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Woooof… what a summer.

I doubted the mighty David Ornstein earlier in the summer, I didn’t think we’d be leaning into Gabriel Jesus, I went HARD against the Small Boy Summer™️

But what did I know?


The King Of Confirmation reckons Arsenal have put a deal in place to sign the Brazilian forward and we are indeed building our future around the 5 ft 9 MONSTER.

In the cold light of day, it’s clear that we’ve prioritized a winner here. A player that works incredibly hard and sets the tone for the press. The light gamble here is whether he can be a big man after playing second-fiddle at City for a few years.

We have purchased a top, top player. He has a monster work ethic, he’s fast, he presses with the best, and he has that sublime skill where he can create something out of nothing. The big win? He has end product. When he’s started, he has 76 goal contributions over 99 games. That is outrageous. Up there with the very best.

He has to improve his finishing. He misses a lot of big chances and he’s been missing them over quite a few seasons. That said, 25 is still young enough to BANG as a striker. Ian Wright didn’t join Arsenal until he was, what, 28 years old?

Bigger picture is what this signing says to the rest of the squad. For me, it says Arteta and Edu are not fucking around hoping to make top 4, they are building a side to win the league. There’s a bit of a myth that footballers get upset about top-quality signings coming into the club. That is wrong. The players will be electrified that they get to play with a Premier League winner. They’ll be thrilled that the squad has a bit of depth. They will start to understand the seriousness of which Arsenal is now moving.

Arsenal don’t appear to be stopping there.

The Raphinha rumours are spicier than a Margarita at an Edu Summer BBQ. The clubs are close on fee, which sounds like it’s pretty monstrous, and people around the deal think the player is closest to Arsenal.

Quite nuts.

How are the folk that shrieked ‘our summer is dead because we don’t have Champions League’ feeling in the back seats? How is that Conte pull looking? He’s taking Ls all over Europe, Spurs have been bombed off by Gabi Js people, and they aren’t getting any luck with Raphinha.

Very sexy.

You can have many opinions about Arteta, but one thing you cannot deny, the guy is creating a special project, he is reshaping Arsenal in ways no one thought possible, he has the fans singing again, he’s delivering us a blockbuster summer, and when he bangs the table… ownership listens. That is influence.

Attention will now focus on Lisandro Martinez, who I think will be a very good signing. He’s interesting because Arsenal seem to be ignoring the midfield at the moment. Lisandro can do all the bits Xhaka can, but he’s more defensive-minded, better going forward, and he has pace. It’s my understanding the club saw him as a left back, but who knows what is brewing.

Youri Tielemans feels like a signing that’ll be a bit of a war of attrition. My gut says he only wants Arsenal and that’s where the impasse is. Leicester are holding out for £35m that I don’t think will come. You can only be a baller negotiator if you have leverage, they don’t have it, so we’ll see how that plays out.

Sales will most certainly have to happen and I wonder if Arsenal are making all their moves helps because it shows we’re not desperate. A few seasons ago, everyone knew we were sell to buy, so everyone lowballed us. That’s not happening this season, so maybe we can be a bit more aggressive about our valuations.

Arsenal are crushing the summer so far. I wrote in January that we’d feel the benefits of discipline by waiting until the summer to do our deals. What have we learned?

  • Better players are available in the summer
  • Better prices are out there to be had
  • More can be done because you are spending less

We put down £65m for Vlahovic, we missed out, now we have £20m extra to spend with is £5m short of what we’ll pay for Tielemans.

When all the folk were burning down the internet shouting ‘WE LACK AMBITION’ they were wrong. We lacked the gamblers mentality to spend big on players we might live to regret. Spurs went big, they made Top 4, but how will their decision look at the end of the summer? Two free transfers so far and a guy with a rain cloud over his career. They spent £75m in January, but how much of their progress was down to those two versus just getting Harry Kane and Son back into form?

Arsenal are moving forward with structure and brute force. Which squad looks most likely to challenge for the title in the next 5 years? It ain’t Spurs, I can tell you that, and I cannot wait for it to all unravel there.

Right, that’s me done. Podcast drops tomorrow. See you in the comments. Thank you for all the kind wishes on the baby. xx


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  1. AFC Forever


    Of course I’m bound to be wrong on a few things, that’s something I get. However, I’m not wrong that Arsenal was broken and in need of a rebuild.

    I’m not one of those Arsenal fans who uses this blog to slag off my players, manager and everything else because I’m pissed off I didn’t get my own way. I stand 100% behind my comment that I find that childish.

  2. andy1886

    Fair enough AFCF, bar Xhaka I haven’t seen much slagging off of current players. I do seem to recall quite a few with an agenda against Auba for example who performed extremely well for most of his career with us so maybe those posters should have held their tongues too?

    One example where I know we disagree is the likely incoming Jesus. Personally I think that Eddie, a real Arsenal lad, would score as many if not more given the same opportunities. Why? Because Eddie is a better finisher IMO, whereas Jesus misses too many chances. True that Jesus will probably create more chances, but that only solves the problem if we have someone who can consistently put the ball in the net.

  3. Luteo Guenreira

    AFC Supercunt on fire with the cuntiness today.

    I’ve never seen someone get so emboldened every time the tiniest thing he can latch onto breaks his way in terms of news or results. Don’t you have any lazily polished used Rolexes to show off in Economy Class? No doubt talking about how fancy the watch is loudly the whole time you’re pushing your luggage through the narrow aisles.

  4. AFC Forever


    I knew you wouldn’t rate Jesus, you don’t like anyone we get linked to or any signings we make. I have always been a Jesus fan, so that’s a long held opinion not based on anything else.

    His experience will be important. It’s a signing of intent and a real coo because we don’t have CL football. It’s massive. Surely you can see that? He has real ability proven at the highest level. He is tactically astute, presses well and is familiar with the role he will be given. He can play in most advanced positions.

    In his 99 Premier League starts for City, he has scored 53 goals and provided 23 assists, whereas in his 60 substitute appearances, he has only netted five goals and set up another six, his productivity rate markedly lower. So if you look at the stats with weighting and not just as numbers, it’s impressive. He is more productive as a starter. Pep rotates because he has quality everywhere. He prefers false 9, so Jesus would be used in other roles, often to close games down. It’s one of the reasons he has left.

    In order to be successful we need a quality squad and a deep one. He’s the right age, 25,. If you don’t rate him and aren’t pleased about him that’s up to you, I take it at face value.

  5. andy1886

    And there’s the thing AFCF, we all latch onto the things that support our argument. I’d never seen a players goal record based on ‘starts’ rather than overall appearances up until now, but then there’s the old saying about statistics. We can all play that game, much is made of the idea that he plays as a striker for Brazil, not so much that he’s scored one goal for the Brazil NT in the last three years and 17 appearances.

    I haven’t been watching him too closely at City because I’m not a fan of City, their corrupt owners or their style of play. Hopefully we are going to find our own way of playing rather than copy Pep, styles come and go and I’d rather be looking to the future than belatedly following others.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on Eddie? Interesting that you talk about supporting our players but in your reply you focus entirely on Jesus (who is still a City player albeit one we’re likely to sign) but had no comment on Eddie who is an long time Arsenal player and has just signed a new deal.

  6. Luteo Guenreira

    “Lots of kids read this blog.”

    You mean Tony’s gender confused son?

    “Stay classy mate.”

    This coming from someone who only post self-righteous bullshit whenever he feels brave and disappears meekly whenever he doesn’t is ridiculous.

  7. AFC Forever


    “I’d never seen a players goal record based on ‘starts’ rather than overall appearances up until now”

    If you want me to explain the difference between stats produced over 90 minutes to those over 20 minutes I can’t help you. If you want me to do the same about position played or role used, ditto.

    Do you think 53 goals and 23 assists in 99 Premier League starts for City is a good or bad record? This is 99 games so a fair number to use for statistical purposes. If you’re telling me these are poor numbers and his stats as a sub are more relevant we will have to agree to disagree.

  8. China1

    Isn’t describing the team as broken an example of slagging of the former players and/or managers?

    I don’t mind the keys all say everything is great if it’s true or if it’s consistent but people do have a habit of picking and choosing which managers they are going to ‘back at all costs’ and which ones they will not.

  9. Br0wnie

    “Do you think 53 goals and 23 assists in 99 Premier League starts for City is a good or bad record?”
    Or a measly 4 goals in all of last season until 4 in a meaningless game against Watford. Which stat is more relevant? The tin hat is back on with a chinstrap today

  10. andy1886

    Twisting the discussion again ACLF. You can’t just dismiss sub appearances because it suits you. If you must goals per minute is a fair point but inventing a new metric like goals per start is just desperate.

    Again I’ll come back to my previous question, why so keen to spend so much effort on Jesus when he isn’t even an Arsenal player yet but no comment about our boy Eddie?

    Or why was it okay to slate Auba when he was here but not okay to say bad things about other players? We all have favourites and also players that we don’t rate so much. It’s normal so let’s be consistent shall we?

  11. Luteo Guenreira


    Why is that shitty? There’s nothing wrong with being gender confused, the fact you make it out as something offensive says a lot about you. Or did I stir the passions of a woman inside you and it hit a little close to home? Talking about it is the first solution.

  12. englandsbest

    Plenty of activity at Arsenal – real or rumoured – on incoming players – but nothing much on outgoers. Fact is the transfer market for most clubs is yet to heat up. But when it does (next week?), we can expect a flurry of sales.

    Leno and Pepe seem likely ones. And Bellerin and Torreira the next most likely. High offers might prise Holding or AMN away and Xhaka is a remote possible. If all of that happens, the total sales figure should reach circa £100 million. As for the rest, peanuts.

  13. Dissenter

    If the Lisandro rumors are true, then thank goodness we are Tierney-proof.
    We aren’t going to base out season around chronically crocked players.

    Now we need to sign someone to compete with Partey. Partey is going to struggle with injuries in this World Cup year.

  14. Mr Serge

    Diss Martinez can play holder as well so,he covers 2 crocks, now let’s hope 1 we get him 2 partey and KT are not injured at the same time again

  15. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    Hope you’re keeping well.

    Partey is going to the World Cup and I’ll get my last dime in him being crocked at some point.
    It’s not if, but when.

    That’s why I’m not a big fan of the Raphinha transfer, I’ll rather we got a central midfielder. Fabio Vierra needs at least one season to settle in.

  16. RP7

    What does Vieira have to do with central midfield bar his name?

    His a 10 or a winger.
    Edu himself said he’s a player of the final third of the pitch a week ago.

  17. Dissenter

    ‘ afcstuff
    🚨 Gabriel Jesus is a new Arsenal player, signing a five-year contract. He will earn £10m per year & should have the highest salary at the club. He will finalise the move on Tuesday & is expected for pre-season training on Wednesday. [
    ] #afc’

    That’s works out to the £220k weekly reported earlier
    Hope it works out well for Jesus and Arsenal

  18. Br0wnie

    Good. Now let’s bring in a goal scoring striker (Tammy, Scamacca) or move Martinelli into the middle and take a look at central MF players. If Lakonga isn’t ready to fill Partey’s shoes, what are our options? Patino, Azeez not sure if they are there yet. Martinez may fit the bill.

  19. Graham62

    Am I the only one who feels this way but irrespective of how many new and top quality players we bring into the club, there are still huge doubts about how they will be coached and set up to play.
    Yes, we’ll have to wait and see what transpires but my gut feeling is that we may not be liking what is forthcoming.

    My positive vibes are consumed by this one persistent doubt in my mind.

  20. China1

    Luteo you know damn well why it’s shitty

    You bring it into an irrelevant conversation as a joke/insult

    What is the reason to bring that into the comment except to have a dig?

    It’s pathetic that you feel so weak as to do that about another person’s kid. I bet you’d love it if people started making not so sly digs are your own kids if you have any.

    Honestly, shameless.

  21. China1

    If you mentioned it as part of a normal valid conversation that’s one thing but nobody is dumb enough to think that’s what happened Luteo.

    This was just you being a twat.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    I posted earlier this morning that Arsenal and Kroenke needed to demonstrate both ambition and performance and that explains why they have been investing heavily in the team.

    Arsenal’s status as a club has declined rapidly over last 10 years and we are ranked by Forbes now the 11th most valuable club in Europe and 6th in England behind Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea AND now Spurs.

    Part of the problem has been the lack of commercial activity in contrast to most of our
    English Competitors. Okay we have quite good deals with Adidas and Emirates, but other
    clubs appear to be far more proactive in this area than we appear to be.

    The benefit of commercial sponsorship in the case of Arsenal should have been to secure
    top class footballers and pay their wages. For a long time that was simply not the case.

    Also Emirates Stadium was built in the expectation that it would provide us with an
    advantage when it comes to revenues from tickets. When it opened we earned £100m+
    from this source. In recent years the revenues have actually dropped.

    Finally there is the issue of Kroenke not investing in the team. Actually as I posted many
    times Kroenke was not the owner of the club until 2018. Unlike the owners of Man City and
    Chelsea he was merely an investor and as the largest shareholder he had “control”

    Since 2019 Kroenke owns the club and it is now increasingly obvious that he has taken the
    handbrake off our spending. We will certainly spend £150 million + this summer.

    My view is that Arsenal’s planning is not only designed to finish in top 4 this season and
    qualify for Champions League, but also that the club becomes once again an attractive
    global player.

    That is important if we are negotiating decent sponsorship packages when our current deals
    with Adidas and Emirates expire in 2004.