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Some Arsenal squad news has been leaked by an academy prospects DAD. Marcelo Flores, our young Mexican/Canadian attacking midfielder, is apparently in the squad and we know because his old man dropped a ‘I’M PROUD’ tweet he probably didn’t expect to go viral.

This is an interesting move. Arteta has been rotating a group of youngsters on the bench over the last month. He hasn’t used them. But it’s all good experience at this stage and it keeps those players motivated to keep on pushing in training.

Flores has quite a lot of press around him. He recently made his debut for the Mexican national team, coming on as a left-sided winger. He wants to make his full debut for Arsenal and Mexico by the age of 19. He said this:

“And I’d like to get my proper international debut for Mexico and hopefully be involved in the Qatar World Cup. I idolise players like [Lionel] Messi, [Cristiano] Ronaldo and Neymar, who have all done the same thing.

“Looking up to players like them, you want to match what they did because like any player, my ultimate dream is to win things like the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.”

You gotta love the players he loves.

It’ll be interesting to see if his inclusion has come at the cost of a more senior player with fitness issues. Gabriel was in Brazil, Saka had COVID, you never know what is going on with ESR. Hopefully, he’s just taking a space on the bench because he’s been impressive in training.

There are also rumours that Irish left-back Mazeed Ogungbo has also made the cut. I know less about him than Flores, but he seems to have a blend of excellent delivery from deep, good crossing, and an eye for goal. He’s also quite a big player for a left-back, which maybe has appeal for Arteta who has a right-back that is also a decent centre-back.

I suspect Ramsdale will be rested, it sounds like he’s the sort of player that will lie about the state he’s in. It’d be no good to lose him for the rest of the season, especially when Bernd Leno has looked so solid.

I wasn’t writing as prolifically last week, but I did notice Gary Neville popping off at Arsenal again. This time, he’s suggesting that if Arsenal does manage to make Top 4 this season, that will be the height of our success, and because of that… Arteta should move clubs.

Let’s be clear here, a big weakness in G Nevs armour is his lack of vision or ability to see beyond the now. He couldn’t see what was happening at United under Ole G, he couldn’t see how damaging the signing of Ronaldo would be to the system, he doesn’t give Ralf Rangnick any slack despite him only being there a few months… and he went on record to say he couldn’t see what Arsenal were doing at the start of the season, despite it being painfully obvious what the strategy was.

Why would anyone pay attention to someone that has no vision? How are Arsenal anywhere near finished if we make top 4? We have the youngest team in the league, the youngest manager in the league, and we’re 3 signings away from being extremely competitive at the top of the league. Especially if you believe like many that Pep and Klopp will likely move on to new projects.

Thierry damaged himself for the same reasons. I’ll always love him, but when you go against the club, you’ve got to be sure that it’s grounded in something more than naked ambition, otherwise you might look silly.

Palace news is looking positive on the injury front. Michael Olise and Wilfried Zaha look likely to miss the game. McArthur and Ferguson are late fitness tests. The game will still be tough. The atmosphere will be electric and I’m sure Patrick will have a bit of a chip on his shoulder because he thought he should have been considered in higher esteem over the Arsenal job. This has a bit of the David Oleary / Leeds about it.

… but Arteta needs to focus his team. The biggest thing we have to battle with is inexperience or as Klopp put it… maturity.

The average age of the Liverpool starting 11 this season has been about 29. They are pure winners. There is no situation that squad of players hasn’t been in. There is no situation they haven’t turned around. It’s a winning machine.

Arsenal don’t have the muscle memory. Every exercise is a new one. So far, we’ve managed everything really well, the naiviete of youth and the lack of Banter Era baggage has seen us through. The hope is that continues, but I do think we need to ground ourselves in reality and not kid ourselves that the next ten games are going to be wins.

The next 3 games would be a success if we take 7 points. If we can drop 9, even better. That then puts a whole heap of pressure on Spurs to beat Arsenal in their home game, and it also makes their Liverpool game, that is at Anfield, even more crucial.

3 points tonight would be delicious, let’s see what Arteta and the boys have ready for us.

A bit of charity stuff for you. Check out Arseblog and their charity Patreon addition, all funds go to the various wars around the world. Also check out The Arsenal Vision chaps and their donation run with The Arsenal Foundation.

Finally, if you want to see me on Youtube talking Arsenal, here is a bit that I did for the excellent Latte Firm.

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Youdaman No disagreement about letting those players go. The issue was not tapping into the loan market in January to fill gaps in the squad. I do not accept there were better players than those we could have brought in on loan to make incremental improvements. I refuse to agree that there were strikers out there who, for example, would be an improvement on Laca in and around the box. I refuse to agree that there were no defensively minded midfielders who could have allowed us to rotate with Partey and Xhaka. If we make top 4, brilliant. If we… Read more »


has almost 20 points more than paddy( as much as I love him) at palace.“

Lol and only spent 200 million to accomplish that.

Bob N16

My only take from the game was that pretty much every single player played significantly below their best – so many poor passes. Before the break most of our players were playing near their top level. How could we collectively drop off so badly? I think Forest was the last really poor performance and that was three months ago. Hope that this a blip and we can perform well against Brighton but with Tierney and Partey seemingly unavailable for a while, our chances to get top 4 have taken a real dip. It is slightly ridiculous that when we’ve been… Read more »

Positive pete

Tits pleasssssssssssseeee.Here we go again.For the umpteenth time give it a knock on the head.You know full well that figure is over 2 plus seasons .The disaster he inherited etc etc etc.Honestly,it’s tiresome.In terms of expectations & pressure the diffence between the two clubs is chalk & cheese,Night & day,take your pick.I’m very,very,pleased for paddy by the way.But you can’t compare.Very disingenuous I’m afraid.

Positive pete

Bob .100% right.Doesn’t take much of an excuse does it lol!


Back to talking about the ‘disaster’ Arteta inherited
Just give it a break with the pathetic excuses.

We have to move unto the next games but the excusing is a disgrace. Yesterday we simply didn’t show up.
Hopefully the manager sorts out whatever is going on because we got outran, out-fought and out-thought last night.


Also the excuse of an international break doesn’t cut it because we had two extra days to rest.

We just weren’t set up right and Arteta has to take some of the blame< which I know he will accept because that’s the kind of dude he is.
Too many players were below par, that’s a systems isssue that boils down to game preparation.



Would would you do about the left back + midfield situation?


Arteta has taken the blame but the players have the responsibility of showing they believe in the manager by showing it on the pitch in the next game. It’s horrible losing any game but I rather lose now and win against Tottenham or Chelsea. It’s only one game and only three points. No need to overreact. We still have time to regain the momentum back in our favour. Personally against Brighton at home why don’t we try two strikers in a 442 formation or a 352 formation. At the moment we need to bring Saka back into the game because… Read more »


Very disingenuous indeed to compare CP roster situation to Arsenal’s.

Vieira walked into a very cushy CP job where only 11 new players arrived and 15 departed this Summer.

Bob N16

Tom, so predictable!


Bob, good to see you back so quickly.


Maybe it’s time to give Saka a few games at LB again. We still have ESR, Gabi and Pepe for the wide roles and need Xhaka to stay in MF.

I’m not Eddie’s biggest fan but he deserves a couple of games because Laca looks dead on his feet.

AFC Forever

LeedsGunner It’s weird that we take 15 points from 18 in 6 away games and we get this fall-out. I wonder why that is? Imagine feeling empowered when the team you claim to support drops points, it must be awful. Pretending losing is a disaster like the Titanic sinking or Mount Vesuvias erupting.just shows these people are completely devoid of any rationale or understanding of this game. Chelsea just got stuffed at home to Brentford, Spurs and Man Utd lost at Middlesbrough, this is a brutal game. Sometimes players have off days or an opponent is on fire, it’s why… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Ultimately it comes down to bravery and guts, Arsenal do not have that. Not since the invincibles.

When the going gets tough, we get going…into our shells.

It was a typical performance I’m afraid.


What really hurts is the fact that we will most likely lose 4th spot to TWO fucking players and Conte. So much for “an elite coching”. Bollocks.


Still no post game show or responses?
I’ve been tracking the speed at which these seem to show up here after a win compared to a loss 🤣🤣🤣


Laca has had an injury free season devoid of international commitments , totaling just short of 2k minutes played.

It’s not fatigue but rather style of play that doesn’t suite his game that’s showing up his limitations.

Bobby Firmino he is not , and definitely not the Bevis/ Butthead looking fella down the road, who’s name shall not be spoken on this blog.


Vieira’s record as CP manager in his first season VS Elite Coaches (Pep and Art)….P4, W2, D2, L0, GF7, GA2, GD+4.

Now that’s some serious sauce, I’m sure most will agree.


Rich Versatile Xhaka back to left back and bring Elneny back in, He’s ahead of Lokonga for me We have to make major arrangements for Tierney in the summer, he’s perpetually crocked so a player of similar quality needs to be brought in to COMPETE with him, not just be a back-up. Tavares’ confidence has to be shot. The practice of bringing him [Tavares] out of the tomb and expecting him to just explode back into form isn’t working. He’s the unwitting victim of a season with no European football. Had we been ion even the conference league, players like… Read more »

Positive pete

AFC-spot on.It’s amazing how quick the “ usual suspects” arrived on site after the loss.

Positive pete

Diss.If Madrid ,rumoured to be interested in Tierney.Would you take the money & run.?A genuine question.


Palace lost a lot of close games at the start of the season, that’s why the league table in May doesn’t tell the entire story. He walked into quick sand at the end of the season. Palace ditched half their team and brought in 7 new players. I actually thought Viera had walked into a an untenable situation In retrospect, Palace made a killing with the Guehi, Andersson and Olise signing. Olise only cost them les than £9 million at a time we were haggling for Lokonga for about 15 million We need to turn our scouting inward to the… Read more »


All this ‘usual suspects’ crap is so fucking tiresome.

Go and get laid or something, get a hobby, join a model train club – you would fit right in.


AFC I don’t want to be a hypocrite because I know I have been a very severe critic of the club when I felt the team deserved it. Plus, Arteta was the last person I wanted to take over at Arsenal. However, do we have progress at the club? Have we laid the groundwork to bring success, not only for last night but for the future seasons? Yes to both questions. We had a bad game. That’s it. We can, and we do have the time to rescue this. That’s why I don’t understand the overreaction. This is painful but… Read more »


Positive Pete
Tierney is easily replaceable.
There’s nothing about his game that can’t be easily replicated. He’s assembly line and after seeing him for three seasons isn’t that great. His crock-able potential just makes it worse.
His personality and his closeness with the manager is what will keep him at Arsenal.


I said it at the time.

If Pat Vieira was white and Arteta was black.

Vieira would be the current Arsenal manager.

Both ex Man City
Both ex Arsenal captains

Vieira actually had more managerial experience ( Nice) than Arteta.

His 433 style , same as Klopp is the way you play in the modern game.

Vieira bang in the frame for the job, next time it comes around.


*last night


Positive Pete, Arsenal played CP yesterday and my first comment hasn’t been made until some 16 hrs after.
Forget for a moment ( should be fairly easy with you condition) that none of my comments were critical of the result, the response time you claim was so rapid should paint the picture what kind of poster you are……to the very few still unaware that is.


Madrid and Barca have gotten smarter though. No way Madrid are going to spend even 25 million on Tierney, talk less of 50 million
Madrid and Barca are winning the free transfer battles every where., which is why we can’t afford to lose Saliba for free, if he does’nt sign a contract extension this summer.


If Tierney is out we need to think of a formation that helps Tavares to settle in. If that means we have to go to a back three, I think we need to do that.

It’s easy to make Tavares the fall guy but reality is the entire team was poor last night. It wasn’t all his fault.


Viera has exposed Arsenals weakness, other EPL managers will follow the same script

You can take this to the bank!


“All this ‘usual suspects’ crap is so fucking tiresome. Go and get laid or something, get a hobby, join a model train club – you would fit right in.“

Matt, anyone who spends this much time policing a football blog already has a hobby.

Getting laid is definitely out of question.


Shouldn’t Everton be relegated for that sac of debt they just disclosed
That’s like loading up on anabolic steroids and still coming last
Relegate them and ban them for the premier league for 3 seasons


**Shouldn’t Everton be relegated for that scale of debt they just disclosed?


Sid is probably getting some though.
His posts are always short and to the point……


Positive Pete

Briefly on the subject of whether England should have won the World Cup back in 1974, I’m not sure you’re remembering history correctly.
England didn’t qualify for the tournament because they needed to beat Poland at Wembley, and only managed a 1-1 draw, but it wasn’t Don’t Revie in charge, he was busy taking Leeds to the title, it was still Alf Ramsey, though the Poland game was his last as England manager.
Revie took over in the summer of 1974.


England played four qualifiers and won one.
Hardly a form of WC winners.
Not to mention they also failed to beat Yugoslavia and Italy in a friendly and that should paint a picture of a team in decline. in 1974.


… and another thing, and this IS on Arteta. He should have known what Vieira’s playbook was going to be.

After all, coaching wise, they are both protégés from the Man City system… and so nothing should have been a surprise.

Matt B

CG: If Pat Vieira was white and Arteta was black.Vieira would be the current Arsenal manager. What a crock of utter shite. Are you seriously trying to suggest that there is a racist/discriminatory reason for the choice of Manager at Arsenal? One of the first teams to field a black player — Brendan Batson in the 70s. A club that provides huge support for the local community and a leading light in anti-discrimination efforts. And our history of some of the best black players the PL (and before that) has ever seen? I think you might want to re-think that… Read more »

Positive pete

If that’s the case I stand corrected.Revie took over on July? When World Cup being played? But I’ll stand by my opinion that the depth of talent was immense even though they somehow cocked up qualification.If you get a chance read the book “ The Mavericks “ Rob Steen a list of superstars Revie jettisoned…….


Matt B

“”‘CG: If Pat Vieira was white and Arteta was black.Vieira would be the current Arsenal manager.What a crock of utter shite.

Are you seriously trying to suggest that there is a racist/discriminatory reason for the choice of Manager at Arsenal?”””

But I would say thats why The Rooney Rule was brought in.

Vieira and Arteta SHOULD have been interviewed.
Vieira was the superior candidate.

Vieira using the slight as motivation to get the job next time around



I said a couple of weeks ago I thought we’d sign a left back this summer, Arteta doesn’t seem to trust Tavares

That now looks a certainty, Sosa is a name we’ve been linked with

Gvardiol another, but he’d likely be expensive £40-£50mill, he’s more of an inverted left back/centre back, but statistically a ball progressing machine, more in the Cancelo mould


As I recall, Tom, England lost 2-0 in Katowice (Poland), and Alan Ball was sent off.


“anti Arteta haters come out all guns glazing.”

Dammit Bob, you just spurred my cravings for a pack of doughnuts 🍩.

Positive pete

Matt B- also hold the record of most black outfield players in an eleven.Think it was away against Leeds?oh & before I go….
Tom & Matt who rattled your cages.Very arrogant to assume was referring to you or have you set yourselves up as the voice of the Bedwetters ?Your posts quite frankly are repetitive,boring & inane.


Herbs Army , yes they did. Most neutrals said Poland well deserved it too. Sure, England should’ve won the reverse fixture at Wembley, such was their dominance on the day, but to dismiss the overall picture based on one unlucky England result vs Poland is shortsighted. England were on decline , Poland were just coming into their best ever. 1972 Olympic champions went on to beat Italy Argentina, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Sweden and lost only to Germany in conditions most favorite to the Germans – a waterlogged pitch that nullified the speed of Poland. Golden boot winner , silver boot winner,… Read more »


One thing some supporters doesn’t see is that progress can be achieved by accepting criticisms. When we have a bad result, it is the time to find out what is the problem and what can we do about it. Some fans have already pointed out the two major problems in our yesterday’s team. 1. Tavares has destabilized the defense. The first two goals were caused by him. 2. Our team play relies heavily on a functional Partey. When he was off, the whole system collapsed. It affected Ode the most. Our attack suffered. The introduction of Martinelli has given the… Read more »


Here’s one interesting bit of trivia not many are aware of; the darlings of the 1974 WC and the most admired footballing side of the seventies, the Dutch, should’ve never made it past their qualifiers.
Belgium scored a legal goal in dying minutes to put them through only to be disallowed for a terrible offside call.
The replay showed the Belgian player to be good two yards on.

The Belgium just moved on with their lives as if nothing happened.
Imagine if positive Pete was a Belgium fan lol.

Positive pete

Oh Tottenham Tom you are a card.Whose your audience lol😂


Oh Tottenham Tom you are a card.Whose your audience lol😂

Anyone with a functioning brain.
Sadly that excludes you


We have MA.
CP have PV4.
Who got the better deal?
I think we all know the answer to this question.

Matt B

CG: I think it had more to do with the fact that Arteta had been lined up for the role for sometime until Sanlehi all of a sudden gave it Emery.

And when he was fired, they knew who to go back to…

To be honest, Viera hadn’t done that much at Nice up to that stage. I think its quite clear that Arteta had a vision and not many managers seem to have that…


PV wants the Arsenal gig so I am sure he tries harder to beat us .
He certainly does his homework.
Who would have guessed a Zaha pen?
We drift back to tippy tappy too much and thirty percent losses is not top 4 material.
Nothing again up front.


Vieira’s record at Nice was very poor so let’s not get carried away that Paddy is the new powerhouse in Mgmt

He could be very good and his homecoming is a nice thought but he needs to still prove himself
If at some stage Arteta moves on or we move him on then we would want someone with a track record to replace him


Despite being a club legend player, Vieira didn’t deserve to be on the shortlist for the Arsenal job in my opinion. At New York his win rate was 47%. At Nice it had dropped to 39%. For what it’s worth even Arteta’s record at Arsenal is 50%. Arsenal needed a combination of experience with a playing identity that neither Vieira nor Arteta offered. Race had nothing to do with Vieira not getting a look in. There was just nothing in his managerial record to suggest he had what Arsenal needed. Obviously there was no managerial record for Arteta that the… Read more »

The Bard

The problem with having the youngest side in the world, much lauded by Pedro is that inexperience is at its core. Last night looked like men against boys. We were bullied by Palace and others will have taken notice. 4th place just got a whole heap harder.


I finally understand why so many coaches like Xhaka despite his obvious weakness. He is an iron man. Just look at Tierney and Partey. We have to sign players to back them up this Summer.

Positive pete

Tottenham Tom do you never tire of your contrarian troll viewpoints? Surely there’s a vacancy over in N,17 who’d welcome you with open arms?

Nigel Tufnel

Surprise, surprise, …, loads of gloating posts from Mister doom Killjoy who was one I said would be rubbing his hands after the first bad performance. Creepy Tony will be next. Arteta put it perfectly.. we were late to every ball…. soft in the duels…. That’s exactly how I saw it.. frustrating to watch it unfold. Lots of misplaced passes too.. totally uncharacteristic for this team. We’ve been on a great run, and this is the sort of setback I described where the doomers would be ecstatic, but most here on legrove are taking it in stride, very cool to… Read more »



I’ve always maintained Xhaka is a much better player than he gets credit for, I just wish he’d cut out the brain-farts

I can forgive some of the technical mistakes, we want our players to be brave and get on the ball, it’s more the rushes of blood to the head that are the issue, in a league of fine margins, we can’t afford to carry a player who does customary 2-3 moronic things per season.


I love PV4 for what he did in an Arsenal shirt but I think the news of Arteta’s early demise is very immature or fair. We are 5th with a game in hand. Palace is 9th. Win both at Brighton and Southampton – we have the momentum back with us. If this slump becomes 3 or 4 games, yes then sure criticise but I don’t understand this eagerness of some just rip the club apart at the first sign of weakness… why? We should expect better but it’s hardly doomsday today. We lost a game, we lost it badly but… Read more »


*win over Brighton and Southampton


Senile Pete, contrarian it may be but is it wrong? That should be your main objective if you’re to be taken seriously. Was my statement re CP rebuild job that Vieira has been presiding over incorrect ? No it wasn’t. 11 players in, 15 out (Transfermarkt) Was my point about Lacazette’s minutes not being the real problem wrong? Kane has over 4000 minutes for club and country , which is twice as many as Laca( doing the math for you special there) …….is anyone talking about giving him a break , or does it look like he needs one? I’m… Read more »


The problem is that system which served us so well in past couple of months had been dismantled last night. We’ve been found out. That’s the problem. Maybe the injuries will force Arteta to change the system, which is something he needs to do anyway, as every manager will follow Vieira’s blueprint.


If Arteta considered the performance to e so dire and “unacceptable” that he issues an apology to Arsenal fans, why are some so quickly to embrace that mediocrity?
Why are some so quick to jump all over some gooners who don’t think Arteta is some protected at-risk-of-extinction species.
It’s football…and fans are allowed to respond when their team doesn’t show up.

Same thing happened when Palace beat us 3-0 in Dec 2017 under Wenger. The travelling fans booed Bellerin because he was particularly pathetic that night. The some other fans started apologizing to him like footballers should never be booed.


It’s a real tragedy, that instead of enjoying what should be a wonderfully successful football club, Arsenal fans are more divided than ever, and the only joy they get from supporting Arsenal, is to take cheap shots at fellow supporters to score meaningless points to validate their opinion.
Many of us can be both right and wrong on differing occasional, why this leads to so much posturing and bullying is beyond comprehension.




Ha! The usual Arsenal fan divide after a loss eh ?

Carry on then fellas.


“””NelsonApril 5, 2022 15:15:01
One thing some supporters doesn’t see is that progress can be achieved by accepting criticisms. When we have a bad result, it is the time to find out what is the problem and what can we do about it.”””

Some cultures desire everyone to fall in line, to fit within a hierachy,
barons, lords, dukes, earls etc


Crystal palace is to Arsenal what Tottenham is to Man city.

Guns of SF

Palace has some strong players. Highly athletic.
Those teams make it hard on us. We have technical players but strong athletes our team kinda lacks overall.
Some yes, but we have some duddy ones too


@G Let me clear up your confusion AKBs = Arteta Fan boys, Wenger is history and is no longer a topic of discussion except perhaps when it comes to the invincibles. @Bob N16 Good to see you join the discussion, how is your math on the Goal Difference coming along, understanding the importance yet,no? Check for Positive Pee’s excuse of banana skin and shit happens for dismal performance, has already been used many times. If so many players have a terrible game, that only happens if you don’t have leaders on the pitch or a fraud as a manager. I… Read more »

Words on a blog

Terrible, terrible performance last night.

Pretty much all the players were well under par.

BUT: if (and only if) Arteta manages to solve the left back conundrum now that Tierney is out for the season and he manages to get the team to bounce back against Brighton, then it can be dismissed as an off day.

The key to top 4 is bouncebackability.

Words on a blog

I’ve been a long term Arteta sceptic, and questioned many of his decisions, but there’s no question that he has managed to imprint a good ethos amongst the squad and a solid and increasingly attractive style of play.

So hopefully he can get the team firing again and we don’t just fade away from the hunt for top 4 after one poor performance

David Smith

Naija – soccer, take it you noted the Tottenham score in the league at Crystal Palace this season?and as for divided fans, have you been to , or seen footage and reports of the supporters at their stadium at various points of this season? Poisonous doesnt even begin to do it justice

Freddie Ljungberg

Guns of SF “Palace has some strong players. Highly athletic. Those teams make it hard on us. We have technical players but strong athletes our team kinda lacks overall. Some yes, but we have some duddy ones too” That’s something we need to address this tw, get some beasts that can ball in. Need more physicality and athleticism to deal with the CPs of the league. clinching 4th is going to make our job that much easier so I hope we can bounce back quickly. This could be our Van Dijk + Allison summer if we get it right with… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Killjoy the glee with which you have been tearing into Arteta is pretty clear. You may be the worst fan I’ve ever seen here. When things are going well like 5 away wins in the trot, you talk about Saka leaving. When we were just on a great long run with only the Liverpool loss, you posted comment after comment about Saliba. Now an uncharacteristic bad performance, and you’re in doomer heaven. I thought Arteta had the clearest and most honest assessment of what went wrong. That’s good, because he’ll know what we have to work on. The good posters… Read more »

Ernest Reed

Not much argument from me Kilroy, the radical woke faction on here can rarely put up a decent argument (you know the usual cast of characters masquerading as knowledgeable supporters) other than to accuse those who wont cosy up to their warped sense of reality as “bedwetters”, all the while screaming bloody murder. Bottom line, yesterday’s result was to be expected and especially given that Arteta has been riding with the same posse game in and game out. Squad rotation was a very real problem with Wenger and its even more now so with Arteta. Tavares needn’t look a fish… Read more »


For Brighton?
(Martinelli and Pepe as Mané/Salah)





Ernest Reed

“You may be the worst fan I’ve ever seen here.”

Actually its you Nigel Fuckall. What an outright misery you are as you pretend to police the blogwaves all in the name of radical social wokeness. Get over yourself you inane clown!


Ernest Reed

You are correct.

Tavares will remain an accident waiting to happen as long as Arteta continues with his dysfunctional selection methods.
Ditto Pepe and Eddie.
I’m afraid that Arteta was found out long ago but now there’s a few injuries we’re going to see the outcome of this mismanagement of players.


Actually my vote goes to Ernest for all the woke bullshit he’s trying to bring into discussion.

Ernest Reed

“I’m afraid that Arteta was found out long ago but now there’s a few injuries we’re going to see the outcome of this mismanagement of players.” It remains a legitimate concern Graham. Part of being a “Manager” translates into also managing a squad of players, an entire team – tactics, positional awareness, on-field responsibilities and yes, even squad rotation. Arteta has gotten a lot right this season as part of his learning process, no question. Equally, he has an accountability with managing the whole squad and ensuring players are ready when called upon. That means game time at intervals that… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“Actually my vote goes to Ernest…”

Hahahahahahahaha…you bust me up, RightSaidFred!


Sod’s law, we’re up next against a Brighton team that just can’t do anything right at present.
Will it be a cakewalk?
Unfortunately, it won’t.
Maupay will score an absolute worldie and Welbeck will fall over and score with his chin.


Here for the comments

Venga, Dani

Freddie LjungbergApril 5, 2022 18:15:06 Guns of SF“Palace has some strong players. Highly athletic. Those teams make it hard on us. We have technical players but strong athletes our team kinda lacks overall. Some yes, but we have some duddy ones too”That’s something we need to address this tw, get some beasts that can ball in. ———————————— Agree 100%. I think we need another monster in the middle of the park to go with Partey and a CF who can bully opponent CB’s. Tomi has great physicality for a RB- and I think it’ll be a big help getting him… Read more »

Venga, Dani

And goddamnit why did Tierney play in both Scotland FRIENDLIES! FFS

Mr Serge

However you cut it PV4 is doing a great job at palace after a few months and had to bring in a lot of players and gel them into a team
He has been average before going to palace as well

Maybe cutting your teeth at a lower club has its merits


Mr Serge ””’However you cut it PV4 is doing a great job at palace after a few months and had to bring in a lot of players and gel them into a team””’ Had you said 20 years ago, when Arsenal memorably smashed a competitive Everton side 7 zero at Highbury, that the manager of the club would not be Vieira, Adams, Bergkamp, Keown, Henry, Lehmann or any other Invincible but an Everton player ( Arteta) that played that evening- you would have been labelled stark raving bonkers. But this is what has happened. Its a travesty, not that Arteta… Read more »

Mr Serge

We do not have a striker like Kane or even son if we had just one similar striker we would be 3rd by miles
We really need that and a dominant cm until then we are never gonna compete at the top

Mr Serge

CG I was at that game it was amazing how good we were then


Mr. Serge

”””’CG I was at that game it was amazing how good we were then””’

I watch it time from time: it was soccer from a different planet.

have a watch – Arteta misses a sitter for Everton 0 0.

I bet Serge- when you left the stadium that day- you didn’t think Arteta would be the Arsenal manager chosen over all those genuine AFC legends and Invicibles ?


Mr Serge “We do not have a striker like Kane or even son if we had just one similar striker we would be 3rd by miles” Not trying to stir up shite but that’s not really true We had such a striker who scored freely every where he went and helped us win a FA cup, He dropped out of form because the manager’s style didn’t sync with his skill-set …and and then fell out with the manager for training tardiness Same striker is scoring at his pore-Arteta levels while we are paying his full salary till the end of… Read more »

Matt B

Ah Graham — we entertain your fav manager at the weekend.

What happened to your desire for Potter to take over at The Arsenal?

Bit odd, you daydreaming about Maupay and Welbz scoring against


‘’ @G Let me clear up your confusion AKBs = Arteta Fan boys,‘’

But that’s AFB


Liverpool have 5 strikers.
Arsenal have none. Depressing


I was disappointed with last night’s game. For me, everyone was at fault. Arteta messed up with the Tavares sub. He messed up with his decision of selecting a player who had hardly played for the first team in far too many months. Arteta has a very bad trait of being harsh and sidelining a player for months on end (c.f. the Martinelli black 9hole treatment; Pedro was talking about how on fire he was in training yet we saw nothing for months on end of his inclusion in the first team). Then the team had a mare of a… Read more »