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Listen, who knows what is really true on the internet, but it sounds like Arsenal has made a breakthrough with Gabriel Jesus.  According to Ben Jacobs on The Done Deal show, the player is convinced, £220k a week is the number, and there are no viable suitors that can offer what we can. Interesting that Champions League qualified Spurs aren’t of interest to him because of Kane and Son. He wants to be the main man, he will at Arsenal.

If this is all true, bravo to Edu for getting this deal done nice and fast.

There also seems to be quite a strong indication in the various media outlets that Arsenal is leading the chase for Martinez because we are the most hungry for his signature. I really am excited about that defender because he’ll give us a different dimension in defence, as a full back, or as a deep-lying midfielder.

The Youri Tielemans link seems to be the one that is starting to lose a bit of steam, but I don’t think that means it’s dead, I just think it’ll take longer to get it over the line because I assume Leicester are going to try and create a bidding war for the player.

Arsenal are definitely in for Raphinha, we’ve already dropped an offensive bid for him, which sounds about right. I love all the Art of the Deal bores that think there’s a world in which you bid first time and get things sealed in one seamless move. If you get an accepted bid first time, you bid too much, it’s that simple. I don’t think the Brazilian is a £65m player in any market. The only way they get that is if Barcelona come bounding in with money I don’t think they have.

Leeds are in a bind, the ideal for them is there is a bidding war, but it doesn’t look like Chelsea want him and I’m not sure Spurs will be either. Even if Spurs are, where is the better destination? Arsenal, a team on the rise, with a collection of Brazilians to share steak and kidney empanadas with… or Spurs? The player has two years left on his deal, this summer is the peak price for him, so I suspect we’ll get him, but it might take a while to get the deal done.

The Youri Tielemans deal seems to have lost a bit of steam, but again, if there’s only one club with the £25m on hand, what are Leicester going to do… let him go on a free next year? Of course not. That doesn’t mean they won’t make it hard for us to move on him.

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  1. Rich

    Raphinha, Jesus, Tielemans and a top left back, would be an unbelievable summer

    3 PL ready players, all 25, all about to enter their peak.

    My only concern around our squad would be depth in the goalkeeping department, Hein or Turner could be brilliant? But we’d be stepping into the unknown

    Deep lying midfield would also be a concern with Partey’s injuries.

    Other than that, we’d be looking incredibly strong, particularly when we add Saliba into the mix

  2. Mr Serge

    Rich don’t forget Vieira also we have elneny who is a capable understudy to partey plus if we sign Martinez he can play there if KT stays fit so we won’t need him at LB

  3. Danny S

    What would make this a spectacular window is if we went into the new season minus Xhaka. At worst I would take him being relegated to a squad player.

    I think if we go in with him as our main man in a CM pairing like we have done the last 5 or whatever seasons it will end like it has the past 5 or 6 seasons. In disappointment.

    You can’t really gauge how many points he gains you a season but you know 100% he will cost you points. And usually at vital times.

    Really don’t want to face another season with him in this team.
    Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka were the axis of average. Just that one clinging on now.

  4. Danny S


    I think the money that Edu has shaved off of our enormously bloated wage bill is paying for all these transfers. We have taken on a new much more frugal operating model so it frees up a lot of wedge.

    Would have been even better if we had got some actual money from the deals.

  5. Rich

    Mr Serge

    Exciting times, we’ve got a good foundation in place

    We need to secure that foundation by extending the likes of Saka, Saliba, Martinelli, Gabriel

    Then if we get the 3 players mentioned, and a quality left back, we’ll be a real threat going forward.

    We’ve been in a dark place the last few years, but we’re quietly assembling a really competitive squad.

    There’s so much room for internal improvements, particularly if we supplement what we have with 3 players who can hit the ground running

    I can see Jesus + Nketiah scoring bucket loads if we pull this off

  6. Danny S

    We played last season with a very thin squad of kids on modest money. Probably saved us a fortune.

    The roll of the dice this season will be making champs league and being able to support this seasons better stocked squad.

  7. Habesha Gooner

    220k a week for Jesus is setting the bar too high though. But I am glad it is going to get done. We need a CF. CM and LB the next priorities for me.

    Leeds are playing a game of chicken for Raphinha. Dembele is considering signing for Barcelona because he has no offers besides them and Chelsea want sterling even though they were rumored to be interested in Dembele. And they want sterling more than Raphinha.

    So either he will stay or he will go for a more reasonable price for 50 to 55 mil. That is even a bit overpriced but by not too much. It would be too funny if they overpriced him out of a move and then got relegated with him. Then Barcelona can trigger the €25 mil relegation release clause and leave for cheap when they could have gotten £50 mil from us.

    Ajax won’t budge on Lisandro either. They want €50 mil after selling Gravenberch and Haller plus Mazraoui and Onana leaving an a free. But he will go for under €40 mil.

    We should be getting Tielemans though. Either him or any CM we are interested in. We can wait on a backup LB and a rotation option for Saka. There will be others we can get IMO.

  8. andy1886

    Yes £220k p/w is excessive. That’s the trouble with signings from moneybags clubs like City, players want compensating for stepping down as they see it even if their current club doesn’t want them anymore.

    I’m not as sold on this one as many others are, hopefully not another Lacazette in the making.

  9. DigitalBob

    Great news if the Jesus deal is all but announced, I think we’ll have a real hungry player on our hands and if Eddie’s late season form was a sign of things to come…..well its key part of the summer completed with this.

    I’d really like to see new deals announced for Saka and Martinelli next or at least before we get into a prolonged bidding war for Raphinha and mind games with Leicester for Tielemens.

    Bringing quality players in should be key this summer, not selling the actual quality footballers we have at the club, injury prone or not. Wouldn’t selling Tierney and Partey this summer be a one step forward two steps back type of approach? This summer anyway.

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Viera’s first day at London Colney. Per Mertesacker also there. And Edu giving Viera a history lesson. An insight in to the training facilities too.

    Arsene Wenger was a genius back then though. Sold Anelka. Built this for half of the money and bought Thierry Henry with the other half. Too bad it ended in rough circumstances.

  11. Wicked Willy


    Re Goalkeeper, just remember we had Stuart Taylor as our backup keeper in the invincible season…not exactly a world-beater! And actually, our backup keeper is on a par with Man City backup, as they share goalkeeping duties for USA, so if that level is good enough for them, it should be for us.

    As for Partey, it is THE existential concern given that we appear to be addressing all the other potential gaps. I will admit I have been heartened by Vincent Kompany’s comments on Sambi – this is a guy who knows football. Knows Yaya inside out. And knows Sambi inside out.

    Maybe he needs one more season with Elneny being the imperfect backup, but that’s ok, with the squad we are building, we should still get too 4 even with elneny starting 10-12 games. Problem last season is we had too many gaps in too many places simultaneously and we just didn’t have the requisite quality.

    Obviously if Partey goes down for longer, there will likely be disappointing outcomes. But that uncertainty is what makes this game great! The victories wouldn’t feel nearly as sweet if it weren’t for some level of uncertainty.

    And who knows, maybe they’ll pull the next Aurelian out of the bag, but I think I’m just dreaming 🙂

  12. Nigel

    Ok so let’s imagine we get Jesus, Raphina and viera. We have saliba coming in also and we make no sales of players where are we aiming for? At what point are we looking above top four and say making moves on that top 2? Been change at both Liverpool and Man City in important roles could it be possible they struggle? Could that give us an opportunity to apply some pressure? Can messi score in France as he did Spain? I believe if we sign These 3 players we are adding 25goals consider that..

  13. David Smith

    Jesus is a good player, Arteta will make him a very good player for his system.
    Winding up Spurs fans again on Twitter! They do bite!

  14. Shaun

    shouldn’t we call Leeds bluff if they want 60 mill for Raphinha and make a bid for Gnabry instead, thought he was being quoted as being available for £35 mill

  15. Wicked Willy


    I think with these items in the shopping basket, we should be aiming for 3rd. We should also be aiming for Europa League. Cups are a lottery, but a nice run in at least one would be lovely.

    My feeling is then, to aim for the summit, we need a further 4 elite players next summer, so that we have rotational options in every position. They could be filled by giant leaps in progress from BNC, Sambi, Eddie, Patino…or maybe we have to get the credit card out and buy-in someone of sensational ability.

    If we do that, with the way this team is growing, I think we’ll be on their shoulders, and any dip and I think we can beta them by a nose. And if we continue this trajestory, I honestly think we could become the team to beat, especially if Klopp and Pep depart.

    I haven’t felt this excited since 2007. A lot to do still. As Arteta keeps saying, we havent done anything yet. But I’m loving it nonetheless!

  16. Dissenter

    Saka’s agent was wise to delay his contract negotiations past this summer.
    If it’s true that were are paying Jesus anywhere near 220k weekly, then Saka will rightly ask for his wages to match that
    Saka is still our best player, even with city IPO Jesus in the squad.

  17. Ishola70

    I’m sure Saka would see Jesus as a senior player in comparison to him just because of age difference and Jesus has been around the block longer than Saka.

    And we don’t know how well Jesus will do at Arsenal. Jesus could become to be seen as the best player in the team.

    This belittling of Jesus that I have seen from some is quite funny.

    He is a Brazilian interntional and has already been through the wonderkid age when he was in Brazil nd has been part of the best team in europe.

  18. Ishola70

    Jesus was massive hot property when he was In Brazil as a younger player.

    That’s why Pep signed him.

  19. Why I Gunna

    220k for Jesus, that’s crazy money but I suppose we must have a striker (apart from Eddie). Raphina is still crazy when centre midfield is much more urgent a fix

  20. englandsbest

    Edu is playing with cards close to his chest. If he tells us that the Club was never interested Gabriel J, it would not surprise me. He has learned his lesson.The open pursuit of players last summer and failed chase for a striker in Jan was a painful and expensive expeience.

  21. andy1886

    Ishola, being a Brazilian international is worth precisely zero points in the PL. He’s played in the for six seasons and that’s how he should be judged. Ignoring his first season with very limited appearances he’s scored 13, 7 14, 9, 8 which is pretty average. Laca type numbers.

    All very well to say that he’ll get 15-20 in the league for us but where’s the evidence to support that? Is Arteta going to get more from him than Pep? Why? Is he playing with better players? Nope. It’s just wishful thinking.

    At least accept that it’s perfectly reasonable to have doubts based on the evidence. Ultimately we’ll see if he signs and of course you’re very welcome to come back and say ‘I told you so’ if I’m wrong.

  22. curse

    “This belittling of Jesus that I have seen from some is quite funny”

    And super weird like God’s son hasn’t been out here blessing Sodomites with football wine since genesis.

    I can see why he wants to come here, hasn’t had the respect he deserves for what he’s capable of in a team like City.

    Think I’m gonna put some money on him for the golden boot actually….

  23. Rich

    Jesus averages a goal contribution every 103 minutes in the PL

    Every 88 minutes in the CL

    A goal contribution every 101 minutes at City

    A goal contribution every 112 minutes for Brazil

    He’s just turned 25, coming into what should be his prime years, and he’s not been completely burned out at City

    Not sure about some of the reported wages + fees mentioned, particularly with 1 year left on his contract, and City having already secured his replacements

    Knows the league + language, we should be looking to get double figures goals + assists out of him

    Tactically he’s going to be very astute + disciplined, he’s played in the biggest games, he’s won plenty of trophies

    If we get him for £35 -£40 million, it’s an excellent signing

  24. Howard

    The guy was being paid 91k a week and you offer 220k. That’s just too much. If he doesn’t perform we’ll have difficulty in offloading him.

    Liverpool won’t pay that much.
    Jesus rarely scores and is in Lacazette mould. Arsenal must watch out. After coming out of paying inflated and undeserving wages we seem to have relented.

  25. Ishola70

    Andy I have no surprise that you were the one to respond as you have been the one on here that can be seen as poo pooing the idea of signing him.

    The truth is he has already gone through the stage that Saka has recently gone through. He was seen as a wonderkid in Brazil and all the big hitters were interested in him before Man City nabbed him.

    Tbh any striker may not really shine in this Arsenal side because we have seen that Arteta can be quite conservative in his approach and needs to be more progressive in terms of attacking with this side.

    What’s the alternative? Morata. Or another under the radar signing.

    Are you yet another that seems to be wed to this idea of just signing off the radar progressive player that may come good.

    Like it or not Jesus has a bit of pedigree and he was only a small piece of the jigsaw at Man City as they have an abundance of attacking players of calibre.

    I’m hoping that we see that Jesus as he will become to be seen as more the prominent figure for Arsenal in comparison to what he was at Man City will respond to that idea of being the main figure at Arsenal rather than just a piece of an overall bigger picture at Man City.

    Am I predicting fantastic things for Jesus at Arsenal? Not a chance not with Mr Beige Arteta overseeing.

    What can’t be denied in my opinion though is that this signing would at least show a bit of ambition.

  26. Naija+soccer


    “Is it fair if Arsenal have Jesus playing upfront?Or would it be discriminatory to ban him, just because of who his Dad is?…If he can walk on water, and feed 5,000 people with 5 loads of bread?…Then surely 35 goals this season can’t be too much to ask?”

    Hahaha with both Manchester clubs’ unlimited warchest, Chelsea Abramovich before and Boehls now, and Liverpool’s gargantuan coach in Klopp, Jesus is the appropriate cheat code needed to keep things honest 😄

  27. andy1886

    Is Jesus a terrible player? Of course not. But some of the claims being made about what he will do are just daft. I don’t see why if someone has a different view they should simply fall into line and go along with the prevailing wisdom. After all wasn’t Pepe the second coming?

    Let’s wait and see before we decide who was right and who was wrong shall we?

  28. Ishola70

    Who has been saying that Jesus is going to tear up trees at Arsenal Maybe he can do very well maybe he won’t..

    I still don’t trust Arteta enough as a manager to sit here and say any signing is going to be really good

    I have heard more fuss made about Vieira who many didn’t even knew existed until last week.

    What people are not appreciating is that where Arsenal have been as a club for a good few years now getting in a player like Jesus who is actually established rather than maybe a good player who could come good and actually has a bit of pedigree behind him is something of note really at this stage of Arsenal’s rebuild.

    I have some concerns about Jesus no doubt. No signing can be automatically seen as foolproof. At Man City he was in an attack that were very closely knitted together on the pitch. There is a fear that he may become isolated as a striker at Arsenal and after coming from Man City that is something that he may not be comfortable with and will have to get used to it or Arteta himself improves the attack in regards cohesion and playing more interplay in advanced positions. Playing closer together uofront.

    But as said before for me this is an ambitious signing at least.

  29. Jonnygunner

    Sideeq…. Do you want to say that to the 3 Ukrainians living in my house now..(no charge to them,and me and my wife feeding them?)…or must it suit your anti West agenda?

  30. Goobergooner

    Just a point on all the injuries.

    Some of the extended times out has to be put on artetas feet.

    He has rushed every first 11 player straight back into the team after an injury and doesn’t rotate enough at all, especially the injury prone players.

    Tavares has a decent start to the season, Tierney comes back and plays consistently, then goes away for international duty, then plays straight away and is injured.

    Partey literally flew back the same day from international duty to play, and guess what he got injured.

    Tierney, TWICE last season was thrown back in too soon.

    And what about pushing a player back on the pitch and making him try to sprint when he was already limping?

    Partey should have a player brought in who sidelines him and gives him minutes off, definitely.

    But if xhaka is still a mainstay our midfield only improves in depth a little not in first 11 quality. Unless that player isn’t purely a cm and can play deeper in parteys role too.

  31. Nigel Tufnel


    With doom about Jesus already.

    Talking about how hard he will be to offload LOL the ink isn’t even dry yet.

    I’m calling it now…..


  32. Goobergooner

    Also AFCF

    Partey didn’t cost us last season. Everybody except Arteta fanboys (and of course Arteta and Edu) said we needed actual quality competition for places in the midfield for the last 10 years.

    Yes it was a shame he was out. As well as both Tierney and tomiyasu. But that shit happens.

    The right decision was not to spend 50m on a CB and not in a position we are light in first 11 quality and also light in quality backup.

  33. Nigel Tufnel

    Can we go easy on the negativity about Gab Jesus in general?

    What is wrong with some people here?

    You read the stats from Pedro and Rich, player in the same league… experienced, in a very similar Pepteta system, with good creators around him in Ødegaard, Martinelli , Saka, now Vieira….

    Even if the salary is a little over 200k (again those are always maximum or embellished figures for media) …. frikking Lacazette was on 180k and he was in long rapid decline.

    Thanks for the scoop Pedro, but I said the past 2 nights here that Jesus deal is done.

    I’ve also said in the past week that Raphina is not going to happen. I’m glad most of us agree it’s too much to pay any more than our current offer. Fk Leeds in this case.

    I am like most here anxious about midfield. I hope we don’t rest on our laurels after this big transfer announcement. I hope we’re working on the next one.

  34. Dark Hei

    I honestly don’t know too much about Grabriel Jesus. His stats isn’t too exciting. But then again Lacazette, whom he has been compared to on Le Grove by the naysayers, came to Arsenal with very exciting stats. Pepe even more.

    At this point it is reductive to write him off. What we do know is that he is at least EPL ready and City don’t regard us rivals so they don’t mind selling to us.

    We are getting a guy with a point to prove and who wants to be the main guy. I think that works for us at least. Whether he is better than the hypothetical strikers that are not linked to us, who knows.

  35. FoxInTheBox

    Does anyone see a prolific goal-scorer in the Arsenal transfer mix? There was some news abt Raul De Tomas. That’s the type of striker Arsenal needs – strong, taller than both Laca and Jesus, form is peaking. scored 45% of Espanyol’s goals last season. Very few of those from penalties.

  36. Pierre

    Jesus is a very good player without a doubt , though he probably hasn’t reached the heights that many thought he would after exploding onto the scene with City..

    Jesus has been competing first with aguero as strikerb who was a different class , and then with mahrez, Grealish and sterling , so it hasn’t been easy for him to cement a regular spot in the side.
    His goal contributions per 90 are exceptional, but one would expect any city offensive player to have pretty good stats, although Grealish are pretty average..

    I have a feeling that jesus will play out wide on a regular basis for Arsenal early on , with Eddie taking the striker’s role.
    If Eddie struggles up top then jesus will automatically take his place , though i do expext Eddie to hit the ground running next season if given the chance..

    The early fixtures are a godsend for our strikers as we should be in the ascendancy and create numerous opportunities for our offensive players.
    These are the fixtures that Odegaard or fabio should be on the ball enough to create as we will be looking to dominate possession.

  37. InsideRight

    De Tomas is literally one inch taller than Lacazette and one and half inches taller than Jesus. So I don’t think there’s a height argument to be had.

    I really like what I’ve seen of De Tomas. Wherever he’s gone he’s scored goals at a consistent rate. He’s three years older than Jesus and we have no idea how De Tomas would settle in or whether he would fit into whatever system Arteta wants to play.

    I would think someone like De Tomas would do will with the kind of service that could be provided by Saka, ESR, Martinelli and Vieira through the line or cut back into the box. But so would Nketiah and Jesus. And Jesus has clear experience in the Prem.

    If Arteta persists with having wide players sky in their crosses to imaginary 6’3″ header merchants in the middle, then I think even De Tomas would struggle make a difference. The output of our strikers will depend largely on how the team is set up and coached to deliver the final ball. So, over to Arteta.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s get realistic Gabriel Jesus is an excellent footballer at the right age with experience of
    having played for Man City who have won the League Title three times in last four years.

    He will cost probably £45 million which is less than half what Chelsea paid for Lukaku who
    is now going back to Inter Milan on loan.

    Arsenal want to recruit two Brazilian International Footballers who collectively will probably cost less than £100 million. So we should have potentially 5 forwards on the books
    who are capable of scoring double digit goals.

    When you add in the creativity of Odegaard and Vieira we should be in a better place this
    season to improve our overall goal scoring performance.

    My only concern at the moment is the central midfield position. This was supposed to
    be one of two positions which would be prioritised in this transfer window. The loss of
    Partey through injury in the latter stages of season probably cost us a top four finish. We
    need a quality player to rotate with Partey and Xhaka.

  39. FoxInTheBox

    “If Arteta persists with having wide players sky in their crosses to imaginary 6’3″ header merchants in the middle, then I think even De Tomas would struggle make a difference. ”

    Well said.

    In 2020, Arteta’s wide players were sending in all heights of crosses without a 6’3″. In 2021, the crosses were all low; hence largely and similarly and naturally ineffective.

    Hence, we either have a 6’3″ to head in. Or, have a prolific ‘shootscorer’, which neither of Jesus and Eddie are.

  40. Nigel Tufnel

    I’m with Willy, and Pedro gets it. Things are looking up, in a big way.

    Our own homegrown players who are actually improving at a good pace… ESR, Nketiah, Saka, Martinelli.. then added recently Ødegaard. White, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Partey……Saliba incoming. Ramsdale making the job his own. Now just bought 2 more exciting players, Marquinos for the future, and in the running to add a couple more this summer. Owners trying to get us back in CL at least.

    Yeah we still have deficiencies, like every club, but no dark sarcasm necessary when things are getting exciting.

    Would you rather be a spurs fan and take that 4th spot in exchange for that teams trajectory?
    2 aging stars who’ll be on their way in a couple years, leaving without trophies.
    Even Son’s father complaining his boy will retire without even a lesser cup.

    Perisic I just found out was loaned out by Conte a couple years back because he didn’t rate him enough. Did you know he’s on 180k, but clowns here complain when we get a Brazil star in his prime and pay a little more.

    Enjoy your club in times like these. The large majority of other teams fans are jealous of us right now. In the next couple seasons, that will include fans of Spurs, United, and Chelsea, who will be fighting forn4th. Arsenal will be fighting for 3rd this season, with a good shot at the Europa league win.

    I’m sorry for you if you can’t get excited about our team at this moment…. Then you probably can’t get excited about much in life.

  41. Bigper

    Jesus is one of those players that will start well then over a couple of years will become ‘arsenalised’ and turn shit whilst taking a huge unwarranted salary

  42. Kegunner

    Iwobi and Chambo were sold for 40 million with one year left so if we get Jesus and Martinez at 35 million then the deals are not bad. Also it is easier to sell players at a premium when we are high up the table than lower down the table. Players will also be more willing to play for the club at lower wages. There is a premium for success. If Edu and Arteta manage to pull off the clubs ambitions, the club will reap dividends for years to come.

  43. Wicked Willy


    I echo everything you say. I don’t doubt CM is a priority, I just think it takes time to get the right player sometimes. I can only think of two CMs that fit the bill (Ruiz, Tielemans) although that Nunes chap could be quite handy, but less of a known quantity.

    The main thing for me is we are showing serious intent. Excited to see what our squad looks like in two months time.

  44. Nigel Tufnel

    Leeds trying to buy Gapko while they extort us. Maybe we should go in for Gapko ourselves, drive up the price and see if they want to be more reasonable about our generous opening offer for Raphina. Fek them and their 65£ mil valuation. He’s not such a unique player.

  45. Gommit

    How can so many on here be this negative? I haven’t been this excited about a transfer window for years and for the new season to start.

    I even downloaded the old champman 0102 and added our potential transfers to the Arsenal and it is rocking! (this coming from a guy who hasn’t played computer games for roughly 20 years… This is how excited I am.

    I can agree with someone that suggested a sneaky bid for Gnabry as an alternative to Raphina

  46. Wicked Willy


    Gnabry would indeed be proper stellar. I for one might just wet myself if it got announced, and I think it would be my happiest transfer news since we got Bergkamp. Alas, it feels like wishful thinking to me, but there’s no harm in moving heaven and earth to try and pull it off.

    Here’s to a vintage summer

  47. Pascal Stepanovs

    Having a good day? Come to Le Grove and have all the happiness drained out of you by doom mongers 🤣

    Jesus is a great signing.
    Raphinha for £65m is a joke
    We never buy from Leicester they seem to have this weird complex when it comes to selling us players and I can see Tielemans staying there.
    Martinez is my preferred cover for LB over Hickey as he can play LCB and cover Partey as well

    I’m , for once, a little bit excited this early in silly season

  48. andy1886

    ES, I agree that we would have five players with a potential to score into double digits, the things is though we can only play three at a time. We do need that 15-20 goal striker that makes a difference. For me (and Pierre will like this) Eddie is the most likely to achieve that which leaves two of Martinelli, Saka, and ESR on the bench assuming that we sign and play Jesus. That’s not even considering Raphinha who we’ve actual bid for too.

  49. Karsa

    We’ll still sign Tielemans.

    Leicester can’t afoord to let him run down his contract so the longer it goes without a bidding war the weaker their position.

  50. andy1886

    Also agree with those saying that we’re going to have to change our style of play to score more goals. We need fewer balls in from wide positions and to play more through the middle. Assuming that Vieira will be playing as an AM or even as a second striker we’ll need to make sure he gets enough ball to be effective. As already mentioned our striker isn’t going to be winning many headers and the vast majority of lower crosses will be cut out. See our home 0-0 draw with Burnley as an example of what to expect even against poorer sides unless we rethink our attacking process.

  51. Dark Hei


    Actually players will fetch a better price if they did well during the season.

    When Iwobi was sold, he was fairly integral to Emery’s side and was someone Wenger relied upon. That counted for something. Same with the Ox.

    Those whom we are trying to sell right now, the situation is different. I think Pepe is an interesting punt for some EPL teams; his costs is likely prohibitive outside of UK. His situation is going to be where clubs will come in with loan offers. It will be similar to the Torreira deal, loan with an obligation to buy. I expect such transfers to occur at the tail end of the window

  52. andy1886

    Un, yes maybe ESR will play more centrally sometimes in rotation with Vieira and Ode if we play with two 8’s. That leaves Partey or Xhaka as our ‘6’, not sure that I’d want to see Xhaka there though to be honest.

  53. Un

    If xakha stays he won’t be the lone anchor
    Either double pivot behind a 10 or one of the 8s

    Interestingly I heard on a podcast (think it was arseblog) that Lisandro’s profile is more similar to Fabinho than any other player in the top 5 leagues and that he may be brought in to play in midfield. I’m very intrigued to see (if he joins) how he would he used.

  54. Wicked Willy


    Man City just won the title with top scorers of 15, 13 and 11. It would seem there’s more than one way to skin the premier league cat, although I’m not going to complain if we had someone banging in 20 a season!

  55. Un


    Have you seen how many goals Liverpool and city score from low balls across the box? A lot. I think that’s going to still be a feature but hopefully with more variety to out tool box
    I’m not a huge fan of the current style of low wide balls
    Miss the old days of playing through the middle

  56. Doublethink

    Is there a difference between Jesus choosing us because he wants to be the main man and Martinez wanting assurances that he’ll be first choice?

  57. andy1886

    WW/Un, the main difference between us and City/Liverpool is the speed at which we attack. We’re very pedestrian getting the ball forwards so those crosses are usually aimed at a single attacker covered by several defenders. Probably the main reason why we don’t score enough.

    We’ve all been there when you can tell that we’re going to struggle because within the first five or ten minutes we’re playing the ball back and forth between the CB’s and CM’s multiple times while the opposition get set. The idea that somehow we’ll draw the opposition in and exploit the spaces never seems to work. This need to stop.

  58. Pierre

    From the limited highlights I’ve seen of Fabio , he looks like a player who is keen to play the ball inside the full back , something we have been missing for a couple of years.

    Last season the predictable pass was xhaka to martinelli standing on the touch line , or Odegaard to Saka standing on the touch line.
    Very rarely did we attempt the pass inside the full back and very rarely did our wide players make the run to enable the ball to be played inside the full back.

    Again it was predictable that when martinelli or saka received the ball that they normally would be looking to cut inside onto their favourite foot to either have a shot or square the ball.

    It is no wonder our strikers have been starved of decent chances the last few years because as soon as the wide player cuts inside he congests the play , meaning there is little room for the striker to find space and receive the ball.
    This coincides with our full backs not playing high enough to overlap to create width so our attack becomes very predictable.

    There is a simple answer to this problem , get Saka back to left , a position he’s played all his life and a position where he is devastating with his ability to find a team mate from a wide position.( not too wide though)
    So for me , a left footer on the left and a right footer on the right and then we can start getting behind the opposition defence to play the killer ball from within the width of the penalty area into the corridor of uncertainty and the cut back which is always a difficult ball to defend.

    City are the masters of getting behind the opposition defence by creating overloads out wide and crossing from the width of the area, the amoint of tap ins they score from this action is confirmation of how it can work.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Andy 1886

    You are of course correct that we can play only three forwards on the pitch at any one time.
    However, the new substitution rule plus the increased number of games allows us to rotate
    and freshen the squad.

    The point is not so much whether a player scores 20+ goals a season, but whether the position on the pitch can deliver let’s say 15-20 goals. I am pretty sure that both Jesus and
    Nketiah can contribute 25 goals in the CF position over a season if on form and not injured.

  60. Habesha Gooner

    Spurs are selling Harry winks to Everton. I can see spurs going in for Tielemans at that price. He is a good opportunity and others will feel the same too. The longer the window goes, the more activity there will be. We would be fools to let Bissouma and Tielemans go to spurs for 25 mil each.

    They will need a CM. And so will others. I like this Viera kid. And I like Raphinha. But we have our priorities mixed up. If we don’t sign a CM, Arteta will have made his bed if he fails.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    I agree that Arsenal need a third central midfielder on the books. Partey is not going to play
    50 games a season and Xhaka may be a decent work horse to have on the books, but we should be looking for an upgrade.

    Clearly Tielemans and Ruiz would be two options. I made the point yesterday that Arsenal
    should offer Torreira in part exchange for Ruiz to Napoli. Ruiz has refused to sign a new contract and Torreira wants to stay in Italy where he is clearly better suited.

  62. Habesha Gooner

    At the end of last season if you had asked me what positions were necessary for us I would have said this.

    ST 1st priority : (we don’t have enough)
    CM 2nd priority : (need an upgrade)
    DM & LB joint 3rd priority : both positions equal priorities because we have Partey and Tierney who have been injured frequently.
    RW/LW 5th priority : rotation option for Saka.

    Then anything on top would have been a bonus. Now we will have fixed the CF, LB, RW issue by the end of this summer. But I am not sure we will address the CM and DM issues.

    I like Viera but I didn’t think he was a necessity. And if he was signed, I don’t think a right sided wide forward is a neccessary either. And if we are planning an Odegaard Viera Partey midfield that that is idiotic for me. An inexperienced CAM from Portugal isn’t the solution for our CM issues IMO.

    My ideal summer would have been a squad that will consist of
    GK: Ramsdale, Turner Okwonkwo
    RB : Tomi, Cedric
    CB : White, Saliba
    CB : Gabriel, Holding
    LB Tierney, Don’t necessarily have a preference (Martinez)
    DM Partey, Bissouma, Elneny
    CM Tielemans, Sambi
    CAM, Odegaard, ESR
    RW Saka, Raphinha, Jesus
    LW, Martinelli, ESR, Raphinha
    CF Jesus, Eddie, Martinelli

    Outs; Xhaka, Pepe, Leno, Tavarez, Lacazette (already gone), Bellerin, Mari, Torreira, Nelson, AMN, Ballard.

    That would have been the summer I would have thought was balanced and reasonable. Still if we get Viera, Raphinha, Tielemans, Jesus, Martinez and Turner, we would have fixed 5 of the problem positions. And backup DM and backup RB will have to wait. But as of right now, we have signed a luxury player, talking to Jesus (an important position) and Raphinha who is overpriced and is a 5th priority in my opinion.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    Napoli are stubborn and they won’t sell easily. They will but not for Torreira. They will want cash in my opinion. But I would be happy with Fabian Ruiz. He is more offensive than Xhaka and has higher Ceiling to improve our team. Xhaka just needs to fight for his place against decent competition for once. Tielemans or Ruiz and I think he is benched.

  64. Rich

    Jesus, Nketiah, Martinelli, Odegaard, potentially Raphinha, would makes us much better pressers

    That’s a recipe for high octane football.

    Throw in the technical quality of Saka, Smith Rowe, and potentially Vieria, who from YouTube highlights looks technically excellent, but other than a few online clips, I know nothing about.

    If we sign Raphinha + Jesus? We’d have 7 players all capable, and who I’d expect to chip in with “at least” 10 goals each

    That’s a really healthy position to be in, not reliant upon one player for final third output

    We know Arteta prefers to focus on the collective, he’s not interested in Mavericks or impact players who don’t do both sides of the game.

    There’s plenty of room for internal improvements with Saka 20, Smith Rowe 21, Martinelli 21, Odegaard 23, Nketiah 23, I’d expect each of those players to improve their output this season, particularly if we supplement around them astutely

    You can talk about a lack of goals, which is a fair concern, but the reality is that 20-22yr olds are rarely prolific, there’s exceptions, but it’s not the general rule

    Signing Raphinha + Jesus, while tying down Eddie, is a clear strategy to implement a more pressing style, it’s not random or opportunistic, it’s deliberate

  65. Nigel Tufnel


    Tielemans to Spuds would really bother me, not just because I want him, but he’d be a big improvement for them. Surely Leicester see them as direct competition in the league as they do us.

    Unfortunately, the player would probably go for the team with CL given the choice.

  66. Wicked Willy


    You keep voicing what I’m thinking. We are going to be a nightmare to play against next season, albeit, No doubt there’ll be the occasional dip due to age profile.

  67. Habesha Gooner

    I am not worried about us going forward if we sign Jesus and Raphinha on top of Viera. Even Jesus and Viera would improve us a lot offensively.

    What I am concerned about is we will still get overrun in midfield. We are one injury to Partey away from having Xhaka, Elneny and Sambi as the choices of the holding midfield positions.

    We weren’t let down because of our young attackers away to palace, away to Newcastle, away to Tottenham and at home to brighton. We were pressed relentlessly and Xhaka, Elneny, Partey (got injured half way though the palace game), and Sambi (played as a 6 when he didn’t do it all season), all had poor games. Central Midfield is still lacking in quality for me and Arteta doesn’t seem to see this.

  68. Habesha Gooner

    Can you imagine spurs having Tielemans/Bentancur, Bissouma/Hoijberg/skipp as their options?

    They have the best forward line out of all the top 4 competition. And if they sign Tielemans, they will have the best central midfield out of all of the competition. They would be a shoe in for third if that happens. Perisic/reguilon will be fine as LWB and Spence/Emerson or Dhorethy will be fine too. Conte used Victor fucking mosses to a high level. We will be in trouble if they have that much quality in their midfield on top of their forward line.

  69. Pierre

    There should be no qualms about playing lakonga, he did enough last season, before being frozen out, to suggest that he is more than capable of doing a job.

  70. raptora

    Pierre:”So for me , a left footer on the left and a right footer on the right”

    You say this but afterwards you say: “City are the masters of getting behind the opposition defence by creating overloads out wide and crossing from the width of the area”

    Let’s see what type of wingers are City playing:
    Left wing – Sterling (R), Grealish (R)
    Right wing – Mahrez (L), Bernardo (L)

    Left footers on the right and right footers on the left.

    Let’s check Liverpool:
    Left wing – Mane (R), Diaz (R)
    Right wing – Salah (L)

    Let’s check globally:
    Left wing – Neymar (R), Vinicius (R), Son (both), Coutinho (R), Leao (R), Ferran (R), Danjuma (R), Gakpo (R), Zaha (R), Carrasco (R)
    Right wing – Messi (L), Bowen (L), Saka (L), Raphinha (L), Kulusevski (L), Asensio (L), Antony (L), Pepe (L), Dembele (both)

    Playing Saka on the right and Martinelli on the left is not the reason we are not dangerous. It’s because our full backs don’t go that deep in the opposition’s territory and our wingers stay rooted to the touch line. There isn’t much connection there and it goes for a dire watch.

    When you think about City’s full backs – Cancelo, Walker, now Cucurella. Liverpool’s Trent and Robertson. They do so much in attack. Like a lot lot. Our FBs are not close and Tomi is a defense first player, who will never be as good in attack.

    Mostly our problems are that we are playing with the handbrake on and we don’t want to attack in high numbers because we are always uber careful not to concede on the counter. We don’t trust ourselves that if we lose the ball, we’re going to win it back in time. We need to change that and investing so much money should be a guarantee for some exciting football. If it doesn’t happen, then jeez, it’ll be very sad.

  71. Rich

    Palace away on the Monday night was always going to be a tough game, the home crowd are always lively in the first 30 minutes or so, unless they get silenced with a counterpunch

    We failed to ride out the early storm, we were getting murdered down our left with Tavares positionally having a shocker, and Gabriel looking shaky as a result

    After going 2-0 down early, it was always going to be a mountain to climb.

    I hate digging out young players, but Tavares is currently nowhere near the required level tactically or positionally, and his decision making is erratic

    He’s got all the raw ingredients to develop into an exceptional left back, but he was behind Grimaldo in the pecking order at Benfica, and the jump straight from backup left back at Benfica, to playing in the PL for Arsenal, was too big of a leap.

    I’d have no issue with him playing Europa, or early rounds of the domestic cups, but with Tierney’s injuries, I do worry about him in the bigger games, or playing in the PL

    He needs to play consistently, get a season of regular football at a lower level, then we can reevaluate.

    He’s got unbelievable pace + power, a great engine, he’s decent with both feet, and can produce excellent quality in the final third, and open up a game from deep

    But a season of consistent football maybe in the Championship, seems like a sensible move at this stage of his development, maybe with a January early recall option, just in case we need him.

  72. Graham62

    Ok, I’m going to try and be more upbeat from now on and “engage” with those that need to be engaged with.Go with the flow as they say.
    Feel excited and joyous about the times ahead.
    Not be so anti-Arteta in my approach and be a true Gooner by not dwelling on the negatives.

    All I need though, is someone to convince me that we have a top notch leader at the helm, who can distinguish between right and wrong and can make the right judgment calls, at the right time.
    You know, someone who can maximise our full potential and can stimulate and motivate every single player. Get them to play in a way and a system that all fans see, admire and get excited about.

    If someone can do this for me, I’m more than happy to change my ways.

  73. Habesha Gooner

    For once we agree. Sambi is talented in my opinion. But he isn’t experienced to be the DM like Rodri or a Bousquests type of midfielder. He isn’t a destroyer like Fabinho and Casmemio either. But I don’t think he is a DM at all.

    I think he should be a rotation option as a CM. A role Xhaka played last season can suit him very well. I thi k he is a No 8 for now. I am not saying he can’t be developed to play a 6. But he was out of his depth playing that role in that 3 consecutive defeats. Move on Xhaka, Bring in a CM, Bring in a DM as an alternative to Partey and our midfield would have been fixed.

  74. Samesong

    If someone can do this for me, I’m more than happy to change my ways.

    Graham see with your own eyes you don’t need anyone to convince you. The football should do the talking.

  75. raptora

    “Official and confirmed. Christopher Nkunku extends his contract with RB Leipzig until June 2026, deal now signed and sealed. 🚨🔒 #Leipzig There’s a release clause included in the new deal for €60m. Release clause will be valid starting from summer 2023. Also, it could reach higher figures – as happened with other Leipzig clauses in the past.”

    Nkunku for 50m pounds?! What the eff! Now that’s how you do business when you want to move to a top club. There will be a lot of clubs lining up for him.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah we made mistake at palace, but our midfield wasn’t able to get us up the pitch at all either. Same in the game against Newcastle and Spurs away. Elneny and Xhaka just crumbled. We just couldn’t get out of our half regularly. Odegaard didn’t have the best of games either. You can have the best forward line but if they are starved, it will be detrimental. We saw it with spurs who were struggling with Locelso and Ndombele too. As soon as they added Bentancur they started to play better. They had supply to their forwards.

    The only way to beat a pressing team like palace is by having a somehow press resistant midfield. Liverpool are the best pressing team and Real Madrid had control in the 2nd half of a CL final because they had Luka Modric and Kroos. They struggled a bit defensively but they also got out of their half regularly. Veratti is one of the best midfielders in the world at this. It doesn’t matter what you do, he will still supply the forward line.

    Xhaka and Elneny are the opposite of press resistant. Press them hard enough and they will crumble. Sambi can drop a shoulder but he can’t be facing his own goal like a 6.

  77. Rich

    There’s always an offset to developing youth, the young players with be better next season, particularly if we astutely supplement what’s around them.

    Smith Rowe had been carrying an issue since Xmas, which was a big blow, he looks to have that Pires/Ljungberg knack of timing his runs into the box perfectly.

    Odegaard seems to struggle a bit without Partey behind him, particularly away from home, in a similar way to Ozil’s productivity dropping without Cazorla

    Cazorla was brilliant at beating the press in deep areas, creating overloads in the final third, which gave Ozil the platform to shine, if Cazorla had stayed fit, I think we’d have won the title in 2015/16.

    It’s why I have huge concerns around Partey’s fitness, he’s one of our most important players, he provides penetration from deep, and is a direct route into the forward positions

    But if we can’t get 40-45 games out of him? Then a legitimate question needs to be asked about his future, and resources being put into a similar style of player who’s more robust.

    Hopefully Saliba, and internal improvements of White, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, can help provide better penetration from deeper areas, and maybe Ramsdale’s kicking can improve as well.

  78. Graham62


    I realise that Samesong but you’ll have to enlighten me about the past 30 months, because apart from a few flashes here and there, it’s not been very pretty stuff.

    My eyes haven’t deceived me during this period. Getting in new players is all well and good but are you telling me that since December 2019 we’ve achieved great things. If the new players have to absorb all the same stuff as far as our methods and systems are concerned, then we could be in for a tricky season.

    Anyway, as I previously highlighted, I’ll give it a go.

  79. Samesong


    As silly as it sounds I want to look forward to the new season and then take it from there. I want to see the signings that come in. What they are like.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    Tielemans and Ruiz will probably be an upgrade for Xhaka, but I still think that Xhaka will
    start in a lot of games, because this season we will need to rotate. I would be surprised if
    Xhaka did not start in at least 20-25.

    Xhaka is very similar to Henderson at Liverpool. Henderson may not produce as many brain
    fahrt moments, but I don’t rate him to be a better footballer.

  81. Ishola70

    Xhaka is not the same as Henderson though.

    Off the ball it’s like night and day between them.

    Henderson has a better engine and can press opponents all over the pitch whereas Xhaka can struggle with pressing an opponent especially higher up the pitch.

    It’s all about off the ball. That’s the main criticism of Xhaka.

  82. Wicked Willy


    Good for you. My suggestion would be to write off the early years, do a Pedro, and treat this as year 1, and then go from there.

    The reason I say this, is that Arteta might not be able to make gourmet cuisine out of a hodge podge of ingredients like some managers can, but give him the right ingredients and I suspect he’ll make you a souffle that’ll make you jizz in ya pants.

    If we get the transfers we want, I reckon we’ll start to see the soufflé taking shape next season.

  83. Ishola70

    “Not like on the ball he is a magician either…”

    No but you could live with him if he was actually like Henderson off the ball.

    We all know Klopp plays high octane football and high press Henderson included.

    Xhaka would be absolutely lost if Klopp had him and instructed him to join in the high press in his team.

    That’s the difference between Xhaka and Henderson.

  84. Un


    We crumbled against spurs because we played a high line against the one team you do not want to be playing a high line against with a centre half who is a fish up a tree on a high line. The ref sending holding off was another example of shit officiating costing us when son, Kane and others were leaving boots and elbows in.
    Once we went down to 10 it was game over

    At that point in the season saka was knackered (due to being red zoned) and esr and tomi were carrying injuries. He gambled on a small squad and that backfired spectacularly. The midfield of xakha and Elneny was good enough to beat Manchester United, chelsea and West Ham. It was a combination of poor fitness management, wrong tactical approach and too few quality squad options which cost us.
    With more high quality, technical squad options those year we will have so much more ball security and variety in the final 3rd. You just have to hope that Arteta learns how to manage the squad and approaches games like the spurs one with the correct tactical application

  85. Pierre

    Thought I’d work out goal contributions per minute for last season to see who , why and where we are falling short and out of the new offensive players we are being linked with, how their figures stand up .

    Saka 166
    Mar 155
    Smith rowe 160
    Eddie  137
    Odegaard 253
    Kane 124
    Jesus 117
    Raphina 203
    Fernandes 195
    Maddison 123
    De bruyne 95
    Mount 112

    Looking at the above goal contributions per minute, our weakness compared to the others is Odegaard, who is left floundering by the likes of maddison, mount , de bruyne and fernandes.

    Out wide it is a credit to Martinelli that he is above smith rowe , who comes in 2nd and saka 3rd.

    Up top Eddie is not too far behind kane , though of course he only started limited games .

    Of the new players possibly coming in, Raphina’s contributions look pretty average , while jesus is very impressive.

    Stats won’t tell you everything but Odegaard’s goal contributions considering the amount of play that goes through him is very poor ,whereas Martinelli’s is very impressive considering how little he is involved in the game compared to saka and Odegaard.

    One can understand why Arteta has signed fabio to increase our creativity and his extra 10/15 goal contributions could make all the difference.

    To be honest , I’m not surprised of the outcome as for me Odegaard is very overrated by some and i look forward to seeing Fabio next season as our playmaker.

  86. Un

    It’s why I have huge concerns around Partey’s fitness, he’s one of our most important players, he provides penetration from deep, and is a direct route into the forward positions But if we can’t get 40-45 games out of him? Then a legitimate question needs to be asked about his future, and resources being put into a similar style of player who’s more robust.

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking. If partey breaks down again this season then we must be looking at other options next summer.

  87. raptora

    WW: “Arteta might not be able to make gourmet cuisine out of a hodge podge of ingredients like some managers can, but give him the right ingredients and I suspect he’ll make you a souffle that’ll make you jizz in ya pants.”

    Based on the evidence of what exactly? More wishful thinking posters or is it a known poster under a new alias? Can’t believe people actually EXPECT for us to start playing some incredible football after 2 and a half years of huffing and puffing and not much exciting football.

    Obviously that the club has a higher chance of doing better overall after we’re on course to spend some stunning money over 2-3 Summers. Who would have guessed that after changing the whole team – some given away, some paid to leave, and after spending hundreds of millions of pounds, we’ll get to some something better. But to EXPECT some insane quality under Arteta – based on what really? A hunch? lol

  88. Un

    Martinelli’s game is built on goal contributions. He’s a low touch penalty box player. It’s hey he and auba couldn’t play in the same team. Odegaard is a facilitator. He moves the ball about looking for gaps to exploit
    He finds the wide men in danger areas who then give the final ball.

  89. Pierre

    “Left footers on the right and right footers on the left.”

    I knew when i made the comment that someone would pick me up that, but for me the difference is City create overloads out wide , we don’t .
    Under Emery , we created overloads our wide, under Arteta we don’t.

    So taking that into account,if we want to create chances for our strikers, i would have a left footer on the left and a right footer on the right as we are way too predictable atm with saka and Martinelli cutting inside.

  90. Ishola70

    I have doubts Arteta will drop Odegaard for Vieira.

    He likes Odegaard’s work ethic and that atm is a doubt regarding Vieira.

    I can see why you like Vieira Pierre because he could be envisaged to play just like Ozil did just behind the forwards and away from central midfield but I think Arteta will continue to want to have Odegaard for the time being.

    I’m not sure we will even see Vieira in the first team straight away and when and if he does begin starting matches we could see him on the flank as an inverted forward player.

    It was seen as old fashioned to have an advanced ACM that doesn’t get back and contribute off the ball in central midfield.

  91. Pierre

    Saka is 166 and also floundering behind mount Maddison and KDB.”

    Saka is a wide player , mount, Debruyne and Maddison play similar positions to Odegaard.

  92. Rich

    We scored 61 league goals last season, if we were to sign Tielemans, Jesus, Raphinha, tie down Saka + Saliba, and get a quality left back to compete/rotate with Tierney

    The expectations should definitely shift, alongside internal improvements, we should be aiming for a 50% increase in goal output across 38 games

    90-100 goals

    I’ve been accused of making excuses for Emery + Arteta, but looking at our squad, I haven’t been at all surprised by our “struggles” in recent seasons

    Signing 3 PL ready attacking players, who would all be set to enter their prime years, to add to the foundation we have in place, should see significant improvements in our attacking output

    Tielemans is a good player, think he’d do really well in that left sided No8 role, a few question marks about him defensively, but offensively he’s got superb quality

  93. Habesha Gooner

    None of Westham, Chelsea or Man United are pressing teams.

    Westham have central midfielders who are big and play on a low block. Their forwards were Benrhama, Bowen and formals.

    United were shambles. And they don’t even k ow how to press. They don’t run at all.

    Chelsea have Kovacic and Jorginho in midfield. Kanete was over the hill. And their forwards aren’t pressing machines either.

    Palace had Gallagher and Schlupp in their midfield a d we couldn’t cope. Newcastle didn’t even let us out with relentless pressure from Joelinton and Bruno Guimaraes.
    I will give you spurs because we played a high line.

    Elneny is okay as a 5th choice CM/DM. Xhaka has his qualities but he isn’t made for a team that wants to press high and wants to play out from the back. He isn’t press resistant. And he ranks low in pressure and such stats. He likes to stay back and be in the middle third of the pitch.

    Arteta is basically contradicting himself with Xhaka. You can’t have him in the team long term and want to play a high press, play out from the back kind of football. He needs to be a squad player at the very least.

  94. Habesha Gooner

    Xhaka and Henderson are totally different. Henderson isn’t particularly a passer. But he isn’t awful either. Xhaka is a passer. But Henderson can also drop a shoulder, run with the ball for medium distances and he can press high up the pitch. These are none of Xhaka’s attributes. We need better than him. We also need someone to back up Partey too. I don’t mi d Xhaka being a squaddie. He just can’t be a starter.

  95. Un

    Odegaard will register more assists this season (if he is played as a 10) wth Jesus, Nketiah and someone like Raphinha adding goals. Martinelli had a low output season too

  96. Un

    Tuchel is a pressing coach. It’s just that our team beat their press. United are a pressing team, it’s just that CR7 doesn’t press
    City are a pressing team and we outplayed them at the emirates with xakha in midfield.
    We beat spurs at the emirates with xakha in midfield

  97. Graham62

    Let’s put it this way, if Henderson replaced Xhaka, would you be happier?

    Would Klopp take someone like Xhaka?

    No, of course he wouldn’t.

    Pretending to work hard and actually working hard are two different things.

    Klopp wouldn’t tolerate bullshit.

  98. Valentin

    Henderson is better off the ball. Faster and better tackler. Most of the time, Liverpool play 4-3-3 rather than Arsenal 4-2-3-1, So Henderson has two teammates on the same line, so he has to monitor less ground and can be more aggressive than Xhaka.

    On the ball if given time Xhaka is much better than Henderson, the problem is that in the EPL, CMs are not offered time on the ball. If Xhaka were to play as part of midfield 3, he would be much more efficient. The games where he was much better such as the one against Chelsea, Arsenal lined up nominally as 3-4-3 but was really a 3-6-1 defensively which offered him more protection.

  99. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    The point I made is that Xhaka and Henderson have similar levels of ability and not the
    nuances of what they do.

    I am pretty sure that if you ask supporters of Swiss National team what they think about Xhaka they rate him a lot more highly than we do at Arsenal. It should not be forgotten also that Xhaka has played for much of his career at Arsenal in a disfunctional team.

  100. Un

    Have a little butchers at this. Doesn’t penetrate? Doesn’t pass inside the full back
    Look how many chance he creates either with the final or second to final ball.
    How many were squandered? Mainly by Lacazette from this clip.
    I count at least 7-10 more assists here.
    But also note how he opens teams up, not by laying on the final ball but by finding a guy in space who can then do damage. That’s what he brings.

  101. Ishola70

    Chelsea’s press was pretty pathetic tbh in that match won at Stamford Bridge.

    Tuchel showed arrogance in that match.

    We were on their backline in an instant in that game on many occasions during the match.

    Tuchel showed a disregard for the opponent in that match and left his defence badly exposed.

    Fair play to Arsenal for exploiting that but Chelsea were very dodgy in that match themselves.

  102. Un


    Tuchel mentioned that Arteta changed formation 3 tens within the match and that’s what fucked his system.
    Galaxy brain works sometimes
    I hope that he can galaxy brain his subs bench next season rather than keep using the same 11 if it’s not working
    He needs to trust his squad more often

  103. Ishola70

    Tuchel was looking for excuses for his own arrogance and ineptitude in that match.

    He was piling players forward and leaving his backline massively exposed.

    Disregard for the opponent.

    Got punished for it.

  104. Marko

    the player is convinced, £220k a week is the number, and there are no viable suitors that can offer what we can.

    So money. Don’t get me wrong I think Jesus can we good but as an out and out main man up top… it’s risky honestly just ask Brazil. Ideally it should have been him and someone like Scamacca instead of him and Raphinha but we’ll see if it works out. Is Jesus and Nketiah better than Lacazette and Nketiah? Absolutely. Is it better than some of the other striking options of our rivals? I’m not so sure but we’ll see

  105. InsideRight

    I’ve been feeling quite positive about the signings target list.

    Vieira is an intriguing signing and he could do well. I think Jesus is an upgrade on what we have so that could be very good if we look to cut back from the goal line, slip the ball between CB and FB, or create space for shots from the edge of the area. It’s good to hear the likes of Tielemens, Martinez and Raphinha are targets too. They all give us improvements.

    But my warm glow has just been chilled because Italian journalist Claudio Raimondi is claiming that “something is moving” on Arsenal’s side regarding Arthur Melo.

    That rumour stinks the place out. Barca were happy to get rid of him, and he’s failed to make the grade at Juve and they are desperate to shift him. Literally no other club has been linked with him. But once again we are being linked with him. When we consider the kind of midfield targets we could be looking at, if Edu is looking at Melo just because he’s Brazilian I will be severely fucked off.

  106. Marko

    The expectations should definitely shift, alongside internal improvements, we should be aiming for a 50% increase in goal output across 38 games 90-100 goals

    So title challenging

  107. Habesha Gooner

    I have never seen anyone call this United team a pressing team. All their fans actually cry about their players not running.

    Chelsea aren’t a pressing team either. Tuchel is a low block coach from what I have seen at Chelsea. Their defense was why they won the CL. They play three at the back. And they retake their shape until they get the ball. They are possession based and expansive with their wing backs so they don’t need to be as much as a pressing team as much as a 433 team like Liverpool and City.

    Liverpool and city are relentless though. Palace are also a pressing high up the pitch kind of team. So are Newcastle under Eddie howe.

  108. Matt

    My biggest concern right now with Jesus is that he is a similar type of player to Eddie, which means our options are limited if we are chasing a game and need to change things up.

    I would be happy with Raphina as long as it doesn’t mean no CM signing and when all the dust settles, I am still concerned what all of this means for ESR.

  109. raptora

    Any player can have an impressive compilation.
    What cannot be refuted that Odegaard seem to cause a divisive opinion. Some fans think he is the real deal, some don’t. Usually if you are that good, you don’t have fans of your own team being unhappy with you. He just isn’t that good. If he can bring it up a notch or two, maybe he’ll become what we need. At the moment he isn’t all that.

    Cute passes left and right isn’t it. Where are the examples of him passing to a teammate then running in space to receive the one-two? Why isn’t he attacking the dangerous in the penalty area other than 3-4 games in the season? He didn’t do enough last season. I don’t see how much can he improve. I hope he surprises me.

  110. Ishola70

    Tuchel won the CL with a low block against Man City as Habesha says.

    When he plays teams he sees as inferior he can get a little cocky and overdo it in piling players forward.

    We saw Chelsea who were far from convincing last season concede goals on counters to teams you would not expect them to ship goals against.

    He at times doesn’t get the balance right between attack and defence when he thinks his team is superior to the opponent.

  111. raptora

    What really annoys me in Odegaard is that he is what he is and he will hardly change. But in some games we need something different and Arteta just refused to not play him. Similar to Xhaka, he is the teacher’s pet.

  112. Rich


    Let’s see where we land squad wise, I don’t think we’ll win the title next season, it’s too big of a jump.

    But if we secure our talent, get Tielemans, Raphinha, Jesus, a quality left back, + Saliba

    We’ll certainly have the squad to compete on multiple fronts, we should certainly be looking at 81-86 points + 90 goals

    I’d expect a piece of silverware as well, think we’d be favourites for the Europa, and we could go for both domestic cups, without having to worry about it effecting our league form

    Hopefully we can get our top targets, because we’d then have 7 players who should be scoring 10 goals minimum, Jesus, Nketiah, Saka, Raphinha, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Odegaard

    Tielemans is good for a few, Vieira doesn’t have much top level experience, but from the highlights reels, he looks like he has end product in his locker

    If we can execute what we appear to be trying too, then the expectations will rightly shift significantly

  113. Un


    That’s a sensible observation and a fair point
    Same with holding. Certain players just aren’t good in certain situations. That lack of variety cost us last season

  114. Un

    I’d also say a lack of credible options in his eyes. If he trusted more he could have used ESR in the middle a bit more
    I think we will see a big improvement on that front in the coming season

  115. Goobergooner

    Some great chat about the way we set up to attack from Andy, Pierre (not so much the right footer for right wing thing, but I get what you mean) and raptora.

    “our problems are that we are playing with the handbrake on and we don’t want to attack in high numbers because we are always uber careful not to concede on the counter. We don’t trust ourselves that if we lose the ball, we’re going to win it back in time. We need to change that and investing so much money should be a guarantee for some exciting football. If it doesn’t happen, then jeez, it’ll be very sad.”

    I don’t even want to say it, but 100% xhaka is our weakest link against a counter.

    His worst attribute for sure. He’s either bypassed like nothing or makes a horrendous challenge.

    If we replace him there, hopefully tets will have a bit more faith letting off the handbrake.

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