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Let’s talk about Arsenal putting Senor Edu front and centre for all these deals we’re doing.

He’s been under a bit of pressure over the past few years, he was signed by a scuz bucket director of Arsenal and was very close to a lot of murky goings-on at the club before the said scuz bucket was ejected from Arsenal never to be seen again.

Edu kept his job. Was it because he was just following orders? Was it because the club didn’t want more disruption? Was it because he has a really nice voice and how nice your voice is impacts how people percieve you?

Who knows. But there has been a bit if a rebirth of Edu. Just watch that video, listen to the strategic clarity in his voice, look at the positivity he’s omitting. The guy is very believable and if I met him, I would sign whatever paper he was waving in front of me.

I’ve had my misgivings. The double-your-wages deal for Willian. The Super Agent lovefest. The Cedric deal that was HORRIBLE. But… we have to forgive in life. We have to look to the future, not dwell on the past. We have to embrace the good in someone, rather than point to what has gone before.

Edu, I’m ready to forgive. Come give me a hug and let me smell your cologne IRL. Is that Le Labo? Ooof, you sexy beast.

I think the best thing about Edu is that if you give him a brief and tell him to get a deal… the man will get the fucking thing signed.

Let’s look at what he’s achieved:

  • He’s moved on roughly 18 players that could have been considered in the first-team squad
  • He’s overseen about 15 signings since Don Raul was exited
  • We haven’t lost a single player to a free transfer that we wanted to keep
  • Our wage bill has dropped from £190m to £90m
  • We are no longer a banter club when it comes to negotiations, he gets the job done
  • We have the youngest squad in the league

Can I talk speculation? There are strong indicators that both Gabrel Jesus and Raphinha are going to turn down the advances of Spurs because they prefer the Arsenal project. Who is sitting in a room with those two? It’ll be Edu, in a crisp white shirt, with a plate of BBQ, and a Keynote prez.

Is there work to do for him? Yes. He needs to sell someone for a proper fee at some point. But who cares right now with Sugar Daddy Josh showering us with Super Bowl/Stanley Cup money.

You can’t knock Edu right now. All the fears everyone had about Europa League costing us talent seem to be getting dispelled. Edu is firmly in the mixer there.

Do I like the Super Agent stuff? No. But it’s the price of business at the highest level. Jorge Mendes is trying to move Raphina to Arsenal, he’s moved Vieira there, he’ll backfill Leeds and he’ll backfill Porto taking a fee at every step.

But I have to accept that and so do you… I don’t mind super agents when the players are super talented.

So in short, I’m enjoying the better Edu, he’s doing great work, I am over my issues with him.

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244 Responses to “EDU REDEMPTION”

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  1. Habesha Gooner

    Spending 55 mil plus on Raphinha will look terrible of we have Xhaka as a starter come the end of the window. We are literally a Partey injury away from having a young CM and two tested 29 year olds that won’t be good enough for 4th again.

    This would be like the Wenger years where we signed attacking midfielders when we clearly had shortages in CBs, GKs and DMs.
    But I am willing to wait to see how it turns out. I have a sneaky feeling that Tielemans or any CM that comes in is dependent on how many players we will sell.

    In other news Gabriel Jesus is being reported to be close. £45mil in total and 200k+ a week wages. I hope he succeeds. There aren’t better CFs in the market and that is why we are paying this much. And too bad he was a Man city player because eventhough he is in his last year, they could just let him sit and play for a year for them. They don’t need the money. Any other team and we could have negotiated the fee lower.

  2. Goobergooner

    It’s massive for me to admit. But xhaka out did himself this season.
    Yet we were still bang average in the centre for the most part.

    We play so slow and so wide. The horse shoe isn’t a figment of imagination. It’s a figment of actual watching is play.

    Either from the back or when we’re in the opposition half when they are defending deep block. We always look to the wings. Xhaka is a crucial part of our defensive setup and our attacking play.

    He lacks severely in both those aspects.

    Un, you’re calling for a baller to replace xhaka.
    Xhaka is not a baller.
    I totally agree if we upgrade xhaka with an actual mid of quality we will go up a level.

    The funniest part is, bissouma, is a player that takes us up a level from xhaka

  3. Habesha Gooner

    Newcastle are very smart since January. Hugo Etikite (when it gets done) , Bruno Guimaraes, Matt Targett are all good signings. Trippier is also a good player and will give them a decent couple of years. Nick Pope is also a very good pickup for 8 mil. And they are in negotiations for Botman. The only thing they bombed on was wood for 25 mil. And they were desperate to not get relegated.

    They are adding the right type of experience for low transfer fees and signing high potential players for good fees. By next summer they will be a top 4 contender if they continue to be smart.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Xhaka needs a system to guide him to play football. He has been his best self since Arteta came in. Still he isn’t pressuring up the pitch like we want to, and he isn’t winning balls and tackling up the pitch. He never ventures forward than the middle third of the pitch. He is a good passer but he won’t break teams down with an elite pass. He isn’t incisive enough to be a No 8 for a great team. If he was more athletic and more agile he would have been a player like Xabi Alonso in nature, a deep lying play making CDM that doesn’t venture forward too much. But he isn’t. He is a vague hybrid between a 6 and an 8.

    His shortcomings are too many. I wouldn’t mind him as a squad option for now though. But he can’t be a starter. We need a bit better if we are going to clinch top 4.

  5. TR7


    Martinez has played as a DM in the past and done well.

    We already have Gabriel, White, Saliba and Holding in defense, doesn’t make much sense to sign him as a CB. I would not want us to spend 40M to sign a back up for Tierney. Martinez signing makes sense only when he is signed as a DM who can play left back and central defense when required otherwise it will be a kind of a luxury signing.

  6. Dark Hei

    Honestly, I am quite stunned by Raphina rumors.

    If we can’t fit, ESR and Martinelli in the starting lineup, we have Fabio Viera on the books and now Raphina?

    Fabio Viera has amzaing stats, and for that $$, you will think he is a starter.

    Same with Lopez. Where is all this $$ coming from?

  7. InsideRight

    The Zinchenko talk has virtually evaporated. Tielemens seems to be sitting on the phone having been put on hold. Xhaka is still here. Some people need to take a pause for the cause. We have fans salivating over the new look squad, sharing line ups that include players we’ve not signed. Until ink is on paper, people are getting ahead of themselves.

    Just for context, so far we have signed Turner, Marquinhos and Vieira. That’s it. One is a back up keeper and the other two have 87 senior appearances between them.

    We *could* and we *might* sign any of Jesus, Martinez, Raphinha, Tielemans, Zinchenko, Ruiz etc. But for whatever reasons, we haven’t done so. Let’s judge the transfer window when it is over and we can look at what we have done, rather than what we might do.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    The point I made is that the players, which I listed are unwanted and in most cases on wages which are grossly inflated.

    Bellerin and Torreira may be on paper worth £15 million in the transfer market, but when you factor in the wages as well it presents a problem.

    Bellerin is currently on £100K pw = £5.2 million per annum. Do you think that Real Betis are
    able to cover both costs? I doubt it.

    Fiorentina pulled a fast one on us. They may have sold Vlahovic for a big fee which I believe
    is being paid by instalments over the term of his contract, but I doubt that they had any intention of paying to us the transfer fee or covering Torreira’s wages. They just wanted the
    player on a short term basis and I am pretty sure we paid the bulk of his wages.

    The reality is that Arsenal are paying £50-100K pw to the majority of our unwanted players
    and there are very few clubs on the continent who are paying such wages.

    Guendouzi may be worth in transfer market TODAY more than we are selling him to Marseille for, but there was not exactly a queue of other clubs in the market when we negotiated the loan and option to sell. He was considered “toxic”.

  9. Goobergooner

    Xhaka is best in a system for sure Habesha.

    But our attacking play has got worse and worse having an absolute slug in midfield.

    If Arteta wants to be city lite. Xhaka isn’t there.
    If he wants to be Liverpool. Xhaka isn’t there.
    If he wants to be Top 4. Xhaka is not the first man on the team sheet.

    Not calling you out on this. I know you know haha. It’s just mind numbing seeing him on the team sheet every week.

  10. Mysticleaves

    Pedro’ celebrating 220k pw for Jesus but moaning about 140k pw for Pepe. Talented player that Arteta couldn’t make work. What happens when in 2 years we have to shift Jesus cos he’s “garbage”?

    If we were going to sign Jesus on 220k why not pay 70m for Osimhen and give him 120k?? Much more upside than Jesus and more exciting. And you know, fits the striker profile that Pedro was so sure the board decided on..

    I was making an argument for Jesus only cos I thought we would sign him for circa 30m and 120-150k pw. Anything above and it’s really not a good deal for me

  11. Goobergooner

    I love the sentiment from edu. Yeah we sign young and expect these boys to be here for the duration of their contracts.

    We all know how that goes.
    Arteta misses out on cl next season and Saka is gone

  12. Graham62


    I’ve decided to be as positive about things as I possibly can, so in respect to Xhaka, I can only add one more thing.

    He is not, never has been and never will be, the answer to Arsenal’s problems.

    The sooner he is gone, the better for all of us.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    Goober absolutely. You can’t have aspirations to be at the top with Xhaka in your team. He is just about Europa league level. And that’s what we have been this past few years.

    Dark Hei
    Jesus 45 mil
    Raphinha 55 to 60 mil
    Viera 30 mil
    Lisandro 35 to 40 mil.

    That is around 160 to 170 mil. We are looking at a 150 mil net spend in my opinion. And They probably think they can sell around 40 to 50 mil worth of players. Torreira, Leno, AMN, Mari, Bellerin, Nelson, Pepe will all be sold. Fortunately for us, all these players are under 28 except for Leno. Teams will take a chance on most of them as the window closes.

    What I am annoyed about is the fact that the Tielemans deal will hinge on us moving these players. I would rather split the money for Raphinha and use it on Tielemans and an upcoming winger.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    The press and media keep on suggesting that Gabriel Jesus will earn £220K pw. Frankly
    who is the source of this figure. I doubt that it comes from Arsenal.

    I suspect that the basic wage is much lower and that it includes bonuses and add ons based
    on club and player’s performance.

    You need only look at the transfer fee paid by Arsenal for Vieira. We are not paying £34 million for this player. We have agreed a fee of £29.8 million plus add ons if certain targets by team and player are achieved.

  15. Pierre

    “White needs to have pre assists to his name if he is to live up to Pedro’s standards.”

    If White could ping a ball like liandro Martinez we are looking at a player who could have multiple assists and pre assists ….but sadly he can’t., though i do think white is a decent enough player.

  16. Siddeeq

    Jesus wages should be No more than Laca was getting, his stats are similar to when we signed Laca from Lyon

  17. Goobergooner

    Hahaha Pierre. I have nothing against white.
    I want him to succeed. And he isn’t shit.

    But when you only have partey who wants the ball in midfield, even a “maestro” in the back line will struggle.

    Building from that back is a shit idea considering our backline was only ‘bad’ at playing out from the back.

    Midfield is the absolute key and I’ll never say otherwise

  18. Goobergooner

    And that is the thing I don’t like about Arteta.

    Pedro sold him as this world class coach who can get the best from our squad.

    All he has done is under achieve.

    We were told his coaching ability would bridge at least small gaps.

    Well he’s now a cheque book manager who absolutely fucked up a season and I don’t have the faith of others that he will this season, considering Europa that he has already failed at, and the world cup. And the cups.

    I just don’t believe Arteta will get the best of the squad regardless of who we bring in.

    Smite me if I’m wrong.
    But you can’t deny what I said above

  19. Graham62


    Why are you making this so difficult for me?

    I agree with everything you say.

    I wish I could trust in Arteta like some do on here.

    It’s very hard to be upbeat and positive when you weigh up all the negatives.

  20. Goobergooner

    I rate white highly. But he came into our side to be creative DM type CB you don’t need if you have a decent midfield.

    He also won’t get caught out as much on the front door if xhaka could do his job.

    It’s going my head in

  21. Wicked Willy

    Hello guys,

    What were your predictions on where we would finish last season? I bet not one single one of them was higher than fifth, and I can only imagine a good number were lower. That would suggest Arteta is able to surpass your expectations.

    As for no CM, let’s wait and see. We can’t give them shit for overpaying, and then expect them to get a good negotiation team like Leicester to just accept a quick deal at bargain rates. Likely the same with Ruiz.

    So hypothetically, what would you prefer? We overpay £10m to get a quick deal done? Or we play poker, save the money, but maybe don’t have them available for first three games?

  22. Bob N16

    Graham, ‘
    ‘I’m trying to be as positive as I can’ to
    ‘It’s hard to be upbeat..when you weigh up all the negatives’

    Tough ask of yourself!

  23. Bob N16

    WW I”m sure they feel Tielemans can be picked up later in the window for a cheaper fee. One year left, Leicester have to sell if he doesn’t extend. His head’s been turned.

    Jesus and Martinez may have more suitors so more important to get over the line, particularly Jesus. Other CMs would do if Tielemans goes elsewhere but CFs of qulaity less avaiable.

    Despite our flashing the cash, we have to be better at our transfer negotiations

  24. Graham62


    Based on Squad, no European commitments, out of domestic cups early, 5th position would have been a minimum requirement.
    Mistakes made and there were many, cost us.
    I think we all know that a more competent manager/coach would have done better.

  25. Goobergooner

    Wicked Willy.
    I’m assuming yourself would have been one of the ones saying he had no Europe as distraction, top 4 is ours.

    5th was an over achievement yes.

    If he can best 5th this season, I’ll buy you a keg of beer.

  26. Goobergooner

    Or wicked Willy. How about pay 35m for a midfielder desperately needed in January to get Top 4. Instead of lose out on it and then make every excuse under the sun why not buying is better.

    It’s a fucking joke how low the standards have dropped.

    Wasn’t even this low under Emery the bum

  27. Wicked Willy


    My aspiration this season was 5th. I thought it would take longer than it did for the summer purchased to bed in.

    As stated, my aspiration is 3rd, but I’ll take 4th no problem, or maybe 5th and a convincing Europe League win.

    If he doesn’t achieve that, happy to reciprocate on the beer 🙂

  28. Wicked Willy

    As for CM in January, yes I would have liked to have gone for De Jong when he was less in favour. I had mixed feelings about Guimaraes, and wasn’t aware of any others available.

  29. Goobergooner


    I’m sorry I’m a negative cunt. We’ve all been through a shite few years. Apparently it’s just catching up to me.

    I’d buy you a beer regardless

  30. Mysticleaves

    “Hello guys,What were your predictions on where we would finish last season? I bet not one single one of them was higher than fifth, and I can only imagine a good number were lower. That would suggest Arteta is able to surpass your expectations.”

    After the summer we had and the circumstances surrounding our season (no Europe) many thought we’d make top 4 including me. Many here predicted a top 4 finish. It’s not our fault that Arteta fucked up the first 3 games that has us lower our expectations to relegation dog fight. Face it, a better manager this season would have gotten us top 4. The players might not have been excellent but they were certainly good enough to make top 4. That Arteta nearly got there before royally fucking it up says the story better than anything.

    To reiterate Goobergooner (who has been on fire on this thread) I don’t have any faith in Arteta to be better next season than he has been this season no matter who we sign. I have seen enough evidence to know that. And if we eventually finish higher, whatever we achieve will be in inspite of him and not because.

  31. Mysticleaves

    By the way, to continue my Jesus maths…if we pay Jesus 220k pw for 5 years on 45m Tf fee (rumoured numbers) we’d be laying out about 102m for him.

    I’d we pay say 70m rising to 80m for Osimhen and 120k PW (which he will dive) for 5 years, we’d be laying out about 103m for the whole stuff.

    Which player would gunners prefer? I know I would Osimhen!

    And with Osimhen we get to maintain our youngest squad trophy (yay!) Higher potentials, upside, more exciting and similar goal numbers already. No brainer eh?

  32. Un

    Osimhen is more of a risk. Like lukaku might bully the slow Italian league but find the premier league isn’t so fruitful.
    I’m not convinced Osimhen is all that anyway. Not for £70-£80m
    Spend that on Savic and Lisandro

  33. Mysticleaves

    Not to sound like a fanboy but Osimhen is built for the PL. He will so thrive here. His style is what coaches dream of and he scores ALOT of headers. Of course he can and will improve a lot in the right club and with the right coach

  34. Habesha Gooner

    Osihmen won’t move for anything less than £85 mil. Considering it is Napoli it might be more. And he already earns € 100k a week. He will want more than £120k if he joins. These numbers you quoted are a figment of your imagination.

  35. Matt

    Talking about what peoples aspirations were at the start of last season is completely irrelevant. Aspirations and expectations change all the time depending on the circumstances and timing. If a boxer who is the underdog before a fight wins the first 11 rounds and then gets knocked out in the 12th, would they think that’s OK, I was an underdog before the fight anyway? No, they would be gutted that they fucked it up in the last round when they had it in their hands.

    Telling people what their aspirations were or weren’t is arrogant beyond belief and stems partly from Pedro constantly saying that Europe was the target and actually if we got top 4 that would have been ahead of target. According to who exactly?

  36. Nigel Tufnel

    Clubs pay a premium for successful premier league players. Jesus is in that category. To pay the same amount on a guy with potential is something else. Money clubs can do that.

  37. Graham62


    Based on how the season panned out, I think all Arsenal fans know that top 4 was there for the taking.
    We blew it at the end and it wasn’t just down to injuries to key players that, in fact, could have been prevented if rotation and selection of players had been better thought out.

  38. Wicked Willy


    I understand mate. I think the entire fanbase has had PTSD from all the nearly times. How many times was Wenger two purchases away from creating his 3rd team of champions? It sounds like some of us have recovered quicker than others. My main observation is that there are those of us in the supposed fanboy camp who perceive the lag effect of a root and branch overhaul being a lot more involved than the so called bedwetters will accept. And their sensibilities have been burned by obvious errors that were made like Willian, predicting Champions League win in 3 years, being overly rigid about ill-discipline (although I actually think that was mostly necessary), and of course the dreaded horseshoe of death! I’m sure there are plenty of other gripes.

    Meanwhile, the fanboys are seeing the transformation of culture, removal of deadwood, great communication, massive ambition, and the makings of an era defining vision. We see a host of young talents who have every chance of becoming absolutely world class, and it excited us.

    The latter may be wishful thinking. The former may be fearful thinking (resulting from aforementioned PTSD). I guess where I’ve landed is that it’s very difficult to know how accurate ones perception is because one only ever filters the world through ones own eyes and experience. But given the choice between wishful thinking, and fearful thinking, I choose the former every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Now I had to give up my season ticket in 2017, so maybe i’ve been spared the lion share of pain that others have endured. Maybe me meditating means it just bounces off of me, as pretty much all stress does. Either way, we all want to feel the joy of unbridled success, and the fact that we disagree on how we get there is actually quite fun, as long as we talk to one another, and about the club and the player, in a respectful way.

    As and when we have our next big parade at the town hall, why don’t we organise a legrove barbecue to celebrate? Be fun putting names to faces…

  39. Mysticleaves

    Jesus has never been a key player at any point in time for City’s title winning teams. Sterling, Mahrez, Silva, KDB all have. He’s a capable player but the numbers are stupid.


    I thought he was on €64k. And you can find that 70m rising to 80n is not so far from 85m. And if you are paying 200k to a striker, let it be Osimhen.

  40. Ishola70

    So Arsenal are going to sign one of Man City’s absolute key players are they?

    Some fans need to get real.

    We have been enough years out of the CL now.

    You can keep piling up on players of a certain age with potential all you want but to think that you are going to actually win big with that overall strategy without mixing it up is a pipedream.

  41. InsideRight

    Is anyone else getting a bit bored with the Jesus saga being played out in the media? I don’t know why we so often take a bloody age to get things done. Maybe that’s why the Vieira signing was such a shock, that it got done without weeks and back and forth and gameplaying.

  42. Ishola70


    “Maybe that’s why the Vieira signing was such a shock, that it got done without weeks and back and forth and gameplaying.”

    Different calibre of player that’s why.

    He would have been on not a high wage at all at Porto because he was not an absolute established first team player there.

    Much easier to get that done quickly in comparison to Jesus.

  43. Mr Serge

    The Jesus deal is very complex agent fees, loyalty bonuses from city, appearance and goal bonuses, relocation etc it’s far harder than Fabios deal

  44. EdTheREd

    I’m not buying “Where did you think we would finish after 1st three games” type of questions. The real question to ask is: “Did you think in November 2019 that in Summer of 2022 you’d be not only defending, but waxing lyrical about the manager who failed to get us into Top4?”

  45. andy1886

    Well by all accounts we are the only club in the running for Jesus so it’s not as if we’re in a race or anything. As previously discussed the circa £200k/wk wages are more a reflection of the fact that he can walk for nothing in 12 months and command a huge signing on fee so he and his agents will want to take that into consideration if the player moves this summer.

  46. AFC Forever


    “Is anyone else getting a bit bored with the Jesus saga being played out in the media? I don’t know why we so often take a bloody age to get things done.”

    No. My advice is stop getting triggered by the media, they love gullible people like you lot. These are multi-million pound deals, you do those on Amazon mate.

  47. raptora

    FabRomano: “No changes on Matheus Nunes deal, as of now. No agreement on personal terms and negotiations ‘more than difficult’ on player side for Wolves. 🇵🇹 #WWFC”

    He could be our CM if we wanted him.

  48. Nigel Tufnel

    You would have to be a moron to prefer the teams of the last few years..(late Wenger yrs on) ….over the team we are assembling currently… (not including rumoured targets, just Jesus, which is done).

    That former bunch of players Freddie said was riddled with bad characters and really had a low ceiling at best. Cup runs, a small shot at top 4… great.. but really no future and no chance to break into the top 3 or better.

    As we are now, I could see us fighting for 3rd this year, and more beyond that as we grow.

    Who saw great potential in that old squad?

    Maybe because that mess included Ozil and Willock?

    To be nostalgic for chaos and mediocrity just shows a loser mentality. Fine if that’s your level.

  49. Nigel Tufnel

    People complaining about Jesus on maybe 220k (max), forgetting Lacazette was on 180. We even paid more for Lacazette, years ago, who was not even premier league proven. We’re doing much better business now.

    I still can’t get over the numbers we’re hearing about the Raphina bid if they’re anywhere near reality. For a second choice to Saka?

    I guess the new goal of the club is like City, to have 2 high quality players in as many positions as possible?

    Hard to do that without Man city’s budget, or Abramovich pumping in 1.5 billion and eating the losses.

    I would feel a little better if we addressed CM, upgrading Xhaka, before spending so much doubling up on forwards. There is already flexibility there with Jesus ability to play wide.

  50. Freddie Ljungberg


    Would take him over any deal for Raphina in a heartbeat, much more important position to fill and that would be a chance to get a potential world class CM in.

    Partey is injury prone and 29, are we really going to let him carry the whole midfield by himself and not buy in an equivalent level player to him until he leaves? Would be insane.

  51. Tom

    “Talking about what peoples aspirations were at the start of last season is completely irrelevant. “

    It is.

    If you were told Man U would plummet from 2nd to 6th in a disastrous season on and off the pitch, where every decision they made was of the surely you can’t be serious type, would you still consider Arsenal’s fifth an achievement?

    Of course you wouldn’t.

  52. Wicked Willy


    There’s almost always at least one Big Six club who underperforms, often due to transition troubles, and I personally factor that in to my aspirations to try and make them as accurate as possible.

    But, if your thesis is correct, then there is absolutely no point anyone on here bleating on about what a disappointment it will be if we don’t make top 4 next season, because apparently pre-season aspirations are irrelevant, and we should actually just sit down and watch the football without either fantasising or catastrophising end of season outcomes, and then make a judgement about the success of the season once it’s done. I am absolutely down with that sir!

    You in?

  53. AFC Forever


    “That former bunch of players Freddie said was riddled with bad characters and really had a low ceiling at best. Cup runs, a small shot at top 4… great.. but really no future and no chance to break into the top 3 or better.”

    Yep. Totally let Emery down and those at the top failed to deal with what Freddie had said. Blame whoever you like but Arsenal was a broken club from top to bottom. Sadly, fans frustration means that all gets lumped onto Artetas shoulders too, totally unfair. Naive too. He inherited a massive job but the Amateur Football Manager’s and youtube scouts think you just sign a load of players and off you go. Man Utd have been stockpiling top players for years, they’ve gone through managers quicker than a Naga Vindaloo finds your underwear. Suddenly they realise they’ve got problems in the changing room. No shit Sherlock, I could have told you that years ago. They bought in the manager who guarantees success, Mourinho, the miracle worker the media and ignorant fans called the special one. How could that go so wrong, after all he guarantees success? Even more remarkably, Levy fell for that one too, another club for whom a policy of hiring and firing has left them in a mess, having to look back at black & white footage for their last title success. They can’t even win an FA Cup in 32 attempts, yet we’re told that’s easy when we do it.

    Fans aren’t that sharp, they go along with the media idea that all you have to do is sack a manager to get success. It’s the most naive thing any fan can think. It’s absolute bonkers logic. Ask them who this saviour is with the magic beans and they will all have different names. The reality is it takes time to rebuild a club. It’s no different from building a house, the most important part is making sure you have strong foundations. Sure, Chelsea were able to hire and fire because they had the foundations, the best players and the most money. Not the same at Manchester United and Arsenal. Two teams with long term managers that failed to build a succession plan. That’s hardly Arteta’s fault. It doesn’t matter the quality of the bricks or materials you use if the foundations aren’t up to scratch you’ve wasted your money.

    What we had to do was almost start again. Cut out the poison. But that’s not so easy when they’re all sitting on great contracts. Young players need good professionals around them, not lazy trainers and whiners, the type who wouldn’t look out of place on this blog. We had to be brave. Arteta and the owners deserve huge credit for being prepared to fuck off people who treated the club like their own fiefdom and take a financial hit. Short term pain for long term gain. Okay, we probably lost a year because of the pandemic and certainly made a few mistakes along the way, everyone does. However, we rebuilt the foundations. We fucked off the w**kers, instilled pride in the jersey and even had to Arsenalise the training ground. Yep, that;’s how fucked up the club was, we needed to educate our players about how great we are, our history of success and remind them of how lucky they are to wear our shirt.

    Now we have the foundations we can build. Young players for their energy and to implements a free flowing game, no ego’s sitting in the corner grumbling because they aren’t being selected. Unity. We cut out the poison but sadly we cant do the same with the poisonous fans who refuse to get behind project youth. Those so convinced they’re right about everything that they have to spend every day whining.and reworking their grudge. It’s just frustration. But it’s naive. Some people feel sorry for themselves and take it all personally whereas the rest of us puff out our chests and get on with it. Must be horrible being so angry and wound up about something that is supposed to be fun. Meanwhile, along with the majority of Gooners I am as happy as Larry, loving the club as I always have but really excited about project youth. I can’t wait to get back into the stadium and feel the goosebumps again in that amazing atmosphere that bears no resemblance to this blog. .I can really feel something exciting is about to happen. All aboard now.

  54. Zacharse

    the express has this transfer headline:
    “Leeds ‘receive mystery £60m Raphinha bid’ from English club”
    and then in the article:
    “Fellow reporter Pol Alonso seemed to suggest the Gunners were responsible, writing: “It is Arsenal.”

  55. Graham62

    Showing my age again here but all this talk about players, fees, salaries, negotiations etc etc, does my head in.

    Oh for the days as a kid, getting the Daily Express delivered to your house and, turning to the back page, finding that Alan Ball had joined Arsenal for a record fee of £220,000.

  56. Tom

    WW, pre season aspirations are useful when based in reality but then the real thing happens and things change for better or worse and you re-adjust .

    How hard did you celebrate our runners up in 2015/16?
    Not very, right?
    Why not, if Chelsea were clear favorites to repeat and Leicester weren’t even in the picture before the ball was kicked?

  57. Postitive pete

    Great,great piece AFC the bedwetters should hang their heads in shame.But won’t.If you’re an eternal pessimist it’s ingrained.Still,onwards & upwards I expect.

  58. AFC Forever

    Wicked Willy

    Teletext, those were the days! Just imagine the youngsters today if you gave them a push button TV with three TV channels, teletext and one of those pong games consoles where you played tennis to a selection of loud beeps! They don’t know they’re born.

  59. AFC Forever


    That’s been in the pipeline for a while now. Sky are claiming £42m plus add ons. Also reporting that deal has put negotiations for Raphinha on hold.

    Good player but not sure all our English talent should be headed off to the Abu Dhabi Oil State. I remember Drinkwater after winning the league with Leicester was lured to Chelsea and it all went horribly Pete Tong. Last thing I heard he was on loan at Reading.

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