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Steve Rowley, our Chief Scout through some of our most successful periods passed after a short battle with illness at 63. That is no age. My thoughts are with his family and friends right now. Truly awful on every level. The only positive you can take on occasions like this is that he was part of something extremely special that left and imprint on the history of a football club that’ll be around forever. Legacy, it’s a beautiful thing to leave behind. Big love from all at Le Grove x


Maybe that sort of thing has shaped how I’m going to be thinking about the rest of the season. Because at the end of the day, there are more important things to waste time being angry about than football.

Let’s open today with a tweet from Man Like Matt Kandela. Watch the video then rejoin the post.

Are you back?

Are you pumped?

Good stuff. Let’s proceed.

I’m going to go all Trainspotting on your right now: You choose what Arsenal you see. You choose your emotions, how to look at then game, what sort of fan you want to be, and right now, I’m choosing to be a philosophical one that sips from a jug of half-full rosé.

Arsenal have made a pigs ear of the last three games, we should have taken at least 7 points from them, and if we had delivered… we’d be choke-slamming top 4 off the top rope right now.

We didn’t.

There are lots of reasons you can highlight.

My GroupChat and podcast team think January was a miss.

I think Arteta mismanaged the players he had at his disposal.

There’s also a pretty strong case for luck not going out way. The only team with a worse xG differential in the league than us this season is Brighton now. Remember the doom-mongers about our December xG? Where are they with the defence of us now?

The Palace game was a bad start by us and we gifted them goals from our own mistakes, but we had enough good chances to beat them.

The Brighton game was bad tactics from Arteta, if he’d given minutes to certain players earlier in the season, we’d have won that game. We lost off two very, very lucky goals from a team that doesn’t score.

Then the Southampton game was a flukey hooked pass from the second phase of a corner. Saka buries that chance on a normal day, ESR gets a better connection when he’s firing, normally a team scores when they have 23 shots in a game. Chelsea scored 6 from 24 shots the week before.

55 shots over 3 games. 1 goal.

Paint the Arteta comeuppance however you like, but this moment isn’t an Emery collapse when you dig a little deeper, ours is underpinned by the luck going against us, not the ramifications of the luck running out because we are shit.

Here’s where you need to helicopter out and get philosophical.

Arsenal aren’t shit.

If you think Arteta is a dreadful manager that should be fired, then you are going to have to explain to me how he has us in contention for top 4 with 7 games to go with the youngest squad in the league without a striker that can score goals.

Something is going right somewhere. We’ve already established that we are unlucky. You don’t need xG to tell you that, just look at the decisions that have gone against us this season.

My hope for this season was to be in contention for the top 4 come the end of the season. I wanted us to be competitive.

Well, that’s exactly where we are. In fact, we’ve been so much better than expected, people now think Arteta should be sacked because we haven’t cleared up top 4 seven games before the end of the season. Silly commentary, don’t you think? It has to be noted, most of the people I know that think that way were calling for Arteta to be sacked after the first three games, and had him down as exiting the club in December.

Philosophically, look at where we are.

Competing for top 4 with a group of players that have mostly never won a trophy. They are extremely green. Most are kids. These young players haven’t had the experience or the pressure of competing at this level. None of them have had to deal with form dips. They haven’t felt fan expectation like this, none of them have had the weight of a clubs history on their shoulders.

People also seem to miss that we had 4 of our first team players out yesterday. 3 in the previous game. 3 by the end of the Palace game. Take the full backs out of the Liverpool and City teams, what do you have? Problems. Take out 4 of Spurs best players, you think Conte is carrying a 10 game winning run? He can’t even manage that with Kane and Son at their peak.

The fans in the ground get it 100%, online, not so much.

Where do you want to be coaching wise? Antonio Conte? I hear so much about how incredible he is, but my good friend David, a season ticket holder at Spurs, told me the Brighton game was the worst performance of the season, including Nuno games. Ralf Rangnick? David Moyes? Mourinho? Carlo? Where is the silverbullet?

I’d rather be with the coach on the rise competing with the silverbullet managers everyone pointed to as missed opportunities for Arsenal.

Arteta has some work to do on his player management, he has to learn to listen to the experts at the club that manage player health, he has to understand that young players that aren’t given minutes are going to be able to slip right into the team. Instead of giving minutes to 12 players that needed developing, he should have been sharing the minutes with 16 of them, so they understand what is expected of them. We opted for a young manager, he’s learning on the job with Arsenal, but let’s again reiterate… all managers make mistakes and most of the ‘HE’S THE ONE’ coaches that have far more experience than Arteta had failed.

We have some clear problems with clear solutions. You couldn’t say that at the end of last season. The path forward has never had more clarity.

The difference between goals and expected goals in -10 this season.

That is a solvable issue however you cut it. 10 more goals and we are cruising into the top 4.

How do we get there?

Young players get better in front of goal. They get more experienced, better under pressure, and they grow in confidence.

You recruit more players that can step up with goals.

Arteta wanted a striker this January, they went down many avenues, agents fees were the difference for Vlahovic. We’re just not going to give £13m to them after the Raul tenure. We will sign a big name striker like Darwin Nunez this summer. That gives you a runner that we don’t have right now. That gives you a target in the box. That gives you a total fucking bully that asks questions of defenders all game. That gives you pedigree in front of goal at a Champions League level.

We don’t have that right now… and we are still in the mixer for 4th with 7 games to go.

Arsenal don’t need a squad overhaul this summer, we have a foundation that is really good, that will get better. We don’t need to fill the squad with more back-up players. What we need is 3-4 players that are ready-made for the first team. That’s why signing a ‘back-up’ striker in the summer was a waste of time. That’s why signing bodies would have been pointless. We need 2 midfielders of pedigree that can bench Granit Xhaka. Neves, Tielemans, or Renato Sanches do that job for you. We need forwards that are going to add goals like Rashford, Dybala, Neves, or Oshimen.

Add proper players to the squad this summer, with pedigree, experience, and hunger and we are cooking next season.

Champions League qual this season was always a big ask.

Europe was the goal.

Arsenal are thinking with the longterm in mind these days because we aren’t rich enough to waste money on drossy short-term ideas.

No team is better placed to move forward than Arsenal.

Drastic changes are not needed.

Bold strategic moves is the only way we kick on.

But that doesn’t start next season, it starts now.

Why can’t we get a point or more from Chelsea this week? When are Arsenal going to get a properly grim result where the luck rolls out way? What can Arteta do to rally his troops and get them back on the right track?

1 point against Chelsea. 3 points against United this weekend. Well, we’re back in the mixer.

Success right now would be making that Spurs away day a Cup Final of consequence.

We have the talent to do it. Do we have the luck? Let’s hope so.

You can be angry about our last 3 games, that’s up to you, but I tell you what… I can see online that most are keener to rally around the squad and look at the club with rose tinted glasses because that’s what being a football fan is all about.

So fuck the misery, time to get our big boy boots on and slide two footed into Wednesday like your name was Granit Xhaka against a top 2 side.

That’s the spirit.

See you in the comments. Watch our podcast. Tell Matt Kandela his tweet was awesome.

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“Astronaut lost in space needs help to find his dropped compass”
The compass won’t work in outer space because the magnetic field is not the same!

Thierry Martinelli

At the moment, i can’t tell who’s our most valuable player! there’s a time people missed Xhaka for chrissake when he was out. At some point we even questioned where we would be if Laca wasn’t there to drop deep and create for other attackers. Before Partey got injured it was Tomiyasu……… Nonetheless, Partey has featured in some of our losses too. My take is we don’t have an MVP


“we will be challinging for the title.”
One thing at a time. Arteta needs to find out how to defeat Palace, Brighten and Southhampton first.


There are people on this blog STILL comparing Arteta to Klopp. It’s a sure fire sign that delusion is strong with those guys.

Artea isn’t Klopp, he’s Zeljko Buvac. Remember him? He was a supposed “genius” behind Klopp. I wonder what the fcuk is he up to now?

There’s reason people like Buvac and Arteta are No2s and will NEVER have a successful managerial career…the problem for us is we’re learning this truth the hardest of ways.


If you want a good example of how a great number two can work out when he gets the main gig see McCLaren, Steve (or Schteve…lol).


Dutch proverb: Fish rot from the head. If after being in charge for 2.5 years, there are still something wrong with the culture at the club, maybe the problem is the manager. Maybe his micro-managing tendancy and his constant petty man management means that nobody is ready to step up and confront him by fear of retribution. Instead of having healthy discussion going back and forth with the captain ready and able to express misgiving or advice to a rookie manager, we have a group of scared robotic players under the threat of being of being dropped if they dare… Read more »


Regarding Zeljko Buvac, Klopp’s. assistant
One the reasons why he fell out with Klopp was because Sven Mislintat he approached him secretly in 2018 when they were looking for a replacement for Wenger
Same time Arsenal was interviewing Pep’s assistant, they were also interviewing Klopp’s assistant.


Arsenal;s decision making has been crappy for a long time.


Matteo G is such a shit that nobody could like. that’s why he was named captain of the France U21. That’s why he is now in the French squad because it is well known that Deschamps does not care about squad harmony. That’s why he is viewed at Marseille as one of the squad leader, who will fight to the death for a result. That’s why Kolasinac called Guendouzi before joining Marseille and publicly thank him for the way he helped him settled there. Back to Trying to smear a young player, because they don’t the Arteta Knows Best agenda… Read more »



Wow. I didn’t know that. Depressing.


Pedro ‘Liverpool dropped 30 points when VVD got an injury.’ You’ve said this a few times so let’s address it real quick because it is factually wrong. Liverpool weren’t 30 games worse off last season due to the Van Dijk injury. He’s without doubt one of the best central defenders in the world but the reason Liverpool cratered after winning the title in 2019-2020 was because they started the season with 3 recognized first-team CBs in Van Dijk, Matip and Gomez and lost them all to injury. Having to move Fabinho and even Hendersonat times back to CB completely disrupted… Read more »


Thing with Klopp is, he’s a double threat. He’s not only a tactically astute manager and he’s also got the kind of persona that makes people comfortable and makes them wanna bleed for you. That second part is the area Arteta struggles with.

You can argue that Klopp is the most valuable player at Liverpool.



‘Is Partey our most valuable player ? Seems when he’s out, we tend to struggle’.

Partly true Naija. We also struggle when he delivers subpar performances. It does look like we are dependent on him (and also maybe his partnership with Xhaka) to deliver a good run of performances.



What makes the Guendouzi hurts even more is the fact that he was only 19. Surely a 19 year old is allowed to be immature. Could have kept him for a couple years to see if his attitude can improve.



In that case then this situation is indirectly related to Xhaka. Because he’s a sub par player, when Partey isn’t available or not in form we struggle.

This is why Lokonga should have been played more throughout the season.


Ronaldo’s son died (during the birth I think), maybe he wont play on Saturday?


Terrible thing to happen to anyone the loss of a child. Hope the press leave them alone to grieve in peace.

Danny S

Bacary is god

If you stroll back through pedros post, you will also find that when Pedro was trying to drive an agenda for why we were doing so shit and he was comparing us to Liverpool who were having a shit season, when people pointed out the VVD injury he completely wrote it off as not remotely important.

Yet now, he’s using it the other way it would seem.

Is that a classic Peter flip flop?

The Real Vieira Lynn

Danny, from someone who’s experienced this horrific occurrence, you would be wise to shut your fucking mouth, especially if you did so simply to express that you’re hopeful of the prospect of Ronaldo missing a fixture as a result of his tragic loss…btw, if this were the case, I find this just as appalling as the fucked up comment from earlier

my deepest condolences go out to Cristiano and Georgina


Stop it with the Guendouzi stuff. He was a dickhead. That’s been covered.

Emery was(is) a bum.

Conte is(was…) an arsonist.

Arteta is generational and the project is right on track.

Get yourselves together. Sheesh.

Danny S

Yea. Guen is a dick head and apparently you can’t do anything with dickheads.

Well, you can’t if you have zero people skills or ability to man manage people.



I respect Pedro a lot but he’s having some real problems with consistency right now. Listen to his comments after the Soton game and he’s making many of the arguments he’s trying to counter when others make them on this blog.


*Listen to his comments on his podcast after the Soton game.


The Real Vieira Lynn
Just stating a fact, nothing more, nothing less.


He’s twisted up a bit because you can’t serve two masters. Pete loves Arteta with all his heart, also loves the Arsenal. What do you do when your hot-and-now is hurting your true love? It’ll get worse before it gets better. Kind of like our season.



I respect Pedro a lot but he’s having some real problems with consistency right now. Listen to his comments after the Soton game and he’s making many of the arguments he’s trying to counter when others make them on this blog.

Those were my thoughts

The podcast was particularly revealing and having listened to it I struggled to see how the Pedro on there and the Pete on here are one and 5he same


Auba not in Barca’s starting 11 this evening, interesting.

Danny S

Terraloon and bacary

Difference is, Pedro on the podcast can be held to account. Pedro on the blog can ban people and delete comments and rule absolute.

I have struggled massively to deal with his inconsistency involving Arteta. I didn’t even read the blog for a long time.

He has sold himself on this project now to the point where he will push it regardless of the direction it takes and every single argument he made against wenger and Emery he now makes for Arteta. It’s a bit sad really as this was a great blog.


From the earlier quote: “One of the main problems identified in recent times has been the culture and they are now trying to do something about it. The Athletic understands Arsenal have enlisted the help of consultancy firm People-Made to embark upon what sources call a “top-to-bottom cultural review of the club”. So the progress that Pedro touted of how Arteta has improved the culture was evidently not up to the level expected, otherwise they would not have put this into the hand of a consultancy firm. You can call it what you want but it is on the same… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

That’s your response to my statement Danny??? obviously you’re a clueless piece of sh**..enough said, so please don’t respond again you tw**

Danny S

You need to chill a little bit Vieira Lyn.

Not everyone has the same view of the world or the same experiences.

Danny S

Is vieira Lyn the latest incarnation of Don?


Watch the PSG v OM game yesterday and Guen has an ability that NO ONE at Arsenal has. You all know how annoying Neymar is with his play acting and trying to get players booked. Well Guen got the better of him yesterday got him carded and close to a second card even though there was nothing in it. Neymar was so furious that his team mates had to drag him away from the ref. Tell me who at Arsenal has that in his locker to get into players heads on the pitch, NO ONE. So no wonder that he… Read more »


Have you got any children Danny?

The Real Vieira Lynn

Valid point Killroy…if one of the supposed accomplishments of our present managerial reign is that he’s orchestrated massive changes culturally-speaking, then it seems only logical to ask why we would need to seek professional help from outside the organization in that regards…now of course this might prove to be an erroneous account, but why would this be reported in any capacity if there wasn’t some question or concerns surrounding the previously propagated notion that “cultural” improvements” have been made, after all, there’s so many other negative talking points that any journalist could delve into if they were trying to just… Read more »


Alexandre Lacazette, “I want to play in Europe, it’s been a long time since I played in the Champions League. I’m missing it.”
Top4 can make the signing easier.

The Real Vieira Lynn

Danny S or should I say Danny, you don’t need to have that many world experiences to know that what you posted could be deeply disturbing to anyone with children or an empathetic bone in their respective bodies…you on the other hand are clearly an unthinking piece of sh**, who even in the face of all the rather obvious evidence, actually suggested that I’m the one who should have a rethink…for a normal person, this could have been easily solved by you simply owning your shit and reversing course, instead you doubled-down on stupid, which clearly is your strong suit…good… Read more »

Danny S

Ed the red I have 6 kids, and still fail to see how a matter of fact comment can get such a response. Vera I am Danny S, completely separate from Danny. There are many Danny’s, my precious office had 6! I have kids, I have empathy I also understand that all sorts of people make this world. My eldest son is autistic, and despite my atempts to make him see the world as we think he should, he would look upon a situation differently to others. He actually doesn’t have as much empathy as others as a default. Does… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

for the love of God, there simply can’t be two equally ignorant Danny’s on this blog…your comment is in poor taste, truthful or otherwise, and you should be embarrassed that you even entered the fray…you would be wise to not embark on some senseless trolling expedition when the stakes in question are so high


It hurts to be an Arsenal fan right now as we are on the butt end of jokes.
“As a fan appears to ask him about “beating Arsenal”, Redmond continues to sign autographs and then says casually: “It’s alright, they’re not very good.” A fan can be heard snickering in response.”
In order to spare us this ridicule there is only one thing left to do, get rid of the one that made Arsenal not very good.

Danny S

Not trolling. It seemed to me like a matter of fact comment taken in context entirely from that comment alone. Some people literally do not see the other side of that particular argument. I might look at it and think ooh that’s a bit blunt. I certainly wouldn’t attack someone for it because they didn’t see it from my specific point of view, or even the perceived ‘standard’ point of view. Taken from the comment alone, it didn’t seem abusive or like it was trying to draw a negative response. Of course Danny can correct me if I’m wrong, he… Read more »

David Smith

Killroy, not sure Guen would finish many games with the referees in this league


In today’s game the way you try to get into the Refs and players head is most crucial. Guen has just such an innocent baby face with those curly locks the EPL Refs will be easily game for him, he is very street smart and a little shit, that is why Arteta lost it in more then one way.

David Smith

Maybe, but he’s petulant, gives the refs in this league an excuse, they seem to go for the petulant more than the leg breakers

The Real Vieira Lynn

I specifically constructed my first comment in just such a way that if it was determined that I was wrong with my assumptions I would owe him an apology for any potential misrepresentation on my part…the fact that he functionally doubled-down in his subsequent response, even though my experiences and my concerns with the possible intent of his original post were made obvious, spoke volumes about the very real possibility that he was chuffed by the notion of Ronaldo missing the game due to the death of his infant child…it’s called reading between the lines and/or making logically-deduced inferences, which… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

right away

Danny S


His second comment backs up his first.

It was a fact, devoid of emotion or sentiment.

Some people are like that.

My son, when he learnt his Grandma had died, who he loved very much just said ‘at least she’s not in pain anymore’ then he got on with his life. Nothing else.

The Real Vieira Lynn

you simply don’t get it, so stop trying…using your family stories as a shield or a form of justification for the behaviour of others, which is still a debatable claim, is beyond the pale

Danny S

Different strokes Vera.

If your narrow little mind can’t see that then that’s your problem.

You obviously haven’t spent much time noticing that we arnt all neurotypical.

But you continue ripping into random strangers with 4 letter insults if it makes you feel better.

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