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Well good morning to you ALL this morning.

Some fairly mature news dripped out yesterday, Benny Blanco has pulled out of England duties so he can deal with the injury that plagued his game for the back chunk of the season.

The England man had a very strong start to his Arsenal career but he really lost his way after his England call-up. There were stories that he’d be carrying an injury during the United game when he looked out of sorts and that ended up playing out as a wider problem. He managed to survive a season under Bielsa, a whole season under Brighton, but we broke him in the end.

I know I’ve spoken about it a lot, but Mikel Arteta really does need to focus on rotation next year, I’m quite concerned that he’s let Shad Forsythe exit the building. The American really did lead the club in a much more positive direction when he joined the club, he’s one of the best in the world at what he does, and I worry that Mikel Arteta will use the exit to bring in a 14-year-old Spanish kid that he can put under his control.

Arsenal has a weird blend of coaching staff that are very junior or very subservient. We made mistakes last season that we wouldn’t have with stronger people around Arteta. Like, honestly, who didn’t see the Thomas Partey and Kieran Tierney injuries coming? Does anyone believe Arteta didn’t have a full understanding that he’d signed a player notorious for calf injuries at Bologna? Did Kieran Tierney’s injury record map to the way we played him once he came back from injury? Why was he so green with the overplaying?

Arteta does learn from his mistakes, I’m not too bothered about that… my issue is that if he had more experience around him, he might not make them in the first place. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring in a yes-man High-Performance Director, that could be especially problematic as the game ramp up next year when we DOMINATE Thursday night football again.

Talking of Thursday night football, it is interesting talking to Arsenal fans on the quiet, because quite a few of them have been whispering to me that Europa is probably best for where we are at the moment. You want names? Man Like Matt Kandela from the podcast said it to me before the Newcastle game.

Would you turn Champions League down? No. But will we benefit from having Thursday night football with a very junior squad? I think so. We’ll get to see Omari Hutchinson, Marcelo Flores, and Flo B develop next season. We’ll also have a really nice outlet for genuinely top talent that didn’t get minutes this season like Sambi Lokonga (who will be a top player), William Saliba (who should be competing for first-team by November), and Matt Turner (who I have no idea about, but hopefully he’s challenging for #1 at some point).

Reality is, if you are in the Champions League, you cannot go light on Tuesdays on Wednesdays because the competition is too damn lucrative. With a squad as young as ours, we’d struggle with fatigue, and I suspect we’d see a ramp-up in injuries to key names that started to break down towards the end of the season.

If you think this is me making the best of a bad situation, you’d be right. I worked in factories for 5 years. Kebab trays, cardboard boxes, Christmas crackers, and paper cups. I found a way to love it. There is nothing better than a paper cup factory, truly a thing of brutalist beauty. It’s best to find the light in life, otherwise, you’ll be very miserable.

Ainsley Maitland Niles is heading back to England as a Conference League Winner, but he is someone in need of finding the light in a bad situation. He has more trophies that Harry Kane. By quite a bit. Now the question is what does he want to do? His Roma stats aren’t great.

He was there for a 26 game period

He didn’t pick up an injury.

He played 90 minutes twice.

He was subbed at halftime 3 times.

He managed 651 minutes, just 179 more than the total amount he left Arsenal for.

He played right back, left midfield, right midfield. No central midfield time.

At what point, does someone sit him down, and say… ‘Ains, you should make up with Arteta, tell him you’ll be right back cover, and be part of something special.’ Sam Allardyce told him this is what he should do, Jose Mourinho didn’t see the spark of a central midfielder. Is it not time to let the dream pass because at this point, maybe it’s more lucrative to be at Arsenal as a back-up than go down a division to play where you want to play?

It could be a masterstroke from Arteta. We know the player can do bits at the very highest level, he’s one of the best athletes at the club, he’s an extremely underrated technician, and when he’s on form against ANY winger, you will find them in his pocket.

I’d rather have Ainsley there than Cedric. I think the Portuguese would be easier to move out on loan. It’ll be interesting to see what Mikel does here.

There was some funny business on the internet when reported that Bernd Leno was saying his goodbyes. The German international called out a Twitter user and it was very amusing. There are top tier information gatherers like David Ornstein, he doesn’t have one source of info, he has many, and folk will seek him out because he has so much integrity. When he has a story, he’s so well known, he can get info from both sides.

… then there are the poverty info merchants. ‘Close to Arsenal’ is a very loose definition and certain folk in high media positions max it out. The information ecosystem works both ways, as fans, we tend to think rumours just work well for players and agents… but rest assured, clubs also know what they are doing and they are very adept at sending fans the wrong way to cover their tracks. You’d also be shocked at who leaks. The dad of a very famous Arsenal player who was aggrieved was a ‘source close to the club’ and someone close to the kit cupboard was also known to gas to The Daily Mail.

Shall I tell you who doesn’t usually get top secret information? Random Twitter accounts with 10k followers. There aren’t many people who work in or around the game that would risk blowing their cover to give a teenage nobody the scoop on summer business. The reach isn’t there, if the leak ever got out everyone would think the person leaking was a fucking idiot, and generally, if you are leaking, you want people to believe it. ‘They have good information’ usually means they’ve had a good run guessing.

So David Ornstein, the king of information, seems adamant that the main target this summer is Gabriel Jesus. Me scoffing at him is weak sauce, he’s a top class player, but I just can’t help but imagine being a goal down to some plucky Norwegian team in the Europa League and we’re all cursing a lack of height. City spent £300m to alleviate that issue, why would we knowingly take on that problem?

We have gone out of our way to sign players that are really good at finding targets in the box with long and accurate highballs… and we’re going to roll the dice with 2 smaller strikers? How do you go from Vlahovic and Tammy Abraham to Gabriel Jesus? Obviously, there’s something the data has shown that I’m missing… but he doesn’t have goals, he isn’t a threat in the air, and I worry he won’t be able to occupy defenders like a Tammy or an Osihmen could. It feels like a status signing. Like taking the family to the Caribbean and putting it on the gram when everyone knows you’ve just lost your job.

I guess we’ll worry about that another day.

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  1. bacaryisgod

    I would like to see more of Patino but on loan at another club instead of Arsenal. He really needs to fill out physically and I wouldn’t want to expose him to the Burnley-type teams in the Championship until he gets stronger. Send him over to Real Sociedad for a season. It worked wonders for Vela and Odegaard.

  2. Nigel Tufnel

    Vieira Lynn,
    I’m politically correct in referring to you because that’s how Pedro likes things.

    You’ve given us no preferred pronouns to use, and you’re using a traditional female name.

    Why would I assume any gender? You can be polyamorous or in some transitional gender stage, which is nothing unusual these days.

    Just ask Pedro, if he’s in New York he’s seen a lot more variety than most parts of the world.

    All we have to go on is the fact that you p1ss on Arsenal most of the time because that’s your miserable Kroenkephobe personality.

    Really though, nobody cares.

    You and Kilroy should meet up, then you would each have 1 friend in real life.

  3. China1

    I’m a tall white English person with a person but as far as my gender goes I identify as an arsenal fan

  4. China1

    I’m kinda curious about the limits of what we can and cannot identify as (genuinely)

    Gender is apparently open to interpretation so I’m wondering if we might as well just call everything open as well.

    Like I’m 6’1 but can I identify as 3’8?
    I’m white but can I identify as Arabic?
    I’m a person but can I identify as a gorilla?
    Can I identify as Dennis Bergkamp?

    I dunno man society these days confuses the fuck out of me. I wish everyone the best but can’t say I understand what it’s all about

  5. The Real Vieira Lynn


    based on that revelation, some new world order types might view your namesake as a form of cultural appropriation…I’m not one of those types, but I’m a bit worried that if you don’t prescribe to Dame Nigel’s highly skewed views, he just might throw you under the bus just for shits and giggles

  6. China1

    I’ve been accused of many such things on here lol

    Namely that I wished I was Chinese and that I come here to spread propaganda 😂😂

    But I mean pro cesc fabregas propaganda, sure. He was the best

  7. Killroy-TM

    Kroenkephobe is posting on as he found that reality escapes many of the AFBs posting here.

    It does take at times a tremendous amount of restraint not react towards some BS agenda or clueless posters nonsense. For me before replying, I always consider the source and will not allow myself to stoop to the low level of a certain Tufnut.

  8. The Real Vieira Lynn


    I saw some of his postings on that blog and it simply confirmed my suspicions, he’s pretty fucking good at what he does, although I can see how he might rub some the wrong way, which likely means he ‘s doing something right…sometimes I respond simply to get in a few practice swings, to stay sharp, like at a batting cage or a driving range…Cheers

  9. The Real Vieira Lynn


    I’m more of a traditional centrist, so while I’m somewhat financially conservative, I conversely lean to the left when it comes to most things socio-political…that said, I do find it rather unsettling and insanely ironic that the far left has adopted many of the most unflattering characteristics of the far right….so much so that I even thought twice before writing this rather innocuous commentary, for fear that I might be summarily cancelled for merely suggesting such a notion…I can only hope that a commonsense revolution wins the day, both in the world at large and maybe even at our oft-times nonsensical club

  10. Dark Hei

    “based on that revelation, some new world order types might view your namesake as a form of cultural appropriation”

    Well speaking of namesakes…..

  11. Luteo Guenreira

    Ma’am I don’t care what you identify as, can you please just go do it over there so I don’t have to look at your gigantic Adam’s apple? Thanks.

    Oh btw you guys should ask Dissenter about the trans stalker he had, there’s probably a sexy story in there somewhere.

  12. Siddeeq


    You are of average height in Rwanda, short in South Sudan, tall in China. I wont dwell on the white part but DNA should tell us the full story

  13. Graham62

    Is it me but there is something distinctly weird about both Nigel Tufnel and englandsbest.

    They come on here to promote something that is questionable to say the least. They constantly promote Pedro as if there’s no tomorrow, in fact, I would go as far as to say, they could be his alter-ego.

    Something is not right.

  14. Leedsgunner

    I’ve been thinking and saying the same Pedro for ages…

    Our back room staff need to offer solutions and challenge to Arteta when he comes unstuck in games. Someone to help him plug the experience gap… otherwise you just keep repeating the same mistakes rather than sidestepping them…

    It would be interesting to see who Howe or Ten Hag include in their staff. Are they all yes mannequins? Or are the managers at those clubs secure in themselves to be able handle a contrarian point of view…?

  15. Graham62


    Arteta’s handling of many things is concerning and it doesn’t take a genius to understand the importance of rotating your squad and resting players that clearly need resting.
    The irony of it all is that the one player he rushed back into the fold, who didn’t need rushing back, was his star man Mr Xhaka.
    The Partey scenario was an accident waiting to happen. Same with Tierney. Obviously Arteta doesn’t understand the rigours of international commitments.

    Another fault of his.

  16. Foxy

    Reading Pedro’s blogs over the past week is as effectively but probably unintentionally illustrated why Arteta should never have been Arsenal Manager and all the mistakes he has made since in player, squad and game management and now his week support team

  17. China1

    I ain’t tall in north China man people here are tall!

    South Chinese are on average a fair bit shorter than the northerners tho

  18. Foxy

    The fact that no new Hale enders have broken into the first team i.e. actually getting game time is a real concern for the next season or two and really needs an in depth analysis by Pedro.
    How much is down to Arteta, do we have real talent but just not ready (Patino?) or are we in for a barren period.

  19. Graham62


    When your idea of potential is Xhaka and Willian, how do you expect Arteta to understand the importance of fine tuning the youngsters.

  20. Foxy

    There may also be a clash in how our youngsters have been schooled to play under Freddie etc. and Arteta’s straight jacket positional approach,

  21. Foxy

    I would like to see Azeez get real game time next year as he should be physically more or less ready for the first team. Interestingly he talks about the freedom he has been allowed on the pitch by Kevin Betsy, so playing under Arteta may be a bit of a shock.

  22. Bob N16

    Graham, is everything so black and white in your world? Do you not see how the fanaticism of a binary mindset is often at the root of problems? Reasoning becomes sidelined through ego putting down the flagpole of a stated position.

    Do not be kidded by other people echoing your certainty on here. I’d even suggest that the majority of people who read this blog don’t agree with your position. I’d say with confidence that the fans who attend games appear to disagree with your endless gripe about Arteta.

    I have my doubts about Arteta but do see some strengths, if that’s sitting on the fence ,okay. The reality is none of us has the power to change the situation.

    You have your opinion which you seem to feel the need to share, probably to engage with other like-minded posters. But don’t be surprised if people, if they can be bothered, pick you up on it. It’s a blog after all.

    I have to say this fixed mindset winds me up much more in politics than in football. It’s only football!

    Enjoy your day!

  23. Graham62

    Thanks for educating me Bob.

    Yes, in my world, bearing in mind I’ve just turned 60, my outlook on life is sort of set in stone. I will also highlight my own opinions if and when appropriate. This is an Arsenal blog, so rather than cower away in the corner waiting for someone like me to voice a strong opinion, which I know is persistent, why don’t you consider putting together a few opinions of your own about our club.
    Before I forget, please enlighten me on Arteta’s strengths.
    A list would be lovely!

  24. Bob N16

    Graham, Do you honestly think I’m ‘cowering away in the corner’. Don’t think that comment will go down too well with those people who prefer to read the stream and choose not to post.

    I’d rather not get involved in another conversation about Arteta’s strengths and weaknesses because it’s been done to death and I find it boring. I’ll leave that up to you and yours.

    I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by suggesting your outlook is set in stone because you’ve turned 60.

  25. NORG


    Arteta’s strengths – magnificent hair and teeth. Thats about it. I understand the influence to his style of play came to him after a day trip to Cromer.

  26. Habesha Gooner

    June 1, 2022 06:01:28
    Sancho is better than Gnabry and Saka is better than both.

    At what? It mustn’t be at football right?
    Sancho isn’t better than the two of them. Saka has still some way to go. He isn’t better than Gnabry at this moment in time. Potentially though, we will see.

  27. James wood.

    So all good Chinese centre half’s are born in the NORTH.

    Like your posts.

  28. GoonerDave

    That gender stuff is a mental illness. These people should be helped instead of pandered to.
    I cannot respect their ideology because they are making demands on how we speak. Free speech is the very reason why these people were able to express their ideas in the first place. Now, they would like to stifle it.
    I don’t care how anyone else wants to live but our society depends upon the freedom to think and express ourselves, rightly or wrongly. Anyone who makes demands on how we speak (pronouns) is an enemy of freedom.

  29. Graham62

    Yes but you do post on here Bob.
    Those people who choose not to, have that option.
    They also may agree with you.
    Then again, some of them may agree with me.
    I highlighted “sort of set in stone”
    I can be flexible when the occasion warrants it.
    From what I’ve read on here, the Arteta strengths haven’t “been done to death”
    If they had been, it would give me even more ammunition!
    Cheers Bob.🍻

  30. Graham62


    You’ve listed strengths 1 and 2.

    Any more?

    Surely there must be some.

    Oh yes, he speaks six languages!

    Or is it five?

  31. Bob N16

    Graham, you remind me of a representative of the People’s Front of Judea in the “What have the Romans done for us’ scene in Life of Brian..not a direct parallel of course!

    ‘From what I’ve read on here, the Arteta strengths haven’t “been done to death”
    If they had been, it would give me even more ammunition!’ – Listen or read Arseblog for example. Organisation, purpose, unity both on and off the pitch.

    The fact that people choose not to rise to your obvious bait says more about the agenda you want drive than any reasonable argument that could be put forward.

    You need people to promote Arteta in order for you to respond with your criticisms.

  32. raptora

    Surely we’re not bringing a third Gabriel playing for us at the same time. It would be so confusing for everyone involved with the club, even for us fans.

    If it happens, I’m naming my future kid Gabriel. There must be something about this name.

  33. HerbsArmy

    When measuring and assessing Arteta’s performance over the last season, one thing Pedro cannot hide from, is that given the size of their clubs and subsequent resources compared to Arsenal, pound for pound, both Graham Potter and Patrick Vieira proved to be far better managers and by far outperformed him.
    As Matt Kandela said, there is a lack of ambition from top to bottom at Arsenal, and those cheer leading for this incredibly underwhelming manager are complicit in the clubs decline.

  34. Valentin

    Unity both on and off the pitch.

    1) Clearly the fans are not united, otherwise that debate would not take place.
    2) Unity is not created by kicking from the club any dissenting word. Petty dictatorship can hardly be called harmony.

    we are so well organised that we can’t score while conceding more!
    Balance is more important than defensive compactness. It is easy to put more men in defense and look more organised by sacrificing the attack. Bar Athletico under Simeone, in the last 20 years I can’t recall a team that has successful on the long term using that underdog approach. Even Simeone slightly adjusted his approach to a more expensive in the years they won the league. Also they had world class strikers in Falcao, the Uruguayan Biter and Griezmann. We had one but for yhe sake of unity, Arteta decided to sell him…

    I have no idea what you mean with that.

  35. englandsbest

    The real Vieira Lynn

    Thank heavens for that comma, generally I’m gasping for breath trudging through one of your super-long sentences.

    Truly bizarre reading that it’s okay to blame Arteta because he and Edu have had time to identify signings. Wouldn’t it be wiser to wait and see who they are?

  36. raptora

    Was it you that predicted a minimum of 3 incoming transfers in the winter transfer window? Even in the last days of the transfer window, you were sure that players are coming so you were telling the rest to just wait and see and that players will come so we shouldn’t be moaning about our lack of business.. You expected not one, but three. Talking about being an optimist, some people are just deluded.

  37. Un

    I’d happily sell partey and nick Phillips off Leeds on the cheap after relegation
    Let partey go to juventus

  38. englandsbest


    Not just me, mate, most of us – probably inc YOU – expected signings during the Jan window – and DEFINITELY inc Arteta , and even more so after the departures.

    So let’s be clear. For whatever reason, Edu/Arteta were unable to get, or unwilling to pay for the players needed. In Arteta’s words a ‘brave’ decision was taken. So when I wrote ‘intended to make three signings’ last Jan, for all you know I may have been right on the all.

  39. Mr Serge

    Massive mistake not signing anyone in jan that’s what cost us in the end
    That is unforgivable from the board and MA

  40. alexanderhenry


    ‘We made mistakes last season that we wouldn’t have with stronger people around Arteta. Like, honestly, who didn’t see the Thomas Partey and Kieran Tierney injuries coming?’

    Surely if Arteta’s that good he woudn’t have needed ‘stronger people around him’, to see that continually playing Partey and Tierney was a big risk.
    If we fail next season, I really hope you’re not going to absolve Arteta with that excuse.

    In the end, what will determine next season is obvious: a well judged, ambitious transfer window for Arsenal.
    Arteta has definitely moved the team on. It has spirit, youth and potential but lacks experience and quality in some areas.

    Roll on summer.

  41. Nelson

    “Unity both on and off the pitch.”
    It is both a strength and a weakness. He has built a squad he can handle (unity). Many players being pushed out have lost value. Some of them can still help the team. But for unity reason, he preferred to have a small squad and had to live with the consequence when injury hit.

  42. HerbsArmy

    And yet englandsbest, in spite of you being one of Arteta’s chief cheerleaders, there is irrefutable proof that he was outperformed by both a more decorated and worthier club legend -Vieira – and by Potter at Brighton.
    For example, can you ever remember Arsenal thrashing United 4-0 at home?
    Brighton did it.
    How does that sit with you, knowing that two managers at lesser clubs, could instantly improve everything Arteta is doing? Or are you buzzing off Arteta’s mediocrity?

  43. The Bard

    Mr Serge You’re dead right mate. I have been saying the same thing for a while. I get it might have been difficult but we’re supposed to be a big club. We needed reinforcements badly and in the end it cost us not only CL and with it the chance to sign top players but may well turn out to be the moment Arteta began to lose his job. All the top clubs will be stronger next season and if we dont make a decent fist of challenging the ‘long term’ project is dead in the water and the fans will turn.

  44. Dissenter

    You do come off as a fanatical and uncompromising believer in defense of Arteta.
    With the benefit of hindsight, don’t you think that “brave’ decision (that) was taken” by Arteta and Edu were as dumb as f%#*

    Who guts their squad in January and doesn’t replace?
    How about keep what you have unless there are replacements?

    Does critiquing Arteta send you into anaphylactic shock or something?

  45. Samesong


    There will be a day when Englandsworst will regret all his idol worship. The internet never lies.

  46. Pierre

    If we are to progress, there has to come a time when we begin the season with a settled squad .
    Signing 4/5/6 players every summer will only produce inconsistent results.

    I asked the question at the start of last season, how long will it be before Arteta’s signings become the new “dross”
    Who has he signed ….Willian, Runnarson, Ramsdale, Mari, Cedric, Tavares, Gabriel, Odegaard, White, Tomiyasu, Partey and Lakonga..
    For me, Partey is the only real improvement on players that have left , plus Tomiyasu if he can stay fit.

    So this window we will again need to buy another 4/5/6 players just to have enough depth in the squad to compete.
    The question that needs to be asked is how have we managed to spend 400 mil or thereabouts and be left with a threadbare squad.

    Have Arsenal football club and rheir fans not learnt anything from the past.
    If we go back to the summer before leicester won the league and Wenger only brought in a keeper and no outfield players., Arsenal were runners up in the league that season because wenger didn’t succumb to the pressure from media and fans and in the end his decision not to buy was proved correct.

    So do not expect anything other than an inconsistent Arsenal football team until Arteta stops this incresible turnover of players.

  47. CG


    ”””Who guts their squad in January and doesn’t replace?”””””

    Ironically – most of the players A&E loaned out to ‘save the wage bill’ will be back at the club in a few weeks and back on the payroll. ( Mary, AMN, Torriera, Nelson etc)

    While other big clubs were augmenting their squads in January to ensure CL revenues- our Dopes were thinking small time.

    They deserve the Europa – its their level.

  48. raptora

    Pierre: “Arsenal were runners up in the league that season because wenger didn’t succumb to the pressure from media and fans and in the end his decision not to buy was proved correct.”

    If you think that finishing 2nd after Leicester was a successful season then that’s a hot take and a half. Pierre, we finished the season with 71 pts. That doesn’t even guarantee top 4 in some seasons.

    Wenger with his endless talks about stability, failed to pounce on the one chance he got, where all top clubs in the country were collectively shite. What did he do? He just repeated his usual just enough for top 4 performance of 70-75 pts.

    He didn’t plan around it and he didn’t push in the Winter when in January we were 1st in the League what did he do? Bought Elneny for £11m. Played it safe and lost, similar to Arteta this January really.

    Nothing to be proud of that season, sorry to say.

  49. englandsbest

    Herbs army

    No criticism of Vieira or Potter, but to say they did better than Arteta is simply untrue – as the pair would probably agree. Take a look at the table.

    Artets’s remit is a long term process to re-enter the elite- and that takes time. Theirs is a requirement to keep their Clubs alive in PL

  50. Pierre

    “really.Nothing to be proud of that season, sorry to say.”

    You need to look at Arsenal’s history pre Wenger before belittling finishing as the 2nd best team in the country..

    Yes , ahead of united , city and chelsea and their bottomless pit of money , and Wenger did it by signing cech for next to nothing..
    The only other time we had finished runners up in the league since the early 50’s was the 72/73 season.

    Yes, i would say finishing runners up was a season to be proud of as was the winning of 3 fa cups in 4 seasons

    Of course, the problem was the entitled wenger obsessives could never praise our manager for his success.

  51. englandsbest


    What defeats me is the low ambition people like you have for the Club. You talk as though 4th place in PL was some kind of trophy. Well, it isn’t.

    What matters is an Arsenal back amongst the elite, a club that does not just enter major competitions but genuinely competes for them. Josh and Arteta’s stated aim and ambition. Once you get that thought nto your skull. you might start thinking straight.

  52. WengerEagle

    Solskjaer finished runners-up last season with United. As did Mourinho in 2018 with United. Both with more points too than we had in 2016.

    If Wenger had actually improved the team with a ST particularly in 2015 summer we likely would have won the league.

    Of course Pierre’s beak is so far entrenched up the tunnel of AWs rectum to see this.

  53. The Bard

    The current debate has a false belief at its core namely Arsenal are hell bent on trying to win the Prem. They aren’t and they haven’t been for more than a decade. Every season or so they have to reinvent a new narrative to keep fans onside. Currently it’s the long term youth project. This will be ditched by Xmas 2022 in favour of another one if we aren’t top 4 ish.
    It’s the lack of transparency and honesty that does my head in.

  54. raptora

    Read some links with Tolisso on a free. How do we feel about it? I know he had a big injury couple of seasons ago but I’m not sure if he came back strong from it or Bayern hasn’t really given him much chances cause he’s straight up bad.

    If he’s close to the same player he was, he’s basically a Tielemans, but on a free. 27 yo and just entering his prime years. Sounds good, but if he’s shite then we better not touc him.

  55. salparadisenyc


    Tolisso a surplus to requirements for me with Tierney, Partey and Tomi already occupying that space on the injured list.

    Apologies for weaponising same material as yesterday but were starving over here at LG.

  56. Valentin


    Marseille have just lost Boubacar Kamara to Aston Villa. If we sent them Lokonga, he will be a first team starter. After a year of first team action in the champions’ League do you think he will want to come back and sit on bench behind. Partey,. Xhaka and Elneny?
    I am sure that Mattheo Guendouzi and Sinead Kolasinac will just be too happy to fill his head with notion of stay at Arsenal instead of going back to Arteta.

    Your proposal is the surest way to create problem in one year times.

  57. Tony Ikpo

    Coming on here day in day out to read debates about Arteta’s strengths and weaknesses is pretty boring.
    Le Grove comments used to be interesting.
    Having no football has apparently taken its toll.
    I guess I’ ld take a break until the football resumes in August.
    Cheers Arteta fans and haters.

  58. TR7

    If Pool lose both Mane and Salah they will be in trouble. Also I feel Klopp will need to build a new team again as most of his current players are likely to decline in the coming season.

  59. China1

    Lol Pierre it’s so disingenuous to talk up that second placed season behind Leicester as a big achievement

    Our points tally was par the course for about top 4. The reason we came second was because all the bigger clubs were trash that season. It’s not exactly liverpool twice coming second with insane points tallies is it? It was a standard arsenal season with an inflated position due to the failures of others. It’s embarrassing that we didn’t win that title as it was so much on a plate that even Leicester managed it
    That season is no badge of honour

  60. WengerEagle

    ”Le Grove comments used to be interesting.”

    Being honest, a lot of the more interesting posters have left or been binned over the past few years. Posters who made a contribution that went far beyond just talking about the Arsenal.

    It’s a very Arsenal-centric blog space now which sounds silly to complain about on the face of it but scratching beneath the surface, compelling conversations and debates went way beyond just the club beforehand. So not surprising that as soon as the season has ended and with no international football tournaments to even focus on that the interesting content has taken a nose-dive.

    Pedro’s posts virtually read like Arteta and pro-Arsenal propaganda pieces now, it’s a very different blog now to a few years back is the reality. Debate isn’t really welcomed like it used to be with comments getting removed and posters binned with the latter unheard of before unless they were personally abusive to people on here.

  61. China1

    Ask yourself Pierre in that season how many big 6 teams were happy with where they finished and how they did?

    Did city fulfill their potential? We’re Chelsea happy? How about Utd? Liverpool?

    Every one of them ended the season unhappy because they were all shit. If Chelsea got 80 points and we were above them, that’s bragging rights. Chelsea got 50. FIFTY. and you brag about being above them? City only got 66, United too. Liverpool 62. An embarrassing number

    It’s absolutely cringeworthy to talk up second place on 71 points when every other big team was literally *dismal*

  62. salparadisenyc

    Agree China

    Most see the second to Leicester as a failure the year all dropped away including Arsenal. Wenger’s last big chance at title glory. Huge reach to talk that up as a title challenge, a successful campaign on 71 points sure. But 10 behind the champions one above Spurs that season, on same points they scraped 4th this season.

  63. OleGunner

    Pierre is an ABSOLUTE dunce trying to frame that second place finish behind Leicester as a triumph.
    Absolute charlatan.

  64. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Agreed 100%
    Pedro gutted his own blog to allow his echo chamber to get a foothold.
    There used to be vibrant debates, not it’s carefulted tilted data to support another defense of Arteta

    Every post reads the same, you can tell the motives behind it; defend Arteta.

    Still can’t wrap my mind around the concept of Arsenal-better-off-in-the-Europe League.

  65. salparadisenyc

    If Cilic rocks up with same form he had vs Medvedev one has to feel for Rublev and he starts with 2x aces.

  66. Dissenter

    If second place, ahead of spurs was a disaster in 2016?

    What do you call 5th place, despite being FOUR points ahead of Spurs with THREE games to go in 2022?

    Pedro and his pro-Arteta ilk will all it ‘progress’

  67. WengerEagle


    I don’t think I have ever watched a full Rublev match, how good is he? Seems to have a solid all-court record and gets to 4R/QF a lot but that is his ceiling atm.

  68. salparadisenyc


    Rublev very under the radar in my world, as you said never gotten past a QF in major, carries solid ranking from performing in the non majors. But from this very talented crop below the big three he’s in the rear of that pack for me lacking the mentality to this point.

  69. UTarse

    Since Arsenal won its first top division title in 1931 the club has never gone more than 18 years without winning it again….. until now ofcourse… and you have fans saying finishing 5th is something to celebrate.

  70. WengerEagle

    I second that, RIP Reyes.

    First Gooner jersey with a name on the back I ever received was a ‘Reyes 9’ on the blue 2004/05 away jersey.

    That Chelsea game in the Cup where he came on and scored two beauties, good times. Very good player and was always sad about how his time ended here.

  71. Tom

    The 2015/16 season was just about as disappointing as the one we just finished but for different reasons.
    Pep and Klopp’s first year and retooling , Jose in role of the true arsonist having players and staff turn on him after the infamous physio-gate
    And United in the second and last year of the van gaal reign with some players calling him clueless behind his back.
    This was the season that laid bare the fact Wenger was never gonna win another title ever again.
    Only those who give weight to before the season predictions would consider that season a success.

    Just like the one we just finished.

  72. The Real Vieira Lynn


    well put…missed opportunities and lowered expectations have defined this club ever since the ribbon-cutting ceremony and Dein was escorted from the building

  73. LoveSausage

    The Athletic just published a stat comparison of the strikers we’re looking at. While stats aren’t everything, it’s still a good read. It shows why Jesus is our top target – his stats look very different to the likes of Osimhen, Lautaro, etc. Also interesting to see that he played 55% of his minutes as RW. Only 37% we’re as “striker” (i.e. a false 9), which might explain the underwhelming output.

  74. raptora

    Reyes, yet another flair player of our not so distant past. Enjoyed him as a player a lot. Makes me nostalgic about the style of football we used to play back then and the type of players we used to target. Artetaball is so incredibly boring.

  75. Tom

    UTarse, TRVL
    That season was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me re Wenger in\out, having only spent £10m on Cech ,and with £193m cash in the bank and Wenger acting all smug about it.

  76. Siddeeq

    The humiliation the fans did to Wenger desecrated the Emirates and it needs cleansing so that success can visit this club again

  77. Pierre

    “Since Arsenal won its first top division title in 1931 the club has never gone more than 18 years without winning it again….. until now ofcourse…”

    You reap what you sow.

    The entitled ones turned on the club 12 years ago and they deserve sweet f all..

  78. Pierre

    “UTarse, TRVL
    That season was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me re Wenger in\out, having only spent £10m on Cech ,and with £193m cash in the bank and Wenger acting all smug about it.”

    So , Arsenal finishing the season as the 2nd best team in England was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    It’s like a case of dumb and dumber and even more dumber.
    Whinging about finishing 2nd in the league and winning 3 fa cups is about as dumb as it gets..

  79. LoveSausage

    I used to appreciate reading this blog because it was always interesting, even when I disagreed with it. Lately, it’s just agenda wrapped up in lazy takes.

    The Athletic article quoted clearly shows that Jesus only played 37% of his minutes as CF.

    The “old player” takes are just boring. Ask any Utd fan and they’ll say that Ronaldo has been a massive success both in terms of output and by setting an incredibly high standard for professional behavior. United wasn’t a pressing team even before he joined so not sure what that has to do with anything. And Real Madrid just showed that you don’t need to be to win the CL. Perisic is an absolute beast of a player. Unreal work ethic and good output. At 180k/week over two years and no transfer fee, he’s also a low-risk punt.

    Meanwhile, we’re the team that spends 72M on Pepe and 55M on White based on a narrative that young players will always improve. Dele, Rashford, and Lord Bendtner would like a word.

  80. Valentin

    I like how British media still denies the massive industrial fraud at the champion’s league final. The French minister showed 10 tickets that have been photocopied 3000 times including one that has been copied and scanned at the entry gate 700 times.

    At one point you have to say that it is unlikely that all those people conspired together and thought that they could get away with that fraud. It is more likely that a gang got their hand on a genuine ticket and just copied it.

  81. The Real Vieira Lynn


    someone who clearly resides in a house made entirely of glass, shouldn’t be throwing stones…you have enough completely nonsensical takes on the record that you would be wise to think twice before castigating others…the point was a well-made one as many from within the fanbase saw this as the best chance to snatch a League title, but once again we looked a gift horse straight in the mouth by having only one player come into the fold, which was the semi-retired helmet King