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Writing about Arsenal post-season is really tough for the first few weeks. It’s like finishing a boxing match (I’ve never fought a boxing match). You’ve prepped, fought all the rounds, now it’s over (I probably got knocked out) and you have to work out what’s next.

Thankfully, this writer numbness is being perked up by some good news coming out the club.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about some weird news, Wolves are apparently planning legal action against Sau Paulo over the transfer of Marquinhos to Arsenal. Brazilian contracts and legal sounds like a minefield, I have no idea about the veracity of the rumour, but I do feel good that Wolves were looking at the player because that means there’s a good chance the player is talented.

The BIG news is that Eddie has signed a deal. Am I taking this news as a BIG W for the Le Grove platform? You’re damn right I am.  This is a great bit of progress for many reasons. There are always a bunch of whingers that complain about strategic moves like this, but you have to be pragmatic about these things, and, as always, have a bit of vision.

Eddie is 22 years old, there are almost no strikers of that age in the Premier League. The one that was hot on the lips of everyone in January was Armando Broja of Chelsea. His record? 2300 minutes, 11 goals. Eddie played half the minutes and delivered 10 goals for the season. If his name was Ediano Nkeitiovic and he was playing in the Bosnian First Division and we’d just pinched him from Salzburg, fans would be running around losing their minds with excitement. Everyone is a Football Manager merchant these days, they prefer the unknown, and they miss absolute obvious talents that we have at the club.

Look at those percentiles. They are outrageous. These numbers were racked up after he’d been cast aside by Arteta all season. He could have dropped his level, he could have sulked like Nico, he could have taken a move to Germany or another Premier League club. But he didn’t, he took his chance, played really well, and proved the doubters wrong.

There’s some angst over the money, but that’s the cost of botching contracts. Here’s the thing, Eddie just wants to play, if he doesn’t get minutes, he’ll go somewhere else. £100k a week isn’t going to frighten anyone off. What I am interested to know is what the penny pinchers think is a fairer deal? £85k? £75k? Where are we going with a satisfactory number here?

The bigger picture for me is: where are else are we getting a striker of his caliber? At what expense?

Tammy Abraham, a striker we all mostly love, played 400 more minutes for Chelsea last season and managed 1 more Premier League goal than him and 1 more total over the season. He moved to Roma for £40m. There are two lessons here, firstly, get some perspective on what young strikers are capable of, secondly, the cost of finding a suitable replacement would be expensive, likely foreign, and likely come with a lot of risk. Remember, the mighty Patson Daka cost £23m and he delivered a massive 11 goals this season off double the minutes of Eddie. How many were begging to sign him last summer?

Finally, my last point, Gabriel Jesus is being heavily linked to us, he has scored 8 Premier League goals this season in 28 appearances, 4 of which came in one game… and the fans criticising the Eddie signing are cool with us dropping £55m on him? A striker that couldn’t break 10 Premier League goals in the most prolific chance creation machine in history seems like a red flag to me, but we’ll see. Eddie scored his Premier League goals off less xG, a much better goal per minutes ratio, in a depleted team,  with an overall chance conversion rate 5% better. Our newly signed striker has also scored his 11 goals in second-string teams or first teams that have been heavily depleted. Jesus has 13 goals off more than double the minutes.

The message I’ve heard since last year about Eddie is he’s a top talent and if he were to leave us, we would regret it, because he will be 20 goal a season striker somewhere in the Premier League. Part of his draw in training is that he nearly always hits the target, a gift in a side that doesn’t do that enough in the league. Let’s see how that info pans out, regardless, I am very happy that we have secured his future, the kid deserves his deal.

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  1. The Real Vieira Lynn

    for anyone who’s been heaping plaudits on our club for throwing big monies in Eddie’s direction please keep in mind a couple of things…firstly, it’s highly unlikely that this club would fork out that kind of coin for him to be a second option Striker, so if you’re expecting us to sign a top-notch frontman in this window you will likely be left holding your dick…secondly, if they do dip back into the market to provide some much-needed Striker depth, don’t be surprised if that individual is a rather uninspiring option, like Morata, who has never amassed more than 15 League goals in any season throughout his entire career

    likewise, remember all the talk, including by Pedro, about how this off-season recruitment window was going to be absolutely pivotal from a future potential perspective, particularly when it came to our decisions involving the Striker position…no one in their right mind would have ever thought that any such “plan” would have included those two particular individuals…in fact, if the club had suggesting any such thing publicly, the outcry would have been swift and deafening, except for maybe those in the Kool-Aid line…just saying

  2. China1

    Hard pass on morata

    I haven’t followed him recently but recall him being notoriously prone to missing sitters. Searched on YouTube and found that are entire compilations of him missing good chances and every one of the comments moaning about the same.

    I’m fine with that profile of player but if he can’t be trusted to take chances regularly then we’re wasting our money

  3. Habesha Gooner

    Morata’s agent is trying to get him a move. Since we have no strikers, the link makes sense. They are just linking Arsenal to say we have an offer. Other than that it is just clickbait.

    Jesus, Abraham, or Darwin Nunez. And if all of these fail I think we will go for Johnathan David.

  4. Leedsgunner


    Jonathan David is a decent fail safe…attribute wise he is like bringing in a younger version of Lacazette but with plenty of goals… he is very very adaptable as well.

    Yes I know his output has dropped off recently but on the positive side it should lower his asking price quite a bit.

  5. Killroy-TM

    Wolves ‘seeking legal action’ over Arsenal’s controversial Marquinhos transfer

    “According to Yahoo Sports in Brazil, Wolves had agreed a pre-contract agreement with Marquinhos. It’s claimed Wolves have approached a legal firm in Brazil to take action against the player for allegedly breaking the deal to join the Gunners. As reported by the Daily Mail, legal action against Arsenal and Sao Paulo are their other options. The Mail’s report adds that Marquinhos’ contract is due to end on July 12, with his new contract at Wolves set to start on July 14.”

    As I understand it the Gunners are believed to have agreed a £2.5mill transfer with Sao Paulo because the player would have left otherwise on a free since the 5 year contract that he signed is not valid because of the players age it can only be 3 years.

    What a total fuck up on all sides involved in this drama. Lying and no do diligence because our Brazilian Buffoon should have known these contract matters even if he is being lied to.

  6. China1

    Kilroy wtf absolute chaos lol

    Anyway I hope we get him and the price including legal action isn’t high

    Who knows tho to what extent each party is to blame. I guess for now the only one we can be sure did wrong is the player/his representatives if they agreed a contract with wolves then another with arsenal.

    But it’s not clear yet whether arsenal were made aware or sao Paolo

    Lol that sao paolo illegally signed him on a 5 year deal and all that mess as well tho. Jeez this is like an East Enders story

  7. China1

    ‘OI! Marquinhos! you already gone signed a contract wiv wolves!’

    ‘Ow leave it aaaht Dot you old spiv. Wots it got to do wiv u? If I wanna sign wiv aahsenal, I’ll sign wiv aahsenal’

  8. Terraloon


    As I understand it the Gunners are believed to have agreed a £2.5mill transfer with Sao Paulo because the player would have left otherwise on a free since the 5 year contract that he signed is not valid because of the players age it can only be 3 years.

    If and a big if the story is correct then should Wolves lodge a complaint then it will likely get messy

    I believe all transfers and that includes pre contract agreements should be lodged on the TMS at FIFA . That system wasn’t in existence when Chelsea in effect made the same mistake with Mikel who had signed a pre contract ( which are binding in English Law) with Man Utd .it eventually cost Chelsea £15 million to avoid a charge which had it proceeded would have led to a transfer ban.

    I am struggling to believe that Arsenal have been played in such a way but if they have it could bite hard on the bum

  9. China1

    Man I miss the old Harry hills tv burp reviews of Eastenders. The Christmas special was the best where he showed how happy they all were on Christmas Day and it was like a 3 min compilation of everyone shouting LEAVE IT AAAHT at each other followed by a long compilation of people sighing unhappily 😂😂😂😂

  10. Goobergooner

    If tets had just given Eddie a chance sooner, he would have signed well before now and been on a way lower wage.

    That’s all there is to it

  11. Goobergooner

    In saying all that, I’m glad elneny and Eddie are staying. It’s been mentioned a lot that another back up striker would have cost a transfer fee as well as approximately the same wages we will be giving Eddie, so it still works out good value.
    All the young guns will now hopefully sign up to new, upgraded deals and be our core for seasons to come or pull in massive fees. (I’d prefer the former).

    For me, elneny staying means that a few options may play out.
    Either xhaka stays but gets demoted, and Lakonga goes on loan, or; We sell xhaka, Lakonga stays and we get either two new mids or a world class player in there, or;
    We sell xhaka, loan Lakonga and buy two mids.

    That is how I see it playing out.
    I feel like it will be the former again haha.

  12. Terraloon


    Do you think that the budget will justify £100+ k a week on a back up ?

    Now if they were spending say £10 million on say £50k a week then yep a back up but the sort of sum being talked about not sure the player will see himself as a back up

  13. Habesha Gooner

    He will be an underwhelming signing considering the names that we have been linked with. But a Name can only get you so far. We won’t know for sure if anyone of them can perform for us.

    I hope we don’t go for DCL though. Jesus would be fantastic. If not Darwin Nunez. But a lot of clubs want a CF. United, Bayern, may be Real Madrid too. So it will be a scramble to get one.

  14. EdTheREd

    We all know Morata’s not the type of striker we need IF we’re serious about challenging for Top4/PL Title in next couple of seasons.

    But…he’s Spanish international who somehow always plays for big clubs. CL winner too.

    At this point we need to realise couple of thing: Arsenal have regressed in attack ever since Arteta took over, there’s 2 1/2 seasons worth of stats to back that statement up. And the second thing is, the only forward player Arteta brought to Arsenal was Willian. We simply don’t know what type of strikers our manager is keen on.

    So, as deflating as it is, Morata rumours probably have some substance to it.

  15. Dissenter

    Regarding the Marqunous story
    It’s called a ‘pre-contract’ for a reason. It’s not as legally binding as an actual contract. Legally he can’t sign an active football contract while contacted to someone else.

    Wolves don’t have a strong case tbh.

  16. InsideRight

    Pedro – “InsideRight, if we make top 4 next season, why wouldn’t they stick around?”

    Because there is a big difference between qualifying to play in the CL, and winning the thing and winning domestic titles. A lot of players are more ambitious than just wanting to play in the CL.

  17. Leftside

    I would love for us to bring Serge back to the carpet. A potential front three of Serge, Jesus and Saka will get goals, far more than we have put up for the previous two seasons.

  18. Graham62

    Saka is one of the hottest properties in world football, he’s also a marketing mans dream.
    The top clubs will be sniffing around, aren’t they doing that already, should Arsenal fail to get top 4 next season.
    World Cup year will expose him even more.
    The pressure will be on Arteta to deliver next season.
    No more excuses please.

  19. Terraloon


    Regarding the Marqunous story
    It’s called a ‘pre-contract’ for a reason. It’s not as legally binding as an actual contract. Legally he can’t sign an active football contract while contacted to someone else.Wolves don’t have a strong case tbh.

    TO a degree that’s right but if the pre contract agreement includes things like length of contract, sums to be paid and the like then it is binding.

  20. Leedsgunner

    I’m amazed at how harshly some people are writing off Edu with respect to this young Brazilian player Marquinhos… based on what?!?

    On what the papers say?

    Yeah because the mainstream media has always been fair to the Arsenal right?!?

    Give me a break.

    We’re just being painted as incompetent and bumbling and naive… and the “bad guys” and some of us are swallowing it hook line and sinker.

    We don’t have all the facts to make such sweeping judgments.

    I’m not a sports lawyer but a pre contract means exactly that and I don’t understand why Wolves are in an uproar.

  21. Dissenter

    The pre-contract wasn’t done in the UK
    It was done in Brazil where contract law is murky,. These players have large entourages who talk to everyone.
    A pre-contract doesn’t carry the same gravitas in most jurisdictions but it’s all subjective.
    In Texas for example, even a verbal contract has significant standing so long as it’s witnessed.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Terraloon and Dissenter

    Tim Lewis sits on the Board of Arsenal as a Non Executive Director. He is a senior partner at Clifford Chance one of this country’s largest firms of solicitors.

    I am pretty sure that he has an oversight of contracts signed by Arsenal. So I think that it is
    highly unlikely that the club has done anything improper in their handling of the contract
    with Marquinhos and Sao Paulo.

    I doubt that Wolves can seek compensation from Arsenal or for that matter Sao Paulo. The
    only person that they can sue is Marquinhos if they have a legally enforceable contract
    with him. I doubt that FIFA will intervene because the so-called pre contract was not registered with them.

  23. InsideRight

    Pre contracts can be broken. Various legal talking heads describe them as “a non-binding record of the terms the future contract will take”. The purpose of most pre-contracts is to state the “intent” or “understanding” of the parties, rather than to establish “legal relations”. But it is possible that they can be held as legally binding, it all depends on the interpretation of the wording within the pre-contract document.

    I just looked over the Brittain example where he signed a pre-contract with St Johnstone, but later said he was staying at Ross County, who duly registered him as their player for the following season. The Scottish FA had to get involved and eventually the Ross County chairman made a personal payment to St Johnstone’s community programme to settle matters.

    So we have variables… of jurisdiction, of pre-contract wording, of clarity as to what was and what was not intended to have legal effect, and of whether all the elements required for a legally enforceable contract are present to confirm legal relations exist and were actually met. As we don’t know all these details everything is speculation.

  24. Terraloon

    Inside Right

    Pre contracts can be broken. Various legal talking heads describe them as “a non-binding record of the terms the future contract will take”. The purpose of most pre-contracts is to state the “intent” or “understanding” of the parties, rather than to establish “legal relations”. But it is possible that they can be held as legally binding, it all depends on the interpretation of the wording within the pre-contract document.

    That in effect is what I have been saying.

    Football contracts particularly when they straddle two International FAs are extremely complex but as far as football employment they are even more complex because they straddle various jurisdictions and of course vast differences when it come to employment law.

    For instance the length that an under 18 year old can sign a contract due to over arching FIFA regulations can not exceed 3 years . That I suspect isn’t backed up with legislation in every country .

    I am far from sure if there is any obligation to register pre contracts on FIFAs transfer system but as the John Obi Mikel case and the involvement of both Man Utd and Chelsea who both thought they had signed him leads to the conclusion that if and it’s a big if at this point that Wolves have a binding pre contract then it will get messy and

  25. Leedsgunner

    Tim Lewis is an important member of the board and I’m sure he has the owners’ ear but I’m sure our player contracts and connected matters are handled by Richard Garlick. No doubt Lewis would be a sounding board if Garlick wanted a second opinion.

  26. Paulie

    Nketia is a good signing, he’s looking good but Jesus will be an outrageous waste of money. He’s a decent player but not an elite top player and I can’t believe we’re going to sign him.

  27. Robert Pires

    Big no to Zinchenko. We can get a better left back for a lower price than him, and we don’t need his attacking midfield skills (his original position) as we have Ode and ESR for that. He’s not a DM/CM that we need to upgrade on the Xhakal.

  28. Mr Serge

    robert pires love th big no for a multi title winning player that can play in multiple positions lol
    some fans

  29. Chris

    Zinchenko is a very good player but what would be going on with him where City are looking to sell? Are they going in for Cucurella as was rumoured?

  30. Tom

    “I’d class that as a bottle job of the highest order.

    Feels of Brendan Rogers last season and apparently spurs every other season (yet they have finished above us in 6 straight seasons).”
    Karma is a bitch, as they say.
    Or was it the Legrove curse maybe?

    At least when we ( well, some of us) spent weeks , if not months laughing at Rodgers ”blowing” the CL, he did it on zero , goose egg, zilch, nada transfer net spend and with the eighth highest wage bill, while blooding in a twenty year old CB who’s doubled(almost) his original value, even if he did ” cost ” ( he didn’t) them the CL.

    And he got pipped by Tuchel led Chelsea who masterminded victories over Pep (three times), Simeone ( twice) , Zidane, Klopp, Mourinho, and Ancelotti in a season they ruled Europe and the World.

    We, on the other, got pipped by a joke of a club, apparently, led by an arsonist , while having spent hundreds of millions moving the needle, and still non the wiser whether our Fofana will be able to hit the ground running next season.

  31. Ishola70

    Eddie N could suprise some again.

    Not a player to be written off which I was guilty of in the past.

    But there is stll a lingering doubt that he will become top class.

    I prefer a striker that has a more all round game than Eddie rather than just this poacher style like hold up play, bringing others into play, combination play as well as scoring goals but I suppose this kind of striker is not always that easy to find and will cost a pretty penny.

    There were some including on the podcast that were absolutely demanding a shiny new striker just over a week ago to be brought in as first choice.

    Opinions can change and very quickly it seems.

  32. raptora

    What we should remember is the fact that if a player has done well in a team led by an excellent/top class manager, it doesn’t mean that said player will do as good in a team lead by not a top class manager like our very own generational.

    We should be aware that shopping from, say Man City, doesn’t guarantee us a top performer just because said player has done well there.

    What I’m talking about was obvious during our Wenger years. Not many that looked good under Wenger, managed to do as well or better in another team. Just the absolute top class players like Cashley, Henry, Cesc and RvP come to mind, Szczesny and Giroud as well I guess.

    The likes of Hleb, Vermaelen, Song and in the late years Alexis, Theo have all failed to perform as good in their new clubs as in their career at Arsenal.

    Big managers ask certain things from a player that the player specializes in doing. I’d be very wary of buying from Man City.

    Of course, absolute top class players will perform well in almost anywhere, but I’m talking about the ones that impress but we can’t count towards the bests in the world.

    Both Jesus and Zinchenko might flop unless they are used in a similar way to how they were used at Man City.

    Maybe educating a younger players in what exactly you want from them, is the better thing to do, although I rate experience very highly, just those 2 seem like an inbetween and I don’t really dig that.

  33. Ishola70

    Anyhow having Eddie N as first choice striker fits the club’s narrative now of having youngish players that could be seen as on the up with potential although not absolutely guaranteed with Eddie that he will ultimately be a bomb.

    So go for it.

    Put him in as first choice and see how it goes.

  34. raptora

    And as some said, Jesus and Nketiah are quite similar players. Do we really want 2 strikers that won’t change our game that much if at all?

    Unless Jesus is the LW transfer and we have another player in mind for the CF position? Might as well buy a LW that could bang like Danjuma.

  35. TR7

    Conte is an arsonist alright. He has this uncanny ability of lighting a fire under the arse of players which leads to great results.

  36. TR7

    No to Jesus and Eddie as I and many others have said before. We will basically have two Lacazzetes albeit younger and faster.

  37. Nigel Tufnel

    So far on legrave this afternoon:

    we have comments like Eddie will be an expensive failure and Arsenal are guilty of something on Marquinos in Brazil, not knowing all the facts, its automatically the fault of Arsenal. That’s the kilroy way of seeing things.

    Plus, other losers believe everything they read and Morata is going to be our brand new shiny CF.

    Also sack everybody and hire InsideRight to run the club. Trying to get back into the champions league is just a waste of time according to him, he’ll just wave his wand and get us straight to winning the tournament and the Premier league over Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool .. none of this long slog trying to just qualify to get into CL. Why bother with all that. How daft, we should have thought of that!

    Les miserables love legrave…

  38. DigitalBob

    Interesting post Pedro, thanks very much. Also enjoyed the pod with you and johnny, good to know you guys will get us through these non-footballing months with regular pods!

    As I said on your last post, I have no issue with Eddie getting a new deal, purple patch or not, it makes sense. My only “slight” negative would be if he’s been given assurances of starting or a certain amount of starts. I don’t really like guarantees like that. We need him to retain the same hunger.

    Elneny I’m firmly whelmed about, not under not over. I personally don’t think he’s improved this season I just think when you’re at risk of uprooting your family as your out of contract you take more risks and that’s what he did. Its not like he was playing Hollywood through balls, he just stopped passing backwards as much.

    Zinchenko instead of Tavares and potentially challenging Tierney for staring LB, yes please.

    Finally Oshimen and Tammy will both cost upwards of £75 million that’s guaranteed. Both are not guaranteed to bang either, but yes they are of a different physical profile to Gabriel Jesus. City from a negotiating point have said £55 million, I suspect it will be 10 maybe even 15 million less than that so for me he’s the preferable option over both.

  39. Ishola70


    “No to Jesus and Eddie as I and many others have said before.”

    I’m far from convinced about Eddie N still but as said there is so much talk now of Arsenal being the youngest team in the EPL so having such a player as Eddie N as first choice striker fits the blueprint pefectly.

  40. Nigel Tufnel

    I don’t think Bissouma is a good enough passer, TR7.

    Tielemans would give us something we haven’t had in a long time.. I think would add a new dimension to our game… a big upgrade on Xhaka. I think we had him easy if we didn’t collapse on top 4. Now he’s probably looking for CL qualified alternatives..

  41. TR7


    Most of the games we lose is not because of poor passing but because of getting physically dominated. Games against Spurs and Crystal Palace over the years are good examples to look at. I don’t think Bissouma’s poor passing is a big problem. Xhaka and Elneny getting outrun and out muscled is a major problem.

  42. DigitalBob

    Naija+Soccer – Yes similar physical presence but the financials and desire of the player coming in should be factored in. Do we have enough for both the big target man and a new starting central midfielder, as well as the other 3/4 positions Arteta wants filled? Jesus has the technical quality, desire for the challenge and enough about himself to be a great option, unless the plan is to continually whip first time crosses into the box for the big man to get his head on.

  43. Graham62

    Personally I think we need physicality in the team.
    Bissouma would be a good addition and by the way his distribution is better than some think. Remember he plays for one of the better footballing teams in the PL.

  44. InsideRight

    I like the look of Nunez and think he could do a good job for us. But the more I’m seeing of Abraham and the way he has played at Roma, I think he would be an ideal signing. Heaven knows we need someone with pace (assuming we ever see line splitting passes from deep for him to run on to) and an ability to head the ball when getting in the box. I don’t think Jesus is right for us unless he’s happy to play wide.

  45. Valentin

    No to Jesus, because with him in the squad we would have two strikers who offer the same thing: quick, shortish, predatory in the box type of strikers. Folarin Balogun can also do that, so let him be the understudy to Nkethia next season. We need a striker who will offer something different.

    Somebody who can play when we need a more physical, direct approach. A taller, bulkier striker, good with his back toward goal and who can beast CBs on crosses.

    Nkethia despite his bulk is rather good in the air when the delivery is quick and flat. He can’t compete against giant when it is aslow and loopy. Our other strikers were just simply hopeless in that exercise. That’s the reason why Gabriel scored so many goals at set pieces. Nobody else offer a real threat in those.

    Bring a striker who can score 5~8 goals from set pieces and the same in open place when rotating with Eddie and we would have a real shot at top 4.

  46. Graham62

    One of Arsenal’s main failings over the past fifteen years has been the lack of a physical presence.
    It started after the invincibles and we even purchased defenders who could be bullied. It used to do my head in.
    I always said if we could have purchased the likes of Chris Samba and Gary Cahill in their prime, we would have won the PL a few more times

  47. The Real Vieira Lynn


    coming from someone who clearly has hemiagnosia and a touch of Aphantasia, especially when it comes to all things football-related, I’ll take your comments with an enormously large grain of salt…you’re like a little boy in short pants making his usual walk of shame to the kid’s table…stay in your lane lightweight

  48. Habesha Gooner

    Zinchenko is a pretty good player. But he isn’t the best defensively. Plus he is a sort of player that you can use at CM or in attacking midfield too. But I would rather have a specialist left back to be honest. And City won’t let him go for a decent fee. They are looking at Cucurella and they need 2 left backs. So I don’t see him leaving.

    One of Jesus/Nunez,
    One of Gnabry(dreaming)/Raphinha/Diaby/Antony/Neto,
    Aouar ( 15 mil is the quoted price)
    One of Hickey/Olivera ir any good left back

    That will be a window I would happy with. All specialist players. Aouar can also play on the left for cover. We would be well stocked. All of this would cost under 160 mil with out sales. And we would be a serious team for it.

  49. Habesha Gooner

    Bissouma would be amazing. We wouldn’t have to worry about Partey if we sign him. But the sexual assault charges haven’t gone away and it wouldn’t be a wise investment at this time though.

  50. englandsbest

    Eddie has huge potential, may reach the level of Andy Cole, even the heights of Ian Wright, but not right now. Which means that a high scoring front man is still on Edu/Arteta agenda. He may not be the fearsome big feller we expect. But I believe he will be topnotch and experienced. With Haaland’s arrival, there’s talk about Gabriel. But Man C has other fringe players like Sterling.

  51. The Real Vieira Lynn


    Nkunku, now that would show intent….meanwhile back at the lowered expectation’s ranch we have our resident yokels already projecting that Eddie is well on his way to becoming the next Cole and/or Wright…I still find it difficult to believe that a “top-notch” Striker will be brought into the fold after we overpaid Eddie, as he simply must have been given playing time assurances, considering that was supposedly the main reason why he didn’t sign earlier

  52. Mr Serge

    We are never getting nkunku or gnabry or gakpo just pipe dreams gone are the days we go out there and buy top young talent sadly

  53. Robert Pires

    Apparently Arteta wants Zinchenko to return to midfield.
    We’re likelier getting a cheaper option to deputise for Tierney.
    No thanks. Just get a specialist MF instead of an experiment since Zinchenko hasn’t been a midfielder in ages.

    Also, Serge, you talk bullshit. Zinchenko is a great signing because of titles won, but Morata is terrible despite winning about 15 or 16 honors in his career, including multiple league titles + 2x CL?
    You’re right, BTW, Morata would be a terrible signing. DESPITE titles won. As would many players who have won lots of titles but weren’t among their teams’ best players.

  54. raptora

    If we are offered Gundogan we should say yes.

    At 31 years, he still has around 2 years left in top form and is entering the last year of his contract with City.

    A player that can do everything, comes with elite class, mentality, workrate and standards. A central midfield of Partey and Gundogan sounds complete.

    Gundogan is what Ramsey would have been if he was properly coached.

    He’ll have to be treated carefully though. We’ll need to not overplay him so good old Xhaka will have his moments to shine. But Gundogan will give us the extra class we need in a similar way to the class Cazorla oozed in his time with us.

    If we can get him on the cheap, he’ll be an excellent transfer.

  55. The Bard

    Pleased Eddie has signed but I would get used to underwhelming signings. We’re shopping in the second tier after missing CL. Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Man U all in the market for top players.

  56. Graham62

    The Bard

    There’s nothing wrong with shopping in the second tier, as long as you get the right sort of player.

  57. raptora

    Looking around Europe watching the likes of Modric, Benzema, Ronaldo, Giroud, Zlatan, Thiago Silva and co, I’m probably missing a fair few who are still very useful to their teams, most of them are still winning big titles.

    We’ll need some experience in this team and Gundogan would fit the bill wonderfully if City can do us a favor and give him for peanuts, it’s his last year there.

  58. raptora

    Gundogan is 5 years younger than Modric, and almost a year younger than Kroos. Title-winning midfielders. Same as Gundogan who won the title for City btw. If it wasn’t for him Pool would be on course for a quadruple.

  59. WengerEagle

    Lol Tom, that was immediately my first concern on hearing the rumour too.

    Xhaka has like 2 years on him, those x2 years are invaluable to our ultimate mission.

  60. WengerEagle

    ”Jesus, Abraham, or Darwin Nunez. And if all of these fail I think we will go for Johnathan David.”

    David would be so underwhelming, ugh. Has barely scored since Christmas in a poor French League and he is a poacher type.

  61. Naija+soccer

    I like Gundogan. Hes got the kind of fire and mentality that this team can borrow from. Ever stay for a very good Dortmund side and he’s only impressed me since he came into the EPL, playing for City.

    Gundogan and Partey looks very good indeed. Also thats experience in midfield covered.

  62. Naija+soccer


    “Am I missing something here? Why would City get rid of Gundogan when he just won them the title and is still an excellent player ?”

    Haha I thought so too when I saw his name brought up. I thought “Is Man City drunk or something ?”. He’s only 31. I see them extending him till 34/35 like Fernandinho.

    But if they weren’t extending for whatever reason I’d be all over that Gun.

  63. raptora

    A lot of noise that there was a good chance he’ll leave before his Aguero moment happened. Situation might have changed a bit afterwards, but with 1 year left on his contract everything is possible. Extension, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juve or why not us.

  64. Dissenter

    “Am I missing something here? Why would City get rid of Gundogan when he just won them the title and is still an excellent player ”

    They hired Rich as their external advisor for transfer strategy
    Gundogan is >30 years
    City are going to try for the youngest team in the league trophy next season

  65. JJ

    True story – Harry Kane played Jimmy Fallon in foosball on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. Harry won 2-0. One was an own goal by Jimmy. Tottenham’s 3rd highest scorer strikes again. You can’t make this up. 😂

  66. Tom

    JJ, always knew Jimmy Fallon was shit at defending but don’t go believing the Legrove Tottenham were the luckiest team agenda too much now.
    They created third highest big chances in the league and when you do that , sometimes the defenders help you out when panicked.

    We, on the other hand , were way toward the bottom of the league in big chance created, and what’s even worse, we also allowed a shit ton of big chances ourselves having spent a fortune “improving “ the defense.

    As a matter of fact , Brighton’s defense after selling us their RR defender actually improved in big chance allowed, while ours got worse.

  67. Tom

    It is May after all isn’t it Bob?
    That’s where you’re supposed to look around and take stock if you’re serious about improving for the next season.
    Of course that’s not your style obviously so keep sticking your head in the sand.

  68. Bob N16

    Not picking on you Tom. Lots of misery on here recently. Much prefer a more positive outlook. Some on here are almost wallowing in negativity when there are certainly reasons to be optimistic. Apologies if I’m too much, having a go. Obviously nothing personal.

  69. Tom

    No apology needed Bob, we’re good.

    You want positive? Ok. Get a couple quality attacking midfielders in and a striker, easier said than done, and I think we can make top four next season.
    But that’s as far as I’m willing to take this whole positivity thing.

    I’ll leave the title challenge in a not so distant future talk to the uber positive folk.

  70. Bob N16

    You try and do as well as you can, not easy to know how well the competition is going to do. The reality is Liverpool and City are two of the best teams in Europe right now so third a possibility. Chelsea’s new owners might want to make a splash so, dare I say it, 4th maybe a reasonable target. We have such obvious weaknesses that improvements in some respect should be straightforward.

    76 pts next season, let’s see where that takes us.

  71. The Real Vieira Lynn

    why does the possibility of us sending Gabs and/or Partey to Juve and us ended up with Melo and Morata keep cropping up in the rumour mill…usually I would just chalk it up to the usual off-season speculative fodder coming from agents or unsubstantiated media sources, but this seems to have some traction, for some strange reason…if this were to happen even our insanely proactive PR army couldn’t spin these turd-level deals

  72. raptora

    A team that has finished above us 6 seasons in a row. Can’t believe they tapped us this year as well…

    As painful as it is, we have to admit that they’ve dealt with changing Poch much better than we did changing Wenger. Still a banter club with no trophies but they also built an incredible stadium and we are not hearing much complaining of them for having no money.

    Also, when City came calling for Kane, everyone thought they are making a huge mistake by keeping an unhappy player, but they got UCL football because of that decision and no way they would have done that without Kane.

    We hate them but they are showing some qualities that have been missing at Arsenal – keeping your star players, not complaining for the way football works, having a world class manager and trying to do as best as they can according to their ambitions.

    Truth is that Arsenal has been the banter club for quite a while. We don’t have the mental advantage anymore either as they have managed to overcome us few times now in the last years when we were in pole position. It’s a joke because we are by far the bigger club historically and our fan base is many times bigger. They even have players that kids connect with like Son and Kane – world class players. It’s a joke really have things have changed for the worse.

  73. The Real Vieira Lynn


    “built an incredible stadium and we are not hearing much complaining of them for having no money”

    this is where the slow crawl towards mediocrity first reared it’s ugly head…still today the ramifications of the stadium ruse remains an albatross around our collective necks

  74. Graham62

    When did Arsenal become “the banter club”?

    Dare I say it was when we moved away from Highbury?

    Surely not!.

  75. The Real Vieira Lynn

    the Vlahovic to Juve deal shows exactly how important tactics are for those who play up top, which is why he scored 20 in 24 for his old club and only 9 in 21 after moving to Turin…this is why we desperately need someone who can carve out their own chances…unfortunately, in light of the rather dire tactics on offer here, it will be incredibly difficult for us to lure a top drawer option to the Emirates…as for those who seem to suggest that our tactical goals moving forward are of the 4-3-3 City-like variety, good luck with that if Xhaka and Ode are everyday starters

  76. Nigel Tufnel

    “Gundogan is what Ramsey would have been if he was properly coached.”

    Interesting comment by Raptora. I get it.

    I’ve been thinking about some Ramsey attributes that this team badly needs.

    Also, I loved the idea of Jesus when the rumours came out. I assume Arteta would see almost any Pep players fitting in to what he wants to build.

    Though I could imagine it failing somehow. Your examples of former gunners and the wildly varying success prove that we never know.

  77. Cezan P

    Anybody know of the links to Gianluca Scamacca?
    Not seen much of him myself looks a beast at 6 ft 5 pacey and seems to have a good touch. Friend of mine says he can play as a 10 as well as his preferred position as a striker, but his football opinions tend to be wacky so I take it with a pinch of salt.

    Anybody watched sassuolo regularly and have a better insight?

  78. The Real Vieira Lynn

    with Eddie re-upped we simply must put the kibosh on the whole Jesus pursuit, as we can’t double-down on diminutive options up top, especially with the overabundance of crosses coming in from wide positions

  79. curse

    Nice one Pedro, you certainly was banging the right drum. EDDIE KRUGER!! 😂 brilliant. I wasn’t convinced but it’s nice being proven wrong, another hale end don joins the party. The deal makes sense for everyone involved, no brainer, if he can sustain this level or raise it we’re laughing.
    Perfect 2nd striker to Abraham, the drum I was banging at the start of this season. Still gutted we couldn’t shift Laca, 4th would have been easy if we did in hindsight.
    Dunno why any team would say no to the talent level of Jesus especially as a discount is in play. We’re trying to get to CL levels, this guy is still young and would be the best player at Arsenal. I think in a system less rigid with more responsibility he’s going to smash it. On the left. He’ll mirror what Saka brings and more which will be a madness for the opposition. A proper threat both sides with Oshimen up top is the dream. I’ll settle for a Abraham or Nunez, in that order.
    Tellamoh. Smart, obvious moves that has eluded us so many times in the past.
    Will be interesting to see what happens with the Smith…
    I’m assuming Elnenz is the cover for 6 now till Sambi is ready?
    Wasn’t sold on Umtiti cos of injuries plus I didn’t know he was a lefty but you made a good case that makes sense. He won’t be playing that much anyway but when he does the level won’t be Holding.

    Tommy White Gabriel Tierney
    Odegaard Partey Tielemans
    Saka Abraham Jesus

    Cedric? Saliba Umtiti Tavares?
    Smith Elneny Sambi
    Pepe? Eddie Martinelli

    That’s a decent 2nd string, with the system more embedded I reckon we’ll be looking like a CL team in the wrong competition.