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I really thought I’d kicked the NEWSNOW habit this summer, but here I am, about to cook up a TRANSFER HIT OF GOODNESS FOR YA’LL!

Serge Gnabry is on the market for a reported 40m euros this summer. The exArsenal winger has refused the offer on the table from Bayern, he only has 1 year left on his deal, so he’s looking to get some action elsewhere.

This is a top tier player, he creates, he scores goals, he can play on the right or the left, he will give you production if you give him minutes. He is pure elite levels of class, and I know he’s spoke about Arsenal, but this one seems a bit unrealistic for the wage bill and the transfer budget.

… but we can dream.

The list of players the fans think Arsenal need this summer is likely very close to the one Mikel Arteta has.

We know the weaknesses our season faded on.

The cash priorities are going to be:

Find a primary striker that can give us goals

Find at least one top class midfielder that can compete with an injury-prone Thomas Partey

Fix the full back positions with robust back-ups because we have two injury prone players and quite average back-up

… then the last priority is probably us finding a winger that can give us end product at the other end of the pitch.

Serge G is probably a sexy luxury we can’t afford, he’s probably a cherry-on-top player that will hopefully be on the radar next summer when we have Champions League football… I don’t think he’s where we’ll be aiming resource this season. He’s a £250k a week player and that ain’t generally where Europa League money tends to go.

The sort of options we’ll be exploring would be with clubs that might take a chance on Nico Pepe. Crystal Palace have a Zaha issue this summer, he has one year left on his deal, he can walk free next year, maybe they fancy swapping him for Nico? We’d be getting guaranteed goals, a total nuisance of a player that would occupy defenders, and a known quantity in the Premier League. It’d be a budget Gnabry, but you’re still looking at a player that got 15 goals for a team that finished 12th.

Arteta and Edu have to work out how they can make up 8 extra points next season. Goals is going to be absolutely key to that, but I think they are going to have to get creative, and we have to understand our reality right now… we are a Europa team.

It’ll also be interesting to see how closely we stick to the strategy this summer. The vision of the club is very clear, we actively target players that are between the ages of 21-24 with 2-3 seasons of experience under their belts. That is smart, it is sustainable, and it worked so well it nearly landed us top 4 in year one.

… but.

A lack of experience did cost us right at the death. We are going to ship out Bernd Leno, Nico Pepe, Lacazette, and maybe Granit Xhaka this summer. That would take the average age of our squad down from 24.1 to 23.25. I think they might try and find some experience where they can to avoid it feeling like kids leading kids. That won’t come at great expense but I think it can be justified if we add a few NOW players to the squad that can help our really young talents when output is a struggle.

It is interesting that many are already falling into the trap of thinking everything we do as a club is terrible. Some of the Eddie commentary has been absolutely terrible over the last few days. We tied down a player the club watches every single day to a longterm deal. Is it expensive? Yes. But that is the penalty cost of botching his development this season.

Tammy Abraham scored 12 goals in his last season at Chelsea before he was binned off and replaced by a £90m player who still had feelings for Inter. People were horrified when we were linked to him, they said he was rubbish… this season, he’s bagged 27 goals and won a European trophy.


The above tweet sums up the opportunity here. People say that his form was a blip, but let’s not forget, he was our best striker in preseason. What we forgot as Arsenal fans, myself included, is young players need a run of games. Eddie was dining off 6 minutes here and there and totally lambasted when he didn’t deliver. Even in that Everton game, when he missed that chance, he still showed more in attack than anyone else on that pitch, creating 2 gild edge chances.

I will say, with absolute confidence, if we’d started playing Eddie in December when Auba exited the club, we’d have finished the season with 78 points, not 69. In a team that lacked end product, he should have been prioritised over a striker we knew was never coming back to goals. He was a better athlete, he had a connection with the other youngsters in the squad, and his primary asset was scoring. We opted for the wrong solve and paid the price in the end.

It’s also odd to see so many people railing against the signing of Tielemans. Like, how did we go from this guy being an example of unbelievable transfer mastery, to him being a disaster of a player that can’t run? This guy is absolutely top tier talent, he would be a massive add to our midfield. He has an incredible range of passing, his deadball skills are superb, he’s extremely good from a technical perspective, he can use both feet, and he’s very ambitious and progressive in his play. Let’s not use one bad season under Brendan Rodgers to call time on him. I remember everyone saying the reason Liverpool failed the season prior was because Thiago was too slow for the Premier League, that now looks like an all-time shocker of a narrative. As a football community, we definitely give too much attention to people that think it is analysis to say every player is shite. Always remember, last summer, a huge chunk of fans said Odegaard was a boring player, the man himself said the abuse was so bad he had to delete his Instagram… now he’s the #1 name request for the new shirt.

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  1. Middy

    I’d take a gamble on Gnabry as a number 9 instead of Jesus.
    What am I saying… Like a winger could become a top CF? ;P

  2. Gommit

    Gnabry would be a dream.. I was so pissed at the time when Wenger loaned him out and then didn’t give him a new contract prior to the Olympics.. He was amazing when he played his first games for us as a teenager.

    I would always pick Gnabry over Gabriel Jesus & DCL.. I am happy to give Eddie a chance for a season (Martinelli as back-up I guess) if we get Gnabry.

  3. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Come on Pedro, in your honest opinion do you think our Swiss miss is staying or going?

  4. rollen

    Not fuckin Zaha again. Garbage player cheat and all those penalties he gets will not be given for Arsenal.

  5. Vintage Gun

    “… then the last priority is probably us finding a winger that can give us end product at the other end of the pitch.”

    Good post Pedro but i think a winger with real end product should be part of a triple starting Xi priority alongside a CM and a CF. Especially if Pepe departs as expected.

    Gnabry would be hard to pull off but it is doable. If we get £20m for Pepe then we only need an extra £10-15m to appease Bayern. The wages will be high but maybe not as high as you think. He’s reportedly on £115kpw currently. Maybe £250kpw could sway him? After all our wage bill will be MASSIVLEY reduced come next month.

    Thats not to say it will happen but it is doable.

  6. Vintage Gun

    For CM i’d like two if Xhaka leaves (which he won’t) Bissouma and Tielemans. If Xhaka stays (which he will) i’d be happy with only Tielemans. Top player.

    As for CF, I think many are being very harsh on Jesus

    “In 158 Premier League games, he’s scored 58 goals and laid on 32 assists, which means he directly contributes to a league goal every 103.3 minutes”

    Not bad at all considering how some are talking about him. Height aside he’s perfect for us .

  7. Mb

    Stats should be reset every 20-30 years. We are living off of our history, having not won any premiership in last 15 years.

    People should realise how serious it is, how the teens are picking bin dippers and chavs to follow.

    Only thing that can fix this is Winning, don’t care if KSE has to pay Mbappe’s salary to Gnabry from his own pocket.

  8. Wicked Willy


    I believe if you follow the Keoenke model stateside, they have been known to follow a cull with some big wage new signings.

    Even that aside, if we cut all the deadwood this summer, our wage bill is going to be tiny, so plenty of room to accommodate Gnabry me feels. A 5 year contract at £13m a year would be good value for both parties

  9. Madhu

    All said and done the Morata rumour doesn’t seem to go. He is 29 and failure in Juve and if we really buy him you have to ask questions of Arteta bf Edu. Pedros agenda and process will ahve to be questioned. I just hope it’s just a click bait.

  10. Nigel Tufnel

    Every point you made I agree with. I’m only worried Tielemans wants CL football. I hope overpaying can compensate.

    On Gab Jesus, good stats you provided. Many appearances were as subs I’m sure because Pep loves to rotate.

    I’d love him to be a wide option, especially with 5 subs, he’d be such a great addition. I remember hearing that he likes playing away from CF? Also I like a bit of false 9 option to mix things up and keep opponents off balance.

  11. David Boyle

    WhT are you on about 8 extra points, we’re arsenal football club we Want to win the league. You keep telling us we’ve got an elite manager and all you want him to do is get 8 extra points. This blog gets worse and worse every day, I’ve never heard so much bollox

  12. Moray

    Morata makes some sense as a different option up front. However he’s not exactly full of goals and that’s where we are sorely lacking. He’s also been a failure for a few years now at different clubs. I suspect he would enjoy Tierney’s incessant crosses into the box, mind you.

    There’s no shortage of good goalscorers around the world these days, so potentially we can keep out powder dry and see how things shape up over the next few weeks, particularly with our players out. Calvert Lewin is an interesting option though I worry about the injury as we have a manager who won’t rotate.

    A real shame we crashed at the end of the season. A CL place o reckon would have allowed us to add Tielmans and Dybala. As it is, we might have to fish a level down.

  13. The Real Vieira Lynn

    I just get the feeling that this will be a window where there will an ample helping of PR massaging required and not a window where no one needs to explain why these particular moves were made

  14. Habesha Gooner

    Absolutely No to Morata. The guy goes to every top club based on his hold up play. And his scoring numbers have never improved. If he was scoring 18 to 20 goals a season, Lots of teams might take a punt on him. But he is shit at his main job.

    Gnabry would be a dream. The transfer fee is very low for a winger in top 5 in the world. He can play both wings with out a fuss. And we need someone like that. 40 mil euros is peanuts for a player like him. We would genuinely add at least 15 goals to our tally with him.

    Our attacking line up would be tasty.
    LW- Gnabry/Martinelli/ESR
    CAM- Odegaard/ESR
    RW- Saka/Gnabry/Martinelli

    We could play any one of those in any position and we would put out a really good team. If we need a 6th player then we could use one of the kids. But if we shared the minutes around responsibly then 5 players for 3 Positions is enough. They would all get premium game time.

  15. Habesha Gooner

    If Aouar was added to these bunch, not only he would be a cover in Central Midfield but also a t attacking midfield and left wing. We should really take a punt on him at 12 mil. He is 23 too. We could easily make our money back if we wanted to sell him.

  16. Bob N16

    David Boyle, every Arsenal fan wants to win the league as soon as possible but realism has to feature in our dreams . Do you think that Guardiola’s City and Klopp’’s Liverpool are going to drop an additional 15-20 pts next season?

    For us to get back to the top, our transfer dealings have to be spot on and players at the club need to develop individually and collectively. I personally think that is happening. There is still a question mark over Arteta but he is getting more experienced too.

    I’d say an 8 pts improvement next season would be progressive and allow us a realistic chance to challenge the following season, hoping that City and Liverpool weaken!

    If you think this view is ‘ bollox’’;would you mind explaining why.

  17. Graham62

    Sometimes on here you’ve just got to accept the craziness of it all and come on and have a good old laugh.

    The fact that some folk on here actually think that Arteta can do the same with Jesus and Gundogan as Pep has been doing at MC is laughable.

    Also, I highlighted the other day that if Eddie had been in our team far sooner, we would definitely have finished top 4. Pedro is saying the same thing.

    Now, if fans can see these simple issues, why can’t our generational coach? Why not devote an entire post to the crappie brain dead decisions made during the past season that cost Arsenal CL football?

    We can’t do that though because it’s important to highlight we have “the youngest team” and Arteta is apparently “learning by his mistakes”
    which apparently is far more relevant.

    Don’t you think it is worrying that armchair critics can make better decisions than a supposed top coach?

    Open your eyes, Arteta is not Pep.
    He is not Diet Pep.
    Not even Sugar free Pep!!
    He is coop’s own brand.

  18. Graham62

    I remember when we lost at Everton and Eddie came on and missed that sitter. Folk on here ridiculed him.
    At the time, my son told me that if Eddie had come on sooner he would have scored. He’s probably right.
    Yep, if Eddie had been involved far more over the season, we would now be rejoicing CL qualification.
    However a 27 year old, FA Level 2 coach who cleans peoples teeth for a living, knows far better.

  19. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Good morning.

    Those 8 points you speak of should have been attained this season if our generational coach had done what he is expected to do.

  20. The Bard

    The Gnarby chatter is ridiculous, as if bidding a few,million more will get the deal over the line. If he goes anywhere he will go to the side most likely to offer CL football and more money. Where do Arsenal fit in the equation?

  21. Graham62

    The beat around the bush blog continues on its merry way.
    Let’s glory in where we are and anticipate a hugely successful 22/23 season under our true connoisseur of the game.
    As I highlighted before, it’s laughable!

  22. Bob N16

    Graham, good morning.

    I’ m not going to be Arteta’s apologist. I notice you’ve got back into the swing of very regular posts slamming Arteta. I’m surprised you don’t run out of steam, banging the same drum. I guess you took a few months off when Arsenal went on a decent run.

    I’m sure if you turn to the deficiencies of our squad, rather than just focusing on your bete noire, you would acknowledge that with TT and KT injured it weakened our defence considerably. Partey getting injured when he did was also crucial.

    Over 38 games you get what you deserve. The positive view would be to consider that it’s clear the areas where we can improve significantly.

    We disappointingly lost out on CL by a very small margin. Obviously one more successful result would have enabled that. I don’t think missing out by such a small margin on the goal of CL football should be considered a time to chuck the baby out with the bath water.

    Keep banging the drum Graham if it gives you solace though. Enjoy the sunny day. Can’t decide if I want the Scousers to win tonight, their supporters would become even more proud of themselves- I like their team mind you- it’s just the fans that I find difficult.

  23. Samir

    Why are people saying we can’t afford 40M Euros for Gnabry? The Kroenke’s are worth around 19 BILLION together. Of course we could afford him.


    Would like one of Zinchenko/Hickey and one of Bissouma/Gündoğan too, in an ideal world.

    I would sell Tierney if Newcastle bid for him.
    Also would sell Gabriel for anything over £40M.

  24. Thorough

    I love when people start out by saying they don’t wanna be Arteta sympathizers but ended up doing exactly that.

    Nobody needs to hold brief for Arteta. He deserves everything he’s got and everything that’s coming. A coach/manager is supposed to build a team but Arteta is tearing one down and losing the club good money in the process yet people think he’s top notch. How can a manager fail at the crux of his job – manmanaging people.
    If he wasn’t so arrogant and full of ego we will have Mavropanos, Guendozi, Martinez and a few other very helpful players with us now, and we won’t be in danger of losing a prodigious ly talented Saliba.

    And if he has eyes for talent he won’t be signing a powder puff Odegard after watching him for 6 months especially when a Coutinho is going for pittance. Odegard isn’t even as productive as ESR, and all of us were of the opinion we needed an upgrade on ESR.

    We could have a midfield of Partey, Guen and Coutinho, but Arteta prefers Partey, Xhaka and Odegard. Just one person should tell me how the formwr doesn’t piss all over the latter.

  25. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Thanks for the therapy session Bob.
    Yes, I’ll keep banging the drum, even if it means getting taken off air again.

  26. Bob N16


    I can only speak for myself but I prefer not to get into an exchange with someone who is hard core Arteta out ( or in) for that matter). When someone has such a fixed position there is nowhere to go with that person. When I say I’m not an Arteta apologist, I am basically saying I don’t want to get into that discussion as people who feel very strongly are looking to have an argument so that they can repeat their position. In the past I’ve said that I have had my doubts about Arteta I get accused of sitting on the fence.

    Basically I find it more interesting to discuss the team and the squad, rather than get fixated on whether Arteta is a waste of space or the Messiah.

  27. Graham62


    A man after my own heart.
    You’re right on everything you say but as I highlighted previously on here, when you state the obvious, some on here just don’t like it.
    Arteta is neither a good coach or a good manager of men.
    In my opinion, he is piss poor at both.
    The financial consequences of his leadership are massive but the sympathisers on here don’t see it.
    Yep, it’s laughable.

  28. Thorough

    Is there a way to discuss Arsenal without discussing the man who’s at the center of it all and whose decisions will eventually make or Mar the progress of the team?

  29. Bob N16

    Graham and Thorough, can I be in your gang or do I have to get off my fence and declare my allegiance to the blog crusade of Arteta out? Knights of the Round Table had nothing on you guys.

  30. Bob N16

    Thorough, Arteta out as view is obviously completely fair enough but if the conversation doesn’t move on from this then for me it’s just boring and repetitive.

  31. Graham62

    Bob, why do you follow football?
    Why don’t you pursue a more leisurely pass time.
    One that involves a less competitive and passionate environment.
    I don’t need anyone telling me what to do or say.
    Oh yeah, discussing the team is only relevant when we have someone at the helm who maximises the teams potential.

  32. Terraloon


    Why are people saying we can’t afford 40M Euros for Gnabry? The Kroenke’s are worth around 19 BILLION together. Of course we could afford him.

    This opens up the whole debate about wha sort of owners will KSE be going forward.

    It’s easy to say this amount can be spent , this player will be bought etc but here we are Arsenal have spent it’s next egg , re arranged the debt chairs ( see what I did there ? ) been spending huge amounts of money loaned by Daddy

    As an aside just been announced Chelsea’s sale to be completed on Monday

  33. Thorough

    You’ve chosen a side already. My buddy in Uni use to say ‘When something is about you, at times you’ll be the last person to find out.’
    Youll find out which side you’ve chosen one day.

  34. Bob N16

    Graham, questioning whether I should not be following Arsenal is a bizarre suggestion. Are you saying that because you are passionately Arteta out( or in)and I don’t means that I lack sufficient passion?

    You illustrate my concerns about people who are so fixed in their own views that it clouds their judgement and reason.

    I love Arsenal, I attend pretty much attend every home game, jumping around, groaning, singing and always showing my heart on my sleeve. I’m not judging you on your level of passion, if I did I would acknowledge and respect it. Not sure if you’re in a position to question my passion.

    ‘I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do or say’ but you come on here and dish out your views and not expect any reaction?

  35. Bob N16

    Thorough, I like to think I’ve chosen the ‘open minded view’.

    There is no parallel universe to explore what if and what might have been. If Arteta gets sacked next season I will look forward to seeing who will replace him. My allegiance is to the club not any one individual.

  36. JonSST

    I support whoever is our manger and whoever wears our shirt 100%.. . Unless you own the club and can actually sack Arteta , the only thing you do is spread poison. It’s taken years to get the positive vibe back and I can tell you having been to most games this season that the crowd are totally backing the club atm. It’s beautiful and makes me proud to be a gooner..

  37. Pierre

    What Arsenal have at this present time is only 2 what i would call elite (or close to)players in their position.

    Saka and Partey have shown that they are almost irreplaceable in this present Arsenal side.
    Sadly Partey has a tendency to pick up injuries just when he is dominating games , which makes it very hard for the manager as when Partey is on form we look a very good football team..

    Keeping these 2 fit next season is essential..

    Next we have a few what i think are overrated players that i am not sure will be at the club after next summer unless they can justify their importance to the team.

    Odegaard, Martinelli, Ramsdale and Gabriel , although Martinelli could still jump a level , are players that the manager has shown a lot of faith in and i feel haven’t produced for him.

    It is no surprise that we have conceded more goals this season with Ramsdale and Gabriel in the back line, they don’t exacly give the impression of calmness and authority at the back do they , and to me it looks like the more important the game is , the more nervous they become.

    Odegaard only plays his best football when we are 2 goals up and controlling games.
    next season could prove to be difficult for him as he is too easy to mark out of the game, especially away from home.
    He needs to find a back bone and Arteta needs to find a way of getting him to perform when rhe going gets tough.
    All this fake pressing and waving his arms about he does without making a tackle or interception is all for show..

    Martinelli’s technique and composure on the ball is something he needs to improve to convince me that he is this exceptional talent that many think he is..hopefully next season he will live up to those expectations.

    smith rowe, eddie, lakonga have the potential but Arteta has underused them in favour of his favourites, who knows if they would have improved our creativity and goals scored if the manager hadn’t underused them.

    Of the other regular starters , Tierney, tomiyasu and white looked decent enough when we had a settled back 4.

    Xhaka should go and we must look to bring in a quality midfielder (Bissouma) , a quality no.10 ( Eriksen) , a quality wide player ( Olise/gnabry) and a striker (Broja).

    Bring back Saliba, pity we have lost the driving force of Guendouzi, plus i would replace the keeper asap.

    Do i expect any of this to happen ..not really ..Arteta loves Ramsdale, Gabriel, Odegaard and Xhaka and that will be his downfall as he will find our too late that they will let him down when it matters most.

  38. Samir


    You’re right. But when a player of Gnabrys quality becomes available for half the price of Pépé….Surely the Kroenkes should use some common sense and make more funds available.
    He could be the difference between CL football or no CL football next season! Which could be hundreds of millions difference in revenue.

  39. China1

    The idea that our shiny new CM should come in to compete and rotate with partey is the wrong way to look at it

    The quality CM should be arriving to compliment partey by replacing Xhaka’s place in the team. When partey is injured/being rotated it should be someone else in the squad replacing him, not our new CM.

    If we are planning to start the season with partey and xhaka as the 2 with Tielemans or whoever sitting on the bench waiting for Partey to get rested or benched then it’s going to be a very long season and we will not be making things easy for ourselves

    Partey and tielemans is a very good combination. When you wanna rest either of those two, you look to whoever is next in line out of Sambi, Xhaka and el Neny.

    But if the genius vision is to start the season with xhaka partey again then after xhaka picks up a red card, gives away a penalty and costs us points again early in the season what will the excuse be this time?

  40. Graham62

    Bob, you come across as a really decent bloke but every single time you come here you glory in your own “on the fence” perceptions.
    Most football fans have an opinion. Try it, it may do you good!
    My opinions have always been obvious in respect to Arteta.
    Don’t rate him and, significantly as far as I’m concerned, he is not benefiting the club as some on here think he is.

  41. Bob N16

    Agreed China1, Partey + new shiny CM.

    I’d love Xhaka to be upgraded but at the very least he’ has to be shunted down the pecking order. One question I suppose is, how good will Lokonga be next season? I’d bring in two CMs, selling Xhaka but I’d love Lokonga to really make an impact and hope that Patiño can start to get minutes in Cup games.

  42. China1

    By all accounts Guen has had a very good season

    I wonder if he still constantly slows the game down tho by collapsing on the ball and seeking a free kick every time an opposition player presses him

    Even tho he was usually very successful at winning those free kicks, when you have a counter attack on and he insisted on going down to seek a free kick it was strategically awful because all it did was slow the game down, kill the break and let the opposition get back and set up. That was a massive pet hate of mine when he was with us. Besides that he was pretty good tho

  43. Bob N16

    Graham, I get accused of being on the fence so I’m owning that term by suggesting it’s the more reasonable position to take.

    Like most people I come on here to indulge my love and interest of Arsenal. The contrast on here is sometimes so bleak in comparison to the match day experience.

    When the stream is dominated by Arteta in or out posts I selfishly (as I’m not that interested, I can’t affect change so my view is not significant) try and move the thread onto something, in my view, more engaging. Sorry to get triggered. I understand your position Graham, I just prefer it when you and others post on a different subject!

  44. China1

    Yeah Bob

    Xhaka finished the season well. I’m happy to say that, he earned credit for doing so.

    But there are levels here and if he’s staying, then buying a quality CM to rotate with partey is absolutely not a clever way of looking at it because what it would mean is that our first choice midfield hasn’t improved at all, despite being widely understood to be one of our weakest positions. It’s all very well having better depth, but depth is secondary to the first 11. You don’t need quality rotation options before you have quality starters.

    I’d be far more accommodating of any shortcomings with xhaka el Neny and lokonga provided their place is rightfully behind the superior players in Partey and the new CM. But if Xhaka keeps his place just because he’s xhaka and he always plays then we will be throwing away a great opportunity to make a tangible leap forwards in our game

  45. G

    If we played Eddie earlier bla bla bla… hindsight is great… how many were clamouring for Eddie earlier in the season.. all I remember is how a few were even saying he’s championship level

  46. Bob N16

    Again, completely agree with Guendouzi. Drove me mad when he wanted too many touches, ending up on his arse doing the Gallic,both arms outstretched, complaining that he was tackled unfairly

  47. China1

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being more neutral on some issues, it’s quite reasonable bob

    Arteta does good and bad things. Personally I’ll openly call out the bad but I won’t say there’s nothing positive about what we’ve done or where we’re going – only that I’d hoped for more

  48. China1

    I don’t think I’ve ever shat on Eddie. Last pre season I was on here saying he looked levels beyond his previous quality and hoped to see him get chances last season

    I supported the forcing out of auba and laca. I wish Arteta had done it earlier and given Eddie more minutes and we’d have probably turned one or two more of those 13 defeats into a win and come 4th

  49. Mr Serge

    Yeah respect to Grahams opinion he has stuck by it, we all have them and this is what usually balances out the blog
    What I don’t like is when it starts getting abusive
    I would gladly have a beer with most of you on march day

  50. Gommit

    It would be heartbreaking to see Gnabry join Liverpool.. Mane is off to Bayern so they will be looking for a replacement and, sadly, Gnabry is the perfect player for the scums…

    We should try everything possible to get him back to us…

  51. Mr Serge

    I was not a fan of guen when people say he had a good season I say well it is the French league Pepe looked good in that.

    Guen was always a headless chicken for me chasing after the ball like a kid, falling over and waving his arms
    Glad to see the back of him

    As for xhaka hate the guy
    He slows down play and can get pressed by most players ugh

  52. Foxy

    Pedro seems to be already lowering expectations for the transfer window and next season.
    The owners need decide if we are going to be an EFL level club competing with West Ham, Leicester etc. Or a CL club. If the latter then we need to shop at Waitrose not Asda Gnabry being a good place to start. Wenger started the decline when instead of super quality he bought second tier players to fill the squad.

  53. englandsbest

    It’s anybody’s guess who we’ll get this summer, nobody got it right last summer. But for sure we need numbers as well as quality. How many will be players out on loan is another wild guess, for example some name Torreira (I’d be in favour). My guess is around eight all told with Leno, Laca and perhaps others leaving.

  54. Vintage Gun

    “Pedro seems to be already lowering expectations for the transfer window and next season.”

    It won’t work. We have three CLEAR deficiencies in our starting 11 CF, CM and LW.
    The CF and CM positions were a concern for most of us this time last year. A concern that proved to be well founded.

    There’s no getting away from it this season. We’ve finished below Spuds again (is it 6 years in a row now?) It’s time to level up, fill theses key positions and show intent. Either that or come clean and admit we’re not even trying to be an elite anymore.

    For the record i think we will be active in this window and we will add three quality players to our starting XI

  55. China1

    Ofc we do need a CF but I’m not entirely against us being a little creative about it

    For example whilst I don’t expect Gnabry would join us right now, in the event that he actually agreed to come, he’d be bringing a big chunk more goals next season from out wide.

    You could have him and saka on the flanks for goals and assists and Martinelli would be the rotation option with Eddie up front

    Again not saying that’s the best outcome because I’d rather we have a great new CF, but if money can’t cover everything we wanna do but we get a chance to sign a genuinely great winger, there could still be merit in that.

  56. Pierre

    My position has always been the same.

    I have never intimated that he is elite level , for the simple reason is that he hasn’t been afforded the game time by Arteta to judge him.

    What i have always said is that he is a much better allround player than many give him credit for.

    My argument is that if Arteta’s football philosophy is high energy, pressing with intensity football, then Eddie is your man , as he has proven already this season with at least 3 of his goals scored due to his incredible ability to know when to put his foot down to create a mistake.

    Why Arteta has failed to recognise this all season baffles me and is one of the mat rwasons why i am sceptical about his ability to bring success to Arsenal.

    I knew Eddie’s link up play was good , i recognised his ability to find space in the hole between midfield and attack and not get embroiled in physical battles with centre backs like Lacazette..

    Eddie has pace and good technique, he takes care of the ball well and hopefully the more game time he has he will take more risks with his passing and also commit defenders more.

    What some may not appreciate is that when Eddie was eventually given his chance it was basically his last chance saloon, if he didn’t impress he was out , so he was under enormous pressure as I’m sure he knew there were many doubters in the Arsenal fan base.

    Eddie is a much cleaner striker of a ball these days and will only get better at striking the ball, his heading ability used to be good, he has a good leap but he he needs to work on that area as recently he looks weak in that area.

    It is hard for the many Eddie doubters to believe what they are seeing and refuse to believe he will be our first choice striker.
    For me , if we can start creating chances , Eddie will fill his boots as he is a proven goalscorer.

  57. Vintage Gun

    Fair point Pierre and you have always stood by Eddie despite all the backlash and it’s starting to seem your stance is starting to bear fruit. Fair play.

    But he isn’t going to be our starting CF next season. A new no9 will see to that. Let him challenge the new guy for a starting spot. Just like he would have to at ANY other team in the top 10. Bar Brighton.

  58. Bob N16

    One way I view Eddie is through the prism of how I’d feel if he was banging in the goals for another PL team which I think was quite likely, obviously depending on the quality of the team he was joining. It would be painful.

    I think his (eventual) evident progress should be obvious to all and I just wish Arteta had replaced Lacazette with him 5/6 games earlier. This is not hindsight, I was keen to see the change for a while. Arteta has admitted his mistake which is honest but it is still worrying that he couldn’t see what so many of us were thinking.

    It was noticeable in the pre-season games that he appeared more powerful. Now along with his movement, energy and eye for goal he looks a real prospect again. I don’t understand why people are objecting to his 100k salary. We got him for nothing and if we sell him in say 2/3 years, as a striker with an English premium, we’ll get all his salary back and then some.

    Two final points, he’ll need no time to assimilate to the PL or Arsenal and he’s been with us since 16 so that’s a tick too!

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie! ( he better have signed)

  59. Thorough

    That you think people accuse you of sitting on the fence proves my point. You’ve chosen your corner, you just aren’t man enough to admit it. I know it. Most people do. It’s just remaining….you.

    Youll figure it out someday…lol

  60. Bob N16


    Questioning my manhood now! There was I thinking I do a passable job of being a man, being a half decent husband ( you really would have to ask my wife of 20 years +) provider and nurturer of my children, drinking pints, going to football, having plenty of male friends, being in regular touch with my old mum and occasionally wearing pink.

    Could you be clearer in your criticism, what am I not admitting and how does this affect how manly I am and how come I’m the only person who does not see ‘it’, oh manly one?

  61. bennydevito

    “Odegaard only plays his best football when we are 2 goals up and controlling games.
    next season could prove to be difficult for him as he is too easy to mark out of the game, especially away from home.
    He needs to find a back bone and Arteta needs to find a way of getting him to perform when rhe going gets tough.
    All this fake pressing and waving his arms about he does without making a tackle or interception is all for show..”

    Pierre, this is exactly the description of Ozil but funnily you couldn’t see it. Your criticism of Odegaard seems based on your resentment that we moved Ozil on.

  62. Marko

    We tied down a player the club watches every single day to a longterm deal.

    This the same club that has time and again shown itself to make really boneheaded decisions? Yeah great track record they’ve got

  63. Bob N16

    One issue for me with Odegaard is the way hangs to the right so much. It allows him to interplay effectively with Saka but limits his influence elsewhere.

    Like many players who like a pass, he needs good moving around him. Without Partey in particular, we were too predictable, slow to progress which although MO was not blameless, meant his impact was lessened. I’d like to think with two progressive, more mobile CMs to compliment him, Partey + Tielemans?, he will kick on. Elneny and Xhaka + Odegaard is like orange juice and ice cream.

  64. Bob N16

    Marko, so it’s a ‘no’ from you towards an Eddie extension(sounds a little perverse)? Or is it that you have absolutely no faith in the decision makers?

  65. Trilbilly

    £100k/wk is relatively good value for Eddie. If he left we’d need to sign a No. 2 striker, Flo just ain’t there yet. They’d likely cost £20M+ plus wages £60k/wk. His stats that Pedro has shown over the past weeks are decent, he just needed a run of games.

  66. Foxy

    Bob I agree re Oordegard drifting left to much which seems to compress and slow our play making it easier to defend against. Perhaps he would be better playing a wide left playmaker like Hleb used to. Alternatively I would rather he would drop deeper as needed to link and progress play to the front 3. Just like Pires learnt to do before his knee injury

  67. Bob N16

    Trilbilly, agree. Stats to one side, he passed the eye test for me. Opposing CBs know no they’ve been in a game when Eddie’s been working them around the pitch. I appreciate Lacazette and his lack of movement, put the bar really low but apart from his goals Eddie did a decent CF job.

  68. Tom

    raptora, from the previous thread re Kane, and Levy’s decision to keep him against his wishes.
    Yes, we all thought it was a huge blunder but it was rectified by his Conte decision, or should I say rather Conte’s decision to change his mind and agree to come aboard.

    Without Conte Tottenham don’t make the CL.
    Simple as that.

    “Fuck Spurs” and ”fuck Conte” always gets you some cheap applause on Legrove but it’s hardly an analysis worth paying attention to.

    Bob, it isn’t that you sit on the fence re Arteta or anything Arsenal related, but rather that you don’t want to hear anything negative about the club you love no matter how true that makes it difficult to seriously consider your opinions at times.

    I’ve never been Arteta out but his many blunders have cost Arsenal dearly to date.
    As great as it was to win the FA cup for us , for Arteta the manager it was probably the worst possible outcome from a growth perspective.
    He didn’t learn much from it except for believing he could walk on water.
    Consider the level of hubris on his part to be able to say some of the things he said right after, like winning the CL within the following three seasons.

    My hope is that this season would’ve thought him more than the other two combined.
    That’s what failure tends to do if you are smart enough, which I believe he is.

  69. Gommit

    Serge, I know that Diaz was brought in to replace either Mane or Salah in case one (or both) would leave.

    But I would still not be surprised if Liverpool went after Gnabry if he is available for a low fee. He is a good fit for them tbh.

    That being said Edu and Arteta really should do everything to get him in this summer. Wait with the striker signing for one year.. Eddie is good enough for the league and Europe, best case he will prove that there is not a need to sign a marquee forward

  70. Foxy

    Also Eddie is learning how to physically take on defenders now he is quite a bit stronger. He definitely has upward potential if he has the motivation to be a top player like Wright did.

  71. raptora

    “We tied down a player the club watches every single day to a longterm deal.”

    Same club that started said player for the first time in the 9th month of the season, one month before the season ended, when the club was in a striker crisis throughout the whole season.

    They must have been so convinced in his quality.

  72. Nigel Tufnel


    No self awareness from haters like you, Kilroy, and Vieira Lynn.

    None of you had ever had the stones to answer this point, that you hate Arteta so much that you get a perverse pleasure when he fails… Meaning, when we lose a game, it gets you closer to your ultimate goal of getting him out of the club.

    It’s kind of a disgusting way to follow a club. I won’t use the word support for obvious reasons.

    Your quote: “he deserves everything he’s got and what’s coming” .
    I’m sure you meant that in a positive way. Nice of you to wish him well along with our team.

    I’m not the biggest fan of the manager, but I’m supporting him now and would love to see him succeed. Why wouldn’t I want that for Arsenal? Every success or accolade he may get is a good thing for Arsenal right now.

    Before you haters even attempt to say that you want him to succeed….

    Everyone who reads the connects daily knows how you feel.

    Try to get a little happiness in life, maybe start with the sports you follow.

  73. The Bard

    Foxy we’ve been an EFL side for the last decade or more. The club try to dress it up as a ‘work in progress’ with a long term aim but I’ve seen nothing to suggest we’re even remotely trying to compete. Not signing a couple of players in the Jan window just put Arteta on next seasons sack list if they don’t hit their straps early season. Another campaign with us 20 + points behind the top 2 won’t be a good look.

  74. Trilbilly

    Bob N16, exactly, he’s coming out of his shell more now and becoming his own player. He’s also a lower risk than buying someone new, he’s had a good loan, cut his teeth in the league, the club know him inside out and has a good relationship with the players. Someone new would take half a season to bed in and we really don’t know if they will take off. A lot of strikers have been coming to the league and haven’t hit good form.

  75. Bob N16

    Tom, ‘you don’t want to hear anything negative about the club’. Bullshit, you’re confusing me with someone else. I could easily list Arteta’s mistakes and errors of judgement. The thing is many posters are happy to do that incessantly so why should I join in?

    I know this might come across as patronising, it’s not meant to, but if you’d gone to any of the matches this season you would appreciate the prevailing zeitgeist. It would not be about chipping away with a prevailing negativity.

    Of course criticism is warranted and justified but if you always feel the need to ‘balance out the positivity’, I think you’re taking a fairly warped position. Aiming criticism at an Arsenal supporter for saying ‘fuck Spurs’ suggests how diluted an Arsenal fan you really are- do you not understand the tribalism and pantomime villain aspects of being a supporter?

  76. Moray

    Still noise about Saliba, which is unsettling, particularly considering how poor our defence has been this season despite the cash thrown at it.

    Why we let him spend so long at the same loan club I will never understand. At least lend him out to a bunch with some fucking cash just in case.

  77. Moray

    Graham62May 28, 2022 14:31:34
    Two years from now( even sooner) Eddie will be hot property

    God no! We’d never hear the end of it. The last club in the world you want to win anything is Liverpool, particularly with their control of the media.
    Mi would be cheering Spartak Moscow over Liverpool.

  78. Bob N16

    Liverpool fans consider themselves the best in the world. They seem to equate the undoubted success of their club with their own ‘contribution’.

    I’ve always thought the ‘best supporters’ who loyally support their clubs through thick and thin are more impressive. A mate of mine supports Carlisle and he’s happy that they stayed in the EFL. I obviously understand the joy of your team winning trophies but I don’t consider myself a special supporter because my team has had plenty of success in my lifetime.

    Trouble is of course they’re playing even more self-entitled supporters in RM.

    I like their team, I dislike their fans(two of my best mates support them), generalising of course.

  79. Jim

    Feel like our transfers this summer will be dependent on outgoings as much as any priority for the team. Striker wise we’re losing Laca leaving us with only Eddie and possibly Martine11i, ergo high priority. Midfield think we’ll pull for Youri and then if we can cash in on Xhaka maybe Neves as well. Although he’s been heavily linked to United. Gnabry sort of falls into the tail end of any plan/priority we may have. Almost certainly need Pepe out the door to facilitate a deal, plus will we have to overcompensate for Europa? On top of that not sure club will want to stifle the progress of our young players. Feels like a deal that doesn’t fit with the ideas Edu/Arteta would have sounded out pre-window, and as January suggests they’re not ones to go against their plan… even if a great opportunity arises. Conclusion for me: we can dream but not holding my breath.

    Ps. Can never seem to escape the transfer rumour mill each and every season haha

  80. Mr Serge

    40m euros asking price for serge
    Let’s get serge in now why wait he is you g enough to play a season of eufa cup and him a striker and tielmans would make is really powerful

  81. Tom

    Gnabry is that girlfriend who dumped you because you never appreciated her while she was with , you and who ended up with a guy with more money.

    But now she’s dumping him and you’re thinking let’s get back together , but unfortunately she’s been spoiled by money and you’re still aren’t rich enough.

  82. benkind

    Still interesting that Laca didn’t score any non penalty goal this year. For the amount of money we pay him in salary and his output, the love for Laca is just crazy. One of the worst strikers we signed. Will take Giroud ahead of him always.

  83. Gommit

    Tom : Well she might just still be into us after all this time and feels she is a ready to give it anther try since we now are on a path to become rich and she is also wants to achieve something on her own.

    But apart from bad comparison onto fantasy..

    I am getting hot on the idea to wait with a striker.. Would prefer:
    Tielmans 25-35
    Aouar 13-15
    Gnabry 40
    Backup rb/lb
    Forward/striker if we have the funds.

  84. Nigel Tufnel

    I like everything Pierre says about Eddie. I too think he can score lots of goals of all kinds, because he has at all levels. I hope the deal gets done. Obviously will save a 30mil+ fee and wages that wouldn’t be much less than Eddie’s.

    I know we’ll sign someone else this summer, but I hope Eddie grabs the starting job on performance and never looks back.
    It’s a win-win situation for us.

    I’m backing Arteta, but he could’ve handled him better. He did try early on,, he wanted to give him chances at the beginning of the campaign, but he wasn’t good enough at dropping deeper or pressing at that point. That was never Nketiahs game until later this season. That’s why so many previous doubters have come around to liking him.

    I think that Eddie literally improved from watching what Lacazette was doing which was working hard for the team, pressing… (everything but scoring) Laca just no longer had the quickness to do those things and get off good shots.

    No doubt though that Eddie should’ve had games sooner, so all that criticism is warranted. Those short sub chances were not enough. I was calling for Eddie and Pepe to get starts in the middle from December, and I still think that would’ve been better overall.

  85. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Pierre…your 9:27 post was spot, not so much your 11:18 take

    just imagine for one second you had a sound fundamental understanding of the modern history of football, knew all the ins and outs of those teams who had been most successful, from the administrative best practices to preferred tactical formations, so that you knew all the pertinent whos, whys and hows…then imagine that for you football was a completely emotionless endeavour, so your opinion wasn’t going to be swayed by histrionics or memories of ole…now honestly evaluate our organization from stem to stern since we arrived at the Emirates, up to and including the final fixtures last Sunday…how would your most pragmatic or realistic self grade our hiring practices, recruitment history, man management, asset management, tactical pursuits, selection process, player development and, among others, our chances for success….I would suspect the first conclusion one might draw is that maybe we actually did overachieve all those years, regardless, not an honest man or woman among you would dare to compare what’s been on offer here to the best and brightest of the footballing world…similarly no one with such a vast understanding of the fundamental underpinnings of footballing success, in the here and now, would project great things for the foreseeable future based on all the facts presented, which speaks volumes

  86. Pierre

    “Pierre, this is exactly the description of Ozil but funnily you couldn’t see it. Your criticism of Odegaard seems based on your resentment that we moved Ozil on.”

    Benny , this comment from me a couple of days ago may help you understand why i think the only thing that martin Odegaard and mesut Ozil have in common is their initials.

    “PierreMay 25, 2022 16:57:55

    “In the last seasons the stat goes as:
    season, big chances created, total goals, position in the stat

    2017/18 – 81 BCC, 74 TG, 2nd
    2018/19 – 72 BCC, 73 TG, 5th
    2019/20 – 47 BCC, 56 TG, 12th
    2020/21 – 45 BCC, 55 TG, 12th
    2021/22 – 39 BCC, 61 TG, 17th”

    Now let’s see
    Season 2017/18 ..Ozil played 2164 minutes….81 big chance created …74 goals

    Season 2018/19….Ozil played 1742 minutes …72 big chance created …73 goals .

    Season 2019/20 …Ozil played 1449 minutes ..47 big chance created….56 goals

    2020/21 …Ozil played zero minutes ….44 big chance created …55 goals

    Season 21/22 …Ozil played zero minutes…39 big chance created ..61 goals …Odegaard played 2793 minutes..

    Conclusion ..the team misses Ozil and Odegaard is not a suitable replacement…

    How did i come to that conclusion , the stats don’t lie, the less Ozil played , the less big chances we created, the more Ozil played the more big chances we created

    The more Odegaard played we have produced the lowest chance created stats at Arsenal since records began.

    Who would have thought it…”

  87. G

    Unbelievable that there’s gooners who don’t rate Ode, the guy is quality and will just get better and better
    Sees passes no other Arsenal and layer can..

  88. WengerEagle

    Spuds are signing Ivan Perisic.

    Hopefully that means Kulusevski is not coming in on a permanent deal, if they both are it doesn’t bode well for us because Perisic is coming off his best ever season in Italy.

  89. Chris

    Spurs’ modus operandi appears completely different to ours. Perisic is a very good player but coming into the PL at 33 years of age? With signings like that Spurs are looking like they want to make the most of Conte while they have him, giving him any player he wants in order to ‘win now’

    With any luck it all caves in for them, and Conte is walking out some point in the season.

  90. Chris

    These chance creation stats only tell some of the story.

    Ozil’s stats under Wenger were great but what helped that is that under AW we played a more open and expansive style of football. He also had experienced and top quality players like Sanchez, Giroud, who were on the same wavelength as him. He was also in his prime at age 26/27, although I remember being blown away by Ozil when he was younger (WC 2010 and RM years)

    Note Ozil’s stats themselves shown there start to decline after 2018, after his bumper new deal, a change in coach, players around him he became more inconsistent in his performances.

    Odegaard has shown us the quality he has, he may be hampered by the playing style we currently employ, a similar lack of experience around him and he is still in his every 20s

    I think he has been performing.very well but I also hope there is more to come from him.

    Given his age and the quality seen so far I do think he has plenty of potential to turn into a huge player for us. I do also think he needs higher quality of players around him, better movement around him, because he can pick out a pass like Ozil could.

  91. WengerEagle


    Perisic is a top player, not sure why you don’t rate him? Was Inter’s best player this season, always performs for Croatia and had a good loan at Bayern.

    He is 33 though so it is a risky signing, guess they are banking on him staving off father time for another couple of years.

  92. WengerEagle

    Perisic no doubt improves them next season though, even if he does decline soon.

    I’m more worried about them signing Kulusevski on a permanent though, he will be a top class player and is just 22.

  93. WengerEagle

    I still love Aouar as a player and think he would be as close as you can get for our Thiago Alcantara.

    Still only 23, you can tell he needs to leave Lyon to take that next career step. We have clearly been interested in the past, cut-price deal could be on the cards with Lyon missing out on European football of any kind.

    Partey-Aouar I believe would be a brilliant duo. Aouar and Bissouma as a duo would drastically improve us and the CM.

  94. Mr Serge

    Hopefully getting perisic free means they don’t buy Kula but whatever happens he is there another 18monfhs

  95. WengerEagle

    And I get that Tielemans is flavour of the month on here but imo Aouar has such a higher ceiling it’s ridiculous.

    I have witnessed with my own eyes him assert and impose himself in CL matches against the likes of Man City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona.

    And if we are looking at PL alone, I prefer Bissouma to Tielmans. Anguissa was my favourite but Napoli snapped him up so Bissouma for me is the next best CM that is gettable.

    Monaco will price us out of Tchouameni, he’s a pipe dream that will end up at an elite club like Gravenberch who is Bayern bound.