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Arsenal filed for a Spurs postponement yesterday due to lacking the players needed to play on Sunday, they highlighted injuries, AFCON, and COVID.

The uproar has been quite something.

For me, the whole thing boils down to something quite simple.

The Premier League has been incredibly subjective about cancellations. There are no hard and fast rules on numbers, who can be included in those numbers, who monitors the covid, and up until yesterday… who can move a game.

In this subjective world, Arsenal were not allowed to postpone the Brentford game at the start of the season. Our outbreak happened the day before the game, players couldn’t go on the bus because it was such a mess, we lost our first game. Those issues carried through into Chelsea. Rocked our form. Caused outrageous amounts of pain for the fans, the coaches, and the players.

There was no energy from pundits around the 9 players we had missing. No one took a beat to say, ‘fuck, that was rough that Arsenal had to play those games’, it was #ArtetaOut all over the internet.

Since then, we’ve had plenty of cancellations.

Antonio Conte had a lovely preseason in December as Spurs succumbed to the virus and poor form.

Ralph Rangnick had 16 days free with his players in December.

Leicester just had their 5th game of the season postponed… crickets.

Arsenal, looking at this subjectively, should be given this postponement. It shouldn’t matter that we loaned a subpar player, it shouldn’t matter that we sent a 20 yr old to Boro’, all that should matter is a club that has ploughed through the worst if it is given the benefit of the doubt, because we were not given the same rub of the green at the start of the season.

I suspect we won’t though.

The faux outrage from Spurs, who let Rennes travel before they canceled will have weight. All the journalists uninterested in an opinion when Klopp was creating a mess of false/positives, like Jason Burt, are all now up in arms over Arsenal.

If it’s a subjective call, Arsenal for some reason, always seems to be the easiest team to roll in that department. Gary Neville is not the arbiter of the Premier League, but the fact he said, ‘I should have said something 4 weeks ago’, tells you how uninteresting postponements were when teams with favourable media presence were shifting based on their needs.

I don’t really know what the deal will be if we have to adapt to our poor situation tomorrow, but I have a feeling that the spirit in our players is so strong, that whatever we put out will be good enough to give Spurs a run for their money.

Antonio Conte is using his pre-game time to lavish praise on the time and money Arteta has had to work on his squad. He always wouldn’t commit his future to the club, which is a pretty big flex three months into the job. Again, we knew this was coming, this is a message to Levy that if the pennies don’t land, he won’t stay. Absolutely perfection.

Before I go, Marseille has been hit with a 2 window transfer ban. I’m not sure how that affects their ability to sign Matteo Guendouzi after his loan is up. Quite often those obligations are set, but the bigger question for me would be whether they have the money to do the deal.

Right, see you later when the decision lands.




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  1. Rich

    Lots of inconsistencies but Covid is the only reason we should have ever seen postponements, it’s the only reason that should exist but clubs are now manipulating this to cover for other absence. Arsenal are manipulating it same as the rest so don’t be a hypocrite and pretend any different

  2. David Smith

    Think you are right , the game won’t be called off, they are leaving it increasingly late to take such an action.
    I fear the influencers have influenced

  3. Buzzy

    Chelsea the luckiest UCL winners ever..absolutely borefest of a team this..Tuchel is so overrated..he has started to become humble in his mannerism now that reality has come knocking at the door

  4. S Asoa

    Chelsea lost buying Lukaku. Theirs is a fast paced game,. Lukaku does get goals but mostly spends time as a non playing striker, Vlahovic Or Halland is a better fit.

  5. David Smith

    The pundits will be bleating for the rest of the weekend
    Arsenal must have had an exceptionally good case to get this one postponed

  6. Taylor Swift

    So glad game is postponed. Given the effort at Anfield, the fit players we have would be exhausted. Now, we have a ful weeks rest before the second leg which, all of a sudden, is suddenly far more significance, coupled with Spurs fixture pile up.

  7. DivineSherlock

    Cant believe it all worked out in our favour , wow . Just 2 games to go and then we can have a nice little deserved rest . The worrying thing is the 4 postponed games are Chelsea , Pool , Spurs and Wolves. Tough nut to crack but we can with a fully rested fit squad.

  8. Crabregas

    The fact sky sports (Neville, Carra and Jeff Sterling) are all pissed off that the game was called off, makes it just a little bit sweeter

  9. G

    ‘’ Not sure who I hate more, Chelsea or Man City but that’s a nice goal by De Bruyne.‘’

    Easily hate Chelsea more, hate them more then Spurs

  10. TheBayingMob

    “ Spuds, Manu, Chelsea, Scouse, Citeh in that order I think.”

    For me it’s United and Liverpool joint first. Pure unadulterated hate. Then Chelsea, Spurs and Man Shitty next.

    I put Man C last because back in the day I knew quite a few City fans from when they were shite and dropped down the leagues. They always had a few things in common:

    They were always from Manchester, and
    They were always really humble

    This was always in stark contrast to United and Livercunt fans who were nominally from London / Kent / Home Counties or Cornwall and normally hatable little cunts who’d generally never been near either city.

  11. LoveSausage

    Great news about the postponement. Even if we play them with Son back I feel we’ll be favourites.

    If we’re trying to be reasonable (as opposed to tribal), on some level it should matter that we’ve chosen to send our only backup MF on loan. I can understand that opposing teams/fans feel we shouldn’t benefit from self-inflicted issues like poor squad planning. But none of it matters as long as there is so much subjectivity in the decision making and blatant cheating is accepted from teams like Liverpool.

  12. Topside Northbank

    The rest of the PL season is going to be disrupted.

    It’s all open to offs.

    Leicester v Burnley……Leicester with more injuries but Burnley ask for and get it cancelled.

    Liverpool v us 1st leg very dodgy.

    We ask and get the NLD off we must obviously have genuine grounds with the game being the main super Sunday game Sky would of been pushing hard for it to go ahead, no doubt.

  13. LoveSausage

    Banter days throwback – do you guys remember when signing Fraser was our big hope for a turn around? He’d probably be on a 200k/week now and seeing out his contract.

  14. Topside Northbank

    Love sausage

    Got to be Kim Kallstrom for me signed as a loan with a broken back!

    Only thing I remember him doing well was scoring against Wigan in the FA Cup s/f penalty shootout win.

  15. InsideRight

    The butt hurt and hypocritical bleating from the talking heads about the game tomorrow being called off is really hilarious.

    These pricks like Neville and Carragher have been like deaf mutes over the games that have been called off. But the moment a game is called off because Arsenal can’t put out a side and the hysterical tantrums can be heard across the water.

    Twats the lot of them.

  16. Goonerboy

    How the fuck can Neville argue that the Spurs game should have gone ahead when we had below the minimum prescribed number of players- he would like to teams other than Man U to field a bunch of kids to give his team Man U a free ride.
    Neville needs a real job. Sky really are an ex Liverpool and Man U supporters club