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How are you today?

I’m in New York on a work thing, so I am going to be low on posting at the moment, but… when the post land, they land, you know what I’m saying?

I just want to clear up a couple of things from my expose on the Premier League fixtures because there were a lot of angry Spurs fans and there were a few Arsenal fans that cannot stand to see data that in any way looks like it might harm their naive view of how the sporting world works.

  1. We didn’t finish in the top 4 last season for a whole host of reasons that I have covered in some detail. If you think I was saying the only reason we failed was due to the fixtures, you are wrong and likely projecting onto the work.
  2. Marginal gains are a thing. If you don’t understand that, you don’t get modern sport. Clubs will try and edge out advantages all over the place. Liverpool don’t let key players go on international duty because of ‘injury’, Arsenal do, Liverpool end the season with Trent on the pitch, Arsenal end the season with Tavares at left-back. We had a whole conversation about the weirdos that thought removing mayo from the canteen was a marginal gain because Conte is a genius. So when we look at fixtures, don’t tell me that’s not a marginal gain opportunity.
  3. Finally, the key message: Arsenal drop out of Europe for the first time in 25 years and we didn’t face a single team that had played a European game. There’s a 3.4% chance of that happening. You have to ask questions about that, especially when you know the random fixture generator has human intervention involved. Calling it ‘luck’ is to sit on your hands. The same people telling you not to be curious about hard data were those that were telling you to put on your big boy boots when we didn’t have the Brentford game cancelled. What happened after they said the games couldn’t be cancelled? The games got cancelled when other clubs screamed louder. Everything can be influenced in football, we’ve seen it time and time again, Arsenal should be banging the table on this ‘freak’ roll of the dice and demanding it does not happen again.

Anyway, thanks to all the fans that carried that message.


Arsenal are apparently kicking the Scamacca approach into overdrive. The story seems to have swung from ‘he’s angling for a move to Juve’ to ‘Dortmund and Arsenal want him.’ You would have to imagine Arsenal have more sway than Dortmund, we can pay more, give him a better profile, and we’re more prestige.

I like this striker a lot. He has all the bits we’re looking for, he fast, he can can score in lots of different ways, he has a fierce ball striker, and he’s only young. What is very interesting to me is whether we’re spending less on our main striker so we can afford someone like Jesus to give us more end product in the forward line. The interesting thing for Jesus is there’s quite a bit of competition at Arsenal for the spaces his likes to occupy. Still, we need a squad more than ever next season, so there will be loads of minutes.

Bukayo Saka is apparently on the radar of Manchester City. I think this is a familiar pattern that comes from his agent who seeded that Eddie was attracting interest from Chelsea and Liverpool. It’s all a game to get his client max money this summer. Let’s be real here, it’s absolutely deserved, we just need to make sure we’re very protected so we don’t lose him for nothing at some point.

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  1. Valentin

    BTW, marginal gain theory was used to explain the success of the Sky team in cycling.
    Turned out that doping and cheating was the real reason of that team success.

  2. andy1886

    Still think that Scamacca will stay in Italy but if he doesn’t surely Champions League football at Dortmund is a lure?

    City have said that they’re not interested in Saka. Not exactly sure why Liverpool don’t propose a Mane/Gnabry swap, would make sense IMO.

  3. Jim

    Absolutely think Saka->Citeh is agent work to make sure he gets the absolute max he can, and Saka deserves it undoubtedly. But as we’ve discussed at some this ‘model’ we’re running requires some sustainability… ergo we are going to have to sell. The question then comes are there some players that are untouchable? If that means we get Scammaca & Jesus (personally prefer the former anyway) in return for «one of our own» leaving is that still a good deal, especially if that comes at the expense of our culture. In this instance don’t think Saka wants to leave anyway but there will be a time we have to make an uncomfortable sale (Saliba another potential example). The worst news is it will send our *ahem* «fans» into overdrive but it is par the course for us going forward. On a broader level will be very interested to see what we can drum up from our sales this summer, although personally not optimistic!

  4. Tom

    “Arsenal should be banging the table on this ‘freak’ roll of the dice and demanding it does not happen again”

    Arsenal should be banging in the league table making sure finishing out of Europe does not happen again.
    There, I fixed it for you, Pedro.

  5. Thierry Martinelli

    When we didn’t face the Europe-engaged teams, we built confidence by beating lesser teams. Maybe we could’ve lost and sunk further. It could’ve been marginal gains or marginal loss.
    I get your argument Pedro but unfortunately it doesn’t wash for me. Hope you won’t say I don’t get modern sport

  6. Br0wnie

    I find interesting, as one who is exposed more to North American Sports like hockey and basketball , where trading players is commonplace, that you just don’t see trades between teams much in European football. I don’t understand why. Can someone explain that to me?

  7. Valentin

    I think that Saka will stay 1 extra year and decide based on where we finish. Of course that could all change if ManCity comes up with a £100 millions offer. If I were his agent I would tell him to wait especially of they come. Pre World Cup he would be in direct competition with Grealish. Nonpoint in forcing a move to end up on the bench. That’s what happent to Grealish who despite being their marquee signing did not get that much playing time.

    To me, the one I think Arteta and Edu may be ready to sell to fund their summer of rebuilding is ESR. To me that would a kick in the teeth of the fans. I also think that would be very shortsighted. But that would make sense. He would raise money and he is not central to Arteta’s plan.

  8. Mr Serge

    Wankz defo has some sort of tool to see when Pedro posts so he can do his boring boom thing contribute you twat

  9. Bertie Mee

    Saka needs to play regularly in World Cup year . He won’t do that at the top two but will at Arsenal . He will negotiate a release clause and that makes us vulnerable to losing him but sure if a fair price . It may mean he ends up at Newcastle or PSG but he wants to stay at Arsenal ….at the moment

  10. Nigel Tufnel

    People will believe anything they read.

    The whole Bissouma talk happened because he reposted a fan comment on his Instagram. He would love to move to Arsenal. An Italian article about him and Arsenal is based on that nonsense or from his agent.

    Bissouma is not coming unless we sell Partey. Anyway, he would be a downgrade. He isn’t half the passer that Partey is. The people who want Bissouma don’t really think passing ability is important in a midfielder I guess. Don’t show me passing stats either. Watch them both play.

    What we need is an upgrade on Xhaka in the position he’s been being used in. The opposite skill set of a Bissouma. A Gundogan type player. I think maybe Tielemans could do that. I’m curious when we’re linked to that would be second choice if we don’t get Tielemans.

    I know everybody hates Melo. I have a feeling Arteta likes him. There would be people having fits here.

  11. S23

    All of this hysteria over Saka leaving,I am afraid it is part of football.
    We have seen Ian Wright,Henry,Viera,Petit,Fabregas and Liam Brady all leave,and yet Arsenal football club still rolls on.
    I really like Saka as a player,but if he decided to move on and we are paid accordingly,it wouldnt be the end of the world.
    I think he faded towards the end of the season and wasnt the best against Germany,so I think he is far from the finished product-he would be wiser to stay at Arsenal than to move to City or somewhere and get lost in a much more cut throat organisation.
    I dont think the fixtures chaps all got together and said,right lets do Arsenal over-but the statistics make for interesting reading,the same as the ridiculous decisions that didnt go our way-ultimately we shot ourselves in the foot by not capturing 4th place,we had it and blew it.

  12. TR7

    I rate Tielemans and Ndidi.

    Tielemans is one of the few allround midfielders in the league. He is very very good in attack and not very shoddy in defense when he is switched on. I think last season he was not really playing at his best and had checked out of Leicester at least mentally. When he is at his game he can be very good.

    Ndidi when fit is a top class defensive midfielder. I don’t know whether he is available for transfer but if he is then he should be one of our targets.

    Jesus given the limited options in forward areas is a good choice albeit he is not a top class striker. Improves our starting 11 and hopefully will combine well with our other attacking players.

    Tielemans, Jesus and one of Ndidi or Bisoumma will be really good.

  13. Ernest Reed

    I know everybody hates Melo. I have a feeling Arteta likes him. There would be people having fits here“

    Is there anything about Melo that even remotely moves the needle on Melo, Nigel?

    For me there is zero about the player that would work with Arsenal, aside from what you mention that Arteta is interested.

    If Melo is the best that AFC can do in terms of upgrades, then that is disappointing and sends a potential message to supporters as to what the club aspires to and their ability to actually achieve it. People shouldn’t like this because Melo is not someone who will improve the club in any discernible way.

  14. Bigper

    Okay I can’t be bothered to go into detail but quick look at city, liverpool and Chelseas results after European games and they won/drew mainly and the few times they lost it was against other teams in Europe I.e man city lost to Liverpool.
    So I think its probable that the whole conspiracy of playing teams after Europe being and advantage is a myth anyway

  15. zimmie2652

    No different tool than all of us have access too.

    I’m pretty sure the mailing list and any of the social media links send you a link once the new post is up. It isn’t that hard to figure out bud.

  16. DigitalBob

    Ideally I’d like any deal for Gabriel Jesus to be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. Sooner if at all possible. Stranger things have happened than a club team like Arsenal flying out to the brazil squad to conduct the medical, get it done Edu! The reason I say that is the longer it drags on the less likely the deal will be, it seems Real and some other champions league bound teams are already circling.

    Tielemens is the same but to a lesser degree in terms of urgency as so far it seems Man Utd would rather have the supreme Frenkie De Jong and no other teams have really been linked.

    Scamacca will stay in Italy, this is Locatelli all over again, we’re just being used to gain a higher fee for someone(the player, the agents, the club).

  17. Guns of SF

    is it me, or do we NOT need a tall striker with good heading ability? I know this Scamarra is tall, but I certainly hope we dont call it a day with Eddie and Jesus.

  18. Graham62

    If Arsenal had won one more game, we wouldn’t be talking about fixture conspiracies.

    Everything is seen as a conspiracy to cover Arteta’s limitations.

  19. Muppetman

    Graham did you even read the blog or just jump straight to comments to moan like fuck as usual?

  20. Chris

    Hope we are not being led down the garden path was this Italian striker like we were with Vlahovic. Hasn’t he already said he isn’t interested in joining us?

  21. Chris

    “So are we officially blaming our fixtures for not getting top 4?”

    Not what Pedro is saying Graham. He has covered the other reasons previously.

    The data on the previous post was interesting and would be worth investigating if it happened in successive seasons in a scenario we kept failing to get into Europe. And despite small percentages of it can happen it will happen. And yes I get marginal gains etc but we have to accept we lost out on top four because ultimately we just weren’t good enough. We lost 13 league games last season, I suspect that is the main reason we will be playing EL next season. And that’s just how it is.

  22. Thierry Martinelli

    I’ll say it for the 1M time, let’s get Milinkovic Savic from Lazio. Double digits in goals and assists. 27yrs old – so he’s at his prime.
    Why Scamanca when you can get Schik. 24 goals in 27 apps. I like Jesus but can we convince him to come play Europa when there are sure suitors who’ll offer CL football? Same for Gnabry and most if not all tier 1 attackers.

  23. Graham62


    I very rarely read Pedro’s blogs.

    I’ll pick out snippets and then bite.

    My constitutional right!

  24. Graham62

    We had 38 PL games.
    No European commitments.
    Knocked out of the FA Cup at the 3rd round stage.
    I’m sure, given the time between games, we could have found a couple of points from somewhere.

  25. englandsbest

    Selling off top players for big money is likely to be the future policy of the Club, an essentlal MO if the intention is a perennially young and vgorous squad. In circa 4 years Saka is likely to be the Club’s first £100 million sale. We will all miss him – but not so much if he is replaced by someone of similar ability preferably a product of the academy, with his career ahead of him.

  26. Thierry Martinelli

    June 8, 2022 18:48:26
    We had 38 PL games.
    No European commitments.
    Knocked out of the FA Cup at the 3rd round stage.
    I’m sure, given the time between games, we could have found a couple of points from somewhere.

    Hurts but it’s true

  27. andy1886

    Whoever we get in needs to supply what we lack – goals. The idea that someone who isn’t prolific will come to Arsenal and then suddenly score a hat full when we’re not a particularly attacking side is cloud cuckoo land.

    I get why some people love players that are good on the ball, but scoring isn’t as Wenger used to claim ‘simply the final pass’, it’s a very specific skill. We don’t need the greatest footballer in the world, just someone who knows where the net is.

  28. englandsbest


    Crying over spilt milk is a fruitless exercise, it changes nothing. Better to store your discontent and – if things turn out as bad as you seem to expect – let rip next season.

  29. AFC Forever


    Jesus mate, have a day off. Please. Last season you were raving on about Sean Dyche, thank fuck we dodged that bullet.

  30. AFC Forever

    Thierry martinelli

    If my aunt had bollocks she would be my uncle.

    The reason we didn’t get top 4 was because we got 2 points less than Spuds. A team further down the development path and with Kane & Son winning them games. Their freak win at Leicester when they were 2-1 down in the 96th minute is one of those things that happens. I would also add that my earlier comments regarding teams like Spuds being able to get more minutes out of their key players is relevant. In his 2 seasons at Spuds Hojbjerg has played 38 and 36 games. Kane has played 37 and 35, Son 35 & 37. Partey is a key player, the stats demonstrate how big a loss he is yet he has played just 26 games in both his seasons with us. How many points is that? If we then look at Tierneys numbers they are even worse. The best players play the most minutes and that’s why Liverpool struggled last season. At the end of the day I am gutted we missed top 4. I spent a lot of time, effort and money supporting my team and like a lot of people believe our youngsters in their first season together were unlucky to miss out. I won’t be gloating about it. Idon’t enjoy feeling like that, it pisses me off. Almost as much as this comment section and some of the enjoyment perennial whiners get slagging everything off and refusing to cut Arsenal & our young team any slack. It’s fucking normal to be biased, what isn’t normal is being the exact opposite.

  31. englandsbest

    Arsenal have been the victims of skewed referees since forever. I’m inclined to believe it’s a geographic bias and, to a degree, subconscious, more of a ‘southern softies’ viewpoint from refs who, in the main, come from the midlands and the north.

    But there are some refs who are plain malevolent.

  32. CG


    “”The reason we didn’t get top 4 was because we got 2 points less than Spuds. A team further down the development path and with Kane & Son winning them games.”””

    Thats your reason, but its utter tosh.
    And so is ‘Fixturesgate’

    Spurs finished 7th last season, had Europe and x3 managers but still made top 4. And Kane and Son , looked liked Laurel and Hardy under their 1st manager.

    My reason is , Arteta and the club had a great opportunity to get CL after 5/6 seasons and choked.

    Thats what happens , when you have people over promoted in your org. making the decsions.

    Expect more of the same, until proven performers take over.

    A. Wenger was proven He accomplished CL x ,20 successive seasons.

  33. IAT-Robbie


    So our Thomas is really a full-fledged Akhi now?! LoL.

    I actually can’t believe it. As someone from a multi-faith family tree, conversion through marriage is not for the fainthearted. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were already moving in that direction already. I hope Alhaji Yakubu knows what he’s getting himself into😁

  34. Matt B

    Deja vu silly season 2021 — it really is the place to dodge in June and July

    Graham et al very at home when no football being played, so they can drone on about how shite our season was, how crap Odegaard is, how Arteta hates Saliba and all the other youngsters etc. etc.

    Yeh, yeh, each to their own and all that, but ffs leave — is there nothing positive to say?

    Comments section is sorely missing Rich and Champagne Charlie, but nice to see AFC back. Plus all the others who clearly know their football even though they have reservations, e.g. WE.

    Whining on about how shit this and that is, isn’t really an opinion, but to say you don’t read the blog and just come on here to moan…

  35. Matt B

    CG: Agreed we choked — let’s see how things pan out the early part of this coming season, if we get our business done by July, no reason we won’t be in the mixer

  36. Un

    You missed out all the armchair fans who couldn’t kick a ball if their lives depended on it salbbering over transfer season rather than the football itself
    Brand new th syndrome kicks off yet again

  37. Tee

    So are we officially blaming our fixtures for not getting top 4?Please advise.

    Out jumped two footed like the idiot you really are most times Without even reading .

    Waiting to read the redressing of your usual boring takes. Keep biting till you lose all 🦷.

  38. The Real Vieira Lynn

    much like the grass is green and the sky is blue, as soon as our resident Apologist scribe issues another excuse-laden post, every Kool-Aid slurping basement dweller appears out of the ether to prop-up their plastic prophet…just imagine how all of you half-wit hypocrites would have reacted if things had happened in reverse and Spuds fans were trying to rollout the same line of supposed logic, after shitting the bed in such an epic fashion…give your collective heads a good shake

    as for those of us who continue to hold this organization accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, we will change our tunes when, and only when, this club acts in such a manner that this amount of fanbase oversight is no longer necessary and/or required…until such a time, the last thing this club needs is a whole host of spineless rubes enabling them to continually take advantage of a fanbase that has been exceptionally loyal, even when it was clear that the powers that be cared infinitely more about their own selfish agendas, both on and off the pitch, than putting the best possible product on the pitch

  39. andy1886

    Good grief, who let the trolls out?

    Bitching and complaining because they don’t like alternative views, name calling but no actual logical counter arguments.

    How old?

  40. raptora

    My time for a hot take:

    Xhaka will bench Tielemans if they are both in our team for next season.

    I’ve disliked Xhaka as a player for 6 years but we kind of got used to what he can and what he can’t do for us.

    There are a lot of players that will be an upgrade on him, not Tielemans though.

    We will not improve as a team.

  41. andy1886

    EB: So we missed out on fourth because of the old referees’ ‘Northern Bias’?

    Damn those Northern Spuds!

    Reality suggests that our failure to act, even to get a loan, in the January window ultimately cost us. No need for conspiracy theories.

  42. Graham62


    Very good.


    Why should I have to read posts that have become as predictable as night following day. I guarantee that there are other posters on here who look at the headline and straight away switch to the comments

    Also, why should I care if I ruffle a few feathers on here.

    Matt B

    So, as far as your concerned, knowing about football is knowing about producing statistics that, to be honest, are totally irrelevant and, more often than not, meaningless.
    Maybe you should read some our hosts disrespectful comments directed at his own posters before passing judgement. I react the way I do because if and when disrespect is shown on a consistent basis, I will deal with things my way.


    What was your comment again?

  43. The Real Vieira Lynn


    although I agree with your premise, in that I can likewise see Xhaka benching Tielemans, but not because this would make the most sense from a footballing standpoint, but due to the fact that this tactical albatross around our collective necks enables our present manager to opt for his much preferred negative tactics…there’s no doubt in my mind that Tielemans is an upgrade on Xhaka, even though neither provide much defensively, simply because he offers considerable more in the final third, which is of paramount importance considering our rather pedestrian output last season…even when MA was trying to be more aggressive, he was simply allowing Xhaka to push into more advanced positions, which, as expected, proved to be a completely fruitless endeavor

  44. AFC Forever


    “Thats your reason, but its utter tosh”

    Nice debating skills there. You should do this professionally.

    In your attempts to bolster Conte, I wonder if he would have achieved the points total he had, if Hojbjerg, Kane or Son, had not played virtually every game for him? Or is Conte so good that it didn’t matter? It is not tosh to suggest that teams losing key players for a period of time drop points. It falls into the ‘bloody obvious’ category.

    One of the best examples is what happened to Liverpool last season. There is a fundemental reason why the best players play the most minutes. Of course, to some fans this is ‘favouritism’ or ‘over-playing” but that’s just daft things fans say because they have to find a reason that fits their agenda. Football is all about the team dynamic. Arsenal had a young group of new players to develop into a team, there was no previous development as Spuds had or any of our other rivals. That in itself brings challenges. With a young team even more emphasis is placed on key players like Partey. You could argue Partey is our ‘best’ player based on the role he performs and his experience, it’s a crucial part of the pitch. That’s not being disrespectful to other players but he is pivotal in our patterns of play, rhythm and how he affects our other players in and out of possession. Now you might not like me suggesting that Thomas Partey only playing 26 games was a reason we dropped points, which you are entitled to, but it certainly isn’t ‘tosh’. I am sure that had Hojbjerg or Son been injured and we beat them into 4th, you would be saying we only git 4th because Spuds had injuries! Call it a lucky guess mate.

    Moving on slightly, last season I was saying the same thing, his injury record bothered me. It’s one of the reason that while everyone is playing football manager and throwing all kinds of names from other leagues into the hat, I’m looking favourably at Premier League players. The reason we didn’t surprise everyone and take 4th from the squads our rivals had is open to debate but with just 2 points being the difference, it is completely justifiable to look at a myriad of factors including injuries & luck. Whether you or the other extremists think it’s tosh doesn’t concern me, you get most things wrong in any case like you did last pre-season.

  45. IAT-Robbie

    “Damn those Northern Spuds!”

    Haha. Ain’t that the truth. If the Spuds benefitted from the Northern bias, then Arsenal must be a Midlands side.

  46. Matt B

    Alumnia: Hah, I enjoyed that — thank you!

    I’m much darker than happy-clapper, perhaps it’s that little bit of Irish in me. Good to question things of course and to see opposing points of view, but when people are completely intransigent, unforgiving and relentlessly focus on the negative, well, it grates a little…

  47. Matt B

    Graham: The reason we’re all here is because of Pedro and Arsenal. A little acknowledgement of that now and then wouldn’t go amiss.

  48. IAT-Robbie


    So your solution to what you see as moaning is just to moan some more?
    I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s just an opinion at the end of the day. It’s not like it’s causing you to lose sleep or something…

  49. Matt B

    Andy: Not sure if you’re comment was directed at me or not. Love discussion and counter arguments but its simply pointless to argue the toss with people who never, ever change their point-of-view, regardless of what evidence you put before them.

    Some posters on here wear their intransigence like a badge of honour — it doesn’t mean they’re more principled, or worthy of debate or whatever, they’re just boring

  50. AFC Forever

    Matt B

    “Whining on about how shit this and that is, isn’t really an opinion, but to say you don’t read the blog and just come on here to moan.”

    To be fair at least he admitted it.

    My counsellor always told me that being able to admit your faults is the first step to being a better person. I regret hitting him now.

  51. Almuniasaynomore

    Matt B,
    You’re welcome. There are natural optimists and natural pessimists and a whole range in between. Life experiences probably push us in one direction or another also. But I have to say that Arsenal supporters have been taking blow after blow for years,decades now. So I’m very sympathetic to the pessimistic outlook,I’d even say it comes naturally to me! But if you throw in a bit of humour like that clip,you can get away with murder. We’re all dealing with Arsenal’s struggles to get back to the top differently I guess,just have to remember to keep laughing.

  52. IAT-Robbie

    Arsenal had a young group of new players to develop into a team, there was no previous development as Spuds had or any of our other rivals. That in itself brings challenges.”

    But this isn’t really a balanced point. Spuds have had to undergo as much team development as we have. Much of their starting XI were signed in the last two seasons and most of them were U24 just like ours.

    Reguilon, Kulusevski, Bentancur, Hojberg, Emerson, Doherty and Romero were all signed in the last two seasons. Only Doherty (the Gooner) was above 25. They’ve had to gel together just like we have.

    Another thing about this age crutch that keeps being repeated… The Spud team that came 3rd in 15/16 were younger than we are now. Yet, they were rightfully criticised by Gooners, rival fans and pundits for crashing out of the title race in such a disastrous manner.

  53. englandsbest

    To repeat myself, I’m okay with 5th place and the Europa. It’s the doomsters who moan and groan about missing out on 4th – but gloom is their perpetual state of mind. And ref ”southern’ bias is endemic not a 2022 quirk, as every Arsenal fan knows.

  54. China1

    What would be the point of buying Jesus and scamacca and putting Eddie on big wages in the same summer

    That presumably means Eddie goes into next season third choice again. No way he’ll be happy about that and 100k is a silly wage for a third choice striker in a club that hasn’t even made the CL

    Likewise if we’re planning to put Jesus on the wing why not buy an actual winger who is more productive? Eddie, scamacca and a winger to replace Pepe makes actual sense. Scamacca Eddie and Jesus seems like an unnecessary and inefficient use of our money.

    Arsenal play with 1 CF. We need two primary options to play there and rotate and the third striker should be a squaddies who does not expect regular game time either because he is young or just known to be nothing more than a squad player (el Neny sort). Eddie didn’t sign on to be third choice. Scamacca won’t sign on to be third choice. Jesus won’t sign on to be third choice and he probably isn’t coming to play on the wing either. What’s the logic in having all 3?

    Either sign Jesus and a winger or scamacca and a winger. But signing both CFs stinks of us making CF the new CB where we just load up on players just because

  55. China1

    Lol what odds on arsenal going into next season with 3 first choice CFs and somehow Xhaka still on the first team because we ran out of money?

    I know I know it surely won’t happen…. will it?

  56. izzo

    Lol we’re never buying an italian. Whenever i see links to italy its always 100% bullshit. No surprise Vlahovic ended up at Juve. We’re talking about an Italian player here. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  57. izzo

    All the good players are going elsewhere. Darwin Nunez to Liverpool. De Jong to Man U, Tchouameni to Real. We’ll be left with Championship level signings and Pedro will wax lyrical how they’re the best thing since sliced bread ( Benny Blanco and Ramsdull) More average signings coming in. Jesus feels like he’s going to end up somewhere playing CL footy. This what happens when you celebrate coming 5th and proclaiming we’re going to sign top players to play in 2nd tier euro league on Thursdays.

  58. Killroy-TM

    Regarding our interest in Scamacca:
    “You would have to imagine Arsenal have more sway than Dortmund, we can pay more, give him a better profile, and we’re more prestige.”

    Arsenal has more sway than Dortmund? I don’t think so is that why young and upcoming stars choose Dortmund over AFC or is it the incapable ones that let Bellingham slip to Dortmund.

    We can pay more. Most likely at this point but if the 3 stooges keep spending money on players that don’t integrate well the money will dry up.

    We give him a better profile? Really since when is EL a better profile than CL?

    We’re more prestige. We WERE more prestige! Dortmund finished 2nd we finished 5th.

    Now the part you forgot conveniently to mention we have a manager that doesn’t know how set up a team that needed results from 3 games to finish 4th. Where do think this lad will go to clueless management or play with Dortmund in the CL where they just cashed in on selling Haaland.

    You just can’t make this shit up if you wanted to.

  59. Vintage Gun

    Think Jesus will be our No9. If an additional CF is purchased then I’d expect Jesus to play LW and cover for Saka on the RW. Either way i think Eddie will be our 2nd choice CF going into the new season.

    Personally i’d be happy with Jesus and a goal scoring wide man such as Gnabry (let me dream) or Moussa Diaby. Although i do get the issues regarding the lack of height in our forward line if any of these players were signed.

  60. izzo

    Whatever quickens Arteta and Edu’s exit. At this rate i’d rather see the youth from the reserves promoted than watching another season of Xhaka and Elneny. Thank fuck Laca is gone. What a waste he and Auba were choked and delivered nothing on their way out. Good riddance.
    Can’t forsee another season where everything falls for us to come 5th again likely finish lower. 6thor 7th more likely. Arteta will find a winning formula then destroy it before it blossoms. Galaxy brain will strike again. We have our own version of Xhaka in Arteta the manager. Lol…

  61. salparadisenyc

    Could easily see Arteta put Jesus on left if we manage to pull that one off with Eddie or another thru middle.

  62. izzo

    If I were a CL level and PL winning striker why the fuck would I downgrade to play in Europa League no matter the name of club playing in it? Unless I just want a payday then fuck off the moment things on the pitch don’t work out. I’d be surprised if Jesus makes the move backward and I’m not convinced its gonna work out with the way we play and manager in charge. Smells like another Willian albeit a better player. Summer off to a crap start.

  63. Vintage Gun

    As for CM the media talk is one of Tielamans (strong rumors) or Bissouma.

    We need both if you ask me. At 29 and 5 years at Arsenal, plus entering the last two years of his contract it really SHOULD be the end of the Xhaka loathe story now. But as he said the other week he will leave on his terms when HE is ready so I’m expecting him to stay.

    However, Bissouma AND Tielemans for a combined £55m is a quality steal and it would be terrible to miss out just to accommodate Xhaka for another 12 months.

  64. Mr Serge

    Vintage agreed we need both sell Pepe to add funds but get both it has to be a statement year, no more bullshit excuses from edu and Arteta it’s make or break time

  65. salparadisenyc


    Have to think once window kicks off Jesus going to be linked to host of sides, Bayern in need, Chelsea, Madrid, only hope is Arsenal have the wage and Arteta relationship. I rate him but am suspect it’ll happen.

    That said in less than 6 months we will of shed Auba, Laca and one has to imagine Pepe from the side.

    Absolutely room for 2 attacking options in this window, Jesus and Scamacca the current links Diaby, Gnabry and maybe Leão all look to potentially move. Thats not even touching on Nkunku, who is beyond our reach this summer. Post Covid clubs needs cash and we will spend after cutting shot of that amount of wage in the attack.

  66. Zacharse

    i’d love to see scamaca at CF. very strange for us to be going so hard for jesus. he’s stated outright he wants to be playing RW and winger is the one position we’re pretty ok on atm. maybe a smokescreen? wouldn’t mind seeing him mentoring gabi but rather we get a stronger CF

    also are we targeting a 2nd CM or is tielemans realistically it in that dept?

  67. Nigel Tufnel

    Sal, vintage gun,

    I agree, Because of the versatility of Jesus I can see him pushing Martinelli on the left. He was disappointing in end product, we have to admit, we could really benefit from lighting a fire under Marti.

    Jesus also presses like a demon, and either he or Martinelli would be an energy burst if brought on. I hope we can get him.

    I’ve been saying all along that renewing Eddie allows us to buy 2 forwards if we get rid of Pepe.


    I don’t think 100k for Eddie is too much for a successful premier league team, as long as he produces fairly well. Like.. better than a Lukaku.

  68. Old & Wise

    ‘but when people are completely intransigent, unforgiving and relentlessly focus on the negative, well, it grates a little…’

    Truth always hurts the uninitiated who largely enable those who can’t walk the walk after talking the talk. Arteta bottled it, no other reason we came 5th.

    What’s the point of reading unbalanced posts by Pedro written to soothe his minions? Those of us who report what our eyes see from the table, which read games in hand and a numerical points advantage for 4th where we needed 5 wins from 8 games that even Wenger would have managed.

    Instead we shipped more goals and players who Arteta fell out with.

    Only one person too blame for no CL with more goals scored against us and less scored by us this season even with £50m+ White and managed by the perennial loser: Arteta with 2 x 8th finishes and a 5th that Arteta’s enablers say is progress.

    Progress from what I ask? How did we progress from a position we should never have been in the first place, not once but twice.

    Arteta enablers sure do love their excuses making us the laughing stock in the EPL.

    No 4th this coming season and Arteta and his enablers led by the enabling Arteta guru: Pedro will have their excuses ready: a change of toilet paper perhaps leading to chapping of their soft cheeks making running difficult or similar and conspiracy like needing tin foil rolls for the season.

    Funny how the likes of Matt B, EB, AFC F et al fawn over every word written by their heroic Arteta cult like worshipper about their hero losing manager adding even more looney tunes on the subject, but never turn up after a loss because they are back on their mummy’s teats or wives if mum runs a mile after finding out Arsenal lost yet again or sitting in a corner wrapping tin foil round their heads in tears of despair.

    Like the tides, Bob will turn up to say it’s not fair explaining Arteta’s faults or telling Pedro like it is, but we should keep out thoughts balanced on Arteta and Pedro where sadly no balance exists other than in Walter Mitty land for Arteta and Pedro.

    I’m sure when Arteta has gone and Pedro finally finds a manager he approves of; Pedro’s posts will resemble truthful facts instead of his clickbait from Pedro bestowing the virtues of Arteta for finishing 5 from the bench lowing starting point of 8th.

    How Arteta has lowered the Arsenal bar is really all Pedro writes about where the say fans who trust their eyes decide only to read the comments.

    I didn’t include you, Nigel, as you are far too intelligent for us in a world only inhabited by you, which is close the planet Un lives on where he is always right because the is the only person on the planet.

    Un still is clueless that CC was Pedro’s brilliant creation that fooled us all for a long time. CC carbon copy of Pedro!

  69. Nigel Tufnel

    I don’t think I’d be satisfied with 5th or lower this coming season. I want to see progress. Like fighting for 3rd..

    The first hurdle is getting in some players that improve us.

    I also think it’s ridiculously personal to say that Arteta is completely responsible for the choke at the end. He is partly responsible, of course. I just felt that it was largely down to an immature, very young team…. failing under pressure.

    But of course to some, it’s that Arteta is basically the anti-Christ and root of all evil in the world.

  70. Zacharse

    why am i not included in the arteta cult? did you just get here old & wise? i’m deeply hurt.
    you should change your name to ‘new and insecure’

  71. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Old & Wise

    taking all the thumb-suckers to the toolshed….now that’s some sweet chin music

    above all else, this off-season’s TW, unlike last year’s, should be all about quality not quantity…so I have no problem whatsoever if we kept AMN, Nuno, Reiss and Lokonga for proper cover, if we secured Nkunku and a Striker the likes of Oshimen, or a Scamacca, who’s lower price-point would allow us to secure the positionally versatile Jesus too….with the players we have on the block and the wages lost through contractual attrition and stupidity, we could easily raise 80 to 85M of the 160M required to secure the first two or the latter three…the investment required would be a little less than the guaranteed money our absentee landlord just gave to Aaron Donald from his beloved Rams

  72. The Real Vieira Lynn


    I can’t even imagine being so thirsty for the wrong kind of recognition that I would actually go to the local cop shop and volunteer to be in a police lineup….you’re truly be a “special” individual

  73. Habesha Gooner

    It is one of Scamacca or Gabriel Jesus for me. Not both. We would be overloading that striker area. We would have Jesus, Scamacca, Eddie and Martinelli to play that 9 role. We can use Jesus as a RW rotation option. But I think we need a specialist. What we need beside one CF is a top winger that can play both wings IMO. Gnabry, Moussa Diaby, Raphinha all make sense. That way Jesus and Eddie can play through the center plus Martinelli can play there from time to time. And we would have ESR, Saka, Martinelli and that new winger to rotate on the wings and at No 10.

    Liverpool going for Darwin is huge news. He would be a monster under klopp. He is made for that kind of transition football. He is fast, good in the air, technical and he has bags of ability one on one. He is lacking in always playing back to goal but he is made for Klopp’s football like Salah. If he went to United he would flop though. They are a graveyard for talent.

    I am not sure he is made for a team like us. We play slowly. And liverpool seem to be going all out. The fought with the top dogs for Tchouameni. And now they are bidding for Darwin. Looks like klopp is refreshing his attack fully. They could potentially have Nunez, Diaz, Jota, Eliott as 4 of the front 6. Salah and firminho would be there too but they are 30. They will find a backup to replace Firminho. Salah is a different question but I still think Klopp can replace him if he was forced to. Al that Champions league money is helping liverpool to fight for top signings.

  74. Old & Wise

    “you should change your name to ‘new and insecure’”

    It’s why I left you out as you’re still wearing your name calling “L’ plates. Once you lose the ‘L’ you can ask for the training wheels off next.

    Give it a couple more seasons, though while you gat the hang of it.

  75. Old & Wise

    “I also think it’s ridiculously personal to say that Arteta is completely responsible for the choke at the end”

    My bad Nigel, I should have included Edu with Arteta leaving us with no margin for error as far as injuries went. Then what happened, Nigel, we lost key players to drum roll for Nigel please yes you guessed it Injuries.

    What a clever man you are to notice my deliberate mistake.

    Players bless them ran themselves into the ground most running in the red zone because of Arteta and Edu’s colossal fuck up in the Jan TW and also the Summer one, too, where they could have bought Bisouma instead of White, and then your godlike manager could have coached Saliba. Now I know coaching isn’t Arteta’s thing, only in Pedro’s blind belief.

    Probably best to learn a bit about football, as you take the L on the daily here, as is probably your goal. Start with understanding that a team needs experience on the bench, not just kids who aren’t ready to ensure gaining CL football, when you have a few games in hand and points advantage.

    When that finally sinks in would you mind explaining that to Edu, Josh and the young pretender: Arteta if they’re still around by then

    Now repeat after Josh: Harmony through Unity, Nigel. How’s the weather on the planet N.U.M.P.T.Y?

    There’s a good laddie.

  76. Nigel Tufnel


    I hate to say it, but it does look like Liverpool is doing a good job of reloading for the next few years. It’s going to be hard for anyone to break into the top 2 in England.

    They don’t even spend nearly the most money, but have been sharp in acquisitions, and have the best coach. Easy for them to lure the top talent.
    It’s frustrating.

  77. Killroy-TM

    Old & Wise

    OH SNAP, that was some music to my heart, spot on with the Arteta cult like worshipers and I also skip the unbalanced posts by Pedro written to soothe his minions and making sure they will continue to line up at the Kool Aid stand. For me straight to the comment section.

    It has been posted several times by other posters here that there are Pedro planted alter egos to keep the AFBs in line and believing that our Director Of Fantasy and Pep’s Gimp are the real thing that will restore Arsenal’s glory in the ever changing time frame project. The only consolation is that when the inevitable will happen the Arteta worshipers will have one of the most rude awakenings.

    Only hope at the new Day 1 there will be enough money left to start a real and successful rebuild Fuck, they had the Ferguson replacement dilemma to see what not to do and they still screwed up. Must be an Arsenal DNA thing, screw ups.

  78. Mr Serge

    Pool can top up their squad with a class signing here and there they are eating at the top table, they only ship out players if they don’t work out or they get old, even Milner got an extension at 36. On the other hand we give struggling Barcelona a free top striker and give away players for little or no money, wtf the board and the management team are doing regarding transfers I cannot fathom, bellerin the latest brat/ moron to ask for a free,

    Until we sort out the idiotic policy of letting players go for next to nothing then we will not move the needle much, granted we bought some good players last summer and did we build on that in January ? No did we fuck we freed our best striker to Barca moved AMN to Roma and gave cal chambers a free, could they not have been better options than Cedric at RB ?
    We became toothless the minute we gave Auba away and yes I know he did not play like he should have but would he not have scored 8 goals in the 20 games we had left ?
    Also Eddie was played when it was blatantly obvious lacca was shot this was too late.
    If Eddie had played 5 games earlier we would not have lost those games to Brighton and Southampton, my mate who is a spud the day we gifted Auba to Barca said to me I am no longer worried about you guys you are toothless we will catch you.
    The guy is not a prophet can just see we fucked it up.
    The last window was a wasted opportunity for us to get top 4 we have a bunch of novices in the boardroom and in the management team.

  79. China1

    Nigel yes we had a very young team. Whose decision was that?

    Wenger was never once bestowed such a free pass. He got slaughtered by every corner for even daring to try project youth – despite actually getting 4th with it and playing amazing football.

    If we’re going to be offering the current management youth as an excuse then we all owe Arsene a great apology for not giving him the same.

  80. China1

    On the topic of free transfers and clubs and players taking the piss out of us

    I’d actually rather we made an example of torreira and bellerin than sell them for a pittance.

    I’m serious.

    Let them run down their final year whilst sitting on the bench or not even registered for the squad as we did with ozil.

    We can’t stop players running down their contracts but we can damn well make an example that if you want one of our players who is under contract then you need to bid the market rate. Betis and fiorontina should be told in no uncertain terms if you do not submit an offer of at least xyz then not only will we not humour it with a response but this will seriously damage our ability to do business in the future and we will explicitly avoid buying selling or loaning anyone to you moving forwards.

  81. Pierre

    In Eddie and Balogun we have potentially 2 of the best young strikers in europe.
    Arteta left it 12 months too late before trusting Eddie , let’s hope he has learnt his lesson and doesn’t make the same mistake with Balogun, who is a different kind of striker to Eddie, more explosive but not quite as smart in the box..

    Too many are concerned about our striker situation, no need, Eddie will prove to be one of the best strikers in the league next season if Arteta doesn’t make the mistake of spending a fortune on a striker who he will feel he has to start, and then realise in the 2nd half of the season that Eddie is is the better option.

    There are more pressing concerns in the team than a striker , namely a keeper, centre back , centre mid and a player who can actually create chances for the striker.

    My fear is that Ramsdale in the 2nd half of the season showed his true colours … nervous , poor handling, poor kicking , poor decision making and prone to leaving his goal unattended by rashly charging from his goal.
    A nervous keeper will only make the defence nervous as we saw in the Newcastle game at the end of the season.

    Hopefully Saliba will come in for Gabriel in the belief that Arteta is not too obsessed in having a left footer in the centre of defence.

    Our season could depend on the fitness of Partey, Tomiyasu and Tierney, with Partey being the biggest miss.
    A top quality centre mid is a must to come in.

    Will Odegaard become this creative force that some think he is destined to be , let’s hope so but i have my doubts.
    He will probably be our captain next season and that will tell us all we need to know in how high Arteta rates him.
    Smith Rowe has gone down the pecking order and we could be in danger of having a frustrated , disenchanted special young footballer at the club who is looking for pastures new as he will know that Odegaard has his favourite position and will be impossible to dislodge.

    If jesus is signed , he will not be just as a striker, he will also fight for Martinelli’s position as saka , along with Odegaard, xhaka, white and Ramsdale is one of the untouchables when it comes to being in the starting line up…

    My hopes are not too high for next season, Ramsdale is my biggest worry, it may take Arteta half a season to realise that Ramsdale is just not good enough.

  82. Killroy-TM


    Just read this piece in the Mirror that makes so much sense why we are in this position of not being able to move on players. The problem is not with the players the problem is with our director of fantasy.

    “However, it’s stated that any clubs interested in Bellerin – or any of his Arsenal teammates also nearing the end of their deals – are acutely aware of Edu and co’s willingness to rip up their players’ deals in order to move them on and save money in the long run, a precedent set with Aubameyang and Ozil’s messy departures. Understandably, prospective buyers would rather hold out on the likes of Bellerin as opposed to forking out cash themselves when the chance to sign them for free is a possibility. Some would argue that clearing out the deadwood is worth it for the Gunners, but it certainly muddles their plans to offload unwanted players.”

  83. Habesha Gooner

    It is frustrating. I was hoping they would be in a downward spiral after Mane and Salah leave. But klopp will find a way. He made those players who they are and he will do the same with the next batch of players. And the recruitment has been similar. He is targeting players with running power that have track record of scoring goals. He did the same thing with Diaz, Jota and now possibly Nunez. It is going to be hard for us to break in to the top two. We just need to get into champions league places to attract top tier players in order to stay in there till klopp and Guardiola leave. By then we need to be ready to take the opportunity after they slump. But I don’t see us winning a league title for the next 3 years at least. Unless Arteta somehow miraculously becomes the manager pedro think he is.

  84. China1

    Yea absolutely

    It’s not only those two tho

    Don’t forget mustafi and kola, combined with us desperately trying to loan out players left right and center these last couple of years. I’m not unhappy that we’ve cunted off these players and in some cases it has been really necessary – but the problem is we’ve made ourselves look weak and desperate in the process and that is not being exploited.

    Likewise every time we bid for a player clubs hold out both hands for more.

    I know he’s older, but Sadio Mane >>>>>>>>>> Jesus. Jesus is very good but Mane is absolutely elite. Yet when Bayern start the bidding for this world class player it’s at 25m, where as we bulldoze in with 35 or 40m for a player who isn’t as good. It’s so obvious that we are willing to overpay and be underpaid that we have no credibility in most negotiations

    But anyway, let’s see what happens this summer

  85. Doublethink

    Other than having a toung squad,why are people confident we will progress next season considering the expectation that Spurs, Utd and even Newcastle will be much better?

  86. The Bard

    If we’re considering selling Saka and or ERS what does that mean for the long term youff project ? There never was one. It was all PR bullshit.

  87. Matt B

    Old & Wise:

    So, no room for nuance in your arguments, black and white, Arteta out, Arteta in! I didn’t agree with Pedro’s post about the fixture generator, but I don’t feel the need to bitch and moan about it.

    Like you, I also think we bottled 4th as I’ve said previously, but don’t let ‘truth’ get in the way of your agenda…

  88. Valentin


    I can’t see the attraction of Jesus at the price that ManCity is demanding and the salary he is requesting. It is not like we are involved in a bidding war. Nobody else is bidding for him, he is on his last year of his contract. He is not essential to ManCity, so he should be cheap or at least cheaper.

    The problem is that Arteta wants him and that Edu can’t overrule him. And what Arteta wants Arteta gets. Promoting them to the same level means that Edu has his tied behind his back on of recruitment.

    Arteta wanted Ramsdale instead of Mike Maignan or Alphone Areola or Netto. So we overpaid for an inferior player. Ben White was unecessary but Arteta wanted him. Brighton saw us coming and took advantage.

    ManCity is watching tangle ourselves in knots over Jesus when they are not that fussed about him leaving or staying. Any decent DoF with authority would just walk away. Jesus could be become be the new Willian: overpaid, uninterested.

    Meanwhile Newcastle goes after a young exciting French striker for less than half Jesus’s price. It would be interesting of he can adapt and progress.

  89. Valentin


    I think that Balogun still need a full season loan as a starter away from Arsenal before even be ready for first team action. At youth level, Balogun benefitted from the superior quality of our midfield who played quick early ball to release him behind the defense. At Arsenal he would play very few minutes and he would get very frustrated with the slow lateral passes with no penetration of our midfield.

    He needs to learn from a different challenge at senior level. Play with a misfield thar is not so dominant or as good than Arsenal U21. Also he is now facing experienced defenders who know all the tricks and dark arts, to compensate for the physical advantage (i.e. pace, …) he enjoyed against defenders of his age.

  90. CG

    “”ManCity is watching tangle ourselves in knots over Jesus when they are not that fussed about him leaving or staying.””‘

    I am sure they are aware, because they are a shrewd bunch, that Arsenal had x 5 bids in for Benjamin White, before they finally got one accepted.

    The figures being spoken about Jesus are eyewatering , bearing in mind he has only 12 months on his contract left.

    A reminder he scored 8 premier league goals last season and 4 of them were against relegated Watford.

    (Looks like a younger Lacazette in many ways.)

  91. englandsbest

    Time to stop re-running the past, time to look to the future. Or is it too dazzling for some? Personally, can’t wait to see what Arteta/Edu/Josh have got up their sleeve.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    There are as usual a lot of mixed messaging in the media and press about players that Arsenal could be signing this summer.

    What is not in dispute is that Arsenal need a new Centre Forward to replace Aubameyang and Lacazette plus a central midfielder to rotate with Partey and Xhaka.

    There is a lot of noise with some of the media suggesting that Arsenal will buy Jesus and others suggesting that Man City are touting a sale to Spurs or Real Madrid.

    The latter story is plain daft on two counts. For a start Spurs cannot offer Jesus a guaranteed
    place in their starting lineup. He would be a bench player if he went there. Second I doubt
    that Real Madrid would be interested in Jesus other than as a squad player. Their expectations would be a lot higher.

    Jesus is a very good player, but he is not a global heavyweight striker and joining Arsenal
    would be a very good move for him.

    He knows the coach and football director and he would get probably a better contract at Arsenal than most of the other potential clubs.

    Arsenal will I am sure be able to meet Man City’s transfer fee. Does anyone seriously believe
    that this is beyond our capabilities when we see how much we paid for Partey and White?

    There is a lot of nonsense written about Arsenal’s limited appeal as a club. What counts is
    the transfer fee and contract and not the romantic idea that players of Jesus calibre will
    expect to move to a club in the Champions League.

  93. Tom

    Tottenham, Newcastle, and Liverpool added players in January and these three were to most impressive down the stretch.
    Tottenham overtook us when we were the overwhelming favorites for the fourth CL spot.
    Newcastle surged up the table like a house on fire, and Liverpool came within a whisker of having the most successful season in their history.

    Meanwhile we purged our squad and left it threadbare for the run in, with Pedro being the biggest cheerleader, even writing enthusiastic pieces on wage savings.
    And now he’s searching high and low for all marginal reasons why we failed, I mean, succeeded in achieving our goal of making Europa League in Arteta’s third season.

    And now he wants the club to bang the table about the fixturegate?!……………god help us and save the club from the embarrassment.

    The three most impressive PL players since January were Kulusevski, Diaz, and Bruno Guimaraes. Guess which one Arsenal talked to but never made an offer?
    Pedro’s hit pieces denigrating him should give you the clue.

  94. raptora

    You mean the reserve of Shelvey as Pedro referred him as?! Yeah, that guy got 4 MotM awards in 11 starts for Newcastle, 8 MotM in 32 games, when you add his Lyon games, compared to Xhaka’s 1 MotM in 135 games (last 3 seasons) for Arsenal.

    Pedro celebrated that we didn’t get the player. Like what?!?!

  95. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal made the decision in my view wrongly to reduce their squad in January by offloading six players and leaving their squad threadbare.

    They gambled that the squad would be able to cope with a light fixture list. What materialised is that most of our defence got injured including several with longterm injuries. We were down to bare bones relying on Holding, Soares, Tavares and Elneny as replacements.

    Realistically I don’t think that Arsenal expected to be competing in January for a Champions
    League Place. The top 3 places were more or less guaranteed at that time. There was no
    indication that Abramovich would be divested of his ownership of Chelsea and the consequential impact.

    Also I think that the expectation would have been that the fourth slot would be won by Man
    Utd. On paper they had a much better squad and team than us.

    So Arsenal’s expectation was to secure a Europa League place competing against Spurs,
    West Ham and Wolves.

    Naturally it was disappointing that Spurs overtook us for fourth place.

    Arsenal’s priority in transfer market in January was a centre forward and none of the four
    players you list were likely to be recruited in that window.

  96. Pierre

    What’s happened to everyone on Le grove celebrating Arsenal’s foolish decision to pay ozil 300k a week and not play him and then pay him to leave , whilst at the same time seeing our creativity plummet year on year .

    And now you’re all moaning about our transfer policy, many of you have the club you deserve for first supporting the minority of fans disgraceful treatment towards wenger and then Ozil for questioning the pay rise.

    Before Arteta came we received good money for iwobi, walcott and ox , since wenger left we have let players of the quality of Ozil, Mhkitarayan, Aubamayang leave for nothing, whilst at the same time losing fortunes on Guendouzi, torreira ,Bellerin, Amn as they will be given away for peanuts.

    Selling Martinez was a sackable offence in my opinon as is the sale of Guendouzi for a fraction of what he’s worth.

    And many on Le grove celebrated these ludicrous decisions and now we are left with a threadbare squad and our best players are hale enders , saka, smith rowe and Eddie and i would also ppint out that if we had kept joe willock we would have a natural goal scoring midfielder , as he has scored more than double the goals in his time at newcastle than the whole of our central midfield..
    Another cock up and they just keep on coming …smith rowe next

  97. Graham62

    Matt B

    In response to your 21:50 post.

    I will show and give respect but when, as a fan, you’re treated in such a way I’ll deal with things the way I see fit.
    Things have changed dramatically on here the past few years and instead of this being a blog for all Arsenal supporters to vent there opinions, it has become a promotional tool and, to be honest, I don’t like it!

    Every argument is countered with excuse after excuse and as Tom highlighted, it is all rather embarrassing.
    Anyway, whether you, or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t like my take on things, skip past them. It works with me sometimes.


    Very good post.

  98. The Bard

    Englandsbest you’re the sites very own black knight. What Josh and Co have up their sleeve is er….. the outline of a strategy to bullshit the fans even more. I sympathise with them, trying to sell a second rate club as challengers is a difficult job.

  99. raptora

    Smith Rowe in 2020:
    “I like to be versatile and I can also play in other positions. But I probably would say I do enjoy playing in the No. 10 position the most”

    “At Arsenal, I look up to Mesut Ozil a lot. I watch him in training and the movement he has and the little touches he does. For me to train with him every day, I can’t think of anything better.”

    “Since Kevin De Bruyne joined City, I like to base my game around him. I look up to him so much. I just like the way he plays and everything he does.”

  100. Valentin


    Not all players only look at their paycheck. Some wants to play Champions’ League football and would forsake a higher pay from an European League over a club in the Champions’ League.
    Some wants chance to win things and would rather be substitute in a winning team rather than starter in a perennial underachiever team.

    The reality is Arsenal is currently an underachieving team that has not qualified for the champion League for 5 years and has not won the league in a decade.

    So Arsenal is not going to attract elite star players. MBappe, Haaland, Mane, Salah, Lewandowski, KDB will not even consider a move to Arsenal irrespective of how much money we offer.

    Instead of buying not good enough castoff from ManCity/Chelsea at inflated price, flavour of the month players, english pet project from our deluded manager our strategy should be to more clever than the nouveau rich. Buying young hungry players who have shown potential of much higher ceiling at reasonable price.

    The frustration is seeing that Newcastle despite having that oil money is applying that strategy on a coherent and consistent manner that is likely to handsomely payoff on the football pitch in the coming years. Getting Bruno Guimares was not a fluke. They have a good plan and they are implementing it without splashing the cash around in a stupid manner a la Everton, ManUtd or Arsenal.

    Those 3 clubs are the clubs whose differential between players bought and squad current value is the highest. ManUtd because they pay top money for player who then leave on a free. Everton because their recruitment policy has been a revolving door of stupidity. Arsenal because Arteta has systematically crater the valuation of players he did not want whilst demanding that we bought players way above their market valuation.

  101. CG


    Mikityran- another quality player A&E paid to leave and not get the best out of.( They simply do not recognize talent- too busy wasting millions needlessly on the likes of White, Ramsdale and Willian, Runarrson etc)

    Joining Inter Milan and playing in the CL on a free for next season?

    Arsenal 31 games (9 goals)
    Roma 65 games ( 18 goals)

  102. raptora

    We have his favorite players as Ozil, De Bruyne, he also talks about Iniesta.

    But our one and only doesn’t give him a sniff to play his favorite #10 position but gives his toy boy 26 EPL starts in a row from October all the way to May and a total of 0 starts for ESR in the #10 position for the same duration – October till the end of the season. What the eff.

    Wasn’t it supposed to be bringing in Ode to rotate with ESR in that #10?! I guess not.

  103. Tom

    EB, notice what’s missing in my post btw?
    Not once did I use I was right, or as I predicted, which is a go to for most comments reflecting on the past however many dimensional.
    As a matter of fact I was almost wrong about Liverpool when I said in January they were out of the title challenge.
    I had no opinion of any of the Spurs incomings since I didn’t know a fucking thing about any of them, and I never even heard of Bruno G before he joined the bone saw outfit otherwise known as Newcastle.

    I also said nothing about Arteta trimming down the squad even though many did say it was risky.
    So whether you like or dislike my analysis it comes purely from evaluating facts without any bias whatsoever.
    You shout try it sometime.

  104. Tom

    raptora, that’s where Pedro lets himself down the most with his petty attacks on anyone Arsenal mightve been remotely interested in but passed.

    Bruno G was a monster for Newcastle and I watched their games not just highlights.

  105. Valentin

    I can see another conspiracy anti Arsenal brewing from Pedro.

    The FA has requested that no Premier League fixtures between “Big 6” clubs be scheduled for the weekend before the World Cup starts.

  106. CG


    “”Mkhi has around 27 goals and 21 assists in 6788 mins or the equivalent of 75 games for Roma. Pretty decent.””””

    The Dopes paid Mik to depart, then around about the same time- paid William to join, then paid Willian to leave. ( That was after paying Ozil to leave, and before paying PEA to leave)

    Mik will be playing in Europe next season
    PEA likewise

    Willian will be on the Copacanbana beach.

    No other club- would put up with this total shambles.

  107. Dissenters

    There;s some bombshell FIFA drama about to break.

    ‘Ecuador ‘are set to be KICKED OUT of the Qatar World Cup by FIFA and replaced by Chile’ after claims that defender Byron Castillo is actually COLOMBIAN and was not eligible to play in their qualifying campaign’

    The country’s FA had been investigated by FIFA over the allegations raised by Chile, who finished seventh in South American qualifying and missed out on a place at the Qatar tournament, while Ecuador finished in fourth place.

    The report also claims there is a faint hope from Italy that they might be able to take advantage of Ecuador’s potential expulsion and be included in the World Cup despite being dumped out by North Macedonia in the play-offs.

    I don’t understand for the life of me how they can even contemplate giving it to Italy
    That space belongs to a COMNEBOL national team

    Chile can’t get that spot too.
    Chile were 7th in COMNEBOL; Peru and Colombia are ahead of them on table. Peru should qualifydirectly and Colombia gets to be recalled to play Australia on June 13 for the playoffs.

    Corrupt FIFA are shorting their pants

  108. Emiratesstroller


    Mbappe and Haaland are not within our price range.

    Also I doubt that Arsenal are interested in Lewandowski, Salah and Mane, because of their age and wage expectations.

    Jesus makes sense because despite what you say he is a versatile forward and a good player
    whose profile will fit into our current squad.

    I think that Arsenal will recruit someone who will rotate with Nketiah and both these players should be able collectively to score 30+ goals.

  109. raptora

    It’s totally not because he is blindly supporting every decision generational makes.

    It’s like if Artedu make Gnabry join us this Summer. Do you think I’ll be fuming that they brought here a world class player? Fuck no! I’ll be dancing in front of my home to the beat of Jammin’ by Bob Marley.

    Why was Pedro happy and celebrating that we missed on a world class talent, I’ve no clue.

  110. Tom

    “Also I think that the expectation would have been that the fourth slot would be won by Man
    Utd. On paper they had a much better squad and team than us. So Arsenal’s expectation was to secure a Europa League place competing against Spurs,
    West Ham and Wolves.”

    Stroller, not sure that’s entirely accurate.
    Don’t remember the exact table but Arsenal finished December on a high so I think the club might’ve expected to have enough for top four without adding no one in January.

  111. Tom

    EB, I’m leaving the forward view to yourself.
    You seem to have a good handle on it.
    6 new players in this summer and 150-200million in total spending was it?
    Too bad Haaland didn’t see the opportunity you saw for him at Arsenal to take his career to the next level.

    Another one with a limited forward view I guess.

  112. Emiratesstroller


    We were not in fourth place at end of January. We played only one EPL game in January
    and I think that we were 6th or 7th at that time because we had played fewer games than
    most of the other teams.

    We moved up the table after beating Wolves twice plus Chelsea and Manchester United.

    The games that cost us fourth place were Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton. These
    games coincided with the spate of injuries.

  113. Habesha Gooner

    “””I can’t see the attraction of Jesus at the price that ManCity is demanding and the salary he is requesting. It is not like we are involved in a bidding war. Nobody else is bidding for him, he is on his last year of his contract. He is not essential to ManCity, so he should be cheap or at least cheaper.””

    Nobody is bidding for him?? Check out the rumors. Tottenham are interested, Real Madrid are also interested if they can get Vini a Spanish passport. Inter Milan are said to be interested if they can’t get lukaku, and there are some Spanish reports that Chelsea are also interested if they offload Lukaku.

    Not to say I am in favor of ridiculous prices but there aren’t much better players in the market even for that 50 mil euros that has been reported. Nunez is going for 80 mil euros. So the value depends on the availability of good strikers. The wages are fair criticism though.

    “””Arteta wanted Ramsdale instead of Mike Maignan or Alphone Areola or Netto. So we overpaid for an inferior player. “””

    Ramsdale isn’t an inferior player at all. If areola was such a top player teams better than Westham would go for him. Maignan has played well in his first season. But what Ramsdal6has shown in the first half of the season was incredible. He is a bit inconsistent as any you g goalkeeper. But Arteta was right to spend it on him.

    We need to have a balanced view.