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I feel like we’re moving out of the hysterics phase now into a more even-keeled conversation about where we are. The transfer-tweakers have stopped being important, people are a little bit more understanding of the journey, and most are on board with the idea that the players we exited were solid decisions.

Great players would have made for a nice window, but no one wants to be looking at bad deals this summer, wondering why we can’t go for proper talent.

Arteta did his piece from Dubai, his messaging was pretty clear… we’re going on a charge for top 4, the vibe at the camp is good, the fans are going to be incredibly important to the journey, the needs to be the realisation that the journey we have taken will come with bumps.

The average age of the Arsenal squad is 24, our first team usually only starts 3 players over the age of 25, Cedric Soares and Lacazette are the only players older than 29 in our squad (both 30).

Isn’t that crazy? For context:

Liverpool and City have squads about 3 years more mature than ours.

Liverpool start with five 30 year-olds and two 29-year-olds.

City has 6 players older than 29, they start 4 of them. There aren’t many sub-25 players starting on the regular up there.

‘AGE ISN’T AN EXCUSE’ until you realise that nearly every successful side that wins in the Premier League is littered with players over the age of 26 years old.

‘WE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ we tried signing ready-made players, but it’s really hard to find the top, top talents that are older because they are so expensive.

Point here, our youth strategy is not short term, but when it matures, the hope is they’ll be absolutely elite.

Another interesting stat I found last night, is the average age of our starting defence is 23.6, and they’ve kept the joint 3rd amount of clean-sheets this season. 13 in 21 games.

We probably have the youngest defence in the league, they are already competing with Chelsea, Liverpool, and City for clean sheets. That stat really is ’10 clean sheets in 18 games’ with the new defence. Ramsdale has the best clean sheet percentage in the league, quite something, eh?

How can you not be excited about that… then imagine how good it’ll be when we have Saliba and some depth on the right. We could be building one of the best defences in the league.

There’s still plenty to be done on the attacking side of the game, but again, you don’t build a title-winning side in a season when you have our resources. The key statistic that gives me a bit of hope is that we’re joint 3rd in the league for shots per game. Remember how relevant that stat was when it was bad? Well, we’ve turned it around. The counter to this is usually ‘yeah, but bottom for shots on target’, well, surprisingly, we’re ranked 4th for shots on target.

At some point, those shots get better, and we start getting end product out of our improved statistics.

How we use our attack over the next 17 games is going to be interesting. Are the two striking options Laca and Eddie? Or will Arteta try and use Martinelli in that role. Kaya Kaynak reckons he’s been taking up #9 positions in Dubai. We’ve seen him do well there under Emery. He has all the ingredients to learn the position, so who knows what is in store.

Right, a short post today, because I’ve been on overdrive this week with content. See you in the comments. Podcast will land this weekend. Fingers crossed Balogun can impact this bland United game.


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  1. Ishola70

    “3 games is not a lot ishola but you were on here raising hell and throwing tantrums”

    No I wasn’t.

    I said the Brentford result was a poor one not just because of defeat but the overall performance that went with it and that the Man City game was disappointing in regards how the team just melted away and we had dickhead again causing problems for the team in getting sent off. Not the result in isolation per se as defeat is expected against them.

    Never was it said by me that these first three games spelt absolute disaster for Areta at that stage for the whole season. They were commented on individually.

    This is more about posters being over defensive in regards to Arteta.

    That some posters still bleat on about “the first three games” whe we are now in February is ridiculous.

  2. Ishola70


    “It seems the French league is piss poor because he still seems very casual with the ball. You need to protect the ball better in the PL or risk getting punished by the opposition.”

    Why bother signing players from the French League at all in the future if it’s so very “piss poor”. What a boring take.

    Let’s pass on all players from Ligue 1.

    Let’s forget about Saliba because he plays in this piss poor league.

    The bottom line is Guendouzi showed promise and ability while playing in the absolute great brilliant out on it’s own EPL albeit with some rough edges. What did you xpect from a young player coming from French Ligue 2? Perfection?

    It’s been said before that Guendouzi in plenty of matches when partnered with Xhaka was taking on the more senior role in regards taking on more responsibility for the team. That from a green youngster straight out of Ligue 2.

    He had good potential and he has been let go because the club and Arteta disliked his temperament.

  3. Gonsterous


    No where did I say we should not get players from the French league. Hell, there are good players in the Japanese league too, does that make it a competitive league? No.

    Its easy to look good in poor league but good players can adapt to more difficult leagues.

    Guen is a good player, but I’m highlighting one weakness that I’ve seen in the highlights and that is, he has too much space between himself and the ball, inviting opposition to tackle and get the ball. Something which will be punished in the PL.

  4. raptora

    MuppetmanFebruary 5, 2022 11:18:35
    Raps Guen is going for 9 million. We all know you don’t have to mention it every other day.

    I keep reminding it so it’s known that I’ve got nothing against us selling the player, as long as we sold him for the right price. 9m is a joke. It’s basically a gift like the one we made to Barca last week. We’re paying players better than what we have to leave just because a certain someone has issues with them. No other explanation.

  5. Gonsterous

    Ollie Watkins from aston villa this summer would be a steal this summer as a back up Striker
    Young, English and PL experienced. Mayhe cost us 20-30m?

  6. Ishola70


    Guendouzi’s value was still high for a player of his age and experience when he was playing every week in the EPL. There was a reason for that.

    It was because he was showing commendable attributes along with some obvious flaws. Partnering dickhead didn’t really help him either.

    He was a promising player while in the EPL and this would be the case whether he was still playing in the EPL or Ligue 1.

    He is a player with potential and obvious ability with some flaws that he may improve upon it’s as simple as that.

  7. Raulishuss

    Ishola i KNOW For a fact you were throwing tantrums after the first 3 games but it’s ok. Those games shouldn’t be referenced now tho but in isolation chika was spot on cause the usual hysteric doomdayers want to use the ming goal drought to preach disaster.

  8. Gonsterous


    He is a player with potential and obvious ability with some flaws that he may improve upon it’s as simple as that.

    Exactly what I’m saying. I’m pointing out his flaws that is not being exposed in the French league because its not a league that’s as good or ruthless as the PL, where the opposition will definitely try to exploit mistakes and inexperience.

    Good squad player to have never the less, especially since he won’t cost us anything.

  9. Ishola70


    Plenty were very disappointed with the Brentford performance not just me and this even taking into account the squad affected at that time. It was a poor performance.

    But these games were commented on individually and in isolation. If you took it that comments made at the time were to signify that a whole season was in complete jeopardy after just three games that was because that was what you yourself were thinking or wanted it to signify for some reason.

  10. Ishola70


    Guendouzi would be more influential and have more of an impact for this team than Lokonga at this stage. You know that. I know that.

    So we have basically weakened in the midfield area at this point in time.

  11. Mark

    Well said Raptora! Let’s all not talk about the players being given away for absolutely nothing. Mavro £3m etc. If you don’t want a player fair enough, but to put yourself in a position to get fuck all for them is a sackable offence imo. Arteta has pissed away Millions. But trust the process….

  12. Graham62

    Great to listen to Dion Dublin.
    Brilliant pundit and for me, a national treasure.
    Homes Under The Hammer is fantastic when he’s hosting.
    Bloody great footballer as well.

  13. RJM

    Used to love Le Grove. Remember hoping everyday for a new post to read.
    Now I hardly bother…..
    The posts remind me of Untold’s now!
    The very site that used to be roundly mocked on here because of their embarrassing propaganda.

  14. Gonsterous


    I heard he is a massive arsenal fan. Talk to him and his agent, get him to act like a bit of a c**t and then offer 35m to villa. Done and dusted 🤣🤣

  15. Guns of Hackney

    As long as we don’t, under any circumstance give that twat Lacazette a new deal, I’ll be okay.

    He’ll do what he normally does: score a couple, stick in a few 8/10 performances and just as the ink dries on his £300,000 pw deal, he reverts back to a drunken pub player.

    Laca has to go. Throw Martinelli, Saka shit, the other one in for the rest of the season.

  16. Graham62

    So disrespectful when folk call other teams “pub teams”

    Many of these Kidderminster players are excellent players, having gone through high ranking academies etc.

    Mertesacker for example would never have made it at this level.
    GX would be banned all season!

  17. Mark

    I know how you feel RJM. It’s becoming like a cult. It’s supposed to be an opinion site, but if your opinion differs to the acolytes then you’re a plastic bed wetting faux fan, apparently.
    Deluded Wankers!

  18. Bob N16

    True Graham, but you were getting so emotionally distressed by Pedro and others negative response to your impassioned posts that you decided that you were going to take a break. You then return a day or so later with exactly the same message and then get worked up again when people get wound up and post in a negative way to your comments.

    Nothing as queer as folk!
    Take it easy.

  19. Bob N16

    Now Graham after you take offence, you applaud a’ delude wankers’ post.

    If you can’t take it, don’t give it….or whatever.

  20. Mark

    Graham it’s funny (more sad than anything else) That when posters like yourself make good points, that all the push back is normally personal negative attacks on the poster. As opposed to responding to your points and showing them to be wrong.
    Why is that? Could it be that they have little to counter your points with, so resort to name calling or derogatory personal put downs.
    Just something that has become the norm on here from the top down.

    I’m sure there are lots of readers who feel the same way as RJM,

  21. Mark

    Differing opinions is a positive thing, and should promote more discussion. Strange how some posters on here are always trying to shut others posters down
    I wouldn’t mind but the so called ‘bed wetters are coming with stats and facts, yet are being shouted down with’ Hopes and dreams based on the worship of their idol, and very little else. He looks the part and has good hair 😒

  22. Bob N16

    Mark, believe it or not I was genuinely concerned about Graham the other day.
    How can you have go at people who ‘resort to name calling’ and you post ‘deluded wankers’?

  23. Bob N16

    Mark, the negative view, no goals in 4 games or football, the positive say we’ve scored 15 goals or whatever in our last 6 PL games. Both extremes are ‘putting their fingers in their ears’ when the opposing view is championed.

  24. Mark

    What’s really annoying is all the things that people here (and Johnny) have been saying is that the way Arteta has treated Saliba was a a recipe for him not wanting to come back. How we could lose a top player because of it.

    The response was. Nothing to worry about, he’s under contract, he’s definitely coming back, blah blah blah.
    Now all these stories are starting to appear.

    If Saliba had been handled properly and treated like a valued player do you think we’d be in this position with all these rumours and doubts about one of our own players???

    Can’t wait to hear what’s said when Saliba is tearing up the champions league with some other team. The looks of envy about what could (Should) have been.
    I doubt very much that we’re going to ever see Saliba play for Arsenal.
    So ask yourself, why is that??
    I hope I’m wrong, but all the signs don’t look good.

    All we got from

  25. Mark

    “How can you have go at people who ‘resort to name calling’ and you post ‘deluded wankers’?”

    I can do that Bob because that isn’t my default response to people who post things I don’t agree with.

    I’d you an find posts of mine where I continually do that or that’s my default response to someone else’s posts, then you’d be justified in pointing that out.
    My Deluded Wankers is a response to the crap I see directed at posters like Graham, Raptora, Dissenter, PhD, Tony etc.
    All posters who set out their opinions based on what they see. As opposed to blindly following along.
    Hope that answers your question.

  26. Nelson

    “So disrespectful when folk call other teams “pub teams”
    Is Burnley a pub team? What are we since we couldn’t defeat them?

  27. Mark

    Pete, the Saliba situation could be a fuck up of epic proportion. If it’s down to Arteta, then e has to own it. Why don’t you elaborate on what you think about the Sali situation?
    Looking at it through the lense of being a stick to beat Arteta with is a strange take. It’s like you recognise that there is an issue, but don’t want to attribute any blame on Arteta for it arising.
    So who should get beat with the stick? Please tell.

  28. Mark

    Wasn’t Arteta the one who decided he was nowhere near the 1st team for 2yrs? Wasn’t it Arteta who decided to not give him a chance in pre season, as promised before shipping him back out on loan to Marseille.
    Just 21 games into the season and there rumours of the lots of interest from prominent teams.

    Smells like a fuck up somewhere at arsenal, but according to some it’s just a stick…

    I support Arsenal not Arteta!

  29. Mark


    Did you see what I did there Bob?

    I addressed another poster without needing to say anything personal about him.

    He may be Deluded, but I didn’t have to base my response on that alone. 😂😂

    Only joking P/Pete, you’re welcome to have your opinion, I may not agree with you, but that’s life. I’m not gonna tell you to stop posting your positive posts. That’s your choice.

  30. Rich

    It’s not working for Havertz at Chelsea, not sure what type of wages he’s on a Chelsea?…

    But there’s definitely a player there, if we could get him for £50-£60million, and reasonable wages, south of £150k p/w

    Then I’d definitely be in favour of us taking a punt, 23 this summer, so still nowhere near his peak.

    Havertz as a false 9, is something I could easily get onboard with.

    What a goal from Declan Rice, devastating from Kidderminster.

  31. Habesha Gooner

    We have enough players to compete. But the quality is the real question. Lacazette, Nketiah, Xhaka, Elneny and Cedric are the big weak links. Elneny, Cedric and Nketiah are negligible because they are backups. What will let us down is not upgrading on Xhaka or Lacazette. We would have been favorites had we signed upgrades on those two. But now we have to hope others keep faltering too.

    I love Saka, Martinelli, ESR and Odegaard. But they can’t do it consistently week in week out yet. They have their purple patches and droughts.

    It is really important that we sign our young players to new contracts. Saliba, Martinelli, Saka, Gabriel the main players who need a pay raise and a longer contract.

    I would also sign players to push our youngsters. These are my picks.
    ST:- Isak, David, Ninez
    RW:- Raphinha, Antony, Bowen, Neto
    CM :- Tielemans, Fabian Ruiz, Renato Sanches, Bissouma, Neves
    We have signed a backup GK. We need younger gems on low fees at backup RB, Backup ST (depending on Balogun), Backup CM (sell Xhaka) . We need to find them like we did for Tavarez.

    Do that and Top 4 will be a walk in the park next season.

  32. Mark

    “Another cunt around. Mark! What a jerk.”

    I think it’s clear from the above who one of the biggest Cunts is on this blog. Get over yourself you sad excuse for a person.
    Pricks like you always think you’re right.
    You don’t realise how stupid you look. Sad little man.

    Next time try and respond to the points made or just scroll past my posts and fuck off.

  33. Spanishdave

    Well said Mark and Graham about the site.
    Pedro regurgitates the same spin daily and sits back to pick off anyone who slightly disagrees.
    In the last two years the club has drifted down wards and Arteta is just experimenting with ideas and constantly dumping players who don’t play his boring sideways style.
    Running the club like a Spanish conquistadors is not the answer, the players look to be holding back, constantly being shouted at from the sidelines .
    Sad days

  34. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t want Havertz. He is not a premier league player. He would be fantastic in Spain, Italy or Germany. But he can’t do the stuff he did in England. We would just be fixing Chelsea’s problems.

  35. Ishola70

    Agree with Habesha.

    I find Havertz a bit too lightweight for the EPL.

    He may improve physically and mentally over time but as it stands now with him it’s a no.

    And the thought of playing with a false nine isn’t very appealing tbh.

  36. Muppetman

    There is a lot of anger towards the football club from “fans”. It could be better but it could also be a lot worse.

  37. Mark

    Ps Bob, cunting off others isn’t my default standpoint, but I never said that I wouldn’t bite back when affronted.

    Certain posters bring it on themselves, and deserve to get it back.

  38. Ishola70

    Havertz would be seen as yet another that is failing coming from the Bundesliga or if not failing at least not really impressing overall.

    We may have to label the Bundesliga piss poor along with Ligue 1.

  39. Rich


    We currently play Lacazette as a false 9, he does a decent job dropping into deeper areas both defensively and offensively, creating overloads.

    The issue is that he lacks a penalty box presence, and the athletic profile to offer a threat in behind.

    I’m definitely onboard with targeting a forward who offers the good aspect of what Lacazette does, but who can offer more of a goal threat.

    Havertz is a good player, he’d be a significant upgrade on Lacazette in that role.

  40. Raulishuss

    Havertz seriously reminds me of bergkamp i don’t know why. He’s a very beautiful player plus he isn’t doing bad at all or maybe he should be doing better with his talent?

  41. Ishola70


    He obviously has physical limitations at this point and that is not good for the EPL.

    Give me a proper CF striker over a false nine including Lacazette.

    I always see false nines as a bit of a luxury in a side. You usually see them in the top sides at times such as Chelsea and Man City and they have the luxury to play a false nine because they feel they have an abundance of attacking goalscoring threat along with the false nine.

  42. Rich

    The question isn’t is Havertz currently a top forward who’s banging 15-20 goals, and 10 assists

    Because if he was, there wouldn’t even be a conversation about signing him, because Chelsea wouldn’t contemplate selling him.

    The question is that, is he good player who has the potential to become a 15-20 goal forward, who can chip in with 10 assists?

    He passes the eye test for me, he’s still young, he’s got bags of ability + potential

    If his woes at Chelsea continue, and there’s a reasonable deal to be struck, it’s definitely something i’d like us to explore

    Havertz is a really talented player

    Remember, Chelsea sacked off both Salah + De Bruyne at 22, and there’s a very good chance that if we’d signed either of those players at the time, both likely would have been written off as too lightweight.

    We had plenty on here writing off Odegaard, there’s still a few who are digging their heels in

    But if Odegaard was the finished article when we signed him, then we wouldn’t have got him for £30-£35 million from Real Madrid.

    If we could get Havertz for £50-£60 million and reasonable wages, then we shouldn’t blink

  43. Pierre

    The FA CUP is still a great competition despite what people who have a limited understanding of the game say..

    Those of us who spent our youth travelling the country watching Arsenal in this great competition recognise the excitement the FA cup always brings to the fans..

  44. Ishola70


    There are more close games or shock results in the FA Cup than ever before between the giants and minnows.

    You always had shocks in the FA Cup in history of course and that was part of it’s appeal.

    But now you have the top teams taking their foot off the pedal in FA Cup games like never before compared to the past.

    It’s not seen as important as it used to be of course but can still be valued for what it can bring.

  45. raptora

    Wait I just saw Chelsea and especially West Ham, miraculously winning their games in extra time vs Plymouth Argyle and a team called Kidderminster Harriers that I’ve never heard of. Both Premier League teams played their main players. FA Cup is a great tournament for this exact reason. The unthinkable can happen. Shocking results that can occur once every 10 years in Tennis or Snooker or Sprint or F1, is a regularity in every round in the FA Cup.

  46. Ishola70

    The strength of depth in English football must be hugely deep then going into the lower divisions in England.

    Either that or these top teams that are just scraping by with narrow wins or losing are shall we say pacing themselves. Doing just what is necessary but not breaking their necks too hard in doing so. And in doing that they can also actually lose to these lower division sides.

  47. Tom

    “50million for Ben White , 16million for Tomiyasu , 8million for Tavares and Ramsdale for 25million. Not to mention Gabriel for 22million and Tierney for 24million and Pablo Mari + Cedric .
    Thats close to 150million spent on defense for Arsenal . The expectation should definitely be that Arsenal improve in defense ! ”

    You can add Partey to that list who despite his shooting attempts at row Z is a defensive midfielder.

    Any other manager spending close to 200m on defensive side of the ball is by definition a check book manager but aparently not Arteta.

  48. Ishola70

    The FA Cup is not seen as important as it was to top clubs as before in it’s heyday.

    It’s about the money of course. Not hard to undrestand.

    But that doesn’t mean it still can’t bring entertainment and enjoyment to the fans.

    There is nothing better for the fans to see than a giant slain by a minnow or at least giving them a big fright.

  49. Raulishuss

    Look at how shameless raptora is. You belittled our fa cup wins under wenger and most recently arteta. You and your type just open your mouth waaaaaah.

  50. Killroy-TM

    Thanks for bringing some perspective to the blog. Those were a few classy posts and the reaction by those in the Artetaverse was predictable and right on time.

    Also agree with RJM that the blog had drifted from an objective AFC reporting to an Artits fan site.

  51. Mark

    Thanks Killroy, I’ve enjoyed your posts too over the last couple of days, you’ve been out there holding your own with some really insightful points and great responses.

    A belated shout out back to you. 👍

  52. Aaron

    Bob N16,

    Yeah, fingers in my ears.

    We played, like 110 games under your maestro, and 10-15 have been enjoyable.

    Get some context mate. Arteta is a defensive minded coach and that is what we get most games, end of……

  53. Killroy-TM

    The table position this season couldn’t be more important then the previous seasons. Besides needing to attract top talent there is the problem of new contracts for the young guns. Mark Ogden reports:
    “Liverpool and Manchester City are both watching the progress of 20-year-old Bukayo Saka at Arsenal and could make a move if the Gunners fail to qualify for the Champions League. Saka’s contract at the Emirates expires in 2023, so Arsenal face a crucial summer in their bid to keep the England youngster.”
    If he refuses to sign a new contract I am looking forward to the spin and excuses here. A manager with a pedigree would certainly be able to convince the young guns even when musing out in CL.

  54. Nigel Tufnel

    “Saliba, Guendouzi.Let’s say the bigger clubs want them.
    Do we think they would want to be an Arsenal player with Field Marshal Montgomery in charge?
    I also worry for our star players like Saka, ESR, Martinelli.”

    This is the new doom scenario from cretin62- Graham62…

    Basically all of our players are going to leave because Arteta is a mean monster in training.

    Btw genius, Guendouzi is gone and has been for a long time.

  55. Mark

    The thing is Killroy if we were competing really well over the last two years, using all of our resources to the max. Selling players we don’t want and getting fees. Then you would expect every voice on here to be positive about Arteta and the club.

    To berate others cos they refuse to ignore what they see, because they have wholeheartedly bought into the manager, tying themselves in knots to justify his EVERY move and decision, is wrong. It goes against the very name of this site.

    Which is why people give Pedro shit for trying to cancel opi that are negative about Arteta. We all appreciate what Peds does and the effort he puts in. But it’s slightly galling to have him berate you as a fan, when you have every right to express doubts about how you believe things have been handled.
    What the hell has that got to do with how much of a fan you are?

    You’ve got guys like Graham and Pierre who’ve been Arsenal fans longer than some of these posters have been alive! Does that mean that they’re right in everything they say, Hell no. But they’re loyalty to Arsenal should never be called into question. Just because they call out what many of others see and think.
    Pedro, you should show the same respect you give to Johnny & Matt on the pod when they echo similar points to what gets posted on here. Instead of siding and encouraging the ‘faithful’.

    We’re all fans and entitled to express our opinions. Unless we’re being downright out of order or abusive to all and sundry. Express your opinion of course, its your blog. A bit more neutrality when moderating is what I’m asking for. Don’t often see you warn the ‘faithful’ about their posting styles or trolling, but seen a few directed to some that were unwarranted imo.

  56. Bob N16

    Kilroy, I think Legrove attracts a much greater percentage of anti Arteta feeling than exists elsewhere. ‘Perspective’ can equal ‘agreeing with my viewpoint’.

  57. Rich


    I’m not sure who these Arteta fanatics are?….

    The conversation around the manager is tiring, unless Arteta loses the dressing room, then he’s not going anywhere until at least the summer.

    If we get top 6, then I suspect we’ll certainly extend Arteta’s contract, and Tom might be right, they might extend it anyway.

    We were never going to spend £140 million on players aged 23 and under in the summer, and then sack our manager after 3 bad results at the start of the season.

    That’s not the way we operate, if we were going to sack him, we should have done it in May, then backed a new manager, not an outgoing one,

    Being positive about the project we’re trying to assemble, doesn’t equate to being obsessive over the manager.

    Most people want Arteta to do well, they’re willing him to do well, because if he’s doing well, then so are Arsenal.

    The biggest obsessive on here are the ones who want the manager out, they never shut up about it, and think that anything positive said about the club, is a slight on their obsession over Arteta.

    The rest of us would rather have an optimistic outlook on what we can do over the last 17 games, rather than getting dragged into a perpetual state of doom + gloom.

    The reality is we’re 2 point off 4th, and if we keep a clean bill of health and avoid brain farts, we’re one of 4 teams with realistic aspirations of securing 4th and CL football next season.

    It’s all to play for, you can allow your anxieties to get the best of you looking backwards at 8th place, or you can be optimistic that we can secure 4th

    I prefer to have a more positive outlook, and if the worst happens, then we can just cross that bridge when we come to it.

    People spend far too much time worrying about things that never happen, and things they have no control over.

    Let’s try and create a positive environment around this talent squad of likeable players.

  58. Raulishuss


    empty vessels and all. Tbf pedro created this place for them lot only he taught wengers departure would mean sanity restore, how wrong he was. Imagine someone like graham or cg been happy, never

  59. Bob N16

    Aaron, he’s not ‘ my maestro’, I have serious reservations about him but feel as a club we are going in the right direction. If he gets replaced in the summer I will not shed any tears but I find some of the hysterical comments around his management as one eyed and massively narrative driven.

    For example, we played really well against City when Arteta wasn’t on the touch line, coincidence? As opposed to the fact that they had been set up so well it didn’t matter that he wasn’t on the touch line.

    The Arteta out group on here love the echo chamber of mutual appreciation and push forward the narrative as that they are providing a rational perspective. Sure Pedro’s full gang busters on Arteta but the majority of people I know share my perspective, he’s on a learning curve and he’ll either deserve an extension or he’ll get sacked depending on results.

    Extremist positioning from either side generally leads to an entrenched viewpoint that can offer lead to insults and little debate, just returning again and again to the preferred viewpoint. Completely ok of course but in my opinion neither side deserves too much of a pat on the back.

    It’s been too long without a game now. Can’t wait to watch us play again, particularly a fit and refreshed Martinelli, ESR and Saka. Any hope TT will be fit?

  60. Positive pete

    Hi Mark.Thankyou for acknowledging we both have different viewpoints.For ex The Saliba “ situation” You asked me to expand on the defence of Arteta in this particular issue.As I understand it ?When Saliba was first purchased He was or had been injured & hadnt played regularly for awhile.He was bought at no considerable cost as our future centre half I assume? However, on judging him while training it was deemed he wasn’t ready yet for the physicality of the EPL & in order to get match practice & experience was loaned out to st Etienne & currently Marseille.
    I think Pedro elaborated at some length (or poss Bob N16 )quite some time ago & in relative detail the reasoning for the loans.Many on here inc yourself disagreed with that approach siting wasted money on Ben White when we needed a CM & still do.Stating we have already purchased one of the top young CH in Europe.
    That for me is one of our differences.Not a problem.I respect your opinion as an avid Arsenal fan & others who differ as well.But Mark,no amount of cajoling & insults & repetitive arguments is going to change my mind at present.He ( Arteta) may well prove me & others wrong & if so I’ll hold my hands up.It seems there are many on this blog who s dole aim is to force THEIR OPINIONS down your throat & are not accepting any form of calm,sensible debate.

  61. Mark

    Pete, that’s just the thing, I’m not gonna insult you for having a different opinion to me. Well have a a respectful back and forth, as we have (as it should be)

    You are free to believe anything you want it’s not a problem for me. You haven’t slagged me of for my opinions either, so I’ve no problem with us not seeing eye to eye.
    I agree with you that there are certain posters who are unable to have a calm and sensible debate.

  62. jw1


    ‘Any other manager spending close to 200m on defensive side of the ball is by definition a check book manager but aparently not Arteta.’

    Tap your gauge again. 200m at City is a pair of fullbacks and a CB.