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Arsenal put in another ‘mostly’ professional performance as they picked apart Watford on a pretty breezy afternoon. The two whinges you could have were familiar:

  1. We don’t take enough of our chances
  2. Xhaka is going to Xhaka

Let’s be clear here, the only way we’ll get over those two issues is through a recruitment drive we know is coming this summer. There’s no point in dwelling on it. We have to make it work for 15 more games. Arsenal can do that.

What we should instead talk about is how this team of young players is now dropping scintillating passages of football and matching them with spectacular goals.

Each one of our offerings today was special. They all involved intricate passing patterns, they all involved big finishes, and each of them came from the generation of players that IS taking Arsenal to the Promised Land.

Odegaard started off the run of goals with a beautiful flick that played in Saka, his finish from his left slipped was a touch-BANG goal that was really impressive.

The second goal came from Saka winning the ball back in midfield, Lacazette rolling a backheel into his path, and a ruthless left foot into the top corner. It was world-class and speaks to our new system of creating chances by winning the ball back in dangerous areas.

The third goal was courtesy of my poor intent. I was about the Tweet, ‘GET MARTINELLI OFF’, it was stupid, I’m sorry for my thought crime. Arteta set us up for a quick throw. Cedric made the run, clipped an awkward ball into Odegaard, the Norwegian flicked the ball onto Lacazette who teed up Martinelli for the SCREAMER of a shot into the top corner.

Yes, yes, I will talk about their goals. One was a Trevor Sinclair screamer, congrats, it happens. The other was courtesy of Granit Xhaka trying a ridiculous pass considering the moment in the game. The second one was more annoying because you can’t point to it being an experience thing, it’s just part of the price of Xhaka. How do you stop a player in their late twenties doing dumb things? You sign someone above them like Tielemans.

Arsenal had some moments defensively. Aaron Ramsdale went into that mode when he starts trying to force things and his passing gets a bit wild. He needs to control his emotions in moments like that, because against a better team, he’d have been found out. That was a warning shot for Leicester. Also, there were just some brain dead moments in general from our defence. They were all at it. Let’s put it down to one of those days… a day we got away with.

But how about the positives? Scintillating football with an unpredictable edge. We really are the real deal. Top 4 is in our hands because we deserve it. It’ll still be tough, Spurs and United will still win games, but we’re starting to look like the team with the momentum. Really, injuries are the only impediment to our success.

The table looks good. Really, Spurs are the biggest impediment to our success. But… it’s in our hands. We play West Ham, Spurs, and United. If we deal with them, we are in the Champions League, if we don’t, it’s on us. Momentum is with Arsenal, we have to keep it going.

This group of players IS special. What we’re seeing speaks to elite coaching, top-level scouting, a proper culture, and a group of players that believe they can be the best in the world. This is the sauce I promised 2 years ago. Arsenal are moving to the next level, can we sustain it? Who knows. Today all that matters is this: 3 points.

Now listen to our podcast. I know I say it every week, but THANK YOU for watching and listening. You make the show great. It’s so fun to have you all on during the live session. Next season, we’ll kick it up a gear again IF you keep tuning in. Is that a threat? Yes. LISTEN OR FACE CONSEQUENCES. Love you. Have a banger of a day because YOU deserve it. x

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Okay. Let’s give this a go

Thierry Henry

Top 4!








The upword trend continues…


At this stage, there is absolutely no justification if we don’t make top 4.
United’s backbone was broken with the whooping they received from City today.

Still think City won’t drop points from now till season end.
Liverpool won’t catch up


Top 10

Thierry Henry

Good win,

3 concerns :

– Ramsdale getting overconfident with his pass and become sloppy

– Martinelli has done nothing until the goal and should be dropped for the next game

– Xhaka being xhaka

Topside Northbank


13 games left…..yes we are counting!

Three great goals today big 3 points and results went our way good weekend for Arsenal.


Great result today. I’m going to stick my neck out and predict 4th at least. I never thought we’d get there this season- I’m not sure anyone did- but our improvement has been real and dramatic. I’m also optimistic because of the weakness and disarry at spurs and man u. I just can’t see a sustained challenge from either of them There is no doubt that no Europe and one game a week football has been a blessing, but that all changes now, so it’s imperative that the club strengthens this summer. I’ll be disappointed if we go back to… Read more »

Topside Northbank

Agree Ramsdale is taking a few too many risks needs to settle down a bit.

Made a sweat of the last few minutes bur positive side the forward players are really playing some great interchange football.

Odegaard was sublime 1st half faded a bit 2nd Saka was my motm but Odegaard is really knitting the forward moves his weight of pass is very high level.

London gunner

If we get 4th I’m changing my profile photo to arteta.

I think I said at the start of the season sixth and a semi final run in a cup tournament would be enough to show signs of progress.

5th would be over achievement and 4th would be smashing it out of the utter park.


Still a long way to go. Taking this game by game.


Wow cant believe I am gonna see CL footy coming back to Emirates . Lets go gunners ! Cant wait to hear the tune again .


Great result, great goals followed by the usual great pod. Great results going our way – altogether a great weekend all round.

Also Pedro 3rd is now in our hands too because if we win our game in hand we’ll be 2 pts behind and still to play them away putting us 1 pt clear into 3rd if we do.

Liverpool are going to be the stumbling block though as they come before we get to play Chelsea. Take 1 game at a time like each game is a cup final and we should get 4th.

Bertie Mee

The points are all that matter this season but let’s vow to get rid of Xhaka. I’m afraid that you cut him too much slack Pedro. He’s never any better than average and his passing stats have gone to custard since he has pushed forward and has to play higher risk passes .
Saka, , Odegaard and Partey were excellent today but we shouldn’t be conceding two to Watford – and if Dennis had been onside we’d be debating the Larry Grayson limp-wristed attempted parry from Ramsdale who is not impressing me recently as much as he was.


The best part is when you look at our key player’s ages: Saka- 20 ESR- 21 Martinelli- 20 Odegaard- 23 Ramsdale- 23 Tomiyasu- 23 White+Gabriel- 24 It is reasonable to suggest that all of these players will improve over time injuries aside, some dramatically so. We do lack more prime players as we only have Partey in that respect. I would like us to bring in another experienced CM together with a long-term fit (we need x2 as we need to ship Xhaka out) and a ready to bang 15+ PL goal a season type CF that has more to… Read more »

Bertie Mee

Martinelli is right-footed. He scored with his right foot against Newcastle, West Ham, and Leeds


I like Watkins a lot more than DCL. He was a nightmare for Southampton to try to deal with yesterday.

He doesn’t score enough goals though, only 7 in the PL.

Brian Muff

I feel for Martinelli, he was on fire before the bonkers double red incident. He was so exiting to watch.

His first game back after the ban and he was clearly effected by what happened.

He needs a little time to get back to where he was before he had his spirits crushed by the bent refereeing.

Absolutely no need to call for him to be dropped so quickly ffs.

So so good to see us nestling in at 4th tonight.


I just hate it when the team goes into nervous mode, but otherwise a weekend to enjoy.. I hope
there is a watch-along on Tottenham game with Curtis Shaw tomorrow, the man is a legend!!
Ramsdale gets carried away sometimes I agree


Great result.
Great weekend.
Even Worthing Town won at Lewes.


My hot takes: Mentally we are stronger, when events go against us, we don’t let our heads drop anymore and blame each other. We just get on with the task at hand. This ladies and gentlemen is what team spirit looks like. Keep it up! Cedric is decent enough and I’m glad we are managing with the back up but we need to upgrade in the summer. Personally, unless we go for someone like Mazoroui on a free I would love to see our youngsters like Brooke Norton Cuffy or William Saliba a go. Less we spend on a RB… Read more »


*All in all


Great post Pedro.

It’s looking good where we are at in the table. It looks really good. I know we are not playing Manure yet but it feels like a good chance this season to bury Manure and get a bit of a revenge on that 8-2 tanking that we took back in 2011.


Hard to disagree with Arteta’s assessment of the game, we played some good stuff, scored 3 excellent goals, but it was much more chaotic than it needed to be, we need to learn to manage the game much better.

We’re a young team that hasn’t been together very long, so it’s not surprising we don’t manage games like the very best, but it also goes to show how much we need to improve, which I’m confident that if we get our recruitment right, we’ll get there.


More positives than negatives. For sure. But last few games ramadale been pretty average with his saves / brain farts. Also, we tend to say that Cedric is weak (I disagree) but look at KT. Name me one performance of his which has been above 6/10. We mostly tend to concede from his end. He’s a simple up and down with 100% effort, but when we talk about improvements in the squad….
In terms of excellence, odegard….wow. Saka, wow. White, wow.

AFC Forever

Nice one Pedro. Micah Richards had me in stitches laughing while Roy Keane looked like a man at a funeral: Keane, “I’ve got no problem with Man Utd losing football matches but there’s a way to lose. You need character, personality. As soon as that third goal went in the game was over” Micah Richards, trying not to laugh, “Man Utd have spent £1.2 billion pounds over the last ten years, this is what they’ve got to show. Alright last season they finished 2nd, a couple of semi finals, lost in a final but is this all they’ve got to… Read more »


Hope we get Fabian Ruiiz this summer


AFC Forever

I’d be more worried if United backed Rangnick to pick a new manager, and rebuild the squad.

I hope they do the knee jerk thing and pull the plug.

They have some very good players, there’s enough to work with there, with a few astute adjustments and a bit of stability, they could turn things around.

Signing Ronaldo instead of backing Sancho, Greenwood, Elanga + Rashford was a mistake.

If they can sign a couple of top central midfielders, they’ll be a threat.


Pedro is right about Spurs. 6 points is a lot less than it seems when there are still 39 points each team can win and we still have to visit them this season. Spurs are out of the F.A Cup now, so they also have only the Premier League to focus on.

This might come down to the wire. Their remaining schedule is easier than ours so I would put us as a very slight favourite right now.


It’s hard to believe, but Xhaka does seem to have lost a yard of pace.
It is utterly rediculous to play him so far forward, which I believe Tets realised and gave Gx new instructions mid game.
Martin O., what a magnificent asset. 606 waxing on about KDB, well MOd is going to be his match.
Great day. 606 so much fun today . Sorry Pedro . You too.


Loved the podcast Pedro. Thank you. As for your assessment of KT performances I think a lot has to do with Xhaka being played further up the pitch than before hence KT having to stay back more and not having the cover he had before.

Someone mentioned us getting loan players from Madrid as they would need the cash for Haaland purchase. Why not go for Haaland our self’s?


I do hope Arteta pulls Ramsdale aside and has a chat with these over the top needless Hollywood moments he does.

I like the fact that he is positive and pro-active but heck, he needs to be more disciplined.

That run on the left outside the box to try and clear the ball was so pointless, he left the goal wide open for the taking. Do that in the CL/ against a better team and you will be punished.


“The two whinges you could have were familiar: 1. We don’t take enough of our chances Pedro, I have to disagree here. It only feels that way because Lacazette hasn’t been deadly in front of goal. We scored 3 goals from 4 shots on target, compared to Watford’s 7. We had an xG of 0.94 to Watford’s xG of 1.42. Watford created 2 big chances whilst we created 0. Based on that, I’d say our boys actually took their chances well today I know you hate to hear it but this was reminiscent of how we used to win some… Read more »

Cant wait to hear the tune again

I hope so. Instead of that dodgy one with the flute I get sent every time the new CL comp starts…


I hope we avoid big name players, with big wages, giant egos, and trouble making agents, like the plague

What I like about this team is they’re hungry, they’re humble, and likeable.

I’d much rather we focused on the collective, than signed a world star



“TT, I’d love Haaland, but he’s transfer royalty, not for us right now. I think he wants £400k a week”

Does he tough? Would the temptation of playing with a team that creates a shitload of chances be enough for a player of his stature to come to us for a couple of years not be an option? And not to mention that his mate Odegard might be captaining that team next year…..


I feel a little sorry for Martinelli as most of the action is happening on the right. Having xhaka and Tierney on his side could well be damaging his game as Lacazette also tends to play closer to saka and Odegaard. What i would like to see Martinelli do a little more is take up the position where he scored from today , which is also a similar position to when he scored v leeds and west ham. Drifting into the inside left position when the play is on the right is where Martinelli could be lethal, at present he… Read more »


My girlfriend thinks I had already listened to this podcast when I put it on cooking Sunday lunch when you guys echoed what I said on the final whistle – but in reality you can easily see it, you can feel it. The automatisms are starting to show, the goals are reminiscent of the finest Arsenal teams, the feeling is the same that it was in the early 90’s when we started seeing a real team form, the season ticket holders and the away fans know this is the real deal. One hundred percent agree with Pedro that I now… Read more »


As much as Xhaka makes me fume, I’m excited that Arteta is transitioning us to a true 4-3-3 system. It’s easy to imagine what we’ll look like with a real striker and a midfielder like Neves. It’s so much more dynamic than a 4-2-3-1. The only problem is the short term because the new system amplifies everything Xhaka is terrible at and that’s a pretty long list.

IAT-Robbie From here Pedro. You can agree to disagree but it’s not too far off from what fotmob projected. Saka – 1 shot on target | 0 shots off target | 1 goal | 0.07 xG Odegaard – 1 shot on target | 0 shots off target | 1 goal | 0.1 xG Martinelli – 1 shot on target | 0 shots off target | 2 shots blocked | 1 goal | 0.05 xG Yes, other players took shots that were off target but those were not clear-cut chances anyway. For instance, our highest xG shot was 0.11xG (Lacazette… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Lol @ Pedro. You’re right.

It’s just like.., why the nostalgia for bad times? We all know it’s just to try to denigrate Artetas work.

Gooners are seeing the light and no rewriting history is going to change where we are heading with this project.



Those xG numbers don’t tell the whole story. You can certainly argue that we won’t be this clinical in every game but all of our goals were a result of playing ourselves into very dangerous positions. They weren’t flukes or ballistic missiles from Partey from 30 yards.


If we get top 4 we absolutely should activate Haaland’s transfer clause this summer and utilise Odegaard and really sell him the dream. Joining a ready made club like City with all their money favourites for everything is boring and unambitious in my opinion. Joining a sleeping giant with a bigger history, the legacy of the invincibles to emulate by winning the champions league for the first time and becoming a legendike Bergkamp and having Henry’s record to target is way more exciting and ambitious in my book all day long.


Great win today
Arteta has us dreaming again
Very impressive what he’s done with our team identity and game play
With a few recruits over the summer we’ll be in a fantastic position next year
Top 4 finish will be incredible

Nigel Tufnel

Pierre, Same thoughts about Martinelli, he could use some help finding some shots like that. IAT, I can see why you would say today reminded you of the bad old days under Emery (in general). A little sloppy. But nothing else about how we scored is comparable to Emery. You never knew what you were going to get from that team. Artetas squad has character and personality, and assignments that they follow for the whole 90 minutes. It’s not luck that we’re in this position after the 0-3 start with no goals and 9 conceded. It’s hard work from the… Read more »


”Top quality strike today from Martinelli.”

A strike Eddie could only dream about you might even say.


So no MOTD 2 tonight?


If only I would have started that Xhaka is gonna Xhaka… T-shirt biz about 5 years ago… *sigh*

Oh well missed my window of opportunity on that one. I do think we will upgrade in the summer. How can we not?, when there are so many dynamic midfielders out there and we are still rolling out the Granit.

Anyhow, that table graphic is so sweet. Really happy right now. Would appreciate Everton helping us out tomorrow. They need to get it together if they don’t want to get relegated.


Benny –
Like Pedro said earlier.. Haaland is demanding 450k a week for 5 years. Plus his transfer fee… Thats an investment of like 220+ mill in one player. Don’t think Arsenal are in a financial position to do that right now.


Ode’s pass to saka initially before his goal… unbelievable..
Love his passing ability.. silky quality player


LS What we’re doing now effects width from Tierney. Beforehand we were playing 2-3-4-1 in possession We were doing this: …..…….Ramsdale …..….White Gabriel Cedric Partey Xhaka ..Odegaard Smith Rowe ……Saka ………Tierney ……….Lacazette Occasionally we’d mirror it. What Liverpool do is use their 3 central midfielders as a shield across their 2 centre backs, and have both their full backs kick on, but this comes at the expense of an attacking midfielder What we’re doing now in possession is this: …….……Ramsdale …..….White Gabriel Cedric Partey Tierney ……………….. Xhaka Odegaard Lacazette …..Saka …….Martinelli This is what’s effecting Tierney’s form, he’s not as… Read more »


Tielemans, no thanks
He’s been awful the last few months


Great win and what a game to watch The Xhaka weakness so apinfully obvious but why MA took off Ode and left him on is beyond me. Lacazette is the engima. You can’t say that he is a complete Xhaka style weakness as he’s all in and still helps the havoc makers around him. But he is toothless when it comes to threatening the goal himself. I hope we don’t renew. We need 2 new strikers – one in his 20s and an unknown superkid 19 or 20 tops that our data scouts will hopefully unearth. For the first I’d… Read more »


Haaland is a nice dream but realistically, Adeyemi or Darwin Nunez more likely our price bracket.


Rich, I think Tierney was always going to struggle a bit when we transitioned away from playing on the break. He’s less effective that way and I think we’ll eventually need someone like Cucurella who basically has the ball handling skills of a midfielder. That said I still think Tierney is a good player who’ll make a big contribution to us. The problem with 4-2-3-1 (and whatever it becomes in possession) is that you have two pivots who, by necessity, are more defensively oriented. So you become more two dimensional and dependent on the front 4. And with a leftie… Read more »



And btw, I’m personally not a fan of false 9s. Outside of Messi I haven’t seen anyone who can perform well in that role consistently. It’s one of the reasons why Pep constantly rotates that position and it’s cost him in some high stakes games. I’d prefer it if we went for a proper 9 who’s great on the half turn.


See that the Kroenkeweasel is out of his hole defending Emery and finally realising Gabby M is actually right footed. Congrats he’s been here 3 years and speaks volumes for you powers of deduction.


LS We’re a much better team with Lacazette dropping in as a left sided No8 in the first phase of play, than we were with Aubameyang leading the line. Lacazette is playing a really underrated role in the team, obviously I’d love a much more dynamic version But he’s still got 9 goal involvements in his last 10 league games, it’s 10 in 10 if you credit him with the last minute contribution against Wolves That’s not to be sniffed at. If i were being cynical, i’d assign that contract renewal time, but either way, his 2 assists and all… Read more »


Pedro, do you remember that at around March last year you said that Arsenal would “bang” this season? You – like everyone else – had no idea of the summer signings that lay in store. You thought, Arteta would make last seasons squad bang. All it needed was the addition of Ramsdale, White and Tomiyasu and the removal of PEA, but, no one knew that. Who could imagine a summer strengthening ? Here, right now, Arsenal are banging in a way that was not foreseen. Even the most ardent Arteta pearl clutchers never saw this type of run for top… Read more »


Rich, No doubt, Laca is a much more suitable player for the system. I appreciate what he brings to the team but I’d still prefer to bring in someone else simply because there are better options out there and he’s unlikely to get better from here. Plus, I feel he’s starting to get a reputation with the refs which will work against him. Some of his theatrics are pretty annoying. Pedro might be onto something with ESR. He has all the attributes to be a good #9. I know it’s not that simple but I wouldn’t mind giving him a… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Thinking about Lacazette being extended at all?

He earns premium striker money now, we hear, 180k?

I’d only consider extending him for a lot less. We can’t go to him and offer an insulting pay cut, obviously.

Whatever team might want him will be offering much less…. really a lot less.

I’d tell him to look at his best offer then let us see if we want to match it. No hurt feelings either way.

Probably time to move on for us though.


Spudnik I’m no ardent Arteta supporter, but after the first 3 games I said everyone was overreacting, that we’d finish 5th, with 69-74 points Right now we’re on for 72 points if we keep on this trajectory. I was working off the assumption that the top 3 would all get 80 points, Or close to it, United would match last seasons 74 points, and we’d be the best of the rest. Thankfully United have dropped off. Last season we got 61 points, we spent £140-£150 million, we’ve got no European football, and we had a young team at the beginning… Read more »

Positive pete

Nearly all positives from today.T.God.
Only a few gripes.A) build up play from the back v.slow & ponderous at times.Needs more fluidity.B) Gabriel & Ramsdale v.casual at times,nearly caught out &+will be against better sides.C)Hacker being hacker.At this point I’d prefer the Egyptian pirlo.if we’re not playing Lakonga for whatever Reason?



Smith Rowe as a false 9 could work, he’s a brilliant technician, a good finisher, with excellent timing.

I’d have loved Vlahovic, gutted we missed out, there’s a serious lack of top centre forwards, a false 9 might be more of a necessity than a choice.


If we’re gonna get an ideal younger prodigious young partner for Partey it’s absolutely got to be Gravenberg. He’s so amazingly good it’s unbelievable. I watch Ajax everytime and the skills he and Antony pulls off are simply outrageous.

And btw to stand out in this Ajax team that’s dripping with talent is not an easy fit. I love Berghaus too.

Positive pete

What’s all this talk of “ banging”.Sounds like a porn site.


Positive Pete,

It’s good for the SEO.

Milo Burstyn

Positive Pete, when we score goals like today it is quite simply sex on a stick.

Milo Burstyn

I don’t think Tielemans is the solve, but if we get him, I trust that Arteta must see something in him that I do not.


Love Sausage,

I absolutely agree, which is why I don’t understand why these contrasting statements are made in the article:

“We don’t take enough of our chances”


“What we should instead talk about is how this team of young players is now dropping scintillating passages of football and matching them with spectacular goals.”.

How can both statements be absolute truths within the same match. It just seems like Pedro is hell-bent on contradicting himself to make a point.


Great result today, the goals conceded were sloopy though.

The minute we get a capable partner for Partey and am actual goal scorer, we’d be in a greater position


IAT Robbie

Both statements can be true

We scored some brilliant goals

But we could still be more efficient

It’s really not difficult to make sense of those 2 statements, but you haven’t got much going on between your ears by the looks of it, so I’m not surprised you struggle…..

You seem genuinely annoyed that we’re doing ok.

Positive pete

Ok.I’ll accept the Banging.😜


Anyone know why ESR didn’t play today? I thought he was training as per normal during the week?


I rarely post anything but does anyone know why we wore red shorts today?


That SkySports stat someone asked about earlier:

Most goal contributions by players aged 21 and under:

Saka 13
Smith Rowe 11
Foden 10
Olise 7
Martinelli 6


Leeds- ESR tested positive for Covid before the match and so was unavailable.


“You’ve spent the season saying this website is a corrupted cult” Pedro, it’s not a good look when you start fabricating. I literally said “I am football supporter not a cult member. I’m allowed a different opinion to you.” in response to Pete and that was just last week. Yet here you are saying that I’ve been calling the website a corrupted cult for the entire season. ” and here you are today, trying to tell us we were lucky today” No buddy, my point was that our finishing today was more clinical and that our chances were not as… Read more »


Ah Pedders, you never fail to take the bait. I love it. Yes you did expect Arsenal to spend big last summer, beeeeeeeecausssse, they always nearly do. Arsenal have spent 10s of millions every summer for decades. Please take a medal.
Prediction: Arsenal will spend big this summer. Arsenal will get better as a team.



I agree. We’re right on track. And you know what? I’m loving it.



I don’t feel it’s a contradiction. We played well today but aside from the three goals, we didn’t really threaten much. Our shots per game are increasing but a lot of it looks better on paper than in reality. Aside from the home game against Watford I can’t remember a game when we had 5-6 clear cut chances.

You’d hope that the ability to turn dominance into clear cut scoring opportunities is something that comes with experience.


I’m loving arsenal right now. I love the on the whistle. I love Le Grove.

AFC Forever

Frenchie “I rarely post anything but does anyone know why we wore red shorts today?” Great question. PL rules only require a change if there is a clash, which there wasn’t. Arsenal have to submit permission and that was granted. The shorts and socks aren’t available in the shop, so it’s odd. Can’t have been for merchandising. . Some are claiming it was due to us playing away and not wanting to wear the normal home kit for that reason. I guess we need Arsenal to explain, because it was unusual. Only second time in PL history, last time was… Read more »

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