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I’m in New York on a work thing, so I am going to be low on posting at the moment, but… when the post land, they land, you know what I’m saying?

I just want to clear up a couple of things from my expose on the Premier League fixtures because there were a lot of angry Spurs fans and there were a few Arsenal fans that cannot stand to see data that in any way looks like it might harm their naive view of how the sporting world works.

  1. We didn’t finish in the top 4 last season for a whole host of reasons that I have covered in some detail. If you think I was saying the only reason we failed was due to the fixtures, you are wrong and likely projecting onto the work.
  2. Marginal gains are a thing. If you don’t understand that, you don’t get modern sport. Clubs will try and edge out advantages all over the place. Liverpool don’t let key players go on international duty because of ‘injury’, Arsenal do, Liverpool end the season with Trent on the pitch, Arsenal end the season with Tavares at left-back. We had a whole conversation about the weirdos that thought removing mayo from the canteen was a marginal gain because Conte is a genius. So when we look at fixtures, don’t tell me that’s not a marginal gain opportunity.
  3. Finally, the key message: Arsenal drop out of Europe for the first time in 25 years and we didn’t face a single team that had played a European game. There’s a 3.4% chance of that happening. You have to ask questions about that, especially when you know the random fixture generator has human intervention involved. Calling it ‘luck’ is to sit on your hands. The same people telling you not to be curious about hard data were those that were telling you to put on your big boy boots when we didn’t have the Brentford game cancelled. What happened after they said the games couldn’t be cancelled? The games got cancelled when other clubs screamed louder. Everything can be influenced in football, we’ve seen it time and time again, Arsenal should be banging the table on this ‘freak’ roll of the dice and demanding it does not happen again.

Anyway, thanks to all the fans that carried that message.


Arsenal are apparently kicking the Scamacca approach into overdrive. The story seems to have swung from ‘he’s angling for a move to Juve’ to ‘Dortmund and Arsenal want him.’ You would have to imagine Arsenal have more sway than Dortmund, we can pay more, give him a better profile, and we’re more prestige.

I like this striker a lot. He has all the bits we’re looking for, he fast, he can can score in lots of different ways, he has a fierce ball striker, and he’s only young. What is very interesting to me is whether we’re spending less on our main striker so we can afford someone like Jesus to give us more end product in the forward line. The interesting thing for Jesus is there’s quite a bit of competition at Arsenal for the spaces his likes to occupy. Still, we need a squad more than ever next season, so there will be loads of minutes.

Bukayo Saka is apparently on the radar of Manchester City. I think this is a familiar pattern that comes from his agent who seeded that Eddie was attracting interest from Chelsea and Liverpool. It’s all a game to get his client max money this summer. Let’s be real here, it’s absolutely deserved, we just need to make sure we’re very protected so we don’t lose him for nothing at some point.

Right, short one today. If you are Patreon contributor, Johnny has dropped a little beauty into the feed today where he talks about the next 5 players in his top 25 players. To get the exclusive good content, click below.


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  1. izzo

    Raphinha news excites me. Proper PL ready winger playing at the wrong club no offense to Leeds fans. With him we’re cooking in attack as long as we get the striker signing right.

  2. The Real Vieira Lynn


    spot on with your Xhaka assessment, as there’s little doubting the fact that until we ship out our 3-wheeled grocery cart, we will never get over this longstanding organizational hump….the fact that the only ones who can’t seem to come to terms with this fact are those in charge of this little experiment, is incredibly disconcerting

  3. Habesha Gooner

    We are where we are because we somehow drifted off signing younger players that made an impact after Wenger got some funds.

    And it isn’t like we are lacking in experience in midfield either. We have Xhaka 29, Partey 28, Elneny 29 and Sambi 22 at this moment in time. We need more experienced attackers like Raphinha who is 25, Jesus who is 25 too too complement our 20 year old wingers and 21 and 23 years old CAMs.

    Partey will not be a successful signing if he doesn’t stay fit for the next two seasons. If not we would have been better off paying 40 mil for Bissouma from Brighton a couple of years ago. And I am a huge fan of Partey.

    We will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Tielemans for me is a much better value at 30 mil than Savic at 60 mil. And younger too. And we wouldn’t have signed Tielemans this cheap is he wasn’t in his last year. Transfermarkt values him €55 mil.

    The dropoff in quality isn’t large enough to justify paying double on a player that is coming in to a new league (although world class) over a younger player who knows the league. There is just too much risk involved for me.

  4. WengerEagle

    ”On transfermarkt, Savic’s value is put as €70 mil euros. Which is basically £60 mil. So would you think Lazio would give us a 20 percent discount to get him at £45 mil?”

    Does this matter? We sold Guendouzi for £9m to Marseille when his market valuation is £23m.

    It also didn’t stop us selling Mavropanos for £3m to Stuttgart despite his £13.5m MV.

  5. WengerEagle

    ”And it isn’t like we are lacking in experience in midfield either. We have Xhaka 29, Partey 28, Elneny 29 and Sambi 22 at this moment in time. ”


    Xhaka is a liability and Elneny is a squad player at best. These are not the experienced guys that you want to be leaning on in the tougher moments of a season.

    Sambi needs a loan and is not close to ready for a starting CM role.

  6. Habesha Gooner

    Guendouzi was sold less than his value because of his rift with Arteta. There are cases of players being sold way above their values in the transfer market if not for a release clause, a rift that can’t be repaired or a year left on their deal. Darwin Nunez the prime example. €55 mil valuation and being sold at €100 mil total.

    And as far as I know, Savic isn’t at war with his club, doesn’t have a release clause and he has more than a year left in his contract. So he isn’t getting sold much less than that valuation.

    And Tielemans has got the experience for a 25 year old. He has played at the top level just as much as Savic. Anyway, I am not saying Savic isn’t world class. I am just saying he isn’t twice the player Tielemans is. And he is older.

    I just don’t see it as a reasonable thing to do to sign a 27 year old when you can get three quarters of a quality player for half the price and 2 years younger at the right age. That is all.

  7. InsideRight

    Several papers reporting that…

    “Mikel Arteta’s transfer window woe! Arsenal boss is angry at club’s indecision in the summer market as chiefs drag their heels over signings and insist EVERY deal is signed off by American owners – with fears they could now miss out on Gabriel Jesus”

    No signings in January. Now these reports. Could be complete rubbish, but would anything surprise us now at Arsenal?

  8. Killroy-TM

    Love to read all the speculations of who is coming in during the summer TW and maybe the enthusiasm was based on that Edu spoke of a ‘plan’ ahead of the window opening. This raised expectations and any good plan will have contingencies.

    There you have the 1st indication of what to expect Douche Edu has a plan, that makes me laugh. Since he and pound shop Tets are dismal at plans, especially when plan A fails and there are no other contingencies.

    I think with what is in the papers regarding Jesus rethinking and Tieleman waiting until after the Nations League games, there is a possibility to guess what to expect in July based on past records as well as this statement.

    Edu told ESPN Brasil. “Maybe next season we can go to one or two players. Today we find a much more balanced squad. Our planning has already been done; it has already reached the owners.”

    Translation, we will not sign any elite players this season and we have all that is needed for the next season. As far as striker is concerned you better hope Eddie will sign this thing or no senior striker next season.

    By fucking over Arsenal supporters with their lack of business in Jan, bottling the 3 games at the end of the season, handing out a new 3 year contract to the master in failure we are all but assured of another season fighting to stay above mid table.

    Douche Edu and Pep’s Gimp are driving this club into the ground and with the man management skills by Bumteta we will not get the expected striker because both of these execs lightweights don’t know how to convince players to come to a club that has no CL, but an arrogant and stubborn manager all bundled into a pie in the sky project that will never produce what the supporters expect and demand.

    Summer series, International test matches, Rugby Championship and Autumn Series, plenty to be distracted from the failed project of Douche Edu and Pound Shop Tets.

  9. China1

    No news. It’s early days and all but I’m bored as hell already. Don’t give a shit about these international games. Can we fast forward already?

  10. Killroy-TM

    City signed Haaland, it is expected for Pool to sign Nunez which leaves Chelsea struggling for a striker as Lukaku wants lo leave. New owners trying to impress the fans which means they are in business for a top elite striker. Where does that leave AFC? Nowhere! With our elite Douche Duo scratching their heads they will look for Harry Hopeful in the third division of some pub league as the Douches don’t have contingencies as it was so evident when they didn’t get Vlahovic in January.

    Furthermore with those kind of squads and managers at City, Pool and Chelsea I can’t see how they will not finish in the top 4. Therefore the only way I can see CL for us next year is like the previous season winning the EL. But with this neutered squad done by the masters of failure how is that going to happen?

    It is a sad time to be a supporter of the banter and laughing stock of the EPL clubs because you have no leadership at the club with footballing knowledge.

  11. Dissenter

    Arteta is likely pissed off but who cares. He was livid when they didn’t get Tammy Abraham, the first few press conferences of last season showed him angry like a toddler.

    For me, Arteta .lost some of his leverage and political capital with the board and the owners
    Firstly,, the big choke of a finish; 4 points ahead of spurs with 3 games to go and yet we conspired to shit the bed.
    Secondly, the owners can’t be stupid enough to not notice that Arteta vouched for signing Auba at a great cost and then starts whining about his lack of professionalism. Eventually we gift wrapped him to Barca and paid his wages for the rest of the year.

    The club corrected Arteta’s penchant for signing oldies like Cedric and Willian, last summer

    This summer they want to do their due diligence and not overpay for players; maybe that’s why they are stalling on Jesus because his agents are panting stupid stories everywhere about Chelsea.Madrid and Spurs wanting him.

    The targets are Arteta’s but the club have to to avoid getting some players at too high a cost.

  12. Killroy-TM

    Just look at all the clubs that in search of a striker Chelsea, (Lukaku doesn’t want top play there and that could have been since day one), United need to replace leaving attacking talent. Then the new boys with money, Newcastle, are in hunt of it. Never mind the other top leagues in Europe and all of a sudden the situation is worst than in the Jan TW. They were hoping to save their money and get things done in this window, but as things turned out, it has gotten more competitive than they ever imagined. The Douche Duo is truly out of their depth.

  13. The Real Vieira Lynn

    on a day where the prevailing narratives had little to do with potential recruitment targets and far more to do with growing concerns involving our ability to get business done, let alone in a timely fashion, I must admit it’s left me with a rather queasy feeling

    now, of course, these could be baseless rumours that are being propagated solely to agitate an already anxious and somewhat divided fanbase, but surely “they” must know that we’re all too familiar with this “patterned” behaviour, as we rarely go big game hunting and succeed and we certainly aren’t known for acting in an expeditious manner

    even so, it’s a bit disconcerting considering all the lip service being offered up following both our winter window cock-up and our subsequent end of the season dumpster fire, which left us on the outside looking in

    sadly, even this sort of orchestrated organizational doublespeak isn’t an unfamiliar refrain, as we witnessed time and time again during Wenger’s post-Highbury phase, as there was always a rather sustained PR push in the days leading up to renewal season, which was usually followed by a whole lot of fuck all

    so what does one logically gleen from the day’s events? well, on the positive side of things, it’s still early days, so this could turn out to be much ado about nothing, but my experienced “fan” brain tells me that this could quite easily turn into another same old, same old shit show….hopefully that’s just my Arsenal muscle memory kicking in, as I would be fucking pissed if our TW kitty is a fraction of last season’s, especially considering how much of it was spent..

  14. Nigel Tufnel

    Judging by Saliba today, we’d better slow down with his coronation as the invincible CB. He’s been beaten, well out of position in each of the last 2 games and if it were Gabs or Benny Blanco the haters would be pointing it out constantly.

  15. Killroy-TM

    From the Athletic:
    “Arsenal’s failure to qualify for next season’s Champions League, however, could have ramifications. There have been expressions of interest in Jesus from elsewhere, including within the Premier League, with Chelsea staying abreast of developments. If a serious competitor were to emerge within the next fortnight, Arsenal would have a fight on their hands.”

    Oh how the mighty have fallen no longer does Arsenal look for top talent but now it is more like looking for more feasible options because their number 1 targets are either unattainable or being put on the back burner. So all the excitement towards the end of last season of who is coming in is basically delusional dreaming.

    We DO NOT have a director of football but rather Douche Edu is a director of fantasy. He has NEVER before he arrived here done any player business in Europe and it really shows now.

    So Marquinhos the 19 year old Brazilian may be the only new attacker coming to the club. The rest we can imagine as already said most likely same shit show as in January.

    It is deeply frustrating and for the first time I am afraid Arsenal will start the season with no positive outlook a totally divided fan base and if we start the new season the way we started the last all hell will break loose here.

    I already can see that it has become very quiet at the Kool Aid stand and the usual delusional suspects are missing.

  16. The Bard

    Killjoy the problem at Arsenal is the gap between fantasy snd reality. Pedro is in the fantasy camp. Our failure to sign players in Jan was a catastrophic mistake and led to our filaure to make top 4. The knock on effect is its made the current transfer market very difficult. That then impacts on the beginning of the season. If we have a poor start Arteta will be under pressure and might be sacked. Arsenal fans aren’t going to accept mediocrity for ever.

  17. Old & Wise

    Looks like KSE has finally woken up to its asset losses Edu and Arteta have cost our club. Why wouldn’t KSE want more for their money? My immediate reaction to the story was no smoke with out fire, that and Arteta hasn’t come through with his fanciful promises to KSE.

    American sports’ owners love their stats, graphs and prefer their profit and loss columns to be firmly in the black. Arteta’s is in the Red – big losses from player devaluation, poor player decisions when acquiring new players. Loss from EL football for a season unhappy sponsors et al.

    Arteta has had complete say in his players whilst Emery got what he was given.

    Perhaps Arteta’s days are numbered as far as KSE is concerned where, in such an awaked state, they see past Arteta’s delusions of “We will win the Champion’s League in 3 years” only to still not be qualified for a CL birth for the next 12 months in almost 3 years.

    KSE are acting sensibly, as far as I can see. Novel, I agree, but there you are, they had to see Arteta for who he is: a failing project costing £100s of millions and counting.

    Let’s see what Arteta and Edu can do with what they start the season with hope in our hearts, but fearful for another season finishing outside the top 4 and the excuses ready that fail miserably by falling on more deaf ears than before.

    If Arteta continues his roller coaster results, it’ll be fitting end to a train wreck of a manager, who in the end was a rookie to begin with, and still clueless at the end always blaming others so much, he runs out of busses.

    What should be an exciting time for Gooners everywhere isn’t because we know how the predictability of our summer TWs. Now KSE are confirming it putting Arteta and Edu under some decent pressure as accountability is come to the fore.

  18. Killroy-TM

    Just purely from a player’s perspective I can imagine a few things are a priority for them. Not having CL as an argument may be used if they don’t like other things about Arsenal, playing style team mates, manager and various other things. This leaves us in a very weak bargaining position.

    What can compensate for that is a world class manager that can contribute to enhance a player’s skills so that he may be called up to the national squad. We DO NOT have that, we have a manager who devalues players. Would you as a player join that him and he will be your boss? I wouldn’t.

    Besides that there is word of mouth and persuasion of other footballing mates that will share their experience and what they have heard. Just like any other job you are interested in you will research the employer and him just saying we are THE number 1 employer you want to come to doesn’t cut it. Likewise with football clubs and the agents will only keep their clients and make money of them if they strike excellent deals for them and they are happy.

    So we have a slim to remotely nothing chance to sign the players we bantered about in the blog earlier. We will find out that we need to google set incoming players and their skills because they are an unknown entity and we all found out how that worked out when we needed quality backup when our number 1 players were injured.

    Summation, for Douche Edu and Arsenal’s headmaster failure is always an option.

  19. FB

    So Old and Wise knows “the predictability of our summer TWs”

    Of course he does 🙂

    Get a grip mate, we came 5th not 15th

  20. Tom

    “Judging by Saliba today, we’d better slow down with his coronation as the invincible CB. “

    Nigel, damn straight.
    I got the Saliba coronation email and rsvped not going, thank you very much.
    Still paying off expenses I incurred from attending White’s RR defender coronation.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    For goodness sake the transfer window only opened yesterday and some people are already

    It should not be forgotten that we have still got a lot of players on the payroll who need to be
    offloaded. That includes Lacazette whose current contract expires on 30th June even if he
    has signed for Lyon.

    Marseille have still not exercised their option to buy and pay for Guendouzi. My guess is
    that will also be done on 30th June.

    Then we are seeing the nonsense which is going on at Fiorentina with Torreira.

    Arsenal need to clear the decks and offload unwanted players AND perhaps more importantly sort out contracts with the likes of Nketiah and Saka as well before rushing into
    new commitments.

    From my perspective the one critical purchase which needs to be finalised sooner rather than later is the Centre Forward position.

  22. Old & Wise

    FB unless KSE sees sense and gets an experienced manager we will be 5 or worse by the end of the season because Arteta is not good enough to beat Pep, Tuchel, Klopp and Conte teams.

    Grip not necessary imo.

  23. Killroy-TM

    “Arsenal need to clear the decks and offload unwanted players”

    Unwanted by Arsenal and guess what ALSO unwanted by other clubs, because they witnessed how they dealt with other players AFC didn’t want, they were gift wrapped and given for free to other clubs as their contracts were paid off by the 3 stooges.

    Why would clubs offer money to buy these players when Douche Edu and his headmaster will give them away for free?

  24. FB


    I’m sorry, but that is nonsense. We finished two points behind 4th and five behind 3rd

    Injuries to KT, TP and Tomy, and lack of a goalscorer cost us.

    Resolvable this summer? Yes, of course

    Guaranteed? No, but in life you have to earn things, not some kind of divine right because of what you did ten or twenty years ago

  25. Habesha Gooner

    The Raphinha links are legit. And I am happy about that. Even if he doesn’t come, it looks like we will target another wide forward. It seems we are doing exactly what we need to this summer. At the very least we are getting a ST, CM, RW/LW, LB and GK. So there is going to be at least 5 players. I feel like the quality of the winger and the LB will depend on our sales though.

  26. Habesha Gooner

    “”””Unwanted by Arsenal and guess what ALSO unwanted by other clubs, because they witnessed how they dealt with other players AFC didn’t want, they were gift wrapped and given for free to other clubs as their contracts were paid off by the 3 stooges””””

    Yeah our selling record has been atrocious. Since we have canceled the contracts of Aubameyang, Ozil, Miki, Kolasinac and along with that a lot of teams have tried looking for cheap deals with our players.

    We need to make examples of Torreira and Bellerin this summer. No matter the financial cost. Fiorentina want pay half of the buy option they agreed despite Torreira being their player of the month 3 times. Real betis also want us to cancel Bellerin’s contract. We have a reputation as a soft touch now when it comes to selling. Make an example of those two if they can’t find clubs that can offer decent money. Pepe would have cheapskate clubs after him too so we need to be firm on him too.

    And sell who you can sell. Leno, AMN, Guendouzi (who is gone already), Nelson, Mari (we are making loos on him too apparently).

    At some point we need to start selling our fringe players for decent fees. Italian clubs are crap when trying to sell players to them unless they really want that player. So are Spanish teams these days because of their financial issues. A few German clubs would want some of these players. And a few French teams who have sold players for huge fees too.

    We have to get rid of our reputation as a soft touch team.

  27. Bob N16

    FB, highlighting the importance of perspective. The comments section gets really boring when certain posters repeat their views.

    I remember the days of ceefax and trying to get transfers from a couple of the dailies – nowadays the livelihoods of a lot of internet journalists are dependent on coming up/regurgitating numerous transfer rumours which are 95% of the time without any truth.

    If we’d got CL football I imagine we would have completed a couple of signings by now. We have to be realistic, we’re not top tier at the moment. By being in the PL, London, our name, we are a second tier option so those players who we want, if they’re of sufficient quality, can wait to see whether a top tier comes in for them before accepting our offer.

    By not signing our main targets yet, those dissatisfied posters have another area of discontent to man about.

  28. raptora

    If we listen to the media we’re competing with a few clubs for each of our targets.

    Jesus – Chelsea, Milan, Real, Barca, Juve
    Raphinha – Barca, Chelsea, Manure
    Milinkovic-Savic – Newcastle, Manure, Juve, PSG
    Hickey – Brentford, Newcastle, Villa, Napoli

    With Tielemans it looks like we’re ahead of any other club that might be interested in him, hence I expect the move to happen.

    Transfer windows are never easy. This one looks as complicated as ever in contrast to last Summer when we were the only club bidding for literally every single one of our targets – White, Rams, Ode and co.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Habesha Gooner

    Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Kolasinac were all aged 30+ when we offloaded them. Theywere also on grossly inflated contracts which no other club was willing or able to pay.

    So the only option was to terminate contracts and get them off payroll as soon as possible.

    The only player which I was personally sad to see leave the club was Aubameyang. That
    situation could and should have been better handled.

    I agree that Arsenal’s decision making in the case of other players has not been particularly
    smart. We should have sold Bellerin and Maitland-Niles when we received decent offers for
    them. The problem is that most clubs in Spain, Italy and France are broke.

  30. Habesha Gooner

    Kolasinac wasn’t over 30. He still isn’t. But he is so crap that Marsille want cance his contract now. I agree those players were on ridiculous wages. All of them at least halved their wages when they left Arsenal.

    But even the average salaries we pay are ridiculous. We just gave Nketiah a 100k a week with 5 mil in signing bonus. Now the over all cost might not be too much but it will be hard to offload him if he tanks.

    Bellerin is on 120k a week I think. But he is 27 and we need to make money of him. 5 to 10 mil is the least we could ask for Bellerin. Torreira is on reasonable wages on 70k I think. He needs to be sold for at least 10 mil considering his performances last season. Pepe us on 140k a week, not surprising given we pai 72 mil for him.

    The players we need this summer are all coming in to their prime and at the right age. So when we sell we need to get some money back. Bellerin is 27, Pepe is 27, Torreira is 26, Mari is 28, AMN is 24, Riess Nelson is 22, Guendouzi is 22 (sold for 11 mil), Leno is 30 (okay age for a keeper) and there is also Ballard who we are selling with a buy back clause.

    So we need to make at least 50 mil selling these players. And it is a fair ask. Otherwise our negotiating team isn’t doing its job as it has been going on for years.

  31. CG


    “””Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Kolasinac were all aged 30+ when we offloaded them.”””

    And most likely, all will be playing CL next season

    (If Mik goes to Inter Milan from Roma).

    Since they all left Arsenal and gotten away from Arteta’ appalling man managment have all actually flourished.

    PEA@ Barcq ( 17 games /11 goals)
    Mik @ Roma( 87 games/ 27 goals)
    Kolasnic@ Marseille ( 14 games, 0 goals)
    Ozil @ Fenebache (32 games/:8 goals)

    Ps. KSE have only themselves to blame, if they are concerned with falling revenues and monies being wasted.

    They should not keep employing wannabes.Like Edu, Arteta and Mertesacker etc

    But they make have just got a lucky break. If Poch gets gets ousted at PSG. A quality manager available comes on the market for zero compensation.

    Lots of natural charisma , proven experience and ability.

    And can MAN MANAGE PLAYERS, like mentioned above..

  32. CG

    Bob N

    Ozil 22 games for 2nd place CL bound Fenebache lasr seaaon.

    x 8 goals
    x 2 assists

    not too bad for a 33 year old veteran and supposedly part timer.

  33. NORG

    Dyce did exceptionally well to get Burnley to the top flight and to stay there for several seasons – they were always punching above their weight. The football served up was fairly uninspiring but no less so than some of the dull football served up by Arteta.
    I would ignore the dog shit – not worth the effort.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    And most likely playing in Champions League next season.

    Do you think that any of these players would be recruited today by any of the clubs ranked in
    top 6 of EPL today?

    All 4 players listed apart from Aubameyang were not playing regularly for Arsenal’s starting
    X1 before Arteta and Edu arrived. Ozil was costing £250K pw, Mkhitaryan £200K pw and
    Kolasinac who arrived on Bosman £140K pw.

    Kolasinac will be offloaded by Marseille at end of his loan spell and by all accounts Ozil is
    also unwanted by his current club.

  35. InsideRight

    Dyche was manager when Burnley when after 30 games played they were 18th in the table with only 4 wins all season. They were 4 points off safety, having won 1 game in their previous 7 and having just lost 2-0 to Norwich. It was only after he was sacked that they showed some fight and won 3 more games in their final 8. Many Burnley fans made the point that if he had been sacked sooner, they might have avoided the drop. The relegation was on Dyche.

  36. NORG

    More a case of under investment for several seasons. Their time was up and they are not likely to bounce back up. Dyche did well for several seasons but there is only so much he could do.

  37. Samesong

    nobody is as clueless as you on this blog. Cunt

    Bob16 as you like to call certain posters out. I hope you call this poster out for being abusive.

  38. CG


    “””Do you think that any of these players would be recruited today by any of the clubs ranked in
    top 6 of EPL today?”””

    But thats not my point.

    My point is- about a manager ‘s job( forget all the cobblers about rebuilds/projects/ process/ culture) is simply to get the best out of each and every player at his disposal and sell and upgrade the players he does not want without fanfare and financial losses whilst at the same time , getting the results on the field.

    Like what Klopp does
    Like what Wenger did and like what a manager Poch has done in the past.

    Every club in Europe knows – we have amateurs in charge and thats we always Buy high, sell low and pay off the players in the end to leave.

    Watch Leno/Pepe go for a pittance or AMN this summer.

    So predictable.

  39. CG


    “””Bob16 as you like to call certain posters out. I hope you call this poster out for being abusive.””””

    Thats the thing with the likes of Bob N16

    They like to give the impression they are the perfect citizens, ‘whiter than white’- when of course its all a sham

    He is as pig ignorant, rude, hypocritical imperfect ,and bias as the bloody rest of us.

    Sanctimonious old ‘fence sitting’ wally. thats our Bob N16

    No wonder he rates Arteta.

  40. Dissenters

    I don’t think there’s a delay in the transfers for this sumner. The window just opened.

    Edu is not the reason we haven’t jumped out of gate. Every transfer has to be vetted by the Kroenkes through Tim Lewis.

    Who can blame the Kroenkes after the debacle of Raul, the Willian contract and then the money that wasted on Auba at the direct request of Arteta?

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have recruited some highly professional people to conduct and vet contract negotiations on behalf of the club. I think that both Messrs Garlick and Tim Lewis are both
    highly rated.

    Tim Lewis who is a non executive director and a partner at Clifford Chance works very closely with the Kroenke family and is trusted by them.

    So I doubt that Arsenal are going to do dodgy deals in the future.

  42. Un

    !! If you or anyone else actually believe that, then Amber Heard is making my dinner as we speak

    Don’t let her sit on your bed afterwards
    Make sure you show her where the toilet is

  43. Crimson

    Don’t know if you’ve heard but there is this thing called the Internet and lots of deals are done with this Samesong. You can even talk to people on a phone while on a yacht. The modern world is lit.

  44. Un

    DissentersJune 11, 2022 11:25:52
    I don’t think there’s a delay in the transfers for this sumner. The window just opened.Edu is not the reason we haven’t jumped out of gate. Every transfer has to be vetted by the Kroenkes through Tim Lewis.Who can blame the Kroenkes after the debacle of Raul, the Willian contract and then the money that wasted on Auba at the direct request of Arteta?

    A little sense and perspective required, as per, among her ravenous le grove transfer window fans
    Same shit every single summer
    They want all their favourite toys within he first 2/3 weeks of the window
    It’s been open 2 weeks and we have one young winger through the door already. There’s a looooooong summer to go.
    Personally if we get Savic I’d be over the moon. Exactly the profile of player we need to kick this team on. Exactly what I wanted. I doubt it will happen but that’s a transformative move. Changes the whole team dynamic

  45. Samesong

    Don’t know if you’ve heard but there is this thing called the Internet and lots of deals are done with this Samesong. You can even talk to people on a phone while on a yacht. The modern world is lit.

    Sounding bit sark there Cringeson don’t know why ? What did I say to upset you? And no the whole world is not lit.

    Worked in IT and development for over 30 years so very aware of the internet thanks.

  46. China1

    Apart from confirming that deals were completed legally you’d be hard pressed to say any positive impact that Garlick and Chance have on our dealings.

    white. Willian. Auba. We’re now falling over ourselves to pay 50% minimum over the market rate for Jesus.

    I will believe that those two actually do anything other than admin paper work when I see it.

  47. Un

    And yeah, Savic is better than Pogba. No doubt about it. He and de Jong are he two best midfielders in world football right now

  48. Chris

    Another Iwobi or Willock like sale would be helpful this summer.

    Perhaps we can convince Feyenoord to part with £15-20 million for Reiss Nelson

  49. Un

    I think KSE are right to rein Arteta in. £50m for Jesus with 2 years on his deal is too much. We can find better for less. Pedro light claim it’s more of a risk but Jesus comes with more than a little risk. He’s hardly proven as a premier league goal scorer is he? I think there are to many limitations to his game
    Scamacca looks a better striker to me. Everything needed to become a top striker in the premier league. If he’s got the bottle to leave Italy that is

  50. Chris

    Whilst the window only opened this week, and of course a degree of patience is required which most normal people realise, at the same time we cant afford to be lax with our major signings.

    The start to last season wasn’t ideal, we made our major signings somewhat late and there probably wasn’t a a much time as Arteta would have liked for a thorough pre season. As we have seen, a disastrous start like we had last season does end up costing big time.

    With the early start to next season because of WC, we can’t be dithering and deliberating too much. That said I’m sure the club has their targets lined up and new possibilities obviously emerge during the window itself. Lots of moving parts in a transfer window but the club has some ground to make up.

  51. Crimson

    Starting on the megapints for a lovely sunny Saturday. Amber heard has pledged sausages for our bbq.
    Northampton to win in the rugby
    England to play bland football against Scammcas Italy

  52. Crimson

    Agreed samesong the world is 42% lit.
    Thanks for the new ‘cringerson’ nickname, I know what to put on my gravestone now. You work in IT for 30 years. Sheeeeesh. The fountain of knowledge.

  53. EdTheREd

    Savic at 70m is basically new Pepe. He’s at best mediocre player. At best. Can’t believe how standards have dropped. But with fanbase who’s gone loopy over fckng Arteta, it’s no wonder we’re in such position.

  54. G

    ‘’ I think KSE are right to rein Arteta in. £50m for Jesus with 2 years on his deal is too much‘’

    Are you for real.. 50 mill for Jesus even if it re 10 mill too much who gives a shit ,,

    Most expensive season tickets, I expect players of Jesus quality to be playing for us..
    A Brazilian international when probably hasn’t hit his peak ..

  55. China1

    G you seem to miss the problem with overpaying for players

    There’s a limited pot of money. By paying more for one player you have less left over for another. You also demonstrate to other clubs you are poor at negotiating and they ramp up prices for your other targets (exactly what’s happening with Jesus).

    Meanwhile if you overpay on wages you can’t shift the player down the line if they flop and you create financial imbalance in the squad where everyone else decent wants a massive pay rise too.

    The idea that is overpaying on fees and wages for players in 2022 is fine and nothing to worry about is absolutely bonkers

  56. China1

    It’s exactly because arsenal fans pay so much money for the privilege that we should expect those pound notes to be used very intelligently and not thrown around like a virgin in a whorehouse

  57. China1

    35m for Jesus and 160k a week wages? Not my choice of player but at those prices I’d call it a decent deal

    50m and 200k absolutely stinks of lacazette 2.0

  58. Un

    Jesus may be absolutely fucking electric and nick 25 goals next season
    The transfer doesn’t exactly set my imagination on fire but let’s just wait and see.
    Savic would be a dream though.
    If Jesus is shit, we’ve got 10 goal Eddie

  59. Crimson

    Spread the love. Mr samesong. ❤
    The anxiety of getting transfers In, is crazy, when the window has just opened for fresh air.
    Ideally we sign peeps soon. But life ain’t that easy.
    Players are on holiday or international duty.
    Life has turned into a insane instant medium. Amazon prime is not delivering.

  60. RP7

    I love the Raphinha rumours.

    I’d love to see these front 4:

    —————-new striker—————-

    I know, I know, Saka is great, but I prefer something different. A good obedient boy who is smart about his future, kisses his mommy goodnight before he goes to sleep. Great for Saka, but when I see Raphinha, you got that whole favela energy about him, like he would cut your throat if you dared to foul him.
    Anyway, Odegaard is preferred to ESR, but Martinelli + ESR + Raphinha behind the striker would be ELECTRIC. (Of course, this way Saka could also play LW sometimes and create chances better than Martinelli).
    saka——-esr——–raphinha would be cool too.

  61. andy1886

    “Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ over the possible £51million signing of Everton forward Richarlison.”

    Before anyone jumps on me I’m not bothered tbh. The idea that AFC becomes a cliquey Brazilian outpost isn’t something I’m up for. Being linked with. or worse. actually signing, every available player from Edu’s back yard is just lazy.

  62. Samesong

    I love the Raphinha rumours.

    As long as he doesn’t do that walking the whole pitch knee thing after every game I’ll take him.

  63. Samesong

    Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ over the possible £51million signing of Everton forward Richarlison.”

    Looks like spurs are doing their business early amazing what leverage you have when you get into the CL 🤣

  64. Killroy-TM

    “Killroy, if you continue to post like you are on a crypto Reddit board, you will go in the bin.”

    I get it and will respect your decisions, hopefully you will likewise apply the same to posters who use abusive names on other posters as I assume you didn’t like my name calling of Edu and Arteta. It just is a reflection that many here share, namely their lack of experience in running a club and having a TW that brings in value for money and not pay over value only to realize they need to go out on loan or are under performing.

    You posted this on May 17th:
    Our path forward is straight-forward.

    ⚽️ WC striker
    ⚽️ 2 midfielders that can compete with Partey
    ⚽️ Two new fullbacks that compete with KT and Tomi
    ⚽️ Integrate Saliba & Turner as competition

    How is this going to happen now with every purchase having to be signed off by KSE and the WC who would that be, while clubs knowing our method of doing business and having Edu’s number? In addition how will we compete with other clubs that have eyes on our number 1 choices?