say back him up well would be perfect. I kind of doubt we’ll do it. Elneny and Xhaka likely to be there.

Partey was excellent after a slow start last season. One of the best in the league.

Lisandro is beyond a long shot. Everything fits for United. Hope we’re ready to move on other options.

Positive pete

Pedro.Was always under the impression it was BigSPUR.How come it’s taken so long%?



We’re still in for Martinez, if United win that battle, the least we can do is ensure United pay Ajax’s full asking price, and get him and his agent both better terms as a result of our interest.

Then turn our attention to Zinchenko.


“After what happened last summer, I’m not sure Eriksen is in his prime Tom…“

Mat, he looked levels above anyone else on Brentford and doctors say his heart is fine, so not sure what I
other information you might have.


Pedro, did you just remove Bigper’s comment?

It wasn’t offensive to anyone, and even if factually incorrect, it generated a bit of reaction on a slow day.


Pedro Liverpool in the 1970-80s were the first club in English Football who focussed on the background, character and work ethic of players they recruited. Ken Friar told me in 1989 that was the model that Arsenal also adopted shortly thereafter. I suspect that Klopp who is a close follower of Liverpool’s history has been adopting a similar model and it would not surprise me that Arsenal are now doing likewise under Arteta. Personally I am not surprised that Arteta shifted out of the club both Aubameyang and Ozil. Both these players set a poor example for the young players… Read more »


Another prem International footballer arrested for rape


Gnabry invokes an emotional reaction from Arsenal fans but bringing him back at 300kpw would be a terrible decision.
There’s disturbing the wage structure and there obliterating it.
Also, people assume he’d just seamlessly slide back into the Prem as if he never left.

Bob N16

Tom, I was reacting to the tone of his post, on a day when the vast majority of supporters would be pleased at his arrival.

. If you think it was an attack on him you’re either being overly defensive and precious on his part or your being your usual contrarian self.


i dunno guys a frontline of saka jesus and gnabry puts in contention for the league almost instantly, tell stan fucking kroenke to pay the fuck up


who gives a SHIT what dumbass trolls like bigper say do or what happens to them. like pedro says reddit is the place for that teenage attention seeking garbage.


Bob, I guess that’s the difference between us , you react to the tone of posts, I react to content.

Considering football wages inflation Jesus’ wages at 220kpw aren’t outrageously high for a club like Arsenal.
Ozil on 140kpw in 2013/14 was a bigger deal.



North London club footballer supposedly, that leaves us and Spurs?

Word on the street is he is 29 and was going to WC. Like the Sigurdsson case before I suspect we’ll know who is it by tomorrow.


Rumour mill on twitter linking in to one of our own, (Party) apparently footballer who lives in Barnet, others linking it to a unmentioned spurs player


The Chukwuemeka brothers from Villa are juicy proper footballers, who have a great future ahead. Carney is available this summer. (A little bias cause I coached them for northampton under 12’s).

Bob N16

Tom, do I have to spell it out for you? The tone of his ‘content’ would get you sitting on your own in a pub. His content was tone deaf!



Aged 29 arrested in North London ( Barnet to be precise)



Two 29; year olds in Spurs squad. Son & Davies

Two in Arsenal Partey and Xhaka


Maybe the only way we get rid of xhaka Terraloon


Apparently Carney Chukwuemeka only has 12 months left on his contract, and is in very high demand.

If he’s smart, he’ll prioritise playing time over any other factors.


How many fit that description?

Partey, Xhaka, Kane.

Hardly Kane now is it? He’s England’s poster boy and he’d prob have been snapped in cuffs.


Tom you better be careful or you would be termed a UTD supporter.

Word on the twit is that its Partey. In that case, we would need two midfielders not one.



Kane isn’t 29 so its almost certainly him and Son is out of the country



We are absolutely shagged raw in that scenario.


:Partey was at training today so it’s not him”


It better not be him.


Yeah no kidding that would be a disaster.


‘Apparently Carney Chukwuemeka only has 12 months left on his contract, and is in very high demand.’

That means he’s not coming to Arsenal since the young manager is still struggling with the rudiments of squad rotation.


‘Internationally renowned’ in late twenties, premier league player arrested in north London

‘Late twenties’ rules out most if our squad
That’s the benefit of Arteta genius there

Yakubu just converted to Islam and his partying days are over
Elneny is a devout moslem, unlikely to be him
Xhaka…., hmmmm. He not that type of guy. We’ve had him for too long to not know what he’s capable of.

I think it’s a Spurs player.


Lucas Moura is 29 and a full Brazilian international. Just for the record.


Tom – Big Per’s tone and content appear to amount to that of a Tottenham troll. I can’t see why you can’t see that . I mean it’s not like your called Tottenham Tom or anything like that is it ? 😂


“Tom you better be careful or you would be termed a UTD supporter.“

Azed, is that an upgrade on Tottenham Tom?


The Metropolitan Police told BBC Sport: “On 4 July, an allegation of rape of a woman in her 20s was reported to police.

“It was reported the alleged rape happened in June 2022.”

The statement added: “On 4 July, a 29-year-old man was arrested at an address in Barnet on suspicion of rape and taken into custody where he remains.

Any Arsenal player that lives in Barnet?


Please don’t make it be Partey 😱


Damn I missed Bigper being the mood Hoover that he is. Binned and good riddance.
Glad Jesus is officially over the line. On to the next one

Paul Mc Daid

Seeing rumors it is Partly, Hopefully not.


Apparently Partey flew with the squad today to Germany, and he also trained this morning so hopefully it’s not him.


I hope you’re right if he flew to Germany with the squad then no chance it’s him.


Azed, is that an upgrade on Tottenham Tom?

Tom it depends on how you look at it.

Topside Northbank

No idea of any rumours.

Wasn’t Partey recently married and converted to Islam?

Jesus at last confirmed only positive comments about him from Man City fans, 25 so just coming into his prime years and in a world cup year he will be determined to hit the ground running.


It’s certain that Edu/Arteta will find the missing pieces needed. They may not be the players rumoured by the media, and they may arrive later rather than sooner, but they’ll all be signed and sealed come September 1.

A great time to be an Arsenal supporter. Even Alan Smith, the most impassive commentator on football, is buzzing.


Stay off twitter when it comes to serious issues. Young, and young in the mind people throwing baseless accusations does nobody any good.


Dear Jesus and Art in heaven, deliver us from evil (no significant trophies).

Manure want to keep Ronaldo and buy Erickson? surreal. please sir can I have some more? 😂😂


Age given as 29 in the daily Mail so that narrows it down


I hope that its non of our player.


Hope its not Partey, that would be a big blow for us, no replacing him in the cheap

Danny S

Granit Xhaka: ‘My dad’s first few months in jail were OK, then the …
17 Nov 2017 — Xhaka lives in Barnet with his wife, Leonita, but they have found their home-from-home in Camden – one of the capital’s more eclectic …

Danny S

From the guardian.


This Botic fella from the Netherlands is made for Wimbledon. Unlucky to face Rafa who is playing very well although he had to work really hard at the end.


Sorry Pedro, will do,

In other news

Supporters will be able to stand to watch Prem or Championship matches for the first time in almost 30 years next season


“Dear Jesus and Art in heaven, deliver us from evil (no significant trophies) Manure want to keep Ronaldo and buy Erickson? surreal. please sir can I have some more? 😂😂” Sorry Curse, don’t mean to be an ankle biting dickhead but this is exactly the type of comment that makes you a hero on Legrove these days, even though it is factually incorrect. Eriksen is an on a free signing with a reported £150 kpw wages. And the only angle an Arsenal fan who isn’t a complete spaz should be looking at it is whether he makes them better, and… Read more »


Still don’t understand why Lisandro Martinez is being referred to as a game changing player. For those who have watched him regularly, is he prime Sergio Ramos or something???


Eriksen 3yr deal, £150,000 p/w £23,400,000 commitment over 3years £7,800,000 p/a Vieira 5yr deal, £38,000 p/w £10,920,000 over 5yrs wages £30million fee £7,976,000 p/a combined fee + wages, over 5 years. Net spend with say Arsenal minus £30 million + Man United net spend £0 But in 3yrs Eriksen will be 33, out of contract, hold no value, and need to be replaced In 3yrs Vieira will be 25, have 2 years left on his contract ,and hopefully be worth more than the £30 million he cost us. Net spend is generally a load of nonsense, Eriksen has been brought… Read more »

Mr Serge

Bigper has always been a jerk


Pedro, that sort of reply would make sense if there were actual quotes of mine following any of the Willian transfer or Auba extensions , which of course there aren’t because I never lambasted Arteta for either in real time.

Nice try though.

Freddie Ljungberg

Looks like Partey is in the clear, phew.

Narrows it down even more.


That tielmans price has just gone up.


Losing partway to this would be insane, can we just get some momentum


Freddie Ljungberg

No-one should speculate on who has been arrested. Also until or unless someone is actually
charged it is no more than an investigation.

However, there is a report about this morning’s training session which confirms that Elneny
was training. So you can discount him from the arrest.

Also all the players who played in the friendly against Ipswich were given the day off from
training this morning.

Freddie Ljungberg


Lots of conflicting reports at the moment, hope it’s not any of our guys and most of all not Partey. Heard he’s in Germany with the team so hopefully that’s true.

Will probably be resolved tomorrow when people start waking up and posting on their socials.


No one can ever say if someone looks capable of doing something so bad, but Elneny would be the last person I’d think of capable of doing it.


Tom, can’t say I’ve seen much of Eriksson to know if he would make manure better.
What I do know is, he’s 30, lightweight and had an unfortunate event.
Going into a clusterfuck of a club.
I’m not even slightly worried and would be very surprised if he “moved the needle”.

He or Ten will need to be a genius.
I’m skeptical 😂

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