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Well Happy July 4th to all my wonderful American readers and the Brits who like the day because it was actually the original Brexit. But, we got Brexited, so not really a choice. I gotta work on the delivery of that joke.


Into the mixer.

It would seem the big wait for Gabriel Jesus was because the social admin wanted to do a social post with the 3 Gabi’s in it. I’m down for that sort of craft.

Now we’re here, who really cares about the wait?

Edu is obviously thrilled, no one has enjoyed the window more than the Brazilian Invincible.

“Gabriel is a player who we have admired for a long time now. He is 25 years old and an established Brazil international who has consistently demonstrated that he is a player at a very high level. We look forward to seeing him join up with his new teammates ahead of the new season. We all welcome Gabriel to Arsenal.”

Mikel is also excited because we all know that this deal doesn’t happen without him, this is a move built on relationships, and Jesus needed to know he’d be looked after at his new club, and he has found that with Arsenal.

“I’m very excited. The club has done a tremendous job to recruit a player of this stature. I know Gabriel personally very well, and we all know him well from his time in the Premier League and being really successful here.”

It’s also worth paying attention to Fabrizio Romano who said at least 3 clubs were still trying to hijack the move as of last Sunday. That tells you a couple of things, firstly, Arteta has a good project going on at Arsenal and knows how to sell it. The second, this market is crazy, it seems everyone is running the same software tool, looking at the same players.

Arteta didn’t get a lot of space to talk about the player, but what he did say followed the pattern of the last 10 signings… character, desire, quality.

“I think it’s a package. Start with his character, the person, the smile and what he represents as a human being. Then he’s an incredible professional, with his work ethic and enthusiasm. You will see it the first day he puts on his boots and enters the training pitch; he has the enthusiasm that he is going to create on his own on that pitch.

“And then obviously there are his qualities, his anger to score, his willingness to be coached, to improve. He is used to winning and he knows that winning is the only way to do it. I think he will set different standards at the club.”

I like the bit at the bottom with regards to standards. Jesus is 25 and he’s won 4 Premier League titles already. That sort of human in and around the training ground is going to be huge. Arsenal’s squad, so far this summer, has aged down. We don’t have players for the kids to learn from. This is a player that is going to teach players on the rise how to handle the frying pan when the going gets tough. Newcastle was our ground zero last season, it wasn’t about quality, it was about strength in the vital moment of the season. Putting winners into the team is going to make those moments less daunting next season.

In his wider-ranging interview, Arteta doubled down on what we all expecting him to highlight… the forward line we’re building is going to be very dynamic and flexible. I think he’s adding explosive power and high-level technicians to our forward line so we can be unpredictable and deliver far more output next season.

So look, here are the additions to the squad.

  • Gabriel Jesus
  • Matt Turner
  • Fabio Vieira
  • William Saliba
  • Marquinhos

There’s still plenty more to go and you only have to look at Arteta’s body language to know that we’re going hard at the summer. He’s calm, he’s smiling, he’s looking like he’s just seen god. A bit like how he was after that magical international break. Any manager that talks about a players smile first when asked a question is in good shape.

There are three positions still to fill if we’re to go into next season.

  • Winger
  • Central midfielder
  • Left-back

Who knows where we’ll land on those deals, but we’re still in the mixer for Lisandro Martinez at left-back. Central midfield hasn’t moved, there are strong rumours that we’ve agreed terms with Tielemans, and there are new stories coming from Italy that we’re after Savic. Wide forward, who knows? I don’t believe that we’re in for Serge G though. He’s a superstar, but he’d break our wage structure, and I’m not sure we’re at the stage of our journey where we’d be a prime destination for him.

This summer is going pretty well right now, there’s a lot more to go, and there will be ups and downs, but the most important thing is we end the window with what we need. We have a squad more than capable of managing August. There are no injuries, we have two strikers tied down to long-term deals, and the squad will be buzzing with all the movement.

It’s a good time to be an Arsenal fan.

Right, I think you should be jumping into our latest podcast. We had Sophie from Highbury Squad join the show for the first time. It was an excellent show, we talked a lot about the dynamics impacting how we feel about the window, and discussed whether our lack of CL is impacting the speed of the moves. It’s a crack, subscribe, sign up to our Patreon, and let’s get AMPED for the new season.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    At the end of last season we discussed on Le Grove the two major signings that Arsenal needed to make this summer. These were CF and CMF.

    The CMF recruitment was highlighted because Partey was injury prone and Xhaka is not
    rated by many as good enough if Arsenal are to progress in finishing in top 4 and qualify for
    Champions League.

    Without discussing further recent criminal investigation I think that it is now imperative
    that Arsenal focus on recruitment on a new CMF. This needs to be resolved sooner rather
    than later.

    As I posted previously there should be a limit to our recruitment and the changes we make
    to our squad. Otherwise there is a risk of destabilisation.

  2. Friendly Spurs Fan

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker here, I like to hear Arsenal fans’ views on football so been reading this blog for a few years.

    Just dropped in to say I really hope that fans of both clubs can show respect to the alleged victim and not engage in distasteful speculation as to who the alleged perpetrator is, or your views on whether they’re guilty or not. This is a horrible incident and is something that needs to be stamped out of our shared culture.

    I will post again in future if I’m allowed, but I am aware that I’m a guest here so will always be respectful and not act like those trolls who haunt rival fans’ blogs.

    Best wishes to all

  3. Hoksilato

    Raptora, RUMOURS that the woman/alleged victim is his new (Moroccan) wife and that she fled to her parents… we’ll know more today, hope it’s all BS but too much smoke to my liking…

  4. Rich


    I really like both Partey + Tierney, top experienced players who make us better.

    But if we got offers for either, and an opportunity to go in a different direction, I feel we should take it.

    Injury prone players leads to over playing other players, which leads to even more injury prone players as a result.

    That then becomes a perpetual cycle of players breaking down at key stages in the season, and that’s how seasons go up in smoke.

    If we want to compete on multiple fronts, then we need a combination of quality in depth, not just numbers, and players who can stay fit.

    If both players stay, I hope they can deliver consistency in their fitness + performance, but there’s certainly a concerning pattern emerging.

    If we miss out on our top target Martinez, I really hope we can secure Zinchenko, he’d represent excellent value at £20-£25 million

    Tielemans at £25million also feels kind of obvious, but I suspect we’ll need to exit both Torreira + Niles first.

    Tielemans + Zinchenko aren’t signings that are going to get the pulses of fans racing, both potential signings feel safe, and ruthlessly pragmatic

    But both would improve us in problem areas, would provide better depth, would likely adapt quickly, are good ages, and have a good level of experience

    If we picked up both for £45-£50 million, I certainly wouldn’t complain

  5. raptora

    So if true then it’s similar to the situation with the girl that was dating Greenwood. Well I thought it’s the only way it could be Partey but I refused to say it.

  6. Vintage Gun


    Your rumour fits into what Chrispy posted earlier when he said that he heard that the accused and accuser were on a joint holiday together.

    Basically if Yakubu is not on the flight to Germany today then the plot will be thicker than a bowl oatmeal porridge being eaten by Harry Kane.

    Regardless, there’s two sides to every story so lets see how it all plays out if the rumors are true on the players identity

  7. raptora

    I think it’s bullshit doe. I still think it’s not Partey.

    I remember CG had this to say after he saw pictures of Partey’s wife Moroccan Sara Bella.

    “I think, you can safely say, she definitely ‘ wears the trousers ‘”

  8. Rich

    Sambi should get plenty of game time this season, he’ll likely play the 6 group stage games, + minutes in the early rounds of the domestic cups.

    If he gains confidence from that, he at least won’t be as rusty when we throw him into league games.

    I really like him, it was always unlikely a 21yr old with just over 6,000 minutes, was going to come from the Belgian league, and produce consistency in the PL in his first season, that’s generally not how things work.

    He’s got a few rough edges which is normal at this stage of his career, but I’ve also seen enough to suggest he’s got real ability + personality on the pitch.

    There’s definitely a player there.

  9. raptora

    He’s probably our most important player too. Only Saka could contest it and while we actually have some quality in offence, our midfield falls short. No better time for something like this to happen though. We’ll have the time to get a replacement in.

  10. Mysticleaves

    Rich, i hope it goes well for him. He’s 22 now. No longer a kid and shouldn’t really be in that developmental stage anymore. Guenduozi for eg, was signed and became something of a fixture at 19

  11. Mysticleaves


    All these are rumours by the way and even if it’s him, he will be realised on bail till the case goes to trial right? He can still play fully for us until he’s proven guilty right?

  12. Double Double

    Definitely one of our most influential, but right, still time to sort. Even if it’s unfounded, form normally always falls off a cliff too. Maybe that’s why we’re being linked with the player who n Italy, unless he’s after a new contract or going to Juve

  13. Cyril

    Terrible news if correct about the rape allegation. I dearly hope this is not true as I have a strong feeling I know who it is. My friend does maintenance work for an Arsenal player in the Barnet area and he is the same age. Let this not be true. Good luck to Arsenal this year and it’s great reading your articles Pedro.

  14. raptora

    Ye, Mystic but if there is hard evidence, like it was with Greenwood’s recording, then the club wouldn’t play him just like Manure did with Greenwood. Else he’d be available to play I guess, but IF his wife is accusing him of raping her, then she almost certainly has a strong case. It’s his wife and she could have made sure to record anything she wanted to.

  15. Ollie

    All these are rumours by the way and even if it’s him, he will be realised on bail till the case goes to trial right? He can still play fully for us until he’s proven guilty right?

    You would assume that but take a look at Greenwood – not been seen since his accusations came to light. Admittedly there was a lot more public evidence on that one but still.

  16. Double Double

    Mystic it’s always the association or stigma that follows. Macguire had a mare after his fighting, greenwood another one.
    Hopefully Sambi will blossom a bit this season, I thought he had the makings of a decent player last season

  17. Mysticleaves

    Thanks rap and Ollie. I guess the Greenwood stuff was just “in our faces” at once.

    Call me ignorant, naive or crazy or all but I still am trying to wrap my head around how a husband or a wife could rape their wife or husband. Really think it takes away the credibility and seriousness of “actual rape” victims.

  18. Dissenter

    ‘but IF his wife is accusing him of raping her, then she almost certainly has a strong case. It’s his wife and she could have made sure to record anything she wanted to.’

    I’m not so sure this is true, inter-marital rapes are harder to prove.

    ….but when you read that 6 police cars converged on the house in Barnet, you wonder what are they expecting to find?

    I’m bewildered by the entire ordeal

  19. Un

    If a young lady goes back to his house and is in bed with him in a state of undress then it’s going to be difficult to convince a jury or court that she didnt know exactly what she was doing, unless it’s a similar story to the Greenwood case. I highly doubt the footballer in question jumped from behind a bush in a park at night.
    We’ve all been young lads and you know, pulled women on a night out (except Marko and Freddie of course) but in such situations the moment and chemistry takes you to the inevitable conclusion.
    If I had a son in his teens/20s today, I’m not sure what advice I’d give as the court of public opinion can ruin you even if you’re innocent. I guess I’d just say, check that she’s comfortable every step of the way and if she’s not then stop immediately, don’t even think about trying to pressure her as that can now considered be considered a crime. You just have to respect boundaries.
    On the other side, many women find an assertive man to be a turn on. Asking them constantly kills the moment.

    Like I said, it’s a fucking mine field

  20. Matt

    ‘Why are people insinuatingits him I dont get it’

    Probably from Pedro saying that it’s not going to be good news for Arsenal and to brace for the worst!

  21. Emiratesstroller


    I understand your position about Tierney and Partey but neither of these players are going to
    be sold in this transfer window.

    The players likely to be under consideration for departure this summer are Leno, Runarsson,
    Mari, Bellerin, AMN, Torreira, Pepe and Nelson.

    The departure of Leno, AMN and Nelson may be fairly straightforward, because they are likely to stay in England. However, I suspect their transfer fees will be modest, because you
    need to factor in their wages.

    Mari, Bellerin, Torreira and Pepe will be more problematic. None of these players are likely
    to move to English Clubs. As we know most clubs on the continent plead poverty and you
    have to also factor in their declared preference which limits the market. Both Fiorentina and
    Real Betis for example are not willing to spend even a modest fee for Torreira and Bellerin
    which is well below their quoted market valuation. Pepe is in my view unsaleable unless
    one of the major clubs comes in for him which is most unlikely.

  22. Hoksilato

    Would be nice to just see a relaxed “ready for training” pic on instagram from TP…that would kill it all and not that complicated to do…

  23. Rich


    What Guendouzi was doing for us at 19 was really underrated, was another player with personality on the pitch, always wanted to take the ball in difficult moments

    Of course he had a few rough edges, but what teenagers haven’t?….

    He’s had issues off the pitch pretty much everywhere he’s been, but if he matures off the pitch, I’m in little doubt there’s a top player there.

    He doesn’t want to lose that spikiness + competitive nature, but likely just needs to mature and learn to manage that boundless energy.

    22 isn’t old for a player who plays in a central area of the pitch, Partey was out on loan at Almeira at 22

    De Bruyne + Salah we’re both dumped by Chelsea at 22

    White was playing for Leeds in the Championship, Grealish was still a bit part player at Villa

    Kalvin Phillips was playing in the Championship with Leeds, and he’s just gone to City on a 6yr deal,

    At some point over the next 12-24 months Sambi is going to need to start getting more regular minutes, but right now I’m not too worried with him getting game time in the cups to develop

    He’s a brave player, always wants the ball, always looks to play vertically, I don’t think it’ll happen overnight, but I think there’s a good chance he’ll develop into a first team player over the next 2 seasons, we just need a bit of patience

  24. raptora

    I get what you’re saying. The fact that they are husband and wife and the wife accuses the husband of a rape rubs me the wrong way. In a way that for the wife to actually call the police and go through this just a few months after their get married she must have hardcore evidence. If she doesn’t then she surely is dumber than she looks.

  25. Dissenter

    Again not necessary
    It would depend on a lot of factors like if there was domestic violence involved and whether police were recalled to that residence in the past,
    If the aggrieved party [victim] was collecting evidence then it was to gain leverage in a divorce.

    Not talking about any player in particular.

  26. Spanishdave

    If there is a problem then the player will not be able to play for us.
    Our midfield is still thin and Arteta will not fix it.

  27. Matt

    It was very widely accepted that we need another CM and that was before all this Partey situation came up. IF it is him, surely we need two signings in CM. Not sure how that can be debated!?

  28. Dissenter

    The player can still play for us whilst the police is doing the investigation
    It all depends on the unique circumstances.

    For all we know, Partey may have been as involved as Bissouma who was still arrested. Brighton had no problems playing when they learned they the facts of the case

    I wish it would stay as innocent until proven guilty but in reality it’s not.

  29. Un

    Weird that he’d change his name and religion after the incident. I think that he’s done it to placate her. If she accused him then he wouldn’t do that
    If it’s partey that’s being accused then I can’t see it being his wife that’s accused him. Why would you change your name and religion for someone who does that? Immediately after they accused you?

  30. Matt


    Whether he is actually guilty or not is almost irrelevant. Lets say it is Partey and his wife is falsely accusing him of rape, imagine what state his head is going to be in. Football will be the last thing on his mind.

  31. Un


    That’s what I was thinking. He’s highly unlikely to be the same guy when he comes back, if it’s him that’s being accused

  32. Un

    Game time for Lakonga. Sink or swim. If we weren’t in for Savic before then we really should be now. Forget wingers. We need 2cmf if all this turns out to be true

  33. Dissenter

    Bissouma players successfully during his ordeal

    Sometimes doing what you love doing and know how to do can be a distraction for the player to get through that situation.

    If it’s egregious like the Greenwood case, of course he can’t be allowed to even come around club facilities but if the club contract an external risk management team to review the case and they come back to say the case is very weak….

  34. Dissenter

    Lokonga didn’t swim last season.
    Maybe they need to change his life jacket.
    He’s in the same boat as Nuno Tavares and we are seeking to replace Nuno with a £38 million player so why can’t we do the same for the midfield?

  35. Ishola70

    Arsenal have been heavy in recent years publicising that the club have a very clean image and this only intensified once Arteta took over.

    So any notions that a player is going to continue to take the field for this current Arsenal with a rape case hanging over him may be forlorn.

  36. Ishola70

    Also in reply to a previous post it’s highly naive to think that talking about the potential repercussions of such an incident in regards to the actual Arsenal side on an Arsenal fan blog is going to take a back seat to the actual victim.

    Of course you can have sympathies with any victim but it’s just this virtue signalling yet again in evidence I’m afraid to imply that the victim should be foremost in Arsenal fans minds.

    It’s a false fake narrative.

  37. Leftside

    No, Son does too apparently with his parents.

    The article states that it was a player who had begun preseason training and was due to travel with the club on an overseas tour. So we will find out imminently as our first game is on Friday.

  38. Valentin

    International renowned premier league footballer in his late 20 living in Barnet really limit the size of the pool of players who fits those criteria. Especially when it is reported that the accused is going to the world cup in Qatar and was on his way to a pre season tour.

  39. Vintage Gun

    “Bissouma players successfully during his ordeal”

    He did indeed but in Bissouma’s case he wasn’t accused of rape.
    Apparently his uncle touched a woman inside a Brighton nightclub. Hence why Bissouma had unconditional bail as part of the investigation and was allowed to play on. Whereas his uncle was on conditional bail.

    Where if a players WIFE accused him of bape, whether true or not will have some impact o a players mind state and most likely form as a result.

    All a bit messy at the moment

  40. Rich

    Sambi is nowhere near as raw as Tavares.

    Going into the season with Tavares as backup to Tierney, with Tierney’s injury history, and his inability to play 3 games a week, would petrify me.

    Going into the season with Sambi as 4th choice, and Patino as 5th choice in central midfield, wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

    Tavares + Sambi were always both likely to be medium term punts who we’d either need to develop ourselves, or through the loan market

    The idea they were both going to produce top class consistent performances straight off the bat, not impossible, but unlikely at best,

    Both coming on reported much lower wages than previous squad players, both these investments can pay down the track in different ways.

    If Tavares goes and plays 40 games somewhere next season, there’s a good chance we could either see a decent return on the £7 million we paid, or the less likely scenario he comes back into the squad.

    Our issue isn’t a 22yr old midfielder taking up a squad place, and gaining experience in the cups, our issue is that our €50 million, £200k p/w, 29yr old midfielder, hasn’t demonstrated he can stay fit in his 2 seasons here.

    How many times have people rightly called for Arsenal to find superstars and £50 million players, before they became superstars + £50 million + players?

    If we want to beat the market this way, then the reality is we have to expect some level of teething problems as young players develop and adapt.

  41. Un


    All I’ve seen of Lakonga is a strong and mobile lad who can trap and pass
    Looks better defensively than offensively
    Even his highlight reels show a guy who shuts down attacks rather than anything else
    Not that he needs to be much more than that to play anchor

  42. jabberwocky

    from reading the comments here you can see the size of the problem that women have to deal with. if you can’t tell whether she’s into it, or is actually consenting, then maybe the problem lies with you knuckle-dragging c*nuts and not the ‘slags’. you seem so fond of You don’t need to sign a bit of paper to signal consent, it should be f*cking obvious, but then you’d know that if any right minded woman wanted to go near your ugly reactionary arses.

    If you can (rightly) get barred from this forum for trolling, then Pedro I think it might be worth taking a look at people who call rape victims slags, and who think that rape within a marriage doesn’t exist, particularly considering how the abortion shit show in the states affected you and the future prospects for your daughter.

    Honestly, what is this 1952? absolute f*cking c*nts mate

  43. the goon

    Partey travelled with the Squad

    Chris Wheatley
    Thomas Partey travelled to Germany for Arsenal’s pre-season tour. He’s currently with the squad. 🇬🇭 #AFC

  44. TR7

    Chris Wheatley: Thomas Partey travelled to Germany for Arsenal’s pre-season tour. He’s currently with the squad. 🇬🇭 #AFC

    Wow !!! I am relieved now, let’s get back to talking football transfer and tennis 🙂

  45. Le Sauce

    Thomas Partey travelled to Germany for Arsenal’s pre-season tour. He’s currently with the squad. 🇬🇭 #AFC..from Chris Wheatley

  46. Spanishdave

    Rape in the Muslim world is very difficult to prove as there should be four witnesses so is very difficult.
    He cannot play as it’s a big story and it will affect the teams preparations . We have to get two midfielders now

  47. raptora

    There might be a player in Lokonga but what would give us better gains should also be talked about.

    Bissouma, 25 yo, with 4 full seasons in the EPL, 2 full Ligue 1 seasons, and being one of the best players for an EPL club for £25m.
    Anguissa, 26 yo, 2 full EPL seasons, 2 full Ligue 1 seasons, 1 full La Liga season, standout player for Fulham when they got relegated for £14m safe bet of loan + option to buy.
    Lokonga, 22 yo, with 2 full seasons in the Belgian league that Kompany told us he’s good for £18m?

    Why would we get an almost 22 yo (bday oct 1999) last summer when the market was pretty low for better players than him.

    Obviously he might turn it around. But reality is that so many expected Sambi to take over Xhaka’s position in the team. It wasn’t even close. He even fell behind Elneny. At that point “the big talent” tag should be put into question.

  48. Vintage Gun

    “Dat is d end of ur career next minute u will b accused of rape mate I’m in d UK d know wat am talking aba it’s not real love she is after ur fuckn money”

    Comment left on instagram under a video of “Yakubu” and his new wife.(then fiancé). It was sent in MAY!!!

    If the rumours are true then poly6875 is either a prophet or knew the woman’s intentions.

    Either way i hope all gets resolved fairly. We’ll see

  49. raptora

    Chris Wheatley is as good as he gets. Partey is not the guy. He was certainly one of the last names I’d think about. Happy it’s over. Wonder who could it be then…

  50. Vintage Gun

    “Chris Wheatley is as good as he gets. Partey is not the guy. He was certainly one of the last names I’d think about. Happy it’s over. Wonder who could it be then…”


  51. Rich


    Have to disagree, I see a player who tactically + positionally needs work.

    But is brave, wants to get on the ball, has a good vertical passing range, and a nice change of pace to beat the press.

    He’s nowhere near the finished article, but at this stage of his career, he’s not supposed to be, he was signed for £14-£17 million, earning a reported £20k p/w, he was always likely to be a medium term punt, than a player expected to make an instant impact at the highest level.

    He comes across really well in interviews and media work, I get that these players are prepped very well, and as a result are generally quite media savvy

    But he comes across as a really intelligent and articulate young man, he was captain at Anderlecht at just 21, he’s got something about him, even when he’s made mistakes, he hasn’t dropped his head, and let it effect him, he’s kept demanding the ball and trying to dictate play.

    Looks a big personality with a lot of talent, I don’t think it’ll happen overnight, but if by the start of 2023/24 he was knocking on the door for a regular first team place, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised

  52. Positive pete

    Could be why we’re looking at both Tielemans AND onana for CM.The fear is Melo might raise its ugly head again.

  53. Un


    Yeah I’d agree that he’s got personality being captain of his club side at 21 and the u21 Belgium side too. He looks like a lad who takes responsibility on the pitch and is great at closing down spaces, nicking the ball and quickly moving it on. But I don’t see this vertical passing personally. Yeah he can quickly drive past someone and move the ball on but I really don’t see great quality in the hall outside of tidy and strong. Looks like he doesn’t give it away much but as far as breaking the press or launching counters with a pinged one from our own half, I don’t see it yet
    But Alex song added that to his game quite successfully after a run in midfield. That ball over the top to RvP was quite successful. He was another I didn’t see stepping up until he actually did. But ego got the better of him. That bloody bleached hair 🤦🏻‍♂️

  54. Rich


    I don’t think Sambi was brought in to make an instant impact, Arteta has said he played more than expected last season.

    He was brought into to deputy for Partey, to learn from him, and eventually take over from his as some type of succession planning.

    He’ll be better this season, he’ll benefit from being in the Europa, where he should get consistent minutes.

    The club are trying to operate in a smarter way, having squad players earning far less money, makes it easier to churn our squad

    When we’ve got squad players earning more than £20-£30k p/w, it becomes very difficult to sell them outside of the PL, because very few clubs outside 10+15 on the continent can afford to match higher wages, let alone pay a fee on top

    This is why we’ve become such bad sellers, and have struggled to sell squad players., it’s the wages.

    We had to change the way that we operate, Edu said in an interview at the start of last season that we were aiming for a squad of senior players, backed up by talented young players

    If a young player earning £15-£20k doesn’t work out, then it’s much easier to dump our stock

    If we get our talent ID right? Then we can beat the market and turn £15-£30 million players into £50million + players

    That leaves us in a strong negotiating position to renew, because we have the clout to more than triple wages if young players blow up.

    This is the way we’ll operate now, young players as squad players earning less money, which will make us better sellers

    We’re reportedly only paying Vieira £38k p/w, Tavares £15k, Sambi £20k

    Which when you consider Kolasinac £120k, Mustafi £90k, Sokratis £90k, Bellerin £110k, Luiz £120k, Willian £200k, Aubameyang £250k at 31

    Where investing in players who are likely to be appreciating assets, not depreciating ones, players who if they don’t work out, will be easier to move on.

    It’s a much smarter + sustainable model, we’ve just got to find the right balance in terms of youth + experience

    With this model we can’t afford to carry injury prone senior players

  55. Ishola70

    Positive pete
    “we sign Melo?Hacker gets 5yr deal?”

    What a combo.


    You know the kind of mouthwatering prior to throwing up.

  56. IQ

    SpanishDave, that’s not correct. Four eye witnesses are required for imposing certain punishments such as beheading and amputation of limbs. A judge can find someone guilty without eye witness accounts similar to UK courts but is barred from imposing the severest punishments.

    Incidentally in Islam it is not possible for a husband to be found guilty of raping his wife (or vice versa) as it is incumbent on each spouse to provide intimacy as part of the marriage contract. The only time this it is not is if the wife is on her menses. If the wife or husband don’t wish to continue intimate relations they should separate (sleeping together) and/or ultimately divorce.

    To be clear, that does not mean that a spouse can force themselves on the other party, it just means Islam views withholding of sex a s a grounds for divorce.

  57. IQ

    In the UK of course UK law will take precedent. I am just taking issue with SpanishDave’s post that rape is difficult to prove in a Muslim court. It’s pretty much the same burden of proof as in the UK except for the punishments being handed out.

  58. Kegunner

    Adding to a roller coaster transfer window is a case of who did it. High octane action plus a mystery. Are you not entertained.

  59. Positive pete a better idea.How about Savic ( New increased bid just gone it & prob be accepted!)🤞AND Tielemans.Now that would be spectacular.Stranger things…….

  60. Emiratesstroller

    I have to correct what is being posted.

    First of all it is the Star Newspaper who issued the statement about Partey being on the plane to Germany. Chris Wheatley has responded to this article.

    Second there has been no announcement form the police sofar.

    We don’t know the outcome of their investigation. For all we know the footballer in question
    has been released without charge.

  61. Northbanker

    The “fact” that Partey is in Germany is still based on only one journalist’s tweet. There are no pictures of him training there as far as i can see so right now sighs of relief are probably premature. The Sun reports the player is “one of the best at his Premier league side” and is due to play for his country in Qatar.

  62. Ishola70


    “First of all it is the Star Newspaper who issued the statement about Partey being on the plane to Germany. Chris Wheatley has responded to this article.”

    lol Wheatley ITK getting his source from the Star newspaper.

    I heard Wheatley was golden earlier in this thread.

    Anyway as has been said right from the start best to wait and see the outcome before naming names guilty or otherwise.

    lol Wheatley.

  63. TallestTiz

    Partey in Germany and Xhaka is holidaying with his wife.

    Elneny? I very much doubt

    Spuds probably continuing to be spursy

  64. Just Another Customer

    We need to increase our bids for the CMF targets then with clubs knowing they can charge the rape tax knowing we are desperate for able replacement.

  65. raptora

    I read the player is supposed to play at the World Cup 2022. Egypt didn’t qualify so chances are it’s not Elneny according to the information.

  66. Ishola70

    The description given out by The Telegraph of the player in question i.e, age, going to World Cup could of course be completely false to ally confidentiality.

  67. Matt

    I understand the club cant come out with a statement to say it wasn’t any of our players, but if indeed none of our players were involved, you would think that the club would be going out of their way to post pictures of training to prove any Arsenal players that could be considered as suspects were in training, essentially ruling them out as suspects…

  68. Valentin

    There is a tweet that said that at least one player agency have told their premier league clients to post a picture of themselves on instagram either on holiday or at training with the metadata intact to quash any doubt without mentioning the rape allegation.

  69. China1

    Innocent until proven guilty. I’m not judging anyone yet

    Meanwhile arsenal put a concrete 47m bid for melinkovic savic. Not likely enough to get him signed but it’s reassuring if we’re making solid bids for good CMs which is the one thing I’m really asking for right now above all else

  70. Dissenter

    “Meanwhile arsenal put a concrete 47m bid for melinkovic savic. Not likely enough to get him signed but it’s reassuring if we’re making solid bids for good CMs which is the one thing I’m really asking for right now above all else”

    Until we actually sign an elite midfielder, it’s tire kicking

  71. izzo

    Doesn’t anyone want Asensio for the wing position since we can’t get Raphinha. Fantasic player. Awesome technique. Weird he isn’t among the first names on the team sheet at Real. Understandable seeing as Rodrygo and Vinicius are preferred.

  72. Ishola70

    Oh shit.

    Tom Morgan of The Telegraph has just tweeted same footballer arrested is facing two more allegations of rape by a different woman.

  73. Pedro

    Think some of you forgot that Chris said Arsenal would have to buy to sell last year before I corrected him.

  74. Tom

    “Ben Davies in the frame now…“

    Definitely not Kane though……………any rape accusations would be easily dismissed by him saying he was only play acting

  75. TR7

    Whetley is not the first one to delete his tweet regarding Partey being part of Arsenal pre-tour squad in Germany. Another ITK deleted a similar tweet a few hours ago.

  76. Ishola70

    It’s on The Telegraph main sports pages now online.

    Two more rape charges from a different woman.

  77. curse

    quick look on twits and it appears Partey has travelled to Germany, not sure how credible the pic is but its there.

    Izzo, we’ve been linked to him a few times, I’d rather Zaha.

    If we get Savic it’ll more than make up for not getting locotelli. Italian rumours tho so…

  78. RP7

    “Doesn’t anyone want Asensio”

    Asension doesn’t want to be a backup. Doubt he’ll want to be a backup to Saka in the Europa League.

  79. curse

    RP7, I don’t think we’re looking for a backup for Saka, we need someone on the opposite flank that can get numbers and play on the right if needs be

  80. raptora

    Chris Wheatley
    Thomas Partey is currently in London and did not travel with the Arsenal team to Germany. Apologies for any confusion caused with earlier tweet. #AFC

  81. Positive pete

    Oh Dear.Not looking good.Not looking good at all.Got a suspicion we’re after TWO cms & a DM.will have extra money due to Raphina ditching us & if it is Partey,his wages.

  82. Kegunner

    Arsenal are a club that leaks stories about bad boys like Auba in the past. Either this is way more serious or it is not to do with the club.

  83. Ishola70

    “Arsenal are a club that leaks stories about bad boys like Auba in the past. Either this is way more serious or it is not to do with the club.”

    Well it’s obviously more serious than what Auba was or wasn’t getting up to while at the club.