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Thought I’d go a little hard at the title this morning just to crystalise some of that sweet, sweet victimhood we’ve all been feeling of later with regards to the referees.

Since Arteta took over at Arsenal in 2019, we have averaged a red card every 65.4 fouls. The bleakest in the Premier League. We’re getting the worst kind of punishment almost 50% more frequently than the second biggest victim behind us, Bournemouth (and they haven’t played a lot of Prem games over the past 2 years).

Burnley, renowned for being absolute brutes, have received one red card since Boxing Day 2019.

Can you remember many really bad fouls by Arsenal? I can’t. I can however remember plenty from Burnley players. I can also remember horror tackles from Kane, from Mane, and there are plenty of big moments that go unpunished elsewhere.

Why are Arsenal treated like this?

Do the refs have this statistics to showcase their odd bias against Arsenal?

Is anyone willing to explain the data anomaly beyond ‘that’s just the way it goes’?

We’ve committed the 2nd least fouls since Arteta took over, yet we’ve been given the most red cards.

Manchester City have to commit almost double the fouls to pick up a red card.

Who is accountable for this?

The same people that don’t have to answer to anyone over the shocking fact that a Black or Asian ref hasn’t run a Premier League game in 10 years.

What is PGMOL doing to address literally any major issue? Nothing. Because the people in charge are so inept, so protected, so comfortable, they can’t even get the decisions right when they have the benefit of VAR.

Are you really begging me for MORE numbers that suit my agenda?

Ok, Arsenal has the lowest wage bill for about a decade. It’s down to £87m.

That is quite outrageous and should give you a bit of realism when you are trying to quantify just how good our season has been so far.

Wages correlate to league position, usually. Though that idea has been blown up a bit by how bad United has been and how good teams like Brighton and Leicester have performed. Our wage bill has been a bit of an anomaly because we’ve been giving average players superstar money (Arteta part of that issue, no doubt). Those ‘superstars’ played under Emery but they spent most of their time this season benched or loaned out.

Where do we stand now?

Out the damn picture… that’s where.

We’re barely Europa League right now.

Point here? Our wage bill is that low because young players don’t get paid mega money. Why? Because their output isn’t the same as mega experienced players like KDB and Salah. So when people say age doesn’t matter… do remind them, it does. It really does. Saka, ESR, and Odegaard and doing great things, but they are babies compared to what the biggest clubs have at their disposal now. The fact that we expect them to deliver to BIG club level shows how good they’ve been and how much we love them… but don’t take it for granted.

A lot of people were up in my mentions yesterday telling me that IT WILL BE FAILURE if we don’t make the Champions League this season. William Gallas is agreeing today (who the fuck cares what he has to say?).

My push is on framing. It will be an outrageous success if we make it this season, it won’t be a ‘we need to talk’ failure. Talk about the opportunity, don’t catastrophize the yet-to-be-missed stretch goal.

The people pushing that are the folk desperate to tee up a reason to be a ‘standards’ bore on the internet.

Some folk pulled me on this pivot: ‘but what about Wenger, you pushed for him to be gone for getting top 4?’

It feels like a snappy retort, but let’s be real here, Wenger was here 22 seasons. He went from Premier League Champion to Top 4 merchant when there were only 4 big teams in the league. There comes a point when you have to use your Champions League advantage to make a move on the league or qualify beyond the last 16 (we failed to do that once in our final 7 seasons in the comp. In 19 attempts, we only went past R16 stage 6 times). Arsenal stagnated. Top 4 became the goal but there was no ambition beyond that. Standards slipped. The culture disappeared. No one’s job was under threat. We eventually slid into expensive oblivion and it’ll take 5 years to exit it.

What we’re doing now is different. We are year one of a rebuild. The average age is 24 compared to Liverpool and City at 27. When our squad is that old, we will be competing for major honors, until then you have to live in reality, this project is doing things the hard way, so there will be bumps.

Arsenal are at the start of their cycle, 5 of our starters were bought in the summer have just 19 matches of game time under their belts. The story should be ‘fuck, these young players AND young manager are doing really well’ versus the painfully shocking version that I keep reading of ‘we’re only doing well because everyone else is shit.’

Now, for anyone parroting that line… please, look no further than Antonio Conte for evidence of why that is a nonsense.

One of the most successful managers of all time, complaining AGAIN that the level of the Premier League is really high and Spurs fans need to be realistic. Specifically, he calls out Arsenal and West Ham as a problem, but he goes one step further… he cites Brighton and Wolves.

Why is he doing that?

  1. Because the Premier League has never been richer
  2. It has never had so many top, top managers participating
  3. It has never had the strength in depth at every club like it does now
  4. It has never been more competitive

Remember all those people calling time on our season because Conte had landed at Spurs? Well, those people are now pivoting to ‘everyone is shit so if we don’t make it, it’s because Arteta isn’t right for the club.’


If we don’t make it this season, it’s because getting top 4 these days is really, really hard for a squad with limited experience. You don’t have to believe me, but you really do have to listen to Conte. He took the job thinking Harry Kane and Son would be enough, now he’s back in the dugout, he knows how tough things are going to be and he’s trying desperately to temper the expectations of fans who thought he was a cheat code back to the elite. He doesn’t need money, he genuinely thought he’d be able to work a miracle at Spurs, now he’s trying preserve his rep because he fears that won’t happen.

Top 4 is well and truly on, we’re in the mixer, but you can’t discount the clubs that are in the mixer with Arsenal. United still has a chance, Spurs are still good enough and experienced enough to go on a run, I wouldn’t rule out West Ham either, Wolves are also close.

The Premier League ain’t what it used to be. You can’t just hire Jose Mourinho or one of the other rockstars and think there will be instant success. It’s too hard for that these days. I suspect when Klopp leaves Liverpool, they will dip. I suspect when Pep leaves City, they will find it tough. Chelsea hired a rockstar and they are nowhere near the Premier League this season, they could well be pulled into the top 4 race if they are not careful.

That Arsenal are where they are after that start is all about how good this team is. We have kept the best clean sheet record in the league, we’re really, really tough to beat, we’re getting better at scoring goals, and we have been very consistent for a whole year.

Matt Kandela, elite voice on The Arsenal Opinion Podcast said ‘Have we moved from Trust the Process to Trust the Progress?’… I would say YES.

It’s looking good, but remember, this team is young, this league is hard, and we’re still going to need an awful lot of luck to hit our targets this year.

Enough propaganda for you? I hope so. See you tomorrow. x

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Midnight post.
How did I miss this?


Pedro doubling down on his narrative while ignoring rebuttal comments from yesterday might explain why he put it up so late, lol.




As I said the other night we need to drop the Black and Asian argument, it’s meaningless.

One more time. We want the BEST Refs regardless of gender, colour, pronoun or whatever woke bullshit is wrapped around them.

We pay to watch the best players regardless of race. We just want the best Refs.

If you really want a black ref in charge of the Nth London Derby let’s have Janny Sikazwe and see how he gets on when he costs us a cup final.

Best Refs period. Whatever their colour.


Are the Prem contracted to the PGMOL? If so then break the contract and pay whatever it takes – I assume that in the scheme of things it’s not too much. If they’re not contracted then just hire the best refereeing talent from around the world to match the players and managers.


Ahmen Amos.

Clubs hire the best global talent on the playing side. Should be no different gor Refs.

Words on a blog

…..errrmmm, we didn’t average a red card every 65 minutes.

We averaged a red card every 65 fouls.

Totally unfair, in comparison to the Burnley’s of this world, but not the same thing.

Time Up

Pedro is reframing success,

After 3 seasons in charge and almost half a billion spent, we’re not asking for top 4 or top 6, that’s beside the point. All we’re entitled to is 70 points, no more no less and that’s the minimum we can ask from this generational manager as Pedro and his mate telling us.

Poch, with less time and money got more than that. Can’t put generational do less than that.!

Words on a blog

Pedro’s “reframed” definition of a generational manager: a manager who manages to reman in place for a generation, regardless of his club’s position in the league table.



Shouldn’t bournemouth be on the top of that list given how they have only committed 179 fouls to our 700+ and they still get a red every 90 min?

Nigel Tufnel

Jamie, I read your comment from earlier today.. I’m a little disappointed that you can’t understand any kind of nuanced position. (Google nuance). That I might really like Arteta, but give him some good hard criticism at times. It’s the problem here, it’s got to be full blown hate. Simple minds can’t find their way to valid criticism, paired with acknowledged positives (many that Pedro points out). So people like Jamie just ignore every positive. One loser here was just comparing the Rudiger situation at Chelsea…. …get this… comparing it to Saka LOL…the sky is falling too I guess.. What… Read more »

Time Up

The red cards and refs haven’t been fair to Arsenal since the late 90s, as soon as a foreign manager threatened the Old Boys club.

Why only under Arteta we’re starting to highlight it and cry over it. Just wondering!.


We have Xhaka and Luiz, who are repeated offenders. Refs tend to punish repeated offenders more severely. Gabiel is also quite emotional at times.


Faaaaaark off Pedro. We needed a higher wage bill to try and compete in the Champions league. Everyone said this season is great for the reset… We have no European football, we will be refreshed every week. We will get top 4 (because of that like Leicester Chelsea and pool did), Yet 6th is the goal? Get bent Considering 2!!!! 8th places in a row, despite picking up a squad that finished 5th by one point and a Europa final, to then dump us entirely out of Europe, and then use our un-european funded squad as a stick to say… Read more »


With a reasonably small number of reds given, one wonders if Xhaka alone is enough to massively skew our numbers. That was a German league trend as well, hardly specific to PGMOL, certainly specific to Xhaka.

If he’s excluded what do the numbers say? Outliers can skew statistics with small numerators. Between he and Luiz, it’d be hard not to be at the top of that table.

Nigel Tufnel

Classy bunch Pedro.


Also rich, Do you sincerely think, our attempt at ‘ project experience’ was worth it??? We still had the same numpties in charge who still to this day haven’t built a proper competitive squad. Our experienced players were Luiz( Chelsea cunt) Willian (Chelsea cunt/ I thought he could bring experience for sure but not to be shoved in every game despite utter trash performances), resigning auba we all know how that went, trying to hold onto mustafi, XHAKA?!?!?!?!?!….. Did/do you think that was the right attempt at project experience?! Or do you think instead of Luiz and Willian, if we’d… Read more »


And yep I can remember really bad fouls, aka Martis double, literally last week, and xhaka any red he’s received


Also this from mindurself…

” The goal posts haven’t shifted. Which other team in the top 5 leagues could have spent the most in the summer without expecting Champs League football at the end? 4th is a minimum and always has been. The fact that anyone’s expectations were ever lower was a reflection of their belief in Arteta’s abilities.”


“When you’re at the point that you have to slate TH14, you should stop and ask yourself “am I the bad guy?””



Xhaka is literally on pace to have the same number of reds per EPL appearance as Roy Keane. I’m not equating the players, but the stats are close.

It feels, as an Arsenal fan, that many very poor decisions are handed out against us. Tomi’s face springs to mind as something more egregious and inexplicable than Gabi’s red mist moment. Saka getting scythed is another recent standout.

Xhaka reds though? I usually just feel hard done by Xhaka.


Sky Sports reports that Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire in Manchester United captaincy struggle. There must be lots of sparks in the Manure dressing room.


Hahahaha Maguire is an absolute bellend


I can’t stop laughing at the prospect of removing the armband from McGuire to reduce the pressure on him.


“…. Arsenal stagnated. Top 4 became the goal but there was no ambition beyond that. Standards slipped. The culture disappeared. No one’s job was under threat. We eventually slid into expensive oblivion and it’ll take 5 years to exit it. What we’re doing now is different. We are year one of a rebuild. The average age is 24 compared to Liverpool and City at 27. When our squad is that old, we will be competing for major honors, until then you have to live in reality, this project is doing things the hard way, so there will be bumps. …”… Read more »


Pedro, There is no argument of the process or the strategy that Arsenal has adopted. The kind of recruitment, the wage structure, building a team young and the path that Arteta is taking as part of this strategy including the the last TW is all great. I want to believe you and have faith when you say the goal this season is Europe with top 4 a stretch. Where i start disagreeing is the fact that we don’t ask critical questions of this strategy and of the manager. There are some legitimate question that we should ask of the manager… Read more »


Fear of Failure plain and simple . Just like last year was its not a failure if we finish outside Europe , its not a failure if we lose in semifinal of Europa to the manager who we sacked when we finsihed 8th . Its not a failure if we go out to Forest in FA Cup . We get the wage bill saved trophy this season. Next season is ours.


when we finished 5th*


Don`t know where you guys have this idea that pedro wont allow critical questions at Arteta and Arsenal. Madhu: all your critic of Arteta is points that Pedro has spoken of many times. The point is you have to be blind not to see all the positves right now!


Well, well, well…….the wage bill is a thing again.
Who could’ve predicted that, I wonder lol.

When Rodgers was missing out on the top four places by a single point, on league’s ninth highest wage bill and 13th highest net transfer spend over five years, he was labeled a failure and I, a Leicester fan for pointing it out.


This is untold and I claim my £5 The numbers are irrelevant as they don’t take into account the number of bookings for things such as dissent, such as an advantage being played, such as handball, such as scuffing then penalty spot and so on . As for the PGMOL they are a partnership between the PL and the FA they aren’t going away particularly as it would take 14 clubs to change matters. As for Capologys numbers well let’s wait and see because without sight of the 20/21 accounts it’s pure guess work but even then Swiss Ramblers numbers… Read more »


“After 3 seasons in charge”

Someone needs a better calendar,

Less than 26 months, 3 of which we were shut in lockdown !


Pedro wants us to know that top 4 is on now , its up for grabs but he is scared that Arteta wouldnt make it and he will be villifed for it . Pedro wants appreciation that will come from the success but he doesnt want the criticism that might come from that failure.

The Bard

The metrics at Arsenal certainly signify change but whether it’s progress or not will depend on where we finish at the end of the season. As I’ve posted before we need to be realistic about the ambition of the club. We don’t want to commit the resources needed to consistently compete at the top level. You mention Chelsea as being well off the pace. This is true but you also know what will happen. Tuchel might get some breathing space as he’s won the CL but he is just as likely to be sacked. That’s the scale of the clubs… Read more »


Lets not play the victim card for to long, it suits nobody.Players will get emotional and stupid
as will the referees. Hope the storm will not ruin the game tomorrow..


Following on from my previous post when you think that the majority of red cards are for second yellows and reflect Gabriels yellow for unsporting behaviour ( totally avoidable ) and Martinelli one yellow for a foul and one for unsporting behaviour attempting to delay a restart( totally avoid able)There clearly is a lack of maturity ( inevitable with younger players ) but also lack of leadership on the pitch but also a lack of match awareness from Arteta.
Irrespective here’s some numbers for the current season.


You tell us how Tottenham and Man United are shit and how they’re doing it the wrong way hiring established managers who have been at their jobs for less than 6 months. Then you tell us how we’re doing it the right way by undergoing a rebuilding project (whatever that means) with elite young players and an elite young manager who has been in charge of the team for over 2 years. But even though we have a generational manager and we outspent every team in the league last summer, we shouldn’t expect a top 4 finish. So, if a… Read more »

David Smith

Unfortunately, the PGMOL can do exactly what they want because they leave the big, influential clubs alone.
Frankly, our treatment is downright suspicious, those numbers suggest something beyond just bias, they suggest something systemic, or worse


Divine Sherlock

Pedro is protecting his own back.

People who are involved in PR tend to be good at that.

Anyway let’s see how things pan out.



Very telling stats on fouls committed and red cards.

The PGMOL have a great deal to answer for.

Matt B

Day in day out, people come on here to moan and complain, trotting out the same lines about AFC, Arteta, bigging up ex-players, other managers, providing excuses or rebuttals to any statistic that puts Arsenal in a good light.

Not telling anyone how to support AFC, just making an observation — the fact is, we’re in with a good shout of 4th spot



“It’s an IQ or character deficiency in haters like Jamie”

Honestly this is some hilarious early morning content. Keep it up.



Its weird because I didnt see us making top 4 this season but I didnt see Leicester winning PL either before they did it . If you have so much faith in the manager , then why shy away from making the claim, its only one game per week , the team has done so well up until now and others are failing . These type of articles should come after the season has ended.


How posters find the cojones to come.here daily to repeat the same lines of thought beats me.

It’s nothing new to hate a manager but to deny the progress and positive change in attitude of this team stinks to high heaven.of agenda.




The Bard You mention Chelsea as being well off the pace. This is true but you also know what will happen. Tuchel might get some breathing space as he’s won the CL but he is just as likely to be sacked. That’s the scale of the clubs ambition. Tuchal is an interesting one . Two cup finals within months . One lost one very big one won. 4th place and CL qualification To Top that they are already in another final, won two other competitions (ok some will say meaningless but it’s what you have to achieve to even play… Read more »


@Rewenger, of course i see positives and said that. But to give a clean chit to the manager and hierarchy is disingenuous. We have a great chance to make progress in terms of points and standing on then table, but we have a dangerously thin squad and few squad members are not playing regularly i.e. Pepe, Elneny, AMN (left). True they may not be the choices that we like but in a situation where we will need them, they will come in cold. These are valid concerns and the risk that we have taken is huge.

Gbadebo Ojomo

I’m not bias here but I need everyone to watch ‘Scott Francis McTominay’ whenever he plays for Manchester United in a premier league game. It surprises me how he always get ignored by the Referee, while ‘Granit Xhaka’ is always booked while playing for Arsenal.


Pedro, a dose of reality for the ‘I want it, and I want it NOW’ people

Nobody can sensibly deny that the Club is making progress under Arteta. So the anti-arteta brigade have made themselves seem even more foolish with ridiculous ‘I want it NOW’ demands.

It’s a step-by-step process, not a wave of a magic wand.

Nevertheless Arsenal ARE in the mix for top 4, and that, in itself, is a sign of progress.


“Nevertheless Arsenal ARE in the mix for top 4, and that, in itself, is a sign of progress.”

We were in the mix for top 4 three years ago.

What do you label the subsequent back-to-back 8th place finishes? Also progress, but “nuanced,” am I right? Ask Nigel to explain it to you if you don’t have clarity of thought on this one. He has a super high IQ allegedly.





Pedro turning full Arsenal Untold. Regarding the wage bill, more propaganda driven drivel. Wage bill are often proportional to the number of players currently in the squad. So when a club manager hoards players to the point that their number exceed the league squad size then the wage bill will balloon. Even more so when the club has to pay to leave players the say manager fell out with. Keep in mind as well that this season Arsenal was able to survive with such a lean squad because it was not in European competition. Add one extra game per week… Read more »


englandsbestFebruary 18, 2022 10:05:33
Pedro, a dose of reality for the ‘I want it, and I want it NOW’ people

No doubt these twats have Klarna’d themselves into oblivion as well,

Good luck to them I say !


“It has never been more competitive”

Simply not true.

Last three years pre-Arteta there were SEVEN different teams that qualified for the CL (Arsenal, ManC, ManU, Liverpool, Sp*rs, Chelsea and Leicester).

During the post-Wenger period only FIVE different teams qualified for the CL in a three year period (ManC, Liverpool, Chelsea, ManU, Sp*rs).

It’s becoming LESS COMPETITIVE with the same old names making top four and likely to continue to do so unless we up our game.


EB, certainly we’re making progress. All things being even we’re likely to be back where we finished during Emery’s sole full season having posted some of the worst performances in decades along the way.

Easy to cite ‘progress’ from such a low baseline. Let’s see if we continue to progress or reach a plateau. There are no guarantees and you can’t simply extrapolate trends to predict what the future might hold.


Pedro – “Inside, I have a job mate, I don’t sit here worrying about rebuttals all day.” I’m not sure it would make any difference if you did. My guess is you would still ignore them. You have your ITK, you’ve bought into their narrative and you will push it hard no matter what. That’s fine, people have different takes on things which can make for great debate. But perhaps the difference is that most others don’t resort to namecalling and trying to undermine the commenters rather than what they say. No matter. It’s a fun blog and I enjoy… Read more »


“And that’s the bottom line, Arsenal can’t expect to regularly compete for top 4 with a wage bill massively below those of its competitors.” The wage bill will balloon this summer too. Saka extension, invariably ESR parity, Martinelli extension, Gab extension, Saliba extension, new striker, new central midfielder (Laca and Xhaka extensions a possibility too).. We’re winning the Since Christmas Wage Spend In The Hunt For Top 4 Table though. Except we aren’t – West Ham (-£20m), Spurs (-£25m), Wolves (-£35m) all lower wage bills than Arsenal’s. It’s all nuanced though, so it might not make much sense on its… Read more »


We were in the mix for top 4 three years ago. We were, although I’d argue that team was clearly a team coming to the end of their cycle. It was a team made up of mainly players in their prime or coming to the end (Auba, Laca, Monreal, Kos, Ramsey, Ozil etc.). After a lot of them left or started going downhill there was an inevitable dip and the squad needed refreshing. Admittedly a lot of mistakes were made along the way, but I think this season has shown huge improvement on the last two sub par seasons and… Read more »


With the lowering of the wage bill and the young core of the team, I think we are in a good position to make 2/3 marquee signings this summer to really push us to the next level. Who those players are, I don’t know, but we clearly have money to spend on transfers and now potentially big wages to offer if needed.


EPL is so comptetitive that City is on course for a 96 pts finish. Liverpool are in course for a 86 pts finish which would have secured them the title in 11 out of the last 26 seasons. The problem is that all of Manure, Arsenal, Spuds and partly Chelsea, are out of form and in Manure and Arsenal it’s been going for years. The teams lower down the table are a bit stronger than before, true. But Manure, Arsenal, Spuds and Chelsea are just a bit shit. Compare this team to the one of 2007/08 – Lehman, Sagna, Toure,… Read more »


‘Compare this team to the one of 2007/08 – Lehman, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Flamini, Cesc, Hleb, Rosicky, van Persie, Adebayor.’

I really liked that team (except Gallas and later Adebayor). Was a real shame we didn’t win the league that season having been clear in Feb or March. That Eduardo horror injury did them mentally I think.


Ollie – “With the lowering of the wage bill and the young core of the team, I think we are in a good position to make 2/3 marquee signings this summer to really push us to the next level.” You could be right. But if we don’t make top 4 this season the chances of that are reduced markedly. With Vinai claiming there was no one available who could have improved the side for the run in, we have not helped our chances of making top 4 this year. And the targets Edu may have already identified are by no… Read more »


* Luis (Diaz)



‘We saw from the way Liverpool stole Luiz from under Spuds’ noses how the long recruitment game is played and how what the club can offer makes a big difference. I will be delighted if we make top 4. We are in pole position if we win our games in hand.’

Couldn’t have said it better – unfortunately we’ve already seen that ourselves with Vlahovic. I think if we were CL guarantees he would have come.

Fingers crossed we make top 4 this season because as you said, it’s a big golden carrot to prospective summer transfer targets.



Progress is the difference between where you were and where to are

Clarity is to take all relevant measurements into account, not simply final position in the table. I think you are grown up enough to realize this.


Ollie – “We were, although I’d argue that team was clearly a team coming to the end of their cycle [… we now have] a young team with a lot more room for growth makes it more exciting.” Fair argument, and I don’t disagree in principle, but that’s not the one eb made. He explicitly said ‘being in the hunt for top 4 is progress’ with no caveat. The quickest route to progress is to regress sufficiently such that any better result than the immediate previous result is seen as a win and dismissing historical data. Like going from 8th… Read more »

The Bard

Terraloon I hate Chelsea but Abramovitch has changed their culture. He won’t stand for failure and he puts his money in. To that end they’ve won 2 CL and a few PL. This is my main point without that drive at the top we won’t compete consistently. Simon Kuiper wrote a book that made clear that the teams that spend the most money win the PL more often than not. We currently aren’t interested in that level of ambition hence the debate about progress is relatively pointless. All this claptrap about the youngest team in PL, so what ? I… Read more »


Nooooo. We are the youngest team in the EPL and there is a special trophy awaiting us for that



Arsenal under Emery were a disaffected bunch, with low morale, going nowhere.

A negative comparison (like yours) with the current Arsenal is…well…hilarious.


No one hasn’t mentioned this crazy Storm!!!!!!!!!!!Wow

Positive pete

Dumping the “ deadwood” alone would have been progress.Yet,we also have a rebuild to show for it.That is progress whatever’ way you look at it.Where the club was 3 seasons ago as opposed to where we’re at now.Well…………


Jamie You’ve made a very good point. The 19/20 and 20/21 iterations of Arsenal are comfortably the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime (I was born in 92). That the 21/22 iteration is better isn’t that much of a compliment. However, we are currently favourites for 4th place, and in a good position. No Europe to focus on should benefit us as well. The team this season has done well so far, and if they keep it up (and hopefully improve) then we should hopefully get top 4. Having said that, the team this season hasn’t succeeded or failed… Read more »



Sometimes you have to take a step back to make two steps forward.


So EB, Are you saying that Arteta first two years have been underwhelming?
That he massively underperformed?


“Arsenal under Emery were a disaffected bunch, with low morale, going nowhere.”

Glad that you’re agreed that finishing 5th is ‘nowhere’ EB.

Makes you wonder how a ‘generational’ coach managed to do an even worse job the following season (breaking performance records for all the wrong reasons).

You can try and distort facts all you like but lowering the baseline and subsequent expectations cannot hide the reality, if we finish outside the CL places we’re only back where we were pre-Arteta after spending more than a quarter of a billion pounds.


Samesong, yeah, a bit windy down hear in the south east. My main concern is that the trains aren’t impacted for tomorrow when I need to get to the game.


As an aside, I heard on TalkSport yesterday that commentator Nigel Adderley’s last four games have all finished 0-0.

TalkSport’s commentator for our game tomorrow is Nigel Adderley.

I think we can do without Adderley’s streak continuing.


We need a new right back cover for next season, and there is an experienced one paying in Australia. 6 games and two goals. Cheap too. Carl Jenkinson!!! 🙈🙉🙊


Ollie – Agree with all of that. I hope eb reads it carefully. eb – “Sometimes you have to take a step back to make two steps forward.” Really insightful. Back-to-back 8th place finishes and no Europe is not ‘a step back’, it’s several steps back. Arsenal being ‘in the mix’ for top 4 mid-season isn’t progress in and of itself, actually finishing top 4 after 38 games is (at the 3rd attempt). But hey, you’re free to think we made signs of progress from the start to the end of Emery’s first season in charge simply because we were… Read more »


Tee Define hate. I don’t hate Arteta, I never have. I want what is best for my club, just like you. What I have seen over these past two and bit years still doesn’t convince me that Arteta is capable of moving us to that next level. I will make final judgment on him season end. We are in the mix for top 4, which Pedro rightly points out. We could finish 5th-8th. With one game per week, we definitely have a chance. Should we finish outside the top 4, based on where we are right now, I will be… Read more »


Speaking of Arsene Wenger, a quote of his resurfaced the other week in which he said he only realised Granit Xhaka couldn’t tackle when he arrived at London Colney. How does £35m of talent go through the scouting system with no one realising the guy can’t tackle? Given the fouls to red cards stats, how many of the current Arsenal squad are good at tackling? Can anyone even name a good tackler? When was the last great Arsenal tackler?
BTW, I don’t think the lack of tackling ability could tilt the stats that much.


The youngest squad in the league = the most expensively assembled squad of the summer. In the league. In Europe and maybe the globe.
The players lack experience = Elite level multi millionaire athletes.
The EPL is hard = Go and support Bayern.


There a lot of double standard with Zouma

Why isn’t anyone going after Spurs for flogging a dead horse over and over again.
That anima abuse and necrophilia in one go.


Diss. Boom boom


Madhu :There are some legitimate question that we should ask of the manager like his handling of players, devaluing our assets, paying off for players to leave, football that is being played on the pitch, the treatment of Squad players outside of regular 12-15 etc.: ________________________________________________________________________________ Very well put. That is exactly why some of us are still questioning this management team from time to time. We understand that COV19 is bad for the economy. But what our management team did with the squad has also contributed to the huge debt as reported in the recent supporters’ meeting. How long… Read more »


I’m having a garage sale tomorrow morning, two fence panels , one kiddies trampoline, a plastic chair, complete with parasol, various flower pots, new stock arriving by the minute .


Serious and very worrying cult mentality developing amongst Pedro and other followers of Arteta. Flashbacks of “Cult of Wenger” becoming more frequent with each new blog entry – injustices galore, ‘Americanized’ stats that ultimately mean nothing in English game of football, enemies seem to be everywhere, even amongst Arsenal’s legends. Everyone who insists on Top4 being priority is being added to “a foe” list. Worrying times indeed.



February 18, 2022 15:15:31

Good one!



Nothing wrong in re-assessing the likely final position as the season progresses. We all do that.

What IS wrong is to make your higher assessment a benchmark for success or failure. Taken to its logical extreme and, say, Arsenal reach, second spot, then coming 3rd or 4th is a mark of failure. Right?

Sadly, logic rarely works with the entrenched anti-arteta brigade.


Pedro – “It’s a bit binary to just look at position as your only metric of what’s gone on.” I think you have me confused with eb. His only metric was ‘being in the mix for top 4 [in Feb] is a sign of progress’, not mine. It isn’t, and there was no context. I offered some. and everyone knows context can often be subjective rather than objective, so analysis (and the source) matters. “‘I refuse to acknowledge progress until May’ is a bit salty.” Again, I have never explicitly said this, but final league position does matter when the… Read more »



‘Serious and very worrying cult mentality….’

Take a look in the mirror, mate, you have penned a self-portrait


Nigel T.
Simple minds can’t find their way to valid criticism, paired with acknowledged positives (many that Pedro points out). So people like Jamie just ignore every positive.

Well said man!!! Also, you description of hateful geniuses is just genius!