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Here’s the thing: I don’t think the decision is that crazy, even if it was, who cares, we need a moonshot to kick-start this 2.0 project. Safe is not a strategy that correlates with our situation. Safe is literally 14 years of Arsene Wenger and 18 months of Emery. Safe is code for meek, stagnant, unoriginal. It just pushes you further away from taking the drastic steps needed to make Arsenal competitive and relevant on a meagre budget.

Arsenal needs a coach, I think he can be that coach.

Sure, there are parts that he’s going to have to learn. Being the go-to for managing a squad of egos is going to be tough. He’ll be the lonely one in the dugout, but look, he’s not some nutter tactician that hasn’t managed groups of players before, he’s been a captain at two top-level football clubs. Commanding the respect of fellow professional isn’t going to be a steep learning curve.

The most valuable thing Arsenal can spend their money on is great ideas because we can’t afford to unload another £200m on players this summer. We have a great group of kids coming through, we will waste their talent if we give them to Carlo (I don’t think we’d go here, but in a fit of panic, he is basically Emery of 2019 after being freshly fired into a narrowed shortlist). We’ll need to reshape the squad in the summer, likely with young kids. They aren’t coming here for an average coach and boring football. We need something to offer them. With the names on offer at the moment, I don’t see anyone in the pack of managers that has a higher ceiling than Arteta.

This was the round two of canvassing for Arteta in 2019. Does the Carlo piece make me sound like an idiot? Yes. But think bigger picture people. I wrote quite a few extensive pieces; here is the gist of what I thought he could bring to Arsenal (second piece).

  • Elite communication
  • World-class coaching
  • Extreme work ethic
  • High performance culture
  • Sauce

It took some time to see it all unfold, but I think he’s delivered on all of the above elements.

Today, he deservedly signed a new 3 deal that runs to the end of the 2024/25 season.

There are some out there that wanted the season to finish before rewarding him, but Arteta confirmed he was offered one after the three losses.

Let’s be clear, the worst possible idea that has gained traction with Arsenal Twitter is that we should have waited until we were totally sure he was going to put us in the top 4. This doesn’t stand up to any sort of rigor, you don’t let elite talent run down a deal, just in case something goes wrong.

Arteta has spent £200m+ of the clubs money, you don’t let the architect leave. Sure, it might be a gamble, but how dim would it be to let the best young coach in Europe run down his deal? What does that say to him about our relationship with him? That it’s transactional. What does that say to the players? That he isn’t important.

The standards merchants want you to believe that they would look at the table if things went wrong, look at the body of work, and say… Mikel, you missed out on top 4 by a single point. You are fired. No rational person in sport would do something that stupid.

Offering him a new deal in a low moment is exceptional in its shrewdness. It shows that we’re thinking beyond pure points on the table and we’re respecting the circumstances and the job that he has done beyond just points (let’s be clear though, points per game this season has been good and we’ve been in top 4 form since December 2020).

Look at what he’s done:

  • Brought a brand new philosophy to Arsenal that has been implemented up and down the roster of teams
  • Ripped out all of our toxic players
  • Massively reduced the wage bill
  • De-aged the squad to an average age of 24, the youngest in the league
  • Fixed our leaky defence, the first manager to do it in 15 or so years
  • Brought through a number of young players that are edging into best in class territory
  • Has us top 4 for points with 4 games to go
  • Has us top 3 for shots on goal, has us 4th for shots on target
  • Has the fans in the stadium ROCKING and united around our brilliant young squad

Like, honestly, how can anyone be sitting there saying he hasn’t achieved anything?

… because some fans still don’t understand what it takes to build a club back to the top in the richest/strongest league in the world. They live in the era where giving Jose or Conte £100m and half a season is all you needed to get back to the top.

  • Conte is sitting behind us in the league, complaining about how hard the Premier League is
  • Ralf Rangnick says it’ll take 6 years to fix United
  • Carlo failed at Everton
  • Jose failed at United and Spurs
  • Thomas Tuchel, a total rockstar everyone said we should have hired, is 3 points behind us in the table after spending £100m+ on a CL winning squad

As I said in 2019, there is no better person for this Arsenal project.

We have someone that loves the club, who is excited by the longer-term nature of the project, whilst delivering on his promise.

Matt Kandela went to the West Ham game at the weekend, he called me after and said:

‘The Arteta out stuff is bollocks, everyone is totally behind him, there are no doubts’

This gives us stability. This will make it more likely the players are going to sign up again this summer. This means the dream of challenging for the league in two seasons is still very much on.

Right, see you in the comments.


You thought I’d leave this post without slagging David Moyes? No chance.

The West Ham manager had to defeat an average Frankfurt team, they blew the home leg, it was clear that the most important thing for them to do was fix up for the return game and go there fresh.

What did he do? He played all his stars. There is no world in which this was a smart decision. It was dumb.

He put 32-year-old Aaron Cresswell into the Arsenal game. What happened? Due to deep, deep fatigue and the emotional stress attached to being bullied by Eddie for a long 90 at the weekend, he fumbled a simple long ball, then he gets sent off for the bungled challenge.

West Ham didn’t have a response. They weren’t fresh. They struggled to breakdown a very poor Frankfurt. They was NO answer. There should have been, even with 10 men. It was AWFUL.

David Moyes blew the second leg because he tried to play a cute game against Arsenal to kickstart his team. He failed, he blew West Ham’s easiest chance at Champions League EVER by being greedy and too clever by half.

Frankfurt literally rested their entire team against Leverkusen, even the goalkeeper, now they have to beat Rangers to get into the biggest competition in the world.

West Ham vs Rangers. What a dream that would have been. The Hammers fans, humming the CL theme tune, Moyesy a legend forever… now, the best he’ll get is Europa Conference.

What a SHOCKING fail. But he deserved it. I told him my support would not be there and look what happened. I LOVE IT.

Right, I’m really going now. x


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  1. Naija+soccer

    No dont sell Partey, just buy cover/competition. Whether this summer or the next, we need it. One DM and one AM and we are set.

    Lukaku starts and Chelsea are winning. Brentford on a tier.

  2. Jonko

    From LA dodgers to London Dodgy

    This idiot deserves whatever he will get with this stoopid i investment

  3. Pierre

    Raulishuss and tufnell ….the American nonentities

    ” An old man who has so much sentimental attachment to young average boys so much so he’s ready to fall out of love with his club because of. WEIRDO.
    can you imagine the sick joy Pierre would get if Willock hurts Arsenal when we play?”

    imagine , an Arsenal fan supporting the club’s academy players who are succeeding in the toughest league in the world , how weird is that.

  4. The Real Vieira Lynn

    Unlike some on here, I would never be so presumptuous as to suggest that I have a firm grasp on what the future holds…that said, I’m an ardent proponent of the old adage that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour…as such, I’m neither surprised by the fact that the powers that be have once again acted in a rather nonsensical fashion when it comes to their handling of all things Arteta-related, considering his premature managerial appointment and the previously unheard of financial backing he received, even after he quickly deviated from the original plan and shit the proverbial bed, nor am I surprised by the manner in which our present manager orchestrated his re-upping, as this was a “chip on the shoulder” redemption moment of epic proportions…that said, I do believe we have a handful or so of high ceiling players currently on staff, along with a few others who can provide the requisite coverage required, but until we bring in a couple cutting edge performers, most notably up top, who can excel in spite of the tactics on offer, and rid ourselves of those players, like Xhaka, who’ve enabled our manager to lean into his most negative inklings, we will never come close to truly competing with the best and the brightest…as of right now, I’m not totally convinced that competing for the highest of honours is our overriding objective, as this current project reminds me far more of our post-Highbury organizational model than the previous incarnation…I can only hope that I’m wrong with my assessment of the situation, I guess only time will tell

  5. Rich


    I think it’s if we finish 3rd, we go straight into the group stages

    But if we finish 4th, we’ll have to win a 2 legged tie to go into the group stages?

  6. Leftside

    We just have to win our games and see where we end up. Good thing at this point is that we don’t need to look at the table. If we win our games from the position we are in, we’ll know where we end up.

  7. Batistuta

    They scrapped the play offs for the top4 leagues i think. 4th takes you directly to the group stages

  8. Dissenter

    Chelsea are lucky that the two teams trailing time for top 4 are going to play each other.
    That’s why they will sneak in 3rd/4th place.

  9. Samesong

    Crazy how this spurs and Liverpool game is a must win for both of them.

    Lots of pressure on both sides. Not so sure it will be a full on conclusion. Spurs are the underdogs.

    Hope I’m wrong and Liverpool hammer them.

  10. Br0wnie

    Watching the Brighton game and Cucurella has impressed me this year at left back. Apparently being considered for Brighton player of the year. There is a story floating around that Spurs are in the hunt and asking price would be around $17 Mil. TransferMarkt has him at $22 Mil. That is a ridiculous bargain. We should be all over that.

  11. Dissenter

    Din’t believe everything you read in the tabloids
    From the transfer of Ben White m you ought to know that Brighton are not going to let a player they just signed for £15 million last season …for £17 million.
    If they consider selling him, it will be for 2-3x what they paid.

  12. Jonko

    Cucrella looks like a top player..and with that long hair has the swag too…better than KT and Tavares for sure

  13. Rich

    If United lose here, and lose at Palace

    West Ham could pip them to 6th if they pickup 6/9 points

    United playing in the Europa Conference could give us an edge if we butted heads for any potential transfers, would make them less attractive, and might restrict their budget

    Brighton playing some beautiful stuff here, need to get another while they’re on top,

  14. Leftside

    Brighton should be out of sight but their finishing has been woeful today. Cucharella would be a great addition, we know KT cannot stay fit.

  15. Samesong

    Yeah since he played against curecella earlier in the seaso he’s looks a decent player.

    Brighton will find a away of messing this up.

  16. MidwestGun

    I think Ragnick was being extremely optimistic when he said it would take 2 or 3 summer transfer windows to fix United. Watching Juan Mata attempt to half-heartedly press and at an extremely slow pace reminds me of Willian for us. Like what is the point of playing him at this stage in his career?. Luckily for them, Welbeck got to Welbz.

    Anyhow… Long may it continue… I rate Ten Haag highly but this might be a suicide mission for him. If he turns this around next season then he really is a coaching genius.

  17. Dissenter

    Ten Haag need to make the tough decision about Ronaldo
    Ronaldo’s individual brilliance and giant stature is obscuring how bad United are. He has to let Ronaldo leave to let a process of growth start.

    It’s not Ronaldo;s fault but there can’t be any new beginning until he’s left.

  18. Batistuta

    United have the money.

    Two smart windows and a manager that has a clue and they’ll be competing again.

  19. Batistuta

    They’re a super rich club and can pay the extra wages the average team won’t.

    Just need to buy proper players to fit into whatever the manager they have is trying to do really.

  20. MidwestGun

    Just the sheer volume of players they need to turnover though.. I’m struggling to think of anyone I would want to keep if I was Ten Haag from today’s lineup. I know they have the money but damn.

  21. MidwestGun

    Ten Haag is used to working with promising youth and the energy they bring and the types of things you can do in regards to teaching and motivation.. They just said this United lineup is the oldest this season. They are going to have to turnover about 20 players.

  22. Rich

    This is delicious, how the mighty have fallen…

    United fans used to be so unbearable, don’t hear a peep out of them these days 😂

  23. Naija+soccer

    The question is would United have been this bad this season, if they hadn’t signed Ronaldo. Hes the only one scoring while everyone else seems to have regressed or stagnated.

    It felt like they were on to something last season after they added Bruno. The Ronaldo signing should have completed the puzzle for them but it seems its unraveled them.

  24. Rich

    The performance from these players, says much more about the players, than it does about the manager.

    Rangnick is a bureaucrat who builds clubs, he doesn’t have much of a track record in management.

    He’s been on the inside, he’ll know the issues, I’d love United to pull the plug on his advisory role, that would mean Ten Hag would be going in blind

    It would be particularly funny if Rangnick was instrumental in appointing him…

  25. Dissenter

    United have a technical director, assistant technical director and s sporting/performance director…and Rangnick doesn’t occupy any of those positions.
    He has an undefined and unclarified ‘consultant’ role. They will ease him out after this summer.

    His selections and tactics are horrendous
    He didn’t even have the courage to drop Ronaldo

  26. Br0wnie

    Dissenter I agree that Cucurella won’t go for under $25 Mil but anything around that price would be good business. Brighton need to raise money to buy a striker. Whether they would sacrifice he and/or Bissouma to do so is questionable. Both would take us to another level

  27. Rich


    Technical director, assistant technical director, sporting performance director, and a consultant 😂

    That’s brilliant, it’s multiple layers of useless bureaucracy, stacked on top of each other….

    No wonder it’s an absolute train wreck, whatever the problem, the answer is rarely more bureaucrats…

  28. Naija+soccer

    Really doubt Ragnick would be getting kept after this season. Ragnick builds clubs yes, but he also had a reputation for being able to implement a good press. Man United didnt sign him for his Techical director history alone. And he’s been mostly underwhelming.

  29. Pierre

    In this situation, klopp normally finds a way to bring trent arnold into the game more and thats when they turn the screw.

    Sometimes he drops trent Arnold a little deeper to play like a quarter back to find the runners with pin point passes and he pushes Henderson more to the right flank to create space for trent arnold by occupying the opposition left back/midfield or wing back

  30. Dunchirado

    To those of you that wrote off Spurs and Conte against Liverpool knows nothing about football, they will surly beat Arsenal to claim top four

  31. Habesha Gooner

    Me and Dissenter Jinxed it. I thought Liverpool would smash them. I hope this is a draw at least. Looks like we have to earn our top 4 place at the shit hart lane.

  32. Mr Serge

    DunchiradoMay 7, 2022 21:06:37
    To those of you that wrote off Spurs and Conte against Liverpool knows nothing about football, they will surly beat Arsenal to claim top four

    What a prat lol

  33. Goobergooner

    “Matt Kandela went to the West Ham game at the weekend, he called me after and said:

    ‘The Arteta out stuff is bollocks, everyone is totally behind him, there are no doubts’”

    Pedro, I’m not trying to be negative here, but what was the mood in the stadium like after 3 losses on the trot?

    Arteta has done a lot of good work this season. These last 3 games especially has really galvanised the team as well as a very good chunk of the fanbase.
    I agree he deserves the contract and to not let it run into the final year. He has got the fans fully behind the team again and that in itself is brilliant.

    Fans going to the game go to support, not to be a lame duck. It does happen after some losses and poor runs, but in general everyone in the stadium is there to support.

    Even the most negative “online” supporter would wear their kit with pride to a game if they could get there.

    And it’s definitely easier to be positive after a few great results.

  34. Goobergooner

    So keen for kick off though, Leeds’ style of play plays to our advantage. They don’t like sitting back so I think we should have way too much for them especially at home