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Steve Rowley, our Chief Scout through some of our most successful periods passed after a short battle with illness at 63. That is no age. My thoughts are with his family and friends right now. Truly awful on every level. The only positive you can take on occasions like this is that he was part of something extremely special that left and imprint on the history of a football club that’ll be around forever. Legacy, it’s a beautiful thing to leave behind. Big love from all at Le Grove x


Maybe that sort of thing has shaped how I’m going to be thinking about the rest of the season. Because at the end of the day, there are more important things to waste time being angry about than football.

Let’s open today with a tweet from Man Like Matt Kandela. Watch the video then rejoin the post.

Are you back?

Are you pumped?

Good stuff. Let’s proceed.

I’m going to go all Trainspotting on your right now: You choose what Arsenal you see. You choose your emotions, how to look at then game, what sort of fan you want to be, and right now, I’m choosing to be a philosophical one that sips from a jug of half-full rosé.

Arsenal have made a pigs ear of the last three games, we should have taken at least 7 points from them, and if we had delivered… we’d be choke-slamming top 4 off the top rope right now.

We didn’t.

There are lots of reasons you can highlight.

My GroupChat and podcast team think January was a miss.

I think Arteta mismanaged the players he had at his disposal.

There’s also a pretty strong case for luck not going out way. The only team with a worse xG differential in the league than us this season is Brighton now. Remember the doom-mongers about our December xG? Where are they with the defence of us now?

The Palace game was a bad start by us and we gifted them goals from our own mistakes, but we had enough good chances to beat them.

The Brighton game was bad tactics from Arteta, if he’d given minutes to certain players earlier in the season, we’d have won that game. We lost off two very, very lucky goals from a team that doesn’t score.

Then the Southampton game was a flukey hooked pass from the second phase of a corner. Saka buries that chance on a normal day, ESR gets a better connection when he’s firing, normally a team scores when they have 23 shots in a game. Chelsea scored 6 from 24 shots the week before.

55 shots over 3 games. 1 goal.

Paint the Arteta comeuppance however you like, but this moment isn’t an Emery collapse when you dig a little deeper, ours is underpinned by the luck going against us, not the ramifications of the luck running out because we are shit.

Here’s where you need to helicopter out and get philosophical.

Arsenal aren’t shit.

If you think Arteta is a dreadful manager that should be fired, then you are going to have to explain to me how he has us in contention for top 4 with 7 games to go with the youngest squad in the league without a striker that can score goals.

Something is going right somewhere. We’ve already established that we are unlucky. You don’t need xG to tell you that, just look at the decisions that have gone against us this season.

My hope for this season was to be in contention for the top 4 come the end of the season. I wanted us to be competitive.

Well, that’s exactly where we are. In fact, we’ve been so much better than expected, people now think Arteta should be sacked because we haven’t cleared up top 4 seven games before the end of the season. Silly commentary, don’t you think? It has to be noted, most of the people I know that think that way were calling for Arteta to be sacked after the first three games, and had him down as exiting the club in December.

Philosophically, look at where we are.

Competing for top 4 with a group of players that have mostly never won a trophy. They are extremely green. Most are kids. These young players haven’t had the experience or the pressure of competing at this level. None of them have had to deal with form dips. They haven’t felt fan expectation like this, none of them have had the weight of a clubs history on their shoulders.

People also seem to miss that we had 4 of our first team players out yesterday. 3 in the previous game. 3 by the end of the Palace game. Take the full backs out of the Liverpool and City teams, what do you have? Problems. Take out 4 of Spurs best players, you think Conte is carrying a 10 game winning run? He can’t even manage that with Kane and Son at their peak.

The fans in the ground get it 100%, online, not so much.

Where do you want to be coaching wise? Antonio Conte? I hear so much about how incredible he is, but my good friend David, a season ticket holder at Spurs, told me the Brighton game was the worst performance of the season, including Nuno games. Ralf Rangnick? David Moyes? Mourinho? Carlo? Where is the silverbullet?

I’d rather be with the coach on the rise competing with the silverbullet managers everyone pointed to as missed opportunities for Arsenal.

Arteta has some work to do on his player management, he has to learn to listen to the experts at the club that manage player health, he has to understand that young players that aren’t given minutes are going to be able to slip right into the team. Instead of giving minutes to 12 players that needed developing, he should have been sharing the minutes with 16 of them, so they understand what is expected of them. We opted for a young manager, he’s learning on the job with Arsenal, but let’s again reiterate… all managers make mistakes and most of the ‘HE’S THE ONE’ coaches that have far more experience than Arteta had failed.

We have some clear problems with clear solutions. You couldn’t say that at the end of last season. The path forward has never had more clarity.

The difference between goals and expected goals in -10 this season.

That is a solvable issue however you cut it. 10 more goals and we are cruising into the top 4.

How do we get there?

Young players get better in front of goal. They get more experienced, better under pressure, and they grow in confidence.

You recruit more players that can step up with goals.

Arteta wanted a striker this January, they went down many avenues, agents fees were the difference for Vlahovic. We’re just not going to give £13m to them after the Raul tenure. We will sign a big name striker like Darwin Nunez this summer. That gives you a runner that we don’t have right now. That gives you a target in the box. That gives you a total fucking bully that asks questions of defenders all game. That gives you pedigree in front of goal at a Champions League level.

We don’t have that right now… and we are still in the mixer for 4th with 7 games to go.

Arsenal don’t need a squad overhaul this summer, we have a foundation that is really good, that will get better. We don’t need to fill the squad with more back-up players. What we need is 3-4 players that are ready-made for the first team. That’s why signing a ‘back-up’ striker in the summer was a waste of time. That’s why signing bodies would have been pointless. We need 2 midfielders of pedigree that can bench Granit Xhaka. Neves, Tielemans, or Renato Sanches do that job for you. We need forwards that are going to add goals like Rashford, Dybala, Neves, or Oshimen.

Add proper players to the squad this summer, with pedigree, experience, and hunger and we are cooking next season.

Champions League qual this season was always a big ask.

Europe was the goal.

Arsenal are thinking with the longterm in mind these days because we aren’t rich enough to waste money on drossy short-term ideas.

No team is better placed to move forward than Arsenal.

Drastic changes are not needed.

Bold strategic moves is the only way we kick on.

But that doesn’t start next season, it starts now.

Why can’t we get a point or more from Chelsea this week? When are Arsenal going to get a properly grim result where the luck rolls out way? What can Arteta do to rally his troops and get them back on the right track?

1 point against Chelsea. 3 points against United this weekend. Well, we’re back in the mixer.

Success right now would be making that Spurs away day a Cup Final of consequence.

We have the talent to do it. Do we have the luck? Let’s hope so.

You can be angry about our last 3 games, that’s up to you, but I tell you what… I can see online that most are keener to rally around the squad and look at the club with rose tinted glasses because that’s what being a football fan is all about.

So fuck the misery, time to get our big boy boots on and slide two footed into Wednesday like your name was Granit Xhaka against a top 2 side.

That’s the spirit.

See you in the comments. Watch our podcast. Tell Matt Kandela his tweet was awesome.

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All that’ll matter in May is whether we’ve gone from 8tj to 8th to 8th again or we’ve climbed a place or two or even three. Can mental gymnastics your way out of it all you want but

Goals scored
Goals conceded
Total points

Those will ultimately be what you judge progress of the process by…..at least at a serious club anyway


XG does NOT measure luck because luck cannot be quantified in a single statistic and xG isn’t even trying to measure luck. This is a fact and cannot be argued. This point is objectively true whether you wanna put your fingers in your ears or not

Meanwhile you think we were good against Brighton? Have a word man, jeez


Pedro we’re heading into Arteta’s 4th season come summer and you’re still telling us what he needs to be doing. Like aren’t you bored of constantly doing that every year? Only thing he needs to do is leave Arsenal.


We lost because we didn’t kick the round white thing into the goal enough times Pedro. This is a very simple thing to follow

Brighton kicked the sphere better at our big rectangle with the few chances they had than we did. Whose fault is that?


Weigh all of that against how much was spent, individual players stat improvement from previous season e.t.c. Some folks aren’t special fans that see some special thing others can’t see, we’re either improving and climbing up the table or we’re stuck where we are “hoping” things pick up. If we had a half decent goal scorer I’d fancy us against Chelsea as we seem to know how to play them and get a result when it’s least expected but we opted against getting one for some reason in January so can only hope Chelsea have an off day and we… Read more »



You pretty much implied that comparing Arteta to Tedesco was a ridiculous prospect when I last mentioned him. Do you think Arteta is capable replicating what Tedesco has done? Can he win points from losing positions like Tedesco can?




How come I lost a comment?


Well Pedro Can’t point to any young player who’s taken their game up a notch this season can we? Saka has been Saka, one can say he’s fallen off a bit this season. Martinelli hasn’t kicked on Nketiah is leaving( good riddance as he’s not Arsenal quality) Smith Rowe has been Smith Rowe Tierney gas been average to bad and average We’ve also not had any academy player get a sniff all season so in my eyes anyway, nothing impressive on the young player front. As for players signing new deals, most are mercenaries who are only after a pay… Read more »


“Words, 65% posession, 23 attempts at their goal, and xG of 2.3 to their 0.6.If your lying eyes missed reality, then your lying eyes are a problem.”

These are the type of toothless argument that Wenger die-hards used to make at the end of his time at the club; possession and toothless shots at goal numbers.

What grates me are that you lists his many faults, then you stamp it as “solvable” like he’s not in a £5 million p.a. job that entails accountability..
For Arteta, it;’s s shrug, a chuckle and a shoo away.


So we can’t even mention that he should have been sacked? Can we even mention that had we brought in Conte when we should have or Galtier or Tuchel when we should have we’d probably be clear in 4th right now


No Pedro the score concerned me far less than the performance vs Brighton which was *dismal*. The only period of the game when the team looked hungry to look was the final ten minutes. The goal we scored came off a deflected hopeful long shot. Our xG was also pumped in the final few minutes by us hitting the woodwork twice (those are a miss, not bad luck). We were fucking shite against Brighton And you say I’m speaking in a binary way and only talking about the score or because of a score – nonsense. Besides the fact I… Read more »


I always fancy us against Chelsea, like i said, we’ve always seemed to know how to pick up the odd win or draw against them sorta like how Rooney or Drogba would always somehow score against us, they’re just one of those opponents


“Robbie, I think Arteta would crush a non-competitive league. Yes.”

May I ask… What are you basing this assertion on?

Words on a blog

Good to see that Pedro has upgraded the binary lenses he used to use when assessing Wenger’s and Emory’s performances.

You can buy the new upgraded rose-tinted lenses on Le Grove for free.


Pedro you wanna know the easiest way to have high possession stats whilst playing poorly?

It’s to walk around with the ball a whole bunch in defense. Keep passing between CBS, fullbacks and DMs with zero urgency. Stop on the ball regularly whilst waiting for team mates to move. Turn side ways and give it to the other CB after 10 seconds.

Oh wait that was a major part of our Brighton performance.


To be fair it’s really saying fuck all about Mikel if you’re saying he’d walk a league with no competition. That doesn’t really help us and it doesn’t bode well for him managing in England


Arteta is not the type of manager that players will run through brick walls for Pedro loves to call him transactional to cover up his shittyb man management. Truth be told, Arteta isn’t transactional, he’s just petty and unable to handle grudges. Conte is what you’ll call “transactional” despiser his famed temper In Chelsea’s league winning season, Diego Costra had his head turned by a £30 million/year offer from a Chinese club in Jan 2017, then he hadn’t a physical altercation with Conte’s staff because he was trying to force his way out. Chelsea suspended him briefly because Conte went… Read more »


Wow lol

Dissenter you don’t know anything about football because you can’t fully feel the atmosphere in the stadium

This is where we’re at.


What does that say about him? Honestly fuck all. He’s in a position (and tanking it btw) purely cause Spurs and United have struggled and changed managers this season. It’s that simple really. He hasn’t improved he had one competition to focus on this season and the goals scored and conceded look like they’re gonna end up being worse along with the amount of defeats and all this after a huge spend. I don’t really care about the average age of the squad it’s 24 and it was 26 under Emery it shouldn’t be used as excuse for one when… Read more »


Also if you’re going to bring up the atmosphere in the stadium as a positive metric for the job he’s doing I’d like to point out that arsenal fans are notoriously meek and you and Jeff for years used to write hit pieces on arsene Wenger while his name was still being chanted in the Emirates. Guess what they’ll cheer for his replacement too


I’m not offended. I think it’s funny because it’s what we used to say to each other on the playground to show who knows more about football

It’s like when wenger implied he shouldn’t be criticized for those predetermined subs on 70 mins because he’s made 5000 subs in his career so what do we mere mortals know?


You sure weren’t listening to the mood in the stadium when the Emirates crowd were chanting “we have our Arsenal back” during the reign of the other Spaniard.
Back then you were looking for ways to poopoo a 21 game unbeaten run but now you’re looking for ways to polish the turn of a 3 games losing run against teams placed 10-13th on the table.

How times change


FYI I’d expect the atmosphere to be better than before

I mean we have the 5th best squad, we have some very promising young players and most of the new signings are good too.

Not sure that in any way invalidates the criticisms that get leveled here


They issue special hopey dopey 4D googles to the fans that attend games.
You have to see Arteta ball in realtime to get it

My point is that “transactional” is a a misapplied term for Arteta


Anyone seen this “anatomy of a scandal”?
UK shows are the best


“Robbie, still blows my mind that you can get that excited about Tedesco taking one of the best funded teams in Germany back into top 4 contention” So in other words, your Arteta claim probably isn’t based on anything tangible 🤔. Last time I checked Arsenal is one of the most well funded clubs in the league and were the most funded team this season. I don’t really see you using that as a caveat against Arteta🤔. Furthermore, RB Leipzig average 56.5% possession at pass completion rate of 83.6% in the Bundesliga. We average 53.1% possession at a pass completion… Read more »


Love ya to bits man
It’s all banter


If you thought he was the worst manager in the league, why is he competing for 4th with 7 games to go? I’ve explained that probably 5 times by now it’s not down to him it’s down to others struggling more so and yes 4 defeats from 5 in the final stretch is tanking it. Also where are you getting this lowering of expectations nonsense from? It’s hardly an official stance given we’ve spent close to 450 million post Wenger we’re sure spending like a team that wants to get back into the champions league. Or do you think we… Read more »


You are not close to the stadium, so why should we accept your view of the truth?

Bit of a yikes there mate. He can’t be taken seriously cause he’s not from close by? Weren’t you living in New York for years? Anyway


“They finished second last year. Hardly a mess. RB are the most organized franchise in world football”

If it were that simple, why hasn’t Rangnick (a coach you hold in high esteem) been able to restore United to a similar position to last season? After all they finished 2nd in 2020-21.


not sure ‘he’s only where he is because of everyone else’ is going to cut it in a serious conversation. True you’re incapable of one on the topic of Mikel Arteta but it’s true United and Spurs changing managers affected their seasons and I see no other reason cause you look at us and we’ve barely changed an iota from last season still with the same struggles. Look anyway I know where this is going so imma bounce before I get the customary ban but just know that Mikel Arteta will get the sack and rightfully so and when that… Read more »


Oh no I mean sooner rather than later. You know the kind of sacking a person gets when they’ve done a shit job after huge investment with little to show for it


I’m not sure I predicted October but it can’t be helped if the same club that dithered on sacking Wenger and waited on sacking Emery is having trouble with sacking someone after two 8th place finishes and abject performances over nearly 3 years. They’ll come around surely


“Leipzig is a sustainable football model., United is not, nor was Arsenal before Arteta”

🤣🤣🤣. In what world is falling out with players, terminating contracts willy-nilly and selling youth prospects for below their market value sustainable?

Man. I’m done for the night 😁

Dark Hei

Well at this stage I don’t care much about the narrative of the Arteta-in/out camps. The only thing real is that Spurs has conspired to keep Arteta at his job. The Arteta-In hope is still alive and honestly I don’t care any less as long as we get across the line. Becoz it does looks like it is no longer a race of merit but rather a race of the lesser failure. I can take it if we miss out on 4th due to the incredible excellence of others. But one can’t take a 5th spot as acceptable if we… Read more »


Pedro why wouldn’t the emirates atmosphere get better when the fans have more reason to be positive than before? Why would fans not get pleasure out of seeing hale end kids kicking on for the first time in many years? Why would fans not be happy about seeing Ramsdale playing well (only our second consistently good keeper in the last 15 odd years and as good as emi was his tenure was only a short stint at the end of one campaign) Why would fans not be buzzing to see Tomi look like the second coming of Sagna after suffering… Read more »


Dark Hei quite right in that if we miss out because Spurs are quality that’s one thing, but they’ve had a bad season, Man U even worse. If neither of them finish the season that we’ll and we still finish behind them it will be a serious failure.

If we do get over the line by hook or crook then fair enough at least we made it


But I also think people need to Taylor their expectations to reality which is that unless we lose all the remaining 8 games, arteta keeps his job. Just like every year we have the hope of change at CM and granit still walks out on the pitch at the emirates rain or shine. As much as we might not like some of the problems we see, anyone who thinks the club is going to fire Arteta is going to be disappointed. That will only happen when he loses the crowd at the emirates and we know from experience that requires… Read more »


Pedro no one said he hasn’t done anything good. I don’t know what the exact level of responsibility is for the transfers between him and edu but I’m happy to give them both plenty of credit for the summers transfers which have been generally very positive As well he has cleared out some of the dross and binned off ozil which was critically important. He has us generally defending better (not consistently be usually) Those are some of his main, positive contributions and he can get all the credit he deserves from me for those. Now are we clear to… Read more »


He won the FA cup too! That was great, I love that competition.

He also tanked the cup this and last season and ranked the EL 2 years in a row and didn’t qualify last time, so there is that.


Preseason I was hoping for top 6. Top 4 would exceed those expectations. But should Arsenal fail to achieve top four or worse drop completely out of the top 6, it will make it much harder to sign the 3 to 4 players that are ready made for the first team. With the possible exception of Sanchez, the players you mentioned will cost a lot and at a minimum are probably going to want European Football. I would love to see Nunez or Osimhen at Arsenal but I don’t expect it to happen. I’d also be very surprised if Arteta… Read more »


I’ve always loved the cups. Im not a league snob, even tho the league is the ultimate test. For big 6 clubs you should mainly judge them on trophies. Only one team will win the league but we’re normally in 4 competitions. That is plenty enough for any big 6 team to be frequently lifting silverware. The opportunities are there for the taking. It’s all the more laughable when you see how barren Spurs’ cabinet is when you hear how highly they get spoken of as a big 6 club. Apart from their stadium and finances it’s kinda funny they’d… Read more »


Literally what have Spurs done to warrant always getting bigged up?

They’ve had one good CL run and done absolutely nothing else in the last 15 years. Big 6 my arse. 4th is not a trophy it’s a means to an end. That end has never once been achieved. Failures and bottle jobs


The Kroenkes’ are the curse , ever since they got involved we have become so shit . There has been no ambition whatsoever . Just plain old promises , next year will be ours for sure . Its exhausting .


When I began watching Arsenal FC it consisted of Steve Rowley being part of the club. I’m truly shocked RIP and I hate to imagine what his family must be feeling.

In respect to Arsenal FC, please do not twist my comments as hate towards the club. I have passion for my club and my thoughts are only what I see as logical thinking.

Honestly truly gutted about Steve Rowley


Pedro, Arteta stands indicted against crimes against Arsenal Football Club. They are Judgement, Neglect and Incompetence. https://arseblog.news/2020/10/report-mustafi-rejects-new-arsenal-deal-will-leave-next-summer/

Dark Hei


Me guess you are stuck in quarantine?

I hope things get better quickly soon.


It is amusing to see the Arteta Apologists are clinging onto the hope that from the remaining 7 games to get X-Amount of points. To achieve that you need to put the ball into the net while preventing the opposition to do the same. Where the fuck will the goals come from for Arsenal? The very best is seven nil-nil draws for 7 points, because our goal production is anemic. As many here already have coined the phrase AFC is the gift that keeps on giving like helping Everton on May 22nd to avoid relegation, now that is something positive… Read more »


Pedro, your Ma would rather die of a rancid disease than be with you or your thick dad. Go and fuck yourself big time you motherless cunt.


If we finish outside of Europe, my big concern is why would Saka and Smith Rowe decide to renew their contract again with the club?

We need European football to convince them to stay never mind the people we decide to bring in.

If we lose Saka and Smith Rowe the effect will be felt long after Arteta leaves. The connection with the fans that Pedro now likes to talk about as a reason to keep Arteta will be gone and destroyed.

Dark Hei


It is just football sir.

If you want to be that dramatically outraged that is always the war and another forum.


From the Athletic the reason why hoping to get results from the remaining 7 games is shaky: “When losing 1-0 to Southampton that meant Arteta’s side have lost eight (88 per cent) of the nine games in which they have conceded first. The last gasp 2-1 win over Wolves in February is the exception. But apart from that victory, when Arsenal concede first this season, it is followed by a defeat. In those 8 games they lost they scored 1 goal against BHA. The main issue is that when chasing games, Arsenal’s play becomes too predictable. Similar to last season,… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

Some valid points China, as it’s clear that there are a variety of reasons, which aren’t Arteta-specific, as to why the ticket-paying audience might be assuming a more positive disposition this season…I’m not going to reiterate the one’s you’ve previously mentioned, just know that I agree with the vast majority of them…unfortunately many of the more positive “aspects” of club life, during our pre-Xmas purple patch, have either fallen to the wayside, due to injury, or have struggled to maintain their previous levels, especially in the face of such dire tactics one more nuanced aspect that you failed to make… Read more »

The Real Vieira Lynn

given the available options…


Dark hei

Cheers tho no lockdowns in Tianjin where I am thankfully. Shanghai has the big one atm. But I had an unusually quiet morning work wise so got in some cheeky le grove posts before it starts to heat up again

Hope you’re well


Spudnik have a word, jeez


peter fucking hill wood in a world of bedwetters pantsshitters people who cannot wait to repeat somebody elses idea word for word and the just plain terrible, you keep putting a smile on my facefrom 3k or 6k miles away doesnt matter. absolutely fantastic writing, example setting etc i will push back on jan, though im agreeing more and more with your take BUT the minutes issue i think im w arteta, i want my players vicious and fucking starving to make an impact asap and lets be real it aint happening for eddie… nuno and sambi will come back… Read more »


Oh there are other pantshitters here too? I thought it was just the bed setters I could relate to!!


Oh there are other pantshitters here too? I thought it was just the bed wetters I could relate to!!


We’ve already lost 11 games if we get top four it will be because spurs and utd are just as shite not because arteta is good. Losing a third of league games should be totally unacceptable for arsenal, its pathetic the excuses from le grove, he sounds more and more like wenger everyday

Dark Hei


Well lets hope that shit stays there! Fortunately you are a long distance away.



You should be ashamed of yourself for your earlier comment. I would tell you to get out of the gutter but hopefully you’ve posted your last comment.



Pedro clearly feels strongly about things Arsenal and it’s pretty obvious that a sizeable majority are struggling with how he sees, how he interprets the numbers but that sort of comment from you has no place be it on a blog nor come to that in any civilised conversation


Fuck off Spudnik – and don’t come back. Muppet.


Sad to see things fall apart on here after a string of bad results. We are still in the mixer, rather back the gaffer till the end of the season before getting the pitch forks out.


Back to football. A solid post Pedro, and podcast. I think you are right about the atmosphere in the ground. I’m season ticket holder (block 11 North Bank) and think the atmosphere hasn’t been this good for a long time , the fans buy into the journey. If we miss out on top 4 to Spurs given their earlier woes I’m not as sure Arteta has such a free pass. A strong finish is needed where we can judge him after a striker and goal scoring winger is purchased. The Jan window was a calamity on his/Edu/Kronke head. A Jovic… Read more »



Pedro has a point, online it all gets out of hand as this comments shows. People get angry although offer no actual solutions.

Arsenal was never an easy fix after Emery and Wenger’s last decade of averageness in the league.

It’s obvious we need a striker – but the culture of players taking the piss out of us has gone and we have a young squad on the up,


Dark hei thanks

Tbh I wish they’d just open the damned doors already

The constant stopping and starting of restrictions made perfect sense before there were vaccines and treatment. Life here was able to be almost normal for years. But omicron is so difficult to keep out, it’s weaker than the other variants and the population here is now generally vaccinated. I just want them to open the door and be done with it tbh. No idea when they will really do it tho…


Kinda surprising thing here tho is there’s no vaccine mandate

I would’ve thought here we’d have been quick to mandate it for obvious reasons but even now it’s not compulsory

But by next week I’ll be triple vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine yet if I leave the country and come back I’d still have to isolate at a centralized quarantine hotel for 2 weeks then 1 week home quarantine after. I think at least for those of us who are triple vaccinated they should ease up. But it is what it is


“Let’s get philosophical”. Ok then. Hell is the oth…sorry, Hell is Arteta.


Pedro Mesut Ozil, Matteo Guendouzi, Emi Martinez, William Saliba, Willian, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang… there may have been good reason to move some of them on, but to move on so many players, in some cases at a huge loss to Arsenal, seems not so much like good discipline but on occasional petulance. Seems a far summary Not my comment but Tony Attwoods.. As for all this bad luck thing who was the golfer that talked about the more he practiced the luckier he got ? Luck should not even be part of the discussion you need to look… Read more »




When you are resorting to that kind of language you’ve lost more than an argument- you’ve lost your perspective, humanity and compassion.

Mr Serge

Spudnik that’s absolutely disgusting deplorable behaviour never come on here again you sick sick bastard,

Mr Serge

Well said Leeds


Pedro,I appreciate all of the hard work you put into the blog. I think to an extent you make your own luck-mitigating the risk of 2 injury prone players by loaning backups,would be one way. I do wonder if Arteta was told he had to cut the wage bill,or somewhat balance the books due to the financial deficit due to Covid,so that was why no one came in. We have had some ridiculous refereeing decisions go against us-Martinelli’s 2 yellows,Brentford when the keeper was held from the corner that they scored from,the 4 minute VAR disallowed goal to name a… Read more »


In Emery last full season 18/19 when we finished 5th & just missed out on top 4 we lost 10 games, we have lost 11 already this season with 7 games left & I am sure that figure will rise without a shadow of doubt.



That is the most disgusting comment I have ever seen on here and so far past what is acceptable i can’t believe you could type it and press send.

You will of course get banned and rightfully so. What an awful human being you must be.


Yea, that comment needs to be erased immediately. No need for that at all.


The thing is to retain perspective, we have got ourselves into a great position this year and have done our best to blow it this last month. We needed bodies whether permanently or on loan and we passed that opportunity up. We gambled on two strikers who frankly aren’t good enough and now we are inevitably paying the price. And before those come in saying fans that go to the game see it different, thats incorrect. I’m in my 30s, have been going for 15 years and I am a season ticket holder. Its far too late in the day… Read more »

Edu me a favour


You disgusting , disgraceful , scumbag


“I am not sure I would like to see someone that is not familiar with the nuances of the Premier league.” I’m afraid that just doesn’t hold water when you look at it. Arsenal’s last two title winning coaches had ZERO top flight English experience when appointed (George Graham came from Millwall and Wenger from Japan). And your man himself, MA, had ZERO experience managing in the PL or even managing at all! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that playing in the PL gives you some advantage – how are Fat Frank and Gerrard doing? Pulling up any trees?… Read more »