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Well good afternoon my darlings, here we are, another week has passed, AND I HAVE NO SIGNINGS to talk about.

The Sau Paulo President has gone on record to confirm that Arsenal took Marquinhos off them and paid a fee rather than take the player for a free when his deal expired in July. The rationale was that Edu wants to create a flow of players to Arsenal from Brazil and good relationships mean more players come our way.

… I’m gonna say it, this seems very odd. It’s the playing equivalent of getting two yellow cards in the same passage of play. It might be legal, but it seems very weird.

Arsenal can’t get a transfer fee for love nor actual cash/money and Edu is out here giving £3.5m for players that are going on free transfers? I’d be totally down for this being a masterful move if he wasn’t in the room when we basically did the same thing with Cedric Soares.

Alex Lacazette has exited the building. This was the correct decision and one that 2 years ago we might not have made. I can’t be dealing with the slander he’s getting in some quarters, the guy was a leader this season when he could have downed tools, he had a relentless work rate, he scored some great goals for us, and the kids loved him. But, it was time to go. Physically he wasn’t at the level and his confidence in front of goal deteriorated to extreme levels as the seasons wore on.

Good luck, Laca!

Folarin Balogun was a major part of the build-up for a Smith Rowe U21 goal earlier on today (ESR landed MoTM). He’s a massive talent, but I think it’s fair to say his career needs another loan move, so hopefully Norwich or someone like that comes in for him this summer. It might even be interesting to see if he’d go to Germany or France.

Nuno Tavares is another player that is likely to find himself exited on loan next season. The Portuguese fullback has lots of promise, but he needs to have those chaotic edges sanded down on someone else’s dime this summer. James from The Athletic says a move is being spoken about.

That leaves us down a left-back. There’s a lot of rumblings on the internet about Zinchenko coming to Arsenal because his pathway is blocked at City. The Ukrainian is just a proper operator, I’m just having big doubts we’d be able to afford a player of that pedigree if Kieran Tierney stays at the club. We’re not a mature enough operation to have that much expense sitting on the bench. If we’re going for a left-back, I suspect we’ll be looking for a Tomiyasu like deal if Kieran Tierney isn’t going to Newcastle.

I guessed a rumour into existence… apparently Newcastle are tracking William Saliba. It’s hard to know what is real and what is fake, because there are a group of media oddballs in France affronted that we loaned him last season, and they are desperate for him to carry on his career at another club. The only hinge factor we have here is that the player will fancy his chances of going to the World Cup. Can he trust Arteta to give him minutes? Would he dare sign a new deal with us? We’ll see. There are plenty of games to go around next season, I just hope Mikel has charm offensive planned.

Juventus, the absolute chancers, are offering up Arthur Melo for… Gabriel Martinelli. That’s like being offered a beautifully boxed dog turd in exchange for a Rolex. I’m sorry, but where do these Italian clubs get off? Also, I do find it amusing how bad at travelling Italians are. 23-year-old Striker, Gianluca Scamacca, has reportedly turned down Arsenal so he can wait out Italian offers. Again, take the links with a grain of salt, every player knows Arsenal wants a striker, so we are good headline fodder to shake out interest in the market. But come on Italians… why the fear of moving?

The striker situation is going to be interesting. The big names in journalism think the main target is going to be Gabriel Jesus, Germany thinks we might be monitoring Serge Gnabry, the Italian press are linking us with Tammy, Oshimen and Scamacca. There’s a lot of smoke out there and I think some of that is purposeful.

Youri Tielemans, this summers ‘he’s boring’ midfielder, is being repped by John Cross.

This move is the most likely to happen, apparently the players are talking about him joining at the training ground, most likely because they get the goss from the agents that are working on the deal.

He’d be a top, top signing for Arsenal. The man is making more ball recoveries than the internets favourite midfielder Yves Bissouma. He has it all to be a success at Arsenal and he’s a NOW player, so he can compete for a place in our midfield from day one. I just hope we don’t drag the deal out all summer.

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  1. CG


    ”””’CG, not sure what Twitter has to do with his ability as a footballer.
    Outstanding first 3/4 of his career though.”””’

    Well, it tell us – he must have a lot of admirers and supporters for the way he has played and how he has conducted himself over his career.

    x 7 million more than the mighty Arsenal. How the Arsenal PR team would love those figures!

  2. CG


    ”””CG Yeah Dani Ceballos has trophies to his name.
    I think Saka would rather go down as an arsenal legend than be remembered like ozil.”””

    I am, sorry to break you the news.
    Ozil is an Arsenal legend and is easily in the top 20 players to ever play for the club.

    Lets hope Saka can surpass this.

  3. Graham62


    Now you’re having a laugh!

    Ozil is nowhere near being in the top 20 players to play for the club.

  4. CG


    If B. Talbot was ranked 23rd by the supporters of the all time great Arsenal players

    Ozil has to be in the top 20.

    Google the list

  5. Un


    Ozil doesn’t come close to all time top arsenal players

    O Leary
    Charlie George
    Van Persie


  6. WengerEagle

    Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas played I would argue to this day the most aesthetic football seen in the PL, even better to watch than City who are more a juggernaut and just full of world class players all over the pitch given they spent over a billion.

  7. WengerEagle

    And it’s why despite Ade scoring 30 goals in 07/08 he was still getting criticised because he missed an unbelievable amount of chances for every goal.

    A prime TH14 or RVP would have scored 50 goals in that 2007/08 team.

  8. Un

    WengerEagleJune 4, 2022 15:43:10
    Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas played I would argue to this day the most aesthetic football seen in the PL, even better to watch than City who are more a juggernaut and just full of world class players all over the pitch given they spent over a billion.

    I second this
    Give me any of those 3 in their arsenal prime over ozil, every single time

  9. Bob N16

    I know it’s tennis but I can’t help but notice the contrast between men and women’s tennis.

    Women get the same as men in prize money which I can understand in terms of achieving equality but when you note that the women play best of three sets as opposed to five and that the Women’s final was over in 68 minutes I slightly wonder if the physical challenge isn’t too contrasting. Nadal v Zeverev’s first set lasted for 90 mins!

    Should the women not play best of five sets?

  10. WengerEagle

    ”Should the women not play best of five sets?”

    No TV broadcaster in their right mind would be behind the move. Swiatek flogged that poor American girl in an hour flat today.

    Also a vast physical difference so cannot see how they would be able to put on quality tennis for 5 sets.

  11. Terraloon

    Bob N16.

    Should the women not play best of five sets?

    In an era of equality ( and I know it will set some off ) should sport be based on gender at all ?

    In other words knot woman’s or men’s championship just a championship

  12. Samuel

    The Ozil disrespect is getting out of hand. Yes he had his flaws and major ones at that but he was the center piece to the team that finally ended that trophy drought and landed 3 FA cups. Lets give some credit when its due and not let his last couple of shitty years completely overshadow his entire time with us.

  13. WengerEagle

    Just seems bizarre that Swiatek can earn more than anyone on the Men’s tour barring Djoker/Rafa potentially in Slams when she would get destroyed by any bloke in the top 500.

  14. WengerEagle

    It’s not slander Samuel but what do you expect when he is being directly compared to our hands down best post-Invincibles player in Cesc?

    Ozil was very good for us between 2013-2017. I wouldn’t have called him our best player ever though, he was always behind Cazorla and Sanchez imo and Ramsey too for a couple of seasons.

  15. Bob N16

    Pedro Tomori not fully fit, Gueye(?) and him were training on their own.

    Terraloon, you’re not really suggesting that women shouldn’t have their own tournament? That’s absurd. If you extend that argument only men would get Olympic medals in athletics etc etc

  16. andy1886

    Center piece? Not in a million years. Part time genius is about as good as I’d put it.

    Incidentally anyone who’s seen some of these social media ‘influencers’ knows damn well that Twitter is no indicator of anything serious.

    And Ted Drake has to be in our top twenty ever.

  17. Graham62


    Maybe these were the same Arsenal supporters who sat back and applauded when Arsenal were regressing from 2009 onwards.

    I saw BrianTalbot play and believe me he wouldn’t even rank in my top 200!

    Ozil was, on his day, an exceptional talent but, for the most part, he didn’t have the stomach for it. He would rather sulk and mope around rather than take responsibility.

  18. CG


    “””I saw BrianTalbot play and believe me he wouldn’t even rank in my top 200!”””

    If Talbot is ranked 23rd by the OFFICIAL greatest Arsenal players voted by the supporters and Pat Rice 17th, its not hyperbole to suggest Ozil easily gets into the top 20 greatest Arsenal players of all time.

    Obviously, the Dopes ( not Wenger) who gave him the contract soured things with the supporters.

    But like Willian, PEA etc and even Eddie N- no one forces the players to sign these contracts.

    Its KSE ‘s decison to offer money that their talents may not deserve.

    Never happened under Dein


  19. Tom

    I think the better question might be why anyone should give a shit how much any tennis player , man or a woman, gets paid when in effect it’s all sponsors money.
    Not like you guys got taxed by the government and saw a woman tennis player make a couple mil in one hour of play lol.

  20. Ishola70

    “He’s a defininte upgrade on Xhaka as he has a better skill set and can play the 8 role much better than Granit ever could. Plus he has the capacity to add G/A to our team from MF. Something that’s been sorely lacking from the Ramsey/ Ozil hey days.£25m? I’ll take it.”

    25m. Even more reson for the real big hitters to be lining up to sign.

    In fact every club on earth would want Tielemans this summer as he is the absolute complete midfielder according to these latest stats.

    But of course we know these latest stats are skewed and compiled by someone who hasn’t got a clue about football.

    Tielemans will go missing off the ball. He won’t give particularly good protection for the defence. So in that sense he will not really be an upgrade on Xhaka and everyone on here knows my disdain for Xhaka. Where he will be an upgrade on Xhaka is going forward. Everyone knows that.

    But adding Tielemans to the midfield is not making it a more powerhouse midfield. In reality all it is doing is adding a little frill to it in an attacking sense. Just a little frill. Just a little extra bow.

    We will still have a fragile midfield with Tielemans in it.

  21. WengerEagle

    Not mad on Tielemans either. Those stats put Hojberg ahead of him in ball recoveries and I don’t think that anyone on here particularly rates him besides Dissenter.

    I see a decent final third player but pretty powder-puff in the deeper areas of the pitch. We already have Odegaard and ESR to accomodate.

  22. Vintage Gun

    Tielemans and Bissouma whilst moving on Xhaka, Torreira and AMN would work for me

    A midfield three of Bissouma Party and Odegaard with Tielemans, Lokanga and Smith Rowe pressing them is a good mix. Quality and depth wise.

  23. Un

    TomJune 4, 2022 17:02:34
    I think the better question might be why anyone should give a shit how much any tennis player , man or a woman, gets paid when in effect it’s all sponsors money.
    Not like you guys got taxed by the government and saw a woman tennis player make a couple mil in one hour of play lol.

    It’s a discussion in wether or not it’s fair. That’s what people do on forums. Discuss topics. Welcome to the present day mr powers, let me introduce you to the internet.

  24. TR7

    I know I am biased being a fanboy but had Rosicky not got injured we would have been talking about him as one of the great midfielders in the last 20 years or so.

  25. TR7

    Iga Swiatek wipes the floor with basically everyone else and is on a 35 match winning streak but still no match for Graff, Seles, Henin etc.

  26. Samuel

    We were never close to winning the UCL with Cesc in 09. We got lucky with mediocre opposition in Roma and Villareal. Got turned inside out by a proper side in Utd in the semis even though Gibbs and Almunia did not help either. But yeah, we should have won the league in 07/08 with Cesc. Would have been one of our greatest league titles ever given how young that team was and was competing against the juggernaut squads of Chelsea and Man Utd.

  27. Un


    In 06 we were 15 minutes away
    Had we had a better keeper or Henry put one of his chances away we would have

  28. Ishola70

    I’m not sure Tielemans will sign to be on the bench a bit like the Zinchenko rumours.

    Out of the two I’d prefer to take a chance on Zinchenko over Tielemans for central midfield for what I see as the real needs of the midfield if we are talking about these two players exclusively.

    Zinchenko has had to have a degree of defensive awareness about him playing as fullback and he overall has good technique and is a decent footballer.

  29. Samuel

    As far as Ozil vs Cesc debate goes, I don’t think its even close. Its Cesc by a mile, far better leader and Rolls Royce of a player who was doing everything in the middle and was playing week in week out. Ozil needs too many right pieces around him to hide his weaknesses which is why he had his best stint at Madrid where Khedira and Alonso did the dirty work for him. But nonetheless, a lot of Arsenal fans completely brush aside the good things Ozil did for us in the beginning and the role he played in ending our trophy drought.

  30. Ishola70

    Zinchenko was actually seen as a No.10 when Man City first signed him.

    So he has attacking instincts allied to the densive awareness he would have picked up playing as fullback.

    A much more interesting signing for me over Tielemans.

    And of course he can fill in at left back when Tierney breaks down again.

    I think this would be an Arteta signing many could get on board with.

  31. Un

    Cesc didn’t just outperform Ozil in G/A
    He ran the game from the middle. He dictated the game. We played how he wanted us to play. If he wanted tika taka we opened teams that way, if he wanted pin point 60 yard through balls, that’s what we did.
    Ozil had his little moments but cesc ran games

  32. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there is pretty strong evidence that Arsenal are recruiting early this summer rather than leaving it late as has been the case in the past.

    We know already that Turner will be replacing Leno.

    The club has made a decision to bring back Saliba to join the other 3 CBs on our books.

    The club have clearly made a decision to replace Tavares in the squad. The most likely
    replacement is Hickey from Bologna.

    This is perhaps the one position where there is no definitive decision at the moment. I suspect that this may be the final piece in jigsaw puzzle.

    Arsenal appear to have recruited Marquinhos, but are likely to send him out on loan. There
    is the possibility of recruiting Gnabry, but that is probably dependent on finance and also the
    departure of Pepe.

    Nketiah will almost certainly sign a new contract if he has not already done so. I think that
    Jesus is Arsenal’s primary target to replace Lacazette. Arsenal are not going to spend silly
    money on speculative buys from Italy or Portugal.

    I suspect that any other additions to our first team squad will be made by promotions from
    U23s. Hein will possibly replace Okonkwo who could be sent out on loan and perhaps one
    of the promising midfielders such as Patino or Hutchinson may be added to squad as has been the case in recent years with promotion of Saka, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah.