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We knew it would happen at some point.

A team.

Somewhere in the world.

Would sign Yves Bissouma.

It happened.

It was Spurs.

You can’t argue with the talent. He plays the sort of powerful-base-of-midfield-football that Premier League fans LOVE. Brighton are no mugs, he’s usually at the centre of all the good things they do, and our rivals have snapped him up for £25m.

I can’t knock the signing, though I do wonder if there was a ‘some bad shit went down’ coupon code because £25m in this market seems very, very low. Especially from a club that has a notoriously tough owner to negotiate with. I wonder if the move is Spurs because other clubs didn’t want to risk repuational issues around certain types of assaulet that caused big PR os

I’m not really fussed about players we should have signed, they were plentiful last year, and generally the players the fans like the most tend to move and perform the worst. What is frustrating is we’re 14 days out from the first day of preseason and we’ve made one new signing who will likely ping right back out on loan.

That won’t matter if we move in some new talent before that, but the history of our great club is to generally fumble the transfer window, then start the season really poorly.

Last season could have been a lot easier if we had out bodies in by July 1st. Spurs have done their business super early. However much I enjoy trolling them, they have done us here, and that is frustrating.

There are some strong links though.

The Athletic reckons we are going for Raphina.

Most publications are supporting the idea that Jesus is a top target and he favors moving to us.

Tielemans feels like our roll of the dice on £25m and I think fans will love him if he joins.

I just wish we’d get going on this so we have the best chance of a good start next season.

When you think about it, the messy start cost us Top 4. You get one win out of that opening 3 and we’re rolling. There were obviously deeper issues than players, but I think being massively underprepared squad wise was a learning moment.

Will we learn? Or will we all be crying come the start of the season?

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    There are in my view two specific objectives in this summer’s transfer window.

    1. To strengthen two key positions in our starting line up specifically the centre forward and
    creative central midfield positions. This needs to be completed if possible by the beginning
    of July ie over next two weeks.

    2. To strengthen our squad, which was not only lacking numbers, but also in quality as well.

    Arsenal have already sorted out the goalkeeping position. Ramsdale is first choice, Turner
    is second choice replacing Leno and Arsenal rotate next season Hein for Okonkwo.

    As matters stand Arsenal will have a full complement of four Centre Backs with the addition
    of SalIba. He will be competing with White and Gabriel and also can play in a three Centre Back lineup.

    We have at the moment as first choice full backs Tomiyasu and Tierney. However, Arsenal
    were seriously weakened when both these players were injured at same time. Cedric is an
    average right back but I suspect will be retained for his experience and is okay for games
    against weak opposition. We need a squad left back and ideally a player who is two footed.
    Hickey is reputed to be the main option.

    We need an experienced Central Midfield who provides more creativity and goalscoring opportunities than Messrs Partey, Xhaka and Elneny. Ideally he should start alongside
    Partey, but what is important IS that we have the option of rotation in squad without weakening team. The key in that department is “experience” factoring the youth elsewhere.

    The central attacking midfield position is unlikely to change this season. Odegaard and
    Smith-Rowe should be more than adequate.

    We have two decent wingers on the books in Martinelli and Saka, but we need someone
    better and more consistent in squad than Pepe who can rotate with these two players. The
    fourth option should be a promising youngster. We have recruited Marquinos and we have
    also got on the books two highly talented U23s in Flores and Hutchinson who could also be
    challenging for a place in squad next season. Flores is already playing for senior Mexican
    senior team.

    Finally the major hole in starting eleven is the centre forward. This needs to be sorted out
    as quickly as possible. I assume that Nketiah will sign a new contract and will be our second

    So I assume that Arsenal will need to add four new players to the squad in LB, CMF, W and

  2. InsideRight

    It’s interesting that people are talking about Broja again. Yes, he’s young and learning but has less of a track record than Eddie. He went off the boil big style in the second half of the season and even though Hassenhuttl wants to keep him on loan for another year, he did get called out publicly for his lack of application.

  3. Un


    You’re looking at £200m there on 5 players
    It’s just not gonna happen, especially with no champions league money and the value of our players going out so low
    Arteta really did fuck his ability to make on the players he didn’t want
    Pepe, AMN, Torreira should all have had minutes at our club this year. He yanked Guendouzi and auba because he fell out with them. Yeah they are known for bad attitude but he could have sold auba while his stock was high after the FA cup win and he could have kept Guendouzi sweet for 3 months and then fucked him off while his stock was high
    Young manager, still learning but he really seems to cut his nose off. Wenger used to sell cheap sometimes but he always made great profit and bought wisely Even near the end. £16m on Santi, £12m on Giroud were absolute steals.

  4. raptora


    £65m SMS
    £16-20m Zinchenko (read City accepted Wolves offer of £16m but the player declined)
    £25m Bissouma
    £40m Jesus
    £40-45m Raphinha

    Ye around £180-200m there but price to quality is very good. Of course it’s dreamland but also doable if we wanted to actually do it.

  5. AFC Forever


    “Yeah they are known for bad attitude but he could have sold auba while his stock was high after the FA cup win”

    Yes, that is true, however, hindsight and assumption bias are easy cards to play. The reality was Auba was performing at that time to a very high level. Nobody in their right mind would have sold him then. We gave Aubamayang enough chances, for whatever reason he lost interest. He was a great player who scored some great goals but during his latter spell he couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo; he was missing sitters my wife would bury. I’m sure Chelsea fans would ask why they spent £100m on Lukaku but at the time it seemed like a no-brainer. Big problem with strikers, they cost a lot of money because they win you games on their own but as soon as they stop doing that you have a problem.

  6. InsideRight


    I think we can take Bissouma off the list now. He’s started trolling Arsenal and the media are picking up on it. He can go stuff a melon up his jacksy.

  7. Tom

    “I don’t consider that Liverpool had nearly the same level of toxic culture that we did when Arteta took over. So yes Tets could and should have done better, but I don’t believe there is equivalence. ”

    agree, there isn’t.
    That said, when Arteta took over the combined market value of Auba, Guenduzi and Torreira was around $170m.
    Considering these values mightve been inflated and taking covid fallout into account as well, had I told you then Arsenal would get close to nothing for the three players mentioned to get them off our books, you would’ve said I was insane and this would never happen.
    Yet here we are with exactly this scenario.
    We sold Guenduzi for almost what we paid Auba to score goals for Barca, and now it looks like Torreira will be back for his last year and then walk away on a free.

    Can you imagine Klopp handling these three with the same outcome?

  8. Wicked Willy

    Stroller. I like your analysis. However, I do think we need a killer WF. Otherwise, if Saka goes down our top 4 ambitions go up in smoke.

    The same could be said for Partey, but it’s easier for us to solve WF cover than it is Partey cover because his role is so unique.

  9. Muppetman

    I like the way people are blaming Arteta for not singing players. How does he benefit from Arsenal not signing anyone? Do you really think he is sitting there thinking yeah I’ll fuck over the fans and won’t progress my career at all.

  10. Valentin


    PSG wants to get rid of most of their current stars. They have already offered Neymar to Chelsea and ManUtd. They would gladly give him and Messi back to Barcelona, but Barcelona can’t even afford their salary.
    Scamacca would fit in their new model of getting youngish, hungry players willing to work as part of a team rather than individualities.
    Don’t be surprised ifvPSG get rid of plenty of players and do not replace them by stars but by French youngsters or even PSG academy players. Luis Campos has briefed the French media that he wants a core of talented, young and if possible French players at PSG. It is a complete departure of the previous model.


    Gouiri could become the new Benzema, but his football style is closer to Henry than Benzema. Galtier is trying to mould him into a mix of Henry and Luis Suarez. Until now Gouiri has shown good professional attitude but success could easily go his head and become the new BenArfa. Who most agree was the most Talented of his generation but completely wasted his career.

    I don’t know enough of his family background to have an inkling one direction or the other. At least in interview he appears humble and hard worker.

    I don’t think that he is ready to explose yet. IMHO he needs 1 more year, but he has the attributes and so far the attitude to become another great French striker.

  11. Tom

    “Not sure anyone is blaming Arteta for not signing players??”

    No one is.
    Arteta said he would’ve signed 6 players in January if he was allowed to.

  12. Valentin

    “I don’t consider that Liverpool had nearly the same level of toxic culture that we did when Arteta took over. So yes Tets could and should have done better, but I don’t believe there is equivalence. ”

    Liverpool had the same level of toxic behaviour. It was just sorted behind close door without causing a public stir. Also conflict resolution was much better at Liverpool than at Arsenal.

    When Henderson questioned his position under Klopp, Klopp acknowledged that he made a mistake and moved on. They talked about it in private and that was the end of it. Here Arteta escalated every minor disagreement and play the “it’s him or me” card every time. So we lost players with good financial value for pittance.

    If Moustafi was so toxic, why did Arteta offered him an extension that he refused?
    If Guendouzi was so hated by so many players, why was he made France U21 captain?
    If Auba was such a bad apple, do you think that Saka would have publicly thanked him after he left?

    The difference is that respect was given from both side. Liverpool players fully embraced Klopp method and personalities, and in return Klopp treated them as adult.

    whilst at Arsenal anyone who did not immediately toes the line was seen as the enemy and treated as such. Pedro calling Arteta transactional in his relationship with players is just a polite euphemism for selfish control freak lacking empathy.

  13. Tom

    AFC , I disagree that a fixture scheduling in itself doesn’t matter.
    I’d take CP(A), Leicester(H), Bournemouth (A) over Brentford, Chelsea, City to start the season any day.

  14. Un


    I genuinely wanted us to sell auba at the time, after the fa cup win
    I never liked him. Always thought he was a tap in merchant who went missing in big games (cup semi and final vs city and chavs aside)
    I genuinely wanted an pepe and Torreira to be more included too, I was quite vocal about this throughout Arteta’s tenure.
    Either way, he’s paid to get these decisions right and while he has done pretty well, he’s made some quite obvious mistakes (I say from my comfy arm chair 😆)

  15. andy1886

    AFCF If you can’t tell the difference between blanket statements about the fixture list and direct personal attacks on another poster (usually with an insult thrown in) then as Pedro likes to say “I can’t help you”.

  16. andy1886

    AFCF: “There is no such thing as an easy or difficult fixture list at the start of the season. Stating that the fixture list is ‘kind’ is definitely some form of weird obsessional belief almost akin to claiming Aliens made you a cooked breakfast.”

    Odd then how our difficult (my opinion, no aliens required) start to last season was used so often as mitigation for our lack of results. I don’t recall you jumping on that and commenting that “there is no such thing as an easy or difficult fixture list at the start of the season”

  17. Valentin


    I think that fixtures matter when you are on a run or when the team is badly prepared or unsure of itself.

    Teams on a good run don’t mind difficult games, because that does not derail their enthusiasm, a victory lift them up even further and a loss is just quickly forgotten before the next game unless it is a shocking defeat.

    Teams on a bad run will dread the difficult games, but any unexpected good performance or even lucky victory could lift them up.

    Last season we lost to Chelsea and ManCity, but realistically nobody thought we were going to win those games anyway. The atmosphere around the club would have been much worse if we had lost the initial sequence of games against Palace and Brighton instead.

    The problem is that if recruitment is late, we may have an uncomplete team for the first few rounds of matches. We won’t be able to benefit from an international break after round 3 to integrate the late comer.

  18. Siddeeq

    A manager who shoves a player with an injury back into the field has No moral authority to correct toxic behavior

  19. andy1886

    AFCF: “There is no such thing as an easy or difficult fixture list at the start of the season”

    So there is no difference between:

    PALACE (A)


    MAN CITY (A)

    I think that most sane people (and the bookies) would disagree.

  20. Tom

    Val, when was the last time Arsenal went into a season with a settled squad chock full of talent and ready to roar?
    That’s why facing Chelsea and City in your first three fixtures wouldn’t be my preference.
    Especially after starting the season away to a promoted side still used to winning, even if in the lower league.

  21. Tom

    Andy, ask any manager when they would like to play City or Liverpool away and ten times out of ten they’d say something other than early on so we can get them out of the way.

  22. Nelson

    “A manager who shoves a player with an injury back into the field has No moral authority to correct toxic behavior”
    Hasn’t Partey just returned from the World Cup qualification, helping his country to advance. He was asked to play against Palace after he got off the plane. The rest is history.

  23. Mr Serge

    Distanced hairlineJune 16, 2022 15:07:13
    Arteta is trying to waste money, Gabriel jesus is shit, scamacca is better and cheaper

    as connor mcgreggor once said who the fuck is this guy

  24. Mr Serge

    Apperently we activated Fabio vieira release clause 32m he is on his way for a medical the kid can play

  25. Valentin


    I understand what you are saying but to me we are not going to win those matches anyway, so let’s have them out of way knowing that Arsenal will not be ready anyway. Because let’s be frank Arsenal late recruitment and players involvement in the Nation League and world cup qualifiers means that Arsenal squad will start their pre season training late compared to many of the EPL.

    Losing to those big teams early should have less consequence than losing to Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton because the team is not yet ready.
    We can still lose to lesser teams, but the likelihood of losing because the team is not ready should be less later on than the first day of the season.
    Look at the bookies odds of high scoring games, they are much higher at the beginning of the season and at the tail end of it.

    At the end because teams that have nothing to play for players have already mentally switched off. They are already on holiday and will not put their body on the line and risk an injury. Lose 4-0 and go on the beach in a week. Lose 4-0 when still threaten by relegation and the players have extra sessions.

    High scoring results also occured at the beginning of the season, because teams have not started and completed their pre season training at the same time. Teams that have to play Europe competition pre qualifiers early on tend to be sharper. Others less so.

    Hence those strange unexpected early results.

  26. InsideRight

    If reports about Fabio Vieira are correct, then that’s more like it.

    That’s not a judgement about the player, but an assessment of how to get business done. No long trail in the media, no boring saga of back and forth, but find your target and go after him quickly and efficiently.

    If Vieira signs then it would represent progress on that front.

  27. Mr Serge

    inside right he is a little like santi with his quick feet and has an eye for a pass 16 assists in portugal last season

  28. David.D

    I love those under the radar transfers!!!

    One of the best was Eduardo(What a player)

    Just out of the blue appeared on our website.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    My personal view is that Arsenal’s transfer and planning has not changed since it was first devised towards the end of last season.

    Arteta announced last season that he planned to bring back Saliba to play in CB and Turner
    was recruited as second string goalkeeper.

    The two primary targets for CMF and CF have not changed since the end of last season. They are Tielemans and Jesus. Newspaper and Media Pundits have brought up different names, but there is very little evidence that Arsenal’s plans have changed.

    There is considerable evidence that Arsenal planned also to replace Tavares and Pepe. So
    I assume that the rumours circulating about bringing in a left back and winger are accurate.

    I have no reason to believe that Hickey is not the first choice left back. So the only position
    where recruitment is unclear is a replacement winger.

    My guess is that winger will be the last piece in jigsaw to resolve and recruitment will depend on budget available from sales of unwanted players.The situation regarding Leno,
    Bellerin, Mari, Torreira, Maitland-Niles and Pepe need to be factored into our overall budget.

  30. InsideRight

    Mr Serge

    I was thinking about Santi when I saw his name. He’s got the same short stature. If he can turn into a new Santi, happy days.

    I still want to see another DM come in though. We need more screen for the defence.

  31. Mr Serge

    pool have first refusal on him hence we activted his clause otherwise we may have got him slightly cheaper, hopefully pool don’t gazump us

  32. raptora

    Arsenal final proposal submitted for Fábio Vieira: €35m guaranteed plus add ons. They will not activate the release clause for €50m but decided to negotiate with Porto. ⭐️🇵🇹 #AFC
    Porto are prepared to accept, once final details on the payment terms will be discussed.

    We’re not paying the clause yet. Trying to negotiate supposedly.

  33. InsideRight

    I hope the stories that Man Ure and Spuds were interested in him were not agent talk to drive up the price for an Arsenal bid.

    No matter. If Porto have accepted a fee and the player is inbound for a medical, the ball is in our court now. He fits the profile and his development suggests he’s got something about him. I just hope we can pull something out of the bag for a DM. Unless Benny Blanco is going to be moved into midfield as a DM, we need to bring someone in.

  34. InsideRight


    We need more strength in depth and to be able to change things up. Vieira would complement ESR and Odegaard in the squad with all those extra games. It will increase competition for places too.

  35. raptora

    Interesting that Fabio Vieira was used as a squad player and I can’t say he was a starter.

    0 starts in 6 Champions League games
    2 starts in 4 Europa League games
    15 starts in 34 Portugal League games
    2 starts in 7 Portugal Cup games

    19 starts in 51 games

    0 injuries

    7 goals and 16 assists

    Has games almost entirely as AM and Second Striker, some as Left midfielder.

    His stats are impressive but why the fuck was he a reserve?! Surely we’re not buying another AM, maybe a competition for Martinelli?

  36. Marko

    Tr7 that’s what I’m thinking. It’s a very arsene Wenger move basically flooding the squad with CAM’s and trying to fit them into the side. Good player by all and can play on the right like Saka but he’s better as a 10 like Odegaard and ESR.

  37. Matt

    Pepe surely has to be off. There is no future for him at the club so we just have to cut our losses on him.

    Will go down as pound for pound possibly the worst signing of all time.

  38. Ishola70


    “If he is a CAM then how do we accomodate him when we have Ode and ESR ?”

    He looks pretty versatile in being able to play most positions in the final third so he could be a replacement for Pepe.

    He’s played ACM, CM, on the wings and secondary striker.

    Apparently Arsenal’s main focus in this window is to improve on goals and clear chances created. Clear big chances created that is rather than “strengthening” central midfield so the links to Tielemans make sense as well because despite his overall fluffiness in central midfield he can assist and score some goals.

    Xhaka’s first team position in the side will not be truly threatened along with Partey.

    It’s Odegaard that will have pressure on his first team place which will upset Rich and as for Smith-Rowe well for a club proclaiming project youth he will be lowered down a further peg in regards a first team place.

  39. Marko

    Vieira would complement ESR and Odegaard in the squad with all those extra games.

    Are we paying 40 million for squad depth? Gotta question what’s going on at Arsenal if that’s the case

  40. raptora

    Pepe is obviously off but we’re bringing someone who’s main position is AM or SS to add competition and rotation for our wingers? Surely we could bring a specialist winger?! I like the profile, obviously. But we know that Odegaard is Arteta’s favorite. We don’t make much sense to add more players to one of the positions we have 2 good players in.

  41. Ishola70

    Never seen this boy Vieira play live for a full 90 minutes but always have time and interest in any Portuguese players.

  42. EdTheREd

    I like what I see on Youtube from Viera, aside from looking a bit on the frail side, but we seem to be paying twice the market value for his services.

  43. raptora

    Odegaard started 26 games in a row in the CAM position and ESR got none. Yet, we’re bringing in someone to rotate with Ode?! No fkin way. Unless we move Odegaard in CM and we’re going to play both him and Vieira.

    I like Fabio’s family name though.

  44. Marko

    Fábio Vieira will be an Arsenal player. He is on vacation in Greece and will be heading to London soon. The process started a few weeks ago with the intermediation of Jorge Mendes, with FC Porto now saying “yes” to Arsenal’s proposal

    Jorge Mendes… Pedro will be livid

  45. Ishola70

    As others have said Vieira is likely to play on the wing and replace Pepe as he is to play ACM.

    Versatile in that respect.

  46. InsideRight


    To be fair, if Liverpool asked for first refusal on him then someone with solid judgement rates him as a very good prospect. If he produces, his value will increase markedly from what we are paying.

  47. Marko

    I think Vitinha or Matteus Nunes would have made more sense given our current struggles in midfield not another CAM but he should be a good signing. Plus for me is when it inevitably goes tits up for Mikel we’d have a player someone like Amorim would be familiar with.

  48. Ishola70

    “I like it, but can someone tell me why he started a total of 19 out of 51 games?”

    I don’t know about those stats but we are going for “potential” again in regards Vieira.

    Not an absolutely established player at Porto shall we say.

    Rolling those dice on him.

  49. Matt

    Who will be the first to say it – ‘We are paying £30m for Vieira at 22 so we don’t need to pay £60m for him at 25’…

  50. DivineSherlock

    7 goals and 16 assists , reminds me of Bernado Silva . Great scouting . Fabio Viera , really hope he joins us.

  51. Ishola70

    I actually think Arteta prefers and likes to bring in shall we say rough diamonds over established players so he can work on them and hone them.

    And of course Kroenke will love him for that because it means a certain transfer fee paid out for non-established players.

  52. Samesong

    I like this but if business. Out there of nowhere doing my youtube scouting right now. Left footer. Quick feet. Look very easy on the ball. Slick passer. Good finisher.

  53. Mr Serge

    It’s 30m not 40 or 50 Marko how can you shit on the transfer when it has not happened yet
    Fuck me some peeps are miserable

    Jesus is coming too by the sounds of it

  54. Wicked Willy

    Wow, I’ve got no idea who this kid is, but a goal contribution every 66 minutes in the Portuguese League at 22 is MIGHTY impressive., especially from midfield. It actually just beats Darwin Nunez, and he was in attack asks is double the money!!

  55. Freddie Ljungberg

    Good player. Bit of a weird signing though.
    I’m guessing we haven’t signed a backup for Saka or Ode for 30m+ so where do we see him playing, CM?

    A midfield with Viera and Ode would maybe work with a Partey in top form but as soon as he dips or gets injured it would fall apart, none of our other players are good enough to hold that together.
    Curious to see what happens there. Surely this means we’re no longer in for Tielemans?

  56. InsideRight

    One thing is for sure, it will be fascinating to see Arteta’s plan for combining Martinelli, ESR, Odegaard, Saka, Vieira and potentially Tielemens.

    If he is still planning to bring in Jesus, maybe Eddie could be on his way out and Martinelli could move into the middle. The fact Eddie has still not been confirmed as signing a new deal and is now out of contract, should be raising questions.

  57. EdTheREd


    All fine and dandy, but I really hope it’s not another Lokonga type signing.
    The kid is obviously talented, so let’s hope for the best.

  58. raptora

    I just checked that he is a Porto product and has total of 26 starts as a 22 year old. Why so underplayed.. The likes of Eddie and Martinelli have more. Bukayo had more than that aged 19. Just curious why wouldn’t Porto start him.

  59. Marko

    And of course Kroenke will love him for that because it means a certain transfer fee paid out for non-established players.

    It’s 40 million. That’s a good fee not a bargain and I’m so sure kroenke will be over the moon with 100’s of millions spent in recent years

  60. InsideRight


    I would hope not for that money. Pay over €30m for a player and you should be expecting him to figure. Surely the club has learned a lesson from Pepe.

  61. Ishola70

    “I just checked that he is a Porto product and has total of 26 starts as a 22 year old. Why so underplayed.”

    Because as said before he is a “potential” player rather than an established player.

    Should we be worried that he is not an established player at Porto at 22yo? Sure we could be getting another Tavares in.

    But that’s the plan at Arsenal for the most part. Signing “potential” players.

  62. WengerEagle

    Well that Fabio Vieira kid came out of nowhere. Anyone watch Porto closely?

    His stats are pretty great for a 22 year old. Is he able to play wide is the question? Or is he yet another CAM?

  63. DivineSherlock

    Mr Serge

    I think Arteta has been clear he needs bodies and the sooner we shift from dependence on Xhaka , the better . I was even willing to accomodate Ceballos if it meant Xhaka is off . This Fabio Viera lad looks likely to play that advanced role that Xhaka was playing in the second half of the season.

  64. Ishola70


    “It’s 40 million. That’s a good fee not a bargain and I’m so sure kroenke will be over the moon with 100’s of millions spent in recent years”

    I’ve heard 30m which is just about palatable but still over-paying for me.

    40m is clearly over-paying for the lad.

    As Raptora says he has not even been an established player at Porto at 22yo.

    He better have massive “potential” then for 40m.

  65. Ishola70


    “This Fabio Viera lad looks likely to play that advanced role that Xhaka was playing in the second half of the season.”

    I’m as desperate as you seem to be to shift Xhaka but Vieira is not being brought in to replace Xhaka.

  66. WengerEagle

    Just from a quick 5 minute Grimandtube, he looks a very skilful and talented player.

    But he is extremely left-foot dominant, like Odegaard.
    He seems to play CAM, like Odegaard.
    Doesn’t show much off the ball, like Odegaard.

    Do we really have £30m+ to spend on another CAM and a player similar to Odegaard? Just seems strange.

  67. Marko

    Fabio Vieira set to join Arsenal from Porto. Fee €35m + €5m, 5yr deal. 22yo AMF flying to London today & will undergo medical before completing move. Process started + managed by Jorge Mendes

    That’s what Ornstein is saying. Look don’t get me wrong I’m not actually complaining I’m more critiquing the idea behind the signing and the thought process given our needs. It screams very much like last summer spending in areas that weren’t critical while overlooking ones that are I.e central midfield and attack. I’m also wondering about all the links to the likes of Jesus, Scamacca, Oshimen and Tielemens cause hypothetically speaking if we sign Vieira, Tielemens, Jesus and a striker then assuming that Jesus is playing on the wing we’ll have a pretty bloated attack

  68. WengerEagle

    Pedro’s last two tweets are pretty funny and contradictory.

    Fabio Vieira is a player he has been ‘following closely for 7 years’ and yet he has never mentioned him on here once?

    And then he mocks ‘hot takes from all the silent experts’ on Fabio Vieira in the very next tweet.

  69. Ishola70

    All Arsenal care about in this transfer window is to try to address goals scored. More goals wanted.

    The thing about these “potential” signings is that no-one knows whether it is a truly good signing or not which is……….. errr intriguing.

  70. WengerEagle

    Yeah Marko, that’s how I feel about it pretty much.

    It’s an exciting deal for a player that looks very good and talented but it’s hardly a position that we were light in with Odegaard and ESR.

    My hope is that Vieira can play wide and be effective from LF. He has an excellent cross/delivery on him, old-school type wideman maybe? Would prefer Abraham to Jesus in that scenario.

  71. Ishola70


    “Fabio Vieira is a player he has been ‘following closely for 7 years’ and yet he has never mentioned him on here once?”

    lol that would take some doing as he is still not an established player at Porto.

    Sounds like nonsense.

    Unless Pedro has been settling down in front of his TV all these years with his salt cod and custard tarts taking in everything from the Portuguese league.

  72. andy1886

    “How many other Portuguese 15-year olds has Pedro been following closely? Lol”

    Was just thinking the same. Pedro might be wise to retract that one.

  73. WengerEagle


    Outside of Luis Diaz who was tearing up trees for the better part of a year or two in Portugal as well as scoring worldies in last summer’s Copa America it is safe to say that most players in Portugal are a bit of an unknown. Nunez probably goes for half the amount he went for if he didn’t score those CL knockout goals against Pool especially.

    It’s not a good league but it does produce a lot of talent, mainly South American exports on 3rd party ownership deals, etc.

  74. RP7

    Fabio Vieira is a no.10.
    His 2nd position is on the wing.

    So no need to compare him to Santi. He’s a rival to Odegaard.
    Which mean ESR is permanently a LWF, competing with Martinelli.

    It means we still need a central midfielder.
    Cause this Vieira kid has zero defensiveness about him, less than Odegaard.

  75. andy1886

    Lol, people moaning about a lack of enthusiasm for a potential new signing while at the same time suddenly he’s the ‘new Bernardo Silva’.

    Have you forgotten Pepe?? The best thing since sliced bread and a couple of years later a steaming turd of a purchase.

    I don’t know if this one will succeed or fail and despite all the YouTube clips in the word neither does anyone else on here including Pedro.

  76. Ishola70


    As said before I have always had an interest in Portuguese players because of their history of being good purchases even stretching to Tavares lol

    You can watch Portuguese football if you really want but most haven’t the time or inclination.

    You can find full recordings of Portuguese league matches on the internet if you look hard enough and especially of the big three Porto, Benfica and Sporting but who would be bothered to do that. Perhaps if you have Portuguese parentage.

  77. WengerEagle

    ”It means we still need a central midfielder.
    Cause this Vieira kid has zero defensiveness about him, less than Odegaard.”

    Yeah not a single tackle or interception from his Grimandtube highlights, lol. I also didn’t see much in the way of dribbling, most of the video showed him to be an excellent passer and possessing great vision and decision-making.

    He’s being called Bernardo Silva II but Bernardo is a great dribbler.

  78. Samesong

    Unless Pedro has been settling down in front of his TV all these years with his salt cod and custard tarts taking in everything from the Portuguese league

    Lol love those custard tarts.

  79. WengerEagle


    Why do you think that is? Portuguese are probably the most successful imports after French players in PL history.

    Spain too make for great imports. Italy not so much, or Germany.

  80. Ishola70

    “Why do you think that is? Portuguese are probably the most successful imports after French players in PL history.”

    Certain characteristics and versatility in being able to transport your game to the English League most probably who knows that is prevelant in the Portuguese League.

  81. LoveSausage

    Has anyone actually watched this Fabio kid play? This is the first time I’m hearing about him. Looks good on YouTube, for what it’s worth. Still feels like an insane amount of money to spend on someone who won’t be a starter. If we have 150M to spend and this is just a sequencing issue, then fine. But I suspect that’s not the case.

  82. Tom

    Between writing a daily blog, jet setting between Europe and Americas, and having a successful advertising career Pedro has also been keeping tabs on unknown 15 year old football players.
    The man is a genius.