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Well good day to you all! Especially the fathers in the room. For mothers day, it’s all emotions and feelings… when it comes to the dads, it’s a phone call to berate them for ruining your taste palete with Ribena milkshakes, and some casual c*nting down the phone. If you have a dad, I hope you are treating him well, if you don’t, I hope you are ok today.

The biggest gift my dad gave me was indoctrination to THE ARSENAL. These modern hippy parents that give their kids choice, what’s with that? I was threatened with a zero present Christmas if I didn’t conform, so I conformed and it was the best decision of my damn life.

Also, for my American friends, Happy Juneteenth, the day when all of America was truly given their freedom in 1865. I think most people are still working out how you celebrate this one, but my team over here are hitting the BBQ and celebrating the culture. Have a cracking day whatever you are doing.


This Lisandro Martinez signing, if it happens, might prove to be one of the shrewdest moves of the window. He’s a very versatile player that can operate in a Xhaka role, can play on the left side of defence, and he can also drop in as a centre back. He’s a build-up player. By signing him, you don’t have to have someone like Granit drop deep to start the play. This thread does a very good job of explaining all the bits he can do.

One of the things the club will like about him is the bravery piece. That Newcastle game at the end of the season was probably the worst moment in our season. We didn’t show up. Our defenders really shit the bed. Our keeper lost his nerve. So we couldn’t break the press. Arteta can’t have that be a problem next season, so he needs to make sure the players he’s bringing in are bold and brave.

Fabio Vieira is the captain of the Portugues U21s, his whole game is about brave passing and clinical accuracy.

Lisandro was the Ajax player of the season, he’ll probably slip into the Argentina first team for the world cup, his game is built around supreme confidence and bravery.

Gabriel Jesus is an extremely trophied 25-year-old, he is brave.

Tielemans plays for the 3rd best international team in the world, I have no doubts that he will not shy away in our midfield next season.

I riled up Spurs Twitter yesterday calling out some truths about how we’re approaching things.

Now, I know things aren’t done yet, but as with last season, you are starting to see some shape to what we’re doing. There’s a nice counterpoint to how Spurs are trying to get some success.

We are building in an innovative and exciting way. There’s a clear style of play we’re going after and we are getting very creative with how we are covering our weaknesses. Some of it is so creative, Arsenal fans are not even sure what is going on, which shows how much tactical flexibility we are adding to the system.

Arsenal are building like City. Our moves have 5 years in mind, not just next season. We’re looking for the next KDB before he’s a big name, so we’ve signed Fabio Vieira. Creative, a goal threat, relentless off the ball, and utterly decisive. We have a power and pace machine at left-back in Kieran Tierney, he needs cover, so instead of replacing like for like, we’re finding a player that can offer something different, so we’re targetting a build up left-back that can play in midfield and as a center-back. A Cancelo-like move. Every decision we make has a deeper story than just the position, it all feels considered, and very thougtful. Some will say ‘we shouldn’t be copying the City model’, my response would be, why not? It seems to be pretty dominant in the Premier League.

Spurs are building like Manchester United. They are building for the now. There’s not a lot of creativity in what they are doing. They need someone on the left, they scan Transfermarkt and see that 33-year-old Perisic can do a job. They need a backup keeper, Forster makes some good saves, he’ll do. Need a midfielder? Go for the one everyone on Twitter thinks is electric, even if he has some serious baggage. Need a striker? How about the whiner that nearly took Everton down?

Both of these systems can offer success, but one feels more sustainable than the other. I’d also say the way Arsenal are doing things is more exciting for the fans, not that it matters, but be real, who is talking about the Spurs window this week? No one. I’d also say that the way Spurs are building it’s absolutely clear they have not moved on from being totally dependent on the output of two players in their late twenties delivering game after game. Arsenal already showed they could do a job without either fullback or Thomas Partey. After this summer, we’ll be even better equipped and in no way will we be classed as a one or two-man team.

What we’re doing has absolute clarity, all the issues are being fixed, there’s balance, and there’s loads of flex in the system for any eventuality. The players we’re chasing would mean we could absorb injuries, we can offer a nightmare to any team whether it’s a deep block or a fancy side coming to play, and nearly all the character flaws we started with last season will have been washed away.

The best bit? The players we’re signing will still keep the average age of our squad lower than 25. Below is the list of players we’ll likely use this season.

The average age of those 30 players is 22.46. If you take out the Europa kids and Balogun, the average age of the squad sits at 23.6. I know it riles up some that I talk about this, but in football, age matters, and this team still has 3 years to get to where City is right now. The average age of Liverpool’s starting 11 was 29.

The types of talent we’re bringing in are so good, the only way is up. Saka will be battle-hardened, Odegaard will start stronger than he did last season, Ben White and Gabriel now know each other better, and players like Saliba and Turner will join the squad knowing there’s a chance for them to stake a claim.

There will be missteps with the players we sign. There always are. Arsene had a mad splash in 2001. He signed Richard Wright, Gio Van Bronckhorst, Juan, Tavlaridis, Edu, Toure and Sol Campbell. Not all of them made it, but the thing with a splash like that is it energizes the fans, the players, and the coaching staff.

During the latter Wenger years, I always said one of the biggest issues he had is he never regenerated the squad. That impacted the players because they knew we weren’t serious. That impacted the fans, because we knew we weren’t in it to win. It impacted the season, because we were never good enough.

That’s all different now. You can disagree with the players we’re targeting, but can anyone honestly say the club isn’t showing ambition? Can anyone say they think Arteta is just going for top 4?

If you are Bukayo Saka right now, do you feel like Arsenal aren’t doing all they can to make you a success at the club you love?

We are trying to get back to the top. That’s good for everyone. Especially those that sit in the stands.

Let’s see what happens this week, hopefully it’s a big one!

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  1. Ishola70

    Casemiro is the utimate destroyer DM who lives to just defend.

    So this puts to bed old fashioned talk surely.

    Funnily enough Csemiro as a youth was very handy as an attacking midfielder.

  2. Ishola70


    “Anyone saying otherwise clearly hasnt been watching since this player was at the club. They also forget players we have had in the past and how key this position of central midfield is. I refuse to support a player who has failed time and time again in that position and we can easily, easily upgrade on.”

    Tell it like it is brother.

    Pedro only bats for Xhaka because he wants to give the notion that Arteta can do no wrong in his judgement of players.

  3. Sotongunner

    Wengereagle. honestly never has a player been such a mystery to me. Even Lord Bendtner had more reeeming features and he was another arrogant nob who overated himself far beyond his actual ability. We have had so many chances to upgrade and now really will be the final chance for Arteta as he will die on xhaka hill as well if he doesnt make the correct decision. Teams wanting to get in the champions league (let alone win the PL) simply do not keep picking players who lose you points through pure unadulterated stupidity 3-4 times a season.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Real also paid €80m for Tchouaméni, those types of players are needed.

    We already have Ode, ESR and Vieira that can play at 8/10, but only Partey that can play at 6 to any decent level, we’re leaving ourselves short if we don’t address that.

    2.5 points per game with Partey and 0.8 without is a pretty big difference…

    Sangare or Nunes should be top priority but Tielemans will do just to get rid of Xhaka.

  5. Habesha Gooner

    Comparing Xhaka to Bissouma is just daft. We were openly trying to sell him for 15 mil and nobody came in for him with 2 years left on his deal. I think Arteta still will sell him if a decent offer comes eventhough he praises him every two minutes. He like the professionalism but he knows Xhaka hasn’t got enough quality. He tried to offload him to Roma. And he will sell him if someone is coming in for him this summer too.

    Bissouma just went to spurs for 25 mil eventhough he had a court case and he had 1 year left on his deal. He is quality. No point in lying about that.

    Bissouma isn’t better than Partey but Arteta must have faith in Sambi because he isn’t targeting any DM. Lisandro Martinez might be able to fill in there but all he is trying to sign is a CM and Viera who is an attacking midfielder.

  6. WengerEagle


    Casemiro is their modern day Makelele.

    Not stylish or elegant in any way and certainly not a sexy Galactico from the Florentino Perez playbook but bloody effective and gives their midfield that stablisation and lets Modric and Kroos do their thing offensively and take more risks.

    I thought that they were fortunate to beat Atletico Madrid in the CL Final in 2014 bu it had little to do with luck their three-peat from 2016-2018 and Casemiro was the unsung hero and missing piece.

  7. Pierre

    “in another topic pierre has mentioned willock as the answer to our midfield problems again”

    Actually i didn’t and i dont , Nigella said we need a no.8 who can score, shoot, get his shot away or something like that , something which willock has done pretty well throughout his career so far.

    If nigella wants a centre mid who can score then i doubt if there is a central midfielder who has scored as many goals as willock in the league in the past 18 months…

  8. Sotongunner

    Just keep reminding Pedro of Xhaka hill. He knows it deep down. I just want Arteta to make good decisions based on ability and putting the best possible team out not on who brown noses him most in the locker room and reminds him of himself as a player as that is what is happening here. No mercy for this c*nt and I dont mean Arteta.

  9. Sotongunner

    oh and leeds video proves beyond doubt that “professionalism” and xhaka arent in the same galaxy otherwise wtf was he doing and why did he get a yellow card? Someone please explain that to me.

  10. Ishola70


    Remember watching Casemiro in the Brazil U20 squad in their South American youth tournament which they won and Casemiro was voted player of the tournament.

    He was given more free rein to attack then as a youngster from central midfield and he could play alright but it was his physicality that really stood out. He was visibly bullying opponents of his own age group back then.

    So in that sense that he was moulded and developed into a more pure DM was not a surprise.

  11. WengerEagle

    It’s funny. For all the bashing of Bissouma and ‘destroyer’ CMs, Xhaka is next to useless at constructing play or shifting gears in CM outside of occasionally useful long-raking passes QB style (maybe it’s an American thing with some that appreciate him?).

    Crab passes and turning like a Oil Tanker doesn’t get it done in the modern PL. Alex Song was bitched about when at Arsenal for being bone-headed and prone to silly fouls but he was vastly better than Granit Xhaka.

    Barcelona wouldn’t have touched Xhaka with a bargepole even if Song didn’t exactly thrive there. Watching Xhaka running in treacle in CM would give Xavi an aneurysm.

  12. raulishuss

    Xhaka is still a far better passer than bissouma. Xhaka was bought for 30mil ffs now you’re using price tags? Let’s see how much Southampton will buy him at 29 yes?

  13. Ishola70

    The snobbery some Arsenal fans have about midfielders and that’s what it is tbf only really started during Wenger’s tiki-taki period.

    Wasn’t like that before.

    Arsenal used to win matches in Wenger’s first period of management by powerhousing the midfield. Bullying opponents in midfield.

    And you know what? It was great to watch that bullying and physicality that used to see the opponents wilt.

  14. WengerEagle

    It is snobbery.

    Gilberto Silva was as close as you will get to our own Casemiro and he was a vital cog for many years and some of these fans wouldn’t look twice at him nowadays.

  15. Wicked Willy

    I’m ok with Xhaka as backup 8 for one more season, but it’s a glaring upgrade opportunity that nobody denies. Maybe he babysits until Parino is ready, maybe we sell him next summer to add true JdP depth to the position.

    We all know his limitations, but let’s not forget we schooled City in January with him in the team, and if he continued his form from last season, there’s no harm in him keep the shirt warm until the next transfer window.

    We are we are. We need to put our best foot forward, and that’s my suggested approach. In the meanings, we need a super high quality all-rounder

  16. raulishuss

    Ishola Viera and petit could play alright. Gilberto silva was the casemeiro of his time. How many are there in the world now? We have one of the best dm already but we’re still struggling with technical security. Bissouma would have been a back up for us till partey gets injured but we need an upgrade on xhaka and an odegard alternative most urgently. Last season when we needed to control the game we were subbing in Nicolas pepe, etc. We need more attacking cm than dm

  17. WengerEagle

    Same with CBs imo. For all of the praise that Bonucci gets he has had Chiellini holding his hand for the best part of a decade and making him look a much better player than he really is.

    He went to Milan for a season and was a disaster. Chiellini has been the rock for Juventus and he has always been far more basic with the ball at his feet than Bonucci. We’re getting to the point now with this obsession for every player on the pitch to be great with the ball at their feet that it is superseding their most important role in their position.

    You know, a CB that can first and foremost defend. Same goes for a CDM.

  18. Habesha Gooner

    Xhaka passes the ball in volumes for sure. He has some qualities. But his deficiencies aren’t negligible. He is next to useless in a team that wants to press, tackle and win the ball high up the pitch. He is ranked in low 20s or below in pressure, tackling and anything that has to do with highline CM contributions. He almost never dribbles to get away from a press (although there has been some surprising moments). He doesn’t make a lot of contribution to score goals either. What he offers is control.

    I have never seen such a vague player. He is a player in between an 8 and a 6. He passes the ball well to be either. But he isn’t great at affecting the play as a player who is a true 8. And he isn’t very good at the defensive side of the game as a 6. He was supposed to be a Michael Carrick type of player but he isn’t good enough for that.

    He is for sure a better passer than Bissouma. But he is worse in any other metric than that. It is like saying a Basketball player who is very good at free throws and nothing else is better than a guy who is decent at free throws and does everything else to a very good level.

  19. raulishuss

    Bissouma is a double pivot player. So he would have been best wit xhaka among all our midfield options atm . As a single pivot he isn’t even in parteys league and he can’t orchestrate our game from there to a world class level (partey can) it’s better to develope sambI as to play like partey Bissouma will need to be developed in that way too and will serve mostly as a bench player if we buy him now. An upgrade on xhaka(a pure 8) is more pressing imo

  20. raulishuss

    Bissouma is like the lesser version of ndidi who needs to play in a pivot (one of the reasons why lc had an indifferent season with Brenda trying to move to 433 )

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Last summer Arsenal recruited Lokonga from Anderlecht. At the time he was highly rated in
    Belgium both by Martinez the National Manager and Vincent Kompany the Manager at Anderlecht who recommended him to Arteta. Martinez did indeed promote the player to
    the Belgium Señior Team where he played 1 game.

    One assumes that his role last season was to be understudy for both Partey and Xhaka if they did not play and that was the case certainly in the first two thirds of the season.

    However, following three poor games where we lost to Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton he was replaced by Elneny.

    The question now is whether he has a future in the team? It seemed to me that he was raw,
    inexperienced and most definitely not ready last season to play in the EPL. However, it is
    not unusual when a 20 year old arrives at the club from football on continent that they will

    The million dollar question is he a write off or does he have the potential to understudy Partey and Xhaka this season?

    On occasion when he played I saw some potential, but central midfield is such a key role in
    the team that we cannot afford to take a risk if the player is fragile.

  22. Habesha Gooner

    People are too harsh on Sambi. A lot of players took time to get used to the league after coming in from a lower league. Heck even Fabinho took 6 months. Ndidi was very poor in his first season.

    I think Sambi is going to step up this coming season.

  23. englandsbest


    Your view is skewed by Arsene idolatry

    GG transformed a team that hadn’t done much for years into the top side in England, with the best defence in Europe. And given the cash he would have added the top players worldwide. BoD wouldn’t comply so he added overpriced second-raters and took backhanders. Not forgiving him, but understandable since managers taking taking bribes was commonplace.

    Compare with Arsene:

    He inherited the best defence in Europe inc Adams, O’Leary, ,safe hands, plus outstanding players like Dennis, Wrighty, Merson… And what did he leave bbehind? A bunch of uncommitted misfits, a total mess.

  24. WengerEagle

    I don’t think it’s being harsh so much as it is speaking the truth Habesha.

    Nobody wants Sambi to fail here but being honest he has looked well out of his depth so far, to me at least. What’s his position? Because we have too many CAMs for that to be the area he makes it in. He sure is no CDM, he ranked in literally worst the 1% of all players on that FBREF site for Pressures and in the 24 Percentile for tackles.

    Also confused on the difference between a ‘progressive carry’ and a dribble completed? Because he ranks horribly as a dribbler but well as a ‘progressive carrier’ whatever that actually means.

    Gedion Zelalem also looked tidy and played some nice passes let’s not forget.

  25. TR7

    Let’s hope Lisandro Martinez is viewed by Arteta and Edu as a player who can play CDM. If he can deputise for both Partey and Tierney as and when required then I think he will become the most important signing of this window.

    We have enough CBs already, so not really interested if he is being looked at as a first choice CB or a back up CB.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg

    The problem with getting one player as backup to both Tierney and Partey is there is a very high probability of both being injured at the same time.

    Think it’s more likely he’s being brought in as first choice LB (after adjusting and Tierney breaking down for the first time).

    Would enable us to save Tierneys ankles and keep him fresh as a rotational player and bring him in when Lisandro needs a rest or is needed in another position.

    That’s what I think at least.

  27. Thierry Martinelli

    The post was going well up until Peds couldn’t resist talking about Conte…..typical
    Nevertheless, Anguisa for me if Tielemans fails to come.

  28. Thierry Martinelli

    “We’re getting to the point now with this obsession for every player on the pitch to be great with the ball at their feet that it is superseding their most important role in their position.”

    100% facts

  29. Jonko

    Raphina rumours really gaining momentum today. That’s the kind of player Arsenal needs, not Martinez. Martinez comes across as a jack of all master of none type. We need specialists. Wenger literally stopped buying speedy wingers. At least Arteta be getting that part right.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    Ref: Sambi Lokonga

    I tend to agree with you and I hope we are right and the player will make an impact this season.

    Personally I think that Lokonga is a better prospect than Tavares. It is just a question of
    whether he will be given the time to make an impact at Arsenal.

    Arsenal show a lot more patience with young players than most other clubs.

  31. raptora

    The problem that I have with Sambi is that we paid around £18m for him in the same summer where Anguissa went on loan + option to buy for a total of £14m and was a core player of a Napoli team that finished 3rd in Serie A.

    Do you think that Sambi makes such an impact if he went to Napoli?
    Do you think that if we had Anguissa, he would have dropped behind Elneny in the picking order?

    Then this summer Bissouma goes for £25m.

    Bottom line is – why would we buy a 22 yo player, who looks absolutely not ready to be a starter and we’ll have to develop for years because right now they are behind Elneny, when we could have spent the same amount of money for an experienced 26 yo player who can help us right from the get go and give us value momentarilly.

    Put it this way – we spent £27m on Saliba so we don’t have to spend £60-80m for someone as good as him when he becomes 23-24 yo.

    We spent £18m for Sambi but has he shown that he could be worth £50m in a couple of years? My answer would be no. So in my logic, it’s a shit transfer when we could have bought someone better than Xhaka for this money, not someone that’s going to drop behind Elneny.

  32. raptora

    Raphinha, Moussa Diaby and Sterling are the 3 best known quality wingers on the market imo.

    I rate each of them quite high. They are very expensive though. We’re talking £50m plus.

    In an ideal world we need a quality winger but do we have the funds to do it.. no clue.

  33. WengerEagle

    Sterling is still stupidly underrated and is easily the best of that trio.

    He looks Chav bound though and the under 26 crew would lose their shit us paying £50m for a 27 year old Sterling.

  34. China1

    Raphinha is a very good player and an obvious upgrade on Pepe.

    My only concern is if we’re putting down 50m here we’ll have spent 84m without touching any of our teams 3 critical weaknesses (CM, CF and LB)

    We absolutely must not be going into next season saying it’s a shame we ran out of money to fix our glaring weaknesses whilst we are spoilt for choice in other positions

    Like if we sign raphinha both Martinelli and esr are taking a hit. Vieira can play AM and the wings. Raph is a winger. Saka has to play. Ode is the managers favorite. Does that mean ESR is now 3rd choice AM and 3rd choice winger? Or how is Martinelli expected to kick on if he’s always on the bench?

    Ofc it’s nice to have selection headaches but if we have huge selection headaches here but we’re still playing not fit for purpose xhaka most weeks it’s imbalanced

  35. Wicked Willy


    I hear what you’re saying, but your narrative doesn’t strictly conform with facts.

    In the season before GG arrived we finished 7th.

    In the 92/93 season we finished 10th. In George Graham’s last season we finished 12th and mired in scandal.

    In the season before AW arrived, we finished 5th. In his final season we finsihed 6th and with a new stadium magically built and almost completely paid for.

    I loved both, and am deeply grateful for what they did. Wenger stayed 2/3 years longer than necessary. But for me, it is but a mere blemish on an excellent reign.

    Abramovic arrived just as the stadium debt kicked in, which totally upended the plan. That then cause DD to sell his shares to Usmanov, and the moment that happened, it was an uphill fight.

    Anyway, here’s to two of the three greatest managers in our history 🙂

  36. raptora

    Quite undeserved too knowing that Pep likes to rotate his players a lot and he’s still a 15+ goals and 10+ assists player for them just in the EPL, and 25+ goals per season in all competitions.

    We’re talking about a player that has been a main part of the best team in the last 5 years in England, someone with a very good end product.

  37. WengerEagle


    He is 27 and he has scored 106 PL goals from open play from the wing and has 56 assists to go with that. Literally has averaged 1 G/A involvement for every 2 PL matches in over 300 apps since he was a 17 year old.

    He is possibly the most underrated player in the PL considering a lot of people don’t even consider him one of City’s best widemen and surplus to requirements. City from 2017-2019 were at their very best with him and Leroy Sane. More potent than their current team imo, put up 198 PL points those x2 seasons.

  38. China1

    Sterling is brilliant, brilliant for City and Theo Walcott for England lol

    I always wonder how a player who is so good can so often look like a headless chicken in an England shirt

    At club level he is awesome tho

  39. WengerEagle

    Same as so many players really. International football may as well be a different sport.

    It’s why players like Xavi and Iniesta can never be rated high enough considering they truly dominated for both club and country. In a way that nobody else has in the modern game.

    2008-2012 was pure dominance for Barca and Spain.

  40. RP7


    has he scored them ‘from the wings’, though?

    Because when Sane was there, he was more influential than Sterling, but Sane played closed to the touchline on the left, Aguero – left center of the box, Sterling – right center of the box.
    Would never sign Sterling because of his cunt character and cheating.

    He also misses too many sitter.
    Son Heung Min – 93 goals, 54 big chances missed
    Sterling 109 – 98
    Mahrez 77 – 37

    Not a great ratio for a top player.

  41. WengerEagle


    What cunt behaviour? I always found it strange how Sterling got this rep for himself. Son is a far bigger cunt than Sterling is, same goes for Kane and Dele Alli.

    And I’d be interested to see where those stats came from? Mahrez has 65 non-penalty PL goals to 106 for Sterling.

  42. Habesha Gooner

    Lots of Rumors about us negotiating with Leeds for Raphinha. Fabrizio is saying the fee is around 65/75 mil euros. I like the player very much. And I want him signed. But I am still nervous that Arteta is thinking he doesn’t need a CM. If we spend 70 to 80 mil on Viera and Raphinha before a CM then I will lose my shit. Rolling in to the new season with Xhaka as a starter will be the most idiotic thing we will do. We can get away with signing a cheaper alternative to Saka for 20 to 30 mil if we are looking. But Xhaka will be the hill Arteta dies on if he doesn’t fix it this summer.

    Jesus and Tielemans are the necessity targets for me. I am hoping we have enough money and we aren’t just ignoring the CM position because we signed an inexperienced attacking midfielder from Portugal to solve it.

  43. raptora

    Also what’s the opinion on the following:

    Is it better to be a player who is always dangerous and creates or ends up in fantastic positions to score but misses half of them?
    Or a player who isn’t as dangerous or ends up in fantastic positions to score as often but is a better finisher?

    Honestly it’s the same shit imo.

    It goes to who scores more as a whole and then to the other stats in a player like creativity, overall game, defensive capability etc.

    Sterling has 60/29 goals/assists in the last 4 EPL seasons vs Mahrez’ 38/27. Sterling clearly the better end product. And that’s not counting Sterling’s career best season with 18 goals 15 assists.

  44. Goobergooner


    “Pedro, Arteta puts me more in mind of the Arsenal of GG and DD than Man C and Pep G. They applied the same forward planning, discipline, attention to detail, etc, but without the need for open purse strings”

    Just had to repeat this. EB you’re a proper crack up.

    Negative nigel

    “This is why I don’t let the haters prevent me from reading comments here. Good analysis from a balanced poster”

    “I try hard in life to avoid displaying such a cretinous attitude”

    Hahahahahahaha. Just some brilliant reading

  45. Mr Serge

    WengerEagleJune 20, 2022 12:00:47
    Sterling is still stupidly underrated and is easily the best of that trio.He looks Chav bound though and the under 26 crew would lose their shit us paying £50m for a 27 year old Sterling.

    he is on 300k a week at city no way we are paying him that so unforttunetly we wont be seeing him in an arsenal shirt.
    Raphina being touted at 50m thats huge money although he is a talent

  46. Mr Serge

    SiddeeqJune 20, 2022 13:55:28
    “””GoobergoonerJune 20, 2022 13:49:13
    Sid when did you meet Beiber?”””Just after i gave you some loving


  47. Wicked Willy

    I trust Tets to spend his budget wisely. I’m starting to get a sense of what the nature of his conversation with Stan was when flew out to the US a couple of months ago.

    Sit tight, I think it’ll be a good summer. Just need to persuade top targets that we’re the right home for them.

  48. Goobergooner

    Man, Nigel went absolutely ham with cringeworthy posts on this one.

    And ishola this is hilarious (and not being facetious like above).
    “Bit dodgy Xhaka off the ball ain’t he? Yeah but have you seen his left peg on occasions. Beautiful sight.”

  49. Tom

    Brighton sold White, who was believed by many their best defensive player, and improved their league position going from 16th to 9th, as well as their goals conceded stats.
    Now they sold Bissouma , who I think was their best defensive player two seasons running, and we shall see their league position this season.

    Just to be clear, I understand why Arteta wouldn’t consider Bissouma at any price, since we already have Partey playing his best position, but reading some of the posts I’m wondering whether people actually watched him play at all.

    Bissouma is way more versatile than just a double pivot player. In fact, just because Brighton might’ve lined up that way, it didn’t mean that’s how they played.
    Bissouma actually thrived in a lone DM role because of his athleticism, and a lot of time his mobility and range made it look like he had a teammate next to him.

    His biggest weakness is his poor shooting technique ( Partey anyone?), and his yellow card count– a terrible trait for any Arsenal prospect for obvious reasons.
    He was the only PL player suspended twice for yellow card accumulation before the April cut off partially because his all action style, and partially because he was left to protect the back four all by himself a lot of time.

    His biggest strength is his play against big teams when he’s always at his best.

    I don’t think it was a coincidence that when his form dipped Brighton lost six on the spin last season.
    I expect them to drop back into the bottom half of the table this season.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    Frankly I think that Vieira is our new CMF signing and the club are not planning to buy Tielemans or anyone else in that department.

    It should not be forgotten that Arsenal have got a lot of young midfield players coming through the U23s and Academy who are highly rated and with expectation of promotion within the next couple of years.

    What seems to be happening now is that Arsenal are focussing on replacing Lacazette and
    Pepe. The two targets appear to be Jesus and Raphinha.

    That leaves one remaining hole to be filled, which is Left Back.

  51. WengerEagle

    If we really do end up signing Vieira, Raphinha, Jesus and Martinez then one thing that can never be said if next season goes tits up for Tets is that he wasn’t given increeible bscking and every chance to succeed.

    Pretty much unheard for a managerial rook to be given what he wants on the market and hundreds of millions for a massive rebuild along with no pressure to compete for years.

    Is there a cushier job going in football?

  52. Batistuta


    Even if he doesn’t get all of those names, next season has to be last chance salon for him. He’s been more than backed by the club if you ask me

  53. Tom

    Weagle,, Arteta’s biggest coup has been convincing Arsenal brass and majority of the fans that 90% of players he inherited were unfit for purpose.

    People went from great coaching should improve all Arsenal players…… we need all new players in a blink of an eye.

  54. TR7


    Don’t worry !! Arteta is moving the needle bit by bit every season and hopefully in 5-6 years the needle will have moved enough to take us to the promised land unless in 5-6 years the landscape shifts altogether in which case Arteta will embark upon another journey of moving the needle.

  55. Negative Nigel

    No problem.Apologies accepted.I guess plenty of confusion on this site with all the positivity/ Negativity! 😂

  56. Ishola70

    And yet we had some that said Arteta would walk if he wasn’t given further backing this summer after his whooping backing last season lol.

    It’s unheard of really for a club that have been out of CL for a good few years now to be backed so heavily in the transfer market unless they have an obvious sugar daddy/oil backing.

    And as others have said the base that he started from wasn’t awful. Arsenal were not an awful team.

    If we have another big spend up to or over exceeding 100 m again this summer that is huge backing.

  57. Tom

    “Is there a cushier job going in football?”

    No. Not at any so called big club.
    Arsenal could place fifth again this season and his job would be completely safe.
    And so long as there are no Arteta out banners flown over the stadium Pedro would use the stadium atmosphere as proof positive Arteta was the best man fir the job.

  58. Habesha Gooner

    Emirates Stroller
    If he is the new CM then I will be annoyed. He might have a higher ceiling than most players but we need players for the here and now too. This is a gamble we didn’t need to take to be honest. We needed an established CM as a signing before trying for a kid from Portugal. That would be a baffling decision. Passing on Guimaraes and now Tielemans would be very stupid because we want to play Xhaka. And no way this kid is starting over Xhaka for a while.

  59. WengerEagle

    Like really if we spend another £150m this summer then top 4 should be the absolute bare minimum and floor for next season or Arteta’s work here is done.

    He is so lucky that we’re not a club with serious expectations. If you spend £300-350m+ on players and get to build a squad it should compete for major honors. Klopp won the CL and PL spending that kind of money in less time.

  60. InsideRight

    I can’t decide if it’s ballsy or folly to assume there will be a ‘steady state’ of talent at the club.

    It’s a pretty big assumption that what we have at the start of next season will still be playing for us in 2-3 years. Some of our key players are already on the watchlist of the likes of Liverpool, City, Real Madrid. If we are still building then players may tire of the ‘success tomorrow’ promise and leave for success now.

    What we risk seeing is a constant churn of players and a never ending regeneration *before* we reach success, and that is something that can actually stop us achieving it. Champions regenerate from a position of strength in order to stay at the top. But we are trying to play catch up and it doesn’t work the same way as making modifications to something that already works.

    It’s not a coincidence that the best managers right now either started off with a goldmine of talent to make them into managerial winners, or won things and cut their teeth in other, less challenging leagues where they developed the knowledge, ability and winning mentality that is sought after here. Arteta is not Pep with all his experience and a wealth fund backing him, and he’s not Klopp with his experience and genius, surrounded with high quality staff who ensure the right pieces are identified, hired and properly moulded to fit into the machine.

    You don’t see rookie managers doing rebuilds of the type being attempted here In the Prem and delivering the kind of success we are looking for at Arsenal. And you don’t see players hanging around in the hope that maybe the season after next we might, possibly, be able to make a challenge for the title. I’m all for belief and enthusiasm and excitement and hope. But the realist in me won’t let those niggling question marks and issues be pushed out of the way.

  61. Wicked Willy

    Wow, lots of negativity this afternoon. Why is it so many humans feel the need to fixate on the problems/challenges/imperfections? It’s not as if our club is sinking into an irredeemable abyss from which we won’t escape in our lifetimes.

    The ship was listing before he arrived. he has steadied the ship, and he is clearly f*cking ambitious about where he wants our club to be, and his doing his best to bring that about.

    Anyone challenging his ability as a top level manager, fair play, the jury is still out. Anyone questioning his ambition or his desire to see our club resintated at the top of the game, is being wilfully blind. I would even go as far as saying that the kroenkes are showing an impressive level of compliance.

    Therefore, can we not just show a little bit of patience and see what happens this window?
    Two weeks ago, it was ‘there’s no way we’re spending more than £100m’. It’s already clear it will exceed many people’s prior expectations.

  62. Ishola70

    It’s not clear to me yet that there will be another big spend going up to over 100m again.

    We have been linked with names. That’s par the course.

    So far one signing at a moderate price and one for pittance a kiddie.

  63. Ishola70

    It was said on here a few weeks ago that we would need to sell to again hit the over 100m net spend of last summer.

    Well who is there to sell? Cupboard is a bit bare in that respect.

    Leno is one but doesn’t look like he will fetch that much and there is Pepe and that is about it. And Pepe’s stock has fallen dramatically since he joined Arsenal so we shouldn’t be expectig too many pennies back from any deal involving him either.

    If we spend big again it’s got to come deep from the Kroenke’s coffers.

  64. Alexanderhenry

    I get the sense Chelsea may hit the doldrums post Abramovic. Man u is a corporate and footballing train crash and Liverpool may have peaked.

    Sticking my neck out but a bet on top 4 for arsenal looks quite strong.

  65. WengerEagle


    We’ve just spent £35m on a player that it is fair to say that nobody would have said that we needed 2 weeks ago.

    Would be very surprised to see under £100m spent. And if so, we won’t finish in the top 4 for sure.

  66. Habesha Gooner

    Wait to see what the transferwinndow brings first.

    Say that our top players want out in the next few years, we won’t be selling them for pittance. Saka will easily go for 80 mil+. 50 mil+ for the likes of Martinelli and ESR too. This is the right way to go about it because even if we fail to challenge for titles our players will be worth a lot. So you can recycle and reinvest in other up and coming players to refresh your squad. This is the only way to build sustainability and success.

  67. WengerEagle

    ”This is the only way to build sustainability and success.”

    Nothing successful about selling your best players every summer. It is the mark of a small club and not what we should ever aspire to even if what you are saying does make great financial sense.

    Let’s not lose sight of what football is all about and especially the greatness of our own club.

  68. Ishola70


    “We’ve just spent £35m on a player that it is fair to say that nobody would have said that we needed 2 weeks ago.”

    He’s a signing that could been seen as a squad player signing though which could mean Arteta has been told he has to overall stick with what he has in regards first team following on from the big spend the previous summer.

    As said before it’s very unusual for a club to keep splashing out with no CL football for so long two summers in a row unless you are an oil rich club or something.

    Usually you see one big hit on the spending for any non oil money club and then it has to balance out the following season unless you have jewels to sell off to bolster the kitty and Arsenal don’t have a gem or big money transfer to sell.

  69. raptora

    Agreed with WE. It’s Arteta’s 3rd summer and by the looks of it, he’ll ask the club to spend big again. He has basically changed our whole lineup to fit his ideas. It’s about time to see the process in place and bear fruit.

    The only thing we can hope for, is if Arteta isn’t the person, this time we’ll find someone who can reach our goals without changing 27/30 players but actually work a little bit better with what we have.

  70. Habesha Gooner

    I am not saying we should sell our best players. I am talking worst case scenario. These players we are signing and are developing are all under 25. So even if we fail we can restart a project by getting fees from them. Not everyone will be stupid like Kane and sign a long term contract with no way out. In that scenario we will be forced to sell. And it doesn’t happen to JUST Arsenal. Real Madrid had to sell Varane, Chelsea had to sell Hazard, Liverpool had to sell Coutinho, Bayern are struggling with Keeping Gnabry, Barcelona had to sell Neymar and so many others.

    We have tried the other way by signing old players like Aubameyang , Sokratis, Miki and all the dross. I am just saying the strategy that we have of signing younger players is the right one.

  71. Ishola70


    Bellerin, and
    AMN says hi.

    lol hardly hot players on the market are they.

    We are in trouble with Pepe in regards selling him because of the wage he is on. Most likely if he leaves this summer it’s only going to be a loan out.

  72. Un

    Wicked WillyJune 20, 2022 14:50:53
    Wow, lots of negativity this afternoon. Why is it so many humans feel the need to fixate on the problems/challenges/imperfections? It’s not as if our club is sinking into an irredeemable abyss from which we won’t escape in our lifetimes.


    Arsenal has attracted this type of fan since the invincibles for some weird reason
    Shameless bastards they are

  73. Ishola70

    We need to see huge movement then don’t we in the next few weeks for all these fringe players to be sold off to boost the coffers.

    And we know this doesn’t usually happen that you can sell big number of players all in one window.

    If we had one gem to sell off that wasn’t in the overall plan and strategy for a tidy sum then of course it makes it a whole lot easier.

  74. Un

    If we had one gem to sell off that wasn’t in the overall plan and strategy for a tidy sum then of course it makes it a whole lot easier

    Sell Gabriel and Gabriel martinelli
    Got to be £100m there

  75. Un

    I love Martinelli but if we are to sell one of the young players then I’d keep ESR and Saka over any of the others

  76. Ishola70

    “Sell Gabriel and Gabriel martinelli”

    mmm selling Gabriel CB would be tempting but I wouldn’t like the idea of selling of Martinelli.

  77. TR7

    Arteta is looking for players who can play multiple positions which is really welcome. Viera, Lesandro, Jesus and Rafinha all fit the bill in this regard.

    One of the reasons we missed out on top 4 last season was our over dependence on Saka, Partey and Tierney. Signing versatile players can really solve the problem of over reliance on certain individuals. Besides it will give us the liberty to try different formations and tactics.

  78. WengerEagle


    It doesn’t work like that though a lot of the time. Pepe on paper fit that model as he was bought at age 24 and in theory, even if he didn’t work out would have re-sale value.

    Well here we are less than 3 years later and age 27 we would be doing well to pull in £15m for him. These types of signings are not immune to being disasters either. Do you think that Liverpool would bring in close to £50m if they decided to sell Naby Keita now? Or Everton with Iwobi?

    And I mean selling club as in selling off all your talent each season. Like us in the Cesc era (Henry, Cole, Hleb, Adebayor, Kolo, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, RVP, Song, etc) or Dortmund/Ajax/Leipzig’s of this world.

    Each example you gave was a rare one. How many prime players do Real, Chelsea or Liverpool sell? Fuck all.

  79. InsideRight

    Habesha Gooner – “Inside. Say that our top players want out in the next few years, we won’t be selling them for pittance. Saka will easily go for 80 mil+. 50 mil+ for the likes of Martinelli and ESR too. This is the right way to go about it because even if we fail to challenge for titles our players will be worth a lot.”

    So basically we become a selling club that constantly has to start over when key pieces of the jigsaw are taken away?

    “So you can recycle and reinvest in other up and coming players to refresh your squad. This is the only way to build sustainability and success.”

    Reinvesting in other up and coming players to refresh your squad sounds great. But because the club has taken two steps back there is greater probability that the ‘project’ gets reset again. It might be fine for sustainability, but how does that deliver success if core players are picked off by rivals who do deliver success, inhibiting our own progression?

    The club needs to decide what it wants to be and how it’s going to get there. I’m not sure it has. City and Chelsea have bought success. Kroekne won’t do that and rightly so. Liverpool have spent money, but they’ve also sold effectively and have an impressive backroom analytics operation. Fenway are very smart and do more than just chuck money around. Chelsea’s new owner has decided to follow the Liverpool model. Are we going to do the same? Right now it feels like we’ve accepted our level and will be a nursery for the successful clubs.

  80. Ishola70

    Anyway time is ticking on Arteta to deliver because the players that we can consider to sell at this stage will be snapped up down the line if we don’t get CL football.

    A big boy will come along and smack up that jigsaw you were compiling.

  81. benkind

    If we sign lisandro and he comes in to play left back that is just crazy cause Arteta just bought Nuno last season. If he comes to play midfield then why did Arteta resign Xhaka, Eleny and Lokonga only to sign another player at the amount being quoted for a single position. Xhaka hardly gets injured.

    Some people are saying Vieria comes in to replace pepe but then I was wondering how many minutes Pepe played or any other person played in that right wing position (asides Saka). I know that we have more subs for next season but then Arteta doesn´t rotate or trust his players. Pedro listed thee academy boys above but asides patino who amongst them playedlast season. Last game of the season winning comfortably and Arteta doesn´t bring anyone of them in.

    Just like last season, the thing isn´t about signing Ramsdele, Lokonga, White or Odegaard; it was about signing those players at their prices. Pierre was right why sell Willock or Guendozi if their replacement didn´t do anything of note. Willock is playing under Howe regularly. Would any of our rivals sign Lokonga at the price we bought him from us presently?

    Arteta is allowed free reigns at what he wants.

    If the best defensive partnership are formed why playing together why then are we bringing in another defender with Saliba coming in? Tomi was injured alot are we shifting White to RB, if we are why not buy a RB specialist and play saliba last season. Arteta has tanked Leno value (Germany 3rd choice goal keeper). We have another defender coming in from the MLS already. Why sign lisandro?

    At the end of the transfer window I hope we will do good business and all will be clear. Arteta is still yet to blood our academy players, he keeps buying more young players. Eddie is on 100k and NO.14 shirt does he seat on the bench? So far so good we play with one striker under Arteta with inside forwards and Eddie is more deadly (for the number of time he has played) up front. If we sign Jesus will he play on the wing? If he does, what happens to ESR and Martinelli?

    The more I look at it I truly hope there is a plan and a style of play that works. Based on Arteta´s 2.5 years I know that he doesn`t rotate, has favourites and we mostly play with a specific formation (this is why we have only won 1 game after conceeding first in the EPL).

    We donot have the luxury of Mancity to have Grealish, sterling on the bench. Even with them being on the bench, City sell players very well (Imagine the price ferran torres went for and what is being quoted for Jesus and Sterling). Arteta ruins player’s values no wonder Betis and Sampdoria are testing our resolve with Bellerin and Torerria.

    How we will line up, what combination works, how to integrate more Hale end boys are the things we should talk more about not what mistakes Conte is making or how he will destroy spurs.

  82. Habesha Gooner

    Tielemans 30 mil
    Jesus 40 mil plus addons.
    Viera 30 mil
    Martinez 30 mil
    Raphinha 50 mil

    That would come to 180 mil total. If we sell 40 mil worth of players then 140 mil net spend. And we would be stacked with quality. I think it is doable.
    Pepe 20 mil
    Nelson 5 to 10 mil
    Bellerin 5 to 10 mil
    AMN 10 mil
    Leno 10 mil
    Mari 5 mil
    Torreira 10 mil.

    Even if you take out Pepe and leon him out that is around 50 mil worth of sales there. And these are very doable prices.

    Marina just left Chelsea. Hire her and she will get at least 70 mil including Pepe for those players.

  83. benkind

    Habesha Gooner
    Real Madrid had to sell Varane, Chelsea had to sell Hazard, Liverpool had to sell Coutinho, Bayern are struggling with Keeping Gnabry, Barcelona had to sell Neymar and so many others.

    This is true but what was the prices these clubs sold their players? These players helped them win trophies and were sold at great prices (asides Gnabry who has been sold).

    I wonder which team in Europe´s top 3 league has a model like ours of project youth? How many Leagues have they won in the last 10 years? How many trophies? Do they stick to one manger? Do they have a system for a specific manager or as a club?

  84. WengerEagle

    ”I wonder which team in Europe´s top 3 league has a model like ours of project youth? How many Leagues have they won in the last 10 years? How many trophies? Do they stick to one manger? Do they have a system for a specific manager or as a club?’

    benkind on the money with these last two posts.

    Put these questions to Pedro, would be quite interested in the answer lol.

  85. TR7

    Ajax traditionally the best club in Dutch league and all the best young domestic talents want to play for them. Arsenal not in a similar position.

    Dortmund success can largely be attributed to Klopp who is a generational manager.

  86. raptora

    Granovskaia will probably want to reunite with Abramovich in some of his other businesses – she’s already worked for him before she took Chelsea’s job. She still has a picture with him as her Twitter cover.

    I doubt that our lousy bosses would want a Russian woman to call the shots in our club.

    If staying in London is a priority for her, we should be very interested, but we’re also a rival club. All in all, next to nothing chances of it happening.

  87. WengerEagle


    Ajax play in a terrible league and are basically the Bayern Munich of it and hoover up all of the top talent. Biggest club in Holland by far and it isn’t close.

    Dortmund won two titles a decade ago and had a little known geezer as manager not sure if you would have heard of him called Jurgen Klopp.

    Is Tets on a par with Klopp? Let’s hope so but don’t hold your breath!

  88. Habesha Gooner

    Pepe was bought at 72 mil. We were never going to recoup that money. What I am suggesting is we buy players like wea are doing now for 30 to 50 mil prices. Even if there was a loss it won’t be a ridiculous amount Pepe.

    Inside and WengerEagle
    Not all our young players will want out at the same time. May be one or two. One or two players won’t derail a project as long as you have good scouting and a good coach. You can replace two players. Even Liverpool are going to replace Salah and Mane and they sold Coutinho before that. And we haven’t been a selling club since 2010. Sanchez Ozil and Auba held us to Ransom but we were never forced to sell anyone. Particularly because the players we signed weren’t good enough or we did6develop elite talent.

  89. Wicked Willy

    Because Marina was so crazily good at spending Roman’s money well!!!

    It also means a new captain running the ship. Rarely happens without some turbulence.

    They’ve also got a few key ageing players with contracts running down they’ll need to replace.

    Hopefully it will be a messy transition for them 🙂

  90. Naija+soccer


    They are not hot players on the market but they are good players, including AMN so we should look to get some value for them. If one team won’t pay their worth don’t sell the player to that team.

    For example, if Arsenal think Pepe is worth at least 25 million, don’t sell him for 10.

  91. englandsbest

    Let’s be honest all last summer’s signings came as a surprise. But yes, some became tortuous transactions because news leaked out. Clearly this summer Edu/Arteta/Josh are trying to avoid a repeat of that tiresome experience – and have succeeded with the two ‘done deals’ signings made, and if we include Matt Turner, that makes three.

    Thus it may turn out that ALL the summer signings may come as a surprise. The talk of, say, Gabriel J may be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Should we care if we don’t get him nor say Tammy and the Belgian guy? Not if those we DO sign are more suitable.

  92. Mr Serge

    InsideRightJune 20, 2022 16:00:12
    How is that great news for us Mr Serge

    Errrr Chelsea are losing highly experienced campaigners for new people do I have to spell it out ?

  93. TR7

    Wenger the only modern manager before Klopp who got very close to achieve success in a youth project, just that he overdid a tad the youth experiment.

  94. Naija+soccer

    Selling Pepe is easy. Just play the guy and let him score a few. And we all know that he can bang them in.

    What Arteta should have done is included him in the last games of the season. He would have scored a few and most likely be getting some interests by now.

  95. WengerEagle


    There’s recouping some and then there’s the situation that we have. We would be doing well to pull in 20% of his purchase fee and he is 27 and has had no major injuries.

    Lucas Torreira was bought at age 23 for £25m, same story and do you see us even recouping £10m for him? I don’t.

    Xhaka and Mustafi were both bought at age 24 for a combined £70m. The latter we basically had to cut loose for nothing and the former is still stinking the place out and we couldn’t even get an offer better than £10m for him last summer.

    How much did we sell £16m Chambers for who signed as a 19 year old?

  96. benkind

    Well said WengerEagle and TR7

    So the best team we can point out to is Dortumund under Klopp and I would be interested in the average age of his squad, the cost of building the squad and how much money they made when they sold most of the players. Additionally, unlike Dortmund we have 2 very deadly teams in Liverpool and City with great managers. The stats that Pep and Klopp boast off in the league is scary. Crazy thing like Leicester wining the league happens but my God beaten these 2 guys with these young players to the league is crazy to imagine.

    Tom if league and CL is not on the agenda then what are we doing? Why did we move to Emirate? What then is our ambitions. This season would it be too much to ask to win the Europa, 1 of League cup/FA Cup and finish 4th?

  97. InsideRight

    Habesha Gooner – “One or two players won’t derail a project as long as you have good scouting and a good coach. You can replace two players.”

    OK. Take Saka and Odegaard out of this side permanently right now and tell me how they get replaced by Arsenal. Do you believe we have good scouting at the club? It’s been mentioned before, Arteta was described as a good coach, but which players in the last 2.5 years have been developed to the extent that they are markedly better than they were before?

    Wouldn’t a good coach have got more out of Pepe, for example? Patino got a couple of appearances and disappeared. Three other academy prospects have warmed the bench without getting any playing time. Where is their breakthrough moment?

    “Even Liverpool are going to replace Salah and Mane and they sold Coutinho before that.”

    Darwin Nunez is already in. Diaz will improve and can do the role Mane was doing. And they can still go out and get someone else. They now have a lot of pulling power at Anfield. They can sign a calibre of player that would refuse to come to Arsenal.

    “And we haven’t been a selling club since 2010.”

    Indeed. Now we give players away for free and even pay players to leave and subsidise their wages so they can play elsewhere. Trying to think the last time a Top 6 side did that, let alone did it several times.

  98. WengerEagle


    Was a joke dude but the point stands. It hasn’t been done in about 10 years and Klopp is an all-time pantheon great manager.

    If you are really reaching you could use Milan as an example with Pioli who are quite a young team. The PL is a different beast to Serie A though.

  99. Tom

    Dortmund are a terrible example.
    Bundesliga is a monopoly by all intents and purposes, but even in monopoly the club in question can have a dip in form.
    Add a special talent like Klopp into the mix and anything is possible.
    However, since his departure Dortmund have truly challenged Bayern only once, when they lost by two points, that’s going on ten years now.

  100. InsideRight

    Mr Serge – “Errrr Chelsea are losing highly experienced campaigners for new people do I have to spell it out ?”

    Buck is being replaced by Todd Boehly because Boehly and Clearlake Capital refuse to spaff money up the wall like Abramovic did. They have chosen to follow the Fenway model used at Liverpool and to drive revenue growth. They have a clear vision and strategy. Whether it works remains to be seen as they are a long way behind Liverpool’s organisation and structure.

    As for Granovskaia, her transfer negotiations were made easier by having an owner hosing cash everywhere and distorting the market. There’s no room for her in the New Model Chelsea. I don’t think it means diddly squat for Arsenal.

  101. Thorough

    Our scouting is tosh. If we spend circa 60 mil on Raphinha and Man UNITED gets Antony for 40 mil IL be gutted.
    My absolute dream signings were Gravenberg and Antony. Sadly both of them are about to be sold for a combined fee of 60 to 65million.

    We need to better pund or pound.