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Well, it would appear that the Raphinha story might not smell of Vlahovic, it looks increasingly like Arsenal are going to go all out this window and bring in all the technical wide players.

Did anyone see Arsenal investing £60m on a player to replace Nicolas Pepe?

I did not.

But do I welcome it?

You are damn right I do.

Ornstein says this chatter is the real deal.

“Interest in him (Raphinha) is clear and firm. Mikel Arteta and a number of others at Arsenal really like him. Admiration not fresh, goes back a little way. I think that is the player they would like to bring in.”

Raphinha would be a monster show of ambition. He can play on the left, he can play on the right, I suspect he has the frame and profile to play as a false #9 if we needed him to do that job.

What do I like about him? He has power, speed, and brilliant control. There is a lot of end product and directness in his game… and we know he has the right character because he survived Bielsa.

FABIO VIEIRA IS IN THE DOOR. Mikel and Edu had this to say.

EDU: “We’re so pleased to have completed the signing of Fabio from FC Porto. Fabio is a player with special qualities who is comfortable with the ball in the final third of the pitch. We are all looking forward to working with him and enjoying his future contribution to Arsenal. We will now continue to work hard and are looking forward to finishing this transfer window as strongly possible.”

MIKEL: ”I am very excited that we have identified and signed such a special talent. Fabio is a very creative player that will bring high quality and versatility to our attacking play. We welcome Fabio and his family to our club and are looking forward to starting work with him ahead of the new season.”

This is a banger of a signing, we’re trying to get a Bernado or KDB before they are a thing. The club moved in silence on this one, they did the deal with Jorge Mendes. They jumped the queue ahead of other top clubs. I am thrilled. Who knows how we’ll use him, but he has so many characteristics I like… tight control, deadly accuracy with his passes, bravery, elite creativity, and the character to force his way into a good Porto side. He’s also the U21 Champion and a league winner. This is a baller move from the club and I AM EXCITED.

The player had this to say:

I’m an attacking player who looks to find space between the lines to be able to finish off moves either with assists or by scoring goals. I think those are the main attributes that Arsenal fans can expect from me. I’ll always give my all for the team.

… and as I’ve been saying, young players see us the hot club to ply their trade, this is who he’s looking forward to playing with.

I’m a fan of Bukayo Saka and Smith Rowe, too. I really like the way they play. Odegaard is quite similar to me.

Zach Lowy for the win on the Odegaard piece. Check out that video here.

The delicious story doing the rounds on United Twitter is that Ten Hag is a big fan of Nicolas Pepe. Now there’s a move I didn’t see coming, but really, we all know there’s a player in Nico, it’s just not going to be unearthed in this Mikel Arteta system. You have guaranteed goals with Nico, but there’s no consistency, and I don’t think he has the control in his game to really bang at Arsenal.

We haven’t spoken about it, but someone is going to have to tell Edu that yes, the rumours are true, you can sell players.

Here is the list of potential names that could go and some speculative fees:

  • Nico: £20m (if it’s United, why not?)
  • Bernd Leno: £15m
  • Bob Holding: £10m
  • Granit Xhaka: £15m
  • Ainsley: £5m
  • Hector: £5m
  • Torreira £15m
  • Ballard £5m

That’s £90m in there plus the £15m we’ve already received from Guendouzi and Mavropanos.

Now, we know the chances of getting near that numbers are very low, but there’s no reason to believe we can’t make a dent.

  • Marquinhos £3m
  • Tielemans £25m
  • Raphinha £50m
  • Jesus £45m
  • Fabio £30m
  • Martinez £35m

If all the names drop that are on the list quite firmly, we’re looking at a £188m.

My guess is that Arsenal are probably looking to get to a similar net spend as last season, which was around £130m.

Again, I go back to the January transfer window and the potency of not doing anything fucking mad because Twitter said so.

We reduced the wage bill, we’ve gone from £190m when Arteta took over, to about £85m 2.5 years later. That’s a monster reduction by any standards. These players we’re bringing in aren’t coming in on huge cash, I saw that Vieira would be earning about £46k a week to start with, I suspect Raphinha, Tielemans and Jesus will come on more cash, but we’re not looking at the dark days of £350k a week.

Part of our problem with the selling story has always been the salary. The increasingly muted misery crowd loves to throw around the story about Mustafi being offered a new deal at Arsenal, which wasn’t true, and here’s how you know why… He was on £90k a week under Arsene Wenger, no one was going to pick him up on that deal, the players knew that, but he left, was booted from Schalke, and even on a free transfer, he couldn’t get more than £38k a week. Yep, Arsenal paid Mustafi over double his market rate, that’s why we couldn’t get rid of him, and that’s why he was absolutely not offered a new deal by Arsenal.

The difficulty of rebuilding any organization is that pain is part of the process. In football though, you have 10 million critics demanding the change come with no bumps in the road. Out the backend of this rebuild, we have an average squad age of 23.5, loads of Hale-End products, a better culture, a clear idea of how to play, a recruitment team that aren’t banter, and a manager that has enough sway to drive change through every aspect of the club.

It’s dream stuff. We are moving like a proper club again. The whiners are being put in their place, this club is moving away from the negative voices. The fans in the stadium are falling in love with their team again. All the doubters that said we’d move nowhere under this regime are starting to double-take because Arsenal are powering at the dream of being major trophy winners in a really smart way.

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  1. LoveSausage

    The Raphinha rumor still feels mad. I absolutely love the player but I just don’t see what we would do with him and Saka in the same position. I’ll still celebrate if we get him – it’s a rock and roll move if I’ve ever seen one.

    The lack of midfielder rumors is making me nervous. Hoping that the club has something they’re managing to keep quiet but the market isn’t exactly brimming with the right kind of talent.

  2. Howard

    Recruitment team so publicity conscious. Edu always wanting to be in the lamplight. The most PR conscious in the EPL ever.

  3. Zimbogunner

    Happy to see Arsenal doing something positive in the market. Just concerned by the exit door. It’s not moving quite well. I don’t think we can push Nico out this summer. No one can afford his wages. Another Auba/Ozil exit is awaiting.

  4. Crimson

    Just look and read the Porto fans, manager and Portuguese news. They are gonna miss the kid. A juicy progressive passer with acceleration and a killer pass.
    A finisher and can open up defences.

  5. MidwestGun

    Love that we are looking to upgrade on technical ability and scoring potential, still need that CF and CM. Need some Jesus.

    One thing about that picture though, it is kind of creepy how similar Edu and FV look.. same hair for sure. He could be introduced as Edu’s son and nobody would question the resemblance.

    Anyhow. is it your birthday Peds? Happy Birthday, dude!

  6. Chris

    Happy birthday Pedro and genuine thanks for the blog. I would subscribe but I simply don’t have the time to watch all the podcasts, I try and catch one now and then!

    I’m totally sold on the Vieira lad. Hope we can keep our patience with him, he will likely need time to adapt to the PL.

  7. Leftside

    Not going to worry, I mean the window has been open for how long now? There is time, hopefully come the conclusion of it we will have plugged our gaps with some solid acquisitions.

  8. T

    I cant help but wonder that arteta will want to move towards 4-3-3 very quickly. I can easily picture vieira forwing a midfield with partey and odegaard.. literally passing the opposition to death. And towards that end they are and have been reqruiting and training new defenders. Because that midfield would require playing a very high line most of the time it would make sense to bring in players like white, tomiyasu and martinez

    Then we could comfortably box opponents in like city do in a 2-3-5 form on opponent half and the guarding players would all excell in speed, pressing and vertical passing to unlock the true potential of a technical and quick forward line.

    On the other hand if they deem that we want to play with 2 tanks in the middle of the park we would have extremely pacy and direct wide players at mikels disposal. As an opponent manager it would be a nightmare to prepare against an opponent like that

  9. Chris

    “does true Arsenal fan have a problem with signing Vieira?”

    I very much doubt it. We still needed some fresh creativity and flair in the team. It must be added this is based on YT videos but Fabio seems to possess this in spades.

    Where understandable concerns may lie from fans is whether we are getting in the type of dynamic and powerful centralmidfielder we need to address our deficiencies last season and beyond. Yep there is time in the window but it is shorter than normal and getting them in for pre season is desirable so we can start better than last season. We shall see!

  10. Ben D

    Happy birthday Pedro.

    Something is definitely different. I don’t recall Arsenal announcing 2 signings this early in a window… Hopefull the CDM, LB and ST are on the way. Happy days

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Some time ago Arsenal were reputed to be interested in Napoli’s DMF Ruiz the Spanish International.

    Apparently he has now refused to sign a new contract and Napoli will if that is the case offload him this summer.

    Arsenal are apparently still interested in this player and that may be the reason why our
    interest in Tielemans has gone off the boil.

    I appreciate that this is yet another transfer rumour. However, Ruiz might be a more realistic
    target than Tielemans.

    Also I am beginning to wonder whether players like Bellerin, Torreira and Pepe could be used in swap arrangements if clubs on continent are so cash strapped. It might make better

  12. TR7

    We need a lot of technically sound players.

    Last season there were a lot of players with poor technique – Gabriel, Xhaka, Pepe, Lacazzete, Auba, Martinelli, Tierney, Tavares etc

    The likes of Rafinha, Viera, Martinez, Tielemans, Jesus can really raise the technical level of our squad. Besides all of them are versatile. I like the profile of players being targeted this season unlike last season.

  13. englandsbest

    Thanks for the cheerful birthday piece, Pedro

    It seems that the long-dreamed-for-transfer won’t happen, the Lukaku-like centre-forward. Instead, a mobile frontline of players who all score, and from any position, and a midfield that does likewise. The prospect is truly dazzling.

  14. Luteo Guenreira

    If we sign no one new for CM and only add more attacking players like Jesus and Raphinha, which out of Odegaard, Vieira, or ESR would have the best chance of succeeding there? Because one of them are going to have to switch positions if everyone stays.

  15. Northbanker

    Happy birthday Pedro

    I’m getting nervous that if Raphina is true then it will be at the expense of either Jesus or Tielemans. We desperately need both. Getting Vieira and Raphina should be nothing more than icing on the cake. We need a Prem ready CM and CF as well as LB cover.

    We still haven’t achieved anything of substance if this window. I will celebrate when we fix the roof before we add to the decor.

  16. S23

    Happy Birthday, Pedro
    Exciting times ahead.
    Still not over missing out to that awful other team,but I dont think we would have been ready for CL football just yet.
    Enjoy your day.

  17. Topside Northbank

    Vieira signing he’s been signed to play behind the striker or out wide playing in the final third, no other positions.

    Depth and competition, extra games this year in a busy schedule plenty of minutes available for all.

  18. Topside Northbank

    Galtier from Nice looks to be the new PSG manager.

    Happy birthday Pedro, another notch on the bedpost of life!

  19. Pierre

    I would imagine that Eddie, Martinelli and saka are over the moon with the signing of Fabio.
    He looks like a player who relishes the opportunity to play the ball inside the full back, so with fabio in the side i would like to see saka and Martinelli switch wings and receive the ball on their strongest side to either go for goal or slide the ball across for Eddie to finish.

    Where this leaves Odegaard time will tell . Obviously Arteta has recognised that we need a player with that little bit extra in the final 3rd who can split a defence with one perfectly weighted , perfectly times pass .

    Of course playing in the premier league will prove to be more difficult for fabio , but for me if a player is class he will produce at the highest level .

    What fabio needs is a player that plays on the defender’s shoulder and a wide player or players who can time their run on the outside.
    If not then we will continue to see our football played in front of the opposition back 4 which is easy to defend as defenders hate being turned.

    Partey is the key as he is prepared to pass between the lines , allowing the playmaker to receive the ball on the half turn which should be the signal for the front 3 to make their penetrating runs..

    Pre season will be very interesting to see how Arteta sets up the team ready for next season.

  20. TheLegendaryDB10

    The delicious story doing the rounds on United Twitter is that Ten Hag is a big fan of Nicolas Pepe.

    If this turns out to be true, we must absolutely squeeze Manure for every penny possible.

    £40 – 50 million no less please!

  21. TheLegendaryDB10

    And of course:

    Welcome to The Arsenal Fabio Viera!!!

    Hopefully he will become a positive and needed influence for our attack.

    I really hope we get to see more of ESR next season.

    He really is the one of those players that can have the right positive influence to move forward!!

  22. Nigel Tufnel

    I’m saying Jesus is a done deal, so we can be focused on CM and LB because Raphina would be a luxury signing that I don’t think is real for us.

    I’d love to know if Arteta is thinking Man City style 8 in Fabios future.

    Another positive about Vieira, is that I expect he’ll inspire Ødegaard to get in the goals more. That’s a great bonus. The hard work is already there, just a tiny bit more selfishness in the box would be nice.

    Young players growing and being pushed by internal competition… this is why we should be excited.

  23. TheBayingMob

    I’m not keen on this Vieira signing; seems a lightweight skinny kid who is going to be eaten alive in the PL. Are we regressing to the years where Wenger would only sign tiny, skinny players? Jesus incoming? Fabio looks like Pedro could kick the shit out of him in a Spoons downtown on a couple of pints …

  24. Mulerise14

    Emiratestroller…. hold that thought,let’s bottle it and send to Edu,he can take it with his BBQ after securing the set targets……Pepe can surely do a job of work at Leeds,give them,let’s add £30m….let’s be creative.
    But Edu may not be Tet’s best friend by removing all the real and imaginary xcuses….. remember lampard?
    He was purring when he was getting all those sexy players in….if we get in Martinez, Gabriel J, and tieleman plus Viera,no excuse for not getting the top 4 this season.

  25. TheLegendaryDB10


    but I just don’t see what we would do with him and Saka in the same position.

    It would allow to rotate Saka and get him to rest.

    He is young so we need to be a little more on the point with rotation if we want to avoid a Wiltshire situation building up with him (or any other player for that matter).

  26. englandsbest


    The essence of the squad Arteta appears to be assembling is versatility. All the first-choice players will be rotated, and what’s more they all know this, and will welcome it as a ‘rest’ not as ‘dropped’. The ‘fighting for place’ will be as a first-choice player. Straight out of the military manual.

  27. Naija+soccer


    In a way maybe thats why some of our games last season was quite hard to watch. We were good in a lot of games, but there was always this feeling that we can become more attractive.

  28. Ishola70

    Let’s see what the boy has and give him time.

    Most of you lot are talking as if he is the real deal already.

    This can lead to disappointment.

    Let’s watch him play and judge him in Arsenal colours.

    Good luck to him and welcome.

  29. Ishola70

    I’m waiting for Jesus.

    I know established players are not the flavour for many Arsenal fans now as the unknown under the radar may come good player is all the rage now and is hip but Jesus come onto us. Arrive.

  30. Naija+soccer

    I suspected we would focus our attention on acquiring mostly offensive players this summer. Glad that we are doing exactly that as Arteta has barely done that since he joined.

    With Auba and Laca leaving too, then that was just inevitable.

  31. Hitman

    Smaller players get better protection these days than back in 2008.
    Wenger was ahead of his time and would have won the title back then with smaller players like Nasri, Fabregas, Hleb,, but for stoneage refs.

  32. AL

    Happy birthday Pedro.

    Fabian Ruiz is another left footer. We’ve already signed two in Marquinhos and Vieira. For this reason alone I don’t think there’s substance there.

  33. Naija+soccer


    “If we sign no one new for CM and only add more attacking players like Jesus and Raphinha, which out of Odegaard, Vieira, or ESR would have the best chance of succeeding there? Because one of them are going to have to switch positions if everyone stays”

    Its good that we have 3 creative midfielders now instead of just 2. Odegaard and Fabio will play in the middle but Ode is probably the favorite to play there. Then ESR the wide creative midfielder. And maybe too Fabio sometimes.

  34. Un

    JamieJune 21, 2022 18:17:33
    I let the cat out of the bag on the previous post where all the birthday messages are. Happy birthday, young buck.

    Useless old sod

  35. Pierre

    “He comes from Portugal
    He wants to win it all”

    More like
    “He comes from Portugal
    And is going to win fck all ”


  36. Rich


    Be interesting to see what we do at the back, Holding is the square peg in a round hole

    We’ve got Saliba, White + Gabriel who are all comfortable pushing up the pitch

    Holding is a decent penalty box defender, but if we could sell him, then add another left footed centre back with good athleticism + technical quality
    ….Then that would complete the set.

    Tavares has a lot of the raw ingredients, but he scares the life out of me, he’s currently nowhere near the required level tactically, positionally, or in terms of his decision making

    He could kick on, but with Tierney’s injuries, it’d be a gamble.

    The 2 left backs we’ve been linked with Martinez + Zinchenko are more inverted left backs, than out and out offensive left backs.

    Playing with inverted full backs will allow us to move to playing with 2 x No8s, think we’ll likely see 2-3-4-1 in possession, then revert to 4-5-1 out of possession:

    …….Saliba Gabriel
    White Partey Tierney
    Odegaard Tielemans
    …..Saka ……..Martinelli

    Use our 2 full backs as left/right defensive midfielders

    When we signed White last summer I thought we might be trying to sign him to play the Cancelo role, as it was the role he predominantly for Brighton, Tomiyasu is also a similar style full back.

    We played an asymmetrical version of this system back in 2020/21, where Tierney was playing as a winger in possession, we’d drop Xhaka in behind him, and use our right back as a right sided defensive midfielder, this type of shape:

    ……..White Gabriel
    Cedric Partey Xhaka
    Odegaard Smith Rowe

    When Tierney got injured, we mirrored it on a few occasions.

    Liverpool + City both play similar shapes, Liverpool usually kick both their full back on, place their 3 midfielders as a shield across their 2 centre backs, but that comes at the expense of attacking midfielders

    Whereas City just flood the final third with elite technicians

    With Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Saka, Vieira, it looks like we’re trying to replicate a similar model, at the back we’ve almost completely changed the athletic + technical quality of our defenders

    It’s a really exciting time to be an Arsenal fan, I’m bouncing for the season to kick off already

  37. Naija+soccer


    “Smaller players get better protection these days than back in 2008.
    Wenger was ahead of his time and would have won the title back then with smaller players like Nasri, Fabregas, Hleb, but for stoneage refs”

    One Bissouma with a steady striker and those guys would have won everything.

  38. Bertie Mee

    Happy birthday Pedro
    This time last week no one had heard of Vieira. Now he is a superstar . He is VERY skinny and will
    need time to adjust . If he’s that good he will go to Qatar

  39. Naija+soccer

    I don’t think Martinelli is a wide player. There are wide players and then there’s Martinelli. Hes as impactful as Pepe on that side.

    I know the focus right now is to sign players but thats something that we are gonna have to deal with at some point.

  40. Thierry Martinelli

    Fabian Ruiz – I won’t mind him playing with Partey. He can pass, break lines, pick and start off a move from the back and comes with a wicked left foot.

  41. azed

    ” tough being 25 every year!”

    I know Pedro. I’ve been 18 for the last 18+ years.

    Happy birthday.

    Hopefully this time next year Arteta would have made you proud.

  42. Why I Gunna

    Going in for Raphina seems mad. By my count we have 4 people who can play RW. I guess Tets wants a flush.

  43. Rich

    We’ve gone from hoarding centre backs, to hoarding attacking midfielders, it’s a nice pivot.

    Think Arteta see’s Martinelli as a wide player, if we can add Tielemans, then our left side should become as potent as our right

    I thought we’d invest again this summer, but trying to spend £50 million on a left footed backup right winger, after spending £30 million on a left footed attacking midfielder, wasn’t a plot twist anyone could have envisaged

  44. Carts

    I’d take Fabian all day over Tielemans. Too bad negotiating with Laurentiis is like trying to communicate with someone who’s both blind & deaf

  45. Markymark

    Breaking news….Done Deal……
    Tottenham Tom is completing a transfer from Le Grove to Spuds “The Fighting Cock”.
    His Perisic obsession earned him top praise from the Wig loving fans of Hertfordshire and err Harlow
    It sure has a nice ring to it said Tom

  46. Nigel Tufnel

    I’ve been looking to hear your views on the rumoured players. Good to have you back.

    Loads of versatility in the squad and more coming possibly. It will be tricky for our young coach to utilize it all without confusing the players, especially the younger ones and new additions.

  47. Le Sauce

    🚨 EXCL: Arsenal have this evening submitted a formal offer to Leeds for Raphinha. #AFC contacted #LUFC earlier to indicate intention to make bid & that has now landed. Falls well short of #LUFC valuation, expected to be rejected out of hand @TheAthleticUK https://t.co/KUnHHNtFMe

  48. G

    ‘’ I’m not keen on this Vieira signing; seems a lightweight skinny kid who is going to be eaten alive in the PL. Are we regressing to the years where Wenger would only sign tiny, skinny players‘’

    Because no skinny players have succeeded in this league.. like David Silva

  49. Rich


    Can’t wait for this season, we’ve got a foundation of a decent squad, plenty of room for internal improvements

    If we get our transfer business right?

    The noises sound promising, then we should be on for a really good season, along with a much better style of football.

    Tying down Saka + Saliba need to be our priority, but I’m currently bursting with optimism

  50. Samuel

    Rahphina offer submitted. Here we go. If we get him, Jesus and Tielesman, what a transfer window it would be. One can certainly dream.

  51. curse

    Happy birthday Pedro!

    FV21, welcome to the new era! young ballers FC, AKA the baby faced assassins.

    If they’re able to pull that list off it’ll be historic, won’t be Man City light anymore. There were times season gone, during that good period where we stifled teams just like City. Add Saliba and Turner, the 5 sub rule and we’d be able to sustain the play. Speaking of which, that’s a season of it under the belt. Doesn’t get mentioned enough but that in itself will be like signing an elite player.
    Can’t see Xhaka going anywhere and I’m not mad at that, makes more sense while Youri gets up to speed along with Sambi.

    Light a fireplace, drink some rum, grab the oil,

    Up the Arse!

  52. Habesha Gooner

    I think you have gone wild with your projection of fees for our players.

    Leno 8 mil (Pope just went for 8 mil to Newcastle) to Fulham.
    AMN 10 mil (Forrest are interested, so will others at this price).
    Pepe 20 mil (Not sure we can sell him out right this summer).
    Xhaka 10 to 12 mil ( if there is a buyer for him and he is leaving).
    Bellerin 5 to 8 mil (same as Xhaka if there is a buyer).
    Ballard 5 mil (definitely getting sold).
    Torreira 10 mil (only eyes for Italy, should get 10 for him though).
    Mari 5 mil (Italy).
    Nelson 5 mil (PL clubs).
    Holding is staying and he needs to. He is a very good 4th choice.

    So all in all we are looking at anywhere between 58 mil to 83 mil depending on Pepe and Xhaka leaving. And we will likely invest more than 188 mil. May be closer to 195 mil. So we are looking at an expenditure of 120 to 150 mil in expenditure net spend.

    That would be an awesome summer though.

    I like this Viera kid. And I also like Raphinha. But CM, CF and LB should be the main priorities. We will get Jesus at some point. And we are getting a LB too with Tavarez leaving. But CM I am not so sure of. We could be going with Xhaka again. And it will be a huge mistake if we do that.

  53. Le Sauce

    Gabriel Jesus deal update. Arsenal are working on it and negotiations are very advanced – Arsenal will now need to be fast on final, key details involving player/agents to get the deal done and avoid twists. ⚪️🔴 #AFC

    Tottenham & PSG, still waiting to see the end of this story.

    This one from Fabrizio…

  54. LoveSausage


    I get it in theory. In an ideal world, we’d have two top players in every position.

    In reality, Bukayo is top dog at Arsenal and Raphinha is top dog at Leeds. He’s also about to enter his peak age and won’t be interested in being a rotational player.

    Maybe Arteta is planning to change our system in a way that would allow both of them to get enough minutes. But otherwise I don’t see how we’d make both of them happy.

  55. Habesha Gooner

    Well we can’t say we are sitting on our asses. Bid for Raphinha and advanced negotiations for Jesus. If we get them both done then we will have to chase 2 players after that. A CM (hopefully) and a LB. I wouldn’t mind if it isn’t a player as expensive as Lisandro Martinez for that LB position. But a CM is a necessity.

  56. Mr Serge

    Some clickbait saying spurs are now going in for Raphina

    Will he want the perennial failures of spurs or the Brazilian might of the two Gabby’s (possibly 3) and edu

  57. Rich

    If Raphinha cost us £50mill? Vieira £30mill?

    We’d be paying £80 million for 2 forwards, who’d unlikely be first choice players.

    Throw in Gabriel Jesus £35 mill? Tielemans £25mill?

    That’s a serious injection of attacking quality.

    These attacking options would give us a squad capable of competing on all fronts:

    Odegaard, Vieira
    Saka, Raphinha
    Martinelli, Smith Rowe
    Jesus, Nketiah

    7 players who I’d fancy to bag double figure goals

  58. Habesha Gooner

    This Raphinha situation is going out of hand. Leeds prior to the window were expecting him to leave for €55 mil euros. Now they know Chelsea, Spurs, Barcelona and Arsenal all have an interest. So apparently the price has gone to €65 mil to €75 mil. Chelsea have other options though. They are interested in Dembele and Sterling.. Spurs are more interested in someone that can play in two three positions. Richarlison is more their Speed. That leaves Barcelona who are trying to make Leeds wait and low ball them to get him.

    If we are signing him I hope it will be under 55 mil. Because we can get more value out there than over that price. It isn’t like we are desperate either. We have Saka. We just need someone of comparable quality. And if we are paying that much then Gnabry wouldn’t be a bad shot either. 35 mil with more wages. But he would play on the left and switch to the right whenever Saka gets rested too. If not there is Pedro Neto and Moussa Diaby too.

    There is also Antony, Terrier, Doku, Sarr. There are many options for a Rotation option for Saka.

  59. Jdawg

    Haven’t commented in a while. Happy birthday Pedro, wishing you good health. Thank you sir for the brilliant content

  60. salparadisenyc

    Im not really understanding why everyone so encouraged by the Ornstein Raphina tweet, literally says the offers way below Leeds valuation. Player prefers a move to Barca then Chelsea with Arsenal in third essentially.

    Feel like we’ve lived that storyline in past year with several in the Serie A.

  61. WengerEagle

    Liverpool are so bloody good at selling players I swear, lol.

    Bought Minamino 2 years ago for €8m. Plays shit for 2 years and has a mediocre loan spell at Southampton and they are now selling him to Monaco for €15m + €3m in add-ons potentially.

  62. WengerEagle

    Yeah Sal I don’t see Raphinha happening, we probably just chanced our arm with a low-ball bid.

    He’s a very good player but anything over £50m is too much and we have other more pressing priorities.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    Absolutely. But I assume we will get that done. I think it is a matter of time. Chelsea the only competition and they don’t know what they want. We are far ahead tbh.

    Him and a CM and possibly a LB should be the priority. This Viera kid and Raphinha should be luxury signings. If we have to sell to buy the new CM it will be very disappointing.

  64. Nigel Tufnel

    I have slight concerns about ESR. We’ve seen for the past 2 seasons that he would always be first coming off for sub looking gassed. Not great for his age.

    Then there’s always been whispers of slight muscle concerns that would keep him from starting more, even though he’s been clinical in shooting.

    I assume Martinelli gets the nod for much better tracking back and cheeky tackling that he does so well. That is part of the reason that won’t be articulated by the manager so we all assumed through the run in these past months, Emile was being protected for fitness reasons.

    What really bothered me though, was that I was expecting the player to take a good long rest away from games at the end of the season, to get to 100% …. then I see him immediately playing in under 21 England games.

    That annoyed the hell out of me. Anybody else notice this?

  65. Habesha Gooner

    If their player played like Torreira this season they would be getting £ 18 mil+ for him. How they do it I will never know. Ibe, Benteke, Solanke, Minamino. This isn’t a coincidence. I don’t know how we are so shit at selling though.

  66. Habesha Gooner

    ESR will be fine. He shouldn’t have played these meaningless U 21 games though. Very annoying. Not only that the nations league games were awful. After he gets rested and a Holiday, he will be coming with a bang. He needs to be watched for fitness though. His form dropped in the 2nd half of last season. That’s probably why Arteta is overloading on these attackers.

  67. WengerEagle


    Don’t forget getting £25m for Rhian Brewster from Sheffield Utd where he scored 0 in 30 apps in his first season and has 3 goals in 46 apps for them, ffs that is comedy.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier today I pointed out that Ruiz the highly rated DMF at Napoli had refused to sign a new contract and Napoli were likely to offload him as he is in final year of contract.

    This was a player that was of interest to Arsenal along with Tielemans earlier this year. Recently it has been suggested that Arsenal are no longer interested in Tielemans.

    If that is the case perhaps Arsenal might consider offering a part exchange deal for Torreira
    who wants to stay in Italy.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    Jesus I forgot that 😂😂😂.

    So Benteke 32 mil, Solanke 18 mil, Ibe 15 mil, Brewster 25 mil, Minamino 13 mil. That is a 100 mil from players that were never going to make it at pool.

    We really need to start selling better.

  70. WengerEagle


    And we sold Guendouzi a 23 YO full France international for €9m and the most promising ball-playing CB in the Bundesliga in Mavropanos for €3m.

    Pretty embarrassing stuff. Our negotiation team needs to be sacked.

  71. Habesha Gooner

    I wouldn’t mind Fabian Ruiz. Very good player and with a year left. And he has played a DM role in occasion. He would be an upgrade on Xhaka and that is what we need. I like Tielemans for the PL experience though.

    With how we are bidding for Raphinha, 50 m for Savic doesn’t sound too bad now considering it is a problem position. And I didn’t want Savic for 60 mil at 27. But it would make more sense because we only have one Class CM and we could go cheaper on a winger.

  72. Habesha Gooner

    Didn’t think of that. Some of those are wild deals. And Newcastle paid 25 mil for willock. Martinez was cheap to be honest. If not for Ramsdale it would have been a mistake. But about 89 mil, that is better than I though to be honest.

    Let’s see how we do this summer for Pepe, Bellerin, Mari, Torreira, AMN, Nelson, Ballard and Leno. All under 28 except for Leno who is a GK. We should be getting decent fees for these players.

  73. WengerEagle

    Iwobi was an amazing sale, so unlike us.

    If only we could sell all of our shite to Everton. Should have milked them more in the overspend glory days of that clown owner they have.

    Got our pound of flesh with £55m for Iwobi and a long-past it Walcott at least.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    Guendouzi was a Joke. Arteta’s feud with him completely ruined the asking price. Teams knew there was no going back for him. We will have a hard time with Torreira too because teams know he isn’t coming back either.

    I am hoping there is a large sell on percentage on Mavropanos though. No way we sold him that low with out putting in a huge sell on clause.

  75. salparadisenyc

    The Guendouzi situation is a real case study in what not to do. At one point his value was being mentioned in the £60m range. Literally tanked our way out of that.

  76. Goobergooner

    So reducing the wage bill for 6 months makes up for not making champions league and absolutely bottling the season?!?!?!

    If we get all these players, we still fucked up last season, whichever way you want to slice it

  77. Habesha Gooner

    The way we are moving in the market is impressive so far though. You can only imagine what would have happened had we got CL football too. All these targets would have been wrapped up early if we had the money of CL on top of what we are trying to do. Spurs would have been in the shitter with Conte crying and threatening to leave.

    That would have been perfect.

  78. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    I agree.

    Arsenal need three experience central midfield players to rotate this season. Xhaka may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he seldom gets injured. On the other hand Partey who is the more gifted player is injury prone and unlikely to cope with two games per week.

    I agree also with your opinion of Guendouzi. I think that he is grossly overrated and a pain in
    the arse. The club were right to offload him.

  79. Goobergooner

    Habesha, it would have been perfect indeed.

    Just noone at the club is actually competent to the highest level. If we made one midfield signing in Jan, kept chambers or saliba, and didn’t wait til it was too late to replace laca in the starting lineup with Eddie, we probably would have fallen over that too 4 line.

  80. Nigel Tufnel

    They’re slow walking the Jesus news. They want to give each player a big announcement on their own. It’s been done for more than 24 hours.

    It’s done, and even Di Marzio is dripping it out little by little, maximizing retweets and social media engagements. He always follows the wishes of his sources, that’s why they continue to favor him with scoops.

  81. China1

    ‘ Yep, Arsenal paid Mustafi over double his market rate, that’s why we couldn’t get rid of him, and that’s why he was absolutely not offered a new deal by Arsenal.’

    If you google arsenal mustafi new deal every single source disagrees with you Pedro and you know it. Arsenal offered mustafi a new deal and he rejected it.

    You write a perfectly nice article and make a great point about the wage reduction but you just can’t resist throwing in a completely unnecessary ‘bent fact’ as a propaganda line.

    Yesterday’s was when you referred to Tielemans as an arsenal player to justify why people should be happy with the state of our midfield. Today you’re rewriting the past about mustafi and I don’t even know why.

    There’s no gun to your head man you already had good fair points all throughout the post. Why run these unnecessary false propaganda lines in every post?

  82. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah. Midfield is a no brainer. We need a more creative, more mobile and experienced CM. Tielemans, Ruiz, Savic, I don’t care. It just needs to be a Xhaka upgrade.

    It was annoying watching Guimaraes move to Newcastle when we needed a CM more. And ironically him and Joelinton stopped us at Newcastle with relentless pressing. Had we showed a bit more ambition in January, we would have been conducting our business with CL football now.

  83. Habesha Gooner

    Leeds fans on Twitter are crazy. They seem to think someone will pay £ 65 to 70 mil for Raphinha. They also seem to think they can keep him otherwise. What’s more likely is them rejecting a decent £50 to 55 mil offer from Arsenal and Barcelona coming in with a low ball £ 45 mil offer and unsettling him to get him though.

  84. China1

    It reminds me of how whisky so many distilleries follow the time tested guidance of marketers to add caramel colored E number food coloring to their whisky to make it look darker.

    Darker whisky is associated with older whisky to the initiated and to the average joe walking through Morrison’s they might see that lovely deep colored whiskey on the shelf and believe it’s a mature whisky.

    But whisky lovers know more than that. They know that if you didn’t put an age on the bottle then the odds are high that the whisky is primarily under 10 years old. They know if it’s cheap the same is true. They know that unless this young whisky was aged in sherry casks there aren’t many other ways it’s likely to have legitimately got that colour without food coloring additives. No mention of using sherry casks or sherry flavor notes? Then they didn’t.

    And just like a proper whisky head is not so easily fooled by marketing tricks, Everyone here is a hardcore arsenal fan who reads loads of arsenal news outlets blogs and sites all the time. Always adding in these ‘half truths’ to every post is just so easy to see, you might as well not try.

    You’re not preaching to the average joe shopper looking at a £15 blend mate. Telling us this a finely aged whisky and pointing to the colour doesn’t work. A cheap blend with good colour ingredients is a cheap blend with food colouring and we all know it…

  85. Nigel Tufnel

    And we’re now at the stage in every completed transfer, (this case- Jesus) in absence of official announcement, fictional stories of other clubs possible hijacking the deal emerge to get panicked, angry clicks from losers.

    That’s basically confirmation of good news for us.

  86. DivineSherlock

    I want to say it real quietly but if we really get all of the players that we are supposedly targetting , I think its a good dark horse team for the title charge . A year later maybe ? Honestly cant wait to see how it all shapes up .

  87. China1

    It will be our biggest summer in my lifetime if we got all of those players so let’s wait and see.

    Has Stan really decided to just bankroll us now?

  88. Thierry Martinelli

    “There’s no gun to your head man you already had good fair points all throughout the post. Why run these unnecessary false propaganda lines in every post?”
    Reminds me of the weekly reminder of Odegard having the highest chance creation in open play 😂

  89. Thierry Martinelli

    I hope we’re not being Vlahovic-ed in this Raphinha deal. Like Hab said, there are alternatives out there, a lot actually, compared to CM alternatives. And most will be cheaper

  90. Batistuta

    Oh and if we have somehow gotten Kroenke to splurge this summer, we sure as hell better not be hoping just to get into Europe lol.

    Excited with all the names we’ve been linked to or are close to according to reports especially as they’re attacking minded and our goal scored the lasg two seasons have been appaling to say the least

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