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Let’s have a little pep talk before we get into this blog.

You… yes YOU need to pick yourself up off of the ground.

All this crying on the internet that you think we’re going have a bad day is weak sauce. It’s low-fat mayonnaise on a plant-based-meat alternative kebab. It’s asking the Doner Operator to box it up so you can have it for lunch tomorrow.

I will not tolerate this type of meekness today.

Arsenal are in control of top 4 with two games to go. It doesn’t matter that Spurs have taken points off big teams, it doesn’t matter that the mainstream media are slobbering over Antonio Conte, no one gives a fuck what G.Nev thinks.

The simple arithmetic is this: We need to beat two sides we have outperformed all season then top 4 is ours.

We are better than Newcastle.

We are better than Everton.

The players aren’t going into this game having a mental breakdown, so I don’t expect you to misbehave on a big night like this.

Channel your inner winnertivity. Go into that Group Chat clutching your cojones (real or metaporical) and shout YES, GLORY TO ARSENAL! TONIGHT WE TASTE VICTORY! PRAISE TO SAKA! PRAISE TO ODEGAARD! PRAISE TO BIG MO!

Now go to your boss’s oak drinks cabinet. Open a bottle of something expensively aged. Pour yourself a stiff one, crush it (no faces), then head back to your desk. If they ask who sent you, tell them Pedro, it’ll be fine with HR, I promise.

Are you set? Good, now let’s talk football.

Arsenal look set to have a pretty decent team to choose from. Gabriel and Ben White went to Newcastle, I would take that news as meaning it is highly likely our defence will have 4 of our 5 starters. That is absolutely massive considering the occasion.

We need huge games from all of them. Aaron Ramsdale needs to exude his early-season confidence, Ben White and Gabriel need to do their jobs with confidence and calm, and Tomi just needs to be Tomi. I don’t know what the fullback choice will be, but having the Lord of Chaos at left-back is probably a worse option than Tomi there with Cedric on the right. Both options are less than ideal, let’s be honest.

In midfield, it’ll be Xhaka and Mo Elneny, they just have to play with discipline and heart. Newcastle don’t have a great defence, the biggest job of the evening is going to be what we can do in their box. Our midfield needs to give a platform to the youngsters in the final 3rd to do some damage.

I don’t know how Arteta is going to mix it up in the final third, but whoever is there needs to take their chances.

Newcastle play out the back, perfect for Eddie to sniff our opportunities, the press is going to be important.

Trippier is on his second game of the season, the perfect chance to run an older player ragged.

Targett on the other side is there to be got at.

Our reality is fans is that we are going to have to watch Arsenal suffer for chunks of the game. West Ham had basically nothing to play for and they went two up against City and should have scored two more. When we were gunning for the league in 1999, we went on an outrageous tear post losing to Villa on December 13th, we didn’t lose a single game, we were looking really good for the league, then we went to Leeds, who had nothing to play for sitting comfortably in 4th, and we lost to a Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank late goal.

Newcastle have nothing to play for outside the joy of being really fucking irritating to our end-of-season run. They are under the lights in front of their rabid fanbase, they’ll want to exit the season with a scalp, Arsenal would be a pretty good one.

They’ll come at us at 100mph. We have to ride out that energy. We have to kill the moment. We might have to take the game into the last 20 minutes to win it.

Prepare to suffer, but be positive about the game, these boys have shown deep character all season.

Spurs was an aberration.

The job to be done is clear. So let’s do it. No excuses. We can taste that Champions League music in the air.

Right, on that note, see you in the comments. x

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Left Testicle

Yep, Ramsdale helped to set the tone early doors.


Saliba, Conte, Guimaraes…wonder what these three names have in common?


If the players were not doing what Arteta had told them to do, why was he just standing on the touchline just looking on during key moments of the game, instead of frantically waving his arms as he usually does? It doesn’t add up. I’m sorry, I’m not buying Xhaka’s story. Will Arteta do better next season? He might. But he might not. This could be his high watermark as other clubs get their shit together in the summer. Next season I don’t see us getting 65 points. The squad will be thin on quality, there will be far more… Read more »


Xhaka’s interview was that of an open and honest player, he didn’t know but indicated that there was a problem in the dressing room when he said no matter how old you are if you are anxious or feel nervous then stay on the bench or stay at home. Looks like that Arteta didn’t get the squad mentally ready after the NLD loss for this game. He is being paid to manage the squad but especially mentally and emotionally when it is a young squad. The Spanish cunt is ruining the mental strength of the young squad. Hopefully by Christmas… Read more »



‘Plus it is no coincidence that since Ozil was frozen out, our creativity has nosedived as well as our goals for’.

For all the players I listed who seem to be doing fine since being sold or loaned out by Arteta, I left Ozil off that list but now you mentioned him…..I would leave him off again!


Not sure this game has enhanced Odegaards chances of being captain next season.


Surely you give Arteta the new deal AFTER he gets us top 4?



There is more to life than 22 overpaid blokes kicking a pigs bladder round a field mate. 😉

Words of my dad before he passed.

He was right.

Arsenals time will come again,. Empires rise and fall.
Be alright.


WTF has happened to AFC but more importantly its supporters? The Arteta Nevers have taken the red pill knowing the unsettling truth Arteta is a fraud, while the AFBs have taken the blue pill by remaining in contented ignorance about the so called generational manager.


“Arsenals time will come again,. Empires rise and fall.”

When that happens I will be looking at the grass from the wrong side.

AFC Forever

We can no longer put up with these injuries to key players. Should we cut our losses and sell Partey & Tierney? Tavares came in for the Palace game and had a nightmare, after replacing Tierney. Partey did his hamstring in the same game. Both after the same International break. These two players are irreplaceable in our eleven. Yet we lost them both for the run in. Nothing makes me feel that will be any different next season. And that’s a big problem. You can’t have your best players constantly out injured. Declan Rice has played nearly 45 games, with… Read more »



This site eviscerated Emery for his collapse, then that mauling in the final. This stings just as much if not more. If Arteta gets off to as wobbly a start next season as Emery did in his demise, don’t hold your breath it will be a full fledged assault with replacement posts non stop. Pedro leading the charge.

A broken agenda brings out the dead especially when it’s so close to prevailing.

AFC Forever

**. Didn’t mean to send that!!! I’m not doing it again!!!


Le Massive Coq with post of day.


Arteta tactics are just stiffling the team. Under his stewartship, every time Arsenal had to make the play to win a game instead of relying on Arteta’s defensive, back to the wall counter attacking go to approach, we lost. He can’t coach a decent, cohesive attack to save his career. Most of the few great goals and movement were off the cuff individual moment of brilliance rather the result of his attacking coaching. But tonight more than his tactical and interpersonal shortcoming what was exposed was his inability to think on his feet (see the stats about winning games when… Read more »


If anyone here who is more Bullshiter than Pedro its Pierre!!
Ozil!? what’s the fuck man?
And Xhaka can go and fuck himself, that’s one plan of Arteta’s game he could follow!

The Real Vieira Lynn

it’s important to make note that what has transpired here wasn’t the result of bad luck, but self-inflicted wounds and managerial naivety


This notion of the squad improving with time. The problem is you can’t pinpoint one area on the pitch where we can say yes we are sorted in this department and we look to improve another area. Are we really happy with the defence? No not really. As people have pointed out we are still conceding as many goals as before if not more despite the big spend in that area and the notion at one time that Arteta had “improved” us defensively. Midfield? Hell no. This is our worst area. Apart from Partey there is no real quality to… Read more »

into the red

That Xhaka interview is very interesting. At least he doesn’t buy ‘they’re only a young squad’ BS. More importantly he is baffled why the Arteta theory didn’t work out on the park. Surely that is a clue right there – on the training ground and whiteboard no doubt Arteta talks up a great game, tells them what they should be doing, has lots of diagrams and graphics, stats and numbers. This is his element – the classroom and the training pitch where there is no real ballsy opposition. Where they can show off, flaunt their neat triangles and one-two’s, convince… Read more »


Ended with a wimper, against all of me wanting 4th and getting our great club back into CL, and all that comes with it! Arteta rotated nobody for months, injuries are what happens when players are in the red. Very similar outcomes when looking at last few years goals scored, and goals conceded, so, no improvment on that at all. However, draws are way down, points are up, but going to be 5th and in Europa. Not that much improvment. 8th 8th 5th. One more summer, AFC best spend well or going to be way worse next year. Bruno Guimaraes… Read more »


Surely you give Arteta the new deal AFTER he gets us top 4?

A million times this. Why the fuck do you give the bum a new deal when it looks obvious as hell he’s going to blow the season. It makes no fucking sense. It’s like giving that idiot Xhaka a new deal or potentially giving perennial bench warmer Elneny new terms…oh


Speaking of bringing out the dead.


Just imagine how would someone like Auba play for someone like Patrick Vieira, who btw lost two games less than Super Mick.


Personally I saw Granit Xhaka have a very good game.

Point your fingers at:

Smith Rowe
Lacazette (why?)

Worst of all



Matt giving Arsenal Opinion podcast much needed dose of reality.


Can you imagine how incredible Newcastle’s CM must be for Jonjo Shelvey to be keeping Bruno G picking splinters out of his arse indefinitely?

Not like he has scored 5 PL goals in 10 starts…


”Surely you give Arteta the new deal AFTER he gets us top 4?”

Not at Arsenal, here we do everything ass backwards.

Have a chronic scoring issue and £135m burning a hole in our pocket? Let’s go and spunk our load on bringing in a pile of defenders and a CAM allergic to scoring goals!

Proceed to concede even more goals…



Spent too many days on here last summer calling for Bruno G, this January was beyond a ‘ no brainer’. Was convinced Edu had to have a secret dossier on him post winter window as there could be no other explanation for taking the pass.

And here we are, getting bitched slapped for not doing the required let alone maximum in a January window. We weakened with Spurs strengthening, a club mind you that had a managerial replacement on Nov. 1.


Ultimately we paid the price for concentrating on selling/loaning out players to cut the wage bill and not strengthening our thin squad in the transfer window (no good players available my arse). Sp*rs did the business in the transfer window and ultimately thats why they are 4th and we aren’t. Small margins between success and failure. Oh well – back on the Europa League treadmill strengthening our squad at Marks and Spencers while the spuds will be shopping at Harrods. The League table reflects the strength of the Squad not the 1st 11.


We are just a very foolish club – top to bottom. No players to sign in January: Pool got Diaz, tiny Newcastle got Guimaraes. Gave a nonentity of a coach 3 years to show how ineffective he is. Keep making duds as signings. Conte came in and got Kulusevski and whatever the other guy’s name is, nearly got Diaz and that Wolves guy who ended up in Barca too: tiny Newcastle got Gumarez and that Tottenham old boy, Villa of all teams got Coutinho, even Vieira got Olise amongst others, but we have Odegaard. It doesn’t matter what he does… Read more »


Am I missing something with that Xhaka interview and all the praise that he is getting for it?

He was absolutely pathetic himself and part of the problem tonight, how about taking some personal responsibility Granit rather than keep focusing on group blame?


”No players to sign in January: Pool got Diaz, tiny Newcastle got Guimaraes.”

Don’t forget the Spuds getting Kulusevski who has been excellent and made a huge difference to them.


Sorry Thorough, I was thorough with reading the whole of your post there where you mention Kulu too.

That joke still wasn’t quite as feeble as our 2nd half tonight.


Josh Kroenke continually screwing the fans over, meanwhile across the pond, Stan is completely hands off and will remain that way as long as Arsenal make him profit.
The club has had its soul ripped out, and there is absolutely no excitement in watching a loop of a club flattering to deceive and constantly failing because they are not brave or bold enough throw their lot in and give it a go.
Arsenal really are a dysfunctional mess who can’t even decide what sort of club they want to be.


What an absolute disappointment.
Starting a match with not only one of xhaka or elneny but both is what cost us. Our midfield is still weak as piss without partey and unfortunately he is damn injury prone.

Ode should not be Captain

We fucked up not getting a starting midfielder in any window this season.

We have no one to blame but ourselves if we miss top 4.

Getting pipped by the fucking spuds to top it off.




Haha nah man, we need Norwich to beat the Spuds which will not happen. If we were even competent enough to take a point tonight then a Norwich draw would have been enough.

Ernest Reed

Damning interview from Xhaka. No longer any question, Arsenal have some very real problems in the dressing room. ‘If you aren’t ready to play then stay home” and other similar comments speak of some fundamental issues on the team. Be it far from me to say, but what Xhaka speaks of is not a lack of experience, but worse because it sounds to me like some on the squad have gone toolsvdown on the Manager. You don’t need to read between the lines to know that there are some problems that go a lot deeper than simply losing to an… Read more »


Some points i need to get off my chest; – I would have taken 5th at the start of the season and a good cup run. JUST about got this. BUT – I would NOT have taken 5th pre Crystal Palace game. We should have nailed Champions League from March – The end to this season is an absolute shitshow – Should have signed Guimares in the winter TW among other. Not buying Pedro’s rubbish that there weren’t players out there to sign. – Should have rotated squad more – HUGE Arteta mistake that. Appalling man management – Cannot be… Read more »


Have you given Pedro that much requested for “apology”? 😂😂😂

Pedro started his chest-thumping victory party prematurely

Ernest Reed

LOL Diss…can’t say the thought crossed my mind.

If you are going to throw your support behind a thoroughbred, at least make sure it’s not a donkey.


What a shit show! That crystal palace, Brighton Southampton loss coming to bite us in the arse. Not many people will agree with me but saka has been anonymous for the last 5 games. Lads totally knackered and needs a well deserved rest. Totally spursed it up. Emery failed due to a penalty miss. Wonder whats the reason for arteta to throw away the lead we had on the other teams. Absolutely gutted. I don’t think arteta is the man for us. You can get in Messi and mbappe and arteta will still manage to fk up the attack. Pedro… Read more »


Arteta the number 1 bottler by these statistics from the last 9 games: AFC 4W 0D 5L Sp*ds 5W 2 D 1L Points per Game AFC 1.3 Sp*ds 2.1 AFC GD per game -0.4 Sp*ds GD per game +1.6 How the fuck is an elite striker and a CAM fixing this mess? They can’t, it goes much deeper because even if they get such players our newbie manager will most likely play them out of their favorite position and devalue their valuation. What fucking Arteta has made out of our club. To state again what I have said before many… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

good comments Valentin, especially when speaking of MA’s obvious managerial deficiencies and the inherent flaws regarding his preferred starting 11


Norwich will beat Spurs, problem will be us with a draw against Everton


If you are real honest with yourself , like really really honest , you’d know that one signing alone would have helped us immensely ( Bruno G ) in the Jan window . The decision to play Partey when he just came from AFCON and the decision to splurge on Ben White ( instead of playing Saliba ). All of these have had a major impact on out season . I dont wanna criticize Ben White , I think he has been one of our better players this season but that could easily have been Saliba and it wouldnt have… Read more »


Thanks for the post yesterday, Bob, it had Junior and me chuckling where I had every intention of adding to the levity you added. Sadly, after watching the game this morning with junior humour/banter is well buried beneath my/our emotional surface. However, briefly, for my decision making process and indeed my wife’s, we look at the pros and cons, then see if numbers affect the outcome by any significant amount, which accounts for prevailing climates et al. Next the huma-error element is considered before coming to a black and white positioning from which to tell or negotiate with. Our success… Read more »

Danny S


We are fractionally better off points wise than last season, worse off in goals scored and way worse off in goals conceded. The only reason we are 5th is because other teams fell off.

Arteta, new signings, nothing moved the needle this year and I doubt it will move next year.

Dark Hei

Shades of Emery in Arteta.

Just like Emery, a whisker away from CL.

Lets hope he don’t follow the trend and start bombing next season till Christmas.

My heart is sad, but the head says this is for the best. I don’t think Arteta nor the squad is anywhere near CL ready.



You should join Twitter , you’d learn to put your thoughts under 280 characters xD

Guns of Hackney

Conte was shit. Arteta is great. Let’s give him a new contract.



That feckless Brighton performance a few weeks back coming to bite us royally in the arse now.

After the palace game the players got a lot of stick but to come out in the Brighton game and look so utterly disinterested was shocking. Thankfully we turned it around in later games only to again blow it in the last 2 games.

But show up with an ounce of interest in that Brighton game and we probably win. Win that and we’re still 4th with one game left.

Guns of Hackney

Do you know the simple reason Arsenal have failed again? They thought they had it sewn up. Who the fuck gives out new contractual rewards with a few games left and before the job is done? Arsenal, that’s who. Everyone took their foot off the gas and started looking at summer holidays.

Pathetic club. Shit management. Not a single player has covered themselves with glory. Maybe the GK. Thats it.

Banter fc.


Also in terms of 5th place being good. We have a better squad than Spurs. We are below them in the table after 37 games. In the same season where they sacked their manager midway for failing. That’s not a pretty look Man U have a better squad but have tanked their season. If man utd had showed up we’d be 6th right now. But the real loser from this end to the season is the confidence for the players. By being spursy it’s very hard to fix that. Perennial disappointment is very very hard to fix because it becomes… Read more »

Dark Hei


“We have a better squad than Spurs.”

I think they have a better manager and they struck gold by getting him.

Though he is likely to leave once he don’t get his toys. Conte and in a way Mourinho has surprised me this season for going to lesser lights and getting them to be competitive.

Still we have to wait and see. The new manager bounce is a trick even Arteta had up his sleeve.


I think the media frenzy for Newcastle to beat Arsenal helped their players play out of their skins, and i haven’t seen a Geordie crowd so fanatical for about 25 years.. They played like their life depended on the result(it didn’t) and it would not surprise me if their running stats went through the roof.. We had no answer to the intensity of their play, they won every 50/50 , they won every 2nd ball and they played like a team possessed, and they saved it for the day when they faced Arsenal, not to just satisfy their own supporters,… Read more »


So spurs have to lose against Norwich and we have to win against everyon to get to the CL qualifications. Our GD is shit compared to their +24 GD.

So a very small chance we will be playing with the big boys next year.


How is “trusting the process” going?
At some point, Pedro and all the Arteta loving fans on this sight will come to the realization that we are stuck with a fraud who won’t move this club forward in any way.
Lost counts of how many times we were handed the easy route into 4th and we kept throwing that away.

The exact same excuses will fly next season with zero improvement.


Yep, the timing of the contract was strange. I’d imagine the club may have thought it would have a galvanising effect on the squad and manager but if anything they mentally packed it in assuming the job was done. I posted a stat yesterday saying we had spent more time in 4th than any other club in any position this season so to end up 5th – from the position we were in is a failure. But, nobody was expecting top 4 you say? I was. We finished last season in 8th, six points away from Chelsea who qualified for… Read more »


Would be nothing more than poetic justice if Spurs pipped us for 4th after Pedro spent the entire season mocking them. Lol


If Conte gets 4th place and CL, he will have leverage to get players to compete in the CL and if that is met to his satisfaction he will stay and Arsenal will be in a more shitty position to finish 4th next season. I just can’t see how we will get CL through the league position.

But then there is the EL trophy and this time Arteta will not face Emery which is a good thing, but then he has to win 1st against Farmers league clubs.


We have played less games this season and yet we still look absolutely knackered. We have put up an abysmal showing in the cups and have contrived to blow a race for Top 4 that we should have sewn up ages ago. Arteta has had ample time and funds and clearly is a generational salesman but thats where it stops.

We’re kicking the can down the road and delaying the inevitable kidding ourselves with this joker.


Arteta does nothing well. Do we have an attacking identity? Nope. How long does he need to form one?

Miles away from the league and nothing from Arteta indicates we are on the cusp of bridging that gap.

That still stands even if we pip 4th on Sunday.


Arteta in his interview said they were totally surprised by the way Newcastle from the set go. In other words his plan A went out of the window right after kick off and as we all know Arteta doesn’t have a plan B. He said we tried to adjust a few things, yep if you have to adjust your playing formation, you did shit on the training ground. How many times have I read here this was the worst game I have seen us play, CP, BHA, SouthH, Sp*ds and now Newcastle. Why change add Everton to this also, I… Read more »


Arteta needs to go. Giving him a new contract was silly. No need to start the new season with him in charge. All we will get is more mediocre


Giving Arteta a new contract has sunk us for at least a few more seasons. Tantamount to giving Ozil that ridiculous contract because we are a three ring circus.


Mark Ogden laying into Arteta and Arsenal big time on “But this Arsenal team is neither resilient nor reliable, and the only positive from their 2-0 defeat at St. James’ Park was that the final score line was not more reflective of the home side’s dominance. Arsenal were so bad, so passive, that manager Mikel Arteta said Newcastle were “100 times better in every department.” Midfielder Xhaka went even further by hinting at a weak mentality among his teammates. If Norwich beats the Sp*ds, Arsenal will be the luckiest team on the planet, but they don’t deserve any fortune… Read more »


Im angry this morning. Went to bed angry, got up angry. The most important game of the season and we decide to take a rain check. I dont agree the Arteta needs to go but I will say this. He is sticking to players that are letting him down big time. Remind you of Wenger? Odegaard is not fit to wear the jersey I don’t care who says what. The only positive I can take from last night is that if there was a contract on the table for Mo Elneny, its off the table now. This is the Elneny… Read more »


The really sad part in all of this is that there are still those amongst us who genuinely believe Arteta is the man for the job.

Actually, it’s rather embarrassing.

Blame the players all you want but when a manager treats individuals the way he does, you’re going to have problems.

Arteta for another 3 years.

No way!


Maybe Norwich will show up for their fans and beat the Spuds, but can anyone honestly think will get any points against Everton. Depressing time for sure.

The Bard

Not showing up for a game of this magnitude tells us that something isn’t right in the dressing room. Arteta has just dug himself into a massive hole. A difficult transfer window ahead. If he doesn’t do the business early next season I can see him being sacked before Xmas. Losing 4th spot to the Spuds won’t endear him to the fans.


Devine S I don’t have time for Twitter and other SM and I like to give Raptora a word challenge.

Recently, I have been posting less – there seems to be no reason to post after the last game Sunday other than: #Arteta Out



I’m like you. No Twitter etc.
Are there any places out your way that would welcome Arteta with open arms?
As a supporter, it is really embarrassing to think that so many intelligent folk have bought into all this crap.
It beggars the question, do they actually understand the game?
I don’t think they do.
What I do know is they aren’t putting the club first.


Pedro Arsenal will be better That may well be the case but the problem is who else will be better ? But and the big but it will be the Thursday / Sunday schedule which will be compounded by the WC break. It’s a young squad ( yippee) but a far too small squad . I doubt that more than one or two from the academy will be anywhere close to first team standard I very much doubt that the three out of contract will be kept if they are then that is a worry . Others will leave and… Read more »


Every single concern I had about Arteta came to the fore in the most important game of the season. He got his 300 mil for his players, 2.5 years to do whatever he wanted to do, got a complete free hand in ruining careers of players, got a dick move to postpone the game in Jan approved, got a dream season with no distractions and embarrassingly bad performances from United and Leicester. We are equal on number of defeats this season compared to the last (which is record equaling BTW), have 5 goals more than last season, have conceded 9… Read more »


1) P38 W19 D6 L13, GF74 GA51 GD23, 63 Points – Stats from the Wenger’s last season. Not good enough,. Pedro fuming. Manager gets fired. 2) P38 W21 D7 L10, GF73 GA51 GD 22, 70 Points – Emery’s only season. Not Good Enough. Pedro fuming. Mangers Gets fired. 3) P37 W21 D3 L13, GF56 GA47 GD9, 66 Points – Arteat’s record this season. Pedro’s over the Moon.Great success! Clear Improvement! manager gets three year extension. I think these 3 final tables tells us just how much standards and expectations at our club have eroded. This is the clearest possible example… Read more »

Black Snake

Bad management of the club from top to bottom. Im glad Emery’s 71 points is still a yardstick to compare Arteta to.


its not just the last two shambolic defeats we have had 13 already this season so defintely not the standard or credentials needed for the Champions League

Black Snake

70* points i mean

Mr Serge

Allowing Newcastle to dominate like peak Madrid was embarrassing Losing at home 5 times is embarrassing Palace and Southampton away is embarrassing 13 losses when we play once a week is unacceptable The worst thing however is freeing our best striker and not replacing him or bringing in any recruits in jan this killed us, even Liverpool strengthened in jan Liverpool Totally sick today The only plus side is my season ticket will cost me £400 less next season as we never hit 4 th Even though I would have paid it in a heartbeat to not feel as disappointed… Read more »


Let me correct the stats 1 more goal than last season, 8 more goals conceded and a GD last season of +16 this season +9


Arteta is the only manager in world football who needs to have favourable circumstances with every facet of the game and life to win a football match. He has done nothing of note except win an FA CUP with underdog tactics and the brilliance of Auba upfront. Auba has fired Barca back into the CL now mind you. He has managed to convince a large chunk of the fanbase that he is fit for purpose and is the man to move us forward without doing anything impressive – this is impressive. This is more impressive when you look at his… Read more »


Arteta has a negative effect on the players, and it shows. They are confused trying to play his way which is a continuous mixture of ideas. I think they give up as they inwardly have not brought into his process, whatever that is. He is delusional he thinks that being with Pep for a couple of years has given him the tools to become a great manager. Instead he really is clueless. Yesterday I got sworn at and foul mouthed by Pedro’s disciples for saying the truth about our defence and weak attack. I have been supporting Arsenal for thirty… Read more »


The real lack of leaders is showing in this squad.
Ode, saka, esr and martinelli cannot be termed leaders. Hell, they are just 20.

Laca a leader? Guy can’t score a goal
Gabriel? Maybe
El neny? I don’t think reserve players can be termed as a leader.
Xhaka? Hilarious. The guy who makes more mistakes than amateur footballers.

We really need proper leaders that the younger players can look up too and who can lift the burden off saka, ode and esr.


The lot of you slating Arteta should try and remember where we were sitting 2 games ago. Theres only so much a manager can do.


Well said Ed,


Nice to end the season with the players confidence down the toilet.
Nice one Arteta


Arteta offloaded all senior players without replacing them. The players are learning on the job and it looks nasty. Growing pains all over the pitch. After a burst in performance the team settles in a trance and they do not fully prepare for future games. They then get a defeat and overcompensate. In the long run that strategy is not feasible. Arteta should have a plan for an entire season of football. Next season will be brutal with Manchester United, Leicester, Spurs, Chelsea all having something to prove. Position 5 will also result in a Champions League slot. Consistency will… Read more »


THis is as good time as any to bring to the light the fact that proper, genuinely respected football manager, Patrick Vieira has lost TWO games less than PR manager of the year, Super Mick Arteta.

Also, thank fuck that idiotic rip off chant will stop now. Or they’ll have to change end of the lyrics to EuropaI League I guess.


Does anyone seriously look forward to another 3 years of that clueless gimp in charge? Another 3 years of Pedro writing articles about how young the squad is and how everyone should swallow it up and trust the process? I certainly don’t. This was our best chance of ever making 4th and we blew it against Palace, Southampton(who were on a terrible run of defeats before they took 3 points from us) and Brighton at the Emirates. To think the club still went ahead to hand a new contract to Arteta screams why no one, absolutely no one in England… Read more »


Pedro saying Spurs have been lucky. Then what are we for even being 5th?


Does anyone seriously look forward to another 3 years of that clueless gimp in charge?“

Shocking decision, absolutely shocking. That decision will sink us for years to come.

It’s starting to feel like sticking with Wenger those last few years even though everyone knew he was a busted flush.


The team ships more goals than the last season with the same goals scored – give manager an extention Arteta has managed to come back from a goal down except once, all season – give manager an extention Spend £50 million on white while having the French young player of the year on books – give manager an extention. Spending £100 million on defense to ship more goals – give manager an extention Relying on 2 attackers with 6 months left on contract to carry you for 6 months – give manager an extention Remain clueless on how to attack… Read more »

Mr Serge

It takes me about three days to get over a defeat this one will last longer that’s 40 plus days this season I have been upset
That’s way too much
What’s everyone else’s depressed timeline line ?


So gutted this morning. Let’s forget about Norwich beating spurs, it’s not happening. Conte already got his boys hungry to win that game. Throughout this season though there were times where we showed grit and determination and I thought we had turned a corner with this weak mentality. In my opinion being in the Europa weakens us even more. Even more games to contend with, more injuries and our squad is not going to be able to handle that and domestic competitions and the league. We are not finishing top 4 next season and you can pin this comment. Partey… Read more »


UserozMay 16, 2022 21:41:19

User oz

This is the comment the comment of a total cunt
Not an arsenal fan. No wanker cheers for the opposition. But you cheered for the one goal that killed our season more than any other
Your opinion doesn’t count any more. You’re just not valid as a gooner. Typical Le grove tosser


Why on earth is anybody surprised this team turns out meek more often than not? This is a coach who chases away any player with the semblance of a fight. I can never forget the day I fell in love with Guendozi. We were losing to Aston Villa, we were one man down too, but we had a teenager who looked possessed, he was urging his teammates to follow him to battle literally, and he spearheaded that battle, till we worn 3 goals to 2. I can never ever forget that day. In my eyes, a star was born, someone… Read more »


Incredibly disappointing performance to put the full stop on a disappointing end to the season. Newcastle dominating possession and playing like the only team with something at stake, really shameful stuff from the players and coaching staff combined. In the last 180 minutes of crucial football we have played well in 10 of those minutes, the start of the derby, I just don’t get it, echoes of Emery’s last days and latter day Arsene in these capitulations. So as Champions League footie is over more or less, this will impact the summer targets no doubt(G.Jesus and Tielemans unlikely imo). Please… Read more »


Will Saka want to stay in this set up?