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Well, it would appear that the Raphinha story might not smell of Vlahovic, it looks increasingly like Arsenal are going to go all out this window and bring in all the technical wide players.

Did anyone see Arsenal investing £60m on a player to replace Nicolas Pepe?

I did not.

But do I welcome it?

You are damn right I do.

Ornstein says this chatter is the real deal.

“Interest in him (Raphinha) is clear and firm. Mikel Arteta and a number of others at Arsenal really like him. Admiration not fresh, goes back a little way. I think that is the player they would like to bring in.”

Raphinha would be a monster show of ambition. He can play on the left, he can play on the right, I suspect he has the frame and profile to play as a false #9 if we needed him to do that job.

What do I like about him? He has power, speed, and brilliant control. There is a lot of end product and directness in his game… and we know he has the right character because he survived Bielsa.

FABIO VIEIRA IS IN THE DOOR. Mikel and Edu had this to say.

EDU: “We’re so pleased to have completed the signing of Fabio from FC Porto. Fabio is a player with special qualities who is comfortable with the ball in the final third of the pitch. We are all looking forward to working with him and enjoying his future contribution to Arsenal. We will now continue to work hard and are looking forward to finishing this transfer window as strongly possible.”

MIKEL: ”I am very excited that we have identified and signed such a special talent. Fabio is a very creative player that will bring high quality and versatility to our attacking play. We welcome Fabio and his family to our club and are looking forward to starting work with him ahead of the new season.”

This is a banger of a signing, we’re trying to get a Bernado or KDB before they are a thing. The club moved in silence on this one, they did the deal with Jorge Mendes. They jumped the queue ahead of other top clubs. I am thrilled. Who knows how we’ll use him, but he has so many characteristics I like… tight control, deadly accuracy with his passes, bravery, elite creativity, and the character to force his way into a good Porto side. He’s also the U21 Champion and a league winner. This is a baller move from the club and I AM EXCITED.

The player had this to say:

I’m an attacking player who looks to find space between the lines to be able to finish off moves either with assists or by scoring goals. I think those are the main attributes that Arsenal fans can expect from me. I’ll always give my all for the team.

… and as I’ve been saying, young players see us the hot club to ply their trade, this is who he’s looking forward to playing with.

I’m a fan of Bukayo Saka and Smith Rowe, too. I really like the way they play. Odegaard is quite similar to me.

Zach Lowy for the win on the Odegaard piece. Check out that video here.

The delicious story doing the rounds on United Twitter is that Ten Hag is a big fan of Nicolas Pepe. Now there’s a move I didn’t see coming, but really, we all know there’s a player in Nico, it’s just not going to be unearthed in this Mikel Arteta system. You have guaranteed goals with Nico, but there’s no consistency, and I don’t think he has the control in his game to really bang at Arsenal.

We haven’t spoken about it, but someone is going to have to tell Edu that yes, the rumours are true, you can sell players.

Here is the list of potential names that could go and some speculative fees:

  • Nico: £20m (if it’s United, why not?)
  • Bernd Leno: £15m
  • Bob Holding: £10m
  • Granit Xhaka: £15m
  • Ainsley: £5m
  • Hector: £5m
  • Torreira £15m
  • Ballard £5m

That’s £90m in there plus the £15m we’ve already received from Guendouzi and Mavropanos.

Now, we know the chances of getting near that numbers are very low, but there’s no reason to believe we can’t make a dent.

  • Marquinhos £3m
  • Tielemans £25m
  • Raphinha £50m
  • Jesus £45m
  • Fabio £30m
  • Martinez £35m

If all the names drop that are on the list quite firmly, we’re looking at a £188m.

My guess is that Arsenal are probably looking to get to a similar net spend as last season, which was around £130m.

Again, I go back to the January transfer window and the potency of not doing anything fucking mad because Twitter said so.

We reduced the wage bill, we’ve gone from £190m when Arteta took over, to about £85m 2.5 years later. That’s a monster reduction by any standards. These players we’re bringing in aren’t coming in on huge cash, I saw that Vieira would be earning about £46k a week to start with, I suspect Raphinha, Tielemans and Jesus will come on more cash, but we’re not looking at the dark days of £350k a week.

Part of our problem with the selling story has always been the salary. The increasingly muted misery crowd loves to throw around the story about Mustafi being offered a new deal at Arsenal, which wasn’t true, and here’s how you know why… He was on £90k a week under Arsene Wenger, no one was going to pick him up on that deal, the players knew that, but he left, was booted from Schalke, and even on a free transfer, he couldn’t get more than £38k a week. Yep, Arsenal paid Mustafi over double his market rate, that’s why we couldn’t get rid of him, and that’s why he was absolutely not offered a new deal by Arsenal.

The difficulty of rebuilding any organization is that pain is part of the process. In football though, you have 10 million critics demanding the change come with no bumps in the road. Out the backend of this rebuild, we have an average squad age of 23.5, loads of Hale-End products, a better culture, a clear idea of how to play, a recruitment team that aren’t banter, and a manager that has enough sway to drive change through every aspect of the club.

It’s dream stuff. We are moving like a proper club again. The whiners are being put in their place, this club is moving away from the negative voices. The fans in the stadium are falling in love with their team again. All the doubters that said we’d move nowhere under this regime are starting to double-take because Arsenal are powering at the dream of being major trophy winners in a really smart way.

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  1. Siddeeq

    A good indicator of Jacks lifestyle whether off season or Not,
    We will see if Pep thinks its a non negotiable

  2. The Bard

    If we do this, if we do that, all fantasty stuff. So far we’ve signed 1 player. The transfer chatter is clickbait. Lets see where we are at the end of the window. Signing 1 player doesn’t cancel out the idiocy of not signing anyone on the Jan window in my book.

  3. Un

    SiddeeqJune 22, 2022 07:22:54
    A good indicator of Jacks lifestyle whether off season or Not,
    We will see if Pep thinks its a non negotiable

    Didn’t realise you were a nun

  4. Goobergooner

    If holding doesn’t pick up more than 10m though that’s another shocking bit of selling from the club.

    No, holding isn’t a world class player. But he’s a solid defender for the PL.

    You can say he’s not what we need, purely because he’s not good with the ball at his feet, but he was part of a better defence the previous season to last.

    Whites magic ability on the ball did jack shit for us, and that is because the midfield isn’t fit for fighting at the top.

    We will see by the end of this window; but if it’s “hoarding attacking mids and wide players” after not fixing any true hole in the squad, I won’t even be able to describe the disappointment.

  5. Un

    Imagine being 1-0 up in a tight game and – with all due respect to him – instead of bringing on Rob Holding to sit back and defend – you bring on Fabio Vieira and a player like Raphinha. Your plan isn’t to camp in your own half, it’s to play the game in the opposition’s. If you have the ball in their territory, it’s much more difficult for them to score. New players, plus the quality and versatility of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, will allow Mikel Arteta to alter the way we play the game and, in my opinion at least, move closer to the kind of football he ultimately wants.

    This from arse blog perfectly sums up why I’ve been saying we need more technical players rather than another defensive midfield player like bissouma. We need to not only make the ball stick in the opposition half but have the players who can cause damage against a low bloc
    I would like to see us add a player who can dribble or produces flashes of skill in tight spaces though. Like Santi, van Persie, Jack Wilshere and Hleb.
    Players like that produce a goal from nothing. Pepe was that guy but he was hung out to dry

  6. Un


    I wouldn’t sell Rob Holding if I were Arteta.
    One of white, Saliba and Gabriel will be going next season as they won’t be happy to sit on the bench
    Holding gives his all regardless and keeps spirits up
    We’d have to spend more to replace him than we get for him.
    It’s just not sensible to sell a guy like that for me

  7. Un


    That’s my biggest concern with Arteta. But there have been flashes when it’s clicked and he clearly knows why he wants the team to do. It’s wether he can actually get them to achieve his vision.
    Let’s see. Pedro did a big piece a while back on how Arteta has this 4/5 step plan and attacking football was the last phase
    First was culture then building the team from the back and getting them used to playing out from our goal.
    Maybe he is ready to spring the attacking phase of his blue print
    Maybe he’s not capable of coaching his team into an electric attacking unit.
    We will see

  8. Goobergooner

    Un, you’re not wrong. We do need more technical players.

    But the club keeps missing its biggest holes and continuing with absolute shite like xhaka.

    How many windows will Arteta have had, to get in the right components?
    Yet every time we come out being like wtf, why go for a CB when we need a cm.
    Why go for raphina when we need an actual striker?

    The rumours look good.
    But the holes have been glaring since before Wenger left the top 4.
    It’s been a long time, just waiting and hoping that the club can get it together.
    I hope they do. But man oh man we are taking the longest way possible and it might not even produce results.

  9. Un

    Little more from arseblog this morning

    New players, plus the quality and versatility of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, will allow Mikel Arteta to alter the way we play the game and, in my opinion at least, move closer to the kind of football he ultimately wants.

    After the Watford game last season, in which he was seen berating his players after we scored a goal, he explained his frustration:

    “I didn’t like how we were controlling the game. We had to make 300,000 passes in the opposition half and when they have the right moment to come at us, then we can attack them.” (Mikel Arteta)

    It seems pretty clear that a signing like Vieira is an important ingredient in that sense, and while there will still probably be those games where we have to dig in, if we’re moving towards a more technically assured team that dominates possession and negates the threat of the opposition by having more of the ball, I’m all for it.

  10. Un


    I had on a podcast this week that Martinez’ stats profile most closely resembles Fabinho and ya he is being brought in to replace xakha in the team. Basically providing a cultured left foot from deep with less risk.
    So we could be seeing xakha replaced by a more attacking player and Tierney or (hopefully) Gabriel replaced by Lisandro Martinez who then does the job of Gabriel and xakha in one.

  11. Un

    I dont consider xakha to be shite. Flawed? Yes, but certainly not shite
    He plays his best in the bigger games I find
    He was immense against Chelsea United and West Ham.

  12. Goobergooner

    The playing out from the back thing gets me.

    Yes it’s going to be a main stay tactic especially while Arteta is still here.

    But if we had got a technical baller next to partey instead of xhaka for last season, even someone like holding would have been able to play out of the back easier.

    It really annoys me seeing our static midfield and forward line when we have the ball at the back.
    There is a lot of time that the lack of movement either by wingers or midfielders hinders our play from the back, which puts a heck load more pressure on the backline and keeper.
    That either leads to chances at our goal, or giving the ball away cheaply by hoofing it (our forwards are kinda shite at winning long balls from the keeper or defence when the opposition is already sorted defensively).

    In saying that, we have had some very special plays out from the keeper or CBS. So I can only assume that will continue to improve.

    It just irks me even more that both edu and Arteta were CMs, yet are happy with our midfield being our weakest link

  13. Goobergooner

    Xhaka was great in those games yes.
    But he is soooooo poor defensively, and causes the whole team to have to play in a way that covers his long list of deficiencies.

    And how he got games at lb just astounds me.

    He’s got some qualities. But in the prem they don’t shine very often.

  14. Goobergooner

    And it also makes me sick that the dense Kent is our “leader”.

    Love someone just flailing arms and making himself look a hard man when he knows the other bloke won’t hit him.
    If he can’t forgive the fans for booing him off then I’m not forgiving him for being a useless prick and mugging off the fans.

  15. Goobergooner

    Un, if Martinez comes in for xhaka I’ll be stoked.

    And as much as I’d love xhaka off the books, I have always said as long as he’s relegated to the bench more, I’ll be over the moon.

    He still would be our 3rd best cm (though shocking indictment of the level of our midfield compared to Europe’s best)

  16. Un

    Yes I agree
    For 3 seasons I’ve been saying this team needs a de Jong or a Savic style player in the middle of the park as well s wide technical playmaker and a 10.

    Looks like we are heading that way this summer finally

  17. Goobergooner


    We can all dream! Savic would be the absolute tits.

    I am enjoying the left field signings no one was thinking of though.
    And it does look like we are heading in the right direction.

    Please please please just bring in a mid that can cover for partey when he’s out and xhaka comes back in.
    If the partey xhaka level can be kept when partey is out, but our level with the new cm greatly improves us with partey fit, that is the proper done deal for me.

  18. Goobergooner

    Mr Serge,
    I don’t want to hate the bloke 😂 but I just have to agree. Haven’t disliked an arsenal player before him. Even if I thought they werent fit for the shirt.

  19. Un

    The great thing about Saka is he can be everything all at once
    A winger, a player maker, a wide midfielder
    The lad can do it all. We are so so lucky to have him and to have him for nothing as an arsenal boy?

  20. Un

    Oh come on
    Xakha cares. He tries.
    Ozil didn’t. Mustafi was a car crash. So was Kolasinac. Chamack (however you spell it) was useless.

    Being a bit harsh on xakha here

  21. Siddeeq

    Didn’t realise you were a nun”””

    I have a soft spot for nuns, i love the way they call me big poppa…..

  22. Goobergooner

    Yep un,

    Back to the positivity.

    Saka is the epitome of Arsenal. Absolutely love him. I hope esr can improve his fitness also. Eddie has now been supported too.

    If the hale ender’s can stay together for a while, I would be surprised if they didn’t end up killing it together.

  23. Un

    We won’t be going for Savic but I think we are looking at a 433 with partey underpinning and two of ESR Odegaard vieira Lakonga and maybe tielemans as 8s, dictating and creating.

  24. Un


    I’d love nothing more than to win titles with our own boys stepping up and becoming top top players together. Our own class of 92 or Barca generation of talent.

  25. Goobergooner

    Un, fair play to xhaka He does give his all. Was he captain while Ozil was here? He’s been rewarded for his commitment. But he’s not a cm worthy of our shirt

  26. Goobergooner

    433 without xhaka will improve us. 4231 may still be the way against the big boys away from home. But artetas view of our versatile squad means he’s very flexible in changing it up. It’s actually great to see since we were all calling for Wenger to sharpen up his tactical approach haha.

  27. Savage

    We’ll miss Xhaka’s aggression and physicality. One thing you can’t deny is he stands up for himself and his team mates.

  28. Goobergooner

    Also Pedders, forgot to say happy birthday.

    Not sure how many here would have been aware of little creatures xpa(Aussie crafty but its a top drop), but I’m cheersing you in spirit right about now 😂

  29. raptora

    Savage: “One thing you can’t deny is he stands up for himself and his team mates.”

    Like that one time he pushed Tierney away to protect Alioski. What a teammate.

  30. Dark Hei

    “I would also love Xhaka too be sold I hate the guy more than any player that’s ever played for us”

    If that is how you feel about Xhaka, I wonder what United fans think of Harry Maguire. I don’t think there are any thoughts. Just a red mist and something incomprehensible.

  31. Dark Hei

    “Not sure how many here would have been aware of little creatures xpa(Aussie crafty but its a top drop), but I’m cheersing you in spirit right about now 😂”

    I am a strictly pale ale or bright ale on that range. It is incredible.

  32. Un


    I prefer us with 343 switching to 4231 depending on circumstances against big teams
    Worked a treat against united city and Chelsea and we played our best attacking football in those games (Watford too was a joyous day) and were really really unlucky not to take 3 points against city
    Liverpool remain the one team in the league that we find the hardest to cope with.

  33. Un


    Yeah he was
    Remember he had the arm band taken off him under emery and dropped but was reinstated and revitalised under Arteta

  34. AL

    A bit off topic here, but when is Austin Trusty joining us?. He’s 23 old left sided CB, same age as Lisandro Martinez. Did the club forgot about him?

  35. High Power Mutant

    That Viera guy is tiny. I think he’ll all sorts of problems. Let’s see if he can develop a muscle during next season

  36. Pierre

    “This from arse blog perfectly sums up why I’ve been saying we need more technical players rather than another defensive midfield player like bissouma. ”

    Bissouma is one of the most technically gifted cm in the league.

    Evidence , watch it and see and enjoy the technical excellence of a player who should be playing for Arsenal.

  37. Un


    He’s got skills but we already have partey elneny Lakonga and Torreira on the books as defensive midfield.
    We’d really need to be selling partey
    But he’s gone spurs now so it’s redundant

  38. Pierre

    Partey and Bissouma would have given us the best centre midfield in the league , i am gutted that he has gone to Tottenham..

    They would have been formidable in whatever system we played.

  39. Siddeeq

    Like i said, missing out on Bissouma is equal to the time we missed out on Yaya Toure. He will only improve offensively and is currently very solid defensively.

  40. Pierre

    “That Viera guy is tiny. I think he’ll all sorts of problems. Let’s see if he can develop a muscle during next season”

    If he’s smart he won’t need to bulk up for the position he’s playing.
    I’d like to see a playmaker who does what it says on the tin …create and score, muscles won’t help him do that , what he needs is intelligence and technique and speed of thought and being able to find pockets of space.

    My fear us that we are signing an elite creator who will spend too much time wasting energy chasing lost causes , so consequently he is not finding those pockets of space that a playmaker needs to bring his team mates into the game.

  41. Samesong

    I think players will targer Viera alot as he looks quite a tricky customer. Looking at that clip where he played against Liverpool he will draw alot of fouls. Hopefully in the opponents box.

  42. Goobergooner

    Dark hei 😂😂😂 yep Harry Maguire is the ultimate bellend will totally give you that!!

    Good taste of beer also my man!

    Haha Un, I’m a melbournian ATM. Worst part of Australia if you’re Aussie. Best if you’re British.

  43. RP7

    Thanks, Pierre.
    You totally destroyed people who claimed Bissouma was just a “defensive player”, a “destroyer” etc.
    He’s more skilful than Xhaka. Better at progressing the ball fast. Xhaka has 1 (!!) advantage only — his long passes are a bit better, otherwise Bissouma along Partey would have been excellent for many matches, especially tough ones, and the rest of the time Bissouma could replace the injured Partey instead of the Egyptian Pirlo.

    you post way too much. You’re like these people who post facebook updates 10 times a day.

  44. Ishola70

    “We’ll miss Xhaka’s aggression and physicality. One thing you can’t deny is he stands up for himself and his team mates.”

    You won’t miss Xhaka’s so-called physicality because he ain’t going nowhere. He’s entrenched in that Arsenal midfield.

    And physicality should entail a bit of pace along with it which he has hardly any and his aggression as others have noted is passive aggressive.

    As for him sticking up for his team mates yeah right throwing your team mates under the bus after the Newcastle match and going to aid his balkan brother opponent against Leeds in the incident with Tierney.

    He’s good at reaming Arteta I’ll give him that.

  45. InsideRight


    “Pierre. He’s [Bissouma] got skills but we already have partey elneny Lakonga and Torreira on the books as defensive midfield. We’d really need to be selling partey”

    You list those players, but it’s Partey you say we need to be selling???

  46. raptora

    I also think that Bissouma for 25m was a huge miss.

    The price was just waaay too good to miss regardless of systems or what not. As we see we are trying to land a 50m+ winger when we have quite a few guys that can play there. We don’t have a partner to or a Partey alternative. At 25m we would have gotten both.

    I also agree that Bissouma is way more technical that people give him credit for. That he’s also powerful is what makes people think he can’t ball but he can.

    Clearly not at the level of Yaya though. That fella was probably the most complete midfielder I’ve seen, maybe KDB is up there too. He’s also a proof that a player can step up offensively depending on the position they are played in. DM and CB at Barca, inluding in that final Barca vs Manure, where he shutdown the likes of Ronado and Rooney when Barca’s attack was Henry, Messi, Eto’o.

    He scored something like 6 goals in 120 games for Barca, then in 13/14 at City became their Premier League top scorer with 20 goals. This is the season where Suarez was absolutely unstoppable and Yaya carried City like I’ve rarely seen before. Incredible player.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Bissouma is gone. To be honest I think Bruno Guimaraes was a bigger miss in January than Bissouma now. The only reason we would need Bissouma is if Partey keeps getting these injuries. Basically he would be a backup if Partey is fit. I hope Sambi and Elneny hold it down this season. They are capable but we would be at risk if a big game comes up and they are the ones starting together with Xhaka. That would be unbearable. Sign Tielemans or a Good CM like that and a Sambi Tielemans or Elneny Tielemans midfield would be more dangerous going forward.

    You have to let the noise about Eriksen go though. He is 30. We are done signing past it players in the hope they can turn our fortunes around. It would like Willian to me. And he isn’t going to come being an ex spud too. We just signed this talent named Viera like spurs did when they signed Eriksen from Ajax.

  48. Dark Hei


    When I read the holy scriptures, my beverage of choice is the little creatures draft ale. In the pub no less. I go really early, like before the happy hour.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Pedro’s post discussed briefly potential departures this summer, but this matter has been to
    some extent sidelined with most debate revolving around arrivals.

    Personally I would be surprised if Xhaka leaves this summer and so far there has been no
    suggestion that Holding is leaving either.

    So there are technically ELEVEN players who were on the books at end of last season who were clearly unwanted.

    Three have almost certainly left already. Lacazette on a Bosman and Guendouzi and Mavropanos for collective transfer fees of around £12 million.

    Another three will be relatively easy to shift. I would expect Leno to leave for around £8-10
    million. His wages could be a problem, but I think that there are plenty of clubs who will want him. Maitland-Niles and Nelson will also leave for modest fees

    Runarsson is frankly a write off. I suspect that the club will release him from his contract
    and probably pay some compensation.

    Arsenal appear to be playing hardball over Mari. There is clearly demand for his services in
    Italy so I expect him to be sold for around £10-12 million.

    This leaves three potential problems to be sold.

    Bellerin wants to stay at Real Betis who cannot afford to pay a transfer fee. Also I suspect that the only other clubs who will come under consideration by the player are Spanish. We
    are going to struggle to sell him and certainly not at a fee which reflects his true value
    factoring in his £100K pw wage.

    Torreira is a similar problem. He wants to stay in Italy. Fiorentina have breached their agreement with us and the player. So the question is which other clubs in Italy will be
    willing to pay a fee north of £12 million? Perhaps a swap as I suggested yesterday may be
    an option if we can convince Napoli to sell Ruiz and take Torreira in part exchange.

    Pepe is going to be the biggest problem. Everyone on the planet knows by now that the player wants to leave and the Club are happy to sell him. The question is who will pay his
    inflated wages plus a decent transfer fee. Arsenal are still paying for this player under an
    instalment plan. If we are lucky someone will pay £15 million, but whichever way you look
    at the situation we are going to be heavily out of pocket.

    At end of day I think that Arsenal will be luck to generate £50-60 million from sales and it
    will be more about offloading the wages.

  50. Pierre


    This is interesting when you consider the quality of players throughout europe from 2006 -2018.

    Wouldn’t it be nice for Arsenal to again have the most creative player in europe.
    What it does show is that a creative player needs to be in the right place at the wrong time and playing under the right manager.

    Many a quality creative player have excelled under a manager that understands and trusts them , and many a quality creative player have been ruined by managers who struggle with creative geniuses.

    Wenger never struggled in the presence of creativity and it is noticeable that our creativity levels have regressed year on year without Europe’s most creative player in the side, which of course is understandable as the team did lean heavily on a player who brought calmness , composure and quality to our football..

    Hopefully the arrival of fabio will redress the balance in our creativity.
    Let’s hope he is used properly and the team is set up to utilise his strengths.

  51. Ishola70

    The build up for this Vieira kis is huge.

    No-one had heard of him until last week or at least were not talking about him..

    Let’s give him a bit of time and see what he is all about.

    No need to build the kiddie up to massive degrees until we see the item close up and hopefully he produces.

  52. China1

    The sun is saying Jesus’ wages if we qualify for the CL will be 280k per year

    I’m sorry but whoever signs off on that should be sacked outright

    His current deal is about 100k. No one is even in for him and he wants to come. His current club don’t need him or want him.

    On what planet is Jesus worth 280k a week right now?

  53. Aasim

    After doing a bit more YouTube research on Tielemans, I’m now fairly comfortable with the idea of him joining our MF. Not only would he be the ideal partner for Partey, but also when TP is absent due to his now compulsory end of season injury, he would probably be ideal suited to take his place. He is press resistant, good on the half turn, decent passing, athletic and decent in tackling. He should be our top 2 in priority for signings along with a striker. 3rd priority should be Martinez or chenko for LB cover.

  54. Wicked Willy


    I’m not sure we should be putting too much store in what The Sun says. He’s currently on £90k a week, and clearly is going to want an uplift on that. i’d be ok with anything upto £150k. After that, it starts to become questionable. However, i suspect its just The Sun shit stirring.

  55. Aasim

    Pierre re, your comment that we regressed creatively after wenger, I respectfully disagree. I’m a big fan of the man, but his last couple of transfer windows were a huge disaster. We bought Xhaka and Elneny, sold to us as the second coming of Pirlo, Mustafi because he was a World Cup winner, kolasinac on crazy salary because he was free, Lucas as this eclectic wide forward, and then Laca and auba in the space of 6 months. AND ozils outrageous contract renewal. These transfer had a long term crippling effect on our team and destroyed our wage structure.

  56. Ishola70

    Keep in mind that the fee paid out for Vieira was just over 30m.

    That’s a moderate fee in today’s football world. Not cheap charlie but not signifying either that he is a nailed on first team starter straight from the off.

    I’ve already said he interests me and have always got time for the Portuguesa players but he’s being talked about as if he is a definite saviour of the team or something.

    Until we get Jesus in if we do then we are not putting a marker down that is going to scare other clubs.

  57. Un

    Inside right

    Yes because one of partey and bissouma won’t be happy on the bench and we don’t want to play 2 holding kids for the vast majority of our games
    It would be a waste to sign 2 who want to be first choice when we need creative players who can and do change games in the opposition half.
    Also, with partey’s injury record for us he’s playing only half a season at 28.

    If we are gonna play the way I think we will play then it makes no sense to sign another when we have 4 already in our books fighting for one position in the team.

    Kiss my arse

  58. China1

    I just hope vieira lives up to his potential

    His vids are nice. But we had ceballos and got stung.

    On paper tho he looks like a clever buy and I’m excited to see not only how he plays but where he plays.

    Maybe he is going to be an 8. Not proposing it but if he is I’ll be keenly watching. I like what he’s about tho

  59. Un


    Why is chance creation a phoney stat when it applies to Odegaard but not when it applies to ozil?
    Nobody denies ozil created chances and kept the ball, it was his poor attitude to big games, away games and defensive work which pissed people off, not his ability to create. Odegaard is creating chances but with work rate and defensive diligence. I’d love t see him with the hand break off a bit more so he can focus more on the final 3rd as I think he would offer much more in numbers if he were off the leash
    Wenger would have him purring.

  60. Un

    Ceballos was never a good shout
    I remember arguing for weeks with Freddie and hairline over him before he kicked a ball for us.

  61. DigitalBob

    China- I suspect The Sun are being a little economical with those figures or just flat out lying. £280K a week if we make the champions league may include any lump sum bonuses G.Jesus will get. They do this all the time.

    Personally, I think anything up to whatever Lacazette was getting is fine for Jesus. It doesn’t destroy the wage structure and is imo a competitive salary compared to other teams at the current level Arsenal are at.

    I’m also excited by Fabio Vieira, described as the Iniesta of the Portugal under21 team. We should be patient with him as he is an exciting prospect and we still don’t know if he’ll be more Bernardo Silva or Francisco Trincão.

  62. China1

    Un his YouTube compilation was mint tho

    And his debut was too!

    Never reached anywhere near the heights expected after that tho lol

  63. China1

    Yeah I mean I have been vocal about not thinking Jesus is the right player and not at the prices being quoted

    But if he joins he obviously improves us and visibly so. It’s these numbers getting bandied around as transfer fees and wages which bother me the most. The number getting fished out are banter levels of ridiculous and not reflective of the player and the circumstances. I hope you guys are right and the reality is half what’s getting reported

  64. China1

    Vieira was the player of the tournament at the u21 euros if I’m not mistaken. That’s a nice award.

  65. Ishola70

    The notoin that we can keep the wage bill down and on a level course while signing these players that are not established but are seen as progessive is noble and all that but will it result in actually being contenders for the big prizes?

    I mean we can just be under the radar of the real footballing elite if you like if you like this idead of building from scratch all the time.

    But at some point you would think we will have to push the boat out on occasions for certain players in regards fee and wages if we are truly serious about breaking into the top echelons.

    We didn’t sign one established player last season or if they were seen as established they were raided from what are seen as lesser clubs such as White.

    Is this the future eternal now? Not signing any established players that really excite and frighten other clubs?

  66. curse

    most likely it’s 280k before tax which would make it around 140k which sounds about right.

    Saka shouldn’t and won’t be asking for more than Jesus. He’s younger, not a better player and has less experience/honors. He’ll get 120k I reckon.

    The culture of this team doesn’t care for man that are out partying, forcing themselves on women…. no thanks.
    We like 21 year old home bodies not 28yr olds that have spoken to the grim reaper…


    only teams that are moving more elite than us right now is city and pool. get use to it.

  67. WengerEagle


    Bit harsh on Bissouma bringing up Yaya who was arguably the single best CM to have played in the PL.

    Like saying that Gabriel Jesus is good but he is no Thierry Henry.

    I agree with Pierre that Bissouma next to Partey would have given us a very solid CM spine and allowed our technical guys like Odegaard, ESR and hopefully Vieira to spread their magic in the CAM/wide roles.

  68. Un

    Yaya? Not a fucking hope

    Vieira keane gerrard Lampard scholes Robson Cesc

    I’d have vieira gerrard and scholes as my top 3 Lampard then keane in my top 5

  69. Valentin

    I am not sure whether this a click bait but the idea of bringing Alexis Sanchez back to Arsenal is an intriguing one.
    On a free for 2 years contract on £140kpw it could be a masterstroke, he would be cheaper than Jesus and could have a higher output.
    However it could descend in a see of recrimination and resentment. I could see a Sanchez vs Xhaka argument developing on the pitch, with the former complaining of the later negative passing.

  70. Ishola70

    Partey is not tops off the ball so having Bissouma alongside him would have been handy.

    But we know how it rolls.

    Xhaka and Partey are very likely to be our midfield pairing again going into this coming season.

    Arteta is getting those lemons to squeeze again.

  71. Un

    agree with Pierre that Bissouma next to Partey would have given us a very solid CM spine and allowed our technical guys like Odegaard, ESR and hopefully Vieira to spread their magic in the CAM/wide roles.

    But we are looking to play a 433 with 1 anchor and 2x no8s slightly advanced. Who does Arteta play out of bissouma and partey?

  72. Ishola70

    “I am not sure whether this a click bait but the idea of bringing Alexis Sanchez back to Arsenal is an intriguing one.”

    Intriguing to a warped masochist lol

    He’s clearly past his best.

    If we are getting rumours like that then I am beginning to fear that the Jesus deal will go through.

  73. WengerEagle


    Agree with you, not sure where these kind of signings are going to lead us. How much they all move the needle.

    Our CM is still a shambles, we have no proper fullback cover, this American GK is a complete unknown entity ans we are potentially a Ramsdale injury away from being in a bad spot.

    We are still light on goalscoring quality.

    A summer of Jesus, Vieira, Martinez and another CM (Tielemans?) would be a good haul but will it be enough? We still look short of seriously bothering anybody with those 4.

    Think we need 5-6 minimum.

    Vieira, Jesus, Martinez, x2 CMs if the intention really is to play Martinez as a LCB/LB and a wide goalscorer.

  74. andy1886

    @Curse – Saka not a better player than Jesus? Call yourself an Arsenal fan? Never mind Tottenham Tom how about CurseCity?

    Only joking about the last bit of course but Saka was a candidate for young player and player of the season in the PL, Jesus was nowhere to be seen. I can understand you wanting to ‘Big Up’ Jesus because you think that he’s joining Arsenal but at the expense of our player of the season? In bad taste IMO.

  75. DigitalBob

    China – Indeed he was, its going to be really interesting what positions he takes up on the field.

    My issue with the cost/numbers is when it comes time to moving a player on, then the inflated wages are a burden.

    In terms of the transfer fees, if the extra £10 million we overpay for example means we do not have the funds for critical areas that need reinforcement, then yes it sours any transfer deal.

    However, if we have the funds I don’t really care if its 35,45 or 50 million.

    To be honest regardless of any transfer fee the Arsenal box office rarely waiver in making us pay the highest prices for supporting the team!

  76. WengerEagle


    Keane is a legend and was a top player but he wasn’t even in the same stratosphere of football ability as Yaya, are you having a laugh?

    Yaya played in Pep’s Barca treble winning side. Vieira, Gerrard, Scholes, Lamps are fairer comparisons ans debates can be had but I am not sure that I would take any barring Vieira over prime Yaya.

    Vieira edges it for me as he was more well-rounded with his defensive ability and leadership intangibles but was he a better footballer than Yaya? Not sure about that.

  77. Habesha Gooner

    That is banter. Alexis Sanchez?? This isn’t 2014. He is basically a squad player at Inter FFS. He wouldn’t be good enough for Leeds in the Premier League.

    No way those wages are true. We probably won’t pay him more than double his wages at City. 180k a week which was what Lacazette was on at most. And he isn’t just moving purely for money. It is because he has ambitions of being a starter for Brazil and he sees what we are trying to do in the market.

  78. Ishola70


    “and he sees what we are trying to do in the market.”

    He wants a nice wedge.

    I seriously doubt he is sitting down with his chums and waxing lyrical about Arsenal’s overall transfer policy.

  79. andy1886

    True WEagle. We’d get shredded, we’ve always been vulnerable to a counter and that hasn’t changed. And going forward it doesn’t matter how talented you are if you can’t get enough of the ball to do anything with it.

  80. Un

    WengerEagleJune 22, 2022 12:56:58
    UnTwo 8s and Partey on his own as the anchor would have disaster written all over it vs top sides and powerful counter-attacking runners


    So we sign bissouma and play him only in cup games and a handful for double pivot against big sides

  81. WengerEagle


    PL isn’t what is used to be, midtable sides are so much stronger now and have much better players as they can affoed to drop £30m fees on talent.

    Forget about top 6-7 sides, teams like Palace with Zaha, Olise, Eze, Edouard would continue to have their way with us.

  82. Habesha Gooner

    We are going somewhere with our transfer policy. We are signing hungry players. And he knows Arteta. And he knows he will start here too. There are many more factors besides his wages.

    Jesus is a big game player. He wants competition. And he wants to be the main man. That is a huge factor for players.

  83. raptora

    Our most successful teams had the likes of Vieira + Petit and Vieira + Gilberto/Edu at the core of our midfield. We used to dominate teams with power and physicality. The moment Wenger decided to go full on Barca mode, although good on the eye we stopped winning.

    I’ve no problem with us playing with 2 physical players like Partey and Bissouma/Anguissa/Sangare. I mean for god’s sake, we’ve been playing with Partey + Xhaka for 2 full seasons now, and any of the above would have made us a superior team as a whole if they started ahead of the Swiss garbo.

    For 15m or 25m we would have both someone to partner with or rotate with Partey. Why do we have Sambi when Bissouma + Partey was a no-brainer really?

  84. Samesong

    What’s our plan b for physical games like against Palace? Is it just let Partey deal with opposition?

    Only so much technical ability can take you. Even City struggled against Palace last season.

  85. Ishola70


    “And he knows Arteta.”

    That’s a big factor yes but the other stuff superfluous.

    He is downgrading in reality.

    If he does join it will be interesting to see how he reacts to that.

    Will he act like the big time charlie or show professionalism and get his head down and work for the team.

    I’m thinking and hoping for the latter.

  86. Un

    Keane may not have scored the goals yaya scored but he was the only midfielder in the world at the time who could live on the same pitch and even get the better of a prime Vieira. As an arsenal fan and Englishman I’d rather not include him in the list but respect must be given
    He ran the premier league for years
    Yaya played in a team that had a huge advantage over everyone in else. They could sign who they wanted.
    Keane did it with youth players around him (albeit legendary youth players) and he was instrumental in United’s run to the 99 champions league final, especially the semi vs Juventus
    Yaya never did it in the champions league and he never bossed the best in their prime.

    Keane goes in above yaya on sheer will power and leadership. He could play a bit too

  87. Ishola70


    “He wants competition.”

    He will clearly be stand out first team striker if he joins so competition for his place will not be troubling him.

  88. Un


    Yeah and we have 4 big, physical midfielders at the club already who can successfully play against the best in double pivot. We’ve beaten every big team in the league since Arteta took over.

  89. Un

    Vieira could do things with a ball yaya couldn’t
    Little flicks over an opponents head with one touch
    He was very silky and his game was underrated in that regard
    Yaya was all power but he didn’t posses the silk of scholes and vieira. Gerrard dominated in every area a midfielder can and dragged a decent Liverpool side to trophies the aught not to have got near. And Lampard is the highest scoring midfielder of all time. Yaya shine in a city side that was on chest mode.

  90. Ishola70

    So the midfield doesn’t need anything done on it then according to Un because we have scrapped some results against the big boys at times and scrapping being the optimum word.

    Un always ignores Xhaka’s failings simply because he was signed under Wenger.

  91. WengerEagle


    Yaya won the CL as a starter for Barca. And that Man City team collectively underachieved in Europe. David Silva and Aguero are rarely blamed for some odd reason and it is usually laid off at Yaya’s door.

    Keane played for Man United, what do you mean he never played for a team with a massive advantage? Were basically the Bayern of the PL in the 90s.

    Being Irish I am a big fan of Keano do not get me wrong, great player and captain. But as a footballer he was miles behind Yaya.

  92. Habesha Gooner

    Sanchez downgraded from Barcelona to Arsenal. But un reality he upgraded himself. He was considered one of the PL best players at the time. Jesus wants the same besides a wage packet . If that was what he was looking for Man city would probably give that to him and play him as a winger as Guardiola has done last season. And he would sign a new contract with them. But he is choosing to leave. That means he wants to be the go to guy.

  93. Ishola70

    And remember Jesus will have a point to prove.

    He is being dumped by City really.

    And players with points to prove can be very beneficial.

  94. Habesha Gooner

    Yaya was as complete as Viera. Both technically and ability wise. But he was a child sometimes. He would sulk if there wasn’t a birthday party for him and stuff. Viera was everything and more. He was a leader. Yaya too was a leader but with the excess baggage that came with it.

  95. Un


    No. I’ve been quite clear that I do want us t sign a central midfielder as our primary target. Just one more like de jong/Savic/cesc rather tan bissouma

  96. WengerEagle

    Jesus is a really good player but is he on par with the Benzema’s, Lewandowski’s, Kane’s, Haaland’s of the world?

    No. But that simply explains why we are in with a really good chance of snagging him. Cannot help but feel that Jesus isn’t at Real/PSGs level hence he wouldn’t see himself as above us.

    The Alexis Sanchez comparison is a decent one. Prime Alexis was a top player but he wasn’t quite at the level that Barca needed. Guy was not delusional about his ability and he knew Neymar was waiting in the wings to cement his starting role long-term.

    Similarly I doubt that Jesus is delusional about his own ability. He has always struck me as level-headed and humble looking from afar.

  97. Un

    Not disputing yaya was the superior footballer but keane made sure his team mates left it all on the pitch
    He dragged them to that 99 final
    Yaya wasn’t as influential.

    Keane was around in the greatest era of midfielders in our life time and still came out on top whe he was on the pitch, Zidane, Davids, Rivaldo, Vieira, petit, Gerrard, Alonso, cesc, Lampard. Ince, Gazza. Makalele.

    Yaya came in at the end of that great era when Lampard Scholes and gerrard were over the hill and their indulgence was in decline.

  98. Un

    They are in terms of having the ability to play and dictate over physicality and Athleticism. Passing, vision, skill. That’s their game. Bissouma is about pace power and tackling

  99. Tom

    Forget Ronaldo, Yaya Toure easily the biggest near miss of the Wenger era considering we already had his brother, and there was no competition for him from other clubs when Wenger first was looking at him.
    Wenger saw him as a striker and just laughed it off when Yaya said midfield would be his stronger position.

  100. WengerEagle

    Keane was long past it by the time Cesc and Alonso were knocking around Un. Yaya also played against a better Gerrard than Keane did.

    For all of the celebration of that 99′ season, Utd under Fergie in the 90s and throughout the early to mid 2000s were quite underwhelming in Europe. And you had a much more even spread of talent around Europe, superteams had yet to really exist barring Real Madrid.

    That 99′ season was just lightning in a bottle with all of the breaks they were getting in the Cups (we had them dead to rights in the FA Cup SF and should have beaten them, same as Bayern in the CL Final) and they won the PL with 79 points, 1 ahead of us.

    Gary Neville says himself all the time that their 2008 side was much better than their 99 side. It still stands to this day if course because nobody else in England has won the treble but it is a dare I say it overrated team.

  101. Un


    Just a little reminder of just how good paddy V was.
    Fuck yaya. Vieira was the best midfielder in a time when football was littered with wall to wall world class midfielders. When ankle breaking tackles were standard
    Watch the touch, the flicks, the turns, the dinks, the chips. Never mind the tackles. Yaya could never tackle like paddy

  102. Habesha Gooner

    Yep, Exactly. I don’t think he is prolific enough to be on the Benzema, Lewa levels.

    But he is very good. And he is better than everyone that is available to us. They all have similar scoring records to him too. But he has a better overall game. Plus he is a big game player.

    I think Arteta recognizes there isn’t a lot of forwards available. Especially around that price. And he is hoping to make him the focal point that helps the team score a lot of goals. And aside from being lethal like top forwards, Jesus doesn’t have a lot missing from his game.

  103. Habesha Gooner

    People better not be comparing Bissouma to Yaya. In football terms that would be a joke. Yaya was si good technically that he would score free kicks close to the box. People forget that because he was powerful too.

    Bissouma is a decent passer but he is nothing like Yaya. Even Partey is nothing compared to yaya.

  104. Un

    Yaya joined city in 2010 when gerrard was 30 and Lampard was 31 and he didn’t start dominating until the following season
    Keane left when gerrard was 25 and Lampard 26
    He dominated prime David’s and Zidane
    Alonso joined Liverpool in 04 in his prime

    Come on now. It’s not even close with regards to had had the toughest era

  105. Positive pete

    Wouldn’t trust a word of what comes out of the rag k/ a The Sun.A Manure biased rag that has never shown any love for Arsenal.So they’ll print anything derogatory they can when it comes to us.Isn’t it printed in Salford?

  106. WengerEagle

    Yaya is the best African footballer of all time imo in terms of technique and all-round ability.

    There was not a team he wouldn’t have been able to play in. If you can hold your own in Pep’s Barcelona XI that is the apex really.

    Salah, Mane, Drogba, etc all pale in comparison for pure skill and technical ability to Yaya. Only Eto’o compared and even he was a level below in these attributes.

  107. Un


    Their 2008 side was better. They had Cr7 tevez Rooney scholes Giggs rio and vidic

    But their midfield wasn’t as good as the 99 side. That 99 side was on par with our 04 side as the greatest midfield of all time for me and keane ran it
    He won their semi vs juventus. He domained Zidane and David’s

    Yaya was a force but he hid in the big big games when compared with keane who excelled in the biggest of occasions.

  108. WengerEagle


    Keane was a husk by the time he left, his body was dusted. You never read his autobiography? (Would recommend)

    Guy was crippled by the time he went to Celtic. His best years were behind him after 2003 and Gerrard/Lamps were pups.

  109. Un

    WengerEagleJune 22, 2022 13:50:08
    Yaya is the best African footballer of all time imo in terms of technique and all-round ability.

    Vieira and Drogba for me as best African footballer. And etoo. Yaya was a cock

  110. Ishola70

    George Weah in his prime.

    Nothing has come out of Liberia like it other than those cross-dressing soldiers that caused a bit of havoc.

    Of course in today’s western society they would be offered in for a cup of tea.

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