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Oh, you want to know what I’m talking about?

David Ornstein and Fabrizio Romano and a bunch of Portuguese journos are saying that we are in for attacking midfielder Fabio Vieira.

Talk about classic early 2000s Arsenal WOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM transfer news.

The player is 5ft7, he seems to play all across the midfield, his end delivery is most excellent, the player racked up 14 assists last season. Vieira also fits the mould from a profile perspective, he’s 22 years old, he’s made 76 apps for the Portuguese giants, and I suspect he has VERY good character. Dare I say he has a bit of the Santi’s in tight spaces?


Porto season ticket holder and Arsenal fan @ruipbcribeiro had this say after I commented on my expertise of the players after watching 12 minutes of Youtube videos.

A lot of the players videos show off his ability to break play from deep with accurate long balls and some of his final 3rd work looked very Tielemans/Xhaka-ish. But, apparently, he’s more of a second striker and an attacking midfielder.

Do I know how he fits into this Arsenal starting 11? No. But I’m sure there’s a cunning plan. He’s very good in tight spots, control seems to be a key component of his game, and his final ball looks really, really sharp.

I didn’t expect this sort of signing, but he does check the box of ‘better end product’ that we need. Arsenal has to find more goals next season, this guy might help us get there. 7 goals isn’t the greatest in Portugal but combined with 16 assists, it shows where things couldn’t be going for someone very young.

What is very interesting is no one picked up on this deal. Arsenal don’t have the biggest wallet, so they have to make their moves in silence, if we pull this off, it’ll be quite something because none of the big journos had a clue.

There are some other stories doing the rounds, the Italian journos who called the Vlahovic bid are saying we’re looking at Oshimen for £80m, some German folk are saying Nkunku for £100m (lol), and The Times are reporting that we’re frontrunners for Gabi Jesus and that deal will be done.

One day after crying like babies on the Patreon Podcast, we’re out here perking up and puffing out our chests?

A good day. Why don’t YOU tell ME how you think this transfers works for our squad?

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  1. Mr Serge

    so spurs bought ndombele for 64m form lyon and then loaned him back to lyon for 2m and he played 11 games all season and now he is going back to spurs lol i love how they waste money,

  2. Wicked Willy


    I actually watched him a few times in Ligue Un, and I spoke to a lot of Lyon fans, and they and I were convinced he was an absolute world beater. None of us detected a lazy streak (I felt that applied more to Aouar), but yes, it certainly feels like we have seen a different player when he came over here. Its a phenomena we’ve seen many times before, and will likely see again. Maybe Ndombele would have thrived in the days of Le Tissier when you could get away with it!

    I agree that Bissouma’s PL pedigree massively increases the chances of it being a successful transfer, and given the way Potter plays, I imagine he would have slotted in nicely. But we didn’t do it, and I’m ok with that. I don’t believe him to be a transformative player, more of a value add player.

    He may end up making me eat my words by hitting a new level, or he may end up in jail! Would be interesting to know if we would have gone for him if he hadn’t have had problems with the law.

    Anyway, here’s to Partey playing 4000 minutes next season and rendering the conversation moot!

  3. AFC Forever

    I removed the shell from my racing snail the other day.

    I thought it would make him move faster.

    Sadly, it just made him more sluggish.

  4. AFC Forever


    “Anyway, here’s to Partey playing 4000 minutes next season and rendering the conversation moot!”

    Damn, you beat me to the Friday joke mate.

  5. WengerEagle


    Pogba is a weird case. Not sure if I can remember a player that blows hot and cold more often and in the same sequence can play an outrageous 30-40 yard Trivela through-ball that maybe a handful of players on the planet can do and then badly misplace a 5 yard crab pass in the very next move.

    Think he let the marketing, hype and his own ‘brand’ get to his head and his on-field production has suffered for it. Maybe a lack of motivation too as he has now won the World Cup as well as tonnes of trophies at Juventus although still yet to win the CL.

  6. TR7

    “Berbatov was lazy as they come but my days was he a magician on the ball.”

    When will we see mercurial talents again in football? I am kind of bored with efficient, hard working and methodical players.

  7. Siddeeq

    Elneny is a solid back up DM as long as Xhaka is Not next to him. Xhakalson makes everyone look bad including the FBs.

  8. AFC Forever


    “Think he let the marketing, hype and his own ‘brand’ get to his head and his on-field production has suffered for it.”

    I actually believe this to be the case. He’s another of those who let their ego and other interests get in the way of their football. Such a talent though, can do it all.

    His documentary is out on Amazon Prime today. – The ‘Pogmentary’ – In it he claims he fell out with the miserable one, Mourinho, when he went to Miami to recover from a hamstring injury – without his manager’s permission.

    Pogba: ‘It all started when I got injured. I decided to go to Miami for rehab and left England. In Miami, a paparazzo photographed me with my wife Zulay. Mourinho sent the photo to Raiola, my agent. I didn’t like it at all… at all. I said to Mourinho, “are you serious? I am injured, but I come here to train three times a day. Who do you think I am? I’m not like other players”.

    Probably says it all.

  9. WengerEagle

    ”When will we see mercurial talents again in football? I am kind of bored with efficient, hard working and methodical players.”

    Ronaldinho, Riquelme, Totti, Baggio, Rivaldo, Recoba, Aimar, Valeron, list goes on.

    Would be pretty damn fascinating to see how these maverick types would fit into the modern game.

  10. WengerEagle


    Ibrahimovic definitely has a bigger ego than Pogba and was Mino’s OG client that shot him to fame but he still has the work-rate and discipline of a Spartan which is why he is still contributing heavily to winning league titles at age 40.

    I always thought the whole Ibra thing was a way for him to take some pressure off of his team-mates. Of course the guy loves himself too but it is very played up and exaggerated for the English media particularly.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg

    Elneny is ok as a backup to Partey as long as he has a competent partner that isn’t Xhaka.

    For a couple of games, not for more than half the season if Parteys injury record stays the same as the last 2 years. That’s why we need reinforcement there.

  12. GD4

    Clearly nothing was directed at you so stop being a busybody and go read the comments. Bissouma is not in jail and has been playing football. This isn’t a Greenwood, Siguurdsson or Mendy matter so it’s either ignorance or racism.

    By the way you don’t know my skin color so stop being ignorant

  13. Marko

    Arsenal defensive priority this window is Lisandro Martinez. Wanted for ability to play LCB / LB + 24yo Argentina international said to be keen. Sources indicate ~€30m bid already rejected by #Ajax but #AFC will keep pushing. That & more

    Actually really like him can also play DM too