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There has been a lot of talk about strategy and where we’re going as a club. Some can’t see it, other don’t want to, but the wheels of progress turn regardless of the noise.

Some fans struggled with the proposed strategy because it knocked their preconceived notions of what you need to do in 2022 to get back to the top in the Premier League.

There were hard pills to swallow:

  • Our squad wasn’t fit for purpose utilizing any style of football. It was old, messily assembled, it had no creative players, and the culture was rotten.
  • Arsenal were no longer a big hitters when it came to finances. Any rebuild was going to be slow and painful by the standards of most.
  • The Premier League was now the most competitive league on the planet. There are 7 teams with the finances to compete for Champions League. The two top teams weren’t just wealthy, they were extremely strategic and longterm in their thinking. Every team was now rich, there were no givens, bar beating Norwich.

The only way Arsenal could get back to the top was to be honest about the above and concoct a strategy that played to our strengths as a football club.

Those strengths were:

  • Our academy, which produces top-tier talent. When you are building, there are bad days, but fans are more forgiving of local boys, so leaning into a point of pride was a key element
  • Our coach, who is one of the best developmental coaches in Europe (though inexperienced)
  • Our club, which has elite training facilities, unrivaled fans, a massive stadium, in the city of London, and good budgets outside of the nation-state clubs. These ingredients make us perfect for players on the rise because we are an appealing place to ply your trade.

The mission is to get Arsenal competing for the league in 2 years time and to make the Champions League and be competitive.

The strategy:

  • Grow talent out of our academy
  • Sign highly technical players 21-24, with 2 seasons worth of experience, with BIG character
  • Put them with a coach on the rise

Season one was about getting the culture right and bedding our players into a highly technical system. We delivered 69 points, enough for 3rd the two prior seasons. We made it back to Europe. That was a successful season based on the objectives at the start.

This upcoming season, it’s about adding quality to the squad, and making it into the top 4.

Our transfer moves this summer are being built off this brief from Arteta:

“We want to move to a 4-3-3 but for that, you need a lot of specificity in every position but now in five or six positions, we don’t have it.”

This is basically the list of incomings we have this summer

  • Lisandro (24)
  • Tielemans (25)
  • Vieira (22)
  • Jesus (25)
  • Turner (28)
  • Saliba (21)

Say it quietly, but this squad would basically be good enough for Champions League football right now.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the above list alone is probably the best window we’d have had in 20 years. It looks very complete, it nails the fan brief at the start of the summer… but is it complete? Maybe not. The Athletic truly believes there’s a chance we could still try for Raphina this summer. I know the Mikel Arteta will be banging the drum harder than anyone to get all the bits we need, so it wouldn’t shock me.

The ‘Tielemans interest has cooled’ will likely be a negotiation tactic, we saw it with Ramsdale last summer. The player wants Arsenal, the club wants the player, and Leicester management is probably still high off last summer’s LEICESTER ARE BETTER RUN THAN ARSENAL’ chatter propagated by Arsenal fans and want to make the move difficult. The reality is they cannot afford to let him leave for nothing. I think he’ll end the summer in an Arsenal shirt. Honestly, what a top, top signing that would be.

There will obviously be some transfer movement out the door but I don’t have the same faith some do in the money we’ll receive. Hector Bellerin is being chased by a club that think they can get him on a free, there is no way we should be exiting him for nothing, I don’t care how many trees he planted. Bernd Leno is a £20m keeper and we need to be compensated as such. I wouldn’t want to exit Ainsley, but he’s a Premier League player and we need to be doing better than £5m. There’s also a chance Granit could be on the move, though I think it’d be remiss to ship out someone of his experience after another really good season. No one is talking about Bob ‘lush hair’ Holding, but it’s hard to see where he’s getting minutes next season as it stands.

Most of the focus will be on the money we’re spending. Arteta will be running around with his proposals and spreadsheets. He probably knows as well as anyone – timing is absolutely everything. You want a raise, time it right, don’t ask after a shocking 3rd quarter. You want a yes on a new project, catch your boss early on a Friday when he’s dreaming of lunchtime beers and golf. If you want £50m for a player you didn’t have budgeted, maybe ask when his hockey team is about to play in the Stanley Cup Final. If KSE is a sports organization that is showing signs of extreme competitiveness at the highest level, there is no doubt that the more his other teams win, the more likely it is that Arsenal will win. WINNING IS ADDICTIVE. I don’t know how much of this shift in mindset is down to Josh, but bar their soccer, esports (they sunk £20m into Overwatch and no one watches it), and lacrosse team… all their major clubs are doing the business.

Now think back to the summer when people were spitting feathers about Arsenal not signing a substandard striker. Does anyone have regrets about not punting £75m on Isak to show ambition? Any Weughorst fans still in the building? Did this very website not say that the best thing to do would be to wait until the summer and spend the finite resources wisely? This summer is the reason why. If that list is pulled off, it’s better than anything that could have been done in January for a far more favorable price. Let’s also be real, I love Vlahovic, but he was going for £65m, if we get Jesus for £40m, it’s probably more of a NOW signing, with a higher chance of working out.

Ok, ok, I’m trying to weasel my way out of Tall Boy Summer Propaganda there, so you can shout me down on that… but, once again, we are seeing how different the world looks through a long-term lens. That £25m saving can go towards a Lisandro vs another Nuno-Tavares-like gamble. We will be better long-term because we waited. Remember, we have finite resources and a strategy that is honest about who we are. We cannot spend big money on average players, we are not that club, we have paid a heavy price for attempting that methodology. That is why we resisted in January.

Fans will give patience if there is a reward at the end of the wait. Arsenal didn’t reward in the past, but if this is what a dry January delivers, then maybe we should Trust the Process a little more often.

The job this summer was also to find 10 more points next season.

There were three ways to do that:

1. Add cover to the fullback positions

David Ornstein dropped exciting news about Lisandro, the Ajax defender we’re chasing down for £25m this summer.

The Saliba Ultras, bored, with nothing to shriek about are trying to make this transfer about their movement and how it’s the end of William, but this is more about Tierney. The player has been earmarked since last season as a left back and the club see him as big competition for KT this season. There’s a difference in style, KT is all about power, pace, and the legendary overlap. Lisandro is more viewed as a player you start the build-up from. He’s more comfortable on the ball and a bit more like a Cancelo, if that feels too ambitious, then let’s just say he’s a defender that can do what Granit can do when we put him at left-back but with all the pacey bits as well.

If we make this move happen, there is going to be a war on the left next season, and I’d be fully expecting the player to show us something new in this Arsenal system we haven’t seen before.

  • Saliba and Ben White are interchangeable at right back.
  • Ainsley could come back into the mixer at right-back cover.

2. Add cover in midfield for Thomas Partey

Youri Tielemans coming into our midfield gives us so much flexibility. The Belgian can play deep as a defensive midfielder, he can go box to box, he can even move into a more advanced position. Long and short: He is top, top quality.

3. Add decisiveness in the final 3rd

Fabio Vieira is being billed as one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe for final ball delivery. He was one of the most productive players in Europe last season despite having the lowest minutes of the big names.

I followed up with Jon and asked if he was overperforming xA. He is, but apparently, there is more than enough underlying data to suggest he is top, top class.

We’re most likely going to add Gabriel Jesus as our main striker next season. Is he short? Yes. Is he Premier-League-winning material that we don’t have? Yes. However you cut, even through the worst-case scenario grinder, he is going to be worth 18 goals and 7 assists next season. The thing I’m looking forward to with Jesus is we’re taking him from a bit-part player to superstar status. We’re making him the big dawg. That is a hell of a way to motivate a player if they are the sort of person that needs that sort of adulation.

Then add the incredible news that Eddie Nketiah has just signed a new 5 year deal and he’s taking the #14 shirt.

There’s no other way of cutting it, this move is fucking excellent news. If Arteta didn’t believe he could do a good job with Thierry Henry’s famous shirt, he wouldn’t have offered it to him. The number is symbolic to everyone, it’ll be a huge motivation for Eddie, and I think he’ll show us all he can deliver the goods needed.

We’re operating in a market right now where Richarlison, a player that has moped all season in an Everton side far better than its league position would suggest, is potentially going for £55m. A known disruptive quantity, going for mega-money, after a shocking season.

Eddie Kreuger (showing up in defenders’ nightmares) is a better player for starters and he totally fits our system. Just remember, he was our best striker last summer in preseason then Arteta buried him in the reserves. He didn’t let him back in when Auba was stinking out the place, he didn’t let him back in when Lacazette was dead on his feet not scoring, it was only the good luck of a COVID infection (ESR got his chance after the same thing) that Arteta came to his senses. Eddie could have moped like Richarlison, he could have mailed it in and waited for summer riches, but he didn’t… he did the job, scored some goals, showed Arteta what a fool he’d been… so yeah, he deserves this deal.

Just a reminder of how Eddie stacks up against the 4 top European leagues as a striker for the folk saying he lacks the qualities for the league:

Just a reminder of what his profile maps to in terms of rival talent.

To replace Eddie we would be taking a massive risk on a £35m striker if we were lucky. This is a huge deal for Arsenal and again, another reminder to the best kids in Europe, if you are good enough, you will play for The Arsenal.

The bonus part of the summer brief hasn’t been really talked about, but Matt Turner is going to be very interesting, he’s arriving from New England Revolution, the USMNT fans love him and say he’s their best keeper, and most MLS fans say he’s one of the best players in the league.

The player had this to say:

“The project they have going on there, [I want to be] an important part of the locker room, adding some experience – not a ton of Premier League experience – but national team experience, league experience and playing games in pressured environments. I’ll be an older head in the locker room, being 28.”

On his supposed weak passing:

“Definitely, the DNA of this team is possession-based and I believe that’s what they will expect from me when I get on the pitch.

“It’s the area of my game that some call a weakness but one where I’ve improved over the past few months. I’m connecting a few more passes, reading the game better and understanding the way I can hurt teams a lot better.

“We don’t play that [passing] style in New England but when I go with the national team, we do. When I have extended periods with the national team, I read the game better and make more passes.

We have no idea how good he is with the ball at his feet in the same way so many Arsenal fans called Ramsdale a hoof-merchant after Chris Wilder left Sheffield United. The most important thing here is we need a player that can push Aaron who has had a shaky 2022. One week he’s keeping a clean sheet against Italy, the next he’s conceding a bunch to Hungary. The focus of competition at Arsenal might help, especially if Arteta shows early on that he is prepared to drop Aaron if his form dips.

So, in conclusion… is there a single Arsenal fan out there that doesn’t understand what the strategy is going into this season?

I don’t think so.

If you can’t see it now, you are just not meant to understand things at a higher level, or you are trying to be an edgelord on Youtube to appease your teenage fans.

If you can see it, you’ll agree, that this is the best way for Arsenal to get to the top, because it’s sustainable, it’s exciting, and you can imagine where these players will be in two years time.

Say this quietly because I don’t want pelters, but I’d rather be bedding in these players in a Europa League environment, than a Champions League one. We’ll get practice against weaker teams, the young kids will get more minutes, and the first 3 months of the season won’t be played with young players wrestling with the physical and mental aspects of fatigue.

What I love the most about the way Arsenal are operating is they are opening the window on the fans that want to behave in a toxic way. Good news is oxygen for the fans that support the club the right way and it makes everything better. If you aren’t onboard with where we’re going, you do have to ask, what is the fu*cking point?

This is going to be a good season if all these deals can land, we can all feel it, right?

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I could


Say it


But I’m not


A twat.

Wicked Willy


Absolutely superb post mate. Truly first class. The line ‘we are seeing how different the world looks through a long-term lens’ is a fantastic encapsulation of what I’ve been feeling about the strategy since we got those six in last summer.

Cheers for all that you do.

Chrispy you know you wanted to !!! 😂

Mr Serge

Well done chrispy that is the disdain for taking the 4th spot I really admire lol far better than wankz is here for the trophy again chat

Mr Serge

Pedro great read man

Little Mozart

Top ten


Our coach, who is one of the best developmental coaches in Europe What evidence supports this? It’s another Arteta puff piece but facts are it’s year 3 and there’s no improvement from when he started and the process seems to be spend your way out of the mess we’re in and overhaul the squad which has basically been the issue since Wenger left. No excuses next season I don’t care what the age is of the players that we sign 100-150 million spend on top of the 230 odd million he’s spent if the performances don’t improve and there’s no… Read more »

Bob N16

From last thread…. TLTIDB, I have no idea if Arteta is intending to play a Tiki-Taka brand of football. To a great degree, the players that you have obviously dictate the most effective way to play. My major bugbear is that we have needed a midfield where all the players are technically excellent and can play 1 or 2 touch football, needing to be able to receive the ball under pressure, are quick and provide targets for our defence to play a progressive pass. Then you need the attacking players to move well too, to always allow the player in… Read more »


May be Pedro needs to be reminded we have achieved nothing and Arteta has everything to prove. One new signing and people are losing all sense of proportion.

Agreed. The bar has been raised and set at 4th. This or higher is the goal. Failure to achieve that and it’s bye bye. Nowhere to hide now and we cannot be making excuses either. Full backing here and I hope to we do it but no goal moving posts to soften the blow if we fail.


Tr7 he’s apparently a success already… for some reason. Hey new signings are great and all but it just increases the pressure for success on him. Literally no excuses for no improvements across the board next season


Great Post. Really liking your work.

Bob N16

Pedro, I understand trying to take a silver lining out of qualifying for EL with the argument that it allows us to develop and give game time to players in a way that benefits us and would have been difficult in CL. That said if we’d finished 4th our ambition in the transfer market may have been raised but most importantly it would have dealt a massive blow to the Spuds. There is even an argument that Conte would have jumped and the resulting implosion would have been a joy to behold. CL and Spuds implosion against EL, more arguably… Read more »


“I’’m banging the same drum I know but I would prefer if Xhaka ”

Bob I’m in full agreement here. I accept Xhaka played moderately well at times last season but we simply have to do better than him if we are to progress.

The bottom line is that since he has been part of our midfield we have never finished top four. So when people say we don’t need a DM I disagree (especially with Partey’s injury proneness), we need to be doing better than Xhaka.


He is, without doubt, one of the best young coaches in the world right now. On the basis of what evidence? He took us 5th (after shitting the bed from a very winnable 4th) on 69 points with an average age of 24 while Emery took us 5th (shit the bed as well) on 70 points with an average age of 26. Incredible difference that. 8th 8th then 5th with hundreds of millions and counting being spent if there’s no improvements next season he’ll have no excuses it’s that’s simple. Also eating an L… we’re all eating an L with… Read more »


So this season will be Arteta’s second then……….and if he makes the CL, then he’s right back on track to copy Klopp’s progression timeline.
Sure, why not.

Bob N16

Always Pedro, I think I can always be relied upon to take them wherever and whenever I can!

My Kane and Son Voodoo dolls are ineffective and need an upgrade.

Pedro, I am probably being a bit negative and tough and I know it takes all of the ingredients to work and output wonderful football. And I badly want us to succeed and that it takes time. For me though this season is the one where no more excuses can be made. Life is tough at the mo and would you not agree to 4th or bust this season as part of your Tets timeline ?


Arsenal better off in Europa than CL is quite possibly the worst take ever.

Bob N16

Tom, context is all. Is it really necessary to compare Klopp to Arteta? Nothing like setting the bar high which I suppose is fair enough. I have to admit I can’t really remember the comparative strength of PL and in particular the Top 6 when Klopp was on the up, compared to now. Where I think you’ll agree is that PL seems to be getting really strong now with the competition to make Top 4 arguably harder than it ever was. I’m not making excuses, I’m simply pointing out it’s tough to make top 4 but if we have another… Read more »


Have I said anything that isn’t factual Pedro? Maybe you don’t deal in facts but I do. And I don’t think I ever said he was the worst I just vehemently argue against him being “one of the best developmental coaches in Europe”.

Topside Northbank

Arteta for me really has to use his squad better and should of last season.

Use of subs as well lets hope by the end of the window the starting eleven is improved but also depth.

Saliba and Vieira will be good additions Vieira I would hope be given games/mins that see players like Saka benched rather than overplayed which will lead to fatigue and injuries he was running on fumes from March imo.

ESR, Martinelli and Nketiah will need to kick on next season,.

Bob N16


‘Arsenal better off in Europa than CL is quite possibly the worst take ever’.

I’m sure you understand the concept of a silver lining.

Pedro, I shall now go forth and work on my positivity through the medium of alcohol.

Freddie Ljungberg

I haven’t read anyone worried that Lisandro would take Salibas spot, seeing as he is a lcb/lb and Saliba a rcb. “if you are good enough, you will play for The Arsenal.” *if everyone else gets covid because the coach doesn’t like to rotate his favourites even when they’re shite. The point about a dry January being good for the club isn’t really great either, it wasn’t buy Isak for 75m or nothing, we could have bought Bruno G and been in the CL now, we could have loaned a striker and been in the CL now, with the extra… Read more »



You go on and on about long term planning and your entire post is about how everything is as per a great plan when in reality we missed out a golden opportunity to get top 4 when it was there for the taking. So I just want to say we are not on course right now and smart money this season will be on Conte beating Arteta again to top 4. So may be we can be a bit realistic and grounded in assessing our situation and stop patting ourselves on the back for no reason at all.


What’s with the boasting about finishing with 69 points when Emery who you derided did better.
We did shit the bed, four points ahead of Spurs with three games to go.
The. Arteta decided to play a high line with Holding, at the toilet bowl.

I agree with the thrust of the post. Keeping Eddie was pivotal because strikers transfers are a premium

Your superlatives? I disagree with.


Seems to me you are..

Freddie Ljungberg


When it takes a force majeur to get ESR playing over Willian or Eddie for a Laca that hadn’t scored since the bronze age it’s a bit different imo. Martinelli also got no playing time until it was forced upon Arteta. A very worrying trait he has.
No youngsters has been blooded since he took over either, I hope that changes too.


You’ve explained one reason why many kfbus are rightly underwhelmed by Arteta.
It took COVID to Willian to give ESR a chance on Dec 2020
Arteta didn’t learn from that and still didn’t give Eddie a proper chance when Auba and Laca were craping out. Again it took COVID

How can Arteta be a good development manager when it takes an act of god like COVID to give young players opportunities?


If Emery was the luckiest manager then Arteta has to be the biggest choke manager around

Four points ahead with three games to go … and an opportunity to play the team chasing you down

Arteta had two bites at the cherry and still choked.

Everything you wrote about Emery as based on spite, He easily beat Arteta in that head to head, remember?


Keeping Eddie was important
Eddie will easily surpass Laca’s goal record over five years. I have no doubt he will score lots of goals.
He will get >15 league goals over 38 games



I don’t want to repeat myself again and again but Odegaard is not a game changer or a special player. One day you will come round to that view. Pepe too was highly rated when he was signed early on but it was clear to see he was a rank average player and now most people attest to the fact.


I’m really exited for next season!
However I do think that top 4 is absolute minimum.

TLV Gooner

Yes Gabriel Jesus is short, Brazilian and and not power house bang bang player. he might know a bit of city-taka but even in his best year he didnt hit 18 goals and he wont this year. he is 25 and has never held down a the ST for himself. Arsenal signing him smells of nepotism and connection-scouting by our under par performing technical director Edu who knows him since he is : A. Brazilian and played with the national team where edu was also a technical director B. Arteta worked with him at city. lets just remember also the… Read more »


A good development manager has to elevate one academy player a season
Not talking Eddie, ESR or Saka. Those lads have been around the senior team for ages

Arteta’s instincts are to lean on “experience” unless his hands are tied behind his back
Is that a bad thing necessarily? No
Most managers are like that but they don’t get to have “best developmental manger” attached to them because Pedro said so.

Bob N16

Dissenter, did Arteta choke or was it his young team that was missing key players who ‘choked’ as you put it? Over 38 games they got 2pts more than us, c’est la guerre! So many ifs…If Son or Kane had missed a couple of games in the run in, is it not likely that they would have dropped three more points? Would that have then made Arteta a good manager as opposed to a shit manager or just a lucky manager? If you don’t rate Arteta is it not more likely that you will paint a picture that makes him… Read more »


“Is it really necessary to compare Klopp to Arteta? Nothing like setting the bar high which I suppose is fair enough.” Bob, completely unnecessary, but let’s not rewrite history or forget who it was that started the Arteta is just like Klopp nonsense. The competition is tough no doubt, but is it tougher this season? By all accounts Man U are rebuilding , Chelsea have their own issues on defense and with Lukaku, and Tottenham were” the luckiest team ” in universe last season with OG their third highest scorer, And they just signed a rapist and over the hill… Read more »


Is the Jesus deal money laundering? If we spend anywhere near 50 million, we are getting bent over.

He is 25, played with much better players in a team that creates many more chances and is still an underwhelming scorer. Pep wanted him to replace Aguero and he was never up to the task. I really don’t want to hear about his defensive qualities


“Diss, you can keep throwing these boring little attacks around, but they don’t land. Arteta kept us in the top 4 race without his best midfielder, his two full backs, and a recognized striker (he blooded ”

You’re pretending that Arteta didn’t have a principal role in why the squad was built on paper mache, not resilient to withstand these expected injuries. Everyone knew Tierney and Partey were proper crocks, so why put ourselves in that position


Long term decisions always payout and compound at a higher rate. The club have learned their lesson and are taking the hard decision to get things right.


I saw you say the same in the previous post that Tielemans is adding cover for Partey. He isn’t. He can’t play DM, I’ve never seen him play a lone DM. He’s always combined with a more defensive player than him – Ndidi, Mendy, Soumare. Tielemans comes to compete or in the place of Xhaka.

If Partey gets injured Arteta will probably play Xhaka in the deep lying role. Tielemans will always be a pure CM.

Someone that could play instead, next to or rotate with Partey was Bissouma but also the likes of Anguissa, Sangare, Boubacar Kamara etc.


My problem with Pedro is the lack of introspection when he starts slinging stuff at Arteta’s predecessors
That and the unnecessary use of superlatives

If one guy was so bad and he got us 71 points with a lesser squad that didn’t get his preferred options
How would you define the chosen one who’s central to everything the club is doing succeeding with 69 points.


Which of the facts I put down on paper are not facts?

What? No what I said is facts you’re the one spinning. 69 points and 5th is a great achievement while forgetting to mention he was 4th and shit the bed. Also you have yet to show anything that he is the best young coach in Europe. 5th and 69 points is not evidence as such. But anyway we’re going in circles and you’re fully invested in project Arteta. At least we can agree that he’ll have zero excuses this summer if he fails again

Bob N16

Tom, I accept your tongue is in your cheek but ‘they just signed a rapist and over the hill slowpoke from already slower Italian league’ is a little off.

I personally have never used the term ‘generational talent’. I think the phrase is more often used by those who are convinced he’s not up to standard and use it to mock. I know Pedro uses it but as yet I’m nowhere near convinced – I do look forward to being though!


Every single young player we have has signed a new deal because they trust the coaching.

I think Nketiah has about a 100,000 reasons why he signed his new deal and it’s not Arteta


Anyway by the end of this season the debate will be settled once and for all. If Arteta fails to finish top 4 then that should be end of his career at Arsenal. He has been backed massively by Kroneke unlike Wenger and Emery, no excuses.

Bob N16


Emery for me is such ancient history you might as well be talking about GG, Don Howe and Bertie Mee. I see no value in the comparison and they’re not like-for-like anyway. That’s my view, not saying you can’t compare just not really bothered, much more invested in the here and now.


So… facts you don’t like.

What have you said that is factual? Saying he’s the best young coach in Europe isn’t factual and citing 5th and 69 points as an achievement isn’t factual of progress…in fact it definitely isn’t. You’re like Fox news passing off opinions as facts but I’m not buying it until there’s champions league football and improvement on the pitch.


For a club like Arsenal finishing a season with 69 points should never be painted like an achievement.


“Long term decisions always payout and compound at a higher rate. The club have learned their lesson and are taking the hard decision to get things right”

That’s not so true
Never say ever , never say always

There’s such a thing as white elephant projects
Loft ideas backed by money that don’t pan out


Signing Eddie was great
That’s we agree on

Arteta is still earning the ropes, at Arsenal’s expense

He needs to check his tendencies to lean on so called experience. He’s had two strikes that depended on COVID to force his hands. He needs to do better

Thanks for all that you do on this site. It’s much appreciated

Bob N16

Pedro, how about a Belgian pairing if Partey is out? Marko, you old cynic. Do you not think that Nketiah has a connection with Arsenal- he’s been with us since he was 16? He’s grown up wanting to wear the shirt and must have some good mates in and around the club. It’s a good deal for him but also for Arsenal a win/win I’d say. We don’t have to come up with £20m+ to replace him, we get to keep a player that if we sell in 2/3 years we’ll get all the money we’ve ever paid him and… Read more »



Accidentally posted this in response to your previous article,.

Apparently two years ago Martinez played as a 6, so he might also fit as a backup for Partey.

Also re Arteta not giving Eddie a chance when Aubameyang was misfiring, interestingly in the game immediately preceding Aubameyang’s late return from France, Arteta subbed Eddie into the game before Aubameyang. I have always felt that played a part in the drama to follow, so while Arteta still didn’t give Eddie a start until two or three months later, Eddie played a part in Aubameyang’s departure.


Signing Eddie was great
That’s we agree on

Arteta is still learning the ropes, at Arsenal’s expense

He needs to check his tendencies to lean on so called experience. He’s had two strikes that depended on COVID to force his hands. He needs to do better

Thanks for all that you do on this site. It’s much appreciated


Arsenal, 69 points, more wins than Chelsea, with the youngest team in the league.That is why he’s a top developmental coach Again an opinion as in that’s your opinion that that is good enough to be considered the best young coach in Europe. I tend to think two 8th place finishes and finishing 5th from a very winnable 4th position kinda counters your point. Also the development stuff is very subjective given he barely played the likes of ESR and Martinelli until he was forced to and purple patches aside it’s debatable if he’s actually improved anyone bar Saka who… Read more »


A few things to be noted. If Arsenal blow top 4 this season it should be over for the manager part of the process. HAT should a non negotiable and I think even Artetas buggest supporters accept that we need to do the business as a club this season. I have an inkling/fear that Arteta will be prepared to take that long crawl up Xhaka hill and die on it again. I would put money on that as much as an Albanian gangster type might put money on a yellow card on their boy in the 80th. Get yee gone… Read more »


Marko, you old cynic. Do you not think that Nketiah has a connection with Arsenal

Oh of course but that wasn’t the argument Pedro made he’s making it out like Arteta is the reason people sign up for arsenal…I think there’s other reasons


you can keep coming back at me, but you literally said Arteta was the worst manager in the league last season…

Sounds like whataboutism to me. Again I don’t think I said worst I did say shit and a bum plenty of times though but again we’ll see who’s right this coming season no excuses he misses out on champions league he’s donezo



You say Arteta is a great developmental coach but I don’t think there’s a single player who has blossomed under Arteta. Saka is an outrageously talented guy who looked special since his very first game. Others seem to have rather regressed or at least not improved.

Martinelli, Ramsdale, Lokonga, Tierney, Pepe, Gabriel all seem to have gotten worse with time. There’s is no major improvement in players such as White, Cedric etc. Laca and Auba totally deteriorated last season.

Wicked Willy

As someone who feels generally very positive about where Arteta is taking us, my view is that we achieve a minimum of either Top 4, or 75 points. Unless we have biblical bad luck with injuries, anything less than one of the above two suggests we need to find a replacement. However, we now have a squad that is crafted towards JgD so it would need to be someone with a similar tactical outlook. I happen to think the squad we’re building is well tasty, both from a skill and a culture perspective. I wonder how the Arteta skeptics feel… Read more »

Wicked Willy

To be clear, 75 points without top 4 would buy him one more year. At which the minimum target is 79 points.

Bob N16

Marko, if Eddie didn’t like Arteta or the way he’d been treated he’d have left. I’m certainly not saying that Nketiah considers him a ‘generational talent’ but then who really knows?

Of course he’s been paid extremely well and that’s a factor as well as his loyalty to the shirt but he’d have got great money on a free as a 23 year old CF goalscorer who appears to have made real strides this season and there must have been plenty of interest in him.

Bob N16

WW not unreasonable. I’d push it to 2pts a game and a total of 76pts!


Each season is usually guided by its own circumstances so I don’t put much stock in what last seasons points total would’ve gotten us any other season. And unless you’re Liverpool losing the league on 98 points that type of talk doesn’t get much traction with me.
Id rather Arsenal make top for on less points than last season, than miss out on CL on 75 points.

Bob N16

Marko and Pedro need to get a room!

Bob N16

Tom, it’s not a choice between a certain pts total or top 4.

The point is that if we can manage say 76 pts we’re almost certainly in the top 4 but if we don’t it’ll be because other teams in 3rd and 4th would have got a really high total. I can’t be arsed to check but I reckon almost every year it would have been enough to get top 4. It’s almost a moot point that you’d rather get 4th over 76pts.

Wicked Willy


we all feel the same. I actually think that’s one of those rare things we could all agree on!

I’m just trying to take into account context. The league now is more competitive than it has ever been. Top 4 is a challenge.

We do have a young squad that is going to be killing it two years from now.

Therefore, as long as there is direct evidence of significant progress, in terms of both points gained, goals scored and goals conceded, I’m happy to continue Trusting The Process.

I have simply quantified my pre-requisite for continued support.


“We do have a young squad that is going to be killing it two years from now.”

Killing what lol 🤣 in two years from now the team may be totally different, There may be a different manager in place. Player’s leave that don’t work out. Now if we can start by losing this weak mentality when a few players get injured and a captain with balls then I’ll be fully on board. But I don’t see us killing anything. Maybe the FA cup.


My observation is Pedro’s praise of Arteta riles up the “the summer signings don’t move the needle”, “Arteta will be sacked by October” and”Arteta will be fighting relegation with his team” groups. It’s like they are asked to donate their kidneys

Bob N16

TH14, why has Jesus played over 50 times for Brazil and won 4 PL titles if he’s below the standard we require. What are you seeing that the Brazil manager(s), Guardiola and now Arteta don’t?

Is it a case of Emperor’s new clothes?

Mr Serge

All got games because players got injured this is what happens with young players


Bob, read what’s written instead of supplying a narrative that suits you.
WW said 75 points or top four would be considered job done.
And I said Id rather make top four on 65 points and call it a success in a weird and potentially clusterfuck like WC year.
And no, 75 points doesn’t guarantee top four.
Thats what we got in 2016/17 and got pipped by Liverpool on 76


TR7June 18, 2022 18:31:44 Anyway by the end of this season the debate will be settled once and for all. If Arteta fails to finish top 4 then that should be end of his career at Arsenal. He has been backed massively by Kroneke unlike Wenger and Emery, no excuses. The above is obvious and Pedro retereited it multiple times. There’s nothing to be settled here other than it’s what all Arsenal fans who believed in this team and the manager has been saying. It’s just those who feel they have a score to settle that has been repeating and… Read more »

Bob N16

Tom, just to be pedantic I suggested 76pts so GD would have decided it!
How many years did you check out?

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