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So we’ve gone from being very sad at the lack of activity, to me and Johnny dropping a miserable Patreon about how anxious we were, TO ACTION!

Fabio Vieira is in for a medical today, the story around the silence of the deal is that he only wanted to play for Arsenal, despite interest from a host of other clubs. Kind of knocks the idea Europa League being an impediment on the head, right?

It’s also expected that Eddie Nkeitiah is going to sign a new deal, Fabrizio Romano saying it’s a 5 year offer, there was interest from Germany and England, and there are also strong rumours he’ll be our new #14. I like that because why the fuck not? He was treated poorly by Arteta last season and when he was asked to play because Lacazette picked up covid, he absolutely smashed his chance with goals and gut busting contributions. He has earned that new deal and if you don’t like it, keep quiet, because he will deliver next season. Most of the slander around him is because Premier League fans still can’t accept that it is really hard to make it as a young player in the hardest league in the world, especially as a striker. BIG season from him incoming.

A lot of the big papers are leading with the Gabriel Jesus deal. I doubted the move, I inadvertently slandered the good name of David Ornstein, and it appears the tallboy summer I had hoped for was NOT on the cards. So you know what I’m gonna do? Delete all the evidence that I ever suggested this rumour wasn’t right. The story is £50m, but I think that’s a hopeful fee from City. I reckon it’ll be lower, but who knows, hardly the best negotiators of fee, are we?

The Youri Tielemans deal is also looking like a goer. This one has been all over the training ground for a while, which means the players have been gassing like old ladies at a greasy spoon, and that means agents have probably been swapping rumours. You are going to look VERY foolish if you doubt his ability, just look at some of the bits he’s been doing for Belgium the past couple of weeks. He’s top talent, our Thiago, he will make us MUCH better.

I was asking a Technical Director about the Tielemanns move and what he thinks. He basically said he’s an exceptional passer, he’s great in tight spaces, and he reads the game well. I asked about the pace worry and he was adamant that you don’t need to speed to excel as a deep-lying midfielder or a box-to-box because you are rarely running at someone one v one. Teams pack out the midfield, you almost never get to stretch your legs and run, so the main attribute you need is the ability to operate in tight spaces and find passes for… the fast players out wide and up front. Add to that the dead ball abilities of the Belgian, it really is hard to understand why anyone would be criticizing the signing. Experience, pedigree, specialist skills, elite character… perfect.

If you assume we have about the same money as we did last season, net £130m, we can start to see how the summer is shaping up.


-£30m Vieira

-£40m Gabriel

-£25m Tielemans

-£35m full-back coverage

That’s a pretty decent summer that covers off goals, end product in the final 3rd with coverage of Saka and Odegaard, competition for Thomas Partey, and cover for Kieran Tierney.

Then factor in we have the best keeper in MLS giving competition for Aaron Ramsdale and we have Europe’s best young centre-back dropping into the squad… well, it’s hard to argue our summer hasn’t been needle-moving.

All of the players we’ve added give us high levels of technical ability throughout the squad. We’ve added depth, we’ve added new options we didn’t have before, and all the players come with character.

The Fabio Vieira signing just gets better by the minute. I wondered what his character was like, then heard he’d been made Portugal U21 captain, which is all I need to know. He was being kept out of the Porto side earlier in the season by Luis Dias, he was told he needed to add more aggression to his game, and now he’s a much more complete player.

Did I ask someone if this skinny lad could handle the Premier League bullies? Yes I did. Then someone showed me this video.

Reading the tea leaves, I wonder if Mikel Arteta has looked at his striking options, seen that they are not the biggest of players, and decided he needs a City-like player to unlock his forward line. Fabio Vieira looks VERY much like the sort of player Pep has been pulling out of Portugal for years.

I do love that so many people have been whining to me that they don’t see the Arsenal strategy, now we’re seeing the dust settle on what this window is trying to bring, how much clearer could it be?

We’re signing hungry young players, with extreme levels of technical prowess, and this window has added goals and final product.

Is it time to stop doubting the vision of Arteta and Edu? I think so. We seem to be moving out of the banter era at great speed now, so we should all be happy.

The fixtures rolled pretty well for Arsenal as well. Is that down to me? I asked my guy with a PHD in statistics and he said 100% yes.

There is no such thing as an easy run in the Premier League, but opening against Palace, in the summer, on a fresh pitch, with all our first team players ain’t the worst. We don’t play a top 4 challenger until we meet United away in early September. The best bit of news for our horror show of an October is that Manchester City play Liverpool 3 days before we meet them at home. You won’t get a better advantage than that.

Did I like that printed who we were playing after our European games to make it easy for me? Yes I damn well did.

The Premier League matches we play immediately after the UEL group games are at home to Everton, Brentford away, Liverpool at home, Leeds United away, Nottingham Forest at home and away to Chelsea. These are all due to be moved back to the Sunday (or Monday if selected for live TV coverage).

Yes. We have two big teams after they’ve played BIG games in Europe with their first teams. Let’s hope Arteta leans into the squad so we have fresher players for those games. Can’t be having any of that Arsene Wenger mindset where he’d play Santi against Ludogorets in a game we’d win with a reserve team.

Not that I want to pump KSE too much. But they have got to the playoffs in basketball, they have won a Super Bowl, and now their hockey team is in the Stanley Cup Final. I think we need to give them some credit, they’ve gone from not giving a shit about winning, to being VERY successful. I like what they are doing at Arsenal. It takes a bit of time for truth to catch up with reality… but what is going on at Arsenal is very smart, more people are going to tune into that reality next season.

Finally, before I go, I tapped @ZachLowy, an expert on all things Portugal, for a quick download on our new signing. Check it out, subscribe to the channel, and join our Patreon if you’d like to. (Check out his excellent write-up on Fabio here).

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  1. RP7

    Vieira is going to need some time to adjust to refs in England.
    He falls down very easily (like Guen did), and the refs in England prefer a hard cunt.
    Yeah, Tielemans, and a LB are a must after the Jesus saga is over.

    “the story around the silence of the deal is that he only wanted to play for Arsenal, despite interest from a host of other clubs. Kind of knocks the idea Europa League being an impediment on the head, right?”

    Not at all. It’s an impediment to established players, but not youngsters who’ve until recently been subs in Portugal much of the time.

  2. Southern Slide Tackle

    Completely agree that would be a good transfer window, Tom. …Only adding the caveat that we lock up Saka!

    anybody have an idea who were looking at for LB/RB coverage?

  3. Tom

    “so spurs bought ndombele for 64m form lyon and then loaned him back to lyon for 2m and he played 11 games all season and now he is going back to spurs lol i love how they waste money,”

    Serge, you guys seem to never learn when it comes to Conte and Spurs do you.
    Ndombele going back is bad news for us, again.
    He’s a talent and gives them another option, especially under Conte who can get along with trouble makers in the immediate to achieve a common goal.

    Who give a shit how much money they’ve wasted on him when the top four is still the only thing that matters next season.

  4. Tom

    Weagle, yes it would be. Just not sure the funds are there to address all issues, especially seeing as we’re not selling anyone of value.

  5. WengerEagle


    Yeah we still have quite a bit of deadwood to shift on:

    Hector (27)
    Pepe (27)
    LT (26)
    AMN (24)
    Nelson (22)
    Mari (28)

    At least they aren’t in their 30s and we can maybe recoup 5-10m a piece barring Mari (less) and Pepe who I’d be hoping for closer to £15m for.

  6. Olumide

    I don’t understand the excitement about Fabio Viera.

    This is a guy that can’t get into Porto’s starting 11, but Arsenal fans are talking about how this guy should start for Arsenal.

    Some are excited he’s unknown. Well, if he’s that great, he won’t be unknown. How many of you have heard of the guy before yesterday? But today, you’re all experts about him.

    So, we signed a guy that can’t get into the Porto team for 35 million. Of course, he’s one for the future. I wonder when we’ll start buying one for now.

    How many of you said we needed an attacking midfielder (or winger). Suddenly, people are praising the deal.

    This purchase will take money away from strengthening the key areas, just like Ben White’s purchase took away from strengthening the midfield last year.

    He’s an Arsenal player, and I want him to do well. But I’ll praise Edu and Arteta after the window. This wasn’t a priority signing.

  7. WengerEagle

    ”Can someone explain why is Fabrizio Romano held in such high esteem?”

    Remember doing a bit of background on him and think he joined Sky Italy as a youngster (early 20s) and he got lucky with a couple of incredible contacts.

    He broke a few exclusive transfers behind this and built up a massive Twitter following and the rest is history. He puts out plenty of shite though and rehashes many stories broken by other ITK’s and claims as his own.

    Basically got quite lucky as did AVB living on the same apartment block as Bobby Robson as a teenager.

  8. Tom

    Weagle, your valuations don’t look too over the top but the shit Fiorentina pulled with the Torreira transfer might be a bad omen for any future sales.
    Our recent track record has made it clear we are willing to pay players to leave or give them away on a cheap just to get them off the wage bill.
    I think its just another series of loans for most players on your list.

  9. NJ Gooner


    Good piece and I am in fully agreement IF we get all these players.

    But where is the competition with/backup for Partey that you mentioned in that group? I simply don’t see it. I think we still need a Neves type. Or we are back to band-aids as soon as Partey goes down unless Sambi really develops and fills out. I love Sambi’s potential but think that we can all agree that he isn’t there yet.

    BTW, you’ve obviously settled in to the US, using terms like “Greasy Spoon” 🙂

  10. Valentin

    I did champion NDombele because I thought and still think that he extremely talented.

    People say that he is lazy and choose his game and there is some truth in that.

    But I believe that the main reason for his poor showing at Spurs has been his life style outside of the game. Because of lower intensity in Ligue 1, the lower number of games and the big mid season break players with poor life style but great talent can still thrive in Ligue 1 but come a cropper in the EPL.

    Conte will put NDombele into shape and if NDombele follows his instructions he will put his career back on track. He has a return to the French world cup team as a massive incentive. If he does not show maturity and grow up, he will have a career a la BenArfa.

    The same thing with Ousmane Dembele formerly of Barcelona. Playing console game all night with his mate, drinking sugary and energy drink before training, eating junk foot instead of food prepared by a dieticien resulted in more injuries and longer recovery time. Repeat that same behaviour at Chelsea and he won’t last very long.

  11. Tom

    Olumide, you make some good points, but I don’t think he’s a starter. Not in the PL anyways.
    From very little I saw of him he plays in Saka’s position so if he starts, it will be in cup competitions while Saka’s resting.
    He’s definitely not a game changer but looks a talent none the less.

  12. WengerEagle

    October I meant not November.

    And Jesus, just had a look at April.

    6 PL games including trips to Anfield and the Etihad and vs Chelsea at home. That will be a brutal stretch and is maybe why we are looking to beef up numbers with Vieira’s signing.

  13. raptora

    Pedro: “That’s a pretty decent summer that covers off goals, end product in the final 3rd with coverage of Saka and Odegaard, competition for Thomas Partey, and cover for Kieran Tierney.”

    Competition for Thomas Partey? Where? Tielemans? Far from it.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Confident Arsenal will do the right thing and go Vieira, Tielemans, Jesus, Zinchenko with Saliba coming home. Marquinos and Turner already in.

    Hard to see anything further than that and Zinchenko optimistic at this stage, Hickey the more likely. But no question we need cover for Tierney.

    I’d really like more goals, so hoping for another surprise, surely Orny will tweet out tomorrow Gnabry in.

  15. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Goal in Brazil claim Arsenal have formalised a €50m (£43m) offer for Jesus, and the player’s camp are putting pressure on City to accept”

    appareantly includes add ons so not that terrible considering the market for strikers this summer.

    Not my first choice but I’m not mad at that.

    As long as we get Xhaka out of the starting XI I’m happy with whatever else happens.

  16. Pedro

    Sal, think the Zinchenko dream is a dead one… but I do think £35m gets you something nice and we need a very competitive left-back considering KTs injuries.

  17. salparadisenyc

    And like a clock Ornstein tweeting out Lisandro Martinez bid rejected by Ajax, Arsenal going back in.
    Another CB?

    Its summer of Madness lads, strap in.

  18. Andy


    if you watch the footage of vieira he seems like an ideal fit for the left sided number 8 with ode on the other side and partey behind. he is also versatile so can play as a ten or on either wing. his numbers are also very encouraging. literally the top guy across all leagues ranked on goals/assists/through balls per 90 – that’s exciting for a young player.

    check out pedro’s chat with zach lowy who seems to know a thing or two about portuguese football.

    if we can bring in jesus and tielemans then we have a number of players in front six who can do a good job across multiple positions. this fits exactly with the kind of squad arteta is trying to build and along the lines of what city have built under pep, but with a much lower average age. that looks like a good plan to me considering we can’t compete financially with the clubs who have bottomless pits of cash and don’t care about balancing the books.

  19. Le Sauce

    🚨 Arsenal defensive priority this window is Lisandro Martinez. Wanted for ability to play LCB / LB + 24yo Argentina international said to be keen. Sources indicate ~€30m bid already rejected by #Ajax but #AFC will keep pushing. That & more @TheAthleticUK

    Make of that what you will!

  20. Roaaary

    I remember watching Tielemens Champions League debut against arsenal.
    He was 17 playing DM and I thought we would abuse him.
    Infact, he was the best player on the pitch. An absolute beast snapping into challenges. I wanted us to sign him since then.
    I think this is a very shrewd signing and believe he will rotate with xhaka and Partey

  21. Marko

    Arsenal defensive priority this window is Lisandro Martinez. Wanted for ability to play LCB / LB + 24yo Argentina international said to be keen. Sources indicate ~€30m bid already rejected by #Ajax but #AFC will keep pushing. That & more

    Actually really like him can also play DM too

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal appear to have reached an agreement for Nketiah to sign a new 5 year contract. That follows last year’s contract with Balogun who employs the same agent.

    That should be good news for Arsenal’s contract negotiations with Saka. Hopefully he will also sign a 5 year contract as well.

    Arsenal’s decision t o recruit young players will pay dividends for the club, because talented
    players in the 19-22 age range will choose Arsenal as a future destination in preference to
    many of the other so-called elite clubs.

    My guess is that from season 2023-4 onwards Arsenal will be in the position to be far more
    selective in their recruitment than has been the case in last two years. We will be in a position to focus on replacing one or two players each season rather than the 5-6.

  23. azed

    And like a clock Ornstein tweeting out Lisandro Martinez bid rejected by Ajax, Arsenal going back in.
    Another CB?

    Arteta sure likes to splurge on defenders.

    That’s how many in 3 years?

  24. salparadisenyc


    Watched a bit of Ten Hag Ajax this season, Martinez always played left side center back but shifted a coupled times into a holding mid roll with Gravenberch or Kudus going out. Fits the profile, young quality with versatility.

    Get in son we need you.

  25. AFC Forever


    “…if we can bring in jesus and tielemans then we have a number of players in front six who can do a good job across multiple positions. this fits exactly with the kind of squad arteta is trying to build and along the lines of what city have built under pep, but with a much lower average age”

    You nailed it. Exactly what I said at 13:35 on the previous thread. I pointed out that football has changed but some fans still obsess on positions. I explained this earlier I explaining how City players interchange with examples. To play that way you need technical players at a level above the fringe players we have. It’s a blueprint, a plan and it’s great to see..

  26. TheLegendaryDB10

    I do love that so many people have been whining to me that they don’t see the Arsenal strategy,

    Lolz … that was a bit my post yesterday!!!

    Now, I have to say I am pretty happy with what we have done so far and I am.

    Really liking the look of Fabio with that video. He looks like someone who will want to push forward to make something happen. That cross for the goal in.tne video shows a clear idea of what he can do. If he can do that vs ‘pool of piss, then I can’t see why he can’t do that vs any other PL teams.

    And I won’t sniff at having Tielemans. He has always been good when playing for Belgium. And his PL proven so a huge asset to have!

  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    Martinez a bit short for a CB (178 cm) maybe more likely as a starting LB? Tierney just can’t be relied on unfortunately, he would be one hell of a backup player though.

    Some versatility is never bad, can fill in for Gabriel at lcb or at dm in a pinch.

  28. TheLegendaryDB10


    And now we’re in for Lisandro. Crikey, if we get him wrapped up ASAP then this will be a radical change in how we have been doing business since these previous 10 yrs (I am kinda excluding last year as we got who we wanted albeit not doing it quickly enough).

    This is looking really good.

  29. WengerEagle

    It looks like he played LCB this season for Ajax. Pretty sure he has played CDM for them though and you have to assume that is the plan as we already have loads of CBs.

  30. Habesha Gooner

    Lisandro Martinez has played as a CDM for Ajax. But primarily he is a CB. And he can play left back too. He would be a very capable player at LB. He would also be defensive so it would e a nice balance if Cedric on the other side. That would be more balanced than having Tavarez and Cedric at the same time.

    The rumors are that we still want Jesus, Martinez, Tielemans and Raphinha. Added with new contracts to Martinelli, Gabriel, Saka and Nketiah, this would be a 10/10 window. We would only have to recruit a few players after this summer. No more signing 5 or 6 players every summer window.

    6 top players in and sell the dead wood. I am all for that.

  31. Wicked Willy

    I’ve been banging the drum for an LCB…was hoping would be Ndicka, but the stats and the youtube flash scouting suggest little Lisandro is quite tasty!

  32. AFC Forever


    You did. He’s a centre back but Ten Haag used him as a CM/DM you probably saw the same games as me! He’s a baller, which is why the links may have been made because that fits the profile. . I used to enjoy watching Ajax play under Ten Haag.

  33. bacaryisgod

    If the Lisandro deal goes through, we would now have the following available at CB for Arsenal ; White, Gabriel, Holding, Saliba, Martinez and possibly Trusty, although he might go on loan.

    With Saliba and White right-footed and Gabriel and Martinez left-footed, what possibility is there that we sell Holding?

    Martinez might also be cover at LB but to the best of my knowledge, he’s only played there in a back three and at CB in a back four.

  34. TheLegendaryDB10

    The only caveat for me to all this is: Arteta now has to also show he can step up another level.

    I mean it took him 3 years to figure out that rotation is extremely important which is worrying. I have a feeling he went Man C levels of selection and decided that those he didn’t rate wouldn’t play.

    And he needs to learn how to adapt to what is going on on the pitch. No more dreaming up some Football Manager strategy and believing that it will pan out as dreamed up. This always seemed to be the case the moment we conceded early. The moment that the plan didn’t go accordingly, no one knew what to do.

  35. azed

    Le Sauce

    I guess you didn’t know left backs are also defenders.

    May be football isn’t the sport for you.

  36. WengerEagle

    I hope this isn’t the LB signing though because he is a LCB like Ben White wasn’t the answer as a RB even though he is a decent RCB.

    Martinez can cover CB and CDM so he is an astute signing. I still think we need a LB that can offer an attacking threat down the flank though.

  37. Habesha Gooner

    Looks like the Kroenkes are going all out this summer on Project Arteta though. We have literally zero excuses left not to finish in the top 4 if these players sign. The only issues in the squad would be CDM and RB, both backups.

    And you can choose to play white as a RB if you don’t trust Cedric. You can play Sambi and Martinez as DMs if you have problems with Partey. Even Cedric can cover for Tierney on the left. Martinelli can cover the CF position. We literally would have so many options. Saka and Raphinha alternating to Smash teams. Xhaka, Viera, Tielemans at CM.

    Winning the Europa League would be a genuine target because of our squad options if all these players happen. I am getting excited.

  38. Habesha Gooner

    He isn’t signing to play LCB. He is the guarantee to Tierney. We won’t be signing more than one defender this summer. Martinez would be a defensive fullback but we won’t be exposed and we would try and win through our attacking midfielders who are all gifted. A solid defense and an attacking midfield full of talent. I am all for that.

  39. Andy

    @AFC Forever

    couldn’t agree with you more. also, with extra games in europe this gives us plenty of scope for rotation. we will have a squad full of excellent young technicians who will only improve as the “automatic” becomes natural. makes us very unpredictable for opposition. even without an “out and out” striker i think these additions and continued improvement will see us score a lot more next season.

  40. WengerEagle

    Yeah maybe Habesha and who knows maybe he will provide attacking threat although I am not a fan of CBs being converted to FBs, rarely works well.

    Very out of the blue signing but I like it, he’s a very good player.

  41. Habesha Gooner

    To be honest Tomiyasu is more of a CB than a RB. And he has played very well for us. There aren’t a lot of players who can pull it off. But Martinez plays the CDM role very well too. So I am hoping he can translate that to LB.

    I live players who do their job first if they do it really well. I was a massive fan of Sagna. I don’t mind a defensive fullback as long as he does it very well.

    Cesar Azpilicueta was a nightmare to play against for nearly a decade.

    Tierney will have more licence in the coming season. And he can attack if he isn’t playing too defensively. And I have no problems with Martinez being a Solid no nonsense backup.

  42. Mr Serge

    It’s the end of holding if we get Martinez

    That would be a dream window

  43. Almuniasaynomore


    Man city fans have signed a new one year contract agreeing to support the club after having been strongly linked with a move to Newcastle. It is believed Newcastle have now turned their attention to Chelsea fans and are awaiting a response.

  44. Un

    Pedro. That Barnet is a bit severe isn’t it? Most people get a motorbike or a sports car when they go through their crisis

  45. Un

    So what we are going is exactly what I’ve been saying we should be doing- adding technical quality and vision. Exactly what this team needs

  46. englandsbest

    Never really doubted success of the long-term project because it made sense, the only way for a football Club like Arsenal to be elite AND self-sustaining. Off-hand the only one I can think of, currently, is B.Munich.

    Ultimately though, it all depends on the owners – if they reclaimed what they are owed by the Club it would be well and truly in the red. Josh won’t do that, of course, he has pinned his flag to the AFC mast. For winning US team sports trophies and titles hardly counts a thing in the rest of the world, whereas top European titles and trophies count for everything.

    Which is why billions are paid for and/or spent on football clubs – for glory, not profit (bar the Glazers)

  47. WengerEagle


    I’m just glad we are taking advantage of the talent over at Ajax. Their defence was absurdly good this season (at one stage they had conceded 4 goals in the league deep into the Spring) and Martinez was a mainstay in it.

    Also love his versatility. Kudos if we can pull this one off.

  48. Le Sauce

    Fábio Vieira signs with Arsenal until June 2027 after medical tests now successfully completed. Done and sealed. 🇵🇹🤝 #AFC

    Arsenal are also set to announce Nketiah new deal, Tielemans talks still ongoing – but no official bid yet. Busy days on many negotiations for Edu.

  49. AFC Forever


    “ couldn’t agree with you more. also, with extra games in europe this gives us plenty of scope for rotation. we will have a squad full of excellent young technicians who will only improve as the “automatic” becomes natural.”

    Absolutely. If you’re relying on fringe players to cover absences you have a problem.As we found out. Players like Elneny do a job but that is all they do. It cost us last season, the squad wasn’t deep enough & we didn’t have enough of these technical players. Compromise football is a fragmented system that fails, link a broken link in a chain. The profiling of players is key to achieve fluid interchange and the ability to rotate almost seamlessly. It started last summer so we could move quicker from the back but it was just the start. Which explains the missing pieces & the profile of player we are seeing.

  50. Le Sauce

    Every footballing fan who has watched Arsenal for the past two seasons know that we need a LB cover, the guy is alos a good cover at CDM so quit the semantics with the “left back is a defender” wordplay. There are plenty of sticks to beat Arteta with, this isn’t one of them.

  51. Le Sauce


    Exactly the point everyone is making, Martinez is a very good and versatile player although it remains to be seen how well he fits into Artetas plans for next season but these are the type of signings that indicates were adding good technical players who are versatile and can fill in a couple of positions so the Tierney-Partey injury combo doesn’t derail next season

  52. FB

    Anyone else still here from the very early Le Grove days, when some of us met up on Blackstock Road with Pedro’s Old Man Geoff? Can’t remember the name of the place, but a couple of doors up from The Arsenal Tavern?

  53. Vintage Gun

    I think We are after Lisandro Martinez due to his versatility and tenacity. I watched Ajax a bit last season (mainly due to Gravenberch) and Martinez has that Latin street fight spirit about him.

    I didn’t catch a game where he played LB though so can’t comment on how he would fare there. One thing i do know is that he’s very comfy on the ball and pushes into the midfield well.

    I think he’s coming in for competition at LCB and LB mainly. Whilst also possessing the capacity to play at DM if needed.

    If he’s coming in solely as a CB then i would assume Gabriel or Saliba will be sold..

  54. TR7

    Youri Tielemans is another name high on Arsenal’s list but that is a more nuanced situation. It is likely to depend on other movement in central midfield. If there was a deal to be done for Granit Xhaka, it would open the door wider for Tielemans (£25m fee). [@TheAthleticUK]

    If Xhaka goes it will be the biggest news of Arsenal transfer window.

  55. Vintage Gun

    “The Athletic reporting that deals for Tielemans and Raphinha depends on Xhaka and Pepe exits. Can anyone see Xhaka leaving, I can’t?”

    I can see that being the case regarding Pepe, but not with Xhaka due to the fact that we’ve been in talks with Tielemans people since at least January and Arteta will know for sure whether Xhaka is staying or going due to their brotherly relationship.

  56. raptora

    How am I sure of it?
    I don’t know where he’s going to play but I have been watching him closely since he broke into Porto reserves 7 years ago.

  57. DivineSherlock


    There is always someone better , stop criticizing every Arsenal move . Loving the new and improved Arsenal Football Club . Get in those bodies !

  58. Crimson

    Spend all your time waiting
    For that second chance
    For a break that would make it okay
    There’s always some reason
    To feel not good enough
    And it’s hard at the end of the day
    I need some distraction
    Oh a beautiful release
    Memories seep from my veins
    Let me be empty
    Oh and weightless and maybe
    I’ll find some peace tonight
    In the arms of the angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear
    You are pulled from the wreckage
    Of your silent reverie
    You’re in the arms of the angel
    May you find some comfort here

  59. WengerEagle

    I would be amazed if Gabriel is sold, he seems to be a favourite of Arteta’s and he was brought in by Edu/Arteta after all.

    Plus we will need Gabriel and Saliba to pair with either White or Martinez if LM is played as a CB because laugh all you want but having x2 CBs below 6″0 in the PL as a pair would be a bad move.

  60. Le Sauce

    Divine Sherlock

    Amen to that. Almost everyone was complaining of no activity 48 hours ago, we begin to see serious moves being made and we have some still critizing especially when the Transfer window just open. Some on here can start a fight in an empty room, never satisfied!

  61. WengerEagle

    We have a strong rotation of x4 CBs with LM as a signing and a good mix in having both a RCB and LCB ball-playing defender and having a RCB and LCB with height, power and athleticism to pair with them.

    Plus LM is well capable of slotting into CDM.

  62. Le Sauce


    Arteta and Edu aren’t dumb Enough to sell Gabriel especially in this current TW. He was one of our highest goalscorers last season, still young and has settled in nicely. Had a weak ending to last season but for me he’s a mainstay in the defence

  63. Le Sauce

    LM was player of the season In the same season where Mazraoui,Anthony,Gravenbech, etc all excelled… it’s a no brainer. These are players that will still be useful even after Arteta

  64. AFC Forever

    Le Sauce, very true. That’s the benefit with young players, they aren’t sitting on their last contracts. They perform and they’re here for the long term developing together. That’s important because it avoids the constant rebuilds. .

  65. HerbsArmy

    If Vieira Mk II has anywhere near the same impact as the original, Arteta will have pulled off quite a coup.
    Here’s to the lad enjoying many happy successful years here at The Arsenal.

  66. Habesha Gooner

    If we don’t get Tielemans then we have screwed up. Xhaka as a starter for another season while we spend 30 mil on this viera kid would be a stupid mismanagement of money. We need a better starting XI. I hope he leaves and we get Tielemans. That is a necessity signing for me. Then this Viera signing would make more sense.

    But Xhaka going would make things clear on this viera kid to be honest. Because we would have had at least 3 players in every position and 3 in DM if he did stay and we sign Tielemans. That is too many players that need to be kept happy. But if he left our midfield options would be clear. And I would understand why we would sell pepe and get Raphinha too.

    DM Partey/ Sambi/Elneny
    CM Tielemans/Viera/Sambi
    CM/CAM Odegaard/Viera/ESR
    LW Martinelli/ESR
    RW Saka/Raphinha

    Now that would make a lot of sense. If Xhaka was ther le it would be 7 players for 3 midfield positions.

    I hope a German club comes in for him. Because we would be stupid to go with him again. 8 to 10 mil and that would be good.

  67. InsideRight

    TR7 – “If Xhaka goes it will be the biggest news of Arsenal transfer window.”

    If Xhaka goes it will be the best news of Arsenal’s transfer window.

  68. Dream10

    Habesha Goober

    According to a reputable Leicester covering journo, Tielemans may be off the menu. Your concern is Xhaka being in the XI on a weekly basis. My major concern is Lokonga playing major minutes when the inevitable Partey occurs.

  69. Leftside

    Honestly, don’t get your hopes up on Xhaka leaving. If Viera is the only midfield addition then this football club are even dumber and more stubborn than I thought.

  70. InsideRight

    If it’s accurate that we are still in for Tielemens, then chances are Xhaka will be off back to Germany. Even Arteta can’t be blind to his limitations now. He’s a drag on the team.

  71. WengerEagle

    You seem to rate Sambi pretty highly Habesha, is that based on anything more than hope that he massively improves next season?

    I think he needs a loan and isn’t ready myself.

  72. Un


    Loved your point earlier on clever flair players and something I too yearn for the return of rather than the modern function/athleticism based footballer, couple with the rise of the generation of micro managers (pep, klopp, tets, conte, tuchel and so on.)

  73. WengerEagle

    If we get in Martinez then we have x3 of our 4 CMs that can play in the double-pivot in Partey, Martinez, Elneny (back-up). Still have room to sign a Tielemans or whoever.

    I would hope that we are moving on Xhaka but he has been a personal favourite of Arteta’s so have a bad feeling on that one.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    Dream 10
    I think we can get by if our other midfielders are good with Sambi and Elneny as holding midfielders.

    Say for example Partey was injured and we had a Sambi/Elneny, Tielemans, Odegaard midfield, it will still smash most teams because we would be an offensive juggernaut.

    But If Xhaka stays and we don’t sign another midfielder then we are playing Partey and Xhaka with few appearances from Viera the whole season. And if Partey gets injured then it will be a midfield of Xhaka and Elneny/Sambi. That is the midfield that let us down last season. We would be stupid to do that again.

    The Tielemans deal should have been the first in the door. Then we should have waited to sign this viera kid if Xhaka goes. That would have been the order to do it if it was 1 out and 2 in type of situation. We need the more established CM more than this kid.

  75. Leftside

    Un that is what I have seen online, nothing miserable about it. Although it makes no sense, Tielemans and Viera are two different player profiles, and even if we don’t go for Tielemans I’d expect at least one central midfielder to come in.

  76. Naija+soccer


    “If Vieira Mk II has anywhere near the same impact as the original, Arteta will have pulled off quite a coup”

    Be interesting to see a Vieira replacing a Vieira.

  77. Habesha Gooner

    I do rate Sambi highly. Players need rythm. And when he played regularly in the first half of the season he was playing very well. Xhaka was injured and Sambi did very well in his absence. And Xhaka came back and he was benched. And not only that, after Partey got injured he played as a lone 6 next to Patino at forest. And after that he had to play with Xhaka in those three games we lost.

    I like Sambi because of the potential I saw during those games. He barely had 5 starts in the second half of the season. And that is why people are judging him harshly. There is a verticality to his game. And some of the cross field passes he was playing were amazing. That alone tells me he will become a good midfielder. I am not expecting him to be a starter. But he will be a very good squad player over the next few seasons. You can quote me on it next season.

  78. Naija+soccer


    Sambi was good at the beginning of the season. Played well. Then got benched for months after doing so well initially. Playing second fiddle to Xhaka for months can be draining I m sure.

  79. Habesha Gooner

    I know YouTube reels make everyone look decent but check out this video. The dropped shoulders, the cross field passes, the passes in between the lines are what Sambi is good at and why he will be a very good player for us. But he isn’t ready to be a 6 with out someone holding his hand yet. May be with some more coaching he could do it next season. Elneny is there to be a guarantee if he can’t do it as a 6 though.

  80. Naija+soccer


    I agree that the transfer window will only be successful if we get rid of Xhaka. We must replace Granite ‘Key master’ Xhaka for us to arrive at the promised land.

    Buying all these cool players and keeping Xhaka is like buying a new car and pumping the wrong oil(diesel) in it.

  81. Un

    I agree with both eagle and habesha
    I don’t see it with Lakonga. He’s 22/23 now but players do need rhythm and time to settle and adjust. This is so often overlooked with signings and young players.

    I’m a little concerned that ESR might be getting squeezed out here though. I hope not.
    Would Arteta really use two left footed attacking 8s over a right and a left?

  82. Un

    I think we are definitely going to see us move more towards a 433 this season though. Maybe he has big plans for ESR as a wide forward/attacking 8 in this formation. He’s more effective than martinelli at the business end
    I do feel that if Tierney didn’t get injured we’d have seen more of ESR on the left but martinelli was preferred over his work rate to cover for Tavares
    It will be interesting to see what he does with all these options this year

  83. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly I am resigned to Xhaka staying forever. I have been screaming for it for 4 years and it didn’t happen. And finally he had a very good season for us by his standards. But I didn’t think it would stop us from signing an upgrade like Tielemans and sign a kid instead.

    I don’t care if he leaves or not. I don’t mind if he is a squad option. But what will annoy me is if we somehow sign a 22 year old attacking midfielder from the portugese league and we fail to address the upgrade on Xhaka. That would be peak Arsenal. I hope he leaves and we have Tielemans, Partey and Elneny as the more experienced options along with Viera, Sambi and Odegaard as the younger options.

  84. MidwestGun

    So I agree with Habesha that until the last member of the axis of evil is gone..Mr Xhaka. The team can not move on and neither can the fans. He is the last link to the Banter years Arsenal. If we sign all the players we are linked to solidly.. and Xhaka moves on.. it would be the summer I was looking for.. however unlike Habesha I am not optimistic.. about it happening. He seems to have convinced Arteta and some of the fans once again his tactical weaknesses aren’t that bad and he brings leadership. After years and years and some tears I just don’t see it especially after his its not me its you.. interview. On a positive note I am liking the types of players we are linked to.

  85. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly Arteta doesn’t make it easy on himself. I like this Viera kid. But this is trying to be too smart instead of the right option. If we somehow fail because this kid is inexperienced and we should have had a better CM then it will all be on Arteta. Xhaka has some how convinced him that he is better than anyone on the market and that is baffling. I hope this article isn’t true. But if it is then we are screwed.

  86. azed

    Le Sauce

    How is “Arteta loves to splurge on defenders” a negative comment?

    It’s a fact that more than half of Arteta’s signing are defenders and he’s yet to actually signs striker since he took over.

  87. Berg10kamp

    Pretty decent signing, good competition for odegaard and can provide wing cover. Doesn’t mean he didn’t play for Porto that much he is not good, let’s give him a chance and see. The past few signings have not been disappointing and these guys seem to know what they doing.

  88. Berg10kamp

    Geeewiz he signed defenders cos we needed defenders. He also signed midfielders and didn’t sign strikers cos we had eddie, auba, laca and martinelli.

  89. Thierry Martinelli

    Xhaka will stay coz Arteta loves him in his team. And I still doubt we’ll be able to land Jesus.

  90. Nigel Tufnel

    My fav comments of the week, by
    FB and Mr. Serge….

    FB June 17, 2022
    “Dame Vieira Out, Fab Vieira InA lovely few days to be reading LeGrove

    ….and his best mate killjoy.”

    This legrove culture change is similar compared to that in the Arsenal team..

    Huge improvement.

  91. azed

    Geeewiz he signed defenders cos we needed defenders. He also signed midfielders and didn’t sign strikers cos we had eddie, auba, laca and martinelli

    Funny how we’ve had problems scoring goals the last two years.

  92. Naija+soccer

    Other teams are staying clear of him for some reason Chelsea, Liverpool,Spurs have all bought new midfielders in the last 3 years and none of them bothered to check out Leicester first.

  93. Pedro

    Lol leftside, not surprising that you can find misery when 99% of the fan base is pumped. What a way to be about your football club. Always looking for the worst.

  94. China1

    The weird thing is people seem to say Vieira isn’t that quick

    In the YouTube clips he looks very quick. Great bursts of acceleration.

    Not sure why people think he’s not quick.

    We’ll see how he does ofc but on paper I like what I see with this player

  95. China1

    Ofc xhaka survives the window

    He said himself he will leave when he decides and he doesn’t want to leave. He just signed a new contract last season. And arteta thinks he’s an elite player.

    The odds of xhaka still being in the starting 11 for the first game of the season are imo 80%

    Would absolutely love to be proved wrong on that but I just don’t see it

  96. Naija+soccer

    What I m loving about this Fabio Vieira kid is that he’s a stats machine. Reminds me of Debruyne and first season Bruno Fernandes like that.

    Oh and for those complaining about him not having enough starts, you are missing the fact that he has more goals/assists than he does starts.