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I don’t think it is an understatement to say that this is one of the most important games of the last 5 years.

This is bigger than a Europa League final. This is more important than an FA Cup. This game represents bragging rights for the next year and it is probably the most consequential game we’ll have from a future-facing perspective in a long time.

For Spurs, this game is mission-critical. If they lose, things might unravel fast. Antonio Conte could exit, a new manager will need funds to rebuild, that will likely mean major sales and a lot of short-term pain.

For Arsenal, we’re in good shape however the season ends, but really, you want Arsenal to be kicking on with 3 games to go. The upside is tremendous. The confidence of taking something from a beastly away game will be immeasurable, and our extremely young squad will be able to fast-track the learning experience in the toughest competition in the world next season.

Let’s be real though, this game won’t be easy, we could be sending out a starting 11 that is missing 4 key player in Ben White, Bukayo Saka, and Kieran Tierney. That is some serious spine missing from our squad and the fact no one is really talking about how damaging that could be shows you how far we’ve come. I’m expecting us to be very competitive tonight with Tomi at left back, Big Mo in midfield, Eddie up front, and The Smith, Odegaard, and Martinelli supporting.

The psychology of the game is tantalizing.

Every Arsenal fan I speak to is predicting doom.

Every Spurs fan that contacts me is predicting doom.

We are all a bag is nerves and fear.

We are a joke.

I have no predictions.

My strategy would be to sit deep, counter the Harry Kane midfield problem, make them come at us.

The worst thing that can happen is an early goal for them.

The longer the game goes, the more openings we’ll get, this is a test of patience… and nerves. Spurs has more experience than us.

So we’ll see where we go!




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  1. BacaryisGod

    Hate to be the killjoy here but with what’s going on in Ukraine, maybe the word ‘war’ is an overreach.

    Massive game though and the most nervous I’ve been as an Arsenal fan since going down 2-0 to Hull in the F.A Cup final we desperately needed to win.

  2. S23

    They have to win-any of the three possible permutations and it is still in our hands.
    Would love a 3-1 victory for our boys.
    It is all about dealing with the pressure,unlike Leeds last night.
    Lots of technical fouls and general shithousery by our chaps will do very nicely thanks.

  3. BacaryisGod

    Most amazing compliment of our recent form is that we’re going into a massive game against Spurs with an Elneny-Xhaka midfield axis and no-one is moaning about it!

  4. Zfree

    I’m unhealthily jittery and it ain’t the 3 cups of coffee. Cramming in a days worth of work by noon pacific so I can drink to the arsenal

  5. BacaryisGod

    Red Card odds prediction (in order of likelihood

    1. Dier
    2. Xhaka
    3. Romero
    4. Gabriel M
    5. Davies

  6. TT

    Was going down to the pub to watch the game. Tested positive for COVID 19 this morning. Feel like shit at the moment 😕 a win will lift the spirits but I will have to follow the game via text’s as I’m confined to sic bed 😪

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    “we could be sending out a starting 11 that is missing 4 key player in Ben White, Bukayo Saka, and Kieran Tierney”

    Math isn’t my strong suit admittedly but there seems to be something wrong with that sentence.

    Nerves getting to Pedros abitlity to count, use your fingers mate;)

  8. Topside Northbank

    Teams will be out next 15 mins or so.

    Being reported Saka and White are both in the squad.

  9. Leftside

    Come on you Gunners! I was nervous this morning then confident and now I’m bricking it. I think I’ll just tune in around 10 to see the final outcome.

  10. Chris

    I’m confident because Spurs have to attack attack attack. They have been at their best when other teams foolishly over commit against them, enabling them to counter to devastating effect. As long as we keep it tight and don’t do anything stupid early on, I think we will be just fine, and as they have no choice to commit bodies forward late on, we can counter attack ourselves.

    We won the league there twice, 2 delicious meals. Winning the 4th place trophy and St.Totteringhams days there is a side dish in comparison, but it would still be a very tasty and satisfying one. Let’s do this. Enjoy the game all!!!

  11. James wood.

    I see Gabriel a very likely candidate for a red in a high pressure game
    Like this probably with a tackle on SON..
    JUST HOPE HE IS COOL A 2-2 is my take..

  12. NJ Gooner

    My big worry is that Xhaka is our most experienced player for the big occasion and has one of the biggest jobs tonight – and yet he is the most likely to blow up and do something stupid or get sent off.

    I just hope that the kiddies have a naive ‘no fear’ attitude that carries us through. A draw would leave us needing one win from two games.

  13. Nelson

    Here it is:

    Starting XI: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel, Cedric, Xhaka, Elneny, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Nketiah.

    Subs: Leno, White, Lacazette, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Tavares, Lokonga, Swanson, Patino.

  14. Mark S

    I wanted meaningful matches in May this year….and that’s what we have tonight. I’ve been hyped all week for this one. If we can go to Chelsea and get a result, we’re more than capable of doing the same tonight. COYG!

  15. Jonko

    Im.not an Arteta supporter but I’m an Arsenal supporter and nights like these we march together..Come the fuck on Ya CL bound sexy Gooners!!!!!!

  16. Tony

    Just think if Eddie bags a hat trick tonight, Pierre will need oxygen and go into Eddy-post hyperdrive for the next 3 months and no one will mind.

    I’m confident for the win, as I think it’s a game Arteta will pull out of the bag and set us up to win, not draw. My only caveat is if Arteta uses the handbrake, it could well go tits cup for us.

    Early morning KO for junior and me, but a game that has to be watched in real time.

  17. DivineSherlock

    LETS GOO !!!! So pumped up ! Lets smash the living daylights offf this bunch and their fancy Italian Managerrrr .

  18. Greg

    Too bad Ben White isn’t ready. They showed him and his lady friend on the Leeds match in the stands, the chaviest couple that ever chavved. You know White isn’t scared of Spurs when he’s like dat.

  19. DivineSherlock

    Quite fitting we are playing this on a Thursday , where we need to win to avoid playing on a Thursday . Champions League it boys !

  20. LoveSausage

    Looks like Arteta wasn’t kidding when he said he’d go for it. We’re lining up with a 4-5-1 rather than a back 3. I would have preferred the latter but what do I know. Shitting myself over here.

  21. Nelson

    Last time we had Tomiyasu shutting down Son. I wonder whether Arteta will play Tomiyasu as RB or LB. I don’t trust Cedric against Son.

  22. Habesha Gooner

    Romero is a huge miss for spurs. We can get at Dier and Sanchez. Their right side was decent because of Romero. Now Martinelli can beat them. Same for Saka. If we avoid giving them space to run in behind, we can win this. I hope Tomi is playing on the right though. We need to nullify Son.

  23. Tony

    Le Sauce don’t set Nigel off. Be positive: it could be worse, it could be Xhaka handling Son. Cedric has been poor recently, I’m sure Arteta has a plan for Son and Kane in his tactical plan. Well hopeful at any rate.

    Arteta’s in-game management is going to have to be executed well.

  24. TheLegendaryDB10


    I’ve been so restless for the past few hours

    Me to!!

    I am so nervous yet excited and, for some reason, confident we can do something.

    I will become a nervous wreck once the whistle is blown!!

  25. Tony

    Hope Pepe can be an impact sub for us. If he’s off at the end of the season, Pepe scoring the decider will be a nice way to be remembered.

  26. Jonko

    When we lose the ball in the midfield that’s the time the team has to regain the compactness quickly to prevent the counter…Liverpool make a living from exploiting that and Spuds a poor mans version of Pool in that aspect…i firmly believe that’s the biggest weakness our squad has – to quickly regain defensive shape

  27. Habesha Gooner

    What I am hoping for in the line up is Tomi at right center back, with Saka being the Right wing back when we defend plus Cedric being the left wing back.

    When we attack Tomi can go to right back with Cedric at left back and Bukayo pushing up to be the right winger. The same thing we did against Chelsea but Tomi in for white and Cedric in for Tavarez. I think we can win that way.

    I am both excited and Nervous. Same as every Arsenal fan.

  28. gnarleygeorge9

    Tottenham’s stadium looks like it was designed by Thomas Crapper. Let’s hope, in the old Skool spirit, the away fans lift the lid there & The Arse shit all over the place 😂

  29. BacaryisGod

    No complaints with the line-up. We looked balanced and dominant against Leeds until their red card and we relaxed. No danger of that today!

  30. Akinzo

    To be honest, I can hardly breathe with every passing minute as the game approaches. But, my guts keep urging me to trust in the team.
    Patience is the key, if we are able to keep our nerves and keep then at bay, the longer the game goes on the better our chances of winning. How I wish KT isn’t injured so Tommy could be behind Saka!
    Well, the Spuds are even in a worse shape, every nerve in them will jangle and creak. If there’s any match we’d needed to win or draw,its this one. COYG!!!!

  31. WengerEagle

    Odegaard over ESR is the only mistake for me.

    Expect us to play more of a counter-attacking game today and ESR is better suited to that than Ode.

    Up the Arse ! 2-1 to the Good Guys with Saka and Martinelli on the scoresheet.

  32. Wardo

    We’ve started really well and look like we’re up for the fight

    I just worry we’re walking into the Spurs counter attack

    Cmon arsenal

  33. Wardo

    We’ve got ourselves into a position where we can draw and be in such a good position!!

    Hope we’re smart with this

  34. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Eddie needs to stay in his lane and stop trying to be so clever with his touches…thankfully the cross was tragically miscued

  35. The Real Vieira Lynn

    I’m overjoyed that we’re not just sitting back and absorbing, as they look the more nervous of the two teams

  36. SAGG

    Tierney and Dean no surprises there with the penalty. If thatbis a penalty then he needs to give like 5 more the rest of the game.

  37. Terraloon

    Le Massive

    SOn played for that. NOt much contact from the replay. Sky seemed pretty sure it was a pen… no idea

    Son was in the air so yep it was a penalty

    As for Holding now booked and being torn a new one , he needs to tread very carefully