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The news has not shifted in 24 hours, the Raphinha deal, something of a farce at the moment, is still up in the air.

Barcelona just clawed its way out of debt this year, so they might be dim enough to plunge themselves back into it.

Chelsea’s Todd B is just running around having a great time with his new club, so who knows how real their interest is in the Brazilian.

Arsenal still think they are in the mixer, but don’t want to waste time with a new bid if the player doesn’t fancy it.

If it happens, amazing, if it doesn’t, we’ll move on another player that is of a similar quality.

Spurs, fresh off a rejection from Gabriel Jesus, have spent a whopping £60m on Brazilian Richarlison. The player has always threatened to be good. He’s big, he’s strong, he looks like the front cover of a FIFA game, but the reality is, he’s never delivered. £60m should buy you a forward that has, at least once, scored more than 15 Premier League goals in a season. His biggest assist haul is… 5. They are buying potential and a player that is known for being a pain in the arse. I am game for the move. There are more dangerous ways Spurs could have spent the money they borrowed this summer.

As for the ‘better than Jesus’ crowd… Spurs went for Jesus first. Not even Conte is in agreement with you.

Edu continues to do the lords work with contracts, there are strong rumours that we’ve tied Martinelli down to a new 5-year deal. That is immense, especially as we know Jurgen Klopp is a super fan. I like that we’re not living in a SIGN DA TING world these days.

The big one, obviously, is Bukayo Saka. I’d be more worried about it if there were rumours about other clubs circling. I suspect this next deal will be fairly easy for Arsenal, but the one after is going to be very dependent on Arsenal being a top-level team that competes for the big trophies.

Arsenal are still hunting down Lisandro Martinez, but United have entered the picture. If it’s about who can offer more money, we’ll lose. If it’s about who has the best project and the most intent on the deal, it’ll be Arsenal. Let’s see where that one goes. Arsenal are going all guns blazing this window to make sure Arteta has as much time with the players as possible.

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  1. Goobergooner

    But aasim good assessment.
    I hope white continues to improve. I rate our first 11 backline highly. With Saliba competing there too I think we are set for a while.
    While I wasn’t impressed with our priorities last summer window, I do like how white fits into the long term plan. So I can’t knock it in that regard.
    And he is a very good ball playing CB. And I was actually impressed at how much better he was in there air compared to what everyone was saying on here about his height and what not haha.
    MO will get better. With players who like to play quicker around him such as Jesus and Viera wherever he plays, we will see some technical, fast football.
    Going to be very interesting the preferred front line for the start of the season whether Eddie gets a run up front with Jesus on the left, which I’d assume would be a pretty dynamic forward 3 if it happens like that.
    For me there is just major anticipation of what we are thinking in midfield. Can’t wait for a bit of a shake up there.

  2. andy1886

    Terra, yes a few more sensible posters have commented on how we go from ‘never heard of him’ to ‘brilliant signing’ in the blink of an eye (Vieira for example). And Raphinha has gone from a great signing to ‘never wanted him anyway’ already. Meanwhile Bissouma ‘is just an athlete not a footballer’. All comments made from the heart rather than the head.

    On signings I’m not unduly worried by our approach. We’re neither going early at any cost nor are we hanging on for last minute bargains. It seems that we’ve decided what we’re willing to pay for a player and will get it done early rather than risk losing out but only if the price is acceptable. The issue I have with waiting too long is that we could be perceived as desperate at the end of the window, the selling club don’t have time to find a replacement so will crank up the price, and finally there’s no time to integrate the player (who will have already missed several games). But there’s plenty of scope in between those two extremes.

    Finally as I said I’m not that worried about Spurs, we know what they are and it’s up to us to perform. We’re probably fairly evenly matched as it stands although that could change. I’d be more concerned about United being in the mix again. As much as I’ve enjoyed their struggles that can’t go on for ever. They haven’t done anything yet in the market and Ten Hag can’t be any worse than Rangnick, so you’d reasonably expect them to improve.

  3. Thierry Martinelli

    Andy, fair enough. At the end of the day sports is 99% visual game. What I see/think in a player, coach or team in general might differ from your view. But at the end of the day we can’t underestimate the teams around you.
    On signings – I hope we can have all our inbounds ready for the pre seaso.

  4. raptora

    Looking at Pedro’s daily dig towards Spuds (he chose to build his fame this way not me) I’ve noticed a lot of spud fans post time and again how our guy Jesus is warming the bench for their guy Richarlison for the Brazil NT.

    Haven’t heard a bigger lie and the idiots keep repeating it like a gospel and they actually believe it without bothering to check the facts. It literally takes one minute.

    Both are 25 year olds.

    For the national team:

    Jesus – Squad: 58, Starting eleven: 44, Substituted in: 12, On the bench: 2, Suspended: 2, Injured: 7
    Richarlison – Squad: 38, Starting eleven: 22, Substituted in: 14, On the bench: 2, Suspended: 0, Injured: 4

    Our guy has literally TWICE their guy’s starts and they are the same exact age.

    What about in recent times:
    Copa America 21 (June – July 2021)
    Jesus – 4 starts in 5 games – he started the first 3 group stage games, didn’t play in the 4th as Brazil was a guaranteed 1st, got redcarded in the quarters and didn’t play on the semi and final due to the suspension
    Richarlison – 5 starts in 7 games, benched twice in group stage, started the rest of the games probably helped by Jesus’ suspension

    World Cup qualification after Copa America (Sept 21 – Mar 22)
    Jesus – 4 starts, 3 subs, not in the squad 4 times
    Richarlison – 1 start, 1 sub, not in the squad 9 times (3 through injury)

    Friendlies vs Japan and South Korea (does anyone give a crap for friendly games when Mbappe and Benzema were regularly benched for France?)
    Jesus – 2 subs
    Richarlison – 1 start, 1 sub

    Total official games since Copa America incl:
    Jesus – 8 starts, 3 subs
    Richarlison – 6 starts, 3 subs

    Can the spud fans go and do one?! So horribly wrong like always.

    Truth is that Brazil have an insane forward line with the likes of Vinicius, Neymar, Jesus, Richarlison, Firmino, Coutinho, Raphinha, Martinelli, Cunha, Rodrygo, Antony, Gabigol.

    It’s the most incredibly stacked front line in the world without a doubt. All of their forwards get benched to share minutes as there’s no other way when you have over 10 players fighting for 3 positions.

  5. Foxy

    We do not really need any more young signings for the future like Viera but a couple of tough and experienced pro’s to provide back up in Defense and Midfield until our next generation of hale enders like Norton-Cuffy and Patino are hopefully prem ready in 1-2 years time. It would be good if Azeez would now be up to at least cup games this season but if not maybe he has to be moved on or at least another Loan.

  6. andy1886

    @TM, Yes, I’d much rather us have deals completed before the season starts and for the new guys to get some time with their team mates before game one. The only mitigation is that (with respect to Palace) we have a pretty easy start.

  7. raptora

    What a great combo Richarlison and Spuds. Unlikeable player and shit club. Can’t believe he’s showing #1 with his finger. The only thing spuds have been #1 at is being delusional so I guess he fits there right in.

  8. Habesha Gooner


    No he is not.

    “”””MO: a really good, dedicated player, with a very high footballing and emotive IQ. a very ozilisque player with a little less dribbling skill but more stamina and chase. “”””

    He would never compare Odegaard with Ozil

  9. Dream10

    Lisandro seems to have a preference to play under Ten Hag. Just move on. Not a fan of him anyways

    Any new links to attacking players?

  10. DivineSherlock

    There are actual people who rate Richarlison over Jesus ? I like both of them ( Not Richarlison anymore since he joined spurs) but Jesus is way better than Richarlison. Jesus single handedly won Palmeiras the title .

  11. Emiratesstroller

    This is the current updated first team squad listings published on Arsenal website.
    1. Leno
    2. Bellerin
    3. Tierney
    4. White
    5. Partey
    6. Gabriel
    7. Saka
    8. Odegaard
    9. FREE


    We can assume the following by the close of transfer window.
    Ramsdale will take over number 1 shirt when Leno leaves.
    The number 2 shirt will be vacant if and when Bellerin leaves
    The number 9 shirt will be allocated to Jesus

    So there are technically only three shirts free in top 15 if you exclude unlucky 13. These are
    2, 12 and 15.

  12. raptora

    With respect to Lisandro surely if we want to sign a LB we’d look into the likes of Zinchenko, Hickey, Renan Lodi, Borna Sosa, Tyrick Mitchell.

    I don’t see the logic of buying a 24 and a half yo CB that has played a total of 10 LB games in his career. I’m not sure if he could thrive in the EPL being 175 cm (5’9) and lightweight.

    He might have a future being deployed entirely as a LB but that’s quite the leap of faith having to spend 40m on someone to play him in a position he’s barely played in and not buying a specialist LB instead.

    He looks a very good fotballer but I don’t think we need a CB and he’s quite short too.
    If we’re buying him for LB then 40m for someone with such little experience there could work, but it’s so risky.
    If we’re going to play him in DM again, we need someone of really high quality, does he have that if he hasn’t played a single DM game in the last 2 seasons?!

    A really weird transfer I would say.

  13. Un

    AasimJuly 1, 2022 08:54:19
    So rather than talking about cunting spurs and their super cunting manager….lets discuss our players, their potential, ceiling and expectation for next season.pre the current transfer window, I thought we have 4 special players in our squad:
    – Saka: nuff said. the guy has great talent and great personality and more. he started as left back, and I still pine for his pinging deliveries into the box from his left dick, thus often wondering if his goal contribution would be higher from the other flank
    – TP: when not injured and on form, a supreme MFer. super press resistant, superb on the half turn often leaving his presser on an absolute tangent, very decent dribbler, passer and tackler. a complete player who has been super unlucky on account of injuries. a full season from him will elevate us to great levels
    – MO: a really good, dedicated player, with a very high footballing and emotive IQ. a very ozilisque player with a little less dribbling skill but more stamina and chase. never seems hurried when receiving or passing the ball
    – White: I rate this player. he is a modern CB with a great range of passing and ball control, along with great recovery pace and positioning.
    for the upcoming season all 4 players need to add levels to their existing game.
    another player who can add levels to his game is ESR, but his injury record makes me question his durability and approach towards the game. however, a player I hold reservations about is Martinelli. a lot of guys rate him, but I view him with a lot of skepticism because I have always seem him dribble with his head down and he mostly just relies on pace to do anything and everything. his ball control leaves a lot to be desired and we haven’t seen him add levels to his game since his debut.

    Completely agree on all of this
    I see martinelli as the weaker of our promising young players for the exact same reason. He needs space to play and the reason he seems to start more than pepe or ESR when fit is sure to his defensive work rate, to me.
    I think he stunts out left side unless he’s got room to run.

  14. Un


    If we sign lisandro then he starts every game if he’s fit.
    He’s he one signing I really hope we make this summer as I think he’s ridiculously talented on the ball, better than most midfielders and can be our cancleo, wherever he’s deployed
    If he takes that lcb spot and we can sell Gabriel to juventus or psg for whatever we pay for lisandro then I’d be delighted. That definitely “moves the needle”

  15. Un

    andy1886July 1, 2022 09:20:19
    Terra, yes a few more sensible posters have commented on how we go from ‘never heard of him’ to ‘brilliant signing’ in the blink of an eye (Vieira for example). And Raphinha has gone from a great signing to ‘never wanted him anyway’ already. Meanwhile Bissouma ‘is just an athlete not a footballer’. All comments made from the heart rather than the head.

    Embarrassing isn’t it?
    I’ve been quite vocal about not wanting Raphinha personally. With regards to vieira, never seen the kid live but certainly the sort of player we should be signing. Technically and Brains over physicality and brawn for me now.
    Jesus? We will see. He wouldn’t have been my first choice and he could be amazing for us. I’m on the fence with him.
    I think too many jump the gun with a lot of these signings but it is silly season after all and it brings the usual specials out to support the window rather at the club/team.

  16. Goobergooner

    Un if lisandro is going to be our cancelo then he won’t be replacing Gabriel. He will be worked in with Tierney so he can hopefully stay fit a whole season.

  17. raptora

    He starts every game if he’s fit where and I mean main position? CB I assume you’re talking about? Okay, there’s the height problem. I might be old fashioned but 5’9 CB in the EPL? It could work but it’s so risky.

    Also he’s so good yet he has 5 starts and 2 subs for Argentina and he’s almost 25 yo. Our boy Jesus has 56 games at almost the same age.

    No doubt he’s a very good player. It might turn out a great decision to buy him specifically for LB as I don’t see him doing well in the CB position in the EPL. He looks to me like a LB not CB. We’ll see though, as it looks like he’s going either to us or to Manure.

  18. Aasim

    also Pepe……I mean look, I have bought into the Arteta plan. But not being able to maximize Pepe’s potential is sth I hold against him. at the very minimum NP could have been used to terrorize the weaker teams thus allowing Saka to be rested. Motivating players who are on the edge, allowing them to believe in themselves, appreciating them publicly, feeding the fire their belly, this is what managers like Mourinho, Conte, etc are very good at. Arteta…. ???

  19. Emiratesstroller

    I cannot imagine that Arsenal are buying Martinez as a Centre Back unless Arteta is playing
    3 CBs at the back. Surely we are not playing a 5′ 9″ CB in EPL!!

    Buying him makes only sense if he is coming in as a utility player to cover for LB and DMF

    Arsenal have clear weakness if Tomiyasu and Tierney don’t play as we saw in final 3 months of season. Replacing Soares with Bellerin and Tavares with an incoming specialist
    LB makes more sense.

    I agree with those who believe that Arsenal should recruit Tielemans. We need an experienced player to rotate with Partey and Xhaka.

  20. WengerEagle

    For anyone saying that Martinelli is one-dimensional and cannot dribble there is a compilation on youtube if him sitting down TAA on his arse for about 5 mins worth.

    The kid is fucking 20. How many better u21 attackers are there in the PL outside of Saka?

  21. WengerEagle

    Don’t really get the plan with Martinez if he really is going to be used as a LCB as we have Gabriel, White and Saliba there already and Tomiyasu can play CB in a pinch.

  22. Mr Serge

    Martinelli is an amazing young player I can’t believe people are writing him off

    Please don’t watch footie anymore it does not agree with you

  23. Dissenter

    So now Martinelli is being written off?
    I’ve never read anyone write anything profoundly negative about Martinelli

    I have however read people here advocate that we sign a £60 million winger who would have set Martinelli back in his development
    Raphinha’s entry would have shifted Saka to the left and given Martinelli fewer minutes.

  24. DivineSherlock


    I have however read people here advocate that we sign a £60 million winger who would have set Martinelli back in his development.
    Raphinha’s entry would have shifted Saka to the left and given Martinelli fewer minutes.

    You should probably stop with your crazy stories since Raphina aint coming and thats not how a squad works . You should always have healthy competition for places without the drop in quality.

  25. Mr Serge

    yep diss they only counter argument to that is there are plenty of games to play a game every 3 days all the way to the world cup

  26. Mysticleaves

    I mean I don’t know…I understand that Martinelli is a darling of the fans and he has this crazy potentials but I just feel like he could be doing a whole lot more better than he is currently. Never (oke, rarely) plays combination plays, rarely plays in-between the lines. Just gets the ball and runs.

    I mean I like him and I hope he becomes this world class striker that we all think he will be but I have largely been disappointed so far esp after the break out season he had as an 18 year old. But then again he’s still 20ish so enough time to improve. Especially if we don’t sign any more wingers that could completely kill his confidence and game time.

  27. AFC Forever

    Divine Sherlock

    Absolutely. Competition is key. If a player is afraid of competition then he’s not going to be much good. The saying about ‘fighting for the shirt’ is a truism. I like Saka and Martinelli but they need to be under pressure to perform and kept on his toes. We lost 4th place last season because we didn’t have squad depth and lost two of our best players for over a third of the season. Our players aren’t doing the numbers other teams players do so it’s essential we have better players coming in. Especially with Europe now.

    Anyone who doesn’t want us to sign a player because he may be so good he’s going to take away minutes from one of their favourites is an idiot. Never heard anything like it.

  28. Aasim

    look – the point regarding martinelli is, its been 2 years since he made his debut. what tangible improvements do you see in his game. and no point negating that he literally just kicks the ball forward, runs after it with his head down, hoping to outpace his marker, whilst not getting muscled off. I bet there are plenty more videos of that, than his giving TAA a challenge. And like previously mentioned, the only reason why he gets time is his defensive contrition, i.e. our lack of credible back-up / first choice in that position.
    Its the same with KT. The guy has plateaued and hasnt added levels to his game. Both are damn honest, hard working boys, and have the backing of fans, but given that we are discussing and nit-picking, you cant negate these areas of improvement in their game.
    PS: GM has a keen eye for the goal and his split second decision making in the box is natural.

  29. Bigper

    Too early to say if martinelli will be any good but that is the point, he is too young/underdeveloped too be in the first team of a club that wants top four, as was proved last season when he did f all in the run in

  30. RP7

    Well, after Jesus’s return from injury, Brazil played 2 games in June:
    Jesus 2 sub appearances,
    Richarlison – 1 start, 1 sub.

    At the moment the coach who watches more of their minutes than any of you, and is a bigger expert on football than any of you rates Richarlison at least as good if not better than Jesus.

    So you would have to be literally retarded to call someone who rates Richarlison over Jesus delusional.
    I don’t personally, but these sour grapes regarding everything to do with Spurs just reveal a deeply immature, infantile level of consciousness.

  31. raptora

    France played 4 games in June:
    Nkunku – 2 starts, 2 subs
    Mbappe – 1 start, 2 subs

    At the moment the coach who watches more of their minutes than any of you, and is a bigger expert on football than any of you rates Nkunku at least as good if not better than Mbappe.

  32. Dissenter

    Martinelli is too young to be in the first squad so why is he getting so many minutes in the Brazilian squad, ahead of a congested options of attackers.
    Martinelli is one the few players gave elite full backs like Cancelo and TAA problems last season. He still has a bit to add to his game but he’s already good enough to be in 18 of the 20 squads in the country.

    The most idiotic mistake we would have made was spending £60 to add depth to areas where we have relative strengths already, at the same time our weaknesses in the CM continue to fester.

    Saka got burned out last season because Arteta wouldn’t use Pepe last season. Pepe should scored double digits in 20/21 and would have kept Saka fresher for key games.

  33. InsideRight


    “Jorge Sampaoli is leaving Marseille. Genuinely surprised.”

    It will be interesting to see how that affects Guendouzi. Sampaoli seems to be his biggest fan and the new manager might not have the same view of him.

  34. Un

    GoobergoonerJuly 1, 2022 11:19:34
    Un if lisandro is going to be our cancelo then he won’t be replacing Gabriel. He will be worked in with Tierney so he can hopefully stay fit a whole season.

    Not necessarily a like for like ful back version of cancelo but I mean someone who plays from deep, wether it’s lb, lcb or lcmid and dropping back in to let Tierney go forward, it could work miracles. Cancelo gives city an extra dimension all over the park. He’s an extra, world class playmaker in whatever zone he’s frequenting. Meaning that even if he’s deployed at full back he gets central or int the final third to become a an extra kdb/foden/B. Silva

  35. Un

    raptoraJuly 1, 2022 11:22:36
    He starts every game if he’s fit where and I mean main position? CB I assume you’re talking about? Okay, there’s the height problem. I might be old fashioned but 5’9 CB in the EPL? It could work but it’s so risky.

    See above
    Also, how many caps did shearer or Grealish or Vvd have at 24 years old? Drogba didn’t blowup until he was 25

  36. Un


    Martinelli clearly has a very high ceiling but his end product in tight spaces isn’t as good as ESR and Saka for me which is why I prefer both as things stand.
    I’m a big fan of martinelli but he seems to be more suited to counter attacking football rather than Arteta’s slowly slowly backward sideways style.
    Let’s see but of the 4 big young attacking players we deployed last season, he seems the least suited to Arteta’s build up style

  37. Un

    His best games were against big sides who come at us and leave gaps. Counter attacking football for us and space to run for him.
    Suits him perfectly
    Well organised and low bloc seems to nullify him.

  38. Habesha Gooner

    I am sure we are going to see a huge upward curve in Martinelli at some point. The kid is 20. And he works like an animal. Over the next two years I think he will fulfill his potential. Vini Jr. just showed what a bit of time for a player will do for him. Rafael Leao also had the same path. Martinelli just needs to continue to play.

  39. Un

    Totally agree
    I’d hope we won’t sign another wide player for the left now as we already have ESR and Martinelli there plus Marquinhos Pepe and Saka who can play left. Oh and Vieira.

  40. Goobergooner

    I’d only see him in a back 3 if he’s going to be lcb.

    And unless we are going for a lb as well, and given Tierney’s history with injuries, I’d say it would be madness to displace Gabriel when we will need lisandro getting the minutes at LB as he will surely be needed there; and we want him to settle before throwing him in head first, where with his attributes, would more likely contribute in a more positive way ala cancelo.

  41. Goobergooner

    But as rap said he hasn’t played as much lb or DM, so we will see what comes of it if it happens.

    I like the idea of him though, I think he’d fit in well. Just don’t think it will be for gabriel

  42. Habesha Gooner

    I agree though Klopp would have made an animal out of Martinelli already. He would be scoring a ridiculous amount of goals as a striker at Liverpool already. Arteta’s system isn’t the best fit for him but he will still deliver to a consistent basis over the next two seasons.

  43. Pierre

    Klopp didn’t help Martinelli with his “talent of the century ” comment.

    I first made the comment of Martinelli being a head down merchant and i don’t think i have been proved wrong.

    However, last season Martinelli performed pretty well under the circumstances, a goal contribution every 155 mins in the premier league is impressive considering so much of our play goes down the right..

    No goal contributions in 450 mins in the supposedly easy cup comps is a strange stat , maybe cup comps are not quite as easy as some think.

    I wouldn’t write off Martinelli yet as I have seen him show more awareness on the pitch than previously.
    For me , a good wide player /winger has to have more than pace , a good winger will entice the full back in and then leave him for dead, it’s all about unbalancing the full back , I’m not sure Martinelli (similar to walcott) possess the ability to unbalance the full back with a change of pace or drop of the shoulder.

    Martinelli should be used .as in a different role i believe.

    Olise for me , total quality, plalers like richarlson and raphina are not in the same class.


  44. Goobergooner

    When martinelli has Jesus showing him the ropes on the daily he’s going to be set on fire for me.
    He definitely needs to work on combination play.
    He has a tendency of being able to make a great run, but not finding the simple pass to keep the move going.
    Also gets a bit ahead of himself at times and may try a bit too much but he’s a forward, he is going to lose the ball at times just part of that front foot game. Always trying to make something happen though.

    He’s got a magnificent touch, an eye for goal and we have seen how devastating he can be down the flank in short bursts. Not unexpected for a youngster to have ups and downs, been said on here daily haha.
    He’s also a beast in defence (apart from the absolute farce of double yellow, but that also is on the cunt ref).
    I’ve jumped up in joy on multiple occassions having watched martinelli bust a gut to get back and make a last minute tackle.
    So that is definitely a part of the game Arteta loves from him.

    He’s just so young and shows too much to not continue showing the faith.

    We will have the games this season, again, to actually have an a and b team, so hopefully a few of the young guns get the minutes to prove themselves.

  45. Goobergooner

    I agree though, Marti would be so devastating with a faster counter attacking team.
    Just like Pepe and auba would have shown a bit more also if we weren’t so slow releasing them

  46. WengerEagle

    Lol RP7, sit this one out. You have made enough of a tit of yourself with the Richarlison ball-suckling.

    A 2 game sample size now proves that Jesus is inferior to the other two? And you’re dishing out the word retard to others, you couldn’t make this up.

  47. WengerEagle

    Pierre is the only person on the planet that seems to rate Milk Cup contributions over PL ones all for the sake of shining Eddie’s shoes and shitting on Martinelli.

    It’s getting a bit boring now.

  48. Un

    Whatever Arteta has in mind for him, I’m keen to get him into the club. Proper technical footballer who gives us options with the ball all over the pitch and changes the game we play

  49. WengerEagle


    The lad has turned 21 a week ago. It’s hilarious how he is getting shit on while there is radio silence for other players that deserve a bollocking.

    6 goals and 6 assists as a 20 year old in the PL playing LF. What the fuck was Richarlison or Raphinha doing at that age? Some folks on here are a bit clueless if they do not see the massive potential in Martinelli.

    Klopp doesn’t dish out praise lightly, neither does Ronaldinho. 3 caps for Brazil already too thos year so at least we know that RP7 rates him given the mighty Tite does.

  50. Valentin


    MBappe was injured, Hence even his substitute appearance was forced because France was losing.
    Also in a real game Deschamps would not play Nkunku and Mbappe, Benzema and Griezmann in the same team.
    The Nation League was used to give some time to players.

  51. AFC Forever

    Martinelli is an unbelievable talent. He’s only just turned 21 and he’s still learning the game. But his ability is undeniable. Very high ceiling, could become something else.

  52. raptora

    Yeah, it was a follow up to what RP7 said about Jesus and Richarlison. I’m not a psychopath to say Nkunku is better than Mbappe lol.

  53. Valentin

    The question is not necessarily about having a better player, but to have a player who better fit a manager system.
    Conte likes his striker at the top to have physical presence, to be able to hold the ball, but also to chase long ball into the channel.
    Taking that into account, Richarlison is definitely a better fit than Jesus for Spurs.

    My doubt with Jesus is that I am not convinced that he would fit better at Arsenal. I can’t see him helping us improving our big chances nor our finishing rates.

    As a striker, With Arsenal lack of big chances whoever plays striker has to be clinical and Jesus is not. Unless he creates lots of big chances by himself, a striker who mostly undershooting his xG will not help in that context.

    As a winger/attacking midfielder his dribbling ability is decent but nothing to write about. Our current style of play is slow and lateral, so our attacking midfields have to make the difference on their own. I would prefer somebody who can dribble his way to goals and assists.

  54. Marko

    Seems like we might miss out on Lisandro and Raphinha now. Premature declaration of it being the best summer have come back to bite us in the ass

  55. AFC Forever


    “I cannot imagine that Arsenal are buying Martinez as a Centre Back unless Arteta is playing
    3 CBs at the back. Surely we are not playing a 5′ 9″ CB in EPL!!”

    Of course we wouldn’t. I sometimes read stuff on here and wonder whether someones just on a giant wind up. All this nonsense pigeon holing players positionally or calling them ‘just another defender’ shows real naivety and old school thinking. Football has moved on. Let’s refer to the conversation about Cancelo to add some relevance to this conversation.

    When is a defender not a defender?
    When he’s playing mostly in midfield. Cancelo is pivotal to how Man City play but he’s not a defender. He spends most of the game playing in midfield. In this possession based style & with transition so important, defensive players have to be comfortable with the ball, composed and able to affect the team going forward. Exactly why the back line was ditched by Arteta because they were hopeless with the ball. We didn’t replace that back line with just another defender, in Tomi and White or just another goalkeeper in Ramsdale. they were profiled to perform a role others couldn’t do. Moving on. Hybrid type players like Cancelo are crucial to possession based football and that is why, I suspect, Lisandro Martinez is linked with us.

    When is a defender not a defender?
    Is Cancelo a defender? He plays either as a full-back or a wing-back on the right, but he has also played at left-back. So good on the ball he has been developed under Guardiola into one of his ‘hybrid’ players who plays both at full-back and in central midfield in the same game. So he’s more of a midfield player in Pep’s system than a defender because they have so much of the ball..

    The tactical shape of a team is less rigid now. Arsenal and Man City will start in a 4-3-3- but in possession they usually switch to three at the back.It will be constantly changing though. You will find that modern ‘defenders’ are often stepping into midfield playing a role in creative play. Against transition they often play the role of DM’s. Cancelo is probably the best example of a hybrid player, playing most of the game in midfield.

    City usually start with a 4-3-3 but when building play from the back they shift to a back three, with Cancelo moving into central midfield alongside Rodri. That leaves them with five players forming their attacking line. Their wide forwards always stay high and wide to stretch the opposition’s defence and the three remaining players rotate and interchange making runs in opposite directions to create space to receive between the lines. This is why pep like’s a false 9, absolute nightmare for defenders who end up getting pulled all over the place by whoever is playing that role and the two number 8’s.. In possession they become more like a 3-2-2-3 or 3-4-3 if you prefer.

    Having the back three spread wide across the pitch, using Ederson as a 4th, they have a numerical advantage. The ‘defender’ Cancelo, plays in midfield alongside Rodri with the two AM in front of them to overload the centre of the pitch, creating a fence or box. Often that forces the opposition to play narrow, to avoid being out numbered, which then opens up the wide forwards Pep keeps tight on the touchline. This is what we try to do and why we try to keep our forwards stretched.

    Cancelo is key to that because he provides them with an extra midfield player. He is so comfortable on the ball its ridiculous really for someone labelled a defender. He is one of City’s most effective creative players, his passing in the final third is as good as most CM’s, finding the wide players or no. 8’s in Pep’s system regularly. With Cancelo adding an extra body in midfield, City are better set up to deal with defensive transitions. He and Rodri will sweep up second balls in midfield, so they can start another attack.

    So when he’s on a team sheet shown as right back in a 4-3-3, he’s actually nothing of the sort and that’s why calling these type of players as ‘just another defender’ is wide of the mark. These are hybrid players and that’s why we are being linked with players like Martinez. Doesn’t mean it’s true but it does show why we are linked with players like him who can play in midfield as well as defend.

  56. AFC Forever

    * That’s why there are similarities in the way we play to how City play. Although they have profiled and bought what they needed over a number of seasons and with a bit more money.

  57. WengerEagle


    Only a problem missing out on these players if there are no alternative players we move on to.

    If we tried for Moussa Diaby nobody would care about missing out on Raphinha.

    Do I trust us to do this? Not really based on last summer but it is early days yet. Next few weeks will reveal all but yeah, as of now we have massive issues in the team we are yet to address, CM the big one.

  58. raptora

    Thanks for the lection coach AFC, but could you please help with the actual question as I didn’t understand what the answer is to – the playmaker FB can work, but can the playmaker CB work? How is Lisandro supposed to leave CB to go next to Partey and leave say White alone? Even if Tierney cuts the distance between himself and White, the oposition will abuse the corridor all day long and the possible mix ups between Lisandro and Tierney will create so many problems. Also Tierney will have to have great stamina, great physique to be able to cover both FB and CB and we know how fragile he is.

    The only way for Lisandro to work for us is either a full on LB that sometimes deputizes in CB/CDM.

    Dropping 40m for yet another CB is insanity. And he is 5’9!

  59. Wicked Willy

    If cannavaro and Baresi were 5’9’’ and this guy just smashed it defensively in a country with some of the tallest people in the world, I’m not gonna write off the possibility he could cover for his lack of stature through clever defending.

    Saliba for example is poor at aerial duels but nobody seems to care because he meets their height expectation.

    There’s clearly a reason why two big six teams think he’s got what it takes

  60. Mysticleaves


    I think Eddie has proven that he’s much better than Martinelli. Everybody sees Martinelli’s potentials. Some people are just saying what they don’t like about his game play yet. It’s not shitting on him, it’s football conversation

  61. Mysticleaves

    When Pedro thought that Arsenal were going for tall, pace and power striker cos that’s what he was told by his contacts, I am sure Richarlison featured a few times in his head. He’s since made a 180 cos we signed a shorty in Jesus but then I don’t think that Jesus is better than Richarlison or vice versa. They are firmly the same level players and could be used to devastating effect by teams, systems and coaches that understand what they are doing.

  62. Marko

    I think the only thing that Eddie Nketiah proved was how stupid and reactionary the people who run arsenal are. Here’s a guy who done next to nothing for years and should have been sold last summer but a purple patch towards the end of another disappointing campaign and he gets 100k a week. Look if we were a serious club he’d be gone years ago.

  63. Leftside

    I’m personally not worried about G Jesus because there have been enough picture leaks for us all to know he is a done deal.

    I do understand why others are getting irritated though, why do Arsenal drag out player announcements. It doesn’t build excitement, every year it just annoys fans.

  64. raptora

    I don’t understand the deal about announcements. We’re not gonna see him play in an Arsenal shirt for a while, what’s the difference if he was announced last week or next week? He’s already signed da ting. Makes no diff.

  65. andy1886

    WEagle: “When are they going to let Jesus off of that treadmill? 🤣”

    Dunno, but I heard that he was 5’9″ when he started and now he’s 3’10”.

  66. Leftside

    I was talking from other fan perspectives. I think fans are eager to see players in the door Rap, or maybe don’t think things are done until it is officially announced.

    As I said I’m not fussed, he was seen embracing Edu and there are leaks of him in our kit on the pitch. It that doesn’t make someone believe I’m not sure what will.

  67. Tee

    Lol, some Chelsea fans are tearing into Raphinha and suggesting their club should jettison the transfer since he valued barca more than them.

    It’s understandable, when her parents love you but she doesn’t fancy you. The hope – she’s going to yield to her parents, could lead you to miss out on other damsel.

    But I love it all. Let’s see who wins between Leeds (club power) and Raphinha (player power).

    Will he down tool if he doesn’t make it to his preferred club?

  68. Leftside

    We all know that youngest team stuff is an excuse for if we bottle our targets for the season, kinda like last year when we had it all in our hands with three games remaining.

  69. Pedro

    Lol, so amusing to see all the misery-gooners choking on our ambition this summer.

    ‘What can I whine about, ‘the young player strategy that is working”

    Nice one.

    New post!

  70. AFC Forever


    “The only way for Lisandro to work for us is either a full on LB that sometimes deputizes in CB/CDM. Dropping 40m for yet another CB is insanity. And he is 5’9!’

    My god, this is hard work. If you read what I tried my best to explain, Martinez will not be coming as a bloody centre half. As I said, this bizarre obsession with pigeon holing players into fixed positions is why some of you come to these weird conclusions about players. He’s a hybrid, someone who can play as a left back but also play in midfield. Hence my conversation about Cancelo, probably the best I have seen play that role (he does it on the right side) who was mentioned by Un.

    Instead of constantly whining about Arsenal and picking fault in everything, take a deep breath and try to open your mind a little bit. Then you won’t say such silly things mate.

  71. AFC Forever


    “Lol, so amusing to see all the misery-gooners choking on our ambition this summer.‘What can I whine about, ‘the young player strategy that is working”

    Same fucking people too!!

  72. Un


    Woah there
    I’m hardly shitting on him. I rate him highly. I’m just not sure if he’s got as much variety to his game as ESR on the left
    But I’d rather we keep and develop him over sign another starter in his place.
    I want to be quite clear, I really like martinelli and think he has enormous potential but like Pierre says, he does run down blind alleys into bodies a lot.
    However, like Pepe on the other wing before him, defenders are terrified of his pace and they double up on him and his no10 is playing over near the right which gives Saka more breathing