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Well good day to you all! Especially the fathers in the room. For mothers day, it’s all emotions and feelings… when it comes to the dads, it’s a phone call to berate them for ruining your taste palete with Ribena milkshakes, and some casual c*nting down the phone. If you have a dad, I hope you are treating him well, if you don’t, I hope you are ok today.

The biggest gift my dad gave me was indoctrination to THE ARSENAL. These modern hippy parents that give their kids choice, what’s with that? I was threatened with a zero present Christmas if I didn’t conform, so I conformed and it was the best decision of my damn life.

Also, for my American friends, Happy Juneteenth, the day when all of America was truly given their freedom in 1865. I think most people are still working out how you celebrate this one, but my team over here are hitting the BBQ and celebrating the culture. Have a cracking day whatever you are doing.


This Lisandro Martinez signing, if it happens, might prove to be one of the shrewdest moves of the window. He’s a very versatile player that can operate in a Xhaka role, can play on the left side of defence, and he can also drop in as a centre back. He’s a build-up player. By signing him, you don’t have to have someone like Granit drop deep to start the play. This thread does a very good job of explaining all the bits he can do.

One of the things the club will like about him is the bravery piece. That Newcastle game at the end of the season was probably the worst moment in our season. We didn’t show up. Our defenders really shit the bed. Our keeper lost his nerve. So we couldn’t break the press. Arteta can’t have that be a problem next season, so he needs to make sure the players he’s bringing in are bold and brave.

Fabio Vieira is the captain of the Portugues U21s, his whole game is about brave passing and clinical accuracy.

Lisandro was the Ajax player of the season, he’ll probably slip into the Argentina first team for the world cup, his game is built around supreme confidence and bravery.

Gabriel Jesus is an extremely trophied 25-year-old, he is brave.

Tielemans plays for the 3rd best international team in the world, I have no doubts that he will not shy away in our midfield next season.

I riled up Spurs Twitter yesterday calling out some truths about how we’re approaching things.

Now, I know things aren’t done yet, but as with last season, you are starting to see some shape to what we’re doing. There’s a nice counterpoint to how Spurs are trying to get some success.

We are building in an innovative and exciting way. There’s a clear style of play we’re going after and we are getting very creative with how we are covering our weaknesses. Some of it is so creative, Arsenal fans are not even sure what is going on, which shows how much tactical flexibility we are adding to the system.

Arsenal are building like City. Our moves have 5 years in mind, not just next season. We’re looking for the next KDB before he’s a big name, so we’ve signed Fabio Vieira. Creative, a goal threat, relentless off the ball, and utterly decisive. We have a power and pace machine at left-back in Kieran Tierney, he needs cover, so instead of replacing like for like, we’re finding a player that can offer something different, so we’re targetting a build up left-back that can play in midfield and as a center-back. A Cancelo-like move. Every decision we make has a deeper story than just the position, it all feels considered, and very thougtful. Some will say ‘we shouldn’t be copying the City model’, my response would be, why not? It seems to be pretty dominant in the Premier League.

Spurs are building like Manchester United. They are building for the now. There’s not a lot of creativity in what they are doing. They need someone on the left, they scan Transfermarkt and see that 33-year-old Perisic can do a job. They need a backup keeper, Forster makes some good saves, he’ll do. Need a midfielder? Go for the one everyone on Twitter thinks is electric, even if he has some serious baggage. Need a striker? How about the whiner that nearly took Everton down?

Both of these systems can offer success, but one feels more sustainable than the other. I’d also say the way Arsenal are doing things is more exciting for the fans, not that it matters, but be real, who is talking about the Spurs window this week? No one. I’d also say that the way Spurs are building it’s absolutely clear they have not moved on from being totally dependent on the output of two players in their late twenties delivering game after game. Arsenal already showed they could do a job without either fullback or Thomas Partey. After this summer, we’ll be even better equipped and in no way will we be classed as a one or two-man team.

What we’re doing has absolute clarity, all the issues are being fixed, there’s balance, and there’s loads of flex in the system for any eventuality. The players we’re chasing would mean we could absorb injuries, we can offer a nightmare to any team whether it’s a deep block or a fancy side coming to play, and nearly all the character flaws we started with last season will have been washed away.

The best bit? The players we’re signing will still keep the average age of our squad lower than 25. Below is the list of players we’ll likely use this season.

The average age of those 30 players is 22.46. If you take out the Europa kids and Balogun, the average age of the squad sits at 23.6. I know it riles up some that I talk about this, but in football, age matters, and this team still has 3 years to get to where City is right now. The average age of Liverpool’s starting 11 was 29.

The types of talent we’re bringing in are so good, the only way is up. Saka will be battle-hardened, Odegaard will start stronger than he did last season, Ben White and Gabriel now know each other better, and players like Saliba and Turner will join the squad knowing there’s a chance for them to stake a claim.

There will be missteps with the players we sign. There always are. Arsene had a mad splash in 2001. He signed Richard Wright, Gio Van Bronckhorst, Juan, Tavlaridis, Edu, Toure and Sol Campbell. Not all of them made it, but the thing with a splash like that is it energizes the fans, the players, and the coaching staff.

During the latter Wenger years, I always said one of the biggest issues he had is he never regenerated the squad. That impacted the players because they knew we weren’t serious. That impacted the fans, because we knew we weren’t in it to win. It impacted the season, because we were never good enough.

That’s all different now. You can disagree with the players we’re targeting, but can anyone honestly say the club isn’t showing ambition? Can anyone say they think Arteta is just going for top 4?

If you are Bukayo Saka right now, do you feel like Arsenal aren’t doing all they can to make you a success at the club you love?

We are trying to get back to the top. That’s good for everyone. Especially those that sit in the stands.

Let’s see what happens this week, hopefully it’s a big one!

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  1. Dissenter

    Naijagooner and madhu made the lint yesterday.
    We can’t just build like a mini city because we got a protege of Guardiola.
    We have to find out own DNA different from city.

    Cloning city won’t work because we can’t attract the very best manager in the world and the crème the la crème of the transfer market to make it work.

    That’s where you want a strong DoF in charge,

  2. Jonko

    It’s called a half turn…it’s literally taught like a pricniple at school academies…nearly all City players do that…so did Cesc and every good midefielder we have…watch our goal agaist barca, the arshavin one…Pedro is getting more and more ridiculous ..nothing special in that turn lol

  3. Dissenter

    Feels like the league will be ultra-difficult next season.
    So many top quality signings coming in and managers appointed last season entering their first full season.

  4. Chris

    “Arsene had a mad splash in 2001. He signed Richard Wright, Gio Van Bronckhorst, Juan, Tavlaridis, Edu, Toure and Sol Campbell.”

    The only player out of that lot who was a regular was big Sol. But it was probably AW’s niggest transfer splash in a while and we won the double. Quite funny really.

    Obviously Edu played his part here and there and Kolo blossomed a couple of years later.

    I think that was the summer Zlatan had his trial at the club also? Imagine if that had gone the other way!

  5. Dissenter

    Mart*next will have the ball knocked off him against Palace on opening day , if he tries being “brave” like that
    The pace of the premier league is ferocious, this ain’t the eredivisie.

  6. Chris

    Just realised, include Franny Jeffers in that list. Our fox in the box!

    If I remember rightly Gio van B had a lot of bad luck with injuries.

  7. Chris

    So our squad for next season has not one player aged over 30, potentially.

    Interesting, I certainly wouldn’t be against having the ‘right type’ of 30+ players in the squad, if you know what I mean. One or two who can offer the calm head and guidance for the younger players.

  8. Dissenter

    When I think of Eredivisie imports to the premier league, the one that pops us first is Alfonso Alves, the Brazilian striker ‘Boro signed from Hereeveen

  9. Samesong

    I the only one that thought those 2 turns looked very basic? Lol.Martinez

    I’ve seen Xhaka turn at that speed. If Basic had a cousin that was it

  10. Bertie Mee

    I always enjoy and value your relentless positivity Pedro.The big issue with this team is character. We need players with courage and will to win. The stat about only coming from behind to win once is astonishing and indicative . The stat about only scoring two other equalisers ( one in a game we still lost) is even more indicative.
    The other big issue is selling better. We give players away where the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool get serious fees . We haemorrhage money. We are seeing Torreira and Bellerin trying to get us to facilitate their moves by dropping their price ( or even giving them frees!) That has to improve . If we can shift Xhaka we can get someone with character and ability in to replace him and raise some money although despite some Arsenal fans think he is a good holding midfielder I suspect a queue for his services will not form at Ashburton Grove. If Chaka starts in midfield next season we will never reach the next level

  11. Samesong

    Bertie quality post.

    Mentality is something we often hardly ever talk about. It’s the same with the young and experienced players at Arsenal.

  12. Bob N16

    Pedro, we did not show we could do a job without Partey and our first choice FBs. The rest of the post I’m in agreement with. Martinez looks an ideal addition to our squad providing depth in three positions.

    This window is all about upgrading Laca, Xhaka, Nuno, Pepe.I’m getting really hopeful that we are going to have a great season if we get all our targets

  13. Dissenter

    We need to be firm with any player asking for their contracts to be cancelled so that another club can benefit .
    The likes of Bellerin should be made to train and play for the u-23s for the entirety of next season [is it’s legal]

    Every club knows we give away too many players for free by cancelling contracts so they all want a piece of the action.

  14. raulishuss


    Absolutely agree with you 100%. You hit the nail on the head with that post. Couldn’t agree more. The most worrying thing for me about this team is that stats. We need big characters in this squad. One of the reasons why xhaka has to stay and one the the reasons also why I absolutely love Eddie.

  15. Zacharse

    Nice write up pete.
    Had this thought about spurs and how its not an inconceivable thought that both their elderly keepers wind up w serious injuries. Feel like lloris kept them in at least 1/3rd of the games last season… that villa game they won 4-0 when they really should have lost…
    Make it happen football gods!

  16. WengerEagle

    Xhaka a big character? In what world?

    Threw a tantum and literally told supporters to go fuck themselves and openly admits that he to this day has not forgiven or forgotten.

    Get rid.

  17. Wicked Willy

    I think our players have got a lot more minerals than the rag tag Arteta inherited. However, they also need composure, and that comes with age (unless your Pedri!).

    I have absolutely no qualms about the willingness of this team to fight hard and as they truly grow into men, I’m certain it will be there for all to see.

    That said, it would do no harm to have someone in the middle of the park who can rally the troops when the chips were down. I know things have moved on a bit, but Viera and Keane were absolutely instrumental in making those two teams play even when they were off their game.

    Guendouzi could have been that guy, but he blew it by being a big headed brat who fell out with every coach he played for until his spiritual dad brought him to OM. Some here bemoan that. I don’t. His talent wasn’t enough to justify his ego imho.

    I haven’t seen enough of Tielemans to know if he could be that guy who can rally us, but I hope that if he comes, he’s able to do enough of that to see us through some squeaky moments.

    And if somebody gives him a rest, I would be surprised if Saka does that more and more. When he goes to the next level, he’ll be capable of carrying the team.

    I also see that in Marrinelli. He’s like a wild mustang, who just will not be tamed by circumstance. If he can channel that spirit with control, and then let it run free when we need to go full Rocky Balboa, I think we’ll have enough. He’s not there yet, but it feels an inevitability, and I can’t wait. Hurricane Martinelli ripping up trees and carrying our team to victory like Roy Of The Rovers.

    Our cubs will soon be lions, and when they make that transition, people are gonna sit up and pay attention and wonder how on earth it happened.


  18. Pedro

    WE, you were all about these random signings last season when you were propping Onana as the keeper, now you’ve gone cold because you don’t like the turn?

  19. Pedro

    Did you click into the thread? Quite a good run down. The guy seems to be an expert on every player immediately, but it read well.

  20. Pedro

    Bertie, I think the stat of coming back can be put down to inexperience and not having a lot of tools to breakdown a deepblock.

    22 wins in the Premier League season is also big character.

    Biggest issue we need to deal with is once you get past the starting 11, we’re moving on that.

  21. Tom

    ” They need someone on the left, they scan Transfermarkt and see that 33-year-old Perisic can do a job. They need a backup keeper, Forster makes some good saves, he’ll do. Need a midfielder? Go for the one everyone on Twitter thinks is electric,….”

    Pedro, seriously now….. Perisic played for Conte and is coming off his best season to date so I doubt Conte had to look him up on Transfermarkt.

    And Bissouma singlehandedly shut their midfield down and rendered Kane dropping deep completely ineffective, with Conte lookin on dumbfounded.

  22. Un

    The average age of our squad is quite astounding really.
    And an unbelievable amount of talent in every area of the pitch.
    It feels exciting but my one concern is that Arteta hasn’t shown us he’s capable of creating a fluid, varied and potent attacking side laced with moments of flair.
    I’ll take 30x 1-0 wins but let’s be honest, we are gooners, we were spoiled and we want to see our teams playing the sort of football we have become synonymous with

    I’m trying see that other than the odd breakout game or 3 game mini spell here and there in 2 and half years

    I’m really hopeful he has this tiered system, we’ve read about, up his sleeve

  23. Chris

    “We need to be firm with any player asking for their contracts to be cancelled so that another club can benefit .
    The likes of Bellerin ”

    Well in the case of Bellerin in isolation I think it’s fine to let him go to his boyhood club permanently. Surely a loan for another year with an obligation to buy, even in instalments can be reached. Betis can’t be THAT brassic.

    Bellerin has been here since he was 16 I think and has been very loyal and a credit to Arsenal in his time here. He’s clearly happy at Betis so the humane thing is to allow him to remain there rather than rot in the reserves. You’re all heart aren’t ya?

    Other players though, off course in some situations, the club could be firmer but lots of other clubs are struggling to shift their ‘deadwood’. Middle of the road clubs and below often simply can’t afford the wages players surplus to requirements at big clubs command.

  24. andy1886

    You can’t simply follow the City model – no-one else has the funds to do it. People conveniently forget that Pep has bought £50m players that turned out to be poor and then just went and bought another £50m player until he got it right.

    If we’re going to do that we need a 100% success rate – no more Pepe’s. What are the chances?

    Where we lost crucial games last season – for example Palace and Newcastle away – was essentially in the midfield. Not the defence, the poor b*stards had zero protection in front of them, our attack had zero ball to work with. The midfield Swiss Cheese is never going to stand up to high intensity opposition and needs to go.

  25. WengerEagle


    Just flicked through the thread there, who is this guy? Is he just some rando on the interweb?

    You don’t have to sell Martinez to people who have watched him play, he’s shown in the CL that he is a good player. Very versatile and sound technique to go with being agile, intelligent and brave.

    I personally have always loved Argentinian players because like Uruguayan’s they tend to be scrappy, hard-nosed types to go with the typical SA flair and skill you would expect.

  26. MidwestGun

    I do think the team needs to add a little experience aka older dudes. But I think Jesus could be that player. He has the big game experience and time in the system, knows what adjustments need to be made, etc. And he is not over the hill experience.. coming into his prime. Martinelli already looks up to him.

    The older dudes are what let us down the past 5 years. And we have cleared them all out except Xhaka. Hope he moves on… his type of leadership makes me cringe. Passive/ agressive is not a good look for a leadership trait disguised as pointing a lot at space on the pitch and playing the hard man in any scraps The only time GX looks in his element is sitting in a low block.. hopefully we don’t sit in too many low blocks this season.

  27. nwm


    Do you know something we don’t. Unless my astigmatism is getting much worse, you left Saka off the team list.🙄

  28. Dissenter

    I believe Bellerin has one year left on his contract.
    I get the human side of it but is seems we are seen as easy pickings by these continental clubs.
    . Bellerin and Torriera had very good seasons away on loan, they are posturing to get one past us

  29. WengerEagle

    I get United signing FDJ who is a top player but what is the point of bringing in Eriksen who is pretty much exactly the same kind of player as Bruno Fernandes is barring being two-footed?

    Don’t see them doing much under Ten Hag to be honest, think they are still a shambles of an operation from top to bottom and letting Rangnick walk was a massive mistake. He could have been the brains of the rebuild behind the scenes even if he was lacking as a gaffer.

  30. MidwestGun

    Eagle agreed.. I think there is a good chance they could still struggle and hopefully ChelsLA fall off a few levels and then I think the top 4 door is wide open, again.

  31. DUIFG

    Lisando better. Ow be ahead of tielmans.

    If we don’t get tielmans this window is not good, we can’t roll with xacka again.

    Get tielmans and the entire completion of the window changes.

    Let’s see.

  32. Ishola70

    “We need big characters in this squad. One of the reasons why xhaka has to stay”

    lol he’s a pretender and deep down a pussy, childish and vain.

    As Weagle says still childish in never wanting to forgive and forget over his tantrum episode with the fans and then some duly noted him throwing his team mates under the bus after the Newcastle match but of course reaming Arteta at the same time.

    He’s a “character” we don’t need. Plastic.

    And very worrying if he is still seen as a leader in the team going inti next season.

  33. Wicked Willy

    WE have we had any other Argies? Can’t believe the FA Secretary denied our transfer of Maradona when he was 19. I would have enjoyed seeing him in the Red and White.

  34. DUIFG

    We messed up last year buying white instead of a cm to replace xacka. We cannot do that again. We need rid

  35. Wicked Willy


    It’s all about building the foundations of JgP. You get your ball-playing back line sorted first, and then you concentrate on midfield next, and attack last, subject to squad context obviously.

    Had Partey stayed fit last year, I doubt you’d be complaining. He’s not been injury prone until coming to us, so it was a fair expectation to have him be fit for longer.

    The main thing is every position is getting covered. If we spend our lives getting emotional about what ifs, we’ll lose our way.

  36. raulishuss

    We needed white more than we needed to get rI’d of xhaka and that’s a fact. Holding as our starting cb was going to be a disaster. There’s a reason he might be 5th choice next season if not sold and please don’t come with saliba. He wasn’t going to be a starting cb for us at that stage of his development. And that’s another fact.

  37. Habesha Gooner

    Yes Spurs’s strategy is more immediate but they have also signed some young players. Kulusevski, Bentancur, Bissouma , Spence( possibly) are all young signings. Their attack and their manager gives them the edge right now. Had we beaten them to the top 4 spot, we would have said “we are better than them” with chest.

    We should focus on ourselves. Sign Tielemans, Jesus, Martinez, Raphinha, Viera, Turner all in one summer then we can compete better next season.

  38. Nigel Tufnel

    This is PIERRE’S reaction when he sees a positive stat about Ødegaard and Xhaka:

    “Xhaka in the top ten for shot creating actions tells me that this graph is a bullshit way of judging a players creativity level.We should all know how it works by now , Odegaard or xhaka receive the ball 40 odd yards out , they play a 5 yard no risk pass out to saka on the right or Martinelli/Smith Rowe on the left , they cut inside and have a shot = a shot creation action.Xhaka being in the top ten for creativity in the ptemier league is laughable, we are lucky if he has 2 assists a season..”

    What TF is wrong with you Pierre?

    You see a positive stat about some of our players and this is how you react?

    Fine to disagree with stats, but to be so relentlessly negative about our guys is kind of sick.

    I badly want us to upgrade on Xhaka, but I’m not going to be a miserable (and deluded) curmudgeon about it either way. I try hard in life to avoid displaying such a cretinous attitude.

  39. Moondoggie

    Been saying for weeks — to the outrage of Spurs Twitter — that it’s obvious Spurs are going all-in to try to win an FA or League Cup while Conte is still there this season with no regard to the future, while Arsenal is building for the long term. You’d have to be blind not to see it. I love what’s happening right now.

  40. DUIFG

    Will this guy start? You fix what’s in front of you first then build out . 30 m on a backup when your midfield is bare with xacka is poor business. If we sort the mid and get this guy fine, but my worry is this is poor resource allocation if we don’t .

    Don’t understand your party comment , do you expect him to play 38 games non stop? That’s a pretty rare feat.

  41. Habesha Gooner

    Wasn’t Chelsea’s bid €25 mil euros with addons for sterling?
    Their summer has started like a very typical American Ownership football club. They used to pay the asking price and get whatever they wanted before. I think they will be a bit weaker because their owners will look to make a profit rather than Sports washing. They barely have any CBs. Their DMs are getting on and underperformed last season. Plus their attack hasn’t been the best either.

    I am looking at them as the weak link for that top 4 spot. Spurs are going to be too strong with a focused Son and Kane and with additions they are making.

  42. DUIFG

    That’s nonsense comment, we had saliba ready to go, we spent 50 m on a cb we didn’t need and kept xacka . It was a choice and it didn’t play out

  43. Nigel Tufnel

    Just finished reading Habesha’s fantastic response to the Ødegaard hater who has an Ozil/Willock fetish.

    Excellent statistics, with real intelligent conclusions. Even better work than Pedro. This is why I don’t let the haters prevent me from reading comments here. Good analysis from a balanced poster.

  44. Gunnershabz


    It does look like each player we linked with this summer can play in 2 or 3 positions which Arteta wants for cover and adaptability changing tactics in matches like we did against Chelsea and use of 5 subs

    Pedro Vieira can play Right centre and left and maybe deeper
    Marquinhos left and right inside forward
    Gabriel Jesus centre left and right forward
    Lisandro Martinez left back centre and defensive mid
    Tielemens deep or attacking

    It seems he wants ball players all across the pitch switching play short direct or long with ease

  45. Ishola70

    If Xhaka starts yet another season as first team starter and not only that as the “leader” role that seems to have been assigned to him in recent times then it will make a complete mockery of whatever this fresh new beginning and rebuild is meant to signify with Arteta.

    A complete mockery.

  46. DUIFG

    Saliba had 48 French top league appearances before the start of last summer, Ben white had 36 in the Orem. Not sure it’s clear Ben white is hugely more experienced at top level.

  47. Muppetman

    Pedro so glad this isn’t like a post I saw on Facebook where an Arsenal fans group comparing our squad player by player with Man City saying we are going to compete with them!

  48. Nigel Tufnel


    “Ode will have way more fun when we have an 8 who can break beyond him towards the box and CFs who are actively trying to break the lines. I’d also like to see saka and Martinelli running ahead but more narrow and let the FBs own the touch line”.

    I’ve been saying this about Saka and Martinelli, they need to be more of a goal threat…. and it’s also why a number 8 would be huge for us…….A bigger need than a CF even. It would change everything and overwhelm defenses more..

    I wonder if Arteta sees the new kid as an option at 8 in Man city type role?

  49. Habesha Gooner

    It would a shambles of a plan. I am annoyed we didn’t try to sign Tielemans before this Viera kid. We need to fix the main holes first. Xhaka as a squad player is okay for me considering he had his best season (it is still just okay for a CM). But if he is a starter at the end of this window and we spent 30 mil on this Viera, then we are huge fools. I am not saying this kid will fail but it points to lack of strategy to bring a backup attacking midfielder before a starting CM. A player who can be effective offensively in Xhaka’s place would transform our fortunes. We would break the the 70 goal barrier in the league much more easier than if we had Xhaka. I will be fuming if he is still a starter at the end of this window.

  50. Nigel Tufnel


    To your point about Spurs new midfielder.. he is worse than a player with baggage.

    He is a limited dm that Pep, Klopp, or even Ten Hag wouldn’t take for free. Conte or Mourinho level at best. Arteta looking to be in that first group of managers.

  51. WengerEagle

    Nigel it doesn’t make someone a better fan to never criticise the club or to never praise another club’s business, even the Spuds.

    Bissouma is clearly a good PL player. He may not be the second coming of Yaya Toure but he could have come in and pretty comfortably been our 2nd best CM.

    Saying nobody else was in for him and using that as ‘proof’ he is substandard is pretty dim. Who else was in for Ben White? Or Odegaard? Or Rasmdale, etc.

  52. WengerEagle

    Doesn’t sound like we are in for Tielemans anymore. Really hope that just means we are moving on down the list rather than hailing Xhaka as ‘like a new signing’ when he inevitably gets a contract renewal.

  53. DUIFG

    Man let’s hope not, no cl since he arrived. Can’t watch him limit us more. Need somebody who can break a press and drive .

    Tielmans is begging to be signed, the miss here would be massive. I don’t care about 30 m back up cbs

  54. Nigel Tufnel


    I was trying to impress those facts about Tielemans on raptora. That kind of versatility is how this squad is being built, and prem experience a nice bonus.

    Also could come in handy to rest Partey on occasion against weaker attacks who park the bus against us.

  55. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly I want Tielemans. I think he is at the right age, ability and level of experience to really make an impact at Arsenal. And the price is an added bonus.

    But I am not fixated on him. We need to improve on Xhaka. I don’t care who it is but they need to be quality. We need to have someone better than him. I was banging the Bruno Guimaraes drum all through out January because it made sense at the time. And Tielemans makes sense now to me for all the right reasons.

    I think a lot of fans don’t rate Tielemans because we have a free run at him. But they will see what level of player we are getting if he signs. Ask Leicester fans and they will tell you Arsenal at this moment in time are beneath the level of team he should play for. They think he is a CL team player easily. I don’t see many CMs better than him. If he comes there will be another reason to get excited too. I think Sambi will perform better in tandem with him than he performed with Xhaka. Tielemans is okay defensively than Xhaka regarding pressures and Tackling. So I see a lot of positives for signing him.

  56. Leftside

    Not sure the Tielemans links are cold, these journos seem to throw shit at the wall hoping it sticks. That being said, I don’t mind the CM that comes in but they must be of sufficient quality and be able to reduce Granit to a bench role which isn’t hard to do.

    We also need someone who can come in and compete with Partey, aswell as step in when he gets his inevitable injuries.

  57. raptora

    Pedro is currently streaming with Johnny and Matt.

    He just dropped “I took heat at my fellow podcasters that I defended us not spending money in the Winter. By being patient we got access to better players, access to better prices. And we’re gonna have a better summer because we kept the powder dry and didn’t spend money on Weghorst that took Burnley down. Patience and trust to process.”

  58. Leftside

    Thats why I like the Martinez links so much because he can fill a few positions, he can slot in on the left-side of our defence either as a LCB or a LB, and even at the base of the midfield. Tierney is another who won’t stay fit, and Tavares doesn’t fill many with much confidence.

  59. TLV Gooner


    I’ve seen you taken a back step on the whole Gabi J TING, is it because there are rumors linking him with spurs? (secretly I hope he does, and I hope city will squeeze them for all they got).
    again i’ll say it, he didnt hit the high numbers in a “rich target environment” there isnt any indication he will do it in a “rich pressure environment.

    im more “worried” with spurs getting Richard-lison he is a much of a proper versatile number 9 who can play on the flank and as inside forward or a as a double act up top, though he is not the biggest, he is bigger than Gabi J and has much more grit(i stand corrected, has a grit)

    im all for having a cultured squad who can mix it up so we wont be so predictable like lisandro, who would give us something different down the left. it is also good to have a back like hickey ,, who could is two footed and can play on either side and might also act as an inverted LB/RB in opposed to “hug the line” wing back.

    so that is why i still think arsenal should do better than getting a Brazilian copy of Eddie just because Edu is. on merit he is no better than eddie. and will just hamper him.

    the case of edu reminds me of when we signed Laca and Auba in a back to back windows, which messed up our squad since both laca and Ollie our both french , it did them no good. we all remember who came out on top of it. auba and laca are more similiar to each other than either of them to giroud(laca hold up game is, but he has no height or presence in the box) which made arsenal one dimentional at time, we just wasted money there.
    if i rememeber correctly both of them went away for nothing ( basically like sanchez and ozil) and they didnt bring us back the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

    we need a different dimension , not a younger version of LACA, but i will give them that.
    when we played 442 with laca and Auba up front around december this last year we were amazing and unpredictable we could switch it up so many ways, i wonder why we couldnt keep it rolling aside from Auba’s anctis .

    sometimes when you spend the right money it will keep its value.
    get someone with the winner mentality , grit and physique to back it up.
    ill add two names that were just mentioned to the list:
    Sammaca – although italian ususally never travel
    Tammy – im all for the double english act up front in 442
    Oshiman – which is a (fast) beast
    Gakpo – Van Persie & Henry hybrid.
    Richard-Lison – maybe Edu can use his connections there(even though it will hamper Gabi M)

  60. Habesha Gooner

    The chatter that we were wise to wait last January is crap. We had two positions to improve. CF and CM. As soon as we got rejected by Vlahovic, we should have gone all in for Bruno Guimaraes. It was reported we were interested too. As we have found out later, he is quality. I even think he is better than Tielemans now that I have seen him in the Premier league. He can do everything. The guy was genuine quality and we passed on him. Not only his attacking stats are good but he can tackle, press and intercept to a high level. Ironically he was part of the Newcastle midfield that stopped us from Winning at St James Park. Our gamble not to sign him then failed. So no one can pull the “I told you” so crap. Not even Pedro.

  61. WengerEagle

    Not sure why Pedro keeps fixating on Weghorst, I don’t remember a single poster calling for him. Was mostly Vlahovic, Jonathan David and some that liked Isak.

    Kulusevski and Bentancur made a big difference to Spurs and were signed in January.

    Diaz made a big impact at Liverpool and was signed in January.

    Bruno Guimares made a big impact at Newcastle and was signed in January.

  62. WengerEagle


    Up until Bruno bossed us and was MOTM in our CL season on the line match at St James’ I am pretty sure that I recall Pedro pretending that he was a back-up option to Jonjo Shelvey.

    That could no longer be said with a straight face after that match.

  63. Habesha Gooner


    I think he will be someone we will regret not signing. Like when we regretted not signing Kante. Eddie Howe is smart. He introduced him to the league slowly like Klopp had done with Fabinho.

    Now he looks ready. Him and Joelinton couldn’t let us play our game at all. They destroyed our midfield. Pedro just tries to justify whatever Arteta does blindly. It was a shocking decision not to improve our team when a CM like that went for 30 to 35 mil.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    I didn’t even want us to pay stupid money for Forwards like Isak. We were right to wait to get a good forward at a good price. But I wanted us to get a top quality CM for reasonable price. If we had the money for Vlahovic then we could have spent it on Bruno G. And our Midfield might have been okay to deal with palace away, Brighton at home, Spurs away. But we were somehow right according to Pedro.

  65. Bertie Mee

    I’m very pleased to see a lot of posters identify the huge problem that is Xhaka.At best he is meh.He doesn’t do anything well and he has a very suspect temperament . They say a sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result .Six seasons of Xhaka in midfield and we’ve failed to reach the CL every time .Arteta has to get rid and replace with someone with dynamism and quality

  66. englandsbest

    Pedro, Arteta puts me more in mind of the Arsenal of GG and DD than Man C and Pep G. They applied the same forward planning, discipline, attention to detail, etc, but without the need for open purse strings. I loved GG back then, and if the short-sighted BoD had paid him what he deserved, he would have gone on winning forever.

  67. WengerEagle

    Yeah I am not sure I would call Jesus a world class player, in fact he is not but is he better than:

    Abraham, Isak, David, Vlahovic, Schick, Scamacca, Osimhen.

    For me he is better than all of these players. And he is PL proven as an added bonus and a serial Champion.

    Lack of top drawer STs around right now.

  68. Habesha Gooner

    I think he isn’t better than Vlahovic or Osihmen for me. Vlahovic is a beast and he eventually will succeed because he is made to score goals. Osihmen has a lot of strings to his bow. He is big and he is a powerful runner. He is great with headers. And he does most things well.

    He is comfortably better than the others though. Schick at his best might come close but not the others.

  69. Godriq

    Wicked Willy

    “Our cubs will soon be lions, and when they make that transition, people are gonna sit up and pay attention and wonder how on earth it happened.”

    This truly warms the heart.
    ps: no further comments

  70. Pierre

    ” I loved GG back then, and if the short-sighted BoD had paid him what he deserved, he would have gone on winning forever.”

    No chance.

    Stroller transformed the club but he was finished and the misdemeanor leading to his sacking proved to be a blessing in disguise..
    We were heading nowhere under George, his leaving led to the eventual appointment of Arsene Wenger and to 2 decades of quality football which was far removed from the football under George for his last few seasons.

  71. WengerEagle


    I don’t rate Vlahovic as highly to be honest. Very good player but I don’t see what he does exceptionally well and he isn’t that quick a player even though he is powerful.

    Cannot really recall any elite strikers in the modern game (past 15 odd years) that lacked pace. Ibrahimovic the sole one and he was a beyond a freak with his technical brilliance and balance.

    Osimhen is more rounded and has the potential to explode, agreed. Jesus as of now is better though.

  72. China1

    Yeah Guimares would’ve got us CL football

    My Newcastle supporting mate said he’s the best Newcastle midfielder he’s ever seen if the performances since he’s joined are a true reflection of his level

  73. Pierre

    Nigel Tufnell.
    “I badly want us to upgrade on Xhaka, but I’m not going to be a miserable (and deluded) curmudgeon about it either way. I try hard in life to avoid displaying such a cretinous attitude.”

    Maybe you didn’t try hard enough as the only ill tempered and angry person on here is you….

    My advice to you is to not get so angry at people who have different opinions to you.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    Vlahovic isn’t slow. He is quick in full flow too. He hasn’t go that burst of acceleration over short distances but when he starts running it is hard to stop him.

    What he has is elite ball striking ability and composure. His shots almost always find the target like a top forward. Plus he has superb heading ability. And when he gets chances he is ridiculously composed. I have seen a lot of body feints at a crucial moment that lead to him scoring..

    All these traits make him a deadly striker. He isn’t better than Jesus at pressing or linking up play. There is still time for him to get better at that. But if there is a chance he puts it away. That is why he is better than Jesus.

  75. Dissenter

    I just read that Pape Bouba Diop, aka the wardrobe just died, aged 42 years
    ESPN are reporting that cause of death is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or motor neurone disease.

    He was one of the strongest footballers, in his time in the premier league, for Fulham. He was 6’ 5”, everyone just bounced off him.

  76. WengerEagle

    ”I just read that Pape Bouba Diop, aka the wardrobe just died, aged 42 years
    ESPN are reporting that cause of death is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or motor neurone disease.”

    He died in November 2020 Dissenter. Are ESPN really just reporting on it now?

  77. WengerEagle


    He hasn’t been great at Juventus and I know that he has only been there since January and that they have been a bit of a shitshow of an operation so it is perhaps harsh to judge him on that basis.

    He could be one of those strikers that cannot hang at an elite club and not being the nucleus to every attack though. Looking up his goal-reel for Fiorentina and a lot of his goals were close range finishes that showed little more than him being an excellent poacher ala Aubameyang in his pomp. Jonathan David was the same, his goals weren’t all that impressive to watch compared to say a young Aguero or Fernando Torres.

    Have yet to be really impressed with his work outside of the box and linking up with team mates. The modern game has seen it that you have to truly do it all if you are leading the line for a top club.

  78. UTarse

    If Jesus opts for the spuds that will be a kick in the teeth and a wake up call to how far we have fallen .

  79. Nigel Tufnel


    When you stop sh1tting on Ødegaard because of your Ozil/Willock fetish, then, I’ll stop calling you out. I’m afraid you’re not likely to change your personality though. The cycle continues, unfortunately.

  80. Nigel Tufnel

    Mr Serge,

    I heard great scouting reports about Guimares in January from Tom Canton, the gooner talk guy. I was very interested… but there was never any reliable source that said Arsenal was interested in the player, just nebulous clickbait links because fans and podcasters were mentioning him.

    We may have missed out on a good one.

    We need someone like him.

  81. Pierre

    “Haven’t heard you talk about the Bissouma Spurs move, know you were a big fan. £25m a missed opportunity.”

    Very disappointing , i would have lovedvhim at Arsenal along with Eriksen , Olise and a new keeper.

    I’d better leave it there as mr angry will have steam coming out of his ears for daring to wish that we should replace Ramsdale, Odegaard and xhaka with better quality players.

  82. Nigel Tufnel

    Wenger Eagle,

    I’m not gonna cry because Arsenal didn’t want to buy a Partey downgrade, and a player that doesn’t fit into our system.

    Those here saying he was the answer after Partey is done are wrong, and have no taste in football.

    A one dimensional player is not what I want starting in our future midfield playing with Ødegaard, Martinelli, Saka and hopefully Vieira.

    As someone stupidly said the other day, he can shield the back 4 and the guys in front can be free to attack.

    The best teams don’t work that way anymore. You know that.. it’s simplistic and doesn’t work anymore..

    Even DMs need to be quality players who advance the ball smartly in great teams.

  83. Goobergooner

    Tom had to repeat this as I just spat coffee across the table at my missus while reading it 😂

    “EB, my views of Arteta are as substantial as his PL achievements then”

  84. Goobergooner

    Also weagle, definitely agree, didn’t see much in those videos, but I guess yay, we may be bringing in a CB who can turn with the ball faster than Chaka.

    Nah I’m definitely all for Martinez. Just those videos were hilarious

  85. Madhu

    Thanks Dis for alluding to my post. During my early years of youth when I was exploring what clicks in life i was encouraged one of my closest friends who was training to become a motivational speaker to attend a session of his master. It was a 3 day session and the first think he said in the first day workshop was that if you want to achive say something in cricket then pick a legend like Tendulkar and blindly follow him. I immediately switched off and started chasing girls in the workshop.
    It’s ok to look at Man City for inspiration but to blindly follow them without our own individuality is sucidal. The problem is when we run into problems we will look elsewhere for solutions as we have imitated someone else. Moreover the resources, structure of club, culture etc are quite different. Mikel would be served better if he finds his own path based on the club’s ethos and history.
    Iam excited by the additions and players linked to us. I dotn care what Spurs, city or anyone else does. For me Arsenal is important and it’s imperative that we chart out our own course. COYG

  86. Pedro

    ‘It’s strange to know that we pain just about the same sum for Fabio Vierra that Newcastle paid for Bruno Guimares in January’

    So, so you these days, Diss.

    You didn’t know who he was two days ago and you’re already resigned to him not being as good as Bruno.

    What a misery guts.

  87. Pedro

    Raptora, I wasn’t wrong, was I?

    WE was out here asking us to sign N’Zogbia and Wout… but for me, if you can’t get the best, don’t bother.

    Because we held off signing a dud, we have a spare squad space, more money, and better options.

  88. Pedro

    Also, Diss… let’s be honest here, if you can get to 69 points with the youngest team in the league with no striker and injuries to key players… you can probably keep doing what you are doing.

    Not sure anyone is coing into to Arsenal to say, woah, stop, this plan is a crazy thing.

  89. izzo

    Jesus better not waste his chance of ever winning any trophies of any kind by going to Spurs were he won’t displace Kane or Son. If there ever was a wrong fit it would be there. Can we just wrap up his signing already and move to other targets. I hate this long drawn out transfers. My transfer wish is for a miracle with Xhaka to leave. That would make this the best transfer window in the history of the club.
    Who are these troll journos linking Morata??? Busted flush and wouldn’t dare return to the league. might as well link us to Yann M’Villa or Solomon Kalou such is the levels of banter with that carry on.

  90. Nigel Tufnel


    I rarely disagree with you, and I like Xhaka, and think he had his best season last year….. but… as someone else said,……
    This team is crying out for a CM #8 who can make runs into the box and take quick shots… Ødegaard needs this as much as, or more than a big CF. Assuming we get Gab Jesus though.

    As we are, we’re too predictable for parked buses and the best clubs…and it’s not fair to Øde, Saka, Marti, ESR…. even Eddie. They’re being held back.

    Maybe Arteta wants to do a mini Man City and use Vieira at 8? But none of us have any idea of that would work. Tielemans or somebody like him is needed and could add extra attacking quality from deep in place of Partey at times.

  91. Aasim

    Even if you genuinely believe that Arsenal will be able to complete all those transfers, and once those transfers are completed, Arsenal will have a squad competitive for champions league…..with Jesus as our main striker and Eddie as backup …..?!?
    At the very least, for a competitive squad, shouldn’t we have a better backup

  92. China1

    Also Pedro it’s very you to twist dissenters point into something it’s clearly not

    Bruno was available in Jan for the price we paid for an AM 6 months later. We missed CL football in no small part because our midfield was not good enough.

    But by all means let’s celebrate missing out on CL football. I mean as you said the EL is preferable right 😂😂

  93. Nigel Tufnel

    Watching videos of Lisandro… those long balls remind me of Xhaka Germany pre-Arsenal.

    They don’t work in the premier league. I’d much rather have fast combination play from Zinchenko. Fits our playing style much better. Pepteta ball.

    Just an opinion based on youtubes. I hope I’m wrong if we get him, and his admirers turn out to be right.

  94. Wicked Willy


    I hear you, and was firmly on the Zinchenko bus. But, Firstly I think it can work in the Prem as VVD has proved, and secondly, this guy has WAY more mobility and press resistance than Xhaka (caveat, it’s the Eredivisie). He looks to me to be an exceptional signing. But I wouldn’t kick Zinchenko out of bed until the deal completes. Indeed, I’m interested to know if we want him primarily as LCB or LB. Because if we want to shit hot players in every position, then if budget allowed (which it probably won’t) both would be good.

    I love Tavares, I think there’s a real player in there. But I think he’s way more suited to Atalanta than to us, so if Tets has made up his mind on him, and someone comes in with decent offer, then I want to go into the season with 7 highly technical defenders not six (Holding and Soared don’t count).

    Anyway, these are definitely first world problems. Either would be just fine!

  95. Kegunner

    Spurs are definitely a for now club. They sign players and see who fits in. The approach however has been successful for them. Years of dominance over Arsenal have been the result of their mad dash.

    One unseen hand in their success has been Arsenal. Several of their better players wanted to play for Arsenal. Most of these players were attracted to the bright light of Arsenal later to settle on Spurs .Years of inaction , burying their heads in the sand really, cost the squad.

    Good to see a new chapter at Arsenal with a bit more pragmatism. The signings look great. The momentum should not be let to die.

  96. Pierre

    Nigeĺ tufnell
    “As someone stupidly said the other day, he can shield the back 4 and the guys in front can be free to attack
    The best teams don’t work that way anymore. You know that.. it’s simplistic and doesn’t work anymore”

    Liverpool have fabinho.
    City have Rodri.

    Their main job is to shield the back 4 and what an excellent job they do in shielding the back 4 …essential to the success of 2 of the best teams in world football.

    But you keep believing that “the best teams don’t work that way anymore” …

  97. Pierre

    “This team is crying out for a CM #8 who can make runs into the box and take quick shots”

    We sold him to Newcastle , you are right , the team are crying out for a centre mid/no.8 who can find the back of the net .

    Willock’s 10 goals for newcastle are substantially more than the WHOLE of our centre mid put together over the same period..

    Let’s hope Arteta heeds your suggestion and finds a goalscoring midfielder like Willock..

  98. Wicked Willy


    I don’t think he’s saying we shouldn’t have a DM. Christ, the reason why this is important is because we all realise how outrageously important Partey is to us.

    I’m pretty sure what Nigel is saying is that he doesn’t believe Bissouma has the technical quality necessary to support the offensive phases in the way we would need him to.

    I haven’t watched him enough to comment.

    Nigel, apologies if I have misinterpreted the thrust of your commentary.

  99. Pierre

    Wicked willy
    “I’m pretty sure what Nigel is saying is that he doesn’t believe Bissouma has the technical quality necessary to support the offensive phases in the way we would need him to.”

    And he is wrong, .

  100. Nigel Tufnel


    You’re showing desperation now, and I love it.

    Comparing Rodri and Fabinho (quality footballers who combine with front and back)— to Spurs Bissouma/ Buffouna.

    DM destroyers are out. Sorry to tell you. Someone described Bissouma as “controlling games”.

    Having a laugh.

    You’ll now name teams that still use them…. but they’re not what we’re aspiring to, we’re going for excellence.

  101. raulishuss

    Lol he isn’t. There’s a reason he’s at totenham. He ain’t coming to bench partey and he can’t even play cm to xhaka level so you’re wrong. Sit this one out old man you ain’t got a clue when it comes to midfielders. Ozil,willock,bissouma? LOL

  102. Nigel Tufnel

    Wicked Willy,

    You understood me perfectly.

    Bissouma is a lousy passer. Average at best. Period. I don’t care what stats fanboys dig up. Simple and sideways passes are not the quality Arteta is seeking.

    If he’s not good enough to play for Pep or Klopp, I don’t want him. As it is, he wouldn’t even displace McTominay.

    Spurs are his level.

    Pierre likes players of Newcastle level, apparently. Willock will soon be phased out as they sign much better players.

    Pierre will be watching Willock toiling in the championship and Ozil playing video games.

  103. Ishola70

    It’s a bit of a stretch to imply that Fabinho is some sort of complete midfielder.

    His main job for Liverpool is to destroy and disrupt the opposition. Most of his best work is done off the ball.

    His on the ball stuff is nowhere as good as his off the ball.

    So fixating on just on the ball when talking about DMs is not really seeing the picture is it.

    Can he pass the ball nicely? Great stick him in at DM.

  104. Ishola70

    This sort of thinking is why we have been stuck with Xhaka for so many years despite his obvious weaknesses off the ball.

    Bit dodgy Xhaka off the ball ain’t he? Yeah but have you seen his left peg on occasions. Beautiful sight.

  105. Pierre

    I’m sure if Arsenal had bought Bissouma you would be applauding Arteta for his superb judgement as he is obviously a very good footballer who can tackle , pass , dribble and protect the defence and is press resistent, just about everything that Xhaka isn’t.

    I will compare Bissouma to rodri and fabinho because he is that good and for Arsenal to not look to sign a player of this calibre is for me as an Arsenal supporter, hugely disappointing…

    If you think wanting a player like Bissouma at the club is “desperate ” i disagree as he is exactly the type of player we have needed at this club for years , and to miss out on a player of his calibre and to continue with Xhaka will hold this club back for another year.


  106. WengerEagle

    “WE was out here asking us to sign N’Zogbia and Wout… but for me, if you can’t get the best, don’t bother.”

    Lol, is it 2012 or something? Pretty sure I was not calling for us to sign Charles N’Zogbia who was ok about 12 years ago and is 7 years retired from football or Weghorst who I have called a lamp post many a time on here.

    Can only assume you’re trolling Pedders.

  107. WengerEagle

    “DM destroyers are out.”

    Real Madrid have won 4 CL titles out of the last 7 available with Casemiro as the CDM, a destroyer. So they are definitely not out.

  108. Davey

    Lets congratulate ourselves that we have the youngest squad in the league again while Spurs are a now club ok I get it but football is a results business. It took Conte 6 months to get CL football while MA is 3 years and waiting sometimes I quite like the idea of being a now club.

  109. Sotongunner

    John Jenson was more press resistant and was a better all round footballer that xhaka. Surely but surely peoples credibility on the line if he is still seen as first choice next season. Wrap sheet as follows, mistake after mistake, flipping off the fans, like Mustafi absolutely no accountability or sense of irony about other players failures vs his own (mouthing off about other people not to the standard, surely its a cultural thing?). Finally caught up in dodgy betting scandal anfd its so blatant what was going on from the video I dont know how anyone can question it. At least it was only dodgy agent stuff with jenson as well so he wins on all counts. Credibility is on the line if this player continues at Arsenal next season and it is indeed key we get rid of him in this window and certainly upgrade. Anyone saying otherwise clearly hasnt been watching since this player was at the club. They also forget players we have had in the past and how key this position of central midfield is. I refuse to support a player who has failed time and time again in that position and we can easily, easily upgrade on.

  110. WengerEagle

    And anyone who has watched.Brighton in recent years knows that they play very good football and they tend to dominate games in midfield for the most part outside the top 6 clubs.

    It’s because they have no goalscorers that they haven’t achieved higher finishes in the table. To call Bissouma basic is silly though, I watched him man-handle us at the Emirates only a few months ago.

  111. Habesha Gooner

    Spurs’ success is them down to lucking out on two genuinely top forwards. They will try and replace Kane and Son but it will be hard work. Kulusevski has been a great signing for them and he will do bits. But I am not expecting him to be as much a success individually as Son has been. There is barely any top CFs around. We are going for Jesus because he is better than the rest. We haven’t had a genuine top class CF who has it all since Robin Van Persie. Auba came close but he was hardly a team player. Just an elite goal scorer. If we couldn’t replace Van Persie properly, then spurs will struggle to replace Kane who is much more a build up player for them too. Two three years down the line him and Son will start to decline. And that is the time they will struggle.

    😂😂😂 in another topic pierre has mentioned willock as the answer to our midfield problems again. How many days can he go with out mentioning Ozil or willock? I would say he can’t.

    And pedro we should have signed Bruno Guimaraes. If we had tried to maximize every window like Arteta said, then that would have been the right decision. And who knows we wouldn’t have been overrun in midfield in the run in that led to us blowing a 4 point lead with 3 games to go.

    All this Nzogbia shit is saying extreme things to take away from the truth.

  112. WengerEagle

    Well said Sotongunner.

    Xhaka is a virus that we need rid of if we are to truly be a serious club once again. He has been a mainstay in our midfield since 2016 and surprise surprise, after 2 decades of top 4 finishes we have yet to finish there once with Xhaka in the XI.

    All those points notwitstanding (the fans thing alone should have ended his spell here) he simply isn’t good enough.