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I’m in New York on a work thing, so I am going to be low on posting at the moment, but… when the post land, they land, you know what I’m saying?

I just want to clear up a couple of things from my expose on the Premier League fixtures because there were a lot of angry Spurs fans and there were a few Arsenal fans that cannot stand to see data that in any way looks like it might harm their naive view of how the sporting world works.

  1. We didn’t finish in the top 4 last season for a whole host of reasons that I have covered in some detail. If you think I was saying the only reason we failed was due to the fixtures, you are wrong and likely projecting onto the work.
  2. Marginal gains are a thing. If you don’t understand that, you don’t get modern sport. Clubs will try and edge out advantages all over the place. Liverpool don’t let key players go on international duty because of ‘injury’, Arsenal do, Liverpool end the season with Trent on the pitch, Arsenal end the season with Tavares at left-back. We had a whole conversation about the weirdos that thought removing mayo from the canteen was a marginal gain because Conte is a genius. So when we look at fixtures, don’t tell me that’s not a marginal gain opportunity.
  3. Finally, the key message: Arsenal drop out of Europe for the first time in 25 years and we didn’t face a single team that had played a European game. There’s a 3.4% chance of that happening. You have to ask questions about that, especially when you know the random fixture generator has human intervention involved. Calling it ‘luck’ is to sit on your hands. The same people telling you not to be curious about hard data were those that were telling you to put on your big boy boots when we didn’t have the Brentford game cancelled. What happened after they said the games couldn’t be cancelled? The games got cancelled when other clubs screamed louder. Everything can be influenced in football, we’ve seen it time and time again, Arsenal should be banging the table on this ‘freak’ roll of the dice and demanding it does not happen again.

Anyway, thanks to all the fans that carried that message.


Arsenal are apparently kicking the Scamacca approach into overdrive. The story seems to have swung from ‘he’s angling for a move to Juve’ to ‘Dortmund and Arsenal want him.’ You would have to imagine Arsenal have more sway than Dortmund, we can pay more, give him a better profile, and we’re more prestige.

I like this striker a lot. He has all the bits we’re looking for, he fast, he can can score in lots of different ways, he has a fierce ball striker, and he’s only young. What is very interesting to me is whether we’re spending less on our main striker so we can afford someone like Jesus to give us more end product in the forward line. The interesting thing for Jesus is there’s quite a bit of competition at Arsenal for the spaces his likes to occupy. Still, we need a squad more than ever next season, so there will be loads of minutes.

Bukayo Saka is apparently on the radar of Manchester City. I think this is a familiar pattern that comes from his agent who seeded that Eddie was attracting interest from Chelsea and Liverpool. It’s all a game to get his client max money this summer. Let’s be real here, it’s absolutely deserved, we just need to make sure we’re very protected so we don’t lose him for nothing at some point.

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  1. InsideRight


    “contract offered, ongoing discussions” means there are doubts about it. There are no doubts when ink is on paper.

  2. Mb

    Anyone else think our incomings will be towards the end of transfer window so that Arteta can say he didn’t get a pre-season with new player(s)?

  3. InsideRight

    There was much talk in recent months about Arsenal have 5 or 6 clearly identified targets, that fit a specific profile of player. People justified the refusal to sign anyone in January on that stated position. Since then if feels like there has been an ongoing effort to reduce those expectations.

    If Arsenal had their targets decided, why have they not gone hard for them and done what is needed to bring them in? It almost feels like there is second guessing and distraction going on behind the scenes. If the diligence had been done to identify those targets we should not be looking beyond them unless their clubs or the players themselves refuse an Arsenal approach.

    Is this going to be another underwhelming window that promised much and delivered far less?

  4. Paulie

    Always the same with Arsenal. Amateurs at buying and selling players. Edu has known all season what we need so should have everything wrapped up waiting for the window yet here we go again as always with the bullshit of being snubbed or outbid for players. In all honesty if any of you were a top player would you be stupid enough to come and join these penny pinching jokers running things.

  5. TR7

    Not easy for Arsenal to pry away players for whose services multiple clubs are interested.

    If Chelsea and Spurs are really interested in Jesus, you can understand the challenge Arsenal might face in luring him away.

    Tielemans looks all but done but still you never know whether he is getting other offers too.

    We are not Real or Bayern. We neither have a charismatic and reputed manager nor we have CL to offer. We are not the most appealing destination for good players, it’s a fact.

  6. izzo

    Thank fuck Nketiah is on the released list. Now we can open the coffers and buy a high quality striker and winger whoever they may be will be superior well rounded players than a weak fox in the box poacher who doesn’t convince me he will score when the pressure is on or against elite teams(Liverpool and City). Fuming Darwin Nunez is going to Liverpool. He would be perfect for us.
    Nketiah is too old to be an understudy. That place goes to Balogun. Funny we keep treating him like he’s a kid. He’s not at the level if we want someone to take us to CL football. He should go lead the line at Brighton or Palace where he won’t be an understudy.

  7. Pierre

    “Thank fuck Nketiah is on the released list. Now we can open the coffers and buy a high quality striker and winger whoever they may be will be superior well rounded players than a weak fox in the box poacher who doesn’t convince me he will score when the pressure is on or against elite teams(Liverpool and City).”

    Ha ha, dumb comment …we haven’t scored against liverpool in the last 6 games and scored only 2 v city in the last 5..

    I notice that you didn’t want to include chelsea as “elite, possibly due to the fact that Eddie scored 2 at the home of the then european champions…

  8. izzo

    Pierre I am talking about the PL Chelsea were crap this past season with the Lukaku debacle. Nketiah is not leading the line at Arsenal over a season. He should go to a lower position placed team to do that. You know I’m right otherwise why the hell are we trying to buy a striker??? He is 23 and you think he wants to play another season rooted on the bench in the games that matter? His time has passed and Balogun should take his spot. You know that why he was sent out on loan.

  9. Valentin


    Eddie scored against Chelsea. Last year against Liverpool he put VVD under pressure that resulted in a goal.
    He can do everything that Gabriel Jesus can do while being much more clinical.
    He will become an elite striker. Once he is in a team with a manager who trust him he will not stop scoring.

  10. izzo

    How many goal winning goals(literally what it takes to lead the line) did Nketiah score? And against what teams? Nottingham Forest. Sigh… For all his exploits after being given a chance he still couldn’t score when it matters to secure CL footy. Follow him to his next club along with Ozil and Willock. No idea why you like and big up these clearly weak players. You can have all the talent but mentality and application/aggression is everything if you’re gonna cut it at the elite level.

  11. Valentin

    I like the Raphinha rumour. Of course it will depend on the tranfer fee and wage, but replacing numerically Pepe by Raphinha make sense. Both he and Sako could rotate wings during matches and provide elite passing and dribbling.

  12. Naija+soccer

    Was worried when I saw Eddie’s name among released players. I thought “what are we smoking at Arsenal, why are we getting rid of our only decent striker”. Glad we are keeping him and negotiations are on going.

    In an era where the not so prolific Osihmen is going for 100 million, and the not proven outside Portugal Nunez also going for the same amount. It would be madness for us to act as though we don’t need a guy like Eddie.

  13. izzo

    I don’t see it. I don’t doubt his ability as a fox in the box but that is not enough at the elite level. He isn’t complete in his position to lead the line. Why isn’t he in the England setup? Shouldn’t he be at the world cup? 23 years old. Brighton and Palace is his level and thats not a bad thing its just not CL PL challenging level which is what we need to compete. He clearly doesnt want to play second fiddle and he’s not gonna be our number one striker hence why i keep saying better he moves to another club. Why is he on the released list then??? Balogun is next in line and should be given the second fiddle to the starting striker spot at Arsenal.

  14. Naija+soccer

    Nketiah showed in 12 starts what Lacazette couldn’t in 120 starts. Hunger, clinical finishing and just generally knowing his way around the 18 box.

    Eddie sign this thing please.

  15. The Bard

    TR7 Absolutely. The transfer situation is more complex these days. If we go in for a player the agent will then alert other clubs and hopefully force an auction to push the price and wages up. So there is a bit of bluff going on which is why we maybe havent heard much. Im sure Jesus’s agent is waiting to see who comes up with the best deal. The players have the clubs over a barrel.

  16. izzo

    Hope he leaves. If he thinks he’s going to he No.1 he’ll be massively disappointed when he finds himself on the bench again. Unless he’s happy playing cup games and being a sub.

  17. Naija+soccer


    Where is this elite level that you are referring to because it certainly ain’t real at the moment. Since Ronaldo, Neymar,Suarez,RVP, Messi, etc retired or slow down remarkably, elite level has been disappearing in football. Other than maybe Haaland, Kane, Mbappe, Lewandowski there is no elite level in the striker department in football at the moment. Guy like Lautaro Martinez, Son,Mane, are the best of the very best of this era. Really good players but not elite.

    Tammy Abraham, Jesus, Depay, Toney, Lautaro Martinez etc if these guys are the present standard then Nketiah is nothing to be sniffed. He’s in that echelon for sure. Just need games.

  18. Zacharse

    Habesha GoonerJune 10, 2022 09:20:34
    Okay. I understand you want a different profile of striker. A big bully to be exact. But these types of players don’t have a transformative scoring records either. Tammy Abraham, in his best ever season in Serie A , scored 17 league goals. 23 over all and half of the 6 goals he scored came in the conference league. Scamacca hit 16 goals, David hit 15 goals and Toney hit 12 goals playing as a striker all season.Those are the big bully type of strikers and none of them hit more than 17 in poorer leagues. I genuinely believe Jesus can do that at any of those teams. And they aren’t better in pressing, holding the ball up and dribbling either. That is the point I am defending. They aren’t as transformative because they are tall. If you gave me someone like Vlahovic though I would take it.

    I gotta disagree Habesha. What having a big bully up front will do is ask more questions of a defense. the main reason i believe we don’t get more goals from ode, and from wing postions…
    i believe w a big CF we have an answer in games against brighton, southampton, palace etc where the defense seems tobe able to pocket us when no one in the front line is on fire that day. never seen scamacca play but he looks the type if only visually. abraham certainly. We need someone who is going to wear them down and take his pound of flesh out of a CB. then eddie comes on w 20 mins and runs them ragged from a 180 degree different position

  19. China1

    If we’re looking at Jesus and Scamacca because we think Eddie may still leave this makes more sense and I can get behind that more.

    But if Eddie signs then only one other striker should be bought and buying Jesus as a winger when he doesn’t score that much seems a waste of money

  20. China1

    I don’t know that Eddie will become elite but I’m pretty confident he will be a very decent PL striker. And considering he’s already ours for free it would be a great shame to lose him

    I’m not convinced that most of the strikers we’ve been linked to are any better – or will be much better than Eddie if Eddie is given regular game time and confidence to develop.

    So will he be a 30 goal a season striker? No idea really. Could he score 15 league goals? Yes. If he gets plenty of games he will score at least that

  21. Valentin

    I don’t know what Paul Merson is on, but if he thinks that Chelsea will entertain the idea of selling Lukaku to us for £60 millions, I want some.
    That is the price they were willing to sell Tammy Abraham to us last summer and everybody would take Lukaku over Tammy Abraham.

  22. izzo

    @Naija you’ve listed players and he’s not at their level. Same age with Lautaro and can you say you’d say no to Lautaro to keep Eddie??? Even you are not 100%convinced of him now yet claim he will become elite. At this stage and age he should at minimum be in the England squad and he is not. You all are overhyping him because he’s Hale End. Whatever there’s better strikers out there at his age 23-25 and you know it. No shame wanting better. My point is Eddie wants to be starter and I’m saying a BIG FAT NO to that and he should find another club where he will get to start.

  23. salparadisenyc

    Pierre we all get your itching to have Eddie be the number 1 guy so you can likely troll the site with how right you were in calling it. You really fetich a player when it suits, fair play you’ve got much right on Eddie but lets not get carried away.

    What he’s done has played himself into contention for a new contract.

    I’ll go on the record with if Arteta doesn’t bring in another CF option this will be his last season at Arsenal. This is not an overall indictment on Eddie but to think he’s going to carry the entire load this season is nonsense if this club is serious about pushing into top four, whilst also competing across three other competitions.

    “Eddie is better than Lautaro without doubt”

    Solid trolling right there Siddeeq, now go and have a word with yourself.

  24. Naija+soccer


    I never claimed that Eddie would be elite. In fact, I was arguing for the opposite. I was saying the strikers available for us to buy aren’t elite anyway so we should keep Eddie as the options aren’t that much better.

    If we are going with 2 strikers, just keep Eddie sign a second guy. Simples.

  25. raptora

    I don’t mind the idea of having 2 big boys in the center. In Wenger’s most successful teams we used to have Vieira + Petit and Vieira + Gilberto Silva at the core of our midfield and we were anything but struggling for goals or to play good football.

    Partey + Bissouma will dominate games and will allow our attackers to play with freedom and without fear that we’ll concede if they lose the ball.

    When we need something different we could also change it up, but plan A with Partey and Bissouma will be really strong in both phases as both of them are real quality taking over space and moving the ball forward.

    I wanted my boy Anguissa for dirt cheap (15m) last season but now I’m firmly behind the transfer of Bissouma.

    Bissouma/or another similar player will be a very good replacement of Partey as well when he gets injured. If we spent all of our buck on Tielemans we’ll be forced to play Xhaka as the pivot player and we know how it ends.

    In the home games when we feel like we need more attacking players rather than Partey and Bissouma we could always play a midfield of Partey + Ode (Zinchenko) and ESR.

    Bissouma to cover both Partey and the position next to Partey.
    Zinchenko to cover both LB and the position next to Partey.
    Add a class striker and a quality winger would be ideal for me.

    All within a 120-150m budget.

  26. Naija+soccer

    Also Lautaro has been a starter for Inter for at least 3 years now. Nketiah has been playing third fiddle to Laca AND Auba in that period. Barely started games.

    If he gets the trust of the manager and start getting starts in games, he will improve and prove some people wrong.

  27. raptora

    Winger is kind of a bonus imo. It’s not like Arteta used Pepe at all, so if we throw money there he will cement one of our other players like Marti and ESR to the bench completely.

  28. TR7


    Yes 30M and 100k in wages should be enough. I think Toney is bit of an all round striker even though he is far from a finished product yet.

  29. WengerEagle

    Toney is a good striker but I think 7 of his goals last season were from non-penalties.

    At 26 he is not likely to improve much. Mitrovic had a far superior goalscoring season in the Championship and smashed Toney’s record and he is at best a 10-12 PL goal a season player.

    At least with Jesus there is the evidence that when he is played up top through the centre that he will score goals. He has spent the majority of the past two seasons playing wide.

    Also creates plenty of goals and can dribble past players 1 vs 1.

  30. TR7


    Aerial threat
    He can run channels
    A very good outlet in counter attacking situations
    Makes good progressive/key passes in attack
    He can link up play

  31. MidwestGun

    Umm Newcastle got qouted a price of 50 mill for Toney by Brentford.. is there a discount coupon I’m unaware of for Arsenal? hahaha

    Anyhow first official day of transfer window.. and nothing.. huh? kind of figured. Have to see a picture of an executive grilling on a yacht on the French Riveria or standing in a beach in budgie smugglers talking to volleyball babes before we get serious, most likely sometime in July even though the season starts on Aug. 6th this year.

  32. TR7

    “At least with Jesus there is the evidence that when he is played up top through the centre that he will score goals”

    Jesus is a good player, so I don’t want to come across as someone who is shitting on him but we must not forget that City create a lot of chances for their striker and most of the time final passes/deliveries to the striker are inch perfect from the likes of KDB/Cancelo/Mahrez etc.

  33. TR7

    “Toney has a pass completion rate of 58% in the PL, that is beyond horrific”

    Not a big fan of picking up stats when they probably don’t mean much in isolation. Brentford generally counter attack than build up and in counter attack things are so fast paced that your passing percentage will drop.

  34. WengerEagle

    He is also out on the wing more than half the time TR7 and away from goalscoring positions for most of the game. KDB has been used many times as a false 9 by Pep.

    There is a reason that he was trusted above Aguero in the later years in big CL games by Pep. Because he is not somebody who is only effective standing up top and waiting for the perfect pass, he can wreak havoc from the channels too.

  35. TR7

    Ivan Toney

    33 appearances
    12 goals
    5 assists
    40 key passes
    80 shot creating actions
    31 tackles
    21 interceptions
    150 aerial duels won

    Impressive numbers for someone who plays for Brentford

  36. Tom

    PSG, Real, City are top tier of the transfer market.
    They can pay top prices and offer top wages.

    Then you have your Pool, Bayern, United, Chelsea and the like in the second tier.

    Arsenal are so far down the pecking order right now, that I’d be surprised to hear we signed anyone of note until late in the window.

  37. WengerEagle

    There’s dropping to levels around 70% which is fine if you plunder in a goal a game like Haaland does but considering that Toney barely scores and this hold up and link play of his is so highly thought of than yes, 58% is awful.

    Cannot blame that on Brentford. Even teenage Lukaku who was considered very sloppy has averaged 70% + and he played for a West Brom team that were far worse than Brentford are.

  38. WengerEagle


    Is 1 key pass that valuable if you misplace nearly every 2nd pass in a game that breaks down attacks?

    Including defensive stats and ‘shot creating actions’ in his most impressive numbers isn’t what I would want to see out of my ST personally. We are going to dominate the ball against most PL teams and are not Brentford.

  39. MidwestGun

    5 of Toney’s goals were pks as well… and 4 were from set pieces.. so 3 from open play. Just sayin

    Thats my Weagle assist for the day… I’m done now.. 😀

  40. WengerEagle

    More Toney stats:

    -12 PL goals (5 penalties)
    -1 goal vs top 6 opposition (Man Utd)
    – 5 vs relegated Burnley and Norwich

    26 not 21. I think there are far better options on the market than Toney with all due respect to him as he is a good midtable ST.

  41. TR7

    “Including defensive stats and ‘shot creating actions’ in his most impressive numbers isn’t what I would want to see out of my ST personally”

    Kind of gives a sense that the guy can press high if required and drop deep to help in defense too when are defending a lead. Toney is a high intensity striker who is a bit raw but he has in him to become an effective striker for us.

    Jesus is a good striker and more proven than Toney but he is very similar to Eddie in style. Toney offers something different in my view.

  42. andy1886

    If Pep trusts Jesus in the striker role why didn’t he play him there often? Why would he rather play a false 9? If he prefers a false 9 why sign Haaland? Just maybe Pep thought that Jesus wasn’t up to it?

  43. MidwestGun

    Im pretty well divided 50/50 on the Jesus decision… I can see both sides of the arguement.. but also Im not sure who else we can get that would be better. Plus the Brazilian connection and the City system which is like ours in theory. So leaning towards if we miss out on him.. I will be disappointed. But if we bring in Gnabry then I dont care. hahaha or soemthing like that.

  44. TR7

    Most bottom half teams score a lot of goals from set pieces and very few from open play. One must take in to account the team a player is playing for. You can put an asterisk on goals from penalty kick but not on goals from set pieces especially for a player playing for a team which spends a lot of time defending in their own half.

  45. WengerEagle

    Guy is not top of my list by any means but even look at Raul de Tomas’s season in comparison playing for an Eapanyol team similar in quality to Brentford:

    -17 La Liga goals (5 pens)
    -3 assists
    – 1.5 dribbles per game (Toney is at 0.7)
    – 84 % pass completion and avg 23 passes a game.

    Here is the real difference though, look at who he is scoring against:

    1 vs Champions Real Madrid (left-foot)
    1 vs 2nd placed Barcelona
    2 vs 3rd placed Atletico Madrid (Free-kick, header)
    1 vs 5th placed Real Betis (left-foot)

    5″11 and can score all types of goals from headers to both feet to distance strikes, etc.

  46. Samesong

    I like Jesus but some of you are forgetting those physical games where we have no plan B and our forwards are getting brushed off the ball. Toney is a just an option. Toney bullied our defence first game of the season. Yes there are probably some better player’s on the market. Against the Brightons and Crystal palaces though you need that type of player.

  47. WengerEagle

    Joking aside, I wonder of there is any way we could get Lukaku?

    Obviously Chavs will sell to pretty much anyone else but they risk sinking a £100m transfer investment not to mention the wages into the ground if they are relying on broke Italian clubs.

    Lukaku shown some love is a brilliant ST even if he is not quite world class. Certainly levels above Toney though.

  48. Mee

    No to Jesus. He is likely to go the Lacazette route whereby he is unable to do everything the current system asks from him and still score goals. An important question is how he is going to score more at Arsenal than he does at Man City while we only create a fraction of what they do at City.
    We need a striker with presence up front. Someone who can bring the likes of Saka and Martinelli into play with flick-ons etc. thus making us more direct.
    One of the reasons we got beat by the likes of Crystal and Soton is we are so easily stifled in the attacking third. That needs to change.

  49. TR7

    Romano: “Gabriel Jesus’ gonna join a Premier League club this summer – and not Real Madrid, as explained two days ago. More to follow soon.Gabriel will leave Man City for sure, no changes expected.”

    Looks like Jesus to Arsenal is done.

  50. WengerEagle

    Lukaku has plundered in well over 100 PL goals despite being 28 and playing two seasons in Italy (where he put up back to back 30+ goal seasons) for all the shit that has been talked about him.

  51. TR7


    It’s all hypothetical but would much rather go for Werner than Lukaku. I don’t think either of them will like to move to Arsenal though.

  52. raptora

    Lukaku is right below top class but if he doesn’t like it at Chavs does anyone think there’s any way he’s going to enjoy playing football again under Generational?

    Joke’s on me, I forgot it’s fun Friday!

  53. WengerEagle

    In all seriousness tho Rap, what happens to him?

    Turning 29 and clearly he will not start under Tuchel at Chelsea. Risky move to wait out a change of gaffer isn’t it?

    And Inter are broke and cannot afford even his wages.

  54. WengerEagle

    Fuck me TR7, that’s one way of saying that you rate your Nan above Big Rom.

    Werner makes the average fan believe that they could lead the line for the Chavs.

  55. WengerEagle

    Only worse finisher up top I have seen than Werner is Chamakh.

    Welbeck and Gervinho too if you include widemen. Shank or mishit vast majority of their shots.

  56. raptora

    If we go hard for Lukaku in all honesty I might do a 180 degree turn and start believing that Arteta has a bright future ahead.

    Going all guns blazing for a player that has a sign that says “risky” attached to him will completely change my view on Generational who has so far preferred anything but risk in his transfers in and out.

    If we decides to put on the big boy pants, take on a player that could have a huge upside on our fortunes but who has also shown once that he can act like a prima donna, dude, our manager will impress me in all kinds of ways.

    To the point I’ll become a believer.

  57. Naija+soccer


    Concur with you on not having no love for strikers with little to zero technique. But I ll take Lukaku though. Will score way more goals than Lacazette.

  58. Naija+soccer

    It’s a good thing that Chelsea’s major signings be flopping sometimes Could you imagine if all these signings worked out for them ; Shevchenko, Werner, Fernando Torres, Crespo.

  59. WengerEagle

    Now granted it is the Mirror who aren’t the best source for veracity but this is a very positive Jesus stat if legit:

    ”Jesus is a four-time Premier League winner since joining City from Palmeiras in January 2017. Of his 159 Premier League outings for the Sky Blues, the forward has started just 99 times in England’s top flight.

    In that time, Jesus has scored 58 goals in the Premier League and has the 17th best minutes per goal ratio in the 30-year history of England’s top flight, scoring at a rate of a goal every 160 minutes.

    Of players currently playing in the Premier League, only Spurs’ Harry Kane and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah (both 129) have better minutes-per-goal records, with the duo sitting fourth and fifth on the all-time list respectively.”

  60. Samesong

    Spurs agree £20m Spence deal
    Tottenham have agreed a deal to buy Middlesbrough right-back Djed Spence for £20m, according to reports in the Guardian.


  61. WengerEagle

    ”Liverpool reject bid worth £23.5m up front for striker Sadio Mane from Bayern Munich; additional £6.5m in add-ons would only be paid if Bayern won three Champions Leagues and Mane lifted Ballon d’Or three times”

    Per Sky Sports.

    That is on the Wenger bantersphere of a ‘add-ons’ bid from Bayern.

  62. MidwestGun

    Condolences Samesong.. I’ve had to endure Pulisic playing for Chelski so I feel your pain.

    Anyhow, France getting serious today .not going with the all project youth side. . starting Benzema. Saliba is startign however. but Matty G on the bench

  63. WengerEagle

    ”WE: They’re spuds mate, never forget that important fact”

    This is always true and comforting. But they are a serious threat for top 4 and getting stronger.

  64. WengerEagle

    Griezmann is another one who strikes me as mentally having one foot out of the door of football. Looks a shadow of the player that he was 3-4 years ago.

    Constantly flirts with the idea of moving to the MLS and getting to enjoy his real passion in the NBA. Bit like Vela in that football interest just isn’t there, is a job to him.

  65. andy1886

    Matt, Tomi cost 17m but was considered a bargain so not sure how £20m is ‘a lot of Wong a’ exactly.

  66. Ishola70

    These poor players having to play these games and in the silly UEFA Nations League now.

    These players should be on the beach having a well earned break after a long season.

    In that sense I wouldn’t be too harsh or judgemental on individual players in these summer UEFA Nations League matches.

  67. Nigel Tufnel

    Wenger Eagle those Jesus stats are interesting.
    We have to remember how much rotation Pep does. It’s hell using any of his players in fantasy football.

    So many appearances as subs, and that would increase next season with 5.

    Goals/assists per minutes played, on top of hard work and versatility. Also he doesn’t mind if not played at traditional CF.

    Not much to dislike.

  68. Ishola70


    “Who is watching Austria vs France? how is our boy Bill

    lol only complete addicted footall loons watch summer UEFA Nations League matches.

    So maybe they are the best people to ask.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    Toney and Ihenacho are better than Jesus???

    You sure read some wild opinions in here. As much as people on here don’t rate Jesus, it is not straight forward for us to get him. Chelsea are about to offload lukaku and they need an attacker. There are stories they want Jesus and Moussa Dembele together.

    We are being heavily linked to Raphinha this evening. I would be delighted with him. We won’t have to burnout Saka as much bland we won’t have too much drop on quality in all attacking midfield positions if we sign him. € 55 mil euros is the quoted price and he would be worth it. Not too much wages either.

    Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Raphinha, Odegaard. It would be like all of our attacking midfield player would be my favorite. You would just have to pick based on form because you love all the players

    Spurs spending 20 mil for Spence is a very good business. Conte could do some damage with him.

  70. Dissenters

    Djed Spense is a very good player
    Why do we make things so hard for ourselves. We’ve spent so much time chasing some kid from Bologna when there was a ready made talent in Djed Spence waiting to be snatched.

  71. The Real Vieira Lynn


    amateur hour personified…considering your absolutely atrocious record when it comes to hot-takes, minus the yet to be proven Eddie reach, you would be wise to slow your roll when it comes casting dispersions…I anxiously await your next meaningless post

    on to the real business at hand, I can only hope there’s even a modicum of truth behind the rumor that SMS might be available this TW…not sure we have the financial wherewithal required to properly address our concerns up top and aggressively pursue this player, but this is the kind of elite footballer that we should be targeting…a tandem of SMS & Partey would be something to behold, especially if the former could remain relatively healthy, which certainly isn’t a given

  72. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Spence going to the Spuds is a difficult pill to swallow considerng how much time our fanbase has spent chatting up this particular player…only time will tell if this was a steal or a reach, but I can’t help but thinking that he would be the perfect sort of player to have on Saka’s side in the final third, whereas Tomi is rather underwhelming when it comes to providing our young star with the requisite amount of protection he deserves, visa vie overlaaping runs etc…

  73. Habesha Gooner

    Savic is a cherry on top kind of signing. Great player but we will have to wait till we go back to the champions league before we start signing players that are aged 27+ and are going to cost 60 mil+. People for get that we haven’t got a proper squad. We need to spend big money on at least 3 positions. ST, CM, LW/RW. and we also need players for squad depth and rotation at CM/DM, RB, LB, and GK (Turner already secured but will still cost money). Those three top players alone will cost over 140 mil. For example Jesus, Tielemans, Raphinha would cost 120 to 135 mil. If we took out Tielemans who would cost around 30 mil for a 60 mil Savic then we would have no money left over for a good LB. Plus we would strangle ourselves of the other CM and RB we would need in January or next summer. I am all for a Savic like signing if we qualify for CL next summer though. But for now we need younger players for good squad depth than a star signing who would take all our funds.

  74. izzo

    Djed Spence? Are you kidding me??? That’s who you’re crying over??? As someone mentioned we have Norton-Cuffy. Get a hold of yourself!!!

  75. Habesha Gooner

    Liverpool are masters of the transfer window since klopp took over. Mane has a high probability of joining Bayern. I am expecting a fee of £30 to £35 mil.

    But they are signing Nunez for a total fee of a € 100 mil (£ 85 mil). Nunez’s wages would probably be a bit over half of Mane’s which is a 200k. They are saving 3 to 4 mil in wages. So they are basically spending 50 mil to replace a 30 year old top player with a 22 year old potential player for the next ten years.

    They might not roll over for Salah either. They will probably extend Firminho as a backup. But Salah will depend on whether he lowers his requested Salary and the season he will have next season. But if he goes they will replace him and will have a brand new front line. Diaz, Nunez, new winger backed up by Jota, Firminho, Eliott. Klopp is basically doing what Ferguson successfully did for years. Let’s see if they fully succeed at it on the pitch next season too. But I hope they fail massively to give us a bit of hope.

  76. The Real Vieira Lynn


    we need to secure those type of players to properly qualify for CL and to show some real intent to both the fanbase and to our younger “stars”, like Saka, so that they’re willing to re-up…besides if we signed SMS, we certainly wouldn’t be pursuing Tielemans also…I would gladly take two world-class players over a handful of lesser lights or hopeful reaches…furthermore, if we sign the players you’re talking about this window, there’s no way we would be splashing even more cash for players in similar positions the following summer

  77. Tee

    Some posters will cry over anything. Spence player once against us andnye immediately becomes what we should go for.

    Maybe we should go for all the average players that had the game of their lives against us.

  78. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Tes & Izzo

    do you really think anyone is basing their respective evaluations of Spence on a singular performance against little old us…so let me get this straight, you brainiacs actually think that the Spuds aggressively pursued his signature because they scouted our Cup fixture???…talk about clueless banter

  79. Habesha Gooner

    Savic is a top player. But Tielemans is also a very good player. If we go all out on Savic and we fail, then we are stuck with a player getting on along with Partey on huge wages. Both our CMs would be 28+ at the end of next season. We might get Savic and we might fail and there is also a chance we might get Tielemans and we might succeed and vice versa. And spending huge wages on SMS is a gamble we don’t need. Better Tielemans at 30 mil than Savic at 60 mil and ridiculous wages.

    We have done this exact same thing with Aubameyang (although it worked for a while it went down the shitter with a new contract), Willian, Ozil (new contract), Miki, Sokratis, David Luiz, Lichtsteiner and so many others.

    Although I am a huge fan of Partey, he will be a waste of money if he doesn’t stay fit next season. I don’t want the same scenario on another CM. We can’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Look at Liverpool they barely sign players over 25. And if they did it would be a cheaper world class player like Thiago. We need to follow the same model.

  80. The Real Vieira Lynn

    this whole age argument is totally counter-intuitive considering that the best teams in the world rely heavily on players 29-30 and above, so the notion of having two highly skilled and very experienced players in the middle of the pitch seems like a very appealing prospect…at some point in time people have to put to bed this whole youngest team in the League narrative nonsense, as that’s not a pathway to success, in and of itself…you simply must sprinkle some veteran players into the mix, especially in those positions where experience is most imperative…btw, by experience I’m not talking about our tactical albatross Xhaka or the Cedric’s or Elneny’s of the world

  81. salparadisenyc

    “It is stupid to cry over Spence.”

    Agree, although i’ve cried over a lot less in the dog days of a transfer window. In fact I may of shed a tear for Sissoko to Spurs back in the banterist of years. The one where Wenger pulled the we signed Cech with a mic drop and nobody else.

    Not to worry Le Grove and his compatriot Ahern will not let me forget.

  82. The Real Vieira Lynn

    before this Spence banter goes any further, who the fuck was crying over this??? certainly not me, I was simply suggesting that it was an interesting situation because there had been a lot of chatter during the season involving this particular player…furthermore, if he had gone to any other team, minus the Spuds or a team above us, this would likely be a rather miniscule talking point at best…regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that I would love to see Saka get the kind of protection he deserves, which he won;t get with Ode and Tomi on his side of the pitch

  83. WengerEagle

    I can see Habesha’s point with signing younger players but imo TRVL is right.

    You need some experience in the team to help guide the younger lads. Having a Milinkovic-Savic in there vs Newcastle could have made a massive difference and caused us not to shit ourselves.

    Also it is hilarious reading that anything over 25 is older for players now. This is not the mid 90s where players fall off a cliff as soon as they turn 30. Real Madrid just won the CL with half of their team well over 30.

  84. Waylander

    The real Viera lynn, agree, don’t get this age obsession, our 97/98 squad had a back 5 all over 30, platt and Wright both mid 30s petit and Bergkamp late 20’s we did all right that year

  85. WengerEagle

    SMS is 27 and potentially has 5-6 prime years in front of him.

    He is on 80-90k a week so it’s not like he would be after massive wages either. We have Pepe on 140k a week, Bellerin on 110k, Leno on 100k.

    We can afford to pay him 150k which is a significant bump-up.

  86. Habesha Gooner

    “”””this whole age argument is totally counter-intuitive considering that the best teams in the world rely heavily on players 29-30 and above, so the notion of having two highly skilled and very experienced players in the middle of the pitch seems like a very appealing prospect”””

    How many times have I said this before, there is a difference between signing 27,28 year olds and signing 25 year olds who stay together 3 years or more.

    Liverpool signed Fabinho at 24, they signed, Keita at 24, they signed Wijnaldum at 25 and they already had an older Henderson and they added a cherry on top signing of Thiago at 29 for 27 mil. Those midfielders apart from thiago stayed together 3+ years to win things together and now some of them are over 30, and some still around 27.

    Same for City who signed, Debruyne, Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Fernandinho, to a team that already had David Silva and Yaya Toure, 26 or younger. Gundogan might have been a bit older.

    This teams are succeeding because they sign players who are about to hit their peak. Savic is already at his peak. And if they sign older players then it will be for reasonable fees. And these players about to hit their peak grow together when they stay together.

    Anyway there is an article about Liverpool strategy here.

    You can read it.

  87. Habesha Gooner

    If we can get Savic for under 40 mil, I would take him over Tielemans. But The drop of in quality between Savic and Tielemans isn’t double the price. I would rather have a 30 mil 25 year old Tielemans than a 27 year old 60 mil Savic.

  88. Naija+soccer

    As long as we can replace Xhaka next season we will improve. Whether that’s Savic, Bissouma, Tielemans, Tchouameni, I just want to see a body that can move, run with the ball, create, combine, make defense splitting passes, all the things that Xhaka can’t do and all the things we have lacked since he joined us.

  89. Ishola70


    “As long as we can replace Xhaka next season we will improve”

    Not a chance.

    Arsenal is Xhaka world.

    Arsenal is Xhaka’s fiefdom that he oversees.

    Xhaka is Arsenal’s high duke.

    And don’t we all love that.

  90. Naija+soccer

    The only advantage that Xhaka brings to Arsenal is that he’s almost never injured. But since he will cost you points in games anyway and won’t affect the games that he does play in much (except negatively), what does it matter that he’s always available ?

    If only Partey had his durability.

  91. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger eagle
    Yep I would be opposed to signing Jesus if he was 27. He isn’t elite either. He is a very good player. But if these same numbers were being discussed, €55 mil euros and 200k a week on a player who would be 30 in 3 years then I would definitely be opposed to it. I would have advocated for someone like Gouiri on half the wages and a cheaper transfer fee.

  92. WengerEagle

    Bergkamp signed for Arsenal at 26.

    Santi Cazorla was 27.
    Giroud 26.
    Gallas 29.
    Monreal 27.
    Gilberto Silva 26.
    Mertesacker 27.
    Arteta himself was 29.
    Rosicky 26.
    Arshavin 27/28.

    I could go on.

    25 is a strange age to cap signings.

  93. Ishola70

    This track always brings a tear to the eye in relation to our Granit. Tears of joy.

    And remember we are still living these days with him and forever more

    “That you are blessed and lucky”

    Indeed we have been blessed.

  94. Habesha Gooner

    If we had endless funds and if the City’s of this world didn’t exist, the 25 year old cap wouldn’t exist. But these teams do exist and we are operating on a lower financial capability.

    The only team I have seen compete with the same sort of funds that we have is Liverpool. They have combined it with an ability to sell well. And they never spend big money on anyone over 25.

    I think our realistic shot at a title is following their model. If not we won’t get there again. We signed all those players when we were the either the top dogs or we were firmly in the CL.

  95. WengerEagle

    Nothing wrong with your general model being players that are 25 and under but it’s bizarre that you wouldn’t consider signing a couple of players over that age.

    We haven’t got the benefit of having top experienced guys to fall back on like Milner, Henderson, etc so Liverpool isn’t a savvy comparison to make.

    SMS would be a game-changer in midfield imo and would elevate us much more than Tielemans would. The minimal age difference (27 vs 25) shouldn’t override the significant quality difference between the players.

  96. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger eagle
    We signed santi, at 27 for 18 mil which was a steal at the time. And we were in the CL back then. Plus we had already sold some of our best players and we needed replacements.

    By all means I am interested in Savic at a reasonable price of 40 mil. But not much further.

  97. Naija+soccer

    Experience is why we didn’t make top 4. Both the players and the coach.

    Experience is why Tottenham made Top 4. Both the players and the coach.

    So yea we need experienced players( man can’t live on youth alone) and also I hope our coach can learn from his experience too.

  98. WengerEagle

    ”And they never spend big money on anyone over 25.”

    I get that Habesha but these guys Liverpool are signing are not 20-23, the vast majority are 25-26 years old.

    Paying decent money for a 27 year old isn’t an egregious breaking of that rule. In fact we did just exactly that by signing 27 year old Partey in 2020. Lack of experience is a much bigger issue with our squad than Liverpool’s so that is a factor you are not weighing in here.

    Lazio like all Italian clubs are basically broke. No chance they can demand a crazy fee for SMS. £45-50m would be enough imo to turn his head and get us in the negotiation room.

  99. Naija+soccer


    You are struggling to spell Naija shame on you hahaha😂

    Re-Xhaka, it doesn’t matter what we do this summer even if we buy Mbappe and Van Dijk, if we don’t replace Xhaka, we are just going round in circles.

  100. Habesha Gooner

    “The minimal age difference (27 vs 25) shouldn’t override the significant quality difference between the players.”

    It is not just age though. His valuation is double the price of Tielemans. And I am sure he will demand more wages than Tielemans.

    Lazio’s president was saying he rejected a bid of more than €140 mil a couple of years ago.

    “”Fabrizio Romano
    Lazio president Lotito on Sergej Milinkovic-Savić rumours: “Milinkovic is not for sale. I turned down €140m bid for him [years ago]”, tells Rai Sport. #transfers

    “I’d ask Sergej what he wants to do only in case we receive am important proposal from a world class top club”.”””

  101. Naija+soccer


    That Lazio president lie more than a Persian rug. He turned down 140 million for Savic ???!! If you or anyone else actually believe that, then Amber Heard is making my dinner as we speak.

  102. Habesha Gooner

    Pogba went for 89 mil a couple of years before that. And after that Neymar blew all the transfer records. He might not have rejected €140 mil but I am sure he must have rejected an offer around the same price pogba went for.

  103. Habesha Gooner

    On transfermarkt, Savic’s value is put as €70 mil euros. Which is basically £60 mil. So would you think Lazio would give us a 20 percent discount to get him at £45 mil?

  104. The Real Vieira Lynn

    I think trying to even emulate either Pep’s or Klopp’s organizational models is nonsensical, in that the former is a superior manager with a seemingly endless pit of money and the latter is fucking Klopp, the singularly focused, mover of men…whereas back in North London, we have a mitt-full of novice lightwieghts, whom have neither the footballing or administrative acumen of the other individuals in question…as such, we, more than them, need the kind of players whom can bridge this cavaerous gap or we will remain a footballing afterthought in PL equation

  105. WengerEagle

    There is 0 chance that there is even a hint of truth in that 140m quote Habesha, come off it.

    The President would have personally packed hid bags and driven him to his destination. Even in the inflated days a few years ago that is silly money for a young and less established/well rounded SMS.

    Pogba put up 3 world class seasons at Juve and won a shit load of trophies to at least justify the £90m fee.

    Re Auba. Had we not have paid £50m for Laca only a few months prior and given a new 350k a week deal in his early 30s then yes, it would have been a successful transfer.

    He did win us the FA Cup. Our only silverware for 5 years.

    And he was 2 years older than SMS. Another x2 years of prime Auba production and it would have unanimously been a successful transfer.