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There’s a story in The Daily Mail today stating that Arteta is not happy at our slow start to the transfer window. Could that be true? Likely. I mean, there were similar stories that he was pissed about how we ran the window last summer. He was raging before the Brentford game and you could kind of understand why.

Though I must say, it does feel a little early to be getting upset about deals. Not a lot of action has been had by other clubs and I think our reality transfers-wise is that we’re trying to play in a higher tier without having higher tier money. That means we’re competing for the dregs of the upper echelon and that might mean waiting.

The only thing that gets me is Dortmund do their business early every summer with no drama and they sign some pretty decent players. They’ve dropped £60m already and brought 7 new players to the club. We have Marquinhos, someone we paid money for despite them having 3 months to go on their deal.

Still, the rumours are giving us a pretty clear indication of where Arteta is regarding talent.

We’re signing a midfielder. It’ll likely be Youri Tielemans.

We’re signing a striker, the big question is whether Jesus is that striker, or is it someone like Scamacca, who fits the profile of what we’ve been trying to do for the last year.

We’re going to replace Nico. Today, we’re being linked with Jarrod Bowen. People scoff at him because he’s from Dagenham, but his numbers tell the story, he scored 18 goals in all competitions and landed 12 assists. He’s very impressive, he scores in big games, and he’s absolutely relentless. He looks like the sort of player Liverpool give a career to.

Raphinha, with the fancier name, is obviously going to excite people more. The 25-year-old scored 11 goals and landed 3 assists for a struggling Leeds side. Again, he has output, he’s played in a system that demands a relentless workrate, and he’d be a huge upgrade on Nico.

The story here is the players, it’s the profile. The big money is going to go on players that can put the ball in the net. Then the rest of the squad upgrades are going to have to come out of a smaller budget. Ainsley seems to be attracting interest from Nottingham Forest, so it seems like there’s a limited chance of him getting invited back in. Nuno is going out on loan.

The dreams of replacing Cedric are just that, he’s on a long-term deal that massively overvalues him, he ain’t going nowhere. The other thing we have to consider is BNC who will probably get a loan in the Championship next season, which, if successful will see him competing for Arsenal the season after.

Arsenal are going to need to spend cash on fullbacks this summer, but I think they are going to have play in the riskier tier 3 bucket because we are not flush with Zinchenko money for back-up.

I said at the end of the season that you shouldn’t be shocked if Granit Xhaka exits the building this summer, I don’t think it’s an urgent move, but if there’s a deal to be had, I think the players and the club would take it. Well, the player has been linked with Bayer L. They have Champions League money this season, so a move for Granit isn’t unrealistic. Keeping him is absolutely fine, but he’s 29 years old now, we know that there’s a tax (mistakes/refs) with him, and we need to do better if we want to win the league in the future. If we upgraded him with a Neves or… in dreamland, someone like Savic, we’d come out the summer really strong.

Finally, Bernd Leno might be moving to Fulham this summer. The German wants to stay in London, he clearly wants to be in the running for the World Cup, so I expect this move makes a lot of sense.

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  1. EdTheREd

    What’s the point of paying £50+m for someone like Richarlison, when it’s certain he’d end up in argument with Arteta and would be given away for free by the end of the season?

    Kroenkes ARE proper bastards, but they AREN’T stupid.

  2. Northbanker

    Given the TW only actually opened on Friday and most targets are in international camps playing in the ridiculous and utterly boring Nations Cup, it’s hardly surprising that no one has been signed yet

    The players need to return from the Pointless Cup before any real negotiations can conclude

  3. Tom

    WEagle, how are Pool paying 100m for Nunez?
    The latest figures I’ve seen stated £68m in guaranteed money plus £20m in add ons.
    Bayern’s first offer for Mane was £20 m plus £10m in add ons if they win the CL, so it’s anyone’s guess how likely those add ons in Nunez’ contract might kick in.

    £68m is still a lot but that’s the market right now , and when United are in for the same player you want badly , then you don’t fuck around and pay the asking price

    Pool also know 20% of that goes to Almeria straight away and Benfica don’t have to sell.
    Also , if the Diaz contract is anything to go by Nunez will end up on very manageable wages over the five years making this deal way more attractive than at first glance.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    The best summer we could do imo is this if we can get it done.
    LB, Zinchenko/Grimaldo
    DM Bissouma/Douglas Luiz (if we sell Xhaka)
    CM Tielemans/Savic (if the price us right)
    RW/LW Raphinha/Gnabry
    ST Jesus/Abraham

    Sell Leno, Ballard, Mari, Bellerin, Torreira, Xhaka (if we find a buyer), Pepe, Nelson.
    Loan, Tavarez, Marquinos, Azeez.
    Keep : Marcelo Flores, Omari Hutchinson, Charlie Patino, Salah Oulad.

    That would be the perfect summer.

  5. Pierre

    “It’s honestly so tiring and strange that we have managed to get the devaluing of players down to such a fine art”

    Do you mean a fine ARTeta

  6. Tom

    Pedro, agree all posters should be treated with certain level of respect, but saying EB has been more right than wrong ….. not sure about that one.

    If saying Arteta loves the club and will get us back to the elite levels given time is all you need to do to be considered a visionary around here, then EB fits the profile for sure.
    Outside of that…….he’s got most things waaaaay wrong on key issues.

  7. Pierre

    “Kroenkes ARE proper bastards, but they AREN’T stupid”

    They have overseen the most incompetant set of transfer dealings in the last 3 years that defy description.
    But no they aren’t stupid ?

  8. Tom

    I want Kroenke to give Arteta another £200m, like yesterday, but I couldn’t really blame him for holding back even at a fraction of that considering what Arteta’s done to the value of players he has deemed unsuitable.

  9. Tom

    Apropos of getting things right………anyone who said Arsenal are better off in Europa league next season should probably take some time off from commenting on anything football related.

  10. Pierre

    Richarlson is over rated..stay clear

    Bowen good player, but as i have said before has a similar game to Smith Rowe , so unless we sell smith rowe then Bowen would be a pointless signing

    Tielemans …is better than Xhaka ( not difficult) but I’m sure there are better midfielders out there…Bissouma for one .

    Jesus. .. would be a good addition , scores and assists , can play through the middle or wide, a better option than Martinelli at this stage in their careers

    Raphina, is ok but Olise is technically better and plays with more composure.

    Tammy Abrahams …no thanks

    Gnabry ..yes please , a game changer .

    Lorenzo pellegrini is the quality level we should be looking at in midfield..

  11. Tom

    Commenting on Conte’s Tottenham transfers should only be looked at from one angle; are the improving his squad in the immediate?’
    If they are, then how they are gonna affect the club two, three years from now is irrelevant.
    By then United will have gotten their shit together and overtaken us into the top four.

    Also if everything you said about Conte/Tottenham last season turned out to be completely wrong( Pedro) , maybe acting less self assured this time around might be a way to go.

  12. Samesong

    Raphina, is ok but Olise is technically better and plays with more composure.

    Olise is contracted to CP until 2026

    Release cause will probably be around 40 to 50M mark.

  13. englandsbest

    The Bard

    From Mystic Meg to Gloomy Glenda

    An insight into the mindset of the owner (and Arteta/Edu)? Yes, it’s gold dust – but we can all grab some. Start by listening to what they have to say. Then take a look at what they’ve done. Anybody who can’t see the progress made is blind as a bat.

    And, yes, Josh is ‘cutting his teeth’ at Arsenal (as are Arteta and Edu). A chance to prove himself, to step out of his dad’s shadow. If you see that much, you surely should be capable of cottoning onto the rest.

  14. Siddeeq

    Every le grover knew Olise at Reading but the highly paid football “experts” at Arsenal let CP get him for 8 m

  15. Northbanker

    Tom – absolutely no one on here thinks missing out on ECL is good. Nevertheless there are benefits of being in Europa. The games are less demanding and provide an opportunity along with 5 sub rule to blood young players

    At a time when so many Hale Enders are emerging the timing is excellent. This is how we can progress Patino, Hutchinson and Flores just as we did with Saka previously

    For a club that is still rebuilding it’s a decent outcome. Of course with a couple of key signings I’d expect Arsenal to qualify for the ECL next year

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Yesterday we were offered an opportunity of watching two centre forwards representing
    England and Italy who have been linked recently with Arsenal.

    Abraham is in my view yet another “lump” of a player who you can buy in the market for
    a fraction of the transfer fee that Roma would demand for him if Arsenal were to seek his
    services. The idea that he is worth £80 million transfer fee is laughable.

    The Italian striker showed more movement than his counterpart, but is raw and frankly looked a limited finisher.

    Frankly there are in my opinion few young strikers in the market with a “proven track record” who merit spending a stratospheric transfer fee. The best two are Haaland and
    Mbappe and their futures have now been determined this summer.

    So my view is that Jesus would be the best option. He may not be a prolific goalscorer, but
    he is despite some of the negatives posted on Le Grove a good footballer and “team player”.

    His versatility will also provide Nketiah the opportunity to compete for a place in our starting lineup.Realistically Arsenal are not going to buy a prolific goalscorer for a realistic
    price. Such players are not available.

  17. EdTheREd


    They might have been foolish to embark on the whole “Project”, “Process” or whatever is that thing called these days, but they DID financially back the manager, having not much more than blind faith to go with.

    The problem for the manager is that after 2 1/2 seasons in charge, blind faith will be replaced by some cold stats, especially financial stats, and they will not be nice reading.. Kroenkes are business men first and foremost, and will sooner or later realise that it’s ultimately cheaper to get rid f the manager, rather than constantly overhaul squad on yearly basis.

  18. Tom

    Nortbanker, I’m pretty sure I saw some comments saying Europa League was better for us next season.

    Agree about the benefits of easier games in group stages, but the negatives easily outweigh the benefits.
    Every year out of the CL makes it that much harder to get back in.

  19. Topside Northbank

    Well Kroenke’s own a few sports teams that are doing way better than we are.

    LA Rams superbowl champs who have invested deep to win it big contracts for top players in their positions.

    Denver Nuggets got to the NBA playoff’s.

    Colarado Avalanche NHL finalist’s and favourites to win the Stanley Cup.

    I suppose they see coming 5thwith Arsenal as a decent season European football and hope blindly that we can sustain that position for the next couple of seasons and sneak into the CL that way.

    Early in the transfer window so we wait and see what doesn’t happen just as much as what we might do.

  20. andy1886

    Stroller, if he’s not a prolific scorer what’s the point? May as well stick with Eddie. If you’re going to play him out wide that’s two out of Saka, ESR or Martinelli not getting game time (at which point I expect that they will be off). A few minutes in the cups or Europa League isn’t going to cut it. And Jesus isn’t sitting on the bench either. Waste of £45m in my opinion.

  21. Tom

    Newcastle United were the fourth best performers for the January/May period.
    They are clearly on the upward trajectory and even if the next season is too early for them, you wouldn’t be shocked to see them top four two seasons from now with the money available to them.

    Arsenal making top four next season shouldn’t be just a goal but absolute requirement, if getting back to the elite is the plan.
    But it won’t be, because we’re not that type of a club.

  22. englandsbest

    What do you do if you are a multi-billionaire and a sports nut? That’s right, you buy a sports club. The bigger the better. Right? Sure, if you are self-made. you don’t want a money-loser. But making money is not your main motive, it’s making your moniker that matters.

    And even more so if you are the offspring of a self-made multi-millionaire.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    For once I agree with your latest analysis.

    Arsenal’s starting X1 priorities are a central midfielder and striker.

    For the last two months the two players linked with Arsenal have been Tielemans and Jesus. Frankly I think that they are two realistic options for the club at the moment.

    Gnabry would also be a fantastic buy, but I am not sure that he is likely to come to us.

    Realistically Arsenal need budget to strengthen our squad as well. Recruiting an additional
    full back has to be a priority in the light of our weaknesses in those positions highlighted
    when both Tomiyasu and Tierney were both injured.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    I am sticking with Nketiah. However, if we lack a stand out striker on the books then we need
    at least two options who can collectively deliver the requisite goals.

    As I expressed before there are three forward positions in the team and collectively they need
    to produce at least 50-60 goals a season.Smith-Rowe, Saka and Nketiah are all capable of
    scoring 10-15 goals a season. So we need at least one additional player capable of scoring
    at least 10+.

  25. andy1886

    Stroller, of course we need a better striker but I’m not convinced that Jesus would be it. An area that tends to get a free pass is our midfield which has a terrible scoring record. Ideally we’d get most of those additional ten or so goals from that area of the pitch and perhaps Tielemans will contribute towards that. But Partey and Xhaka are an absolute liability when it comes to goal threat. Odegaard needs to improve his finishing too.

  26. Terraloon

    Factor this in for one second

    When the PL is put on pause come 12 November just 98 days after it starts, Arsenal will have had to play
    16 PL games
    6EL games
    1 Carabo Cup game

    So a total of 23 games in 98 days but from those 98 days you will lose another 12 days due to an International break between 19-27 September so that’s now 86 days.

    So 23 games in 86 days or a club game every 3 and a half days on average

    If Arsenal don’t gone into the season with a full squad in numerical terms then what you saw at the end of season 21/22 is almost certainly going to be repeated. Indeed there is a big article today that’s projecting a significant rise in injuries all round next season.

  27. Siddeeq

    “”TomJune 12, 2022 10:52:23
    Newcastle United were the fourth best performers for the January/May period”””

    I hope you are Not among the guys that critisize Ptah for his since chrismas table.

  28. Terraloon


    Smith-Rowe, Saka and Nketiah are all capable of
    scoring 10-15 goals a season.

    Ok they are young but you aren’t going to get in season 22/23 you aren’t going to get circa 45 goals in total from ESR, Saka and Nketiah.

    What you are effectively saying is at least one of them is going to score a goal minimum every league game.

    Of course it’s pure speculation but if you got 25-30 you will have done well.

    Even in 2003/4 when Henry scored 30 the top three scorers combined scored 48 in total

  29. Tom

    Sid, not a chance.
    Since Xmas table is almost as prestigious an achievement as our highly coveted youngest starting Xl trophy..

  30. Chris


    Which is why it’s baffling that we have to endure this interminable Nations League nonsense which nobody really cares about, putting the players under even more strain.

    You’re right, there will be injuries galore next season. It may make things a little more unpredictable, also bcos of the WC in the winter, teams on a hot streak of form will have their flow interrupted, or teams on a losing run can regroup. There’s always at least one big team that shits the bed each season, hopefully it’s not us and we prepare adequately this summer window.

  31. TR7

    Conte is a serial winner. Everything he touches turns to gold. Not much was made of Kulusevski and Bentackur signings but those signings helped Spurs leapfrog Arsenal in top 4 race. That’s why one needs to be a bit cautious in rubbishing his signings. He generally knows his stuff.

    A back up GK on free transfer who is clearly better than Gollini (Spurs’ current back up GK)

    Perisic on a free transfer who has a knack of scoring big goals in crunch matches and is a workhorse. A good back up for Son

    All of us know Spence was very good against Arsenal and looked a real deal. I don’t know how he has done since then but there’s no denying he has got talent. Can turn out to be a real bargain at best and an okay signing at worst for £20M

    Richarlison is not a very good striker. But the question is do Spurs need a prolific striker right now or someone who can fill in as no 9 if Kane needs rest or gets injured. Kane, Son, Kulusevski are all capable of scoring goals. Moura and Bergwin are also decent attacking players. Looks like Richarlison is being sought keeping in mind the fact that Spurs will be playing in 4 competitions and they can’t afford to overplay Kane and Son who are in their 30’s now.

  32. RP7

    All players whose contracts end in 2024 should either extend in the next 3, 4 weeks or be sold.
    No emotions. It is a rule now, no? No players entering the last 2 years?
    Otherwise they will hold the club to ransom once they only have 1 year left.
    Yes, that includes Saka. If he really loves the club, it’s a no brainer. Give him 150 k to extend the deal by at least 2 years, otherwise, good as he is, even he has to be sold.
    Of course, I’m more than 95% sure Saka will extend.
    But Xhaka and Pepe should be sold. Better get 15m each from the now, then watch them wait for their free agency in 2 years time.

  33. Chris

    I think sometimes players like Olise are better off moving from a Reading to a Crystal Palace for their career development.. How many promising players from the Championship make an immediate step up to a ‘big 6 team’ and perform to a high level? Not too many. I can think of Robertson but not any others right now. But we saw how Zaha’s career stalled at United.

    Of course the price then goes up for them down the line but they may be more ready to make such a big move at that stage.

    Personally if there is any truth to the Gnabry rumours we should be doing everything we can to make it happen, even if it means Stan dipping into his billions. Gnabry is good to go from the first minute and brings a fear factor also, something we could certainly do with more of. He is a big time player and game changer.

  34. RP7

    I think Perisic might play as a left wing back?

    Richarlison’s advantage is that like Mbappe he can play as CF, LW, or RW, so he can replace Kane, Son, or Kulusevski if needed. For 4 competitions, he’ll get 25 – 30 games, maybe more in case of injuries.

  35. Chris

    I’m not the biggest fan of Richarlison but I have sometimes wondered how he would do at a bigger team than Everton.

    The only time I watched Spence was when he played a blinder against us, but not sure how he was in general throughout the season. Sometimes players get signed off the back of impressive performances against bigger teams, why was it he was on loan from Boro to Forest anyway? Genuine question.

  36. Freddie Ljungberg

    If we need someone that moves the needle, and is prolific we need to be in for Nkunku instead of Jesus.

    Sure he’s been playing mostly at Cam but Arteta is never going to bench Ode so might as well bring him in as a striker, he’s been scoring most of his goals from a CF position anyways.
    Won’t cost much more than Man C want for Jesus.

    Ideal would be to add him as Cam and add a Cheapish nr 9 like Depay, Dembele or Bowen to the mix but it is what it is.
    Still better as CF than any other player we’ve been linked to.

    Add a Sangare/Bissouma/De Jong/SMS to that depending on budget and I wouldn’t mind waiting another year for every other position were we only need a backup. We’ve got options there even though they’re not the greatest.

  37. benkind

    😍 @MatteoGuendouzi’s remarkable first year as an Olympien.
    5⃣ ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
    4⃣ 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️
    4⃣ @FrenchTeam caps
    Can’t wait for next season!

    This was posted by the Marseille twitter. How we can sell him for 8million is crazy. Funny his replacement in Lonkonga is 1 year younger than him.

  38. TR7


    Yes, Richarlison can play across the front line which as you say means he can be a back up to Kane, Son and Kulusevski. Besides he works very hard off the ball. He is still young and can improve his game. He has got physical presence too. He certainly ticks a few important boxes as far as Spurs are concerned.

    We on the other hand need a real goal machine, so he doesn’t meet our requirement and perhaps why we aren’t in for him.

  39. Samesong

    why was it he was on loan from Boro to Forest anyway? Genuine question.

    Spence was excellent against Leceister in the cup also scoring a goal

    Won goal of the month

    Couple player of the month awards

    and made PFA team of the season.

    He is probably just as or better than Doherty. Good defensively arially. Excellent engine

    I rate him quite alot but yes it’s a big step up from the Championship. I think he will do well as he has a top coach in Conte to guide him.

  40. Tom

    Freddie, is that the same Nkunku Emery wanted at Arsenal when he was available for $15m?
    Transfermarkt has his valuation at $88m now.
    Maybe we should’ve listened to the bum on that one.

  41. Samesong

    I wanted Spence as Tomi apprentice as Djed loves to come forward. I think he needs to work on his crossing but he is decent and I am pissed off he is potentially going to spurs.

  42. Foxy

    Tom if Emery had been given the players he wanted from day one and did not lose so many key players to long term injury, we may not have Arteta in charge now.

  43. Tom

    TR7, all you have to do to be right about Conte around here is to say he’ll crash and burn at Tottenham………..eventually.

    That’s how Pedro can keep claiming being right about him no matter what’s actually happening at present.

    It’d be like shorting Conte stock with a margin account and saying don’t worry, it will crash eventually, meanwhile the interest rates are bleeding you dry.

  44. TR7

    “It’d be like shorting Conte stock with a margin account and saying don’t worry, it will crash eventually, meanwhile the interest rates are bleeding you dry”

    Pedro taking a short position on Conte is akin to Bill Gates taking a short position on Tesla :). I guess “eventually” both will be proven right.

  45. Thorough

    All I wanted for this summer was:
    – A partner/understudy for Partey (Gravenberg)
    – A dribbling, scoring winger with undoubted world class potential (Antony)
    – A striker who can also assist/make his own goals (Patrick Schick)

    Those 3 alone would have walked straight into our first 11 and make us a lot better than the pushover we presently are.

    Sadly, we don’t have eye for talent. Bayern just picked up Gravenberg. And I doubt if Edu or whatever lightweight scouts we have are thinking of Antony or Schick. We’ve got to be one of the most useless clubs when recruiting talents. This was where Wenger lost the war every dang year.

  46. Tom

    DS, Richarlisson just has the air of a liability to me,

    He seems to play angry all the time.
    Can’t really recall many elite strikers able to play angry and be clinical.
    Costa with Chelsea comes to mind, the season Fabregas had a stormer, but that’s about it.

  47. Tom

    Foxy, Emery getting zero players he wanted didn’t help him, but judging by where Villarreal sit in the La Liga table, his Arsenal tenure was probably doomed regardless of the transfer strategy.

  48. Thorough

    I know it sounded all fanciful then and I actually wanted Arteta so bad because of the deafening noise that he had the X factor, but never in a million years should we have given him the reigns. A club with Arsenal’s class and sensible people running it won’t make such a hire talk more of ceding so much power to him. If we were gonna take a punt on someone it had to be someone like Jardim who had history of building something spectacular but was somehow out of mainstream job or any job at all a LA Wenger.

    Hiring Arteta has to be by far the clearest signal that our board is a waste of space and resources.

  49. raptora

    True, he couldn’t do well on 2 fronts with a budget as big as Villarreal’s and with hugely important figures injured for big chunks of the season. In La Liga Gerard 14 starts , Danjuma 17 starts, Pino 21 starts, Coquelin 8 starts, Alberto Moreno 13 starts come to mind. That’s after a 3 min research.

    We’ll see how Generational will do with playing in the EPL and the UCL where every game is a hard one, not like we can play the B squad there like in the EL, and the main players have to be handled carefully so they don’t get an injury. If we ever play in the UCL under him, we’ll see how easy it will be.

    Villarreal with no UCL and no injuries to their absolute best 3 players will do far better next season in the league. In the meantime they’ll enjoy reaching the semifinals and winning the EL the season before.

  50. Mr Serge

    Benkind Guen is bang average I watched him loads of times apart from tenacity he brings f all I am glad he is gone a headless chicken in the middle of the park is not what we needed

  51. RP7

    Villareal with all their injuries and reaching semis of the CL still had the 3rd best goal difference in the league, which implies they were all-round desperately unlucky to end up 7th.

    What killed Emery at Arsenal most except for lack of support in the market was, I believe, his insistence on speaking English.

    When the man speaks Spanish, he exudes authority, not the greatest one, but a sufficient one. Watch his Spanish pressers if you don’t believe me. His English, however, made him a laughing stock and he looked a man devoid of any authority.

    Should have just used a translator like Bielsa did.

  52. Thorough

    Such an important headless Chicken Guen must be. He even ‘headless chickened’ his way to UCL playing an important part with OL and probably on his way to the world cup with a team that can actually win it.
    What a headless chicken indeed!

  53. RP7

    Guen is not “average”.

    He’s in the French national team FFS. How many midfielders in the whole world are good enough to be in the French team? 40? 60?
    If you’re in the top 0.0000001 of your profession, you’re not ‘average’.

    That said, I think you just have a problem with vocabulary, and what you meant was that he’s not exceptionally good. And he’s not. He’s better than Elneny, but roughly in the same league of quality as Xhaka – barely top 6 material, not something that would have improved us.

    BTW, any meat to Asension rumours?
    It’s interesting we’re mostly linked with RW like him and Raphinha, but not LW. Is Saka not extending?
    Cause those two are too good to be subs, as is Saka.

  54. Topside Northbank

    Nunez to Liverpool pretty much done, Diaz in January and Jota the year before all young and potential to get better.

    Salah, Mane and Firminho have all been brilliant for them all touching 30 (still plenty left in them 2-3 good seasons) all with 1 year left on their contracts.

    Can say one thing about them they scout well and have a plan to replace players before they leave many clubs including ours reactive instead of proactive.

  55. Ishola70

    , “but roughly in the same league of quality as Xhaka”


    I doubt bonehead if he was French would get into their national team.

  56. Leedsgunner

    AC Milan now looking at Mari, Nottingham Forest sniffing around AMN, Fulham mulling over Leno.

    Finally after years and years of carrying unnecessary deadwood we are moving them on! Hopefully we’ll add Torreira Pepe and Cedric to the names exiting the Emirates.

    Going forwards, sign quality to begin with.

  57. Tee

    If that former totts player – sissoko(sic) could get into the french NT then anyone could.

    Besides, guen is there to make up the numbers. He isn’t their go-to midfielder.

  58. TR7

    “AC Milan now looking at Mari, Nottingham Forest sniffing around AMN, Fulham mulling over Leno.Finally after years and years of carrying unnecessary deadwood we are moving them on!”

    Every season we talk about moving deadwood on and yet we always have a long list of “deadwood” required to be offloaded every summer. May be players are not deadwood after all and it’s our management which has absolutely no clue what kind of players it wants to recruit and when to cash in on players.

    AMN still better than Cedric and Lokonga
    Mari was hired by Arteta himself
    Leno was preferred to Emi by Arteta himself.

    Believe me once we move them on we will have a new set of “deadwood” next season.

  59. WengerEagle

    Where are you getting your figures Tom?

    Sky reported £80m + £20m in add-ons. Was that in Euros? Still more than the figure you quoted.

    And the Mane add-on wasn’t if they won the CL. It was Wengeresque in banter. They have to win 3 CLs and Mane has to win 3 Ballon D’ors and the add-on at that is £6.5m and not £10m.

    Mane is significantly better than Nunez is now so it is not a move that makes them better next season. Long-term a different story.

  60. Thorough

    Who the hell is Tim Van Ritjoven? These boys are just coming out of nowhere and making established stars look pony. This guy just schooled Medvedev.

  61. WengerEagle


    Nobody is paying £13m for Leno and £13m for Torreira, good luck with that.

    Torreira has torpedoed his value to next to nothing with all of the public statements about how much he hates it here and he is clearly not apart of Arteta’s plans. It will be like Auba where we virtually have to pay to get rid of him.

    Pepe is not much better so I would be surprised if we got £22m for him, more like £15m.

    Real Betis simply will not cough up £8.5m for Bellerin either. And none of these are guys that Arteta is going to use and clubs are not stupid and know this.

  62. WengerEagle


    Don’t think that Med has mentally recovered from that Aus Open Final 2 set throwaway loss to Rafa yet.

    He has played like shit in all the Masters since then and was obliterated by Cilic in the French.

  63. WengerEagle

    Whatever about them playing for us, selling two clearly very talented players in Mavropanos and Guendouzi for £12m combined was absolute negligence on our part.

    To buy the equivalent level of talent on the market for both you would be paying £40-50m combined.

  64. TR7

    If you read Med’s “the boy had a dream” letter you can sense that he is disillusioned with Tennis and is playing tournaments just to make money now so that he can live a comfortable life post retirement.

  65. Un

    Believe me once we move them on we will have a new set of “deadwood” next season.

    Bang on the money

    Cedric, Tavares, Gabriel and Lakonga look to top that list as far as I’m concerned. They will be the deadwood of the next 2 seasons. The names thrown into the the hat as potential fund raisers

  66. WengerEagle


    I know that you like Med but he is being a crybaby and should suck it up. Anyone playing vs Nadal is playing against the crowd.

    Djokovic has been playing against crowds his entire career and he never bitched the way Med has. Just shows that Med isn’t cut from the same cloth and is mentally fragile.

  67. Un

    Same with Pepe
    The boy produces numbers. He could have been utilised
    Same with auba really. Could have made something for him the season he won us the FA cup. Barca were sniffing around bellerin up until the last 2-3 years.
    Turned down good money for AMN. Torreira had market value before Arteta bombed him too.
    Awful squad management

  68. WengerEagle

    I don’t really see the potential with Lokonga if I am honest. Plays with less personality as a 22 year old than Cesc did as a 17 year old.

    £15m was far too much to spend on him considering Guendouzi is vastly better and we sold him for £9m.

  69. WengerEagle


    I’d far sooner lump Xhaka in with the deadwood than Gabriel.

    Gabriel needs to clean up the errors in his game but the bones of a very good CB are there imo.

  70. TR7


    Yes Med needs to show mental strength. Djoker has 20 grand slams and yet hardly anyone was cheering for him at Roland Garros. Fed and Rafa are crowd favourites wherever they play.

  71. TR7


    Arteta has been bleeding the club dry. Wenger made two bad signings (Xhaka and Mustafi) and he bore the brunt of those signings until the end. Arteta has had numerous such mistakes in just under 3 years and somehow still has the owners in a spell. I won’t be surprised if we waste money again in this TW.

  72. Tom

    “Where are you getting your figures Tom?
    Sky reported £80m + £20m in add-ons. Was that in Euros? Still more than the figure you quoted.”

    WEagle, €80m =£68,3m
    Some Liverpool outlets reported Benfica’s sources of €75m + €25m in add ons, €10m going to Almeria.

  73. TR7

    “Pay 15 m for Lokonga and receive 8m for Guen.Heads need to roll, at all levels”

    Pay 50M for White and receive 3M for Mavro.

  74. Thorough

    True. That was really heartbreaking for a lot of Medvedev and Djokovix fans.

    Still gotta keep an eye on the Tim lad. He just beat Gaston Hugo, Phillipe Augier and Medvedev. Infact, only Augier took a set off of him if I remember correctly.

  75. Terraloon

    Here’s one for you.

    Now I am not nor do I claim to be in the know but pace is picking up on the rumour that Spuds are expecting another offer for Kane and this time any offer above £100 million will be accepted.

  76. Un


    Yeah I agree on Lakonga. I’m not expecting too much from him. Loads of highly regarded ex pros have lauded certain players only to see them fall well short. Ravel Morrison was talked of as better than CR7 at the same age. Our own Reiss Nelson is another. Anderson. Nani. Ben arfa. Lord B. Djemba djemba. Liam Miller. Off the top of my head.

  77. Habesha Gooner

    Darwin Nunez is moving for € 100 mil (€ 80 mil plus € 20 mil in addons) not £100 mil. That are the figures being discussed.

    I see the potential in Sambi. He needs patience. People don’t break out at the same age. He isn’t ready to play the No 6 role. He has lost the ball in a few occasions and you can’t do that as a 6. But his passing ability and awareness is very good. He should play as an 8. I would move on Xhaka and bring in a DM like Bissouma on top of Tielemans to be honest. And then Sambi can rotate with Tielemans. Watch him play in the Europa league next season. This is far too soon to decide he is crap after the promise he showed in the first half of the Season.

  78. Un

    We will see
    If Arteta doesn’t do it this season then it’s over for him. Back to the drawing board for us.
    He needs to make this season count. He cat waste a single first team squad player on cup competitions
    It won’t be tolerated this time around
    I can see why the board would be reluctant to release funds
    If they throw everything at him in this window and he has another costly 3 game spell then they’ve wasted obscene amounts of money and still no champions league
    Obviously I hope he does it but to be perfectly honest, we should already be spending champions league mine tis summer.

  79. Habesha Gooner

    Sambi has failed when paired with Xhaka. He was very good when he was playing an 8. The through balls, the switches and the awareness to turn was what impressed me. He was initially playing as an 8 along side Partey. And he was performing to a good level. Even when paired with AMN he played some good football. But as a 6 he struggled. I wasn’t surprised that much. Xhaka needs his hands held let alone guide a younger player. Elneny did a better job because he knew what being a 6 meant. I could share a video of Sambi making worldie passes. We need to be patient with him and he needs to play further forward.

  80. WengerEagle

    Not calling him crap Habesha but he looks lightweight and a passenger in the middle of the park.

    Just not expecting anything much from him and think he will end up going out the backdoor as deadwood imo.


    Yeah still a lot of money but you would trust Pool given their recruitment record. Although didn’t their DOF and the brains behind most of their signings of the past 6 yeara (Salah over Brandt, etc) recently walk away? Could have sworn that I heard that somewhere.

  81. Naija+soccer

    Papa Wenger to visit all 211 football associations in the world to help improve grassroots football. If it’s anything like it sounds, I m intrigued.

    Glad to see him aging gracefully. Love that guy.

  82. raptora

    Heard the commentator call Guendouzi “arguably OM’s most important player of the season”.

    He played in every single OM game – 55 apps in all competitions. 2nd in apps is Saliba with 52.

    His coach must have seen something in the “rotten egg” to play him in every single game. Deschamps as well.

  83. Naija+soccer


    Since we won’t be buying Tchouameni then I guess we have to go all in with Lokonga. Seriously though I agree that there’s a good player there. He plays better with a more experienced player that knows what he’s doing. Pretty much anyone not named Xhaka and he’ll play well.

  84. Habesha Gooner

    All the games I have seen him be crap is when he played as a 6 with Xhaka and the Fa cup game that we got knocked out playing Forest with an even greener Charlie Patino. Tchouameni is a 6 though. I don’t think Sambi is a 6. He is kind of an 8. He has a bit of Cesc in him when making the cross field passes. And he is always looking to break the lines when he passes the ball which impressed me. Play him with Partey and you will get a different level of midfielder.

    Xhaka might have played his best season for us but we still don’t know what he is. He is a hybrid of a 6 and an 8. I rarely see him make significant passes that lead to a goal and he is rarely involved in the final third. He isn’t that great in the defensive third either. He is just okay. So that confuses the choices of who is a 6 or an 8. Partey (although he has the qualities to play further forward) and Elneny are a 6 as shown this season. Xhaka not so much clear. Sambi might get better as a 6 but I am not holding my breath. I think he can be a very stable, dependable 8. Get Xhaka out and bring in another 6 along with Tielemans and we would see the benefit of Sambi.

  85. Mr Serge

    Thorough I have to disagree with you it’s all good shining in the French league and another doing it for a top prem side
    Look at Pepe
    Guen is not going to be a top player he is just good plus he is a dick f him
    I stand by my headless chicken comment as I have seen him play live many times

  86. TR7

    Partey, Bisoumma, Tielemans, ESR, Odegaard, Elneny should be our 6 midfield players for 3 positions.

    Lokonga should be sent on loan to a mid table premier league club (Southampton, Brighton etc.)

  87. Nobby

    Couldn’t care less if Gwen Dozy was second coming of Mo Salad.He’s a C** t.An arrogant,wiggy wearing one at that!

  88. salparadisenyc

    Guendouzi for £8.5m is appalling considering he was being trolled around these parts with a £60m valuation not too long ago. Hard to pinpoint a club worse than Arsenal at selling.

  89. Habesha Gooner

    If it were up to me these would be the midfield combination.

    DM/ Partey, Bissouma, Elneny
    CM Sambi, Tielemans
    N10 Odegaard/ ESR (he plays on the left too).

    That way we have 5 players for the two deep positions. We are going to have injuries so this guarantees that our season won’t derail due to that. If we wanted to go defensive then Bissouma Partey can be the 2 sitting behind. Sambi can play the early Europa games, Fa cup and league cup. Elneny will just be there to guarantee against Partey getting injured and having Bissouma as the only option.

  90. Thorough

    Mr Serge.
    Guen didn’t just shine with OM. There was a reason we paid a lower league player to come play for us. And under Emery I saw him take matches by the scruff. More than once. I can’t remember Xhaka ever doing that in his 5 years here. He’s either bad or not very bad.

    He’s done it in OM.
    He was French u 21 captain for a reason.
    He did it for us under Emery.
    He’s gradually becoming relevant in the French national team.

    And he’s a dick? To you or because of the way he fell out with Arteta? Guess whose being a dick to Arteta too?
    Emmy Martinez

    Just to mention a few.

    I think Arsenal fans are just sore losers. Guen is gone. Emery is gone. Emmy is gone. But we keep talking about them to make us feel better because we can’t get any more joy from the manager that threw those guys away.

  91. Naija+soccer


    Lokonga is an 8. He’s already at a good level in that position. Next to Partey or a midfielder that knows what time it is, and he shines. He can be a 6 too but he needs to games for experience and perfecting his trade.

    Your midfield combo list I can settle for. It’s too bad Arteta won’t play ESR as a 10 as I think we can use him there. Some games ESR should be the go to no 10, while other games Odegaard.

  92. Naija+soccer

    We make top 4 if Arteta had played ESR a little more and if he found a way to tweak Pepe’s game.

    How do we have a guy like Pepe in our team yet we are struggling for goals ? Listen I m not saying he’s Mbappe, but he’s talented and a goal threat. Under a coach that knows how to tweak, Pepe would be golden.

  93. Naija+soccer


    When Pepe is lacking trust and confidence he isn’t a very good player, you are right.

    The last time he had the trust of the coach though, he was the second best player in League French.

  94. Naija+soccer

    He’s not a winger at least not a right winger. Play him support striker, left wing, maybe striker.

    The fact that Arteta didn’t play him much in these positions is proof that we wasted the chances we had to experiment.

  95. IQ

    Getting proper cover at fullback and centre mid is more important than getting in a striker. Eddie, Saka and ESR have all shown they can score given chances but what we lack is chance creation and the ability to get the ball to these players in the final third.

    A lot of the time they have to drop deeper and deeper to get the ball and then beat 3-4 players to get a chance at shooting. That might work in the U23 but in the PL if you beat a couple players the third one will wipe you out. It’s also why Pepe looks so awful playing for us, Auba’s numbers tanked as soon as he started “playing for the team” and dropping deep etc.

    A top quality fullback and centre mid will improve both our offense and defense allowing our attackers to stay up the pitch. When Partey plays he allows this to happen more often as he is good at passing thru the lines. Playing Odegaard deep hasn’t been as successful as I hoped for this and he is a liability when defending or when we have little possession.

    Once we start creating more chances we can worry about upgrading on our finishers. As ES has mentioned, there is little value there as well.

  96. salparadisenyc


    Metrosexual Sal pretty much goes for 69 when and where ever he / him can.
    Its all happening below 23rd, trust me on that.

  97. Naija+soccer

    “If your daughter brought home Bukayo, you d be more than happy”- Gareth Southgate.

    He’d probably teach her how to make Pepper soup. 🌶Our boy is little Chilli after all.

  98. Mr Serge

    Thorough I am not butthurt whatever that means I just don’t rate him can’t you get that in your head ?sorry my opinion differs to yours but my eyes were not deceiving me