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Congratulations to KSE on ANOTHER big trophy. Hot off of winning the Lacrosse Cup of the Universe, the Super Ball in LA, they’re now Puck Champions of the world.

KSE are winners.

I love that one day, they all had Christmas lunch and Josh – hungover to shit – said, ‘guys, winning trophies in sport could be fun, what do you say?’

And they all said yes.

The pace of signings kicked up.

Matty Turner has landed. The best keeper in MLS. America’s number 1. Some even say he ‘might’ be the best player in the league. We picked him up for peanuts as well.

I think this is a good move. Aaron Ramsdale needs competition like any other keeper. He was shaky at times last season. Bernd Leno was never getting back into the mixer after some of his meek keeping at Brentford. I’ve done some research on this player and I like what I see… I saw someone pulled together a comp of his passing, he can do bold things, he’s not afraid to break the lines, he’s nowhere near as nuts as Ramsdale, but he’s more than capable of taking big decisions to break a press.

American fans are bothered that he’s their best keeper and he’s coming to sit on the bench. I suspect there must have been a chat about the World Cup. No doubt for me that he’s getting the domestic cups and the Europa League this season. That should be enough to develop him and keep him sharp for the WC.

Anyway, more interesting than Fraser Forster.

The news on other signings gets better, we’re going big, no one can stop us, the club like the coach and they want to give him the things he needs so he doesn’t whine.

Dembele is apparently going to stay at Barcelona on a hideous contract they can’t afford. Which means Raphinha’s door to Barca looks like it’s shutting, which makes things a little easier for Arsenal to move on the Brazilian. There’s also hot chatter that Antonio Conte is going to put his money down on Richarlison, a player that is a real pain in the arse when things aren’t going for him apparently, so I’m quite pleased about that.

The big journos reckon £50m should do the job for Raph, then we just have to hope Edu whispers Portuguese sweet nothings in his ear.

The Dutch media reckon we have gone back in for Lisandro Martinez, this time with a bid closer to £35m. It’s a lot of cash, but not when you consider all the positions he can play, and the reality that he’s probably going to play more than half our games next season.

I can’t imagine we’re exiting the transfer window without a serious upgrade to our midfield. Tielemans has everything we need, but there are rumblings we’re looking to France at Cheick Doucoure for £30m. He’s playing at Lens, he seems to be a bit more of an all-action box to box than Tielemans, but he also has a bit of flair about his passing. I think Premier League fans would feel a lot better having a midfielder like that in the mixer next season. Obviously, there’s a lot of risk buying from Ligue 1, Soumare tanked big time at Leicester, and Tielemans has already done it in the league… so who knows.

What can’t be denied here is that Arsenal are building hard for a title challenge in 2 seasons’ time. The investment has been immense and shocking if I’m totally honest. This is going to be the most WOW transfer window in 30 years. Yep, I am gonna go out on a limb and say this is as wild as the one in which we signed Sol Campbell… if all the pieces fall in the right place.

Right, short one today, get on our latest podcast.


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  1. WengerEagle

    It didn’t help with Gnabry that he was loaned out to that footballing Dinosaur Tony Pulis who had no clue what to do with him and largely pretended he wasn’t there.

    Pulis would have benched a teenage Messi for Rory Delap.

  2. WengerEagle


    Always found it bizarre that we loaned out two of our most promising foreign youngsters in Vela and Gnabry to West Brom who had Woy and Pulis as gaffers rather than somewhere like Swansea.

  3. Chrispy

    I saw a Sky Sports headline re Raphinha and the barcodes but when I drilled down, nothing to be found.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Jesus signed and delivered after completing his medicals today. Announcement left. Our attack looks very good even without Raphinha right now.

    Jesus, Nketiah, Martinelli, ESR, Odegaard, Viera, Saka. 7 players for 4 positions. And all of them are very good. I wouldn’t be too bothered if we don’t get Raphinha. Even playing the likes of Flores and Hutchison on Europa league football wouldn’t be the worst. They are about the same age when Martinelli and Saka broke in to the first team.

    But I would be bothered if we don’t get a CM and a LB from this point on. Sign Martinez and Tielemans and we are going to have a really good season for sure. Sign Raphinha on top of that and things will start to look sexy.

  5. Bob N16


    I think the identity that you’re so invested in will be apparent next season; CBs playing a high line, FBs who alternately can tuck in and make a three or push forward into MF, CMs who can receive the ball on the turn and who can find a pass to the forwards, and attacking players who can press without the ball and who provide good movement to allow quick interaction when we’re attacking.

    The only change this summer is the turnover of players that will hopefully result in Arteta playing exactly how he wants play. Don’t worry if Arteta can’t get a tune, he will be removed.

    Hope you can get excited about our prospects and you are not too hamstrung by your concerns over Arteta.

  6. englandsbest

    I think most of us will agree Arsene was good at the start and lousy at the end. Those who say he was rotten from the beginning or who say he remained brilliant to the end cannot be serious. The only worthwhile discussion is when and why he changed from one to the other.

    For me ‘when’ was a gradual awareness that he had lost his power of judgement. Some moments stand out – the sale of RvP to Man U, the egregious bid for Suarez, the nutty purchase of Ozil. The ‘why’ includes absolute power, the stress of austerity, age.

  7. NORG


    Ozil was a good player when purchased. The problem was when contract renewals came along.

    The original purchase was made by IG. Wenger was no where to be seen and his mobile was switched off. The deal was almost completed when he finally phoned in.

  8. Soham

    De Jong to MU is 90% done per the daily mail with £55 million upfront. Will Raphinha then move to Barca ?

  9. Mr Serge

    WengerEagleJune 28, 2022 13:23:14
    SergeAlways found it bizarre that we loaned out two of our most promising foreign youngsters in Vela and Gnabry to West Brom who had Woy and Pulis as gaffers rather than somewhere like Swansea.

    me too always thought you should loan a player to a team that plays like you do so a footballing team, not kick and hoof merchants

  10. TheBayingMob

    I’m not too sure I could hate Newcastle and their chirpy cunt fans anymore, but that new kit is for low life scum … and all these golfers sucking down the scaly pecker for a few quid. Does it matter that they are murderous cunts? Seems not …

  11. Un

    England is best
    No one would claim he was brilliant at the end but the cunts on here wanted him gone whe he was still producing top 2/3/4 finishes and playing some of the best football in the country.
    Even at his worst he’s still on par with anything emery and Arteta.

  12. Positive pete

    If the Barca bandits get the Manure money they’ll go for Rapha & we ll have to move on.Plus Manure Will then turn their attention to Martinez.So we’d be doubly f** kd.We have to get either of those deals tied up today/ tomorrow or else …..

  13. Dissenter

    The combination of Kroenke-spending and Art-Edu’s dynamics has the fanbase purring like day-old kittens
    I wonder what Pedro is like these days, man must be jamming.

  14. andy1886

    Un, make that some of the best attacking football, sometimes the defending was beyond dire. You can’t simply ignore the less glamorous side of the game or it ceases to be a sport and becomes just another part of the ‘entertainment’ industry.

  15. Nigel Tufnel

    Positive Pete try to relax. Worrying won’t help matters, and will just cause you stress.

    We’ll get some good things done. There’s always options.

    Just remember last summer many of us wanted Emerson Royal. See how that worked out.

  16. Tom

    Does it matter that they are murderous cunts?
    Seems not …

    Not if them murderous cunts can elevate their club from relegation fodder to CL contenders.

    Besides, don’t ever underestimate the value of personal bias, especially from football fans.
    Putin doesn’t even own a club but many see his bombing apartment buildings and shopping malls as defending his country from the impending NATO aggression.

  17. Dissenter

    Spurs are reportedly trying to sign Anthony Gordon and Richarlison from Everton
    Why in the world would a club that survived relegation with the skin of their teeth sell their best players to a club like Spurs?
    It’s not like Spurs will pay crazy wages or offer super transfer fees.

  18. benkind

    PierreJune 28, 2022 15:10:18

    Nice link Pierre. It is stats like this that makes one wonder why we bought White for the amount we did. White is a good player but our most expensive defender and by these stats not the best.

    I am hoping the WC puts so much fire in our players who are going. Only, Ramsdele, Xhaka, tiereny, parety, saka, turner are guaranteed to go asides from injury and I hope these guys especially new signings and Saliba give a great performance to get picked. This will be great for us since we have a nice fixture preWorld Cup.

  19. Un

    Be kind

    Gabriel is second highest since he joined in the league for mistakes leading to goals
    Whites stats are also superior, not by much
    I really hope lisandro takes that lcb position
    Not a fan of Gabriel at all

  20. Dissenter

    Stop these wild swings at Gabriel
    He’s our best natural defender. He’s very competitive and wasn’t served last season by Tavares who’s a bit of a loose cannon.

  21. raptora

    Raphinha seriously undervalued in here, most don’t even know how to write his name down.

    There are quite a few wingers that could do the job for us but Raphinha is definitely among the best. Yes, Gnabry is above him, but we don’t really stand a chance with him. Sterling is going to Chavs. We can’t do much better than Raphinha and although the money is a lot, it’s a statement signing.

    If we bring Raphinha along with a CM and Lisandro it’s clearly a sign that we will attack the league in the coming 2 or 3 seasons. All of our rivals will be clenching their buttox at the thought of us coming back with a bang. Everyone became cosy up there not putting us among the top clubs anymore, they became used to us being an also-ran club, they will be spitting hate left, right and center if we make a statement summer and put fear in them.

    I know it sounds like dreamland to buy so many expensive players in one summer, but what if we could do it? I wouldn’t mind bringing Raphinha as an option for the wings. We’re not only buying a Saka alternative if in case our boy gets injured or needs a break, we’re buying a proper player that will play together with Saka and be a great replacement if there’s a need for it.

    He’s a warrior, he can dribble, he can score, he runs a lot, he is a problem. He’s someone that I’ll gladly have in my team if I had the chance.

    Is it a position we desperately need cover for? We have Saka and Marti as wingers and after that we have playmakers that could do the job there but aren’t really specialists – ESR and Fabio. We need to score a lot of goals and Raphinha will definitely improve in a better team. No wonder the likes of Barca, Liverpool last year and Spuds want him. If we could bring him here and still get the CM and LB that we need to, it’s one of the best transfers we could make.

    And again – this is how you show your ambition to not only be a barely top 4 club, but a club that wants to win the big trophies again.

  22. Dissenter

    Let’s stop pretending that the world comes to an end if Raphinha goes elsewhere.
    If he doesn’t come, we’ll move unto another target and nothing changes.
    We won’t lose a step. His best position is occupied by Saka who’s a more productive player at the age of 20 years old.
    Martinelli too is already a senior Brazilian international and has some numbers that are better that Raphihna’s already. He just turned 21 years old..

  23. WengerEagle

    I don’t think that Raphinha is being undervalued at all, if anything he has become overrated.

    He’s a very decent player but he is simply not worth £65m which is a ridiculous asking price really. He is 25 now so he is unlikely to improve all that much and right now he is quite a good player but is he even better than 20 year old Saka? Not for me.

    Let Utd overpay for him. We can get an equivalent talent for less elsewhere.

  24. raptora

    It’s actually the opposite. Most fans think our interest there shouldn’t even exist. When in fact, we’re going to play a lot of games, Martinelli has no competition and we are one Saka injury away from losing half our threat in attack. Every proper team has 3-4 wingers fighting it out, we have 2. It’s a recipe for another shit offensively season.

  25. andy1886

    Raptora, my pet hate is people who cannot spell Vieira – an Arsenal legend and they can’t even get it right! Now we have a second one perhaps they’ll make the effort.

  26. andy1886

    If Raphinha is off the table I’d take Zaha for a reasonable fee. Scores goals, can play across the front three and has the sort of attitude that we’re short of. At 29 we’d still get two or three seasons which would give us time to claim CL money for a replacement when the time comes.

  27. WengerEagle

    Spending £45m for Jesus made sense because there wasn’t a ST better anywhere that we could have gotten for less.

    Are we really saying that there is no better wide forward available for £65m or significantly less than Raphinha? Who seems to have a hard-on for Barca anyway and likely would see us as a stepping-stone.

  28. Mr Serge

    DissenterJune 28, 2022 15:53:01
    Spurs are reportedly trying to sign Anthony Gordon and Richarlison from Everton
    Why in the world would a club that survived relegation with the skin of their teeth sell their best players to a club like Spurs?
    It’s not like Spurs will pay crazy wages or offer super transfer fees.

    Frank has been told to sell if he wants to buy the E|verton well is dry Moshiri has run out of desire to spend

  29. The Bard

    The Raphinha story is a wonderful example of today’s transfer market. He isnt worth £65m but if his agent can create an auction maybe one of the clubs will buy him. Personally I wouldn’t entertain him for that money as others have commented.

  30. WengerEagle

    I would love for Barca to sign Raphinha if it meant we could maybe snag Memphis Depay who imo is a better player and would be a better fit into our XI as he slots in at LF and could even interchange as the ST with Jesus.

    Crazier things have happened, not sure how much of a fan of Depay that Xavi is. He seems more anxious to hold onto Dembele.

  31. Un

    WengerEagleJune 28, 2022 17:00:52
    I can name 10 better widemen in the PL alone than Raphinha. Is that really a £65m player? Compared to a player like a Milinkovic-Savic?

    Spot on
    I think this Raphinha stuff is a smoke and mirror diversion maybe. Or just his team trying to stoke up interest

  32. WengerEagle


    I really don’t see us signing him so maybe I am just mentally preparing myself, lol.

    But seriously though, £65m is so much money. That is more than Utd are likely to pay for Frenkie De Jong who for me is easily a top 5-10 CM on the planet.

  33. Nigel Tufnel

    Levy’s media reporting Chelsea interest in Raphina. Telegraph, Matt Law.


    Chelsea just has a few more years before reality hits them, and I expect is to challenge them this season.

    If he’s not into is, I’ll be ok with that. We’ll move on, but even more exciting if we do get him.

  34. Naija+soccer


    The Raphinha links as always been suspect haha. Are we signing him because Saka has refused to sign ? Like you said there a couple more wingers in the league better than him that won’t cost 65 million.

    Then there are guys like Gnabry, Gakpo, Sterling all players that 65 million can get, yet Raphina is the one we are linked with. It better not be Pepe 2.0.

  35. raptora

    Orny reported that we bid for Raphinha. It’s similar to how people couldn’t believe we were bidding for Ramsdale, until our like 3rd offer was accepted. If Ornstein reports it, it’s almost certainly true.

    If the guaranteed money is around or under 60m then I don’t see better wide player than we could realistically get. Ajax want £70m for Antony for comparison.

  36. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly Raphinha is as good as we can get. Apart from may be Gnabry there aren’t a lot of better wingers. He isn’t just an attacking threat, He also defends. The number of sprints he made last season was enormous. I can’t name 5 players better than him that we can realistically get. The fee is big but just like Jesus, he is a top player. I think the fee will be around £55 mil plus addons if you go by the rumors.

  37. WengerEagle


    Wasn’t Ornstein also the one that had Lemar as a done deal? He’s good but he’s not infallible and occasionally is wide of the mark.

    Raphinha openly prefers Barca as per Deco his agent and £65m is silly money considering the state of play in our CM.

  38. WengerEagle


    If you are shelling £65m out for a wideman then first and foremost you are looking at his attacking production. And Raphinha’s this season was fairly ordinary if we are honest.

    Excluding pens he scored 7 and assisted 3 in 35 PL apps. Those are not £65m numbers I don’t care how many sprints he does or tackles he makes.

    He was quite a bit better in his first season but even then he scored 6 and assisted 9. Those are anything but mind-blowing numbers. Saka at age 20 is already considerably more productive.