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One thing we have to hold in our tiny little EMOTION-riven minds is this: When you compete at the top level of transfers, there will be competition.

Arsenal found that out yesterday when Chelsea steamed into the Raphinha deal with £60m.

I found it a bit odd that a team with deep structural issues that include having no strikers, no centre-backs, and an aging Kante would decide that they’d like to spend a wedge of cash on Raheem Sterling and Raphinha, but there we go.

I think Gunnerblog nailed it when he said that there is a small pool of very good players that tick very specific boxes and big clubs will gun for them.

My suspicion is Arsenal looked at Raphinha to Barca fall through and fancied they’d get a deal at a low price. That looks like a miscalculation, but look, don’t be sad, we’re taking shots at players you didn’t think were in our league 4 weeks ago. We cannot win them all. We still haven’t lost out on Raph, but it’s looking unlikely.

Still, chins UP!

Arteta is getting backed by the club, there is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to steam into our plan b for a wide player with end product, and we’ll end the window with all the bits that we need.

The direction we’re heading is the same as the one I laid out in the post. We are loading up with end product, we’re moving towards a team that is really hard to take the ball from, and one that is outrageously hard working.

Gabriel Jesus was at the training ground yesterday getting his pictures, I’ve no idea why the club didn’t announce today, it might be that it takes time to make those player hype videos, or it might just be that Arsenal are teasing us.

Mad that the players were at preseason today… the season starts in a month.

Still plenty of business to do. We need a left-back, we need a midfielder, and we need a wide player that can give us a bit more firepower.

But rest assured, we’re going to do the business this window, it will still go down as one of the best of all time.

Right, short one today, hopefully, tomorrow I’m talking about Gabriel Jesus.

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  1. raptora

    @FabrizioRomano 7m
    Chelsea made an attempt to hijack Richarlison deal before agreement between Everton and Tottenham, in place since this morning for £60m. 🚨⚪️ #THFC
    Spurs have full agreement with both EFC and Richarlison on personal terms. Just waiting for medical in Brazil and player signature.

    Not gonna lie, this Todd Boehly dude looks kinda amateurish.

  2. Mr Serge

    RP7June 30, 2022 11:23:50
    “Werner 300k ffs. Just because now they have figured out that they have to sustain themselves and pay Raphinha 140k doesn’t mean they are great at the wage bill. Paying Jesus 190 k…”The typically quoted numbers are 270k Werner, 115k Raphinha, 220k Jesus.
    Don’t twist facts, there’s too much of that here now.Also, who said Spurs are above 100M already?
    Richarlison 50M
    Bissouma 25M
    Perisic free
    Forster free

    I did you have to count 40m for Romero which was the agreed fee after the loan for this summer

    Also Kula is 28m now or 38m next season
    Their spend is at 115m right now

  3. raptora

    I can’t believe that Pep is willing to send Sterling away ahead of Grealish when Sterling outperformed Grealish so hard in the EPL and as a whole it’s not even close – 13 goals, 6 assists for Raheem to Jack’s 3 goals 3 assists in around 2k EPL mins played for both.

    Maybe Grealish will do better once he settles in and Pep will bring another LW. Wouldn’t surprise me if he goes for Leao. Also Diaby and Oyarzabal.

    But Sterling clearly ahead of Grealish in contribution to last season’s title and still he’ll have to keep Grealish and sell Sterling. I guess that’s the risks of spending 100m on 1 player.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Chelsea are all over the place. Why would they Hijack the Richarlison deal if they are getting both Raphinha and Sterling?
    It smells like having no plans or genuine top targets. And I am suspicious of the fact that the Raphinha deal isn’t reported to be closed and done since they agreed a fee with Leeds. May be Barcelona really are Hijacking the Chelsea deal.

    Their defence is shambles because they lost Christensen, Rudiger and possibly Azpilicueta. But all they are doing is trying to hijack deals of other clubs for attackers.

    I would love Danjuma at Arsenal. I don’t know if he can play on the right, if he can then, we would have goals over our front line.
    He can also play CF to shift Jesus to the right once in a while. But I don’t know if he is Arteta’s type of player.

  5. Marko

    Tbf do we need a RW when Saka and Vieira can play there or do we need a LW cause right now Martinelli is about the only option. It’s why others kinda make sense over Raphinha if we’re honest which again calls into question what’s the thought process behind some of the signings this summer. Big question marks over what’s going to happen to the midfield cause that needs a lot of work.

  6. Un


    Sterling gets on the end of things but is awful in build up. His control, passing, vision and interplay is really low quality. He often kills attacks if he’s involved in any other way but the final pass (usually easy) or finish
    Grealish is a far better footballer but Is overlooked for his lack of tactical disciple
    One is an athlete
    The other is a footballer
    I know who I’d rather

  7. LeMassiveCoq

    Have to say, I never really got why we would have been in for Raphinia. We have Saka, Pepe and now Jesus who can play on the right. Would make more sense to drop 50mill on an out and out CF.

    If we get Lisandro and a very good CDM though, I’ll take it

  8. WengerEagle

    Spot on Marko, been saying that for weeks.

    A right-footed LF should be the priority attacking signing now after Jesus.

    Wouldn’t mind any of Gouri, Cunha, Moussa Diaby, Guedes, Danjuma (looks West Ham bound, good pick-up for them), Rebic, Pote, Memphis Depay could be gettable too and would fit perfectly.

  9. WengerEagle

    Rafael Leao would be the dream LF signing, honestly think he has all the potential of the player that Balotelli was hyped up to become.

    Hard not to see resemblances with a 22 year old TH14 from style of play to his physique. Superb player already, was the main reason that Milan won the Title down the stretch.

  10. andy1886

    Has everyone forgotten that Arteta has been playing ESR on the left? ESR/Martinelli is perfectly okay and again Vieira is another option. It’s all about Midfield and getting a back up LB for me.

  11. raptora

    Danjuma doesn’t look West Ham bound at all according to the info that they just can’t agree on personal terms. Danjuma is happy at Villarreal unless West Ham pay him what he wants and apparently West Ham are playing hardball.

    Incredibly easy deal if we wanted him. 35m is also the type of bargain that Pool did with Salah and Mane to become what they are today.

    Sadly, he’s incredibly shit in the defensive side of the game and it feels like it’s a requirement under Arteta. https://fbref.com/en/players/f08490a6/Arnaut-Groeneveld

    Take a look at our boy Martinelli’s stats https://fbref.com/en/players/48a5a5d6/Martinelli and Raphinha’s stats in defence https://fbref.com/en/players/3423f250/Raphael-Dias-Belloli .

    Something I don’t necessarilly agree with as the likes of Salah don’t do much in defence but are still among the very bests out there https://fbref.com/en/players/e342ad68/Mohamed-Salah .

  12. raptora

    Weird one that of Danjuma to West Ham as from what I’ve checked, Danjuma is currently on £25k pw and West Ham were paying Yarmolenko over £100k pw. Just give Yarmolenko’s wage to Danjuma and he’d gladly come I would expect. Certainly £100-£120k would be more than enough coming from £25k lol. And how is Danjuma supposed be happy to stay at Villarreal if he’s about to quadruple his salary if he goes to West Ham? It’s impossible.

  13. andy1886

    Interesting article on F365 shows that of the other 19 PL clubs 14 of them have a higher player sale record figure than us. Only Brentford, Fulham, Forest, and West Ham have a lower sale record (Newcastle’s £35m for Carroll is the same as our record £35m sale of the Ox).

  14. Wicked Willy


    Rumour has it Bayern would accept £34m. How much would you offer in sign on fee and wages to try and persuade him to come home, bearing in mind wage structure considerations?

  15. Ishola70

    Looks a nice presented site that fbref website.

    But of course it’s always best to watch these players yourself over a period of time to get a more rounded view of a player.

    Stats should be a secondary resource in comparison to your own eye.

    Of course folks don’t have lots of time to watch endless football as reportedly Wenger used to do so stats inevitably become the primary resource.

  16. Un

    raptoraJune 30, 2022 13:48:10
    Absolutely no doubt about it. Imma wear his shirt if it somehow happens.

    How very masculine and grown up. Wearing another man’s name on your back

  17. Marko

    Diaby would be the dream…at Leverkusen on affordable wages very gettable imo. After that there’s some very interesting options… and no I don’t mean Asensio.

  18. raptora

    Bayern are looking to sell as it currently looks like he is stalling in order to leave on a free transfer next year. Apparently he wants £300k pw and Bayern’s offer is lower. It’s doable but it’s a shit load of money.

  19. Dissenter

    Nobody is going to pay Gnabry 300k weekly
    He better reduce those wage demands or he’s be marooned on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean.

    Danjuma is a major steal for his position
    He’s on low wages—-check
    He has a release clause for 45 million euros, we don’t even have to fock about.
    He has experience playing in England and won’t need forever to settle in
    Anyone who’s seen how Emery set up his teams in Europe ought to see he can defend.

    It’s like we developed tunnel vision with Raphin… desperately trying to waste money on a back up on the wrong side of the field.

  20. Dissenter

    If we were willing to splurge 45 million on Raphina, surely we have the means to power through any of the other options to boost the left wide attacking position.
    The Nov/Dec world cup is going to throw a curveball on next season. The club that gets the best start may have an unassailable advantage.

  21. Zacharse

    Like that spuds are looking at a player named Pervis Estupinan…
    My spanish hasnt been tested in a while but that roughly translates to Stupid Pervert i think

  22. Goobergooner

    So AFC, auba wasn’t worth a mega contract when he’d won us the fa cup and was pretty much golden boot contender until Arteta came in?? And it was Arteta that oversaw that obscene pay rise.

    You are balls deep into the Arteta regime, the man can do no wrong.