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Oh, you want to know what I’m talking about?

David Ornstein and Fabrizio Romano and a bunch of Portuguese journos are saying that we are in for attacking midfielder Fabio Vieira.

Talk about classic early 2000s Arsenal WOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM transfer news.

The player is 5ft7, he seems to play all across the midfield, his end delivery is most excellent, the player racked up 14 assists last season. Vieira also fits the mould from a profile perspective, he’s 22 years old, he’s made 76 apps for the Portuguese giants, and I suspect he has VERY good character. Dare I say he has a bit of the Santi’s in tight spaces?


Porto season ticket holder and Arsenal fan @ruipbcribeiro had this say after I commented on my expertise of the players after watching 12 minutes of Youtube videos.

A lot of the players videos show off his ability to break play from deep with accurate long balls and some of his final 3rd work looked very Tielemans/Xhaka-ish. But, apparently, he’s more of a second striker and an attacking midfielder.

Do I know how he fits into this Arsenal starting 11? No. But I’m sure there’s a cunning plan. He’s very good in tight spots, control seems to be a key component of his game, and his final ball looks really, really sharp.

I didn’t expect this sort of signing, but he does check the box of ‘better end product’ that we need. Arsenal has to find more goals next season, this guy might help us get there. 7 goals isn’t the greatest in Portugal but combined with 16 assists, it shows where things couldn’t be going for someone very young.

What is very interesting is no one picked up on this deal. Arsenal don’t have the biggest wallet, so they have to make their moves in silence, if we pull this off, it’ll be quite something because none of the big journos had a clue.

There are some other stories doing the rounds, the Italian journos who called the Vlahovic bid are saying we’re looking at Oshimen for £80m, some German folk are saying Nkunku for £100m (lol), and The Times are reporting that we’re frontrunners for Gabi Jesus and that deal will be done.

One day after crying like babies on the Patreon Podcast, we’re out here perking up and puffing out our chests?

A good day. Why don’t YOU tell ME how you think this transfers works for our squad?

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  1. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger eagle
    9 games is small but he played on the left 16 times as a starter and he scores 7 and provided 3 from there. 16 games is still a small sample size but he was much better there than in central midfield. I think he can be whatever he wants to be. If he focuses he can play to a much higher level from out wide too.

  2. Pedro

    salparadisenyc, totally agree there. The idea that we’re adding a backup at that price is a non-starter.

  3. raptora

    I mean the last 2 U21 Euro player of the tournament winners were Ceballos and Fabian Ruiz. Ceballos didn’t quite turn out the real deal did he… I like Ruiz though. Before that some quality but also the likes of William Carvalho, Marcus Berg, Royston Drenthe, Gilardino etc. Clearly at 21 most of the best players are already in the senior team even if their countries are stacked like Saka and Martinelli for example.

  4. WengerEagle


    Maybe, I am unconvinced but I rate ESR very highly so even him at LM not at the peak of his powers is still a very good player.

    Where do you see Vieira slotting in? He’ll undoubtedly start for such a sum of money you’d imagine.

  5. raptora

    0 starts in 6 Champions League games
    2 starts in 4 Europa League games
    15 starts in 34 Portugal League games
    2 starts in 7 Portugal Cup games

    19 starts in 51 games

    Just how incredibly stacked is this Porto team if they are selling a squad player for 35m+.

  6. WengerEagle

    Bit harsh that Raptora.

    Porto are by far the best team in Portugal so yes they are stacked against such a weak field. They barely missed a beat and marched on to the title even selling and not replacing by far their best player in Luis Diaz in January.

  7. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger eagle
    I honestly see Xhaka moving on either this window or in January. And we will move to a 433 midfield. Viera, Odegaard, Tielemans and ESR from time to time will fill those 2 positions ahead of the DM. Partey will sit. I don’t know if Sambi is the answer at 6 right now though. That may be why we extended Elneny. So that Sambi can acclimatize and be that No 6. It is all guessing but this is what it seems like to me.

  8. raptora

    Just the fact that Martinelli got 26 starts this season, as many as Vieira has had in his entire senior career and he is a year older playing in the Portugal league. It’s kind of weird imo. He looks a good player though.

  9. WengerEagle

    He looks very good in that comp vs Liverpool.

    Bit tentative in taking on players though and never uses his right foot, I’d hope he can improve that.

    Has a lovely gliding movement with terrific feet and close control. Wand of a left foot goes without saying. But quicker than Odegaard for sure.

  10. WengerEagle

    I don’t think it’s that strange. He is 22 and likely will breakout next season given his massively ramped up production this past season.

    Diaz had his breakout season at 24/25.

  11. raptora

    Although, I’ve been asking for top class youngsters that we can get for around 30m and develop them into top class players. Fabio fits the bill alright. Maybe a bit of a late bloomer I reckon. Just thought in ESR we already have the AM for our team that can develop into world class.

  12. Wicked Willy


    You seem determined to look for problems. I said I was content because he fulfilled the 4 criteria. I believe Ceballos only fulfilled criteria 4 from memory.

    Anyway, judging by that list we have a 50% chance of landing ourselves an almighty legend. I’ll take those odds!

  13. WengerEagle

    Ozil was no use with his right foot and David Silva wasn’t great with his either so it’s not a deal-breaker but it does baffle me how so many of these elite pros cannot use their weak foot effectively.

    Just seems a bizarre thing to overlook in all of those hours spent on the training ground.

  14. raptora

    Is it a common practice for Porto to play many different players so they can develop multiple prospects at the same time and buying teams can have a larger pool to shop from? Might be the case looking at Luis Diaz who also didn’t have many minutes played for Porto in the 2 seasons before this one. This one though he had 26 starts in 30 games.

  15. Vintage Gun

    “Clearly at 21 most of the best players are already in the senior team even if their countries are stacked like Saka and Martinelli for example.”

    I get what your trying to say but it depends on factors such as how strong the player in questions national team is in the position which they play etc.

    For example, Nkunku who’s being banded about at figures up to £80m and had 50 G/A this season made his France debut at 24.

  16. raptora

    true but it feels like it’s less common than top talents being noticed from a young age. Just look at the likes of Tchou, Camavinga, Mbappe, Vinicius, Gavi, Pedri even our boy Saliba, Cesc was obviously an insane player at 17 already.

    And France and Spain are gigantic football powers. Portugal less so.

    I love the profile, there isn’t much not to like. I hope he’s the real deal as he looks very talented.

  17. raptora

    I wonder if this is Arteta admitting that Odegaard is not providing enough penetration in attack – something that both the eye test and the stat speak about, and either bring him in CM or if Vieira and Ode will rotate.

  18. Tom

    WEagle, part of it is that demands to deliver the killer pass are so great nowadays most players who are decent with their weaker foot still shift onto their stronger one.
    Just listen to the PL crowd groan at every misplaced pass and you’ll get an idea how intimidating an environment it has become.
    Santi C was a freak.
    The only player I’ve ever watched over a 90 minute who took as many touches with both feet regardless of circumstances.

  19. EdTheREd

    So ATM we seem to have signed yet another talented midfielder capable of putting excellent crosses into a box – to whom exactly?

  20. raptora

    Habesha: “16 games is still a small sample size but he was much better there than in central midfield.”

    What needs to be added is that ESR might have played on the wings because that’s where the coach told him to play, but 9 of his 11 goals were scored from a central position, and when I say central I mean very central. The type of goals that he could score with ease playing as AM. He naturally moves towards the center of the pitch because he doesn’t have the game to be a standard type of winger and every time he’s dangerous he’s basically moved from the wing to become AM. Why not let him do that from the get go I’ve no clue.

  21. Tom

    Fabio Vieira looks a real good player from the few available highlight clips that I’ve seen.
    But having participated in celebrating Pepe’s signing based solely on some of his highlight reels, Im gonna contain myself until the rubber meets the actual road this time around.

  22. Arsnil

    Look forward to him producing the goods. However I think that we are crying out more for a Vieira Mark 1 type. A stong hard running player who can control the middle of the field properly. We need this and an equally imposing centre forward. So nice signing but ….

  23. Habesha Gooner

    Watch ESR’s goals. He might have scored them from a central position but he scored most of them drifting in from the wings. He goes undetected from the wings to a central position and he scores these goals. If he was playing Centrally may be he doesn’t get that space. I previously also thought he would be better centrally but last season it wasn’t the case. He can develop like a rope wide midfielder like Nasri, Arshavin (for a while), and like Grealish if he wants to.

  24. Habesha Gooner

    He is easily my favorite player of the last 10 years. Rosicky comes close but no one else made me enjoy football more than Santi. He could have been spoken about in the same vein as iniesta if we had a team capable of winning back then. He was just as good as anyone.

  25. raptora


    Look how many starts he has as AM. I’ve checked it already – 2 in our first 2 games when we were heavily outplayed by Brentford and Chelsea, Odegaard there wouldn’t have helped probably just the opposite.

    Since the first 2 rounds he got a total of 0 starts there and 4 starts in CM next to Odegaard which isn’t really playing the AM as shown on transfermarkt.

    2 starts at AM and you say he did better on the wings lol.

  26. salparadisenyc

    Agree with Raptora here much to like about this kid, stats, clips are boss. Particulary loving how nobody saw it coming, has a real seize the opportunity to it. Financially one just hopes we’ve got enough to spread but thats not remotely my job.

    Also backing up my agenda that this window really has the vibe of 2013, going for high quality yet maybe not getting what we actually need.

  27. Dissenter

    I love this transfer policy that seeks out high ceiling-massive potential players just as they are about to visit out..
    The problem is that we are paying way too much for these players.
    At least we didn’t pay the release clause

  28. Dissenter

    I love this transfer policy that seeks out high ceiling-massive potential players just as they are about to burst out..

  29. Vintage Gun

    Santi> Santa.

    I hope we give him a send off during our last home pre season match this summer in front of a full house. He more than deserves it.

    Santi was my boy. Official baller

  30. Ishola70

    “I love this transfer policy that seeks out high ceiling-massive potential players just as they are about to burst out..”

    Well let’s get top four first.

    Then we can start loving it.

  31. Matt

    I would be gutted if this signing means we see even less of ESR, who I think could be a phenomenal player for us. I think he has a higher ceiling than even Saka.

  32. Tom

    Santi for me was probably the PL’s best dribbler ever.
    Any you tube compilation of his will include a play of him mugging off three defenders from teams like City , Chelsea and United, and leaving them for dead and completely embarrassed.
    He was a genius.

  33. salparadisenyc


    Biggest question for me with this signing is ESR, all questions with no answers. This biggest being where and how will Arteta harness that talent.

  34. Matt


    Absolutely. I don’t think anyone saw this signing coming and whilst more creativity and goals will be more than welcomed, I cant see how ESR doesn’t become a casualty of this situation.

  35. Naija+soccer

    I like that 433 formation with Xhaka partey Odegaard. In that spell before Partey went injured, we were creating Man City/Liverpool like numbers in terms of chance created and Shots/Shots on target, completely dominating the opponent and playing well.

    This kid Fabio Vieira looks like he can replace Xhaka in the 433 and we can play even better. Lets hope ESR is involved in all these somehow coz he’s some player in the making too.

  36. Mr Serge

    Is £50m a lot for Jesus considering he is free next season ? I am getting pelters from mates who are pool fans about it

    I think it’s a good signing if we get him
    Strikers are bloody expensive and he has 4 premier League medals
    I actually think they don’t want us to get him as they hate Arsenal

  37. Habesha Gooner

    I have read that Arteta has said he wants 23 players. So I counted. Assuming we will sign Tielemans, Jesus, Raphinha, Viera, Hickey and Turner.
    GK Ramsdale, Turner
    RB Tomi, Cedric
    CB White, Saliba
    CB Gabriel, Holding
    LB Tierney, Hickey
    DM, Partey, Elneny, Sambi
    CM, Tielemans, Xhaka
    CM/CAM Odegaard, Viera
    RW Saka, Raphinha
    LW, ESR, Martinelli
    CF Jesus, Eddie.

    That makes 23 players. He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted 23. If things go well this summer with our new signings, we would potentially look at CM, DM, RB backups to strengthen next summer. If we pull all these deals then we will have a deep squad.

  38. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    50 million is a rip off for Jesus

    A part of me wants us to walk away and sign mr nobody that no one was watching, similar to Fabio Vierra.

    City really think we are mugs

    If they are asking for 50 million for one year left, are they implying his value is 100 million plus?

  39. Habesha Gooner

    The 5 sub rule means all our players will get regular minutes next season. At least our season won’t derail because of lack of attackers. Same with defenders. Midfield though, Xhaka will be serviceable. Elneny and Sambi though will have to step up their games to handle matches where Partey isn’t available.

  40. China1

    Not gonna lie I’d never heard of him before and I don’t know what to expect but the compilation and stats are very promising because –

    He’s a very quick, technical player (we absolutely need that with our boring slow football)
    He has end product. Loads of goals and loads of assists is difficult to argue with
    His goals are almost all long range bangers. That would be EXTREMELY welcome compared with the lack of long range dynamism we have at the moment

    So I also don’t know just how good he is but he seems to be universally very highly regarded by the people who have been paying attention. The price is also not inflated.

    On paper, very good job arsenal. No idea where he’s supposed to play tho. Are we thinking of having him as a deep play
    maker and transition player? Is he an upgrade on Martinelli on the left or a general across the board option who can play anywhere so others can be rested etc.

    No idea. Looks like a nice move tho so I’m all for it.

    I’m wondering if we’re still in for Tielemans tho. Him and Tielemans both and suddenly we have ourselves a midfield with quality *and* depth for the first time in forever.

  41. Habesha Gooner

    I think we will pay £40 for Jesus. City want to sell. £50 is too much. I read from fabrizio that they wanted €55 mil euros which equates to £43 mil. I think we can negotiate it to 40 mil. He will be a good deal at that price considering all the strikers we can get now aren’t better and they will likely cost the same or more.

  42. Mr Serge

    Ornstein says Fabio plays predominantly right or left wing but can also play 10 and 8 he has great positioning and an eye for a pass

  43. WengerEagle

    £40m is pretty steep for Jesus given he is in the last year of his contract. Would have hoped we could get it closer to £30m but knowing us I doubt it.

  44. China1

    Habesha no way we’re signing all those players. If we sign Jesus and vieira I really doubt we’re also signing rafinha

    Rafinha isn’t coming to sit on the bench and if he’s in the first time Martinelli or esr are gonna move into the completely unneeded territory which seems unlikely

  45. salparadisenyc


    I won’t say as Dissenter did it’s a rip off. Jesus is fucking quality.

    But its a shed load of money for a player heading into last year of contract. Considering Liverpool just blasted essentially £100M into a Nunez, they’ve set market for strikers this summer. With each season the demand and price rising.

    Really doesn’t help that Arteta and Edu are taking us into this window loosing both our main strikers, pushes the need into a red zone of sorts, which is clearly poor planning but is being played as unavoidable. Add in fact there will likely be UCL clubs dipping in for Jesus at one stage. Well surely be over paying to get him as an early deal overpayed may be the only deal to be done there.

  46. China1

    The sun was saying yesterday our first Jesus bid was 30m and our new bid is 50m

    Dunno if it’s click bait but if that’s true it’s a joke how we jump that high so fast

  47. Dissenter

    What’s the fuss about Rafhina?
    He played in a a gung ho all attacking Bielsa team and he wasn’t all that
    There are better deals to be had than paying 55 million for Rafinha

  48. Matt

    Can’t help but feel really underwhelmed at the prospect of Jesus. His appearance/goals over the past 3 sessions


    Not amazing stats and when you consider he is playing in one of the most attacking teams in world football who create way more chances than most, the numbers look even less flattering. City have not won the trophies they have because of Jesus. In fact, stick Benteke in that team and the outcome would probably be the same.

  49. Dissenter

    I don’t think city have forgiven us for shafting them with the Alexis Sanchez signing in August 2017

    We didn’t play fair.
    Both clubs had agreed a tentative deal, personal terms were agreed and player had his medical done in Santiago Chile . City sent a private jet to pick him up from Chile…only for Wenger to flex his muscles and scuttle the deal.

    There was talk that they were thinking about suing Arsenal at the time

  50. Dissenter

    For Jesus, it really seems there’s a market of ONE

    There’s no other major club that will pay that kind of money and wages for him.
    We need to not rush the deal. Stare city in the face until they come to their senses.

  51. Naija+soccer


    Exactly adding him plus Tielemans would give our midfield the kind of quality and comfort we haven’t had in a long time. No more freaking out if one of Ode/ESR isn’t available.

    Suddenly having Elneny as back up doesn’t look like such a disaster. And there’s also Sambi to grow into that Partey role eventually. All these of course rest on us getting Tielemans too.

  52. Mr Serge

    Diss strikers are the most expensive players Liverpool just set £43m for mane and he is on his last year too and 30
    Buying Vieira will not affect the tielemans deal
    He is pepe s replacement
    I think we will sign
    And Fabio
    Reckon if we sell Pepe and xhaka we buy another player too

    Not sure if we keep LT or sell

  53. Habesha Gooner

    I am guessing the Raphinha deal will be dependent on Pepe leaving. But the others are happening.

    Jesus 40 mil
    Tielemans 30 mil
    Viera 30 mil
    Turner 7 mil
    Hickey 16 mil

    This all equates to 123 mil. Sell pepe, Leno, AMN, Torreira, Mari, Bellerin, Ballard and Nelson and Raphinha will come in too.

    Our squad will be filled with top players if that happens.

  54. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    The fee is high, but it is what it is
    We’ve been badly managed from a strategic viewpoint regarding strikers
    How does a club end up not having a senior striker for the upcoming season, that’s a major weakness for negotiating deals in itself.
    I think the club needs to help Arteta or force Arteta to see the trees from the forest in the future.

    We are in a very high inflationary period for everything. I guess it’s seeped into football too.,

  55. WengerEagle

    Don’t see Raphinha deal happening now after Fabio signing Habesha.

    £50m is a lot of money to fork out and we clearly have a greater need for a ST/CM and LB areas.

  56. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah Jesus is in his last year. But city know there aren’t good strikers out there. That is why they are playing hard ball. If Vlahovic or someone like that was available for 50 mil then their price would be much lower.

    Hazard went to Real Madrid for an extortionate price even though he was in his last year. The price also matters on the number of quality players available in the market.

  57. Naija+soccer


    I like how you are thinking. If we do end up getting all those players can we do better than Raphina ? Like someone else mentioned I don’t really see the fuss.

  58. WengerEagle


    Jesus will push for the move and I doubt that City will shelf a player for a season over a difference of £10m.

    They have Haaland and Julian Alvarez coming in so there is no place for Jesus there. £30m is a fair offer imo and £10m makes no difference to City whereas it makes quite a bit of difference to us.

  59. Dissenter

    I think the city executive shave a dislike of Arsenal
    They will hold out just to shaft us

    I just can’t see any other destination for Jesus

    Always wondered why Arteta can’t make some calls to intervene

  60. raptora

    No way he’s an upgrade on Martinelli. He has 26 senior starts in his career and played around 4 games as LM last season – 2 of them as a starter, 2 as a sub.

    He isn’t predominantly a winger looking at his transfermarkt. Around 85% of his games are in the AM or SS position. He’s got around 5-6 games for the season as a LM and RW combined.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    The amount of people that don’t rate Raphinha on here astounds me. He is really a top player at a relegation side. He is very creative too. I don’t want Saka to be burnt out. I hope we sell all these players and get him. ESR and Martinelli on the left and Saka and Raphinha on the right is as good as it will get for us on the wings.

    Hazard too pushed for a move. But still they ended up paying the money. Is Jesus worth 50 mil if he had two years left? I think he is. And 40 isn’t us getting shafted. I had hoped for around 35 mil but 40 isn’t too shabby either.

  62. Habesha Gooner

    Pl proven, 11 goals in a relegation contender side and lots of flair and ability, what other player would you want. Raphinha, Moussa Diaby, Pedro Neto and Antony were the players I liked for that RW position. Antony the major risk out all three. Get one of the those and I will be happy with anyone of them.

  63. WengerEagle

    Why Dissenter? Retrospectively you think they are still bitter about Alexis? I seriously doubt it, more like thanking us given what a disaster he was at United.

    We have sold them Kolo Toure, Adebayor, Clichy, Nasri. Sagna and Seaman also joined them from us after their deals ran out.

    If anything they owe us one. We have a decent working relationship with them and Arteta has the link to Pep and Jesus after all.

  64. WengerEagle

    How much money are we realistically going to spend now after the £30-35m for Fabio Vieira?

    £100m is an optimistic number and that is probably factoring in sales too. Why would you spend half of that on Raphinha who’s best position is also Saka’s best position?

    Hickey will be £20m if Tomiyasu was. Bologna are no fools and because he is Scottish my guess is he is even more expensive than Tomi. £20-25m

    Tielemans £30m and Jesus £40m puts you just about at that figure.

  65. Habesha Gooner

    “”””Maybe if we were City.”””

    But that is the level we are trying to get to. We produced three top player in ESR, Saka and Martinelli. We bought two in Odegaard and Viera (hopefully) for 30 mil each . And now we can spend that money on Raphinha if we sell unwanted players. Get 50 mil for them and our net spend will be around 120 mil. That is two players for city. Laporte and Mahrez.

    I think Arsenal fans have a PTSD concerning having two quality players for one position because of the Wenger days. We worry about what will happen to the players we have because we haven’t had that luxury before. We say what happens to our young player if a top player comes in. The answer is they all push each other to a level we are aspiring to get to. I would be over the moon if we can get all these players.

  66. WengerEagle

    Habesha you know how I feel about this one, I don’t have any fear of having quality in depth but having two top quality widemen for RF while having a 20 year old ST and a 21 year old who is best as a CAM as our LF options just is short-sighted.

    You don’t spend £50m to have said player on the bench. Unless they are a disaster like Pepe.

  67. Ernest Reed

    “The amount of people that don’t rate Raphinha on here astounds me”

    He’s a loose canon that is going to find himself on the wrong side of a red card. Raphina may have talent, but he’s also an attitudinal liability. I don’t and can’t see how such a player can do-exist with Arteta and his non-negotiables.

  68. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t think it is shortsighted to go with two potentially elite players on the left. ESR got double digit goals from there. Which left wide player guarantees that? And he was better out wide last season than in the middle. And Martinelli got 6 or 7 league goals from there.

    I think you are having a hard time changing your mind about Martinelli and ESR. I also thought they were a CF and a CAM. But so far they are playing better than any LW that we can get. I don’t think we have shortage on the left or at attacking midfield. I think we have a shortage behind Saka. And I want a top player to push Saka. And if he gets injured then we won’t miss him as much.

    And the money issue regarding Raphinha might only plausible if we consider having Xhaka, Elneny and Sambi as the backups to our DM and CM. That would be a good point to a rogue than we have shortages on the LW to me.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    Ernest Reed
    Prove that Raphinha is a loose Canon. He only saw 7 yellows last season and no red card. How is he a loose canon? Because he was mad at the ref when we played them at home? That is your only proof?

  70. WengerEagle


    ESR scored 10 goals last season but until he replicates it you cannot say that he ‘guarantees’ it. I love ESR for the record but I am not sure you can just pencil him in for 10+ PL goals. Mart scored 5 PL goals and most of them from memory were in ST positions in and around the penalty box and not from making inroads from the LW. The best he has played for us has been through the middle, under Emery in the EL he was scoring headers and classic ST goals.

    I truly believe that Martinelli will make it for us but as a ST and not as a LW. He is not a ball to feet kind of player and is at his best playing on the shoulder of the defender.

    I can give you lots of names for LF that could score/assist us 15-20 a season in Gouri, Guedes, Brandt, Moussa Diaby (left-footed but can play LF or RF), Harvey Barnes (seriously underrated imo),.

  71. WengerEagle

    Harvey Barnes isn’t a sexy name but he is a monster in terms of efficiency.

    21 goals and 22 assists in his last 3 PL seasons in just 70 starts. 6 goals and 10 assists in the PL this season, better G/A than Raphinha’s debut season even (6 goals, 9 assists). Could be an option for LF.

  72. Raulishuss


    With all due respect. You have reservation about marti and eSr in the lf position then come out with names like those who I think aren’t better than our boys. When last did you watch brandth to say he guarantees 15/20goals and assist surely you’re just making prediction like habesha only that yours is even weaker cause we have seen our boys play for us and they can deliver irrespective of your reservationsite imo. I think you’re wrong on this one bro and I agree with habeshe

  73. raptora

    Oh Marti has a bigger future as a CF, he played there when he destroyed Pool and Klopp called him generational. He scored all type of goals, hence why he reminded me to RvP who similarly was putting the ball in the net from all kinds of positions. It’s just that Arteta has decided that both Marti and the Smith are LW and that’s that. Martinelli could become one of the best CFs in the EPL in the coming years if given the chance to progress his game through the middle. Sadly, Arteta has given him close to zero chances there.

  74. Raulishuss

    I absolutely love Harvey Barnes. Proper efficient footballer. Direct straight to the point and he’s not a shabby passer either. I’ll take him all day but we don’t have a need for him.. We need a saka replacementioned. Left wing is covered imo. We have two different set of players there with unique skillet but they bring similar level of productivity. Gabi under emery was still very raw but had a strikers instinct. I think arteta is trying to refine his game and make him into a complete forward like Gabriel jesus

  75. Vintage Gun

    GK Ramsdale, Turner
    RB Tomi, Cedric
    CB White, Saliba
    CB Gabriel, Holding
    LB Tierney, Hickey
    DM, Partey, Elneny, Sambi
    CM, Tielemans, Xhaka
    CM/CAM Odegaard, Viera
    RW Saka, Raphinha
    LW, ESR, Martinelli
    CF Jesus, Eddie.

    I like that Habesha. I do think it’s realistic.

    Hickey, Vieira, Tielemans and Jesus (£120 ish) will blow our budget. Then a Gnabry (Dream)/ Raphinha/ Diaby type only if we can raise around £50m in sales including Pepe.

    Saka’s played none stop for two seasons and summers now Plus he was running on fart for the last 5 games or so of the summer, so I see no problem with strong competition at RW. Especially now we’re back in Europe which is another way back into the CL.

  76. Raulishuss


    You talk a lot of rubbish to be taking seriously. You make definitive statements like you can see the future or you’re a coach or had coached before? You have your opinions like everyone else but you don’t know half as much as you think. Try to be quite more often so you’ll absolve knowledge fam.

  77. WengerEagle

    I get your point Raulishuss it is a bit speculative on some of those names although Brandt has broken 10 G/A in the league x6 times and he rarely plays more than 25-30 games although that is maybe a sign we should avoid too.

    I am a big fan of Raphinha I just don’t think we’re in a position to spend £50m on a player who isn’t on the teamsheet XI every week. We’re still a few years away from being in a position like Pool and City with £50m players as back-up.

  78. Nigel Tufnel

    Let’s hope it’s a masterstroke.

    I have no idea, I’ll catch some breakdowns from good podcasters who interview some people with knowledge of the player and Portugal.

    One thing reading the first few reactions from the past post about Vieira as the news came in….

    Its amazing the arrogance of people stating definitively where he will play and how he’ll be used. This is why some of you have zero credibility, like PierreKB. (knows best).

    Likewise passing judgement on the price, valuation, with no knowledge of the player or interest from other clubs. Another reason I mock some of the biggest talkers here.

    Let’s see how he’s used FOR ARSENAL, and how it works out through a full season in our league. We can all form opinions based on some viewing that way.

    I won’t say I’m excited about the specific player yet… but I am full of hope that we are getting a gem.

  79. raptora

    you didn’t even mention the likes of Danjuma and Sterling. There’s so many good wingers it’s crazy. Raphinha could also go there and do great.

  80. WengerEagle


    Not sure what happens to Sterling. Don’t see him staying at City but where does he go? Was a rumour that Chav-ville maybe and I could see it given Tuchel would welcome his goalscoring with open arms.

    Danjuma looks quality but Villarreal paid £25m for him last summer and his value must have close to doubled after the season he has just had.

  81. Nigel Tufnel

    Maybe other teams that like him don’t have the same needs that we have at the moment, and are working those needs currently.
    …If Liverpool didn’t want him right now, it could be because they just blew 2 loads on Diaz and Nuñes.

    Also nobody here mentions that we probably scouted the guy for a while and see things about his energy and pressing that will fit into Artetas plans. I hate to tell you, but those don’t show up in the youtubes.

  82. salparadisenyc


    Raphina made my end of season must have list, and Pepe replacement.

    As some have said the problem is from all we’ve seen he is a right flank man, for me absolute classic right winger. Nobody taking Saka away from that space, he’s made that his own.

    With that and considering today’s Fabio Vieira news Im fully expecting Raphina to be our next in.
    Arteta isn’t capable of signing a center forward… there I said it.

  83. Nigel Tufnel

    And another clown says Vitinha would have been a better signing.

    The problem with this…..

    Is that he hasn’t seen either of them play more than a few minutes.

    Who TF knows at this point? Stop with the ignorant declarations.

  84. China1

    Raphinha is supposedly wanted by lots of big clubs. Really not seeing how we make a big money move for him to sit behind saka on the bench. The whole thing doesn’t add up to me

    If we were selling saka for 100m and buying him as a replacement that’s another story but this summer that seems very unlikely. If we buy a Pepe replacement he’s very unlikely to be expensive or a big enough name to expect regular first team football ahead of literally our best player (saka)

  85. Nigel Tufnel

    “Arteta wants to move to a fluid 433 midfield. He tried it last year with ESR, Odegaard and Partey and it failed. He also tried to play Xhaka higher up the pitch. And it was better. So I think he might be coming in for Xhaka.This kid only make sense if he is playing CM/AM like Bernardo and Debruyne or if he is playing RW. I don’t know why we are signing him and Tielemans tbh.”

    Habesha, don’t know enough yet, but maybe Tielemans can be a deeper option also. Then it could make sense and add 2 quality midfielders we’ve been begging for.

    I don’t think he’d be replacing Øde simply because Arteta loves his leadership on the pitch, among other things.

  86. Ernest Reed

    ‘Prove that Raphinha is a loose Canon.”

    I don’t have to prove anything – when did you become Bamford , Habesha?

    I don’t see Raphina fitting into Arteta’s non-negotiables with his attitude. Think Guen and up it a notch, that’s Raphina.

  87. Nigel Tufnel

    Pierre kb trolling Ødegaard and Ramsdale again, choices 2 and 3 for player of the year… but Pierre knows best.

    Had to work in some hits on them today even with a new signing to contemplate.

    I wonder if the hating on Øde has anything to do with the Ozil fetish?
    Of course it does.

  88. salparadisenyc


    Raphina never really made sense, considering our needs but some guys just want to Wenger and Arteta is showing traits.

    I rate Raphina as do many clearly.

    For what we will recoup on Pepe we may of just replaced him with what may prove to be the versatile F Vieira. With what our summer budget must be that was a big chunk, unless theres something we’re not aware of and its madness time, upwards of £120m this summer.

    I’ll start that speculation, Kroenke holding the Lombardi trophy is now into the Stanely cup final and to think we’ve been bantering this dude for years he’s got his sights locked on the Prem title.

  89. Habesha Gooner

    We are capable of pulling that off. 120 mil netspend and Arteta in the last chance Saloon for top 4.

    Absolutely. If we signed Raphinha, we wouldn’t even miss a trick by resting Saka. It will be like we are playing all our first team players all season. Like for like.

    I would rather play ESR on the left than Harvey Barnes. Just give ESR time and he will get those numbers. Same for Martinelli. One thig you haven’t addressed is how Arteta uses ESR and Martinelli. He uses them as left sided players. And they are still very young. I agree Martinelli would be better as a CF. I don’t know about ESR being the 10 though. I think he might be more Grealish than Rosicky. Your view is based on assuming where their futures lie. But I am just going on where they have played and where Arteta has been using them. And they haven’t disappointed on the left. If we sign a LW with viera and Jesus coming in plus Nketiah renewing, there is no balance on the left. Where is ESR playing then? Where would Martinelli play too? Who would play if Saka got injured? I think we need a right sided player more than a left one. But that’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it.

    I figured it out. Tielemans and Xhaka as CMs. Sambi, Elneny and Partey as DMs. This viera kid and Odegaard at attacking midfield and ESR and Martinelli on the left. We are going to have two players every where and three at DM. Deep squad for sure. Lacking in quality at CM backup, DM backup and RB backup though at the end of this window.

  90. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t have to prove anything – when did you become Bamford , Habesha?

    😂😂😂 Now that was funny. Anyway Raphinha doesn’t have an attitude problem like Guendouzi. This is the only time I have heard of it. That is all I am saying. I have heard attitude problems from Richarlison but never from Raphinha. But would you be on board with him if he had no attitude problems?

  91. Dissenters

    Raphina has a temperament, a red card seeking problem. He has that Romney red mist.
    He’s had to be restrained by his team mates many a time to avoid getting that red.
    Had he been an Arsenal player, he would have gotten at least 3-4 red cards last season

  92. China1

    Tielemans would still be worth it because partey is injury prone

    At CM we absolutely do need 3 starting 11 players competing for two CM spots on the team sheet. If we don’t sign Tielemans then when partey is inevitably Crocker it’s back to depending on xhaka or el neny. It’s not realistic

    We need real quality and depth across the central midfield roles (dm/cm/am). DM and CM are the most important positions on the pitch and it’s exactly because we consistently neglect it that we fuck up every single season

  93. Habesha Gooner

    What you are calling bad attitude is talking to referees and calling them out. If he was over the edge that many moments, how come he didn’t get even one red card? I would expect a lot more yellows too. 7 yellows through out the season to be exact.

    Patrick Viera was the same. He even got sent off many times. But that wasn’t an attitude problem.

    Arteta had problems with Guendouzi because he wouldn’t listen to him. Raphinha is actually okay to work under a coach. And he hasn’t got a problem applying himself. Just Google Raphinha attitude problems and if you can find three articles written about it then I will admit he has an attitude problem.

  94. Ernest Reed

    “ But would you be on board with him if he had no attitude problems?”

    I will say this about Raphina, he never gives up and comes to play. He endured a difficult time with an otherwise pretty lousy Leeds team last season and yet he never slowed down and tried to make things happen often. Arsenal could use that aspect of what Raphina brings but I still see him as “moody” and with a short fuse. Don’t know if that is someone who can thrive under the rigid demands of Arteta, Habesha?

  95. Habesha Gooner

    Fair enough Ernest.
    It doesn’t have to be him.I just happen to think he is PL ready, 25 coming in to his prime and so good that even city would live to have him. But we need a right sided player. And it has to be someone who doesn’t have a huge dropoff in quality from Saka. That is all.

  96. TR7

    From his clips Viera looks like he can play on the right (back up to Saka) as well as a no 8. I don’t particularly see him operating as a CAM in our set up. He is a bit like Bernardo Silva who also plays on the right but can play as a no. 8 or 10 if required.

  97. Freddie Ljungberg

    From what Porto fans are saying he’s not very good defensively and is better at CAM or false 9. Could fill in on the wings if needed too. Can’t see us signing a winger as well, and don’t see the need for it. Unless we sign a striker, DM, fullbacks first and still have a massive chunk of cash left. Not very likely.

    Our midfield will still be massively dependent on Partey even if we buy Tielemans, hope we skip that and go for someone like Sangare instead. Would give us far more options to adapt to the opposition, and we wouldn’t crumble with one injury.
    Now sell Xhaka ffs.

  98. Nigel Tufnel

    We can forget about Raphina now.

    If we do get Tielemans, he’s someone who can play deeper, and as somebody said above, we would finally have a strong midfield. First time in years.

    Then I think it would be time to sell Xhaka.

    Arteta will have a bunch of technical, interchangeable players…. if we do Jesus and Tielemans. I hope the deals and this vision work out.

  99. Nigel Tufnel

    Pedro’s guest saying Fabio has learned to work off the ball and press along with his other skills.

    Another player that will put Ozil to shame hopefully.

    Pierre will be digging to find some negative stats to throw at him.

  100. DivineSherlock

    With the 5 subs rule we need absolute quality in the squad , Viera fits the bill . Anyone worried about ESR or Saka with other players coming in should know that if they are good enough they will compete and get better with time . Thats the whole purpose of the squad . I dont think Phil Foden complains having to compete with Mahrez , Silva , KdBs of the City squad.

  101. Steg

    Habesha; good squad that but I’d make some small changes and go with the following as I don’t think we have the budget for what you suggested;

    GK Ramsdale, Turner
    RB Tomi, Cedric
    CB White, Saliba
    CB Gabriel, Holding
    LB Tierney, Hickey
    DM, Partey, Elneny,
    CM, Tielemans, Sambi
    CM/CAM Odegaard, Viera
    RW Saka, NELSON
    LW, ESR, Martinelli
    CF Jesus, Eddie, BALOGUN

  102. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal will register a FULL squad of 25 players next season.

    Hein will be registered as third choice goalkeeper as rotation for Okonkwo who will go out on loan.

    I expect also that Arsenal will promote at least one U23 player to squad as Arteta has done
    in recent years and meets the expectations of Kroenke. The candidates will be Balogun, Patino, Azeez, Hutchinson or Flores.That will satisfy homegrown requirements and pathway
    from our youth programme.

    I expect Arsenal to recruit both Tielemans and Jesus, because our squad is currently “light”
    on experience.

  103. Nigel Tufnel

    Sounds right Emirates. I just watched Fabio 21-22 video. I counted at least 3 right footed goals this past season.

    even though they all say he’s heavily left footed, I like the Malcolm X mentality…. “by any means necessary”.

  104. Havyn

    I tell you, we’ll end up paying 50m for Jesus who has only one year left and poor scoring record playing in chances-creating team like City.

    The fact is Edu is poor. He overpays for players especially when his friend agent Kia Joorabchan is involved. He’s also been giving away our players for free and much lower fees.

  105. Havyn

    Jesus has no height meaning crosses into the box will be ineffective. Let’s get Scamacca and forget about Jesus. Scamacca has a better scoring record playing in an average team however, being Brazilian Edu will push for Jesus rather to the detriment of Arsenal.

    Don’t trust Edu.

  106. Wicked Willy

    My god Havyn, did Edu kill you in a past life or something?!

    The Portuguese football expert was stunned we got Fabio for 10-15m less than his release clause. Martinelli was a steal, Tomi was a steal, Odegaard was good value, and Marquinhos had a release clause of £42.5m.

    Yes we paid a premium for Ben White, but on balance, I don’t think Edu can be accused of being on overpayer. And let’s be honest, once upon a time we were so keen not to overpay, that we let Alonso, Hazard, Suarez and Kante escape from our grasp. I’m all for paying a premium occasionally if it’s the right player.

  107. Dark Hei

    I have a feeling the FV might be taking the no.8 role. Seems technically secure.

    Might not be the best defensively but who knew even Santi could do it.

  108. DivineSherlock

    The signing of Fabio Viera feels like there was an opportunity too good to ignore to sign a talented youngster that fits our profile , irrespective of our needs in the squad . Never a bad time to add quality to our squad.

  109. Batistuta

    Looks a decent and exciting signing

    Hope our next signings are actually a bit more older and experienced. Can’t be listening all season to anyone using the whole “youngest squad” line as any sort of excuse next season

  110. Emiratesstroller

    What is this obsession with having 6′ 2″ + Centre forwards who can head a ball? Thierry Henry
    preferred to use his feet rather than his head. Also there are plenty of small strikers who were
    good in the air.

  111. Pierre

    Nigel Tufnell
    “Pierre will be digging to find some negative stats to throw at him.”

    First of all we need to hope that Arteta is 100% behind the signing , if so could it be possible that Arteta has come to the conclusion that Odegaard doesn’t have tools to be an elite creator…if so then all credit to Arteta for admitting his mistake, maybe he will play Odegaard deeper, though I’m not totally convinced that will work as he could turn into a xhaka mk 2.

    What i expect to see is Odegaard start the season as our playmaker and fabio finish the season as our playmaker.

    I’m really looking forward to watching a playmaker who can pick a pass , something we have been missing for a few seasons..
    The least it will do hopefully is rid us off the perpetual recycling of the ball that is so easy to defend against and give our strikers more reason to make penetrating runs in the knowledge that we have a player who can play the slide rule pass.

  112. Berg10kamp

    This signing is odegaard competition, ESR and martinelli will compete for LM, We need competition for saka on the right so I suspect if pepe leaves someone’s coming, maybe jesus and osimhen are the players coming in. We need a midfielder tho so tielemans and we good. But this FV guy needs guys who can finish with headers so maybe a bigger striker is on the cards.

  113. Pierre

    For me it was a good news day regarding Arsenal.
    Eddie basically confirmed and the Fabio signing.

    All we need now is for them to start a few games together , which may prove to be a problem going by previous experience with Arteta as manager , as it can take as as long as 12 months before Arteta will try something different.

  114. Distanced hairline

    Now we got good passers and dribblers, we need a striker that can strike, Jesus scored a few goals with a lot of quality team mates, scamacca is the type we need. With Viera’s vision we are gonna hit