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Antonio Conte exited another cup, this time a semi-final against Chelsea, his side were utter, utter dross all game. No energy, no idea what they were doing, no real output.

That means they’ll show hard at the weekend and we’ll all be wondering how a team so bad can pull a performance out the bag so good just because it’s Arsenal.

Or… Arteta and the coaching gang might have a plan to take more than a point of a very average team bereft of ideas.

That does take me neatly into the game this evening. I really hope Arteta knows the most important thing for Arsenal fans this season is beating Spurs. I don’t care what happens tonight. It’s Liverpool over two legs and we know they are so desperate to win, they basically cheated to get out of playing us last week when we were in good form.

Arteta is going to have choices to make this evening. Dice to roll. I just hope he doesn’t take risks on players that are important to the season. Emile Smith Rowe is key to what we do, if he breaks, we’re in trouble. Tomi is THE MOST PRECIOUS of players, nothing hurts more than seeing his name of the team sheet, but at the same time, this is a League Cup no one cares about, and I’d rather live to fight another day with our first teamers… because we are not strong enough to make top 4 with the second-stringers. We saw that against Forest.

If there is a chance of losing a big name for Sunday, it’s just not worth it.

Granit Xhaka is different. He had COVID, I’m guessing his 7 days are done. He’ll be in the mixer and we need him next to Lokonga. That man is made of different stuff. So I’m not really that worried with him. But I think people are starting to see the reality with Granit, we’re better with him in the side, he’s very solid bar a few brain farts a season. Sambi needs experience next to him, he’s too young to carry a junior.

The big picture here is taking 4 points from the next two Premier League games. If we can manage that, Top 4 is game on. We have 2 games in February, we’ll have a little midseason break to bed in the new players, then we’ll be fresh and ready to hit the rest of the season VERY hard. 1 game a week is a huge advantage if the luck rides with you.

We could blow that in leg one against Liverpool if we rush players. It happened last season when we brought TP back early. That cost us big time. Let’s hope we’re not thinking similar things this evening.

Liverpool needs a lift. Klopp is under pressure. He needs a trophy, this is the earliest one he can take, but make no mistake… that team is stammering and he doesn’t have VVD to blame this season. It’s on him. Pep is taking him to the cleaners.

I’m saying that because it’s likely he’ll roll with the big guns. This evening might see us shithouse them with a 5 at the back jobby. Arteta needs to realise that Cedric is not very good and if he rolls him out against elite full-backs, we’ll be beaten before we leave the tunnel. Try something different. If we can escape Anfield with a draw, it’s game on in leg two and we can go for it with a fitter group of players.

We have seen a worse group of players at Arsenal beat better teams with 5 at the back. There is no shame in doing that at Anfield. NONE.

The key is not to get hammered like we have been recently. Super basic, but just don’t get railed. We need a resolute performance, everyone focused on the job, and we need to frustrate them. Liverpool were walked through over and over by Spurs a few weeks ago and as we all know, Conte’s Spurs are shite. We have power players who can make runs, we have talent that can find feet from distance… can we piece those bits together and make it count?

We’ll go big tonight with our starting 11, really, we can’t take a chance with Leno in a game like this, he’ll panic. We need to have Gabriel in the mixer because Rob ain’t it, and I suspect we might see Nuno on the bench in a game this big.

But who knows… just don’t break anyone. That’s all we ask. Spurs is all that matters. That’s the real Cup Final.

Ok, have fun in the comments. x

UPDATE: Odegaard, Tomi, Smith Rowe all out. GOOD. Arteta derisked it. I bet they’re all back this Sunday.


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  1. andy1886

    Not sure that Arteta doesn’t need a trophy too, it’s not just Klopp who will certainly get a CL place and is still in the FAC.

    Question is what happens if we end up 6th and no cup? Is that good enough after spending £225m in the last two seasons and having no European distractions?

    If we go weak and exit it will be top 4 or bust.

  2. Unoni

    With ESR and Odegaard out we are creatively bankrupt.
    Field the back up and take the L to focus on what matters. No sense risking Lacazette and Tierney tonight now. We aren’t nicking this without our 2 no10s

  3. Mulerise14

    Pedro….you didn’t mention our most important player:Lord Saka?if we could lay our hands on statistics,am sure he is the most kicked Arsenal player,’cos most of our play go down in that right domain that he owns… afraid Tets gonna play him and he should be rested, I’ll rather we loose this chance at a cup and make top4… is like forever since we played à champions league football….and this season presents the best chance to get in…..b4 Manu sort themselves and b4 çonte wake his Lilliputian squad from their slumber

  4. Unoni

    B Kamara
    MbappeAll set to run their contract out in 6 months

  5. englandsbest

    I make the game tonight one in which Arsenal will be trying their utmost. No more half-hearted stuff. I am not saying Liverpool will fold – but it will be difficult for Klopp to generate enthusiasm for the Caraboa Cup in players within reach of major trophies.

  6. Mr Serge

    Glad those players are out the real game is this Sunday we need to regain top four and take away the points spurs will gain with their games in hand

  7. Unoni


    Just sharing the wealth of talent available for nothing. Must admit, I wasn’t expecting such vast amounts until I looked

  8. raptora

    “Sanchez admitted Ozil was a dream player for him.”

    Funny that Ozil picked Di Maria ahead of Alexis in his dream team XI but found a place for Santi in it.

  9. Soham

    Per ESR Odegaard and Tomiyasu all are out of today’s match. Xhaka is back though.

    We might see King Kola starting today !

  10. Negative Nigel

    Tonight we’re in for a bit of a tanking I’m afraid.The scousers will go with their full ,regular back 5.A decent midfield that will inc Fabinho & an attack that WILL inc Jota & Firmino.They’ll have seven to eight first teasers trust me.As peds suggested.They’re desperate for a trophy.Hence last week’s shenanigans.
    As for us.Well go with the 2nd stringers plus maybe 3/4 first teasers.Because we have to.We need to shithouse them big time .Forget the bus.park a juggernaut.

  11. raptora

    Pedro: “But I think people are starting to see the reality with Granit, we’re better with him in the side”

    Funny to hear you complimenting Xhaka like you’ve been there for him his entire career. Pretty sure I can fill up a very large post with you slagging him for the last 5 years and a half.

    Xhaka is a nothing player. He’s only useful because Arteta decided to spend all of our money on defenders and a midfield apprentice. Not so shocking that Xhaka is considered the 2nd best CM in a team with Partey, Lokonga and Elneny as the only 3 other options. More to do with our midfield options being shit.

  12. Hitman

    The reality is we are likely to lose next 3 games.
    We haven’t won at WHL in many years.

    There has been no improvement in big match results.
    Arteta did better in such games when he first came but now seems to have lost the magic.

  13. raptora

    I meant this season. I assume Partey was enough in your opinion and our midfield is in great shape? It’s not and we declined offers for the superstar Xhaka while players like Anguissa moved for the exact same money to Napoli.

  14. DivineSherlock

    The only part I dont agree with is Xhaka part. But I dont wanna rehash it . Lets see if we play better with him in the side. Hope his brain fart doesnt mean he gets sent off and then we’ll be without him for the spurs game.

  15. IAT-Robbie


    Out of your list of free agents. I think Kamara and Kessie would be transformative signings for our midfield. Either player can play as a lone pivot or in a double pivot. Kessie, especially, is very versatile and can play whatever role is required of him.

    As for the Guendouzi thing, I don’t expect you to agree but I think it’s a fair point. He did have more good games for us than just those three but those were standout performances for me.

    You say Douzi was tofu in possession, which was true at times, but doesn’t Sambi have the same weakness? I can point to at least two matches, Liverpool and Crystal Palace, where Sambi was caught in possession in dangerous areas.

  16. raptora

    Anguissa to Napoli for a loan fee of £500k with an option to buy for £12.5m is one of the deals of this Summer. We should have been all over that. AFCON players will miss 2-3 EPL games in the season. It’s not that big of a deal.

    “Don’t talk about him. Leave him hidden, Spalletti told DAZN as quoted by Football Italia.

    “He is a top player, he does everything, but he must improve his finishing and the final pass. You win games when you have the right players and serious professionals, he is the right person for this dressing room.”

    “Frank completed us: he gets a lot of balls back from the opponents, which enables Lozano and Insigne on their running on the outs and in depth-searching. Besides, we have Fabiàn Ruiz, a proper playmaker, who can serve any kind of ball you can possibly think about. He’s learning how to serve it and get it back by a perfect pace”.

    “That kind of physicality and stamina is normal in the Premier League, whereas in Italy we tend to favour other characteristics. We were lacking that aspect at Napoli, so he stands out here.

    “He always comes into the locker room and talks about what happened in the first half, what was going on around his position, paying close attention to the movements that the opposition do. He is very tactically intelligent.

    “He’s also a very sweet guy who immediately made friends with everyone in the side.”

  17. Time Up

    The problem with Arteta he’s so possessed about players playing in their position more than if he’s good enough or not.

    Cedric should not be our second RB. Chambers and White should be a head of him. In Midfield, he should have played Chambers next to Sambi instead of the kid against team of donkeys away from home.

    The man just so Wenger when it comes to a game of horses for courses. Fergie use to be the master of this, he would role in the O’Sheas and the Fletchers of this world in any position against the donkey teams.

  18. Chris

    Well we need a performance tonight to move on from the Forest game, and build confidence for Sunday, which I absolutely accept is the biggest game for us in the grand scheme of things this season, not just the fact it is against Spurs.

    But I don’t like to hear all this ‘nobody cares about the league cup’. You can bet Arteta absolutely wants to win it.

    I realised the other day that most young Arsenal fans have never seen us win the league cup so may not have any sort of affinity with the competition. I can barely remember the Steve Morrow final (I was about 8). What I mean is, it’s been about 30 years since we won it, and success tends to breed further success, especially for a younger team.

    I think even if we lose on Sunday we still have every chance of fourth so I hope to see a line up and performance tonight that reflects a real desire to reach the final and win the trophy. A league cup and top four together is very much possible.

  19. Unoni

    AT-RobbieJanuary 13, 2022 13:21:00
    Btw what does Unoni mean? I’m curious

    It means he who flows like the river and shines like the moon

    No no no. 🤦🏻‍♂️ it doesn’t. It literally means nothing as fare as I’m aware. Was just close to my old moniker that I used to use here

    On the Guendouzi thing. Tofu was a typo, I meant tidy in possession. Phone autocorrected

    You know that my highest priority is a technical midfielder right? I place it above signing a striker as our highest priority, which is why I think another year of laca wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

  20. Unoni


    I’d love Dybala or eve dembele but likely either would prevent the young lads we have from getting the game time needed to flourish. Still. We should have a big club mentality and ruthlessness.

  21. Samesong

    I can’t believe anyone on le grove will be happy if we got a tanking tonight. We are in Semi final. Win or draw tonight and we go into Spurs game with confidence. Also we can go for it in the second leg.

  22. Unoni

    Nobody wants a battering tonight.
    Obviously it’s better if we win.
    But surely you can see why posters would support fielding a second string to protect the players who will make a difference to give us the best chance of putting daylight between us and spurs on Sunday?
    How the league is the priority with a squad shorn of key players?

  23. Samesong


    I don’t mind the second string. And I get the keeping players for Spurs. But our second string should be decent enough to compete tonight. Forest was a one off.

  24. Crimson

    The transfer window is so boring. Watching sky sports or any football show is just cringe, sensationalism for clicks and comments. Talk about 1 transfer for 20 minutes without actually saying anything interesting or factual. Watching the uneducated and absolute fools is painful. And they are paid for there ‘insight’. Hurts my brain.

    Good luck tonight my Arsenal. Just stay in the tie till 5he home leg.

  25. IAT-Robbie

    “On the Guendouzi thing. Tofu was a typo, I meant tidy in possession. Phone autocorrected”

    🤣🤣🤣. Oh man… Your phone is going to get you in trouble one day.

    Dybala and Dembele are also good shouts but as you say will put the youngsters on the backburner. This amount of free agents in one summer is truly unprecedented, I would like to see the club take advantage of it by getting at least one of these players. Preferably a midfielder

  26. Unoni

    Same song

    The reality is that our second string (shorn of Pepe Aubameyang ESR and Elneny) aren’t capable of taking on Forrest let alone Liverpool right now. That being the case, I think it’s sensible to avoid injury to the players wo do make a difference.

  27. Unoni


    I’d rather we spend what’s required to bring in a technical midfielder who can lead from the middle and dictate play under any circumstance.
    Who that is yet I don’t know as there doesn’t seem to be a glut of top quality ball playing centre mids out there these days

  28. HerbsArmy

    For a club with Arsenal’s presence, the League Cup has been pretty much the same as our European successes, and yet we have always provided the media with plenty of entertainment when you think of Swindon, Luton and Birmingham.
    In fact Arsenal have fallen at the final hurdle too many times, to have won it only twice is a travesty.
    There can’t be many of us feeling uber positive about tonight, but if we come away with the tie still alive and the final still up for grabs for the Emirates return, I’ll be happy.
    Lose heavily, Tottenham becomes a must win.

  29. Taylor Swift

    Sunday’s game is so important, probably the most important one we have. It’s more of a nine pointer than six. I don’t care about tonight at all. I just hope that none of our crown jewels are risked.

  30. TheBayingMob

    This Vlahovic stuff has got be nonsense now right? Bored of it at this point. Clearly the guy isn’t interested in Arsenal, my gut instinct would be he is holding out for an offer to one of Europes broken dreams like Real, Barca or Juve but they haven’t got a euro to rub together between them …

  31. IAT-Robbie

    “Who that is yet I don’t know as there doesn’t seem to be a glut of top quality ball playing centre mids out there these days”

    There’s a very capable ball-playing midfielder in Kessie on the market. As for top quality mids, I’m not sure if Arsenal is the kind of club that can attract those right now. There are good ball-playing midfielders in Szoboszlai and Nkunku who CAN play in central midfield but they look far more dangerous closer to goal

  32. Nigel Tufnel

    I like what Arteta had to say about Tavares getting pulled. Also, even more about Patinos experience in the game, and the details of why he thought Lokonga struggled. I imagine it was some rustiness in Sambis case, (because he hasn’t used him at all lately) but the manager explained it more in detail and just shows, as usual, most managers know and see things we’ll never get.

    Even a bad manager at this level.. we probably see and understand a small % of what they see on the pitch from the touchline. Let alone the practices that we don’t see.

  33. David.D

    I want us to do well tonight but just cant see it.
    Apart from Salah and Mane Liverpool will practically be full strength.
    If we couldn’t handle forest with our second string how are we going to handle Liverpool at anfield with a baying crowd.
    Just has an inevitable 2 0 / 3 0 or all over it.
    I dearly hope I am wrong.
    Sunday is MASSIVE.
    Lose and Spurs will go a point clear of us. Win their 2 games in hand and they will be 7 points clear.
    If we win then we go 5 points clear meaning if they win the 2 in hand they are just a point clear.

  34. IAT-Robbie

    “For a club with Arsenal’s presence, the League Cup has been pretty much the same as our European successes, and yet we have always provided the media with plenty of entertainment when you think of Swindon, Luton and Birmingham.”


    Reading that hurts so much, that I have to laugh😂. My first cup finals as an Arsenal fan were both defeats in the League Cup to Chelsea and Birmingham City respectively. As you say, our record there is just puzzling. We’ve lost the most League Cup Finals of any club, it’s not something we should take lightly.

  35. David.D

    Totally agree.
    Getting sick and tired of hearing about Vlahovic and his bloody entourage.
    If he thinks he is too good for us then fuck off and lets step away and get someone who sees it as a step up and an honour to play for us. Better value too.
    Not someone who thinks he is doing us a fucking favour and will cause unrest the first sign of interest from Barca , Real Madrid or PSG etc.

  36. MidwestGun

    “Who that is yet I don’t know as there doesn’t seem to be a glut of top quality ball playing centre mids out there these days”
    Say what? Is this a serious comment Un? Mike Mcdonald wrote a 60 page novel on them about 10 days ago..on Le Grove There is literally 100’s of them. I can think of 3 just on the US national team alone. And any of them would be better then Xhaka.

  37. Guns of SF

    bar a few brain farts a season..

    Xhaka has farted a lot over the last few seasons and his farts have costed us points.
    He farts the most of the team…. his farts do a lot of harm

  38. Jonnygunner

    GJanuary 13, 2022 15:32:17
    ‘’ Arteta literally spent £50m on partey 😂 ‘’And the joke is ??

    Literally….as opposed to figuratively?
    That’s teen speak mate.

  39. MidwestGun

    Without Odegaard and ESR…. we’ re basically going to have to drop Laca into the hole and hope he channels his inner Messi.. because we have no creativity and link up play in the center of the park.
    without them. Otherwise I’m scared it will be one way traffic.

  40. Samesong

    Lose and Spurs will go a point clear of us. Win their 2 games in hand and they will be 7 points clear.

    Don’t see spurs beating Leicester or Chelsea

    I think alot of people will be shocked tonight. Forest was a shit performance but as someone said before we are unpredictable and we surely can’t be as bad as we was against Forest.

  41. Chris

    Newcastle channelling their inner Man City 2008 transfer business in signing Chris Wood for £25 million.

    I guess they need to do what they have to do to stay up.

    Even with the money it’s somewhat surprising that Burnley are selling direct to a relegation rival, they must have someone else lined up.

  42. IAT-Robbie

    “Xhaka has farted a lot over the last few seasons and his farts have costed us points.
    He farts the most of the team…. his farts do a lot of harm”


  43. TheBayingMob

    Luckily, due to other work commitments, I can’t watch the game tonight. I hate seeing us tonked at Anfield, hate it! Let’s hope we can pull a 2nd string performance out of the bag

  44. WengerEagle

    Aboubakar is such a beast, been a fan of his since his early Porto days.

    Scores everywhere he goes and has a very good CL record. Also scored the winner in an AFCON Final before.

  45. G8

    I think we should go with the strangest team possible and try to win this tie, anything could happen in the final against the Chavs
    A trophy is a trophy!
    No ifs or buts
    Spurs played last night so they have little if any fitness advantage
    We should go there and try to win , a point will be a bonus as well.
    Sounds like Pedro trying to lower expectations just to give his chosen one any excuse

  46. Unoni


    Yeah, I seriously can’t tell you who the best 10 young technical central mids in the world are today. Granted my finger isn’t as firmly on the pulse as it once was but natural selection these days seems to favour strength and athleticism over brains in the middle. Obviously both are required but I’m not too sure who stands out, as a technically superior, clever midfielder, apart from Jude Bellingham.

  47. andy1886

    Tielemans is a terrific player. Just not sure if he’d be more of an Odegaard replacement than a Xhaka alternative (he’s nothing like Xhaka at all). One of the more unlikely options though, I expect that Leicester would want north of £50m even if he only has eighteen months to run on his contract.

  48. Jamie

    “I expect that Leicester would want north of £50m even if he only has eighteen months to run on his contract.”

    Don’t worry, mate. Wenger assured everyone 5 years ago that players running down their contracts would become the norm. We just need to wait 18 months and we’ll snap Tielemans up on a free.

  49. MidwestGun


    You will have to go back and read that Mike Mcdonald post on here.. There are plenty of cm’s .. worldwide that have footballing intelligence. Just from US.. Weston Mckennie… scored a goal last night with Juventus in their Cup final. Tyler Adams..versatile and can play dm.. attacking mid or right back.. plays for Leipzig. Yunus Musah plays for Valencia has a combo of power and pace and ball playing ability.

  50. MidwestGun

    I dont know that you can mitigate every cirmcumstance and baby players to not get injured.. For me… ERr hasnt been starting anyhow.. he could use the gametime.. Odegaard I understand because he has started about every match. So does that mean ESR and Odegaard are both starting in NLD? and if so who do we drop in the NLD Marti or Saka? Seems like we should be playing one of Esr or Ode this one and also it is likely we are starting both of our only 2 available cm’s in Loko and Granit if one of those gets injured we are more screwed. So if we are gonna throw the match then throw the match.. and keep one of them on the bench as well. Is how I feel about it at the moment.. That said maybe we get an inspired performance out of nowhere.. would take a slim defeat or a draw with a chance in the second leg at home.

  51. Unoni


    And yet despite the avalanche of top players running their contract down right now you choose to deny reality.

  52. Unoni


    Yeah like I said, my finger isn’t as firmly on the pulse with young players as it once was so I’m not overly familiar with any of those lads. Let’s just wait and see who comes in I guess

  53. Jamie

    “And yet despite the avalanche of top players running their contract down right now you choose to deny reality.”

    “Avalanche of players” jesus christ you’re dumb.

  54. MidwestGun

    If we win 2-0…. today at Anfield. I’m gonna celebrate like it’s 1999.. because it feels like we would be getting away with one.. resting our 2 players capable of playing #10 and at a place we struggle historically. Stranger things have happened though.. maybe time for an unlikely hero..

  55. Unoni

    Avalanche of players” jesus christ you’re dumb.

    Continues to deny reality…..
    the two biggest players in world football right now will have left on a free within a year of each other
    Messi and Mbappe

  56. Tom

    I wouldn’t be taking the Vlahovic’s reluctance to join Arsenal so personally as some seem to be doing. His most preferred option at 21 should always be staying in Italy where he’s already established himself. For whatever reason players from the former Yugoslavia countries have always done better in Italy then anywhere else.

    I’m not against his transfer but his fans would be for a big wake up call if they thought he could continue his current scoring rate in the PL.

  57. Almuniasaynomore

    Burnley got 25mil for 30 yr old Chris Wood. Everton up to 25 m for 28 yr old Lucas Digne. We have to give away our players for peanuts, let them leave for free or actually pay them to just fuck off. This summer might have seen us finally achieve some success with our incomings but as transfers are equally about selling well, I’d say we are still not being served well by the powers that be at our club. Of course if money is still being made available to buy new players fans won’t care too much about our financial misgivings in the market,but it strikes me that the Kroenkes won’t pursue such a policy for long. Got to get the next cm and cf right.

  58. englandsbest

    Hate to talk politics but, honestly, does anybody give a damn about the party at No 10? A bunch of juvenile hypocrites in Parliament arguing the toss about Boris in a world where humanity is facing extinction. Heaven help us.

  59. Jamie

    “Continues to deny reality…..”

    And yet somehow the reality is that Arteta spent £150m net on non-free transfers this past summer. Should’ve listened to Don from the internet on his 12th le-grove account and gone hard on bosmans instead – there’s an ‘avalanche of top players’ available.

    For every free transfer you think might happen, I’ll list 5 players who will have moved for a fee next summer. Nullifying your logic is as boring as it is easy.

  60. Topside Northbank

    Cedric starts RB oh dear!

    Lets hope ESR and Tomiyasu can play in the NLD.

    Odegaard won’t be playing Sunday…….covid strikes again.

  61. Robert Pires


    white, gabi, tierney
    cedric, lokonga, xhaka, saka
    martinelli, laca, eddie

    or 4-2-3-1 with saka as no 10?
    seems unlikely, no? he’s never played as a 10 or has he??

  62. MidwestGun

    Ok if Odegaard is out with Covid then I can see resting ESR.. … I hope Eddie plays like the one in Pierre’s mind. Because that dude he talks about sounds great. Laca will have to drop into midfield. and get the ball to Saka and Marti.

  63. andy1886

    Could be a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 but requires Martinelli and Saka to exercise a bit of discipline. Three at the back really isn’t a great idea, I can see Laca dropping back into the midfield out of possession to make a 5. Tough game but we should still be in it for the home leg if we play to our potential.

  64. Pierre

    I’m not sure why le grove thinks that we will struggle to create tonight because Odegaard isn’t playing.

    In the 18(14 starts) premier league games he’s been involved in, he has assisted in only 2 games Norwich (5-0) and Leeds (4-1).

    I am interested to see how the attack functions without Odegaard pulling the strings, will lacazette drop in the hole and provide the link or alternately Lacazette could play up top which allows Eddie to play in the left channel and Martinelli on the right with Saka in the hole.

    Will we look more dynamic with 4 forward thinking players who are more willing to take risks in the final 3rd..

    Alternately, we may miss Odegaard’s ability to get on the ball and keep the ball , something that would allow Arsenal to have an element of control in the game.

    What i would like to see is something that didn’t happen v forest , Arteta changing things around if the attack is struggling to make any impact..

    There are many options open to Arteta as the offensive 4 are all flexible.

  65. andy1886

    “does anybody give a damn about the party at No 10? ”

    First question: which one??

    Ans: Only if you think that the law should apply equally to everyone I guess. And if you believe that the police are there to serve the people not politicians or political parties…

  66. Habesha Gooner

    Jesus christ pierre. This is why people think you are nuts. You were banging on about how Ozil could have had more assists when he didn’t and you brought up chances created numbers. But it is not the same for Odegaard? If you can’t see what he brings other than just keeping the ball then you need to learn about football. But I think you do know football. You are just thick and you won’t change your opinion on some statements you made. That is why you are having a hard time letting go of the Martinelli, Nketiah debate. You have your favourites.

  67. Pierre

    ” If you can’t see what he brings other than just keeping the ball then you need to learn about football”

    Ha ha, you are using my lines now …who’s thick.

  68. Left Testicle

    Why do I keep getting a bloody annoying ‘How is Arteta handling his job as head coach?’ message pop up?

  69. TheLegendaryDB10

    Not too sure about having Cedric at RB. Looks like he will be our weakest link.

    As much as I am not a fan of Xhaka, hopefully he will help instil some calm in MF. We will need it.

    Tough game tonight.

    I’d hate to lose but our focus should be on the EPL and a top 6 birth.

  70. TheLegendaryDB10

    Left T, Serge

    That widget has become really annoying with its pop up that appears after every refresh.


    Can you please remove this widget? It’s super annoying when on a mobile and I guess fewer and fewer ppl are using it (I know I have; we get nothing out of it).