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Arsenal bowed out of the running for the Top 4 race in a meek fashion.

We didn’t show up. The players were too nervous. They bottled the biggest night of their careers and I don’t think anyone left that field feeling good about what they offered up.

Newcastle were superb, we can’t deny that, they worked harder than us, and played like they were the team that had the Champions League on the line.

There can be no excuse. It wasn’t good enough. 5th will be our position this year and when all is said and done it’s about where we deserve to finish.

Mad as it sounds, it was probably best we tanked in that way. There are no doubts about where we lack quality, there are some players that Arteta will aggressively move out of the club this summer, and it is still absolutely clear where we need to add talent.

There are big shouts for our lack of movement in the January transfer window. It’s going to be hard to fight that narrative today, but I’m still calm about my view there… if you don’t think anyone can improve you, don’t just sign a body. Remember, we bid for the most expensive striker in Europe, our lack of movement was talent related, not because of ambition drain. My angst is less about what we did with our first team and more about what we missed with the squad we had.

There was a goalscorer within the ranks in Eddie. There was a capable 4th choice midfielder in Mo Elneny. Though hindsight is a wonderful thing, it’s difficult to believe William Saliba would have been a bad shout for our 3rd choice defender. Mikel Arteta’s season unravelled because he was too transactional with his squad. It’s a bug in his system. He only found ESR because of a covid outbreak. We only learned that Mo and Eddie would do a job because of injuries and shocking form. If you don’t trust players, you end up with an overburned squad, needless injuries, and squad players that don’t give a fuck.

Our season fell down because Thomas Partey, Tomiyasu, and Kieran Tierney can’t play 50 game seasons. If we’re honest, nor can Bukayo or ESR at the moment.

That still doesn’t account for the stage fright the team encountered yesterday, but we need to be very careful about calling time on the players or savaging their character. That’s lazy analysis. The likelihood is we’ll finish 1 point behind Spurs this season. 1 point isn’t the difference between shit character and elite mentality. It’s the difference between circumstances. Spurs has the best striking partnership in the league (world) and they have an average age of 29, they are both seasoned, they’ve never won a trophy, but they’ve been around long enough to understand the emotions around competing for things. Our striker hasn’t started 15 Premier League games this season, our other one stopped scoring goals.

Let’s talk about Spurs though, I will put it out there now; they are going to have a very fucking rough season next year.

  • Harry Kane and Son will never have a season without injury like this again. Look at how shite they were against Burnely when they had to manage 3 games in a week. Champions League requires you play a first-team in every game from September. Older strikers can’t deal with that. Conte’s historical record will very clearly show he doesn’t manage European competition very well.
  • Spurs don’t have massive money to spend this summer. If Conte gets Top 4, he is going to be a nightmare for Levy. There are no fuck-you-money cheques coming out of that part of North London. Remember, the worst season for Antonio at Chelsea was the one after he won the league and he made territory moves.
  • Spurs will never get the luck they had this season. 3rd top scorer… own goal? Are you fucking kidding me?

They will be lucky to get 60 points this season. They took the sugar high of Conte, it might look like they are on the rise, but I assure you, it will come crashing down.

Now let’s talk about Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta is a ruthless operator and he will exact some big moves on his squad this summer. Cedric, Tavares, Xhaka, Pepe, and Mo could very well see the exit door. There might also be a more concerted effort to look at some painful realities: Both our fullbacks are extremely injury prone and so is our centre midfield maestro. We won 6 of 7 prior to the Partey injury… we totally fucked the top 4 after.

We hit our target this season. Europe is what the club planned for. 4th was the stretch goal, then it was the SURELY goal, now we are all in pain. But I’ve said all year, our feelings don’t change the target. We haven’t failed. If you are brutally honest, Champions League football for us next season might have been damaging to a squad that isn’t ready for multiple games a week. But… back to the plan. It is Top 4 next season, then it’s a title charge. Next season, there’s no flakiness from me on targets, I want top 4. He has had enough time, and he will have had enough money to take us to where we need to go.

Now let’s talk about the summer. It will be a blockbuster one again. The job to be done has never been clearer.

We need a proper striker that can run the lines, bully defenders, create an aerial threat, and score some fucking goals. I don’t want to see Gabriel Jesus, I want to see Tammy Abrahams or someone that lives in his world.

We need a proper centre midfielder that can compete with Thomas Partey. I want someone robust, that can lead, be a final ball merchant from deep, with the ability to offer us flex in the system.

There needs to be defensive considerations. Our fullbacks are brittle. KT has only been available for 57% of our Premier League games. That’s not good enough. Tomiyasu has only played 1600 Premier League minutes. It’s not good enough. Aaron Hicky, the Scottish 19 yr old that can play left or right-back feels smart. William Saliba, who can play right-back or CB is also a gift, he has 4000 minutes of experience, he is ready.

Then add another forward that can play across the frontline like Marcus Rashford or Gabriel Jesus if he’s cheaper than £60m.

The way this season ended has been painful. Arteta hasn’t managed the squad as well as he could have. Our players haven’t been as robust as we might have hoped. Inexperience has cost us.

… but we are still the hottest project in Europe for young players.

The boys could still finish on 69 points, which is exceptional considering the start, and the fact these chaps are part of the youngest squad in the league should not go unseen. These boys, despite the disappointment, will have learned a lot about themselves, even in failure (especially). They will get better.

Arteta tends to learn from his mistakes, he will be a better manager next season, and hopefully rectify the issues that have plagued him this season. He should hire more experience into the club, he should treat squad players better, and he needs to force the club to move fast this summer.

The fans are back on board. We haven’t been this united in 20 years. It hasn’t been this much fun for a very long time.

We were competing with 2 games to go, that feels painful because it went badly, but be real… no one expected this season to be this competitive. It has been a pleasant surprise even if the end game was very sad.

When the dust settled on 5th in the league, it won’t feel glorious, but it will be regarded as progress and a decent run in the first season of a new strategy.

Next season is about finding stability, improving weaknesses, and making sure top 4 is ours, and we’re in the Champions League.

Right, that’s me done. Listen to our podcast if you are brave enough. x


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  1. The Real Vieira Lynn


    I do agree with your “dilly dallying” comments, as this has been the MO of this organization for quite some time, minus the Sanchez acquisition, which certainly has contributed to our oft-times slow starts…why can’t we just get our business done in a timely fashion, especially the more pertinent pieces, so that they can develop a rapport during the preseason build-up…then again, what are the chances of us actually acting in such a professional manner…sometimes I wonder if they actually like having a built-in excuses should things go sideways in August…just not a fan whatsoever of our seemingly incessant need to do things that are so blatantly counter-intuitive

  2. DivineSherlock

    Has anyone accepted the outcome of us finishing 5th or do I still need to come after the season ends ? Its very par where we’ve finished and we will have a very good transfer window as well. Onwards and Upwards , Not doomsday yet .

  3. Killroy-TM

    5th is par, yet Emery & Arteta were hired to get CL matches, Emery among other things was fired for not reaching a CL spot.Nothing has changed since that has always been the goal, plus Tets promised Willian he would win the CL.

    Now we are starting the 4th season with the Basque lightweight as manager and if the TW goes south and we don’t get the players which are a must, plus come X-Mas we are not competing for CL positions in the league, the pressure will be massive on Pep’s Gimp and I really feel sorry for ST holders that pay the highest premium and not seeing the expected results.

    By the time this manager’s contract ends a 5th place for CL qualification will be available to the EPL and then the par 5th place will yield CL matches. In the meantime enjoy the games in Europe’s arsehole locations.

  4. Domi B

    This is embarrassing Pedro. You should just stop running the blog.

    Now it’s okay being 5th, now the players you were praising need to be shipped out (xhaka etc), spuds will tank (wtf you’re talking about, you can’t see in the future and us playing thu/sun is way worse btw)… Stop looking at others and focus on our glaring deficiencies which start from bad board and average hipster manager.

  5. Mr Serge

    DivineSherlockMay 20, 2022 06:31:19
    Has anyone accepted the outcome of us finishing 5th or do I still need to come after the season ends ? Its very par where we’ve finished and we will have a very good transfer window as well. Onwards and Upwards , Not doomsday yet

    I have accepted it I still don’t like it losing from a winning position is so much more painful than losing from a losing one lol

  6. Mr Serge


    Now we are starting the 4th season with the Basque lightweight as manager and if the TW goes south and we don’t get the players which are a must, plus come X-Mas we are not competing for CL positions in the league, the pressure will be massive on Pep’s Gimp and I really feel sorry for ST holders that pay the highest premium and not seeing the expected results.

    You feel sorry for me thanks on that note
    I feel sorry for all of us

    It’s been too long now we have not been at the top table

  7. Leftside

    I am, I had such faith that we would get over the line. We totally let the chance pass us by. So I have no expectations for Sunday other than for us to limp to 5th.

  8. Samesong

    Beavis will get a last minute penalty in injury time when Norwich are winning 2-1 and score and do his shit celebration.

  9. raptora

    Just saw a video of Vieira kicking a fan during the fan invasion last night. LOL!

    The idiot fan was giving him the middle finger right in PV4’s face, probably talking shit too. Our boy had none of that – he tried to grab the Everton fan as the fan was trying to run like a little bitch, then kicked him pretty viciously as the fan collapsed on the floor again like the little bitch that he is.

    HAHA top quality content!

    Wonder if he’ll maybe get fined or suspended for a while. I mean, he should know better all things considered. But fuck this pathetic kid. Going in people’s faces to show the middle fingers and spouting god knows what garbage out of his dirty mouth.

  10. Aasim

    Tbf, we didn’t have a squad good enough for 4th place. And bar a monstrous transfer window, we wouldn’t have had a squad capable of much in the CL. Good fundamental progress is always incremental and steady. We are 5th. By max 4 points. We are not a million miles off. A decent striker, mfr and fullback will get us into top4. It wouldn’t have done anything for our league / CL chances if we had qualified for top 4.
    However, it does seem like we literally have all our eggs in this next season under artetas’ basket ! Because if we don’t get top 4 then a reset will be necessary. And there won’t be much options for good managers either. Too much is at stake on next season. If arteta isn’t able to deliver, we’d either have to settle for mid table mediocrity for the foreseeable future, or revert back to Conte type super star manager who will look to reset a team curated at a significant expense under a completely different philosophy.
    So this transfer window will need to be precise. Our new striker has to deliver. So it can’t be Jesus. The mfr not only has to cover for partey when he’s injured for 30% of the season but will also need to be accomplished enough to play in the forward zone when partey is fit. That profile is not tielesman. Martinelli has to show progress. His season has been hugely underwhelming. ESR has to show progress in both fitness and character. We need someone to cover for teirney for half the season. So that’s easily another 150m transfer window. And I think the principal will definitely dish that money out. Because they too realize that the next season is the last season they can roll with, and sell to the supporters, as Project Arteta.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I recall vividly at the start of this season the large number of sports journalists and football
    pundits being asked to forecast who would be their top 4 finishers in EPL and none included
    Arsenal in their list.

    Indeed most when Arsenal were discussed and particularly after the first three games of the
    season were disposed to suggest that we would finish no better than 8-10.

    Arsenal have a young team and a “thin” squad and it is not altogether surprising that this has been an up and down season. We are still very much a “work in progress”.

    Yes it is disappointing if we finish 5th as seems likely. The major minus of qualifying for
    Europa Cup is that we will be playing on Thursdays and Sundays or Mondays.

    Two lessons to be learned from recent games is that we need a full squad next season to
    meet are commitments and there needs also to be far more rotation than has been case this

    I think that most posters on Le Grove are fairly clear that we need to recruit at least one
    central midfielder and two forwards good enough to play in starting eleven.

    Thereafter it is a case of filling holes in squad and upgrades in that department.

  12. Samesong

    Tbf, we didn’t have a squad good enough for 4th place. And bar a monstrous transfer window, we wouldn’t have had a squad capable of much in the CL.

    We had a few injuries our squad was good enough for top 4. We messed up.

    It’s all about experience in my opinion I would love to see the youngsters rolling out in the CL whether they don’t qualify from the group or not. I think that experience would of been vital for their progression.

  13. Terraloon


    I recall vividly at the start of this season the large number of sports journalists and football
    pundits being asked to forecast who would be their top 4 finishers in EPL and none included
    Arsenal in their list.

    This was a season that saw Arsenal with a nett spend that was significant, a season when there wasn’t the distraction of European football and a season where Man Utd failed miserably and the turmoil at Chelsea who were clearly distracted and involved in the maximum number of domestic games available to PL clubs added to the club Wc and of course a decent run in the CL.

    Everything was in place to take advantage yet it appears that the predictions from those journalists were correct and Arsenal almost certainly won’t appear in the top 4.

    We all need to be honest about what to expect next season. There is massive hope that there will be another summer spend of note and whilst it’s obvious that there will indeed have to be some money spent in football transfers it’s the forwards that cost the big money and as we all have witnessed elsewhere there are absolutely no guarantees that any incoming will hit the ground running.

  14. Aasim

    Our recruitment needs a significant upgrade. We needed an additional forward and yet it’s pool who managed to get Luis Diaz. Also compare our back up LB vs theirs, both recruited over the summer !! And Konate already looks like a beast.

  15. CG

    ”””Don’t mes with big Pat””’

    Vieira has had a great first season at C.Palace and that kick out on that cowardly Everton fan will only have enhanced his reputation.

    We certainly need some of his steel at Newcastle/Spurs

  16. China1

    Same song our squad is much better than Spurs’. Man U have a better squad but they tanked it for us. That we didn’t capitalize on Utd’s failure and that we let an inferior Spurs team move above us is our failure

  17. Samesong

    Sorry China should of put the first part in quotations as I didn’t say this

    ” Tbf, we didn’t have a squad good enough for 4th place. And bar a monstrous transfer window, we wouldn’t have had a squad capable of much in the CL.”

  18. Pierre

    “I think that most posters on Le Grove are fairly clear that we need to recruit at least one central midfielder and two forwards good enough to play in starting eleven.”

    You can add a goalkeeper to that list.
    Watching the nervous wreck Ramsdale v Newcastle confirmed to me that he just isn’t up to the job..

    Almost everything bad about the Newcastle performance stemmed from Ramsdale’s nervousness whenever the ball came anywhere near him.

    The first 2 times he kicked the ball he fell over and then was lucky not to concede a goal when he lost possession of the ball.
    His kicking was woeful as was his handling of the football, Ramsdale set the tone for a very poor performance from the team..

    If Arteta recognnises the importance of having a confident , dominating goalkeeper who can catch the ball , then he will replace Ramsdale asap , he is now showing us why the last 2 teams he played for were relegated as he instills no confidence in his back 4…

  19. Tom

    China1 , ”best” squad is a vague term to describe any group of players, and any number of people can honestly disagree when this sort of metrics are used.
    A much fairer approach might be one that deals with how expensively assembled and on what wages said squad was.
    Arsenal have the league’s sixth most valuable squad, according to Transfermarkt, and on sixth highest wages……….. so in that regard Arteta has overachieved by one spot, assuming fifth is where we end up.

    Tottenham are fifth most expensive and United are fourth.

    That’s why Rodgers overachieved with Leicester’s eighth most expensive side coming in fifth last season, regardless his late season ”collapse”.

  20. Mr Serge

    spurs have a better squad than us they have 2 world class 100m pound strikers in the tean add bentacour, romero, kula, lloris, to that i don’t rate their full backs though or sanchez, my god wiggy has dier playing who would have imagined, and winks etc have no game time as they are shite

    look at thier front 3 compared to ours

    miles apart plus they got that wiggy little twat who is a better manager than Mikkel

  21. Nelson

    Spurs have the 6th best squad and are in 4th.
    Spurs has a coach who can set up a defensive system to take points from any top 6 teams.

  22. Milo Burstyn

    Emery wasn’t fired for not making champions league. He was fired for his horrible start to the following season. If he could have put the late season collapse behind him firmly, he would have at least seen out 2020. He didnt so he was sacked.

    The same will happen to Arteta, if he cannot reverse the form late in this season, and start next season properly.

    I worry that Cana the goalkeeping coach has impacted Ramsdale negatively. I worry that it doesnt matter who is between the sticks, they will fold. I hipe Arteta trusts his keepers more than the coach, as unfortunate a set of circumstances as that may seem…

  23. Brian Muff

    Arteta doomed to fail on here.

    If he was to note down all the MUST GO’s, all written with a do or die level of importance on here, he’d be replacing THE WHOLE FUCKING TEAM.

    Everyone’s an expert eh…

  24. andy1886

    @Brian – hasn’t he already done just that???

    I guess when you’re paid £5m a year you are expected to show that expertise, and equally when you’re viewed as a ‘customer’ you’re also entitled to give feedback on the ‘product’.

  25. andy1886

    From MA’s press conference:

    “”It’s been a long journey and a very challenging one this season but I think we have come a long way as a club,” he said.

    “As a team I think we have transformed the energy of the club and we’ve done it together. Now I can sense I have the support to take the next step.

    “We are back in Europe, hopefully it will be the Champions league, and we want to take the club to the next level.

    “We have a clear plan. We need resources and we need to improve the quality and the depth of the squad.”

  26. Brian Muff

    Agreed, there’s plenty to criticise but come on, we’re 5th (or 4th) it can’t be that bad, if it we’re as bad as people make out we should be 10th, 12th? Lower?

    I just prefer reading focussed discussion on realistic possibilities by people who know more than me, that’s all.

  27. Positive pete

    Sounds like there’s a few on here who are are shitting. bricks that the carrot crunchers might shock the world if Tottenham go all “ Spursy”. & we don’t f**k up.Now wouldn’t that be upsetting ……extremely unlikely but hilarious all the same.

  28. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    I know we weren’t expected to get top 4 but missing out on it is bad for our transfer window. People might say we weren’t ready for CL football so it doesn’t matter, but it does. The calibre of player we can sign will be greatly affected. We have next to no chance of signing Darwin Nunez now as I’ve read he’s rejected Manchester Utd because he wants CL football. Liverpool were in for Mbappe and if he joins Madrid then I see Liverpool signing Nunez.

    I am rather underwhelmed at the prospect of Jesus, Sterling, Gundogan or Tielimans joining us but already I am reading Jesus and Tielimans aren’t Interested in our “project” now. Selling our project to anyone who will help us reach top 4 will be next to impossible now especially as Utd, Newcastle and Villa will be shopping in our market with Utd and Newcastle being able to offer more wages.

    I know we weren’t expecting top 4 but at one point we were 6 points clear with a game in hand on Spurs, then 4 pts clear with 3 games left. It just feels like a massive missed opportunity and one that could really hold us back and risk us losing our Hale enders if in a season or 2 we still haven’t achieved CL football.

    I hope we get our business done early so we can start the season with all our players in place by day 1. I just hope we don’t end up with Melo and Calvert Lewin.

  29. englandsbest

    Our focus should be on next season not this. This season is water under the bridge, a view clearly shown by the Club in Jan window: we hope for better but 5th place finish will do. In Arteta’s words, ‘a brave decision’. And a very wise decision if – as I believe – the aim is to bring in the quality and number of players needed this summer.

  30. andy1886

    Fair enough Brian, fans have always slated players, probably always will. Mostly it’s just letting off steam, I’ve heard even our greatest players getting abuse on off days. Yes, fifth isn’t a disaster but it is disappointing considering where we were a few weeks back. Nonetheless I’ll be there on Sunday clapping the lads off the pitch win lose or draw. And I’ll likely be on here in the days and weeks following with my thoughts on who we should let go and who we should try to sign.

    Keeps us entertained in the barren weeks over the summer.

  31. andy1886

    More from Mikel:

    “On Arsenal’s plans for the summer, Mikel Arteta said:

    “We are going to have certain resources, not unlimited resources, certain resources.

    “We don’t know what the rest are going to have which I assume is going to be challenging because now it’s not a top three, it’s a top eight.

    “This club’s history is to be the best in this country. It takes time to get there.””

    Just don’t want to hear about any ‘Top Eight Trophy’…..

  32. bennydevito

    Thanks Andy.

    I’m reading that Bellerin is coming back and that Arteta wants him in the team. I’d be happy with Tomiyasu and Bellerin over Cedric that’s for sure and if we can keep Gabriel away from Juventus’ advances, with Saliba fighting for a starting place I’m quite confident our defence will be an improvement over this season.

    For me we need another left back to compete with Tierney and another midfielder to compete with Partey and a prolific beast CF. I think Inter’s Lautaro will probably be more attainable than Nunez but will he want us?

    Whoever we sign I just want it done before the season starts, then we go again. We need to get off to a good start and hope that this season’s experience will push us on.

  33. raptora

    Who dafug is in the top 8 club? Man City, Pool, Chavs, Spuds, Gooners, Manure are top 6, then who? West Ham and Wolves? No way. There’s also Leicester. Then Newcastle is supposed to climb a lot of places next season. What the fuck is our manager smoking again. Top 8 he said.

    It’s a top 6 atm, with 4 other teams of good quality.

  34. raptora

    Dec 2020
    Defeats to Everton, Burnley, Wolves and Spurs have consigned Arsenal to their worst start to a campaign in 46 years, but Arteta insisted that his side have been deserving of more points by using statistics to back up his claim.

    ‘Last year we won the game against Everton with a 25 per cent chance of winning, you win 3-2,’ he said ahead of the Carabao Cup clash with Manchester City.

    ‘Last weekend, it was a 67 per cent chance of winning, any Premier League game in history, and a nine per cent chance of losing, and you lose.

    ‘Three per cent against Burnley and you lose, seven per cent against Spurs and you lose. There is something else apart from that. It is not just the performance on the pitch, it is something else that needs to go our way and at the moment it doesn’t.

    ‘Saying that, it doesn’t care because you lose and the only thing that cares is that you lose a football match and this is what we hear.’

  35. LoveSausage

    Of these rumours about The spuds having food poisoning are true it would be absolutely hilarious. I mean, what is wrong with these idiots? Has Beavis been eating gas station sushi??

  36. Marko

    Marco Rose is available we should be all over that. Ruben Amorim too is gettable so there’s no reason for sticking with the bum. Admit our mistake and pay him off to fuck off so we can move forward

  37. Leftside

    Arteta is here for the foreseeable, we will limp into 6th next year and his fans will tell all it is an improvement due to the additional games we will play next year.

  38. Tom

    “We don’t know what the rest are going to have which I assume is going to be challenging because now it’s not a top three, it’s a top eight.”

    Weagle, I believe Arteta just suggested to Pedro the ”right words”.
    This will be the running theme throughout Arteta’s Arsenal tenure, how the league is no longer only about the top four clubs( hasn’t been in a long time) but rather top 8, which is a pure spin of course.

  39. Valentin

    Galtier is gettable if behind the scene things at Nice starts to desintegrate.
    The worry is that he will demand 5 new players because I can’t see him accepting:
    + GK: Ramsdale or that new american goalkeeper
    + RCB: unless Saliba is willing to stay, Ben White does not fit his style of CB and unfortunately a combination of Holding and Gabriel does not have the passing ability to play quick football from the back.
    + DCM: Xhaka may be reliable, but he lacks mobility Lokonbi would be a good understudy.
    + DCM: Partey needs somebody to deputise so he is not over used and exposed to risk of injury
    + DCM: Galtier often plays 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 so he may need another powerful, agile central midfielder
    + LW: ESR and Martinelli are wasted in those position. He may be able to coach Martinelli, but ESR lacks the straight line pace of winger. He may keep Pepe and move Saka on the other side.
    + CF: Arsenal does not have a tall powerful centre half.

    Anyway, that is not going to happen. Even if we start abysmally, Arteta will be there until at least Christmas, the world cup would give a good interruption to regroup and a reprieve.

  40. Tom

    The league and top eight should only be used together in conversation by the likes of West Ham or Leicester.
    Apart from Leicester’s miracle 2015/16 season the last time a club other than the usual big six broke into the top four was Everton in 2004/ 05.

    Talking about eight PL clubs in context of CL places is like talking about Bundesliga being a two horse race because Dortmund won it ten years ago.

  41. raptora

    I mean, Arteta flew to USA in the late January break when we were 6th. Hard to argue that Arteta was getting a contract no matter what. They gave two fucks if we ended 4th or 8th. He would have been extended no matter what.
    As some were saying a year ago, we have to be in horrible position for months and months to have our impotent owners act up and still that act won’t be the act of an ambitious owner, but the act of a scared one. We’re stuck with Generational for the foreseeable future.

  42. Tom

    raptora, Arteta was getting a new contract regardless of the league position come May, which was obvious to me at the time.
    The Kroenke’s love him because he’s willing to work within financial constrains without a peep of discontent, and he loves them right back because they don’t set hard goals the likes of other big clubs might do.
    Top five or six next season while staying somewhat competitive till the end, and he keeps his job a 100%

  43. azed


    If Arteta goes to Stan Kroenke for a new goal keeper, he will be fired.
    Arteta has bought a goal keeper in the last two seasons and one cost $30M.

  44. Mr Serge

    we dont need a keeper guys ramsdale has just has a bit of a shaky month does not help that his usual protection of cover in partey,kt and white ( ltely ) have been out

    come on now

  45. Killroy-TM

    To all the 5th place apologists, the competing teams around us were dropping points and were shit. We don’t have the balls and steel like personality to take the opportunity and finish 4th. As everyone knows we were 6 points ahead with a game in hand in April and Arteta bottled it.

    If you can’t take 4th from that position you are not worthy of being Arsenal’s manager, you are weak.

  46. Killroy-TM

    The point that I realized that Arteta was not the manager for AFC when he became the errand boy of the Kroenkes and did the dirty job of advocating a salary cut for everyone. He surely lost the players confidence and support at that time as they clearly knew he was representing the distant owners interest and not the club’s and squads interest. What an embarrassment of a manager to sink to such a low level.

  47. Wengaball


    I said the same thing a year ago.

    He acted as Josh’s henchman. And got rewarded for it by being promoted to manager from coach. Check the dates.

    That is the time he also fell out with Özil. Whether Özil was shot or not, he was playing regularly up until that episode.

    Pedro has been spinning the yarn on how he was dropped for footballing reasons. Absolute BS. It was for refusing/arguing against the pay cut.

    He then further brown nosed Josh by firing the entire scouting department and Gunnersaurus. Acts like a hard man, but suffers from a small Willy syndrome.

    All this while costing the club many times more by falling out of players, paying some to leave, devaluing others through complete mismanagement.

    By the way Arsenal are the only PL club to have implemented a pay cut, if I am not mistaken.