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Let’s have a little pep talk before we get into this blog.

You… yes YOU need to pick yourself up off of the ground.

All this crying on the internet that you think we’re going have a bad day is weak sauce. It’s low-fat mayonnaise on a plant-based-meat alternative kebab. It’s asking the Doner Operator to box it up so you can have it for lunch tomorrow.

I will not tolerate this type of meekness today.

Arsenal are in control of top 4 with two games to go. It doesn’t matter that Spurs have taken points off big teams, it doesn’t matter that the mainstream media are slobbering over Antonio Conte, no one gives a fuck what G.Nev thinks.

The simple arithmetic is this: We need to beat two sides we have outperformed all season then top 4 is ours.

We are better than Newcastle.

We are better than Everton.

The players aren’t going into this game having a mental breakdown, so I don’t expect you to misbehave on a big night like this.

Channel your inner winnertivity. Go into that Group Chat clutching your cojones (real or metaporical) and shout YES, GLORY TO ARSENAL! TONIGHT WE TASTE VICTORY! PRAISE TO SAKA! PRAISE TO ODEGAARD! PRAISE TO BIG MO!

Now go to your boss’s oak drinks cabinet. Open a bottle of something expensively aged. Pour yourself a stiff one, crush it (no faces), then head back to your desk. If they ask who sent you, tell them Pedro, it’ll be fine with HR, I promise.

Are you set? Good, now let’s talk football.

Arsenal look set to have a pretty decent team to choose from. Gabriel and Ben White went to Newcastle, I would take that news as meaning it is highly likely our defence will have 4 of our 5 starters. That is absolutely massive considering the occasion.

We need huge games from all of them. Aaron Ramsdale needs to exude his early-season confidence, Ben White and Gabriel need to do their jobs with confidence and calm, and Tomi just needs to be Tomi. I don’t know what the fullback choice will be, but having the Lord of Chaos at left-back is probably a worse option than Tomi there with Cedric on the right. Both options are less than ideal, let’s be honest.

In midfield, it’ll be Xhaka and Mo Elneny, they just have to play with discipline and heart. Newcastle don’t have a great defence, the biggest job of the evening is going to be what we can do in their box. Our midfield needs to give a platform to the youngsters in the final 3rd to do some damage.

I don’t know how Arteta is going to mix it up in the final third, but whoever is there needs to take their chances.

Newcastle play out the back, perfect for Eddie to sniff our opportunities, the press is going to be important.

Trippier is on his second game of the season, the perfect chance to run an older player ragged.

Targett on the other side is there to be got at.

Our reality is fans is that we are going to have to watch Arsenal suffer for chunks of the game. West Ham had basically nothing to play for and they went two up against City and should have scored two more. When we were gunning for the league in 1999, we went on an outrageous tear post losing to Villa on December 13th, we didn’t lose a single game, we were looking really good for the league, then we went to Leeds, who had nothing to play for sitting comfortably in 4th, and we lost to a Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank late goal.

Newcastle have nothing to play for outside the joy of being really fucking irritating to our end-of-season run. They are under the lights in front of their rabid fanbase, they’ll want to exit the season with a scalp, Arsenal would be a pretty good one.

They’ll come at us at 100mph. We have to ride out that energy. We have to kill the moment. We might have to take the game into the last 20 minutes to win it.

Prepare to suffer, but be positive about the game, these boys have shown deep character all season.

Spurs was an aberration.

The job to be done is clear. So let’s do it. No excuses. We can taste that Champions League music in the air.

Right, on that note, see you in the comments. x

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Mr Serge

The one issue with wenger was he stayed to long not that we sacked him wengaball he rotted out the place



Wenger won 3, lost 4 and drew 3 against Klopp.
Why should he have considered himself inferior?


Implosion complete. Arteta shot himself in the foot. The manner of this capitulation is depressing. I’m not looking forward to more seasons of this. My trust has evaporated. I don’t trust he and Edu will make the right purchases come summer. If we buy average and don’t improve them he needs to go. We shouldn’t wait till December or until he tanks at the end of the season to pull the trigger.


It’s so sad… Season in season out, we can with almost military precision, predict every match. We know which arsenal have turned up after the opening 10 mins… We know if the other club or their players have a duck to break, we will duly obliged.. We know that whatever could go wrong inevitably will.. Own goal Injury Just missed a red card for the full set No European distraction and an opportunity to strengthen in Jan and lift the squad and add some coverage, we simply didn’t do the simple things. Time and time again. I won’t be watching… Read more »


Very poor stuff on display. Ultimately if you can’t take the opportunity we don’t deserve it

Guns of SF

Well I did not watch the game due to work and also no stream.
Sadly another run in has doomed us getting to 4th

It seems that the CP and Brightons of the world beat us regularly.
I am no optimistic about Everton either. What makes us so sured to win?

I know Pedro thought this was 2 games in the bag. I do not share that optimism

We struggle with teams lower than us in the table mostly


And yet in his rotting out the place we were playing better football, winning more, losing less, scoring more goals, conceding less.

And playing in Europe.

He really was rotting out the place. Rotting is what we are getting now.

And mark my words we ain’t getting CL for 19 years.

Danny S


This season so far we are a single goal better off in goals for an 5 points better off than last season and have shipped 8 more goals.

By the luck of other teams being worse we are 3 places better off though so that’s progress yeah? I think I’ve discovered what the process may be, it’s not to improve the team itself but hope that all the other teams do shitter each season.

Mr Serge

Cedric, Tavares, Xhaka, elneny Pepe all need to go be sold etc and lacca they killed us with 6 losses in 10 since KT was out


“None of us expected a top 4 fight ……”

Plenty expected a top four fight in the managers third year, so speak for yourself.


He just needs more time really that’s all it is

Mr Serge

I have been expecting top four since December Tom the guys that say otherwise are being disingenuous

Guns of SF

That is a motivation thing, something I put on the manager
Also the lack of striker did indeed kill us in the end.
Eddie can do so much, laca so little now

I said on here that they should NOT have given him an extension until year end to reevaluate.
As usual, once he signed it was downhill again.

I am just tired of this. Groundhog day again


Scratch that I’m done. I want his contract torn up. Pay him off. Edu should be sacked as well. This is bad. How many times were we in a position to pull away with points on the table from Spurs and we fucked it up every step of the way. Sorry but this is a joke. We fans deserve better than this. We can’t keep rewarding failure at the highest level as it prevents us from progressing. We have a whole summer to bring in someone else that actually has a clue how to maximize points at the crucial parts… Read more »

Le Sauce

Buck stops with Arteta for me. I knew after the Spurs game that we’ll go on another losing run and I wasn’t surprised by tonight’s result.
5th is better than back to back 8th place finish and with the new contract situation it’s either top 4 or bust for me next season. You can’t have enough time + investment and not crack a too four finish in 3 years so it’s tick tock time now starting from the beginning of next season



Summed up very well and echos my own thoughts. It’s the hope that kills you with this team, always.

Mr Serge

Where we 5th because we were not in Europe


In one you can see why clubs just don’t go with so little experience.

Xhaka is just as a much to blame but he certainly has called out the squad with not having the balls

The Real Vieira Lynn

seriously Wengaball, you’re going to hang you hat on our record against Klopp when he was actually trying to “build” something and not take into account what they’ve become…you’re the kind of clueless, cherry-picking apologist that’s enabled this organization to slide into the footballing abyss, where expectations are substantially lower and accountability for one’s actions take a distant second place to the cult of personality narrative that has held this club hostage for the better part of a decade


Newcastle have the lowest possession stats in the league and dominate Arsenal.


To get top 4 next season is going to be much much harder than this season. You’ve got us, Chelsea, Man U, spurs and quite possibly Newcastle fighting for two spots.

Mr Serge

It’s wengers fault we are in this mess his buys in the last 5 years were awful and it’s taken us years to get rid, wenger rotted our club I am not wrong

Josip Skoblar

We can’t go on with Arteta.

Le Sauce

Also, I still wanna know if Pedro is as confident on getting a Nunez type of striker as he was a few weeks back and to think some were turning their noses up at Gabriel Jesus. I wonder the top top/ elite striker that’s gonna join us with Europa league football


@DM 10.10

At last .. somebody with a brain

Mr Serge

Le sauce he is doing a podcast right now I am listening he is not talking about buys right now, just who he wants out

Guns of SF

Serge you being sarcastic?


Those that think another three years of Arteta is a good thing are delusional. Bring back Emery! After two and a half years, the players look like they’ve never played together before Arteta stands at the side looking confused and clueless…….which he is. None of the players are happy, we can all see it. His man management of Pepe in particular has been utterly atrocious. I feel for the lad. Arteta actually makes players feel unwanted. He is, quite simply, a poor manager/coach. By the way, if you can’t get a squad of highly trained athletes to pass the ball… Read more »


So angry, haven’t been this annoyed since the EL final.

I would be looking at upgrades at LB, CM and RB in addition to whatever we’ve planned. KT, Partey and Tomi are unreliable and can seemingly get injured just by looking at a pitch. There is no time for sentiment.

The likes of Xhaka, Cedric, Elneny, Pepe they all need to go also.

Mr Serge

About what guns?


Is this where Spurs look at Arsenal going Spursy and say fuck that mate that is our DNA and blow up to Norwich.

Very possible but that would require beating Everton to have any effect, which looks impossible at moment.


Remind me again why we need to tie down
Martinelli to a new contract?
He is as effective as Pepe


Pedro if you’re out there, start being honest with yourself and end this silly charade once and for all.
There is no process with Arteta in charge, just regression and confusion.




Martinelli is another one who runs around and looks busy without doing much, very overrated player.

Mr Serge

Graham I said it 4 times Pedro is doing a podcast now and lots of people are on it now



Stop right there with the name calling. You display your class.

If Klopp while building was okay to lose games, what’s wrong with Arteta losing then? He’s also building, and Pedro will tell you tomorrow that he is ahead of schedule.

The fan base hounded out Wenger for achieving top 4. And now we are desperate just for that? Why then? Why is the demand not to win the league? Or maybe the quadruple?

Can you see the hypocrisy?


You’d would wonder how things would
Have gone if we had kept ESR at No. 10.
He was doing very well there then lost out to
Ode and then Martinelli.
A mistake I think.

Guns of SF

Wenger been gone for almost 5 years. Stench is gone mostly.

This is on EDUTETA


DM @10.10

I agree with Le Massive Coq. Well-reasoned comment even though it’s hard to look past the frustration right now. The sad thing is that Arteta publicly stated Top 4 was a game changer. If the game hasn’t changed, then how can we expect to get back to competing with the current Big 3?

Mr Serge

Guns I was talking about wenger over staying his welcome and bought terrible players the last of we only got rid of last summer, I know all these players are Arteta s

The Real Vieira Lynn

If we don’t get 4th, which appears to be the case, this sets us back another couple of years, as there’s no way we can address all our holes with one window…this likely means that we will have to sell one, if not a couple, of our currently rostered blue-chippers either this year or next, we will likely keep Xhaka then sell-off Saliba, which means relying on the bag of toys White, buy more question mark players, without CL football for enticement purposes, and rely too heavily on the relegation-style tactics that our gutless and clueless manager deploys on a… Read more »


Guns – you mean the rosy smell of playing regularly in Europe is home.

The stench is just starting. Let’s see how long we will have to hold our noses.


home = gone


I feel genuinely sorry for the likes of Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Pepe, Eddie, and Odegaard under Arteta.
Guendouzi and Saliba clearly don’t want to play under this manager and quite right too.

Guns of SF

I love Martinelli. Great kid, lots of spirit and fight.
But damn, the fella kinda dried up with the goals despite the mins he is getting.
Pepe is think is off, Laca too.

so we need a winger, striker still.

need a proper CM – Guimares would have been immense for us.

This summer, not sure, but if we can get someone like that or a Tielmans would be great. We need young, technical and aggressive in CM. Xhaka should leave too.
El Neny, bye

Our CM needs a transplant


Youngest team in the league… blah

Same old, same old. Not a word about the manager, the approach, the predictability. It’s all on the players and their fear apparently.


I’ve missed seeing some of the old posters in the comments recently…

DM dropping in the “false dichotomy” point is exactly the reason this blog is amazing and I’ll keep coming back to read everyday. Perfectly surmised, and eloquently delivered.

Gutted by the manner of the loss today. No knee jerk reactions here, just general sadness.


Getting feedback from your inner circle of chums at Arsenal on Arteta’s excellent coaching skills is utter ####!
He is a poor coach.
It’s obvious to all and sundry.

Guns of SF

Sign Richarlison while we at it next game.
We can do with a forward like that, or his mate DCL


We dont deserve champions league with Arteta, xhaka, laca and Elneny
Wasted money in white and Ramsdale when we should have strengthened our weak midfield and toothless striking department.
The delusional assumption that we have improved in defence is just that..delusion!
We shipped in more goals than ever!
Cant wait for another year of Artetas shit and Pedro’s spin
Fuck the PGMOL too..


Players coming in!

Who would want to play under Arteta?


Johnny Cochrane gets it that we have done nothing special. Matt Kandela said we lack ambition from top to bottom of the club.

Pedro very upset at that comment. Complete lack of objectivity.


No question we were beaten by a better side on the night. We were lethargic, heavy-legged, always second to the ball. Clearly several of our players were not match-fit = Tomiyasu, Ben White, in general an exhausted bunch. Eddie Howe must have told his players, “First to the ball”, and that’s what they did throughout. No surprise to me, the Arsenal squad is undermanned, afflicted by injuries, sedings off. Have we lost the race for 4th spot? Not yet, a week’s rest will see the squad reinvigorated for Everton. And Spurs – being Spurs – may be lulled into feeling… Read more »


What fucking delusional comments by the Arteta Fan Boys, the fact this was Newcastle’s 1st win this season over a top 6 side. The Arteta Nevers own the rest of the week. While for you AFBs look forward to playing Molde next year. What a total clueless and delusional comment “players will join us cos they can see the potential this squad has” do you actually know how football is being played? You comment removes all doubt, you don’t. Saliba will play CL just not with Arsenal, the young guns will think twice before signing an extension on advise of… Read more »


Come December we will see the club has got the plan right apparently. Spuds will get 60 points next season and fail under Conte.

Bookmark that comment.


““None of us expected a top 4 fight ……””

Yea but then we found ourselves four points ahead of our north London rival with three games to play

…and we spursed out

People are perfectly entitled to some anger don’t you think?

The Real Vieira Lynn

Wengaball…two wrongs don’t make a right…anyone with even a modicum of insight could clearly see that Wenger was living on borrowed time, but unfortunately he didn’t have the love of club required to step down in a timely fashion, or at least take an executive position, and the rudderless organization, under the not so watchful eye of our absentee landlord, never stepped up and did the exceedingly difficult but right thing of removing him from the managerial equation some years prior, as the transitionary period could have been a far different undertaking if we had learned the lessons of United… Read more »


Theres nothing knee jerk around it. Arteta’s most entrusted players are the embodiment of him. They talk a good game, can deliver in moments but when it matters they will always fall short – Ode & Xhaka.

We have too many injury prone players in our squad that we must not rely on any longer, and we as a side do not create enough chances, score enough goals and we let in too many goals. Simple as.


How are we going to convince Saliba to come and play back-up for a team in the EL when a team he played all but one game for, has qualified for the CL

We might as well just use his contract to kidnap him.

This Saliba thing is going to be a spectacle in the summer.
Why should he trust a manager who effed him up in 2020 and has not exchanged a single text message with him in 2 years with his career?

Guns of SF

Yea, this 4th place is overachieving thing is kinda moot now. We been in 4th for a while now… and to lose it with the run in, is horrible. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So, yes, 5th is better than 8th but not when you had 4th in your hands….

Mike did an Emery for all the haters out there.

Emery is no longer here.


This has become a blog set up for dishonest fans.
Arteta is out of his depth.
It’s really that simple.
Do I blame the players?
No, I don’t.
It’s all down to one incredibly negative individual.


Pedro is worried about players like Martinelli not stepping up.

Question. How is he supposed to contribute goals when opposition doubles up on him and Arteta only uses him out wide to put the ball in across the box?

The manager doesn’t use the lad and play to his strengths. But that seems to be the fact that dare not speak its name.

Nigel Tufnel

At least I’ve been consistent. Plan B now and be ready to overpay to bring in players to fill holes.

A week ago too many people naming grandiose targets, I told you to chill.


AFBs keep on feeding the beast (the process) we love it when ATC’s rookie manager is getting schooled by other young managers, Potter, Viera, Howe etc.

Next season already looks stacked against us. European football plus cup games, Thursday, Sunday schedules, enlarging a threadbare squad, bringing in top talent that want to play in the EL under an arrogant manager. Good luck with that.


Sure EB, we’ll sign Mbappe, Haaland, De Jong, Nunez….

Seriously, no chance we’ll sign 6-10 players this summer, not going to happen.


Pedro says top 4 next season, going for the title the year after with our great new signings. That seems to be the project.

OK. How is that going to be achieved without CL football to attract the necessary players? How much money is Kroenke going to chuck at this? Is it really going to be half a billion pounds and over three years to reach top 4 with Arteta?

Left Testicle

Who can honestly blame the likes of Saliba and Saka of moving on if the big boys come knocking?


Arteta has been here for 3 years and we are absolutely nowhere. This is a failed experiment and he will be gone in 12/18 months which is too late, but thats what this club does..react far too late.

Left Testicle

Guys and gals, do yourself a favour stop reading the guff that Pedro writes on a daily basis and jump straight to the comments.


‘I will not tolerate this type of meekness today’

Pedro was directing this at the fans but he forget to send it to our players.

Left Testicle

We were supposed to be challenging for the Champions League title under Artetas three year plan. 🤪


Lads cheer up Emery’s points total of 71 will stand for another season, fuck Arteta’s process.


The players are pathetic, people are writing off the Everton game but now nothing is riding on it you’ll see the likes of Ode look like a world beater again.


Eriksen, Olise, Bissouma, and i will now add the Brentford keeper David Raya to that list, are the players we should target.. It is becoming more obvious that Odegaard is not the player that some think he is…..ERIKSEN Martinelli has his moments but is another one that I’m not totally convinced by….OLISE Xhaka gives the team nothing ….BISSOUMA Ramsdale was a nervous wreck tonight and that fed right through the defence….DAVID RAYA. I am concerned about Smith Rowe who is looking a shadow of himself compared to when he first broke into the side …his confidence looks shot to pieces… Read more »


The trouble with all saying cl wasn’t the target this season makes it even harder next season . Your just not going to get the best targets . With champions league your in for Darwin Nunez quality, without we end up with absolute crud like Calvert lewin

Left Testicle

Can anyone please explain how Arteta ‘earned’ his contract extension? Thirteen defeats in a season!

The backpass

“Guys and gals, do yourself a favour stop reading the guff that Pedro writes on a daily basis and jump straight to the comments.”

Yep, I already stopped since Nov 2020. I don’t even bother reading it, cos I saw it was just Arteta worshipping all through.


We are going to add top top quality up front apparently.

Which top top quality players are going to join a Europa League club, when other clubs will be looking to sign them?


Has anyone got a bloody clue what Arteta’s style of play is yet after 3 seasons?

And do we seriously have 3 more years of this JSP?

Liverpools 433 aggressive /direct way is the modern way.


What top top players will come to the Emirates to play under a manager that could find an argument in an empty room?

Left Testicle

Le-Untold or Untold Grove?


Next season is going to be much more difficult to finish top 4. Pool, City guaranteed to be there because of squad and world elite managers. Chelsea with squad and elite manager. Sp*ds with improved squad and better manager. Newcastle with money top blow and better manager. Good luck for using the three clowns to put a squad together that will us get into the top 6. There is no joy to look at the summer TW knowing what you need and also knowing you have a manager that doesn’t attract talent and clubs that will compete for the same… Read more »


Here’s my fear about what seems to becoming a recurring problem; when you look at the players that seem to either fail under Arteta or not be a part of his plans, they mostly seem to be thriving in different environments. Torreira, Saliba, Guendouzi, Aubameyang, Mari, Mavrapanos, Bellerin and even Ceballos all seem to be doing fine at their current clubs. I’m not saying all these players deserved to be staying at Arsenal but it’s a pretty sobering list. Cedric was awful today. Are we sure that Bellerin wouldn’t have been a better back-up to Tomi? That’s just one example,… Read more »

Mr Serge

Good night hope everyone on here feels better after a good sleep, sigh sad day indeed


Time for some optimism.

Can you imagine how delirious we’ll all be when we actually do win the league or even make Top 4?
Maybe the elation will be so much sweeter after this tortuous journey we’ve been on.


Martinelli is another one who runs around and looks busy without doing much, very overrated player.

Martinelli did alright under Emery. And I’m sure Klopp knows a good attacker when he sees it.

Generally, Arsenal’s attacking play is poor. No attacking player can flourish in this Arteta’s system. Didn’t we all think Auba was finished?


Whilst we didn’t expect to be fighting for a CL place at the beginning of the Season its been a bonus that in the end…we were…But…and its a “Big But” …this continues to be more ” despite” Arteta than because of him…If Pedro believes that he’s a a “Generational Coach” then that’s his perogative…As far as Im concerned we now have the basis of a very promising squad of players but Arteta has proved time and time again that he really doesn’t have much to bring to the party…Often bereft of ideas when the pressure is really on he usually… Read more »

Left Testicle

I think Arteta genuinely looked out of his depth on the touchline of the last two games.

AFC Forever

That was a very pissed off Granit Xhaka: doing the interview. Interviewer: “Granit is that just very devastating?” Xhaka: “So difficult to find the right words after the game. We came here to show a different game. But from the 1st minute to the 90th minute we didn’t deserve to be on the pitch today.“ Interviewer: “Why such a below par performance when it mattered so much?” Xhaka: : “I don’t know. I can’t explain to you why.” “We didn’t do what the game plan was. Not listening to the coach, doing our own things and when you do your… Read more »


Here we go again with the usual Arsenal fan base infighting. Support the club first and foremost, not your god manager… I couldn’t give a fuck who the manager is as long as we are successful…… as our history suggests we should be. There have been glimpses of potential this season but frankly for a club of Arsenals stature, it’s not enough for me to say Arteta IS the man. Let’s face it, they won’t sack him. Either we start the season like potential disrupters to the city / Liverpool dominance or he can fuck off. It’s either 3rd/4th comfortably… Read more »


Pedro:,”We are better than Newcastle..”
We were outclassed by Newcastle today. That makes me thinking that Newcastle could be above us next season.


Olumide I didn’t think Auba was finished, just the system here wasn’t designed to get the best out of him. Its a system designed for our wingers and attacking midfielders to flourish.

I like Martinelli but he is vastly overrated. I do take on board that most players have stalled in an attacking sense under Arteta. He hasn’t shown that he can coach an attack, or a defense either for that matter.

Left Testicle

Xhaka, as a more experienced head in the group, didn’t exactly turn up for the game himself.


Xhaka’s comments are correct but he didn’t paint himself in any glory either. Nobody emerges from this performance with any credit to their name.

The Real Vieira Lynn

you know it’s a shit show when even the entitled one, Xhaka, actually apologizes for something


The substitutions were a bit chaotic tonight, taking off tavares was a bit of a headshaker as he was at least daring to run with the ball, maybe Arteta took him off because of the foul throw , which wasn’t actually a foul throw when one looks back at it. Taking Gabriel off and putting pepe on was a sign of desperation and was basically putting up the white flag as Newcastle could waltz through our non existent back line with ease. How Odegaard stayed on is beyond me, plus of course xhaka played the full 90 minutes. I’ve been… Read more »



Needless saying that,the issue is with the players but ironically the list just keep increasing every year,so at a point the arrow of blame will reverse

I’m not really a supporter of Arteta and that’s because he’s inexperience who’s using Arsenal to learn the job

I’m still wondering why he thought winning at Spurs was smart instead of playing not to lose,one point there and the pressure won’t be this much on the players especially when they haven’t face this kind of pressure before

Will the target still come if we can’t get champions league????

The Real Vieira Lynn

like I’ve stated on numerous occasions, you can’t base your tactics on the rather limited skillsets of Xhaka and Ode, especially against any team with pace or against a manager with any tactical nous whatsoever…simply put, so long as these two are wheeled out on the pitch game-in and game-out, we will struggle to meet the demands of the PL, let alone raise the bar expectation-wise



Agree on subs, felt very panic from Arteta.. Safe to say he didn’t know what to do to illicit the response required, nobody envisioned that XI to be so abjectly flat or bad. ESR, Ø and Saka looked like they didn’t want to be on the pitch. Thats not touching on the back four and Ramsdale.