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Some in the Italian media are reporting that Arsenal have moved to official bid stage when it comes to Dusan Vlahovic.

Here is what I don’t understand: If AFC knew who they were targeting in October, why does it take until Jan 17 to place a bid?

I am just asking that, it’s not a criticism, I’m still in the ‘don’t know what you’re talking about’ dog house after thinking the Arsenal press release was too naive. We might not have even placed a bid here.

What does seem clear from factual evidence sourced in the FT is the agents of Dusan are the worst kind. They tried to extract £6.69m in fees from Fiorentina just to keep the player there. I read one random thread that stated there could be as many as 15 parties trying to extract fees from this transfer. Edu is more than comfortable running in those circles, the guy was shameless enough to put Willian, his agents player, on £250k a week and do the signing at the Kia’s house. Not sure he’s getting that sort of long leash these days. Certain clubs might indulge mega agents, but I don’t think Arsenal are rich enough to be adding 10-15% on top of a big fee… did I say rich? Stupid.

This is another total guess out here, but I’d imagine part of the push from Arsenal to the player will be, ‘fuck your agent, do what you need to do to go to the next level in your career.’ I really don’t understand why so many players are happy to let their agents extract so much cash from their deals. If I were the star and I knew 15 parties were leaching onto my deal, I’d put a stop to it. If an agent is slowing you down, creating a bad rep for you, and cratering your options, then you have the wrong agent. There’s a story doing the rounds in Spain that Ousmane Dembélé was set to sign with Xavi; his agent Moussa Sissokho held a meeting with the club, was very rude, demanded 200m euros over 4 years for the player, and 40m euros for himself. It’s amusing because who doesn’t like to see Barca getting rolled like that, but it does speak to a wider issue… some agents are poison. Going back to Fiorentina, their owner basically confirmed that Gattuso joined and told him which players to sign, and at what fees. The owner told him to go fuck himself and that was the end of that.

There will be a reckoning at some point, the money made around the edges of football is often far from clean, and no one ever seems to pay a price for wrongdoing. I suspect Italy will drop the first show with the price fixing scandal that’s engulfed a load of clubs, then we’ll see if the UK or Spain decide to move on it. No doubt an ex-Arsenal person is sweating about that somewhere in the French Riviera right now.

Arsenal fans took the banter to new levels yesterday, we’re all united online, which makes a nice change, and the misguided pundits looking for retweets and likes at our expense took a battering yesterday. There was a common feature amongst them all. Those that took jabs at Arsenal for postponing the game had NOTHING to say when Liverpool postponed in scandalous fashion. Absolutely zip.

Now, this is a kind of bias, and I won’t have anyone pretend it isn’t so. Jurgen Klopp is the new Alex Ferguson in the media. He has a lot of love from fans, he’s a winner, so journalists don’t want to cross him. They don’t want to lose access, get spanked by him in front of their friends, and it seems there’s a bit of an unwritten rule about criticising him. All is not well at camp Liverpool, but no one writes about it. The German rockstar drew 11 false positives, there was no Martin Lipton hit piece about it, the big journo Twitter accounts didn’t debate the moral bankruptcy of it all, no one questioned their sporting intent. Even when the EFL investigated, the story was written in an almost apologetic manner. Why? Because he has the power.

Arsenal are the whipping boys in the media still. Arteta doesn’t have enough credibility yet. In most lines of business, your reputation doesn’t update in real time, it takes a bit longer. Arsenal should be getting more respect, but we don’t, because we’re still seen as easy prey. Our time will come though, I think Arteta is doing a good job in his press conferences, and there will be a time when he has a bit more edge to him, and journalists have to think twice about whether they want to cross an Arsenal manager that might be around for a long time (or at another fancy club).

Arsene Wenger had the power in the media. Everyone wanted him to answer their question. The big journalists didn’t want to write about his clear demise or ask him tough questions. Every time our season crashed, they all ran to his defence with ‘the warchest is coming’ and ‘there have been internal meetings and Arsene really took this season’s failings hard, he’s going to fix it.’

We are all bias at heart. In our jobs, there is always an element of self-preservation. So when big names ignore bigger names doing bad things, it’s not an accident, it’s because no one wants to damage their career writing things that piss off the biggest names.

Onto other stories. The Arthur Melo story seems to have died a death. The player was subbed at halftime versus Juventus last night and the press in Italy is reporting the loan is off. I cannot say I will miss this rumour, it’s emergency cover at best, so if we have to look elsewhere, then that will work for me.

Miguel Azeez has been recalled from his loan with Portsmouth under the guidance of Dan Cowley. He had this to say.

“There are some areas of his game that are beyond this level and other areas that he needs to keep working at, as with any young player.”

“I have absolutely no doubt that he’ll go on to become a top player..” “We’ve been impressed with his focus and commitment to improve.

I’m not sure if we’ve recalled because we need him in our midfield or Ben Knapper has another loan move up his sleeve.

Auba is going to come back to Arsenal for further treatment. The Gabonese star has rumoured heart lesions. I have no idea what that’s related to, but there’s been a stint of athletes with heart issue post-covid. Good luck to the player, I hope whatever the problem is, it can be fixed.

Get a vaccination, people.

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  1. WengerEagle

    This is a poor Ghana team, they had some really good players back in the day with Essien, Gyan, Asamoah, Muntari, Mensah, Appiah, Prince-Boateng and a younger Andre Ayew to name a few.

  2. ADKB

    “This is a poor Ghana team, they had some really good players back in the day…”

    Even before that era, Ghana were the powerhouse in Africa. And before that Cameroon, Guinea. Those were the days.

  3. Terraloon


    It’s not common place in the Uk for a variety of reasons but in Spain and Italy it is

    What that change in the regime allows Italian clubs to do is sign top players burst after two years those players can’t be afforded.

    Players like Lukaku and Ronaldo are examples of big names but you then see the likes of Morata.

    It was designed to help Italian clubs bring in top names without costing clubs, in effect state aid by the back door

  4. Tom

    Silva still one of the top CB’s in the game. Lukaku with 8 touches can’t be happy.
    Chelsea are a boring watch but so are Brighton. For all their pretty movement and slick passing they completely lack any cutting edge.

  5. Kalle O Haas

    WengerEagle. Awoniyi’s link up play has be elite so far in the matches played. Peak Giroud really, but the finishing has been very similar in being wasteful like Giroud. And Umar Sadiq -who have been immence for Almeria the past couple of months now- has failed to impress in his apperances so far. I agree with you though, Nigeria have an array of strikers right now. Moses Simon and Aribo have been the stars of the team so far.

  6. Chika

    The Djibouti club are hoping to be the PSG of African club football lol. Song is right at home.


    AFCON/African football is basically West vs North. That’s where you have the top dogs and super stars over the years.

  7. Avi

    Potter chatting rubbish to the media with Brighton been one of the best run clubs in the world and yet couldn’t get him a decent striker for how many years now

    Always build the play up well until it get to donkeys like Maupay and Welbeck, ridiculous stuff really

  8. Redbearer

    Happy to have Partey coming back home… we still will need another central midfielder and striker tho plus a right wing back to cover and provide competition to Tomo but that’ll be a summer time target along with a keeper. Gotta boost the quality with players who really want to cut their teeth for AFC

  9. Unoni

    African teams are shit now on the whole compared with previous generations
    Even though they have more played in too leagues all over Europe than ever

  10. zimmie2652

    Bit of exaggeration there Midwest.

    Us and Ghana have played 3 times in the WC.

    US is 1 and 2 and each match was a one goal game. Wouldn’t exactly call those “stompings.”

    When you look furthermore at the history of that match up, US has played Ghana 5 times total. Every match was a 1 goal game but one way back in ’83 when the US did get stomped 5 nil. The series is split 2 wins US and 3 wins Ghana.

    Pretty fair match up over the last 20 years, I’d say.

  11. Kalle O Haas

    Eagle. Oh, that’s Victor Moses who was still a Chelsea player until last year if I’m not mistaken. He’s now in Russia and he retired from international football years back. I am talking of Moses Simon of Nantes in the Ligue Un.

  12. MidwestGun

    Well… in the grand scheme of things it sure felt like we were getting stomped. Hahaaa And also we kept getting matched up with them.. Never liked seeing that, ever.

    Nice Brighton goal. Game on now.

  13. Kalle O Haas

    Midwest. I’ll be on the lookout and hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something that’s worthwhile as well. 😉

  14. ADKB

    “African teams are shit now on the whole compared with previous generations
    Even though they have more played in too leagues all over Europe than ever”

    There’s some truth in that. The teams of the 70s and 80s were really really good. Raw talent on display.

  15. Kalle O Haas

    Eagle. Osimhen is arguably Nigerian best player at the moment. World class potential. He’s very underrated on here though. He barely gets mention as a potential fix to our 9 situation. Wonder why that is so?

  16. Unoni


    And the 90s and 2000s even early 2010s
    Stars on every team capable of changing games on their own
    Not any more

  17. raptora

    I can say why I don’t mention Osimhen much – Napoli paid 70m for him just a year ago. Anyone with aspirations to buy him, is gonna have to dig very deep in their pockets if they wanna buy him. Not sure we can afford a say £80m striker.

  18. Vintage Gun

    Just watched our U23s win 4-0.

    Really like the look of Mika Bierth. Definitely ready of a championship loan next season.

    Omar Hutchinson was the star man. He has it all. Just needs to grow up and out.

  19. AFC Forever

    Midwest, yep agree. A decent run and we are in the driving seat.. I know why Spurs are so mad, they have a horrible run in.

  20. WengerEagle


    He should be talked about more, agreed. Like Raptora says it is likely because Napoli have already invested so much money into him and will likely not sell at a loss considering his improvement.

  21. WengerEagle

    What’s hilarious is that Tuchel is only after winning the Men’s Coach of the Year Award and Chelsea have won just 2 of their last 9 PL matches and picked up a total of 18 points from a possible 39 points in their last 13 PL games.

    Not that he didn’t deserve it but like Messi winning the Ballon D’or scoring 1 solitary league goal in the first half of Ligue 1 compared to Lewandowski cracking 20 Bundesliga goals it goes to show the flimsy nature of the ‘Calendar Year’ basis for the award and shows that it is just what you do from January-June/July that matters and is taken into consideration.

    August-December is largely irrelevant. It should just be changed to a seasonal award.

  22. Mulerise14

    If we get 4 points from outstanding,cheski will just be 4 points ahead of us…..they have been offcolour of late(long may it continue),so it is not gainsaying that the four of us : Ourselves,Manu,spuds,& cheski are gonna slog it out for two slots……as fans wether you a realist, idealist,or even pessimist… your ist*
    It is getting clearer that we are on a roll and we have the brightest chance of making top 4 this year…..I think we will celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day for the first time in 6 seasons,I would not put money on Manu finishing above us…..and cheski are having blues….so we have to take the initiative,be the protagonist in this transfer window as Mr good Ebening would tell you… just get striker in,vlahovic,or isak will do just fine,even Costa would do a job,we just can’t rely on Laca maintaining that high level for the rest of the season.
    with Partey coming back sooner than expected,we may have bought time on the midfield recruit…then summer go for midfield upgrade: gramaires

  23. Dissenter

    Actually, the Nigerian player on fire right now isn’t at at the AFCON
    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis is the very one that would have set AFCON on fire.
    The lad has some shades of Salah in him. He won’t be at Watford next season, regardless of whether they survive or not.

  24. Dissenter

    “Tuchel fan boys in a bind right now.”

    Honestly, we need to approach these results against Brighton with some caution. No need for chest beating because this has more to do with Graham Potter than Tuchel.
    Brighton are a well coached team and we too will struggle to beat them at the Emirates.

  25. Dissenter

    Any news about the nature of that last Xhaka red card at Anfield?
    Per Dale Johnson @ESPN, if Xhaka’s dismissal is deemed to have come as a result of serious foul play, he will face a 4-game ban, owing to a previous red card picked up this season.

    If, on the other hand, it came as a result of the denial of an obvious goalscoring opportunity, the Swiss is in line for a 2-game suspension.

    It’s still unclear as what type of red card he had.

  26. Dissenter

    “Diss, we can only do that if you didn’t call Arteta a bum when he drew against him earlier in the year.”

    You rascal 🙂
    I didn’t call Arteta a bum for drawing away at Brighton.
    I’ve been one of the cooler heads here when we’ve lost games

  27. TheLegendaryDB10

    Trying to catchup on posts and land on this:

    MbJanuary 18, 2022    18:13:05

    Anyone not happy at Arsenal should be made to read the Sanchez story.

    Mb , if you don’t like The Arsenal you can just fuck off right now.

    Nobody is forcing you to follow this great club. There are plenty of other EPL clubs for you to follow.

    PS: This is old news anyway. Wenger was to entrenched in self preservation (top 4 and nothing more) to care about a player who genuinely wanted to win trophies.

    But for you to be posting this now is petty and completely out of place.

    So just fuck off mate.

  28. AFC Forever


    The red card was for denying a goalscoring opportunity. He gets a one game ban for that plus an extra game because it’s his second red.

  29. MidwestGun

    Well it has a little to do with Tuchel… he has only won 3 out of his last 10 League matches. Considering his deep squad that’s pretty bad. and not all due to Brighton..

  30. Dissenter

    I too will take the chest beating mode is we had wrestled 4 of 6 points from Brighton this season.
    We too have to play them at home and you know as well as I do that the result is not a given because they are a quality team.
    That’s all I’m saying.

  31. Dissenter

    I guess there’s a confluence of our opinions then
    Struggling top managers shouldn’t face well coached teams like Brighton.

  32. AFC Forever


    You nailed it. We had a team that had barely played together, consisting of young players. Drawing with Brighton away was greeted by some as a catastrophy because it suited the narrative. Tuchel has a squad that is levels above but he gets excuses. The truth is there are no easy games and Brighton are a well coached team with some good players. I always tell people that if it’s that easy to predict results why are the bookies so wealthy.

  33. TheLegendaryDB10


    Chelski drawing vs The Seagulls.

    I know they we’re still 9 pts off them but if they carry on in this vein (pls do!!!) this could make an interesting test if ever 3rd spot is up for grabs. We are 2 pts behind the Hammers with 2 games in hand.

    Not going overboard here. Just relishing a mere possibility to knick 3rd from the Chelski scumbags. This would be great if this did happen.

  34. AFC Forever

    Antonio Conte is clearly feeling the pressure. He’s had right moan Spuds have got a lot of games to fit in, including the top 3 away, other away games at United, Leicester & Villa plus a rearranged game with us.

    The Premier League have responded claiming the postponement rules were agreed last month by every premier League team

    Brendan Rodgers defended the Premier League saying all teams agreed to the rules last month and injuries & AFCON were valid reasons to have games called off, it’s not about Covid.

    They’re salty which proves Arsenal did the right thing.

  35. TheLegendaryDB10


    The Premier League have responded claiming the postponement rules were agreed last month by every premier League team

    That’s a solid middle finger to the Spuds.

    They’re salty which proves Arsenal did the right thing.

    Anything to rile up these shits down the road is always welcome. 😁

  36. AFC Forever


    Yep that’s what I thought. I’m loving this new ‘don’t give a shit’ Arsenal. Looks like we have ESR & Saka back from injury too & Odegaard is over Covid. Nice little rest for them all.

  37. TheLegendaryDB10

    I know it has been posted that the overpayed Kolasinac has finally left the club. But we are getting closer and closer to clearing out the decks of overpayed mercs that had accumulated under Wenger.

    I like the fact that he left through mutual consent. He finally got the message he was not needed.

    A clear example of a merc drawing his obscene undeserved salary and hanging on as long as he could.

    Good riddance.

    The last piece of the puzzle is indeed Xhaka.

    I can’t think of any player where the entire fan base will sigh of relief once he leaves.

    The cons always outweighed the pros with him. As much as was OK’ish, he would frequently let us down. And he never, ever was suited to the EPL.

  38. TheLegendaryDB10


    That is good news that Saka, ESR and Øde are back.

    I was getting a bit worried with our impending return fixture vs the bindippers on Thursday.

    I really want us to give the absolute max vs these cheating liars on Thursday.