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Steve Rowley, our Chief Scout through some of our most successful periods passed after a short battle with illness at 63. That is no age. My thoughts are with his family and friends right now. Truly awful on every level. The only positive you can take on occasions like this is that he was part of something extremely special that left and imprint on the history of a football club that’ll be around forever. Legacy, it’s a beautiful thing to leave behind. Big love from all at Le Grove x


Maybe that sort of thing has shaped how I’m going to be thinking about the rest of the season. Because at the end of the day, there are more important things to waste time being angry about than football.

Let’s open today with a tweet from Man Like Matt Kandela. Watch the video then rejoin the post.

Are you back?

Are you pumped?

Good stuff. Let’s proceed.

I’m going to go all Trainspotting on your right now: You choose what Arsenal you see. You choose your emotions, how to look at then game, what sort of fan you want to be, and right now, I’m choosing to be a philosophical one that sips from a jug of half-full rosé.

Arsenal have made a pigs ear of the last three games, we should have taken at least 7 points from them, and if we had delivered… we’d be choke-slamming top 4 off the top rope right now.

We didn’t.

There are lots of reasons you can highlight.

My GroupChat and podcast team think January was a miss.

I think Arteta mismanaged the players he had at his disposal.

There’s also a pretty strong case for luck not going out way. The only team with a worse xG differential in the league than us this season is Brighton now. Remember the doom-mongers about our December xG? Where are they with the defence of us now?

The Palace game was a bad start by us and we gifted them goals from our own mistakes, but we had enough good chances to beat them.

The Brighton game was bad tactics from Arteta, if he’d given minutes to certain players earlier in the season, we’d have won that game. We lost off two very, very lucky goals from a team that doesn’t score.

Then the Southampton game was a flukey hooked pass from the second phase of a corner. Saka buries that chance on a normal day, ESR gets a better connection when he’s firing, normally a team scores when they have 23 shots in a game. Chelsea scored 6 from 24 shots the week before.

55 shots over 3 games. 1 goal.

Paint the Arteta comeuppance however you like, but this moment isn’t an Emery collapse when you dig a little deeper, ours is underpinned by the luck going against us, not the ramifications of the luck running out because we are shit.

Here’s where you need to helicopter out and get philosophical.

Arsenal aren’t shit.

If you think Arteta is a dreadful manager that should be fired, then you are going to have to explain to me how he has us in contention for top 4 with 7 games to go with the youngest squad in the league without a striker that can score goals.

Something is going right somewhere. We’ve already established that we are unlucky. You don’t need xG to tell you that, just look at the decisions that have gone against us this season.

My hope for this season was to be in contention for the top 4 come the end of the season. I wanted us to be competitive.

Well, that’s exactly where we are. In fact, we’ve been so much better than expected, people now think Arteta should be sacked because we haven’t cleared up top 4 seven games before the end of the season. Silly commentary, don’t you think? It has to be noted, most of the people I know that think that way were calling for Arteta to be sacked after the first three games, and had him down as exiting the club in December.

Philosophically, look at where we are.

Competing for top 4 with a group of players that have mostly never won a trophy. They are extremely green. Most are kids. These young players haven’t had the experience or the pressure of competing at this level. None of them have had to deal with form dips. They haven’t felt fan expectation like this, none of them have had the weight of a clubs history on their shoulders.

People also seem to miss that we had 4 of our first team players out yesterday. 3 in the previous game. 3 by the end of the Palace game. Take the full backs out of the Liverpool and City teams, what do you have? Problems. Take out 4 of Spurs best players, you think Conte is carrying a 10 game winning run? He can’t even manage that with Kane and Son at their peak.

The fans in the ground get it 100%, online, not so much.

Where do you want to be coaching wise? Antonio Conte? I hear so much about how incredible he is, but my good friend David, a season ticket holder at Spurs, told me the Brighton game was the worst performance of the season, including Nuno games. Ralf Rangnick? David Moyes? Mourinho? Carlo? Where is the silverbullet?

I’d rather be with the coach on the rise competing with the silverbullet managers everyone pointed to as missed opportunities for Arsenal.

Arteta has some work to do on his player management, he has to learn to listen to the experts at the club that manage player health, he has to understand that young players that aren’t given minutes are going to be able to slip right into the team. Instead of giving minutes to 12 players that needed developing, he should have been sharing the minutes with 16 of them, so they understand what is expected of them. We opted for a young manager, he’s learning on the job with Arsenal, but let’s again reiterate… all managers make mistakes and most of the ‘HE’S THE ONE’ coaches that have far more experience than Arteta had failed.

We have some clear problems with clear solutions. You couldn’t say that at the end of last season. The path forward has never had more clarity.

The difference between goals and expected goals in -10 this season.

That is a solvable issue however you cut it. 10 more goals and we are cruising into the top 4.

How do we get there?

Young players get better in front of goal. They get more experienced, better under pressure, and they grow in confidence.

You recruit more players that can step up with goals.

Arteta wanted a striker this January, they went down many avenues, agents fees were the difference for Vlahovic. We’re just not going to give £13m to them after the Raul tenure. We will sign a big name striker like Darwin Nunez this summer. That gives you a runner that we don’t have right now. That gives you a target in the box. That gives you a total fucking bully that asks questions of defenders all game. That gives you pedigree in front of goal at a Champions League level.

We don’t have that right now… and we are still in the mixer for 4th with 7 games to go.

Arsenal don’t need a squad overhaul this summer, we have a foundation that is really good, that will get better. We don’t need to fill the squad with more back-up players. What we need is 3-4 players that are ready-made for the first team. That’s why signing a ‘back-up’ striker in the summer was a waste of time. That’s why signing bodies would have been pointless. We need 2 midfielders of pedigree that can bench Granit Xhaka. Neves, Tielemans, or Renato Sanches do that job for you. We need forwards that are going to add goals like Rashford, Dybala, Neves, or Oshimen.

Add proper players to the squad this summer, with pedigree, experience, and hunger and we are cooking next season.

Champions League qual this season was always a big ask.

Europe was the goal.

Arsenal are thinking with the longterm in mind these days because we aren’t rich enough to waste money on drossy short-term ideas.

No team is better placed to move forward than Arsenal.

Drastic changes are not needed.

Bold strategic moves is the only way we kick on.

But that doesn’t start next season, it starts now.

Why can’t we get a point or more from Chelsea this week? When are Arsenal going to get a properly grim result where the luck rolls out way? What can Arteta do to rally his troops and get them back on the right track?

1 point against Chelsea. 3 points against United this weekend. Well, we’re back in the mixer.

Success right now would be making that Spurs away day a Cup Final of consequence.

We have the talent to do it. Do we have the luck? Let’s hope so.

You can be angry about our last 3 games, that’s up to you, but I tell you what… I can see online that most are keener to rally around the squad and look at the club with rose tinted glasses because that’s what being a football fan is all about.

So fuck the misery, time to get our big boy boots on and slide two footed into Wednesday like your name was Granit Xhaka against a top 2 side.

That’s the spirit.

See you in the comments. Watch our podcast. Tell Matt Kandela his tweet was awesome.

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Mr Serge

You can add ancelotti and Conte to that list Andy


Pedro and etal here is something to consider and qualifies as constructive suggestion. I pumped for Arteta going by what press said about his work with Pep. I loved it when he won Fa cup. As with anything slowly the negatives are showing up. I beleive that Arteta needs help of he has to fulfil his potential at arsenal. He is making too many mistake sin a season and in his nascent career as manager. His negatives are well documented by you and many here you said it earlier. Wenger needed help to reinvent himself during later stages which he… Read more »

Mr Serge

Madhu that’s a big question hope so as now is not the time to start again
If he fails at the end of the season I still think the board will back him
I just can’t see them giving up on “the process” now


True Mr Serge although I wouldn’t put them in the same class as the others I mentioned. Will be interesting to see how Ten Haag does at United. Given his pedigree you’d normally back him to do well if they weren’t such a clusterf*ck of a club. I think that he’d have been a better fit for us.

Mr Serge

Andy I agree with ten Haag a much better fit for us.
there is a lot to do at Man u though most of those players need replacing as does the culture look how long it’s taken Arteta to bring in a different culture to our club and get rid of all the players that needed to go (apart from a couple I agree with what he got rid of )
Man u will need s number of windows to change it I am sure it will not happen overnight for them


Just seen what Spudnik had written. What a 1st class wanker. I’m ashamed for him.

Mr Serge

Ed I know right I wish I could delete it so Pedro does not read it first class wanker of the highest order that spudnik (anyone with spud in the name makes me feel they are not gooners anyway )
I don’t care if we are arguing over whether we have the right manager for the job or not. I would still buy 99 percent of you a beer on match day and have a chat about it.
As long as it’s not everyone at once that comes on here that would be an expensive round lol


Fact of the matter is that we bottled it. There is still a tiny hope we’re going to make it to top 4, but how hopeful could one be when we’ve lost 3 games on the bounce that honestly we should have won at least 6 points in. It’s so reminiscent of the late Wenger era when we would catastrophically bomb out of all competitions in February or March, but now we had just 1 competition to play for, we were in a very solid, good position, that we fought for so hard, just to ruin it all in the… Read more »

The Bard

Pedro it all depends on what the level of ambition the club commits to. I have no problem if the club saying we don’t have money to compete with the top clubs and are going to try to do it another way, but they try to spin it that we are a top club with great ambition. It’s this disconnect that creates the fans angst. A little transparency would go a long way.



There is a world of difference between ‘luck’ and ‘good fortune.’ Seven wins on the trot is an ‘outrageous run of good fortune’. Whether it includes ‘luck’ – good or bad – is a matter of chance. Such things as MOM performances – say, from Ramsdale – are down to skill not luck. Was Fosret lucky? I don’t think so.


Foster the Southampton GK


Desperation stuff there when you start blaming poor performances on luck.

Le Sauce


That is not only disgusting but also embarrassing, you’re a complete disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself


Pedro: “normally a team scores when they have 23 shots in a game. Chelsea scored 6 from 24 shots the week before” I read that Pedro was comparing our shots to Chelsea’s shots. Well looking at the xG it was not even close lol. Southampton vs Chelsea 0.56 vs 4.40 – 0 – 6 Southampton vs Arsenal 1.04 vs 1.35 – 1 – 0 How xG of 4.40 and 1.35 could ever be compared as in total shots is beyond me. Yes, we should have scored 1 goal vs Southampton, but Chavs had waaay better chances than us and defended… Read more »


Spudnik, is that your class mate. what kind of language is that? Why bring in mothers and fathers to this. Why use such language? Its just a disgrace.


Pedro is desperate and has painted himself into a corner.
We have collapsed mentally and that’s down to one man who should find other employment.



What an absolute disgusting moronic thing to say you fucking vile animal .
You can disagree with Pedro and keep it civil you nut job it’s not difficult for goodness sake .

Don’t let filth like that get to you mate


Pedro please block Spudnik, its a disgrace that as people from civilized society we cannot desist from abusing each other. Pedro we are with you and cannot condone such language.


Spudnik and Buzzy are both idiots

Wishing death on a football manager is something out of the basement character and as for the parents thing. You just don’t go there.

Le Sauce

Lacazette: “I am in discussions with a lot of clubs. I am open. I want to play in Europe, it’s been a long time since I played in the Champions League, I’m missing it.”

This guy is a joke, his incompetence in front of goal is one of the reasons we might not make top 4 and he says this. Pedro is this the “personal reason” he didn’t play this weekend, Is there friction between him and Mikel Putin?

Le Sauce

🚨 EXCL: Arsenal hire external consultants to help improve culture at club. London firm People-Made conducting “top to bottom cultural review” called “The Arsenal Way” in bid to connect with history + values amid acceptance it has faded @TheAthleticUK #AFC https://t.co/2DtwUgyMLG

Arteta isn’t going anywhere folks, the club will still be busy fixing the culture in the coming transfer windows. FYI


Can’t we just agree that Arteta is never going to be accepted as an Arsenal manager by a significant section of the fans…online and at the Emirates. Therefore its best he leaves for that reason alone. Was really hoping post Wenger the fan base could re-unite. That will never happen under Arteta.

There is one manager who could unite us amd everyone knows exactly who that is……


If you ask Pedro, he’ll tell you that 100% of the fans at the Emirates are firmly in Arteta’s corner.


The online fans are the problem of Arsenal I guess. It’s got nothing to do with the manager.


fair play Pedro, having missed such a huge opportunity for the third time in a row, it opened old wounds.
You’re right though, this is and has been different. CL would be amazing obviously but I’m cool with this project finishing our business in Europa.


Another one from Almunia on london is red




You should be ashamed for writing it. Such language should never be used against anyone, in any situation – let alone football.


Those quotes from Laca have to be a joke, well its either laugh or cry.


Lacazette saying his goodbyes and having a pop as well.

Imagine a player basically implying with his comment that Arsenal won’t be getting CL again at the end of this season before it ends.

Obviously another player that is not a great Arteta fan.

He did some good things when he was at the club. It wasn’t all dreadful as some imply.

Played his last match for Arsenal it seems with those comments.


I don’t think there’s a lot wrong with the culture of the players at the club now. I think a few ‘ready made’ signings would do wonders for the team but the culture in the squad isn’t bad. It’s the tactics, the approach to playing etc which needs to change. The offense is awful even tho we do have some very good players. Rather than a cultural coach preaching about Victoria Concordia crescit I’d far rather see us spending more time on the training ground practicing transitions through central midfield, smarts in and around the box and shooting practice. THAT… Read more »


Just seen Spudnik’s abusive comment. Vile cretin. Absolute scum. I hope he never posts here again.


China it would appear that they are skirting around the actual issue and avoiding the elephant in the room. I wouldn’t read too much into it it’s a carefully released puff piece which coincidentally only ever comes out after a bad run of games to distract the meek fanbase.


So Pedro, you removed all of my posts and some of the other posters too. Citing I’m behaving like a rival fan on an Arsenal site. All because what has been said is a truer reflection of Arteta, than the one you’re painting. Doesn’t surprise me you’re using censorship, because between being ‘unlucky ‘ and angering the gods, there’s not much else to defend Mikel with. I’ll leave you with the quote ” you can evade reality if you want, but you can’t evade the consequences of evading reality. What will be will be regardless of what you or I… Read more »


In training I would ban crosses more than 1m off the ground for a month and see what our players do about it. They’d be forced to find alternative ways to create and there’s no way in hell we’d be worse for it I’d also have restrictions on the number of passes you can play between defenders (especially FB to CB) and see what they do about it. The FBs would keep losing the ball when the wingers or CMs don’t make themselves available and it would be. A matter of time before they start shouting at the CMs and… Read more »


We all want top 4 right now…
We don’t need top 4 right now

Depth of team is still an issue….otherwise we just spiral back down after a year or two


Hiring a consultant to improve the culture and reconnect with the ‘Arsenal Way’ (whatever that is)? Bizarre. WTF does any consultant know about that? Arsenal’s identity is many things to many people. Fans, players, staff, all have different ideas what that should be. For many older fans Arsenal means traditional (old Etonian?) values, fortitude, certainly not flair whereas younger fans will identify with a more attacking ethos and Wenger values of ‘playing the right way’ (n.b. there is no ‘right way’ to play the game). It’s just another case of silly ‘business think’ that you can fix something by throwing… Read more »


Culture is created by historical events not invented by some management team.
We have history in bucket loads we just don’t have a manager who respects it.
We are known for attacking finesse and under his management we are not ‘ being Arsenal ‘.
We are slowly becoming another upper mid table club falling away from the top .


‘Trust the Process’ out

‘The Arsenal Way’ in

What a total load of cobblers.


Everything but try to improve the team properly in order for us to be successful on the pitch.


Those puff pieces from the Athletic only ever come out after a series of bad results by the way


Do you remember when Peter said Gumieres of Newcastle wouldn’t make a good signing?

Rather like a lot of his “hot takes”, they are usually as hot as a steaming pile of shit.


“ Take out 4 of Spurs best players….”

This is the moronic hill Peter is going to die on. Arteta has lost 2 players. Just two. And he’s lost 3 games in a row. None of them from top 10 sides.


Pedro is obviously very good at his job It’s amazing how he’s rebranded a simple undertaking as the process. That a manager who’s spent 2.5 years at a job should not be assessed for the sack because of some vague interminable process is indeed astonishing. The simple questions ought to be that -has Arteta had ample financial resources?- Yes -has Arteta been provided ample time – Yes -have we substantially improved under Arteta relative to his predecessor who was famously labeled as a “bum”. In other words, are we better off now than in say my random day at the… Read more »


Manu is paying very high wages to their “star” players. I am interested to see how they replace them. Manu has very high commercial income. They could afford signing big players. With a proper coach, they could turn it around very quickly.


With the form of our team, I just hope that we can still get the top 6 spot. It is good that West Ham has European football games and they still have to play Chelsea and MC.


The consultants who’ve been hired to fix morale at the club should talk to pedro and find out who leaks info to him from the club. I thought it was disgraceful that some anon person at club was sending insider gossip to help torpedo Emery time at club. We don’t need treacherous cnuts who leak private info to bloggers because they have agenda.


One of the best post Pedro ever made was when
He opened up about the loss of his Mother.
For someone to take advantage of this and
write what Spudnik wrote is just disgracefull.
Even though you can dissagree football
Related matters this should never be tolerated.


“ Take out 4 of Spurs best players….”

Did Pedro really write this?
Not sure Spurs have four best players, lol.


Pedro wanted an expo why Arteta can be considered a naff manager at this point, where Arsenal are supposedly challenging for top 4…. 1.. supporters lack of ambition wanting top 4 – that should be a minimum given the pedigree and investment at the club 2.. skimping wins in 2022 against mediocre teams, so was always on the cards that the fine margins would switch – nothing about luck, where you make your own in any case….. 3.. man management as Le Grove already points out but also to the extent of alienating top players with big characters in not… Read more »


Qualifying for CL clearly was not on Arteta’s ‘must do’ agenda. His focus was/is on a summer spent acquiring the missing pieces and ridding himself of the remnants of the unwanted. A long-term plan that over-rides every other issue. For Arsenal right now the CL is like asking a three-year old to recite the alphabet backwards. He won’t get past X.

Turn the page to the start of tne new season, and what are we likely see? A squad that knows the ABC of football backwards.


Genuinely appalling behaviour from Spudnik. There is no excuse for exhibiting that much anger.


englandsbest You do realize that when you get labeled as an Arteta knows best, it’s a compliment, never a slur. Your last post encapsulates this. Essentially, you’re suggesting that this season was devoid of any objectives besides ‘acquiring missing pieces and ridding himself of the remnants of the unwanted’? We contend that he rid himself of too many pieces that couldn’t be replaced, spiting his face in the process. We contend that he created new squad problems by neglecting available solutions to seek expensive toys that weren’t needed. We aren’t defending any better than we did last season after spending… Read more »


“A squad that knows the ABC of football backwards”

That would explain the style of football Arteta has us playing!


“ We aren’t defending any better than we did last season after spending colossal amounts of money on defense last summer”


Pedro was brave to post about a loss so dear to him because there are too many dickheads on the internet that don’t have boundaries.
There’s always that one idiot in a hundred ready do deplorable acts like ‘Sputnik’s

Pedro is right to leave that comment on display. He could have censored it but let it stand because it speaks volumes of the gutter level to which some will go to.


Just read through the comments from yesterday.

Spudnik – wtf is wrong with you? Only an absolutely vile piece of human garbage would write something like that to another person. Go get help.


Southampton vs Chelsea
0.56 vs 4.40 – 0 – 6
Southampton vs Arsenal
1.04 vs 1.35 – 1 – 0

This stat is what’s wrong with our attack this season. Our attack lacks fluidity, pressure, automatism, and structure. This in turn leads to us registering low XG. We are attacking but barely inflicting damage.

Add a striker who doesn’t score in Lacazette and suddenly it looks surprising that we are in the top 6.


Shout out to raptora for stats


Is Haaland one of the missing pieces ?


Almuniasaynomore, PTSD is a serious condition that shouldn’t be made fun of.
Am I right?


Watch Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea and watch how they knit their attack together and how the players make runs and move into space then compare to our laboured amateurish way of attacking. “We are young!” I know but there are ways around things.


You’re dead right. I was simply drawing attention to it in the hope of gaining more public sympathy for those suffering…..


Arteta’s most clinical players are ESR and Pepe and they are on the bench most games.

Gee Goudge

I personally think because of our injuries and possible squad news that certain people are leaving bringing that negative vibe, Artetas selections etc I think we we lose every game till the end. This will leave us in 7th position. We should have prepared way before Jan to strengthen key areas, esp if injuries come into play, we didn’t and now we pay the price.


That is how I see our current striker situation.
– Against team with high defensive line, like Chelsea, Eddie’s speed can be of good use
– Against team wirg low block, like Southhampton, Laca’s holdup of the ball and lay back to other forwards would be preferable. I don’t know why we stop doing that.


So as of this week, Arsenal are 16th for big chances created, with 34 big chances created. From this we have scored 45 goals. In 20/21, we created 45 big chances (12th in EPL) In 19/20, we created 48 big chances (12th in EPL) In 18/19, we created 72 big chances (5th in EPL) In 17/18, we created 81 big chances (2nd in EPL) It has been highlighted that we are 13th for shot conversion at 7.1%, which is true. Though it doesn’t take into account that 37% of these shots are from outside the box and that 32% of… Read more »


If the right players are not available in the summer then let’s wait until January. If the right players are not available in January then let’s wait until summer. Let’s give Arteta 56 transfer windows which would suit the kroenkes down to the ground as they wouldn’t have to spend any money. Joke of a club joke of a manager will never attract top players because he’s a bluffer and yes man to the biggest liars and cheapskates in world football.



You do realize that you miss the point entirely, that a three-year old does not, overnight, become a grown-up, that this season brought the team a huge step closer to matching the elite.


Arteta’s been in charge for over two seasons, got rid of good players with bad attitudes and there’s still something wrong with the club’s culture that needs fixing?

Le Sauce

No Arsenal striker has scored from open play in an away league match this season. We’re heading into game week 31…


Robbie, Those shooting stats are great context. IMO, the root cause for our lack of threat is that we’re too positionally rigid. Our movement is too predictable and there’s a lot of sideways passing. Eventually, someone gets frustrated and takes a crack from outside the box. This is why I don’t buy the “young team” explanation. Young players are usually energetic but undisciplined. In Saka, ESR, and Gabi, we have three players who can be vertical and unpredictable but the system is neutralising that. Instead we have a painfully slow Ben White moving the ball sideways and and an equally… Read more »

Le Sauce

On the top four and Lacazette thing, my question to Arteta and Pedro is; If your captain doesn’t think we will make CL when we are 3 points off 4th with a game in hand then why we fans should bother watching the rest of the season??


Guys the negative stats mean nothing, there was nobody that we could have bought in January that could have made ay difference to us otherwise Arteta would have bought them. Arteta took the right choice to gamble on Eddie and Laca providing the goals we need after giving Barca to Laca and even paying some of his wages, because having such a bad egg around, even if he is well liked by his colleagues is not a good idea. Don’t worry when Saliba gets back raring to maybe earn a place against Ben White and we buy an elite striker,… Read more »

David Smith

Just seen the earlier comments, hope Spud Nick goes or is sent elsewhere . Incels can be angry people

Le Sauce

Auba left, Lacathreat is also leaving, Eddie hasn’t signed da ting. That is three strikers Arteta met at the club and can’t convince to stay because they’re not good enough (all strikers who have scored and won gold boots and broke scoring records at one point or the other), how then do you convince a Nunez type of striker to come into this process. We all saw what happened with Vlahovic before we lost Partey and Tierney. I’m interested to see which quality striker would be convinced to take that risk given our low key chances created stats and Artetas… Read more »



“Our movement is too predictable and there’s a lot of sideways passing. Eventually, someone gets frustrated and takes a crack from outside the box.” – This makes so much sense now that I think about it.

I agree. I think many of our players are a very talented bunch, I mean Gabi, Emile and Saka have been scoring senior goals since they were 18. The current system of play just doesn’t seem well geared enough to take them to the next level.


Klopps three year old was playing CL final. Just saying


Let’s save AFC some $ on consultants and spend it on a cf and another attacking mid, “Just Win Baby!”

How is that for culture change??


If we weren’t going to bring in players in January, surely the thinking must have been that our back ups and our academy players were good enough to stand in the gap if our first team was to get hit by injuries. As I said before… I’m 100% behind the club not panic buying in January… but Arteta has completely mismanaged the players under his care. One of the great advantage of having a small squad is that you can bring everyone in and have them buy into the idea and into the mission that you are trying to achieve.… Read more »


“Ish, you can choose not to believe it, but I speak to people that worked with him. You are guessing, I am not”

How do we know the people you know in the club arent just spewing you pr bullshite to cover the manager?


Really Arteta in but I need him to show me he knows his way around building a cohesive attacking unit. There is something wrong with the offensive side of our game


It’s way easier to just throw a kid or few under the bus than to accept mistakes or get over personality differences in this case for the benifits of the team.


Eb: “this season brought the team a huge step closer to matching the elite”

Vs Man City – L, L
Vs Liverpool – L, L
Vs Chelsea – L, ?
Vs Manure – L, ?
Vs Spuds – W, ?

6 goals for, 19 goals against.

Huge step you say lol

Nigel Tufnel

I still think either Eddie or Pepe… especially Pepe, would have added a lot more goals if they had nearly as many games as Lacazette. Having no starts or 1 start is no way to judge anything.

Nketiah will end up scoring a lot for some team if he gets chances. Even in the premier league.


*but so Arsenal

The Bard

Le sauce there in lies the basic deceit
It’s fine not challenging for top 4 but be open about it.They didn’t because
the fans would turn. Unfortunately he’s dug himself into a massive hole that could get a whole lot worse.


The idiots running Arsenal have no clue. They need external consultants to help them find “Arsenal” again. This Amazon documentary is a must see when it comes out

They could call it “Astronaut lost in space needs help to find his dropped compass”


good post pedro! you are wrong on 1 thing thou 😉 things dont start now. the great rebuild of squad and culture allready began after The FAcup win. It is a slow and painfull process for all parties and progress doesnt come immediately.. but rather slowly at first and at an increasing rate the further you go over time. god bless we can accomplish as good summer as last year and I am telling you that we wont be challenging for top4 in the spring of 23′ … we will be challinging for the title. and yeah go ahead and… Read more »


That’s the problem with anonymity and the internet, it is a breeding ground for cowardly pondscum like this Spudnik bloke to openly mock a person’s parent dying without any consequences.

If he ever made that comment in a real life public space he wouldn’t even need to wait for Pete himself to flatten him out.


‘ DissenterYou do realize that you miss the point entirely, that a three-year old does not, overnight, become a grown-up, that this season brought the team a huge step closer to matching the elite.’

This isn’t about developmental milestones

It’s Arsenal 1886, not Arsenal Dec 20, 2019


The.mythical striker that will click for Arteta will be the love child of Diego Maradona and the Loch Ness monster
That striker will have 8 legs and five eyes.


Loch Ness monster easily the greatest monster that ever lived.


damn that laca interview is real gutter. if he misses CL so much why the f would he go back to Lyon who sit in what 8th, 9th place in ligue 1
smacks of desperation

Thierry Martinelli

someon asked,if Arteta got fired,which top/mid table team across the top 5 leagues would hire him

Thierry Martinelli

….and its people like Spif who should be banned from the internet all together. what a piece of shit

Thierry Martinelli

….and its people like Spdnik who should be banned from the internet all together. what a piece of shit

The Real Vieira Lynn

wise for Pedro to leave the post in question available for all to see, as it doesn’t allow the individual involved to hide from their disturbing comments….that said, both responding in kind towards the offending party and continuing to draw attention to it aren’t likely the best ways to deal with this scenario…just saying on a footballing front, it’s clear that there’s a shifting of the tides when it comes to managerial opinions…of course, some might say that this is simply the logical outgrowth of our recent poor run of form, whereas I would agree in part with that speculative… Read more »


I don’t mind us losing, it happens. It’s losing consecutive games . Then on top of it, no goals scored.

Thierry Martinelli

at some point we were told that Conte will choke and Chelsea might have it rough due to their ownership drama.This hasn’t aged well at all
The footballing gods already gave Arteta good luck in the form of 1 game a week and our immediate competition having poor results. Yes we have racked points that have us where we are but we cannot ignore the fact that Utd and Spurs have had a bad season considering the players/coaches they have.
So, lets not ignore the good luck we’ve had


Is Partey our most valuable player ? Seems when he’s out, we tend to struggle.