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It’s Pride weekend in London and Arsenal is going all-in on a float. There’s a very sweet video of all the players going to meet the LGBTQ fans and making a fuss of them. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Carl Fearn, who heads up the Gay Gooners, and all I can say is that he is a top, top guy. He was willing to help me on a project and my team absolutely loved him. Arsenal also led in this area, telling fans they’d give representation to the community if they set up a group. Now, I believe, it’s the biggest one of its kind in the world.

At the very core of initiatives like this is inclusivity in football. Arsenal aren’t going to change the world with activations like this, they’re not going to stop all the weirdos beneath the club tweets, but what they will do is make a statement that, at The Arsenal, everyone is welcome. Having players get involved is also great, there are only a handful of openly gay athletes on the planet, and part of that is because they fear what the fans will sing, part of that is they fear how the dressing room will react. I feel like we’re moving forward on all those fronts.

Arsenal is one of the most inclusive clubs on the planet. We have a diverse set of fans, people are accepting inside because that’s what London is all about, I think we’re a beacon to most clubs in the world, initiatives like this one just reinforce why I love Arsenal.

If you have your finger on the ‘I’M OK WITH THE GAYS, BUT…’ comment, hold it back today, no one gives a fuck.

Right, onto transfers!

The summer is getting messy. Some fans are spitting FURY.

You have to put away what you used to believe about Arsenal and accept our new reality.

  1. We’re competing at the upper end of the transfer market, we don’t have Champions League, and it is competitive
  2. Missing out on your main target doesn’t mean it’s over in 2022.
  3. Big clubs miss out on players. City missed out on Harry Mcguire, Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo… how are they doing right now?
  4. Arsenal have a Plan A, B, and C. We are not coming out of this window without bodies.

What we know so far is this:

Lisandro Martinez is at a club that is run by the exlegendary United keeper Edwin Van Der Saar. I mentioned the other day that is was weird that we were the preference for Martinez because of the connection and the money on offer there and it looks like that might be the case.

Still, let’s be real here, there are other options, and if we ended the window with someone like Zinchenko, would you be sad? I’m not sure you would. Don’t fall in love with rumours, I did on this one now I’m 4 spoons deep in a B&Js mega tub. £35m for a left-back is HUGE cash in a market that has very little of it.

Raphinha is now more than likely going to push for a move to Barcelona. As Matt K said on the podcast, if he ends up in Spain, I won’t lose any sleep. Chelsea was the move I worried about. This transfer always felt a little ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.’

There are light rumblings that we’ve put the feelers out for Wilfried Zaha like I suggested a few weeks ago. He gives you all the same bits you get with Raphinha, except he’s a little older and he’ll be way, way cheaper because he has one year left on his deal. I’d prefer we moved for someone younger, but when push comes to shove, if you had him on a 3 year deal, you’d guarantee goals and a bit of menace with an attitude we lack.

Youri Tielemans is also on the agenda, the club has apparently agreed terms, the players wants Arsenal, but we haven’t bid. I have no idea why, one would suspect Arsenal are playing the game and want to force Leicester into a tough situation where they don’t have options and have to accept a pitiful bid. But again, who knows, I just hope we know the players wants us and the rumors that Spurs want in on this deal aren’t true.

So when you see fans whine that our summer has been a disaster, remind them that part of joining elite is that it is competitive. You can’t win all the transfers. Chelsea don’t. City don’t. Madrid don’t. People have to grow up with the ‘THIS IS A DISASTER WINDOW’ because it’s not.

Look what we’ve done so far:

  • Signed Eddie down to a 5-year deal
  • Signed Gabriel Jesus over 6 clubs worth comp
  • Brought William Saliba back into the mixer, he’s probably going to sign a new deal
  • Signed USMNT #1 as our back-up keeper
  • Signed a devastating final ball merchant in Fabio Vieira
  • Rumours are Gabi Martinelli has committed

It’s July 2nd. Plenty more of this window to go. But all you need to know is there could be up to £200m spent this window (it won’t end there after sales).

Before I go, big shout out to our right-back superstar in waiting, BNC, for his HUGE U19 European Championship win with England. The player has been getting rave reviews for his standout performances, he’s basically a modern-day all action right back. I suspect he’ll get a more competitive loan this season, then he’ll be at Arsenal the season after to move on Cedric Soares.

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  1. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers

    I’ve got a horrible feeling we might sell Saliba.

    Bellerin is listed as in the first team and not on loan and has the no 2, whereas Saliba is listed as being on loan and has the no 4 but that’s White’s number.

    Vieira is listed in the first team along with Turner,, and Martinelli and Nketiah have their new squad numbers – so why isn’t Saliba listed as a first team player with a squad number?

    The fact we’re bidding for other Centre backs like Martinez makes me feel we plan on selling Saliba. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. raptora

    benny, Saliba specifically said he wants to come back and show what he can do. We’re gonna watch him this season then see how it goes. Even rumours he’s extension talks are going well but I can’t say I believe it. No doubt he’d like to see if Arteta actually gives him a chance this time around and if things go well in general before thinking to extend.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I believe that Arsenal will sign Tielemans if as being suggested he has agreed terms.. Rather like Jesus it seems highly unlikely that he is going elsewhere.

    My guess is that at Arsenal are focussing on signing now one of the final pieces in jigsaw
    whether it is Martinez or a winger.

    Leicester will of course want to finalise the deal sooner rather than later, but from Arsenal’s
    point of view there is no urgency and they can focus on the other transfers.

    The good news for Arsenal is that for the first time in many years Arsenal and its youthful
    squad is now becoming a club which is a first choice destination.