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I don’t need a POWER MAC 7000 built for the elite designers of the world when I’m at work, but I ask for one because I’m at that stage in my career where that is my god-given right. I use two programs, e-mail and notes to write things. How can I have a machine of this power and it cannot run those two items concurrently? Who is building the Apple Mac that can handle an e-mail program? I would buy that machine.

That does not segue me into any sort of Arsenal content. So let’s get cracking.

BIG MO has signed another extension at Arsenal. I think most people that have watched him this last month can concur a few things:

  1. The guy has improved his game, he takes more risks with his passing, he executes tactics really well, he can do a job (99th percentile for pass completion).
  2. Our collapse this season wasn’t anything to do with him.
  3. If he’d played Palace, Southampton, and Brighton we might have exited with more than zero points

Arsenal fans are going to need a bit of maturity this summer when it comes to assessing our squad needs.

  1. There are finite funds
  2. Not every player in your squad can be competing for a first-team place
  3. We need some experience

Mo Elneny played 800 minutes this season. Of the last 7 games in which he clocked pure 90s, we won 5 of 7. Those wins included West Ham, Chelsea, and United. Out of the other two games, one was against Spurs in which we went down to 10 men. The other was the Newcastle game, in which he made 35% of all our progressive passes that day.

This is his radar.

He is good enough. Europa League is not the Champions League. The Egyptian Pirlo in that competition will be absolutely fine.

Bigger picture here is what do people want from that position? What level of player do people see us signing that will be happy with 800 minutes? Someone said to me the other day ‘GUNDOGAN’… like, come on man, you think he’s coming to Arsenal to take over from Big Mo?

We need to save pennies where we can.

Eddie signing on for us could be absolutely huge and another penny saver. This is how League One Eddie stacks up against players in the top 5 leagues in Europe.

This is who his numbers compare to in Europe.

I still have people in our Youtube videos saying ‘HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ and that my friends is addiction to the new. They’d rather us sign someone from the Austrian League that has a nice comp than the kid in our starting 11 dropping numbers like that at 22 years old. It is BAFFLING. There are definite benefits to unearthing gems in faraway leagues, but always remember the Brendan Rodgers Fan Club telling us all last summer that Bertrand, Soumare and Patson Daka were the next level and clearly showed that Arsenal had fallen off.

Eddie scored the same number of PL goals as Patson. Where are those Brenda fans today?

Tying Eddie down gives us another Hale-Ender in the squad and it keeps £25m safe. If I were Eddie’s agent, I’d tell Arsenal that I want an exit clause in my deal that says I can go for £10m next summer if I don’t get 20 starts next season. It’s win-win that way.

Our focus needs to be on adding first-team quality to the midfield so we can deal with Thomas Partey injury issues and it needs to deliver us some goals to the forward line in the shape of a near world-class forward and possibly a winger that can replace the sure-to-be-exited Nico Pepe this summer.

Everything else from there looks like bonus signings.

Competition for Gabriel feels like it’s going to depend on moving someone out, but it’d be great if we could land a Tomiyasu like talent there, or even a loan for a season for a seasoned vet like Umtiti.

Our left side needs something to happen to it quite urgently. We don’t have a reliable 50-game-a-season player there and we don’t have an experienced enough deputy. You’d imagine there’s a chance we totally rebuild the left side of our defence because Tierney exiting the first team correlates very nicely with our demise as a team.

Right, short post today because that is every piece of content I have.

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  1. EdTheREd

    The Bard

    I don’t think we can afford to fail in this Summer’s TW. That’s if we’re heading where Arteta’s believers claim we’re heading.

    It’s already been reported that Chavs will have £200,m to spend, Spuds £150m, we can only imagine what Newcastle is going to spend.

  2. Terraloon


    I don’t think we can afford to fail in this Summer’s TW. That’s if we’re heading where Arteta’s believers claim we’re heading.

    Personally I think the two players who were out of contract but seem to have signed new deals ( Nketiah and Elneny) aren’t upgrade both it seems to new have got new deals based on the last two or three months as opposed to the last 12.

    In the case of Eddie for me he isn’t going to be third or fourth choice it’s highly likely he will be second or possibly even first choice and that would be a concern. Either way a striker is almost certainly going to have to be signed and as someone said earlier every club will be looking for one.

    I think it was Edu that said there may be one or two incomings and that won’t be enough so it’s highly likely some of the players currently out on loan are going to have to be integrated and if it’s the likes of Bellerin well you know what you are going to get or in Salibas case you are getting a player who probably doesn’t want to be at Arsenal.

  3. Topside Northbank

    Can’t see any of the top 6 spending less than 100m each minimum.

    Newcastle will spend what the can afford to get away with on the books and perversely helped by Ashley’s lack of spending and balancing their books previous years.

    Villa will also spend what they can afford to be ok with on the spreadsheet.

    Everton they are in a real mess FFP with poor player investment.

    it’s going to be a very interesting summer.

  4. EdTheREd

    We should be going for Watkins. He would fit right into the Project, and he’s an Arsenal fan as well.

    Either way, we’re desperate for a taller forward.

  5. azed

    100k for a player the manager would not play until his hands were forced?

    It’s either we are over paying for Eddie or Arteta doesn’t know what a talented player looks like.

    B52 comes to mind.

  6. Vintage Gun

    It’s pretty clear that we’re signing a No9 this window. Even the number will be vacant in a week or two.

    Eddie replaces Lacca and the new No9 replaces Auba. It really is that simple.

    To be fair to Eddie, saying he only got offered a new deal off the back of an 8 game purple patch is a bit of a myth considering the club have been trying to tie him down for around a year now.
    It makes sense to keep him as it frees up recourses to sign a CF and also a wide attacker .

  7. Graham62

    So many people on here don’t rate Nketiah.
    Here is a guy that will score you goals, given the right structure around him and has that very rare ‘ fox in the box’ skill set that all clubs crave.
    The fact that we don’t have the players that clubs like MC have and the progressive systems they have set in place, we definitely need someone like Eddie in the team.
    If he plays regularly and stays fit, I can see him scoring 20+ goals a season comfortably.

  8. azed

    Mo isn’t supposed to be a back up, that should be the work of Lokonga.

    Arteta didn’t play Mo until he was forced to and that brings up the question does Arteta know what a talented footballer looks like?

    We do not have the resources of City so every cent counts.

  9. Waylander

    Anyone rate Calvin Bassey from rangers for left back spot? Young 6 ft plus and in the admittedly few games I’ve seen him in looks a good player

  10. Graham62


    “does Arteta know what a talented footballer looks like?”

    To be honest, I don’t think he does.

  11. Gunner 14

    There is talk that we are highly interested in Morata and if that is true then I would be extremely disappointed, would much prefer Calvin Lewis or Abraham

  12. Ernest Reed

    “ does Arteta know what a talented footballer looks like?”

    I think he does Graham, but it takes a lot longer for him to recognize, but equally it usually comes as a direct result of having his hand forced. It’s not a sustainable way of managing to be certain.

  13. Ernest Reed

    Regardless of whomever Arsenal bring in this summer, it will all be for not if Arteta does not rotate the squad. To date there is absolutely no evidence that even remotely supports Arteta as being one that rotates his squad. This above all others should be the primary point of concern going into next season/

  14. Freddie Ljungberg

    Linked with Carney Chukwuemeka from Villa, 18 year old CM, looks very good from the little that’s available on youtube but always hard to judge there. 1 year left of contract, dubbed the new Bellingham and linked to Barca and dortmund as well.

    If he’s as good as people think we need to be in the mix for players like that.
    We need 2 CMs anyway.

  15. Goobergooner

    How the fuck is Eddie getting 100k a week before Saka or esr? Even martinelli?

    We have a very very special management team that’s for sure.

    Like someone said, if laca scored even 1 goal in the run before Eddie got his chance, then Eddie wouldn’t have even got a chance.

    What the actual hell is wrong with this club

  16. Waylander

    Freddie saw that, I think we may have a chance, think we’d offer better money but he may get more gametime at dormund possibly.

    Azed yeah it’s hard to judge the Scottish pub league but it looks like we may see him in the premiership with villa looking at 30million bid.

  17. Valentin

    I would love Carney Chukwuemeka to join Arsenal.
    It would make sense to purchase him as a left winger rather than a CM. He is a little raw, but bags of ability. A friend of mine who is a Villa fan has been raving about him for the last couple of year.
    He and Martinelli could alternate on the left wing. With Eddie on top, Saka on the right and either on the left we should be able to play quick incisive football on the counter attack.

    The only drawback is that would push ESR back to the 10 position where Arteta will always prefer the recycler in chief Ødegaard.

  18. raptora

    DS: “What Arsenal have is extensive data on him and the reason he didnt play as much last year has been due to a combination of reasons , primarily his refusal to sign a contract . Other than that Arteta has apologised for not playing him. Its always been clear that we wanted to extend his stay.”

    Primarily his refusal to sign a contract you say, well:

    1. We played another player out of contract in his place?!
    2. You want a player to sign so you bench him and never play him?!
    3. The extensive data on him as you say, had him benched for 8-9 months, his first EPL start came in the middle of April in the midst of a CF crisis for months.
    4. Arteta apologizing says it all really. Apparently he had a £100k capable striker but decided to persist for months with Jeremy the snail. He either was showing good quality in training and Arteta was not playing him even though he was doing good and we were stuck with a striker who can’t score to save his life, or Arteta decided that it can’t be worse than Laca so he gave Eddie a chance, not expecting much, but got shocked of his quality to the extend of giving him a great payday.

    I don’t have a problem with extending Eddie’s contract. I think the salary they’ve given him is higher than it had to be.

    For instance, Harry Kane had scored something like 65 EPL goals in 95 games by the time he was given a basic salary of £80k + bonuses. He was already their star player and main CF for years.

    Our boy has 10 EPL goals in 19 starts and 40 times coming from the bench. In the end, we are still talking for bringing in a top class CF. We played our cards very bad to reach the spot where we’re giving a young reserve player a £100k salary plus a huge sign-on bonus. As others have said, it’s alarming about what we’re supposed to give to the main star players.

  19. Habesha Gooner

    Alvaro Morata isn’t joining Arsenal. No chance at all. I would have taken him on loan a stop gap instead of playing Lacazette. And only for 6 months at that. He isn’t signing for us now. We need a hitman. Arteta values goalscorers. That is also the reason Eddie has been given the new contract. Because he knows where the goal is. My theory is we will target Jesus. If that doesn’t happen, Tammy Abraham is the next target. Darwin Nunez is also in the mix.

    This is nothing to lose your shit about 😂😂😂. It is just a click bait.

  20. raptora

    Ernest: “To date there is absolutely no evidence that even remotely supports Arteta as being one that rotates his squad.”

    Pepe registered 0 EPL starts from November to the end of the season (7 months). He might not be a 70m player, but we could have mixed things up and have a strong bench for some games. Literally no reason to give him 0 starts in full 7 months.

    Very concerning going forward for sure because if a manager can’t rotate properly some main players will be overplayed and eventually injured, our reserve players will be out of tune like in the case of Lokonga, the value of said players will plummet.

  21. Brian Muff

    Don’t understand the Elneny hate. He’s been fantastic for us recently. Filling in and doing an excellent job.. He’s happy being a squad back-up player and he loves the club. All good stuff.

    It would be nice to see some gratitude/support for him rather than throwing him under the bus for the fantasy of having some world class midfielder sitting happily on the bench for you.

    These players are very important to have around.

  22. Nigel Tufnel

    Vieira Lynn,
    You prove my point about negativity. I said we’re EARLY in a new cycle.
    …you jump on that as if I said it’s year 1.

    Early is fair to say.. Saka just made a step up, Smith Rowe with goals, Martinelli starting, and almost all the old deadwood gone. White, Ramsdale, and Tomiyasu from the previous summer have worked in successfully.

    This window is going to be a challenge for us to make the next step. I hope it works out. You and Kilroy should calm down with all the misery.

  23. raptora

    Same goes for Lokonga (1 EPL start in over 4 months or 16 games) and AMN, and Nketiah who could have switched with Laca every couple of games or so like Pep does with his front and back line.

    With Arteta a player is either a starter or rotting on the bench for months.

  24. Freddie Ljungberg

    The Morata link is hopefully just bullshit.

    We’ve been linked to Depay and Moussa Dembele (Lyon) in the last 2 days though, wouldn’t mind that combo as our 2 strikers. Less than 50m combined. Better than giving Eddie a 100k a week.

  25. Ernest Reed

    How Arteta stuck for as long as he did with essentially a lame Laca for as long as he did, did not help matters for certain. It was more than obvious that Laca had lost more than a step and that was early on in the campaign. I am not the manager but if I were, certainly there were a number of available candidates to try in the same position.

    I honestly cannot think of any viable reason as to why Arteta persists with trying to fit square pegs in round holes, but he does. Outside of sheer stubbornness, I remain hard pressed to understand why Arteta constantly makes things difficult for himself. There are some who post here who truly believe that Arteta learns from his mistakes, but I remain unconvinced and the current facts stand true for valid concern.

    Call it negative if you wish, but I call it being pragmatically honest.

  26. LoveSausage

    A lot of people here seem to think that transfers and squad building are like Championship Manager. Whining about Mo and Eddie is a shit take. Mo is the perfect squad player and will give us solid performances in cup games where we might want to give our starters a rest.

    Quality-wise, Eddie is a 12-15 goal/season player. More than good enough for a backup ST. Who gives a shit if we gave him 100k or 70k per week? We’ve cleaned up our salary bill and have plenty of room. If we’d let him go we’d probably replace him with someone like Watkins or Toney. That’s 35-40M + more than 100k per week for a player that’ll produce the same number of goals as Eddie. The people asking for this would be the same people whining about why we didn’t spend money on bringing in a GX replacement.

  27. David.D

    Habesha and UTarse

    I hope you are right.
    He is not in sync with our current recruitment scheme , isn’t prolific and is as slow as fuck.

    Surely not

  28. Ernest Reed

    Bringing Eddie and Elneny back is sound business. Whatever the club chooses to pay them is between them. The club needs solid depth and being honest, both players did not go tools down and gave their all to the end. You need players like that as part of good character and depth requirements. Both may not be starters in the long run, but their overall value is equally undeniable. To replace either would be far more costly and if I’m being honest, the club could do far worse if they had not extended their contracts. A bit of perspective reality perhaps is needed?

  29. Brian Muff

    Well said Sausage.

    You can bet if we let EN go and bought someone fresh to occupy the same place who then failed…it would be marked as another stupid decision by Arteta…yet that is what the experts here are asking for!

  30. Naija+soccer

    Would fans be satisfied with Gabriel Jesus and Nketiah as our 2 main strikers next season ? I personally would prefer a 1 big/1 small combo. So something like Tammy Abraham and Nketiah.

  31. Ernest Reed

    “ Would fans be satisfied with Gabriel Jesus and Nketiah as our 2 main strikers next season ? ‘

    It would not be an ideal pairing in my opinion. Both are ‘smallish’ in size and as we have seen time and time again with Pepe, easy to push around. Agreed with your take, Naija.

  32. Ernest Reed

    Tammy Abraham would be quite the signing, but in all honesty when Jose The Impaler is involved, it’s never going to be straightforward or even plausible.

  33. Mr Serge

    Ernest Jose wants xkaka we want Tammy swap plus 30 m solves two problems for us

    Let’s get it done

  34. LoveSausage


    Yup, that would turn into a telenovela in this comments section. People need to start thinking about what the best alternative is before defaulting to whining. For Eddie, every alternative is significantly more expensive and has a much more limited resale value. If Mo is going to be our 4th or 5th choice alternative, then you need someone who can go 10 games without playing and still perform at consistent level in the 11th game. That’s a ridiculously difficult skill to find.

    I’d much rather spend 60-70M of our transfer chest on trying to get Tielemans and Bissouma instead of one of them + an Eddie replacement.

  35. Dissenter

    People saying 100k is too much for Eddie, like it’s a coming out of your pocket.
    Eddie’s signing was effectively, a free transfer operation due to previous mismanagement.

    The player had many offers including from clubs as big or bigger than Arsenal.
    Keeping Eddie has made the transfer business easier this summer.

  36. Dissenter

    Eddie outscored many bigger name strikers this season.
    He outscored calvert lewin, Patson Daka and Kelechi Iheanacho
    Five goals in seven starts when he was called upon
    He took his chance and he deserves that contract

  37. Mr Serge

    Bisouma in advanced talks with villa
    Let’s get them back for the buendia chat although I am delighted we missed out on him

  38. G

    Spot on dissenter … we will still buy another striker but as another poster said if Eddie did play the majority of games next season he would score 20+ and he’s nowhere near his peak
    Glad with Eleney.. main thing I’ve noticed with him is how much more he plays that forward pass more.. one against westham where he put Eddie thru was a great pass..
    lastly can’t remember what poster said Ode just passes it sideways,, whoever believes that, you need to watch his game more

  39. Graham62

    How many clubs would spend £70m on a player but then basically freeze him out.

    Arteta’s tough ( dysfunctional)style of management alienates players. Pepe was ridiculed by Arteta after being sent off at Leeds the season before last and yet Xhaka can’t do a thing wrong.

    Pepe could have been utilised far more often. You can see he struggles but Arteta just continues with his mismanagement of the guy. It is actually quite shocking to witness.

    Yes Pepe is fragile and makes silly mistakes but he has also done some wonderful things these past few seasons. By treating him the way he does Arteta is showing him he is not valued.

  40. WengerEagle

    ”People saying 100k is too much for Eddie, like it’s a coming out of your pocket.
    Eddie’s signing was effectively, a free transfer operation due to previous mismanagement.”

    Dissenter not seeing the bigger picture here.

    If you are paying your back-up ST £100k a week you are setting a very dangerous precedent.

  41. Max

    Very happy with the Eddie signing.. one who I believe has shown he can truly bang IF given chances and coaching. Likely the price means Arteta will use him even it down to pressure from the board. But seems Arteta has seen the light with him

  42. WengerEagle

    ”Arteta values goalscorers. ”

    Love you Habesha but is this a joke?

    Arteta values goalscorers? Is that based on his love and trust of 4 goals in 30 PL apps Lacazette leading the line all season?

    And failing to bring in a single goalscorer in his dozen plus signings so far exceeding £200m.

  43. WengerEagle

    We should have sold Eddie when we had the chance like Willock. Good player but not good enough for where we aspire to be in the coming seasons (well, allegedly…).

  44. Nigel Tufnel

    Great comment.

    If the Eddie deal is truly done, the question for me is: do we splash out for 2 more forwards or just 1?

    Pepe needs to go somehow, no matter how big the loss we take, because he just doesn’t have the faith of the manager to start games. He does seem to ruin our quick passing rhythm because he is a soloist.

    This means we have depth problems on the wings, unless we want to take a big gamble on Reiss Nelson, and go through exactly the same experience we had with Nketiah contract and playing time this past season. I do rate him actually, and he and Eddie play great together.

    Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I think we need 2 new forwards with Eddie. With 5 subs and 4 competitions, it would be just enough.

    I say it every time though, we need to fix that midfield by getting someone to play 8 who gets in the box and scores. This will unlock goals from Eddie the poacher and our wingers from overloads and multiple threats that need to be covered.

    This would transform our attack.

  45. raptora

    Yeah, Saka should demand to get paid in the area of £170-200k pw. Anything below that figure, given what Eddie makes, would be a joke.

  46. WengerEagle

    ‘If the Eddie deal is truly done, the question for me is: do we splash out for 2 more forwards or just 1?”

    Imo we need x2 minimum. One ST and one LF. Ideally 3 to give Saka and the new LF some depth. Forget Pool/City, take a look at Chelsea and Spurs’ depth for the forward positions even.

    Pepe is a goner so he’ll too need a replacement.

  47. raptora

    AMN could have brought 20 mils after the FAC games he played couple of years ago. Arteta refused to sell him then benched him, then loaned him. His contract expires next year, looks like yet again we’re pissing money up the wall.

  48. LoveSausage

    We’ll need one more ST and one more wide forward to replace Pepe. Gnabry will be a Bosman case next summer. We should put in a cheeky bid this summer to see if Bayern are willing to play ball. We have a relationship with the player and he can play as a wide forward on both sides.

  49. LoveSausage


    He had 1 year left and he’s rejected BM’s proposal for a new contract so he’s 100% available. Obviously, a player of that quality will want to play in the CL. But at the same time, he’s only said good things about Arsenal since he left. So we’d be stupid if we didn’t at least give him a call and test the waters.

  50. G

    As far as im aware Arteta didnt buy Pepe, so he come in and doesnt rate him and freezes him out…can’t see the problem

  51. WengerEagle

    Gnabry is 27 in the summer, coming into peak years. No chance he joins us outside of the CL, little chance even if we were in it.

    We should be casting our attention to alternatives. Have heard names like Moussa Diaby, Gakpo, Antony, Raphina. All good options but my preference would be a right footed player that plays on the left as Saka is much better at RW than LW.

  52. WengerEagle

    I really like the look of that Sinisterra fella for Feyenoord. Only 22 and very good numbers across the board, who knows could be our Luis Diaz type.

  53. Marko

    He outscored calvert lewin, Patson Daka and Kelechi Iheanacho

    Not Patson Daka no.

    And as for the nonsense that he’s now worth 100k a week you simply have to break down his 10 goals this season and 7 of them were 3 against Sunderland in the mickey mouse cup and 2 against Chelsea and Leeds and that’s it. He was next to useless in the previous months and if a few goals at the tail end of another poor season is enough for 100k a week then I dunno I feel like arsenal fans deserve what they get

  54. WengerEagle

    Aye Marko, lad looks very good. Leverkusen have CL football mind.

    That chart shows just how nonsensical cherry-picked stats can be re Eddie too that Pedro put it. On the comparison list Morata, Gameiro and Arnautovic are there. 3 Absolutely below average strikers.

  55. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Edie is not a back-up striker, not after all he’s been through
    He’s a second/rotational striker, much like Liverpool treats Jota and Diaz

    If you believe Liverpool and Chelsea wer ein the running to sign him, [which is plausible] then he’s not overpaid, considering his contract had run out.

  56. WengerEagle

    If you really believe that Liverpool and Chelsea were in for him Dissenter I have magic beans to sell you.

    Jota is a starter for Liverpool. Diaz has just arrived and will replace Mane who is 30 within the next couple of years. Also Pool actually compete on all fronts unlike ourselves and need a massive squad.

  57. WengerEagle

    Also Diaz is on £56k a week at Liverpool and he is 25. Bargain contract.

    22 year old Eddie who has proven next to nothing unlike Diaz is on £100k a week.

  58. The Real Vieira Lynn


    “Saka just made a step up, Smith Rowe with goals, Martinelli starting, and almost all the old deadwood gone. White, Ramsdale, and Tomiyasu from the previous summer have worked in successfully”

    now there’s a rather rose-coloured take…Saka has hit a wall with the tactics on offer, albeit with some tactical tweaking and the requisite protection he’s obviously a high-ceiling wide side player, ESR is functionally a managerial afterthought, who’s being shoehorned out wide and primarily used when there’s been injuries or as a late-game sub, Marts has suffered as a result of our tactics and, like ESR, needs some overlapping help, which seemed to peter out once Tierney was injured, Tomi was injured for a large chunk of the season and while I like his defensive capabilities, he’s fairly average going forward, White struggled defensively for significant periods and has rarely displayed the stretch pass qualities that were much discussed at the time of his signing and Ramsdale looked far more Ramsdale-like in the final couple months, but I hope he will regain his early days form again next season…furthermore, the most critical member of the old “deadwood” crew is still a regular starter and until Xhaka is sent packing it will be incredibly difficult for our manager to shift from the rather negative tactical script, as he makes no sense whatsoever if it’s to believed that a 4-3-3 is MA’s ultimate formational goal

    now I’m a huge fan of many of our more youthful players, like Saka, ESR and Marts, but I very much doubt they will be able to properly kick-on if we don’t both acquire the kind of high-end Striker who can come good in spite of the tactics and make a concerted effort to shift away from the vertically-challenged approach that relies too heavily on both Xhaka and Ode…even if we retained the 4-2-3-1 base formational model, we must reconfigure our midfield so that we can counter effectively with pace, much like Klopp’s Dortmund teams of a few years back…instead we have resigned ourselves to adopt a model that invites pressure yet allows the opposition to regain their respective defensive shape due to our possession-based build-up…by doing so, we leave our most effective players in wide spaces facing double-teams on a regular basis, thereby resorting to a whole host of rather aimless crosses…even when we deploy our high press we don’t presently have the personnel to do so against teams of consequence, as this requires us to put players like Xhaka and Ode into more advanced positions and to play a high defensive line, which exposes us to the counter, as we don’t have the required pace in the middle of the pitch to effectively counter such a tactic

    this is what I call a realistic evaluation based on the “eye test”

  59. Nigel Tufnel

    A lot of teams could have picked up Mane and Jota. Liverpool identified them as perfect premier league players to fit into Klopps system, and he made them even better.

    That’s why they’re dominating.

  60. LoveSausage


    I’d go for Gnabry precisely because he’s entering peak age. We have plenty of young players with high potential. And I’d rather not have to rely on Martinelli for CL qualification next season.

    With Gnabry, you could play him as the starting left-sided wide forward so you’d have a right-footer there. And he’s not just CL quality – he’s CL winner quality. When Saka needs a rest, Gnabry can play on the right, which is what he does at BM.

    And we could give him the same salary we’re paying Pepe, which would be a 50k/week raise from his current contract. So the net financial impact could essentially be the difference between what we get for Pepe and what we pay for Serge (I.e. potentially positive). That would almost be enough to forgive and forget the entire Pepe saga.

  61. Marko

    Edie is not a back-up striker, not after all he’s been through
    He’s a second/rotational striker, much like Liverpool treats Jota and Diaz

    Absolutely hilarious. Keep it up dissenter

  62. The Real Vieira Lynn


    spot on, I spent countless hours trying to bring attention to Diaz, who I felt was the best player at the last year’s Copa…what a potential steal…those are the kind of players who an organization like Arsenal can’t afford to miss out on, especially considering his skillset, reasonable transfer fee and wage package; not to mention, his seemingly endless motor and present age

  63. LoveSausage


    Comparing Eddie to Diaz is apples to oranges. Diaz has a lower salary because Liverpool had to pay €60M transfer fee. Eddie managed to run down his contract and those players always land salaries that are above market rate. Clubs look at the total cost.

  64. Graham62


    I know that Pepe wasn’t Arteta’s purchase, that’s not my point.

    At no stage during the past two and a half years has Arteta shown that he values Pepe. In fact, imo, for the most part, he has treated him appallingly. To a lesser degree he does this to other players

    Pepe is an incredibly frustrating player, we all know that but is capable of bouts of brilliance. Because of Arteta’s unique man management skills, it has made integrating him into the team an almost impossible task.

    My opinions mean nothing in the greater scheme of things but one of the reasons I feel Aubameyang decided enough was enough was because of the way Arteta gave preferential treatment to some players at the expense of the harmony of the team.

    Yes you have your favourites but don’t make it so obvious, especially when the players you favour are playing you for a fool.

    Just an opinion and yet another personal indictment of our generational coach.

  65. WengerEagle


    Don’t doubt that we could afford him but would he want to come back here? I don’t think so, he is prime age and how are you going to convince him to spend those years outside of the CL? I wouldn’t have us remotely as favourites to finish 4th next season either.

    Unless you believe Ten Hag will be a disaster at Utd and Conte will regress Spurs.

  66. LoveSausage


    IMO, Gnabry is a class above Jesus. They play different positions though so not sure the comparison makes sense. Gnabry is primarily a wide forward. He does occasionally play ST but I wouldn’t sign him with that in mind.

  67. Nigel Tufnel

    Vieira Lynn,

    Every word you type here just keeps proving my description of you. Every point you made was the most bleak take on Arsenal possible. If you had a blog, you would have zero readers with that personality.

    Why is it rose coloured glasses to point out some strengths of the young squad?

    You think that you’re coming off as intelligently critical and pragmatic, but really you’re just a downer in regards to the team.

    Continue living like that if you want. I choose to enjoy Arsenal and find a bit of hope in life.

  68. The Real Vieira Lynn


    Diaz transfer fee was 37.5M and I wasn’t directly comparing those two particular players, I was simply talking about how a real team with their shit together conducts business, even in a January window

  69. LoveSausage


    That is, of course, the big question. He’ll have options. But he also seems to have genuinely warm feelings for Arsenal. No idea what that’s worth tbh. But my point is that we should ask him. We did spend months going after Vlahovic even though he didn’t even want to talk to us. Serge will at least pick up the phone.

  70. WengerEagle


    Pool’s wage structure if far smarter than ours when you have the likes of Mane on £100k a week and Diaz on £56k a week.

    Let’s not pretend that we haven’t also spent exorbitant amounts of money in recent years. Having a back-up ST on £100k is not smart no matter how you look at it.

    I actually fear that Eddie is being groomed to lead the line and start next season. If that is the case, kiss goodbye to 4th again.

  71. WengerEagle


    Yeah was obvious to anyone that watched last year’s Copa America or caught any of Porto this season that Diaz was an exploding talent. He’s probably been the best signing this season and has only played from January, him or Kulusevski imo.

  72. LoveSausage


    The reported fee was €45M + €15M in add-ons. Considering how well he’s done, it’s safe to assume that Liverpool are on the hook for the full amount.

    I’m not arguing with you about how good Liverpool are at what they do. They’re more competent than us in every respect. There’s a reason why they’re in the CL final and we’re arguing amongst ourselves whether a 5th place finish is good enough.

    My point is just that you can’t compare a Bosman salary with a normal transfer scenario. There’s reason so many players try to run down their contracts – they know they’ll be getting more than they’re worth at the next club. If we hadn’t paid it, someone else would have.

  73. The Real Vieira Lynn


    what I said wasn’t an attempt to be overtly negative, but to be totally realistic, which is something that you clearly don’t prescribe to…I see that you glossed over the positive elements of my evaluation, as they didn’t fit your particular narrative…the last time this club had a largely complicit fanbase this organization took full advantage of our abject naivety when it came to all footballing matters…at least then we had the former professor in charge, so it wasn’t so unusual that some would give them considerable leeway, whereas now we’re functionally being run by a substitute teacher, who appears far more concerned with perception than reality

  74. LoveSausage


    If it’s true that Mane is on 100k/week then he should fire his agent. That’s an exceptionally shitty salary for a player of his quality.

    I don’t think he’s being groomed for a starting position. He’ll be rotated in but surely not a starter. Arteta has made more than his fair share of brain dead player decisions but that would be gambling his job. He’s smart enough to not do that.

  75. Naija+soccer

    Pepe had a decent cameo last game. I like what he adds variety and personality in our attack when he plays well. Our attack can sometimes be too predictable and choreographed. This moments is when I like seeing Pepe.

  76. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Liverpool could have been in for Eddie just for the profitability alone
    They could have gotten him on a free transfer, played him in peripheral games and sold him for 25-30 million next season.
    You are forgetting the business aspect of it.

    Same reason you’re ignoring the fact that Liverpool paid 37 million [can raise to 45 million] for Diaz so just stating his wages is half-truth.

  77. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    “Pool’s wage structure if far smarter than ours when you have the likes of Mane on £100k a week and Diaz on £56k a week.”
    Mane is an about 200k weekly…for the past 2-3 seasons

  78. The Real Vieira Lynn


    there seems to be some discrepancies when it comes to his exact transfer fee, regardless of that fact, you seem to be suggesting that it was a foregone conclusion that Eddie was destined to get a similar wage and term package from another club and I would strongly suggest that this would likely not have occurred…at the very least we should have let him dip his toes, then went back to him, once his market value had been properly established

  79. Dissenter

    honestly if Eddie had played place of Laca this season, there’s no way he wouldn’t have finished on double figures.
    His agent pushed his contract to the line and it paid off. Arsenal can’t afford top let him walk away for free

    The people at Arsenal are just running the simple arithmetic- they will save more keeping Eddie, even on that inflated wage, than let him walk for free.

  80. WengerEagle

    ”Mane is an about 200k weekly…for the past 2-3 seasons”

    What’s your source on that Diss? Every one I can find has him on £100k. And you seem to rate Eddie much higher than me if you believe he would fetch £30m.

    Diaz is a far better player than Eddie. not even remotely comparable.

  81. LoveSausage


    We’ll never know. My hunch is that he could have got 75k from another club fairly easily. That extra 25k is probably a premium for having been treated like shit by the generational one for the past 2.5 years. For what it’s worth, Eddie doesn’t strike me as someone who would just milk a contract. If he’s not getting minutes next season, he’ll probably take a transfer away next summer.

  82. WengerEagle

    ”For what it’s worth, Eddie doesn’t strike me as someone who would just milk a contract. ”

    You have to ask yourself though, would anybody else pay him £100k a week? If the answer is no then of course he could go the way of milking the contract. Let’s hope not but it wasn’t s smart move imo handing it out to him.

  83. Graham62

    Are we comparing players now.
    Diaz and Eddie are totally different.
    I love watching Diaz. Liverpool have a real gem there.
    Eddie can be a major star for us, as long as Arteta shows he trusts in him.

  84. DivineSherlock


    The reason I asked is I wanted to see who you guys rate as a forward more and I think what Arteta is trying to do here is trying to create a front 3 like City/Liverpool . So hypothetically , Eddie and one other ST / Firmino , Saka/Salah and Gnabry or Jesus be Mane . With Martinelli and ESR being the Jota and Diaz

  85. Dissenter

    WengER EAGLE
    Diaz is better than EAddie
    …and cost more money too, to boot

    Eddie cost us next to zero
    Diaz cost Liverpool 35 million, .. to rise to 45 million
    Factor that into your arithmetic about cost outlay

  86. TR7

    “A lot of teams could have picked up Mane and Jota. Liverpool identified them as perfect premier league players to fit into Klopps system, and he made them even better”

    Banged the drum of Mane and Jota before Liverpool signed them. Weagle was a huge fan of Firmino who also has done very well. Arsenal rarely make moves for obvious signings. Bruno G the latest in a plethora of obvious signings we should have made. Poor recruitment the single biggest ailment at Arsenal.

  87. Killroy-TM

    Eddie’s renewal from a numbers perspective it makes sense, for EL in the early stages, yes but for the EPL to challenge top 4 not really. Looks like they based a renewal solely on 8 games, because he lacked precision in front of goal and does not have the physically for hold up play. No other club would spend 100k on Eddie. With decisions like this I will not be surprised if in the upcoming season there again will be no St. Totteringham’s day.

    Here are facts to ponder over regarding players who are in the main headlines of the TW.
    1. RM are prepared to pay around €80m to land Tchouameni, who joined Monaco for €20m from Bordeaux in 2020.
    2. RM are ready to spend €120 mill on Leao to sign the 22-year-old who transfered for €30M from Lille to Milan in 2019.

    It is indicative of the fact that we have no scouting department or talent spotting personell that is better than Doris the Tea lady. Why the fuck are so many players going under AFC’s radar only for their valuation reaching 100 mill?

    I am still waiting to see what the other clubs will do in the TW for their rebuilding projects. Just as in the Jan TW, where the 3 stooges failed, so we will judge them again for their summer business and if they build a squad that can finish 4th.

  88. WengerEagle

    The Sun newspaper is not even worthy of caressing the Hemorrhoids on your arse Dissenter.

    If you mentioned that to a Scouser you’d get the Carra water-fountain treatment.

  89. Chris

    Using The Sun to back up your view undermines the whole thing lol.

    I don’t doubt Mane is on more than 100k a week, but quoting The Sun? Have some self respect!

  90. Goobergooner

    I’ve succumbed to the negativity police.

    After careful introspection; and considering the amateur hour in all roles in management at the club; and the obvious flaws of our head coach/manager, we have definitely over achieved.

    Fighting for 4th is Artetas max level. He absolutely slipped up, but thank goodness that he only needed 5th to achieve our goals.

    Arteta has finally moved his own needle, and went from under achieving horribly to over achieving, with the youngest team in the world, in the space of one season.

    Give me some year 2 action already