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Oh, you want to know what I’m talking about?

David Ornstein and Fabrizio Romano and a bunch of Portuguese journos are saying that we are in for attacking midfielder Fabio Vieira.

Talk about classic early 2000s Arsenal WOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM transfer news.

The player is 5ft7, he seems to play all across the midfield, his end delivery is most excellent, the player racked up 14 assists last season. Vieira also fits the mould from a profile perspective, he’s 22 years old, he’s made 76 apps for the Portuguese giants, and I suspect he has VERY good character. Dare I say he has a bit of the Santi’s in tight spaces?


Porto season ticket holder and Arsenal fan @ruipbcribeiro had this say after I commented on my expertise of the players after watching 12 minutes of Youtube videos.

A lot of the players videos show off his ability to break play from deep with accurate long balls and some of his final 3rd work looked very Tielemans/Xhaka-ish. But, apparently, he’s more of a second striker and an attacking midfielder.

Do I know how he fits into this Arsenal starting 11? No. But I’m sure there’s a cunning plan. He’s very good in tight spots, control seems to be a key component of his game, and his final ball looks really, really sharp.

I didn’t expect this sort of signing, but he does check the box of ‘better end product’ that we need. Arsenal has to find more goals next season, this guy might help us get there. 7 goals isn’t the greatest in Portugal but combined with 16 assists, it shows where things couldn’t be going for someone very young.

What is very interesting is no one picked up on this deal. Arsenal don’t have the biggest wallet, so they have to make their moves in silence, if we pull this off, it’ll be quite something because none of the big journos had a clue.

There are some other stories doing the rounds, the Italian journos who called the Vlahovic bid are saying we’re looking at Oshimen for £80m, some German folk are saying Nkunku for £100m (lol), and The Times are reporting that we’re frontrunners for Gabi Jesus and that deal will be done.

One day after crying like babies on the Patreon Podcast, we’re out here perking up and puffing out our chests?

A good day. Why don’t YOU tell ME how you think this transfers works for our squad?

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  1. Mr Serge

    Pete you first ? Lol I like the silence of the signing it’s great news who does not like a new signing

  2. Positive pete

    Damn.Thought I had it in the bag.Still.A shiny new player.How does he compare to “ Vitinha “ ? Who’s the more highly rated? Where does he fit in? This & many more questions.
    Habesha what’s the story?

  3. Ishola70

    He’s not an established player at Porto so it can hardly be called a steal and coup signing at this stage. Potential again.

    We all hope that’s the case in the future though.

    Time for the cod salt, custard tarts and a bit of Fado in the background Pedro to continue your overwhelming consumption of the Portuguese football.

    And is he a Jorge Mendes client? lol

  4. LoveSausage

    This is a strange one. Looks like an exciting player based on the same amount of YouTube watching as Pedro. But that much money for a rotational player?? Let’s hope we’ve earmarked funds for the positions we actually need to fill. I’d hate to walk into next season having to rely on Partey’s and Tierney’s “fitness”.

  5. Ishola70

    Mr Serge
    “Pedro are you releasing any content that is not patreon ?? It’s been 11 days now”

    Pay or suffer. Or maybe not suffer.

    They even ask for money on these silly reaction videos on youtube.

    Yes you pay to watch me pretend that I have never heard this song before.

  6. Ishola70

    ” he played in most of the league games for them last season just not in the CL”

    Yes true.

    He become more of a fitst team choice season just gone.

    No-one has any idea at all that this will be a very good signing unless they are kidding on.


  7. Danny S

    If this signing comes with a very good CM and CF then yeah, could be a good window.

    Arteta has a hint of Wenger about him though with transfers. Purposely seems to avoid the ‘obvious’ holes and makes left field transfers.

  8. Ishola70


    Serge has confused me.

    Yes as stated before he is not playing full 90 minutes for many matches.

    Refer back to previous.

    He is/was not an established player at Porto;

  9. LoveSausage


    Nope. He prefers to pay other clubs to take them off our hands.

    Since I’d never heard of this Fabio fella until 10 minutes ago, I’m getting excited about the things I can comment on with confidence – his looks. He has one of those “innocent cunt” faces like Bernardo Silva. He should be good at getting the opposition carded.

  10. Leftside

    Don’t mind this, providing we still fill the essential holes in the squad. I am optimistic we will though if we are pulling off this profile of player.

  11. WengerEagle


    My tremendous googling skills aside, the point remains that this lad is a gamble on potential. Not against that all all but let’s just hope the funds are still there for our more pressing needs.

  12. MidwestGun

    Well.. I like skillful attacking mids like anyone else.. but it does not suggest to me we are replacing Xhaka. Which for me is the problem.. I do think it would be interesting to play a 4-1-4-1 in games we expect to dominate possession but that’s maybe 50% of the games. I do think it is a response to an acknowledgment we have trouble with low block teams. We need to sign a number 9 clearly as we have none. and a player that makes me think Xhaka is done and I would be absolutely thrilled.

    Anyhow..does this mean Tielemans is a no go? now. Hard to read the tea leaves with this one.

  13. Mr Serge

    We I get that if it’s taking away from finds we have it’s not brilliant but I think the kronkes will back tets again it’s like poker you have gone this far you have to see the river

  14. WengerEagle

    Tielmans as well as Vieira would leave us very top heavy in midfield Middy.

    Tielmans is more offensive than defensive so you would essentially have 3-4 players in Odegaard, ESR, Vieira and Tielemans who all do their best work as the most advanced man in the midfield 3.

    We need a defensively secure CM that has verticality to his game. Unlike Xhaka and Elneny.

  15. InsideRight

    Tielemens is preferred in a central role or a defensive midfield role. His stats are more loaded to defensive output when compared to Maddison. He often plays in the left defensive role that was occupied by Xhaka.

  16. DivineSherlock

    He started 15 in the league Serge. Ishola is right, he’s not an established star for Porto.

    But Porto arent dumb to put a release clause of 50 million on him , if he wasnt highly rated . For me Olise was still a better choice but I wont shit on him just because he didnt play enough for Porto.

  17. LeMassiveCoq

    Weird signing, but exciting none the less..

    Almost certain that Pepe will go and Xhara will stay based on this though..

  18. WengerEagle


    Not shitting on him at all but £35m is expensive for a prospect. Will look like loose couch change in a few years if he goes on to develop as we all hope.

    Olise for £8m was just ridiculous value. He had a great season in the Championship before that, cannot believe they got him so cheap and nobody else was in for him. Remember a poster on here mentioned him every chance they could when he was at Reading, forget who though.

  19. Marko

    Porto season ticket holder and Arsenal fan @ruipbcribeiro had this say after I commented on my expertise of the players after watching 12 minutes of Youtube videos

    Don’t sell yourself short you’ve been watching him 7 years

  20. EdTheREd

    I see him as a replacement for Pepe. How much can we get for him, realistically? £25m? In which case, wages included, it would be almost like for like swap, so that’s a positive.

    At 170cm, he will need to build up some muscle pretty soon, unless he’s destined for Cup games in his first Arsenal season, with sporadic PL appearances .

    Either way, more news like this, please.

  21. Kegunner

    Tielmans is more defensive but can get good positions up the pitch. A proper deep lying play maker like Ibrahim Sangare or Tolisso would be great.

  22. Marko

    No problem with the Vieira signing unless it eats into our funds for a ST and the CM.

    I’m reminded of last summer WE where the hope was the 80 odd million spent on White and Ramsdale wasn’t going to affect our need to address the attack and midfield.

  23. Leftside

    I think Tielemans is the player to play in place of Xhaka, only thing that we still need a player of sufficient quality to replace Partey when he picks up inevitable injuries.

  24. DivineSherlock


    Olise for £8m was just ridiculous value. He had a great season in the Championship before that, cannot believe they got him so cheap and nobody else was in for him. Remember a poster on here mentioned him every chance they could when he was at Reading, forget who though.

    I think it was Pierre though lol. Also I think if we offered this money to Crystal Palace we’d have gotten him but hey Cheers to Fabio Viera , just hope he becomes succesful as his namesake . Googling about him feels like he is Portugal version of ESR , hard to break into the National side with so much talent, but should make the cut soon

  25. WengerEagle

    True that Marko.

    Wenger used to stockpile on types we didn’t need and ignore our critical problem areas (GK, CDM, CB in the earlier Wengerball years, ST/CDM in the later years).

  26. Tom

    “I see him as a replacement for Pepe. How much can we get for him, realistically? £25m? In which case, wages included, it would be almost like for like swap, so that’s a positive.”

    Ed, has someone offered 25m for Pepe?
    Not to rain on anyone’s parade but we’ve been down this road before.
    I think it was Leeds( poster, not the club) who compiled the list of all outgoings for a total of 120m awhile back.
    Guendouzi has been the only one so far from that list we’ve actually sold for real money.

    Pepe is on 140kpw too….. just saying.

  27. Danny S

    The Jesus rumours arnt going away.

    50m on the Brazilian Lacazette would be sad times. He doesn’t excite me at all.

  28. Marko

    Like I said earlier Vieira is good but I think Vitinha made more sense given our needs and he has more starts and more minutes than Fabio

  29. The Bard

    I think its nonsense that we’ve gone under the radar and signed him. These days every club knows every player. He wasn’t wanted by the bigger clubs and we got a look in. I hope he makes his mark but we will have to wait and see. I doubt he is a worldie but maybe he will be.

  30. T

    Taking a quick look at the lad and his profile made me wonder.

    Is he being signed to form a midfield trio with partey and ode or are they thinking of him competing with saka for right wing and/or share load with odegaard?

    I think we are extremely reliant on those 2 players and if either one had a long spell out last winter we would have been in extreme trouble.

  31. InsideRight

    The Bard

    Reports last night and this morning had Man Ure and Spuds supposedly keen on him. Liverpool had a first refusal agreement for him with Porto. So arguably there was significant interest in him and other clubs probably wanted to see more of him next season before going balls deep for his release clause. Clearly we’ve taken a chance in the hope his progression continues and that he will offer something for us.

  32. Mood Hoover

    Good profile, may be a break out star but beginning with EL minutes/super sub for low block epl games. Def need a big 9 and improved lb/dm cover. Anything else is bonus territory incl Jesus (who I like tbh)

  33. Greg

    Vieira’s style looks very similar to Odegaard. What we are going to do with all that creativity and.no scorers? Could we bring along that large center forward knocking in all the chances on the video? He looked like a player too.

  34. OCGooner

    Still waiting for Yann M’Villa and Sebastian Frey to sign…not much longer I hope

    Lol, how about Felipe Melo?

    Or Etienne Capoue?

  35. InsideRight

    I see Raul de Tomas is getting linked with us again. I think he deserves a bigger reputation. Wherever he has gone he has consistently scored goals at least every other game. It suggests to me he can get into the right place at the right time and finish reliably, even for Espanyol. I would be very happy if we landed him.

    Also when thinking about the midfield, as things stand LT is coming back. If he is used where he plays best, as DM, he could do a good job for us next season and bump up his appeal and his price if he still wants to leave after that.

  36. WengerEagle

    Capoue has been good for Villarreal funny enough. Weird career trajectory.

    Agree on RDT InsideRight. Every bit as good as most of the strikers we are linked with and would probably cost a fraction of the price because he’s 28 this year.

  37. curse

    Viera? yes please, kinda looking like Odegaard backup which makes sense. Also looking like my theory of Jesus coming in to play LWF might be poo unfortunately.
    The Smith and Martinels for the left it is then, would still love Scamacca though fingers crossed.

  38. InsideRight

    Dumb question time and sorry if it’s been explained elsewhere…..

    When Nketiah completes his switch to Ghana, does that mean (assuming he signs a new contract) he no longer counts as part of our English homegrown quota?

  39. Kalle

    Tammy and Osimhen are similar type strikers and of arguably similar qualities.. and they could’ve end up turning out together for the Nigerian National team. I like Osimhen better though. From the latest Sky news report, I think we’ll be getting Jesus.

  40. OCGooner

    I know. Every time I look at that Villareal roster with Capoue, Coquelin, Lo Celso, Aurier, I think…..really? Fair play, they made it work and got CL semis…….

  41. englandsbest

    Quibbles? Doubts?

    For those who have yet to cotton on, Arteta is assembling an all-action crew intended to out-run, to out-press, to out-think, to out-last, to out-score – in sync.

  42. Vintage Gun

    “I see Raul de Tomas is getting linked with us again. I think he deserves a bigger reputation. Wherever he has gone he has consistently scored goals at least every other game”

    I agree. I saw him a bit last season and he has an interesting profile. Quite a handful, strong and a good eye for goal. If available for £25-£30m i’d take a punt.

  43. Vintage Gun

    I like the Vieira signing and he was highly rated in the U21 euro’s a year or 2 back . Don’t watch the Portuguese league so don’t know how he’s progressed since. But welcome to Arsenal and good luck!!!

  44. Wicked Willy

    I’m amused by the fact that everybody wanted more creativity and goal threat, and we’ve just got a kid whose goal contributions per 90 is on a par with Haaland, Mbappe, Benzema and Nunez, and yet peeps aren’t happy because they can’t figure out how he fits in!

    I also think we need to revisit the Edu overpays narrative. Martinelli was a snip, Tomi was immense value, Gabriel was very solid, as was Odegaard. We’ve just got a backup keeper for minimal money (let’s see how he fares), a young RW for a 92% discount off of his release clause, and now a kid with stats that compare with Nunez, but for 60% less.

    I’m feeling very content with how this transfer has been done quietly and professionally.

  45. InsideRight


    Apparently Espanyol put a €70m clause on him. That amount is OTT for someone turning 28 in October, but I’m sure we could look to reduce that by offering a player plus cash. Xhaka or LT would knock a bit off the price and be a fit for the Spanish league.

  46. Samir

    Not against the Vieira signing but…

    Do we really need a player similar to ESR/Odegaard?
    As long as we get a top winger, ST and CM as well, I’ll be happy.
    If he was bought at the expense of one of the above, I can’t see logic in it.

    Vieira, Tielemans, Raphinha, Jesus, left back and I’d be extremely happy.

  47. Pedro

    Willy, I’m quite excited by him.

    No idea what he’s here to day, but there’s a plan for sure.

    If we’re going with Jesus up front, we need a player that plays like City players do, this kid looks very City.

  48. OCGooner

    I’m ok with Vieira if part of a plan, especially if his skill set will help unlock low blocks that seem to trouble us – either as starter or impact sub. Seems a similar skill set to Cazorla.

    Looking forward to another more defensive minded signing as well to finally end reliance on Xhaka. Tielemans would be a great signing for that role. Hopefully Edu can get that one done soon.

    And ST of course, big body back to goal type please. I don’t think Jesus is the answer there.

  49. Mr Serge

    Inside right it won’t affect Eddie’s HG status if he plays for Ghana you have to be a player from 18 years or under for 3 years to be hg

  50. Habesha Gooner

    That viera signing came out of nowhere. But what is the plan because we already have 2 attacking midfielders. He might be coming in to play the Xhaka role. So is Tielemans. So where does that leave Xhaka? Is he going?

  51. raptora

    Willy: “I’m amused by the fact that everybody wanted more creativity and goal threat, and we’ve just got a kid whose goal contributions per 90 is on a par with Haaland, Mbappe, Benzema and Nunez, and yet peeps aren’t happy because they can’t figure out how he fits in!”

    Dude, could you explain to me why the kid has 26 starts as a 22 yo in a Porto team that he was raised at?

    He isn’t a 6-7m Martinelli. He is a 22 yo that has 26 starts in 3 seasons and Porto play A LOT of games. 51 games last season, 19 starts. He is so highly rated that he was a reserve in 2/3 of the season.

    Martinelli started 26 games from 45 games just this season aged 20 in England for Arsenal.

    This “kid” isn’t such a kid, 22 is not that a good time to be a reserve for a Portugal team.

    And the bottom line is, 35m for another AM? Finito with ESR there? Why? Only thing that makes sense is if we’re bringing Ode to midfield next to Partey with Fabio Silva in AM but that Arteta would have signaled his intentions this season and moved Ode a bit more central with ESR ahead of him, which he didn’t do at all.

    All in all it’s very odd move for a reserve player in a position we have 2 other options and for a hefty sum.

    I would have been okay with it if we didn’t buy Ode last season. But now?! I’m quite perplexed.

  52. raptora

    Habesha, no way he’s coming in for Xhaka. He’s played 90% of his games in AM or Second striker. Then some games on the LM. It’s so odd I swear.

  53. WengerEagle

    I agree that Odegaard being moved back deeper is the likely move that will be made and Partey will be given stricter defensive duties.

    Odegaard doesn’t have great verticality to his game though so do not think he is suited to a deeper role where he will be forced to consistently beat a press.

  54. raptora

    ESR was already a bit part time player last season. Arteta gave time to Odegaard to settle and once he did, he started the Norwegian 26 times in the league in a row and ESR got literally 0 chances to play in his favorite position. If Arteta is bringing from abroad a competition for Ode, who is his absolute favorite player in the team I feel like, then ESR is left hang out to dry. It’s over for ESR basically.

  55. raptora

    If ESR got zero chances to play in AM with just Ode in the team, now with Ode and Fabio why would we even bring in a 3rd player there. Just sell Ode if you’re not happy with him lol.

  56. Leftside

    I feel ESR does his best work centrally and prefer him to Ode but I get the feeling Arteta wants him to alternative with Martinelli off the left where I feel he is less effective.

  57. Tom

    “What’s the consensus on retaining Torriera and integrating him into the team ?“

    Arteta told him he had no place in his squad, that’s according to Torreira’s agent.

  58. Leftside

    Talks of Ode being captain too next year so it does appear ominous for ESR, which isn’t great.

    Main thing is though we have more games, with 5 subs next year we need bodies/depth.

  59. Dissenters

    This new signing was being tracked by city and Liverpool
    Liverpool had the first refusal
    Looks like an excellent signing

    Used both feet very well and is more like David Silva.

  60. Habesha Gooner

    Arteta wants to move to a fluid 433 midfield. He tried it last year with ESR, Odegaard and Partey and it failed. He also tried to play Xhaka higher up the pitch. And it was better. So I think he might be coming in for Xhaka.

    This kid only make sense if he is playing CM/AM like Bernardo and Debruyne or if he is playing RW. I don’t know why we are signing him and Tielemans tbh.

  61. raptora

    I don’t mind more bodies and I don’t mind a quality Santiesque player, I actually love it.

    If this Vieira dude can operate everywhere in attack like a Foden or Jota, and he can play Pepe’s role, Ode’s role, Martinelli’s role, then sure, it’s not bad. I just wonder what the thought process was not to go for Raphinha who will most certainly add incredible value to our forward line, is a specialist winger and is very proven in the EPL. We add a playmaker when supposedly Ode is exactly that. It’s some sort of overcomplicating things.

    If he is the sort of Gundogan, fk me get him yes. But he has around 0 games in CM. He’s very attacking oriented. The only thing that makes sense is Ode in CM with Vieira in AM. Then ESR is dead and gone.

  62. Dissenter

    I’ve always thought we need to sign players before they full take off, because then they are out of our reach.
    Al the Porto inside sources on twitter rate this lad massively.

    Apparently, he was the best player in the U-21 Euros

  63. InsideRight

    Habesha – “This kid only make sense if he is playing CM/AM like Bernardo and Debruyne or if he is playing RW. I don’t know why we are signing him and Tielemans tbh.”

    It might be because Tielemens plays for Leicester as DM/CM, so maybe he offers a different dimension.

  64. Dissenter

    ERS is not “dead and gone”

    Remember that FIVE SUBS are now allowable for domestic games and European games
    The teams that do well will have two comparable players for every position.

  65. raptora

    I mean if we’re getting Vieira and we decide to move Odegaard in CM, with Odegaard and Tielemans we are getting the 2 CMs that we needed. Yet, none of them can fill Partey’s role. And we’ll have what? Odegaard and Tielemans fighting for the same spot? Or is Tielemans not happening? Wtf?

  66. Vintage Gun

    Smith Rowe has fitness issues and always has since he started playing senior football. Plus last season he was carrying a hip problem during the 2nd half of the season .

    He’s still young and hopefully he becomes more robust and resistant in the coming seasons because his talent is unquestionable.

  67. Dissenter

    Inside Right
    “When Nketiah completes his switch to Ghana, does that mean (assuming he signs a new contract) he no longer counts as part of our English homegrown quota?”
    HG does not have anything to do with nationality
    In any case nketiah will still remain a UK citizen and can’t be discriminated against in the workplace.

  68. Habesha Gooner

    I hope we get rid of Xhaka and sign Tielemans. I would love that midfield. Tielemans, Partey, Odegaard ESR, Viera, Sambi, Elneny. I would be okay with that for next season.

    I think Arteta is trying to overload the team with technical players. He gave ESR the No 10. But I think he sees him as a wider player. ESR can succeed there too if we are being honest. He is fast, technical and can play combinations. Grealish was the same type of player ESR is. So he that might be what this transfer is all about.

  69. raptora

    If someone had told me that our first transfer will be an AM, I’d be shocked. I don’t like Odegaard’s lack of dynamic and I believe we needed to upgrade there. But not when we have other holes in the squad to fill. Whatever, just wait and see I guess. But totally unexpected not only name, but the profile of the player, which I actually love, just wonder if the money wouldn’t have seen a better use in getting our #1 priority signings done.

  70. Mr Serge

    Any player it does not matter nationality is classed as HG once the player completes 3 seasons at the club and is below 19 years old at the point of signing cesc was hg

  71. WengerEagle


    I was hoping that ESR could mold into a Nasri type wide playmaker but watching him last season on the left it was pretty clear that he is far better as the CAM.

    We still lack that wide playmaker for the left. Julian Brandt is still a player that I have a lot of time for.

  72. Habesha Gooner

    Tielemans isn’t a DM. He is a pure No 8. He isn’t a No 10 either. So I think Arteta is planning a 433 midfield. Partey/Sambi/Elneny as a 6. Odegaard, Viera, Tielemans and possibly Xhaka as attacking 8s. But we have too many players in that midfield imo.

  73. Dissenter

    This lad reminds me of Christopher Nkunku when he was moving from PSG to Leipzig
    He seems to be in the same mould, more like a Mason Mount.

    We are still going to buy a central midfielder, me thinks

  74. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    ESR looked like he struggled with injury all of last season
    He never could past past 60 minutes

    He will get his chances this season. We need to create some crazy competition fort starting spaces and then hope that Arteta will be fair to all concerned.

  75. raptora

    Like with the 35m we could have added to Jesus’ money and brought Osimhen or Nkunku instead, and it would have been one of the transfers of the Summer.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    To be honest, I am not so sure that ESR is better at No 10. The few games I have seen him play as a 10 last season he struggled a bit. You can check out the stats if you don’t believe me. He was a bit better the season before when he broke through with that home game against Chelsea. I also thought he would be better as a 10 but he has smashed it last season from wide. I would love it if he had more licence to move around from wide though.

  77. Dissenter

    I have to say, not trying to poo this signing.
    Spending this much on potential, makes the Bissouma miss look more stupid.
    This young players will need time to get up to speed, the likes of Bissouma will be ready to go from day one.

  78. Leftside

    Just gonna wait and see though, this transfer was so out of the blue that if they all are this way, I wouldn’t complain. Aside from Jesus and Tielemans who both appear nailed on.

  79. andy1886

    I have to say I didn’t think that Fabio Vieira going from ‘Who?’ to ‘the new Bernardo Silva’ in around 5 minutes would be beaten but fair play to WW for raising the bar with the comparison to Mbappe, Haaland, Benzema and Nunez shortly afterwards.

  80. InsideRight


    I was only pointing out how Leicester have used him. When you compare his stats with someone like Maddison he is much more defensively minded, so yes, he’s not a 10. But for me he’s a split between a 6 and 8. He can do both roles and he’s been used that way to good effect.

  81. Mr Serge

    Diss bisouma is a holder a Partey replacement this kid is not the same player so you can’t compare the buys

  82. salparadisenyc

    Classic Arsenal, Le Grover’s have made their lists, the ITK’ers on twitter have taken odds and pushed agendas’s on order of incomers when and whom. Arsenal go out a pull a classic Wenger bringing another attacking mid into the mixer in an area nobody really thought was too pressing. With a player nobody had mentioned.

    Fabio Vieira definitely has a nice ring. Arteta going full City and just got the Bernardo Silva piece. Lets hope he finds the Gundogan, Aguero and maybe Sterling ones next.

  83. Aasim

    Looks plans change. Arteta, with his current attitude towards Nkitah has shown he isn’t completely fixated on ideas and is open to changing his views based on evidence.

    LT is ideal for the slightly forward role that Xhaka was playing when partnered with TP. He is great at pressing, tidy at finishing and good technical ability. Integrate him and we don’t need another body in the midfield, allowing us to spend big on a quality striker or more squad depth.

  84. Naija+soccer

    I m just happy that we ve bought a guy that will add to our vreativity/goals. We needed it. Striker and CM is next.

    And he does look Santi Cazorla/David Silva like, my favorite kind of players.

  85. Pierre

    “If someone had told me that our first transfer will be an AM, I’d be shocked. I don’t like Odegaard’s lack of dynamic and I believe we needed to upgrade there”

    Just need to upgrade the keeper and the 2 positions i have the most concern would have been addressed.

  86. Habesha Gooner

    To ne honest if this kid becomes that Santi, Cesc type of player I am all for it. I have missed these kind of players at Arsenal. We used to have a ton of them. And they always made the football more enjoyable even if we didn’t succeed. So at least our football will be less boring this coming season.

  87. WengerEagle


    I’d be interested in the amount of minutes that he was given as the CAM, the opposition, etc.

    9 games is a tiny sample size. For me he is at his best in and around the box as his link-up play and passing/touch with team mates especially Saka is superb and he is a great finisher for a midfielder.

    Prime Ramsey-esque.

  88. WengerEagle

    Santi was stupidly ambidextrous, maybe the most two-footed player that we have ever had. Used to take set-pieces with his left foot even though he was right-footed.

    This kid looks amazing with his left peg but no real evidence that he can use his right foot.

  89. salparadisenyc

    Zero question we are adding a central mid in this window as well, but the Arsenal are in no position to be shunting £30+m into depth.

    Vieira going right into the mixer in some capacity.

  90. WengerEagle

    Dominant lefties tend to be more one-footed and overly reliant on their strong foot than right-footers.

    Nearly ever true ambidextrous player (Cazorla, Perisic, Pedro, KDB, etc) was right-foot dominant.

  91. Wicked Willy


    I have no idea. There could be perfectly plausible reasons for it. I didn’t know who he was 5 hours ago BUT

    1) his stats are Super Elite
    2) Everyone who has seen him play says he’s the absolute dog bollocks so he passes the eye test
    3) his style seems perfectly suited to our game
    4) He was player of the tournament at U21 Euros. Past winners include Rudi Voller, Laurent Blanc, Luis Figo, Cannavaro, Pirlo, Cech, Mata, and Thiago. That’s a pretty sexy list!

    The combination of those four points are enough to satisfy me. Arteta clearly has a plan for him. I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.

  92. The Bard

    The deal with young players is they are still developing. ERS is still growing and hence the injury issues. He will be fine. He’s a real talent.