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Let’s have a little pep talk before we get into this blog.

You… yes YOU need to pick yourself up off of the ground.

All this crying on the internet that you think we’re going have a bad day is weak sauce. It’s low-fat mayonnaise on a plant-based-meat alternative kebab. It’s asking the Doner Operator to box it up so you can have it for lunch tomorrow.

I will not tolerate this type of meekness today.

Arsenal are in control of top 4 with two games to go. It doesn’t matter that Spurs have taken points off big teams, it doesn’t matter that the mainstream media are slobbering over Antonio Conte, no one gives a fuck what G.Nev thinks.

The simple arithmetic is this: We need to beat two sides we have outperformed all season then top 4 is ours.

We are better than Newcastle.

We are better than Everton.

The players aren’t going into this game having a mental breakdown, so I don’t expect you to misbehave on a big night like this.

Channel your inner winnertivity. Go into that Group Chat clutching your cojones (real or metaporical) and shout YES, GLORY TO ARSENAL! TONIGHT WE TASTE VICTORY! PRAISE TO SAKA! PRAISE TO ODEGAARD! PRAISE TO BIG MO!

Now go to your boss’s oak drinks cabinet. Open a bottle of something expensively aged. Pour yourself a stiff one, crush it (no faces), then head back to your desk. If they ask who sent you, tell them Pedro, it’ll be fine with HR, I promise.

Are you set? Good, now let’s talk football.

Arsenal look set to have a pretty decent team to choose from. Gabriel and Ben White went to Newcastle, I would take that news as meaning it is highly likely our defence will have 4 of our 5 starters. That is absolutely massive considering the occasion.

We need huge games from all of them. Aaron Ramsdale needs to exude his early-season confidence, Ben White and Gabriel need to do their jobs with confidence and calm, and Tomi just needs to be Tomi. I don’t know what the fullback choice will be, but having the Lord of Chaos at left-back is probably a worse option than Tomi there with Cedric on the right. Both options are less than ideal, let’s be honest.

In midfield, it’ll be Xhaka and Mo Elneny, they just have to play with discipline and heart. Newcastle don’t have a great defence, the biggest job of the evening is going to be what we can do in their box. Our midfield needs to give a platform to the youngsters in the final 3rd to do some damage.

I don’t know how Arteta is going to mix it up in the final third, but whoever is there needs to take their chances.

Newcastle play out the back, perfect for Eddie to sniff our opportunities, the press is going to be important.

Trippier is on his second game of the season, the perfect chance to run an older player ragged.

Targett on the other side is there to be got at.

Our reality is fans is that we are going to have to watch Arsenal suffer for chunks of the game. West Ham had basically nothing to play for and they went two up against City and should have scored two more. When we were gunning for the league in 1999, we went on an outrageous tear post losing to Villa on December 13th, we didn’t lose a single game, we were looking really good for the league, then we went to Leeds, who had nothing to play for sitting comfortably in 4th, and we lost to a Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank late goal.

Newcastle have nothing to play for outside the joy of being really fucking irritating to our end-of-season run. They are under the lights in front of their rabid fanbase, they’ll want to exit the season with a scalp, Arsenal would be a pretty good one.

They’ll come at us at 100mph. We have to ride out that energy. We have to kill the moment. We might have to take the game into the last 20 minutes to win it.

Prepare to suffer, but be positive about the game, these boys have shown deep character all season.

Spurs was an aberration.

The job to be done is clear. So let’s do it. No excuses. We can taste that Champions League music in the air.

Right, on that note, see you in the comments. x

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Saks won’t be hanging around wasting his career here


The only consolation is that next season will be similar or worse so Arteta will be sacked and a coach with a modicum of knowhow will be appointed. Smh. Fucking pathetic

London gunner

Shocking this is back to the bad days of wenger


Absolutely no excuses from Pedro defending arteta on this . He bottled top 4 worse than Emery did . They both shite .
It’ll be even harder next season , the scum will strengthen with cl money and conte will stay , Newcastle now will buy quality , ten hag will improve Utd . We’re fucked


Pedro said the Spurs game was an aberration. No the Chelsea game was the aberration it seems. Whilst West ham were just burnt out.


Time to see if Pedro has any decency left. Honestly tried backing this manager but tonight firmly confirms my status with him. Arteta out…


We should all prepare ourselves to lose Saka this summer or next year.

London gunner

This makes Newcastle look like prime Bayern

Thierry Martinelli

Dont forget the excuse of fielding defenders who weren’t 100% and losing Tomiyasu early. And of course not having Partey and Tierney


Only 2 shots in a half we needed to win??? FFS!!!


Haha inside bang on the money. Was the ref to blame tonight, or the narcissist cunt in the dug out


5 losses in our last 9, Jesus Christ what a complete joke.

And to Newcastle, Brighton, Palace and Southampton.


There is NO spinning this performance and collapse when it all mattered. If Emery was on the bench we’d of demanded blood.

Fact Bruno has hit the final nail a bit poetic.


We’ve got what we deserved tonight, awful performance.


Nothing ‘Unlucky’ about this performance.


We made things so much harder for ourselves in January.


Soares shot.feom 30 yards LOOOL


cedric with the 30 yard screamer there – not


We spent all our money on a twat who looks like an Ibiza club rep who openly admitted he doesn’t watch football. We then got rid of our main striker and chased one man all Jan only to come away with nothing even though there are a ton of players that could improve us in all areas of the field. We have lost 13 games this season. We has a 4 point lead over Spurs with THREE games to go. They are now 2 points ahead. We decided to reward Arteta with a new contract, for what, I do not… Read more »


Not a single decent corner. All short corners ended up with Arsenal losing the ball or a throw-in. What do they practice on the training ground?


The thing is, are you surprised?

Didn’t think so.


Sickening. Bottled it in the end. Complete capitulation.


Done with this clown


You really think potter wouldn’t lift this mess. Terrible too 4 this year and we fucked it .

Mind you it was only a stretch goal.


We have lost 13 freaking games. Conceded more goals than last, no discernable style of play, year 3 of a project. Please where is the progress? Cos I can’t see it!!


“5 losses in our last 9, Jesus Christ what a complete joke. And to Newcastle, Brighton, Palace and Southampton.”

Best young coach in the world.

Mr Serge

Giving auba away without a replacement cost us what a bunch of cunts for not buying in Jan

They want 3k to renew a season ticket though don’t they


50m White … yesssss


Oh well, at least the Punters that can be bothered to show up for the final home game can just go and have a day out in the Sun….doesn’t matter what happens against Everton, we might as well give them the win they need to stay up, not as if we are playing for anything are we?

Might as well play the Under 23 lads to give them a run out!!


The only saving grace is that this club, which reacts too slowly to everything will see that Arteta is not up to it and he will probably be sacked in the next 12/18 months.

Mr Serge

Raptora 6 losses in 10 games with spurs


And it’s not even just the defeats, it’s the Anaemic and absolutely feeble manner and intensity in the performances which as somebody rightly pointed out stems from the manager down that is really unacceptable.

Have we created a single quality chance tonight? At on the beach safe Newcastle!



Vieira and saliba in, arteta and Ben shite out


Arsenal teams have been bullied out of games since the invincibles. This needs addressing or we will never get anywhere as a club. We consistently fold when the pressure is on.

Habesha Gooner

Honestly, Emery put up more of a fight than this. We had nothing these past two games. We can’t press, we can play through these teams and we barely attacked. We showed nothing. And that is the most disappointing thing for me. It doesn’t matter now. Arteta’s process time or whatever it is, is done now. Next season, he delivers or we bring in an elite level coach.


But but but…its the most exciting project in world football. Arteta will have to be binned next year, another 20m down the dhitter. Good idea renewing before he hit his targets.


Hold your head in shame Arteta and our players tonight


” Our signings have moved the needle”

” Arteta a generational manager”

” Conte an arsonist”

” Offloading Auba improved the dressing room atmosphere”

” Bruno G worse than Shelvy”

” Saliba a young player who would have cost us points”

Pedro’s posts are comical.

Ernest Reed

It’s akin to running a marathon and you are 500 m from the finish line and you decide, well I never expected to actually finish the race so I guess I’ll just step off now.

This is Pedro’s argument…Honestly, who even thinks like that, ever???

Mr Serge

LoyikaMay 16, 2022 21:50:44
Oh well, at least the Punters that can be bothered to show up for the final home game can just go and have a day out in the Sun….doesn’t matter what happens against Everton, we might as well give them the win they need to stay up, not as if we are playing for anything are we?Might as well play the Under 23 lads to give them a run out

I don’t even want to go


We should be losing by 5-0 can’t believe my eyes.


That’s us done. We were fucked in January and all the Northern biased referees have been against us. Conte had the Italian connection which would only sell players to them and we put all our eggs in one basket believing that we could secure a player who wanted to join Juventus. 5th place seems really really piss poor now and you cannot dress this up any other way. Spurs finished above us and we crumbled.

London gunner

The performance is somehow worse than the result and the result is fucking dogshit


Saliba not fucking ready for PL

Well , Saliba is ready for CL football

Wnat to play Pep and bought 50m CB… generational clown of a manager


Even Pedro knows this coach is a fraud. Next season will be bad. We don’t have money like man utd, we don’t have UCL like spurs. Arteta has contrived to give away our better players for free or for pittance. Who will sign for us???


I don’t even know if I’m going on Sunday might put my ticket on the exchange. What is the fucking point?




Monday nights this season have been tragic… but this one takes the cake. Can’t think of one good thing to say about it. This season ….. has been a rollercoaster ride to hell. Also, Im done with seeing Xhaka in an Arsena Shirt .. Ishola is correct he is a curse.


2-0 is flattering, we’ve been beyond shit.


Pepe is done and dusted. Complete waste of time, will probably leave for a fraction of his fee in the summer and isn’t going to be missed.


Keep playing wet noodle Odegaard.



The one main difference between Emery’s first season and Arteta’s 3rd season is that Emery got us to the Europa League final.

Sad to say that the only player that really looked up for it today was Eddie, and he’s probably on his way out.

Topside Northbank

Outfought all over the pitch.

Not one player outplayed their opponent.

5th it is.

Jim Lahey

“And it’s not even just the defeats, it’s the Anaemic and absolutely feeble manner and intensity in the performances which as somebody rightly pointed out stems from the manager down that is really unacceptable.”

This is BY FAR the worst football I have ever seen an Arsenal side play. I am willing to let a lot go if the football is good. But what Arteta has produced over the last 3 seasons has been horrendous, some of the worst in the league to be honest.


Pedro is going to splice an imaginary stat table to show you that the generational 3 year – hundreds of millions of pounds spent and squad absolutely gutted – process is right on schedule.

4th was absolutely gaping for us all season. Arteta is an embarrassment, so too are his halfwit superfans.


This squad couldn’t even mange 38 prem and a couple of cup games without falling apart. Without CL money to invest and attract talent, how are we going to get top 4 next season at the same time as having to play Thursdays?


Shipping out auba lifted the mentality don’t forget.

Non negotiables fc


Clueless manager


No spine, no heart, no brains. The banter years continue.

London gunner

We won’t get top four under arteta not next not the one after or the one after that


Lol, Pepe fouled himself!


Enjoy this season while you can. This is the last time we finish above Newcastle for a long time.

Habesha Gooner

We can play through these teams*

I wish. We can’t!!!


We desperately need a real manager, this experiement has failed.


London Gunner

You called it mate but it has been even worse than the 2-1 you called.

Should have been 4-0.


“Who was calling for a new contract for Elneny. He’s been nowhere near a Newcastle midfielder all game. He’s never been good enough.”

Elneny deserves an extension to be a squad player

The real issue is why this club is paying Thomas {world class) Partey to warm the physio bench. He’s never available when it matters the most.



The basque blagger told Willian that he wanted Arsenal to win the CL within 3 years. He has not qualified for it in 3 years.


Not making 4th with a 4 point advantage and 3 games to go is gross failure
Can’t be dressed up any differently
Better teams and coaches finishing ahead of us


Players looking all forlorn after as if they couldn’t have done any more. Gutless. Absolutely gutless.


Even a draw would have left the door slightly open for a shock Norwich draw and us beating Everton. No way does Norwich win on Sunday.


Lots of old timers here today

What’s up?


Sack the little bullshitting cunt tonight. Fraud of a manager. Zero pointszero goals and 5 shipped in 2 games that really mattered. This shower of shit in the champions league. Do me a favour.


Arsenal being out-possessed 2/3 to 1/3 by Newcastle. My days!


Seriously you lot get a grip. Yes we’ve bottled top 4 and that is so frustrating but is that a sacking and the worst project in football?!?

At the start of the season 5th would have been progress to everyone but now it’s the end of the world. Seriously support your team, they need it now.


” so too are his halfwit superfans.”

I suspect they’ll do their usual disappearing act from the blog now too and ghost this place till we beat Everton next week and everything is rosy in the garden again.



I’m really fucking angry with that tonight. Just a nothing, shitty, gutless performance. Just like Wenger’s teams, GUTLESS. Wankers. Fuck off.


‘’ We desperately need a real manager, this experiement has failed.‘’
Fuck off


Be lucky to get top 6 next season



If this team knew how to draw games we would have already qualified for CL.


No culture fix no winner mentality at all, paingul to watch how we gave Top4 to Spurs without a fight.

And this season since christmas tavle trophy goes to Eddie Howe who has a Top4 run, looks like Newcastle will fight next season


Please tell me how next year will be easier than this one?


Sure, the refs play a part, but there were some shit performances out there in many games

Well, we.did get Top 4 if the PL table ranks by number of games (21) won… surely this would become another trophy to excuse the generational fraud

Ernest Reed

I’m sure Tets will fault the reffing again, ruining an otherwise beautiful game. Why not, how else can anyone ever explain such a pitiful performance?


*Ask yourself why we are paying Thomas Partey 250k weekly to warm the physio’s table?


Truly pathetic. Went down without a fight! Will be a long time before an opportunity like this comes along again.


Can’t believe a club with top 4 admirations could serve this garbage in the game of the season for them. Absolutely shocking performance.

The Real Vieira Lynn

a fucking clean sheet no less


This all started with piss poor squad building in the summer . Nothing against white as a player but the cold hard facts are we didn’t need him one single iota . That 50 mill was by far needed in other areas and we send one the most highly regarded young central defenders to France to pick up young player of the year . You couldn’t make it up


@ Serge,

Season is done for me….attention has shifted to Pool and Citeh race and then Pool vs Madrid…

Don’t think I can even be bothered with Pre Season and Summer transfer market as it concerns us..

The Lads have signed off for the season, so why should I care if they go on to beat Everton bu 3 or 4 goals (they wish)


This talented group of players we have now deserve better than whatever Arteta will ever have to offer in his coaching life.
Shame we have more clueless owners


Xhaka needs to fuck off already.


5th is only progress as a result if where Arteta took us last season.!!!


We’ll have to put Saka on Ozil money to get him to stay. And if we succeed, it will be touted as belief in The Project.


Interesting how the AKBs go after the critics for not showing up after a win but I haven’t seen any of them post after this disaster yet.

Ernest Reed

The good news, they are at least going back to Europa which is miles beyond just league play.



We will not beat Everton, we will end the season as we started it.


Eddie Howe > Generational

It’s not even close.


Outplayed, outfought, outthought, by a side that had very little to play for, allegedly.


No good manager loses 13 games in a season, could be 14.

Possibly the only time Arsenal will lose 3 games in a row 3 times a season.


england’sbest preempted this loss
He wrote that we are better off qualifying for the Europa league, instead of the CL

You just have to lower the bar and voila … success is 5th place.


Kroenke will give Arteta another £125 million but it wont help, we’re in deep shit, so sad.

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