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The best cup competition in the world kicks off today, we have ourselves a lovely trip to the River Trent to take on the storied Nottingham Forest. Arguably one of the best club names in the game.

What do we expect from them? A big attempt at a performance. They are smack bang in the middle of the Championship, they’ve won their last 3, their players will be looking to shine brightly whilst the whole of the UK is watching on ITV a bit later.

Arsenal will be playing a very young side because there’s no choice. COVID issues, knocks, and some big games coming up will mean heavy rotation. When you have to heavily rotate, you can’t guarantee you’ll maintain performance, so we have to be prepared for the evening to be tough.

Rumours have it that Biereth, Salah, Hutchinson, and Patino will be on the bus. BIG rumours that the conductor of the 2022 hype train, Charlie Patino, could actually make his first start for the club. That would be special, he has everyone at Arsenal buzzing about his talent, and he even has his own song with the fans. I don’t think we’ve been more sure about a second coming since Jack Wilshere.

Outside that, who knows what the team will look like, but my assumption is it’s going to be all about the fringe players. Bernd Leno, Holding, Soares, Tavares at the back. Midfield will probably have to be Patino and Lokonga for the minutes. But somewhere along the line there’s going to have to be some first-teamers you’d rather keep fresh. The Smith, Odegaard, and maybe Benny Blanco spring to mind.

Personally, I’m looking for the same thing I always do during heavy rotation periods. All 11 players dropping performances like they want to be considered for the Spurs and Liverpool games. Healthy squads create the feeling that everyone could start. Unhealthy squads see these games as an imposition. As I said many times last season, players like David Luiz used to think they were above games like this, so they’d not show up. In healthy squads, they all go there to do the business.


Ainsley made his move over to Roma to play under the delightful Jose Mourinho. I don’t really have much to say on this outside, I REALLY HOPE HE DOES WELL. It never worked out for Ains, the killer blow to his career was saying no to the right-back role which could have been lucrative for him. Still, going to Rome could be good. That league lacks power, so he’ll have a leg up on the intensity. If he’s playing well, he’ll have to up his concentration. All things he’s young enough to manage.

We’ve been linked to some midfielder in Brazil. Those rumours really do nothing for me. Their league makes Italy look intense, so it’s really hard to work out which players you can bring from over there that would make it here.

Midfield is such an interesting position to recruit for. We need a body for the now, but really, only for emergency reasons. So who are they going to buy cover for? And is it cover, or someone that can challenge Xhaka and Partey next season? Or, will they look for a midfielder that does something different to the other two. Someone that is more of a specialist for certain types of games? Is Arsenal building out two squads of players that do that same things, or are they building out a chessboard of pieces that can cover off the different types of games we struggle in?

Who knows, but if Arteta is to be believed, we’ll find out in the next 3 weeks.

Right, that’s me done, have fun in the comments x



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  1. DivineSherlock

    Brace Yourselves guys , January has just begun . The most I feared was AFCON because Partey is very crucial to how we play and it showed today . With the help of brilliant mind who let AMN leave before adding anyone . When you are down to hoping Xhaka gets fit , you know you are fucked.

  2. Dissenter

    People need to go easy on Lokonga though
    He’s been out for about 6 weeks, injury and then Covid
    This was predictable because he’s rusty and couldn’t have been a 100% match cit.

    Then you factor in paring him with a novice, utterly predictable.
    I’ll be lying if I said I was angry.
    We can beat Liverpool over two leafs and still win a domestic cup.

  3. Majesticgooner

    Patino I’m afraid is not ready, should not have loaned AMN without a replacement, the midfield is threadbare., don’t know who made the decision, there was nothing in our attacking play from the midfield, nkhetia made no runs behind the defence, neither could he hold the ball up . Lokonga has been understudying elneny, backwards and sideways passing, holding was spare with the ball but did nothing with it, just looking to pass the ball back.

  4. AFC Forever


    ‘ I say get Edu away from the charcoal briquettes and get him working the smartphone. Need a midfielder…. asap.’

    Yes absolutely. I would say add a striker because the movement up too was poor. We have to play with tempo & rhythm and be brave, we showed real naivety & nervousness today. Need a top CM.

  5. Thank. You and goodnight

    If I was Arteta the moment I get back to London I’d have the players doing extra training through the night and if any of them don’t like it, bin the fuckers. No excuse for a performance as shocking as that. Players have let the fans down massively

  6. WengerEagle

    Patino clearly needs a loan.

    Even Wilshere needed a loan before he was ready. Cesc was a freak exception because he had the personality and quality of a veteran by the time he was 16/17.

  7. izzo

    Lokonga is 22!!! Prospect he is not! Dud signing will be shipped out through the back door like AMN. Probably two loans before he disappears to France or back to the Belgian league.

  8. Unoni

    Not obsessed
    Just think it makes sense
    Nosies rumbling out of the club regularly how he’s the best in training.
    We are now crying out for someone just like him, only younger and fitter. He could be the perfect stop gap until the summer

  9. InsideRight

    The response to this result will be important.

    I had a bad feeling about this one that we wouldn’t show up. The changes in the line up upset the balance of the side and we looked disjointed. I’m really disappointed because I’m old school about the FA Cup. It’s a shame so many people, including too many managers, don’t care about the competition as much as they should.

    We are going to get inconsistency with this side. Enough people are bought into the process so Arteta can withstand any amount of bitching about this one.

  10. AFC Forever

    This is why Arteta rebuilt the back five. We had 3/4 of them missing today. As we play from the back it’s important. It makes us move the ball slowly. Not helped by a pair in Cm unfamiliar with each other. It’s about the sum of all parts.

    What this result should do is reinforce the need for a top striker and Central Midfield player and why Xhaka plays.

  11. Benjamin

    @ Avi

    Plenty posters on here are gonna make loads of excuses for him even if he finished in his favoured position again. (8th)

  12. Redbearee

    Yeah no more white kit ffs… completely took the focus off the football…. Besides that showing is obviously going to make it harder to convince players to sign up for the project now. One step forward, two steps back. Same old Arsenal and I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but this is Arsenal and we deserve better!

  13. Dissenter

    Yours such a thin skinned bully
    The other day you wrote that I “needed a muzzle” because I bothered to gently reply a jest full post you sent my way.

    If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen

    You can dish it out but you can’t take it one bit.

  14. AFC Forever


    “ Cunning plan by Mikel to ensure he gets the CM and Striker that he asked for this January.”

    …or just proves he was right.

  15. Thank. You and goodnight

    As I said the other day after the city performance. It’s consistency we’ve been lacking for 10 plus years at the club and it’s something we really really need to change. No good putting in a performance like we did against City then dropping performance levels next few games running

  16. Dissenter

    The only criticism I have is that we opted to spunk out £50 million on central defense, position that we have two natural internal solutions for.
    We neglected the areas with the most need, pretending that just keeping Xhaka was enough, even though we knew Partey would be gone for 4 weeks in the winter.

    Lots of learning for the transfer team. I just hope Kroenke’s wallet would still be open,

  17. AFC Forever


    The muzzle was a joke. You didn’t get the fact I said you were like two families going camping; too intense. It was a joke mate, (two in tents). You are a bundle of fun!

    You didn’t get it because you have your head stuck up your narcissistic arse. I remember when you list your temper and threatened me from your cave in Florida!!!

  18. Avi


    Plenty posters on here are gonna make loads of excuses for him even if he finished in his favoured position again. (8th)”

    Then thy can’t be regarded as genuine fans of this club
    I mean 1 game a week for the rest of the season now basically. Hopefully the last we see of Cedric, Holding and Eddie. Thought Lokonga was shocking as well. A new CM is critical.

    I don’t even want 5th or 6th from this team this season, Arteta need to deliver 4th or fck off

  19. Left Testicle

    Arteta used the nine players out excuse then said he didn’t want to use it as an excuse. All Premier League teams are dealing with Covid and AFCON. He can’t use that one.

  20. Avi

    Charlie Patino needs another 1-2 years before he’s 1st team ready.

    Hype isn’t justifiable. He did nothing to show me he’s ready.

  21. Dissenter

    My “muzzle” was also a joke . I literally put an emoji there to indicate that

    Wasn’t that apparent. I expected you to brush it off but you didn’t
    Anyways, have a wonderful Sunday, what’s left of it.

  22. Duzie

    We need to recognize that he’s doing something great. Something wonderful is brewing at the club. It’s just eight losses. The post Christmas 2020 table shows that. Remember, data speaks volumes.

    Arteta will win is the champions league next season as promised, because there’s so much promise in this team and the way we play.

  23. into the red

    Well Arteta got that spectacularly wrong. Thinking we can play a second team with a sprinkling of first teamers against an up and coming team well up for a cup upset. They just didn’t look like they cared that much. i thought they were content to play for penalties.
    Well done to Forest, that was a very well executed goal,
    Proof we don’t have a squad, and when we do have to use reserves, Arteta can’t organise or motivate them. Even with the available players, the formation was absurd, and totally lacking in commitment or desire.

  24. Mr Serge

    6 out of the starting 11 were out today and this is what happens massive difference between our first 11-13 and the rest

    We got what we deserved today we need a couple of reinforcements in asap

  25. Benjamin

    I don’t even want 5th or 6th from this team this season, Arteta need to deliver 4th or fck off.


  26. andy1886

    AFCF – Yes, we need a CM and a Striker, but also the team we put out today should have been good enough to do the job. We were far below par and looked ill-prepared for the game.

  27. Redbearer

    We lacked upping any tempo. Failed to control the game.
    Piss poor in the final third. Got what we deserved. All the players need to be held accountable!

  28. Hoksilato

    Not surprisingly a reality check regarding Top 4 as well… Would love to reach 4th at the end of season but this SQUAD is far from ready to manage PL alongside CL, with major drop in level at a number of positions between first 11 and the rest…

  29. Graham

    2 times in 26 years we get knocked out in the third round

    Last time (Forest again) the board told Wenger they were not going to extend his contract in the Summer

    Same conversation needed tomorrow.

  30. Avi

    Zero shots on target. Move Nketiah in this window for some money. Tonight encapsulated his career here and shows why Chelsea binned him early

  31. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    ‘ 6 out of the starting 11 were out today and this is what happens massive difference between our first 11-13 and the rest We got what we deserved today we need a couple of reinforcements in asap’

    I’m not sure I fully agree with that
    The midfield players out are temporarily out missing another 3 weeks

    Then we opted to send AMN to Roma early.
    Why didn’t we keep him for this game and then send him off on Monday?

    I think some shoddy planning has contributed to this

  32. AFC Forever


    ‘ If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen“

    What does this even mean? Kitchen? This is the internet mate, it’s where anonymous people can be whoever they want and act hard like you. You seem to have a spring in your step when Arsenal suffer.

  33. S23

    Shocking performance-especially after the City one.
    Hopefully Arteta can show this performance to some players and tell them that is why they have no future here,Nketiah,Holding,Cedric and Nuno if he doesnt start showing more than he currently is.
    I dont have much hope for the Carabao cup after seeing Liverpool’s performance today.
    Some activity in the transfer market now,surely.

  34. Unoni


    You don’t think wilshere would come in and do a superior job there for 1-3 months?
    Who would be your top 3 choices for that position alongside partey long term?

  35. Mr Serge

    GrahamJanuary 9, 2022 19:36:10
    2 times in 26 years we get knocked out in the third roundLast time (Forest again) the board told Wenger they were not going to extend his contract in the SummerSame conversation needed tomorrow

    Ffs sake stop posting lol

  36. Graham62

    Nothing to do with being a young team.
    This was all down to attitude and mindset.
    A group of 11 seventeen year olds with the correct mentality could have done better.
    Question: Did Leno speak or gesticulate to anyone today?
    Got to get rid asap.

  37. Avi

    If no CM comes in this window or Striker, kiss top 4 goodbye this season

    He won’t reintegrate Auba cause it’s against his “Principles”, he’ll be admitting he’s a cock 😂

  38. Thank. You and goodnight


    I think Arteta knows he’s under pressure this season mate and I think he knows he needs 4th minimum to save his Arsenal career. 250 million spent to finish 6th or worse will see him sacked. He’s had almost 3 years.

  39. Duzie

    Earnestly, I expect a couple more losses.

    The sack is inescapable for Arteta. I remember when we used to lose just a few games in a season. Either strengthen the team so that we don’t have to play these crap players, or die on your own sword.

    Tavares and Lokonga – what absolute mediocre players. On a low key, White is trash too. The only stellar signings were Ramsdale, Tomiyasu and Ø. The others wouldn’t get into a serious top four team (which we are not).

  40. Pierre

    What today showed was how foolish the decision to let AMN leave on loan……
    It has left us woefully short in the middle, a 3rd round FA cup tie away to a championship side is not the time or place to give Charlie Patino his first start .

    I suppose that’s the end of Tavares now for 12 months or so going by Arteta’s previous history.

    No point in writing off players like Martinelli despite being bossed by a championship doesn’t make Martinelli a championship player you know because he failed to make any impact whatsoever. .

    I was disappointed that Arteta didnt switch the front line about as it was obvious that Martinelli was struggling.
    Why not try him up top and bring Eddie over to the left as at least Eddie was bringing his team mates into the game , a 100% pass completion is confirmation of that, though of course Eddie will be remembered for the missed header which was a poor attempt, although he was the only Arsenal player who looked hungry to score but all his attempts were poor .

    Always better to be balanced in one’s criticism, Odegaard huffed and puffed without playing a killer pass, saka never really received any real protection from the ref and consequently struggled though he made a couple of chances for Lacazette and Eddie.

    Our full backs were poor and our 2 centre backs were too slow on the ball and had too many touches , no one and 2 touch football in any part of the pitch…

    Leno had a decent game.

  41. IQ

    Lokonga and Patino are fine players but they have very fragile confidence. Playing them in an away game was the mistake. They are different players at home with the crowd behind them and that’s where they should be used to grow their confidence and ability.

    We have a real issue with player’s who are able to perform outside the Emirates and that is a strength of Xhaka who is not cowed by big occasions or away fans. It’s just a shame he is slow and the refs hate him.

  42. Avi

    You guys need to pray that Tomi stay fit for reminder of the league games. Same with Saka, Gabriel xhaka and Partey because we in deep trouble without any of them missing a couple games

    They’re the core of this team, our back up players are absolutely very poor.

  43. IQ

    Pierre I usually agree with your assessments but Eddie was very poor and gave the other attacking players nothing to work with.

    I don’t think he’s actually that poor but like I said before I think he is no longer interested in playing or working for Arsenal. He didn’t even look like he was trying or bothered so its best for both parties to get rid of him as soon as possible.

  44. englandsbest

    I doubt whether Arteta is over-fussed about losing. Particularly with an away game against Leicester next, what a burden that would have been in the struggle for a top 6 finish. His probable final instruction was ‘Take it easy, we have tastier fish to fry’.

    No,.I don’t rate the Carabao Cup, but Arsenal have only Liverpool between them and the final, and Klopp will be telling his players the same, ‘Take it easy, we have tastier fish to fry.

    No half-hearted display from Arsenal, then. And a final under Arteta’s belt.

  45. Dissenter

    Eddie shouldn’t be playing at all
    Arteta has been sentimental about the fact that a young player he’s backed prefers to walk out for a princely sign-on bonus that commit his future, after much persuasion
    Maybe he’s trying to be consistent because he still has Laca as a leader in the squad but no one is asking Laca to extend his contract with us.

    How do you force players to leave when you keep playing them?

  46. AFC Forever


    I suspect preparation was affected by Covid. When you look at the bench you could see how short we were. As you said earlier, let’s hope that makes us go and get a couple of top players.

  47. Foxy

    Just poor selection by Arteta playing Lokonga more or less on his own in central MF against a fast physical side. Perhaps Chambers or White alongside Lokonga as a double Pivot would have worked better. Arteta just blamed his players not his selection.

  48. AFC Forever


    Eddie was poor today mate.,He even missed a sitter with his head that may have cost us the game. I said before he’s a penalty box player his link up play isn’t great.

  49. Graham62

    Couldn’t understand the tactics after Forest scored.
    Where was the urgency?
    Why Kolasinac?
    From a throw in, no movement in and around the box.
    The players just went through the motions….the entire match.

  50. andy1886

    EB, I’m sure the away fans who made the trip today will be absolutely fine with Arteta telling the lads not to try too hard.

    On the other hand you could be talking a load of rubbish…

  51. Terraloon


    Other than the Brentford game COVID and injuries haven’t really impacted Arsenal to ouch up to this point in time.

    As was pointed out other than Patino every Arsenal player has made PL appearances..

    No squad depth or quality added to the absences which were planned or known (AFCON) an£ it all implodes.

    The real casualty today is likely to be confidence

  52. Foxy

    We really needed a Gerrard, Vierra or Kean type figure out there today to rally the troops. Just no leadership when it was needed.

  53. izzo

    Couldn’t care less about the result to be honest. Too many playing that should be out of the club what did anyone expect. Nobody at the club cares about the FA cup. Move on.

  54. WengerEagle

    I get that he has dug his heels in here but flaming Martinelli all the while giving Nketiah a pass for criticism because he completed 18 five yard passes is reaching new levels of shamelessness even for him.

  55. Samesong

    On the other hand you could be talking a load of rubbish…

    Theres no shame going out to leicester as long as we perform but to get beat by Nottingham forest like that is embarrasing, and the away fans deserved a better performance from the team today.

  56. MD-Gunner

    Arteta, the gift that keeps on giving records that no one wants. 1st time being kicked out in the 3rd round in 26 years. 0 shots on goal against a championship side. In 2 years he has yet to put together an attack that can score goals.

    Well, another avenue for European football next season shut down. Europa Conference League for the Carabao cup winner. This manager will not get this team anywhere and if his contract is extended it means for however long that is additional time for no silverware or European football.

    For TWO years people on this blog have clamored for a CAM and striker to put together an attack, but Arteta is the gift that keeps on giving and that means no attacking side under him.

  57. G8

    Only Pierre would shift the blame from Eddie to
    This spence fella would have chewed him alive and spat him off
    xhaka , Wilshire would have added nothing,.we would have conceded early on and lost the plot
    One player missed today was ESR!
    Cant believe some are blaming Leno, he wasn’t misplacing passes left right and centre
    He wasn’t loosing 2nd balls in the middle of the park
    The whole team didnt show up today and Arteta in game management was shit again to say the least
    Nuno off at 35 mins
    Kola on at 92 mins
    That’s elite management there!

  58. Chris

    I’m gutted to be out of the cup this early. Tomorrow we can use it as a positive for extra rest for the league etc but right now it stings.

    I’m not excusing the lack of application and dynamism from the team today but the lack of quality out there today just goes to show how far away we are from having the finished article of a squad.

    I’m sure we will go big in the summer for a striker etc but we shouldn’t ignore improvements in our squad depth also.

  59. bacaryisgod

    I’m finding it hard to get too upset about today’s loss. At the end of the season, this won’t count towards Arteta’s evaluation. We make 4th he’ll be offered a new contract and if we finish below 6th, he should be out. The board will have a really tough decision to make if we come in 5th or 6th because he’ll be entering the final year of his contract.

  60. Dissenter

    Amazing how quickly opinions changed about Lokonga
    He’s not a shit player.
    He’s a player coming back from a long hiatus from injury and Covid who had ti hold the midfield alone because he was paired with Pacino making his first start.

    Perspectives please.

    We missed Xhaka today massively
    Xhaka and Patino or Xhaka and Lokonga would have worked today.

  61. englandsbest


    On the other hand, you could be talking a load of rubbish

    Use your head, man. If you had limited resources, you’d use them where they were most effective, not randomly

  62. Matt B

    MD:What are you on about — the gift that keeps on giving?

    We’ve won it 14 times ffs and Arteta won it in his first season

  63. Chris

    It’s not surprising we were disjointed given the amount of changes to the line up. I know some teams can fluently adapt to wholesale changes, like Coty, but we are not there yet.

    Put Patino next to Partey and he will look far better, and criticism of him is hard to take seriously today given it’s his first senior start and a tough assignment at that.

    It’s tough to take and I hate going out of the cup but ok going to take some perspective. Let’s go all out for the league cup and fight with everything we have for top four.

  64. Unoni


    I agree. But I do think a large section of the fan base got a little carried away with lakonga on first viewing. Jury still out for me. I’ve not seen enough of what he’s good at to really gauge. Still very much in the Guendouzi mould for me of “what is his thing”
    Big lad. Can move about the pitch. Not sure if he’s got the ability on the ball and personality to boss a midfield yet.

  65. andy1886

    “Andy1886 – I think the clue is when he says “away game against Leicester””

    Possible mitigation except that six or seven of those that started today will not start in that game so no reason for them to tell them to (to quote EB) “Take it easy, we have tastier fish to fry’”

    The away fans who spent good money and gave up their Sunday deserved that the team at least make an effort. Again, that team was more than good enough to win the game, their attitude sucked.

  66. bacaryisgod

    I will say I didn’t like the Tavares substitution one bit. Just wait until half-time and make the switch instead of humilating the player. Yes, other managers have done it but I still don’t like it. I didn’t like Nuno’s temper tantrum either particularly after clearly not coming to play. Still, which of our team did come out to play?

  67. MD-Gunner

    Arteta continues to give us lackluster attack performances and can’t put an attack together that can beat a championship side. He is having an excellent result one game and the next gives us again a shitty performance by the team, that is the Arteta routine for 2 years and don’t give me the shit about winning the FA Cup. Even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn..

    How the fuck did he not do his homework and had to take off Tavares after just 34 minutes and replaced him by Tierney. He keeps on giving shit selections and piss poor in game management. End of story.

  68. McBright is Wright

    Arsenal out of FA Cup? Good riddance! I don’t care about FA cup or the League Cup. I just want Wednesday night football. Just want to shout in Song the glorious anthem: ….’UEFA, UEFA, UEFAaaaaaaaahhh champion’s league, for champion’s.’
    However, Arteta should improve on players management. He should rotate more and keep the players fit for occasions like this. Some players were just to rusty and it showed.

  69. AFC Forever

    Terraloon you prove my point. Tthere is no balance. 4 defenders, a goalkeeper and Laca. Forget experience it’s about balance and partnerships. Had Xhaka been fit, he would have played alongside Lokinga.

  70. AFC Forever


    “Again, that team was more than good enough to win the game, their attitude sucked.”

    I agree. I saw very little bravery. Let Forest sit back and made no attempt to play through them. Apart from Saka nobody else seemed to take people on. Sometimes you have to look at players not excuse them. White shirts and a white flag performance.

  71. Unoni

    Just goes to show how difficult it is to cultivate a potent attack.
    Wenger could field nik B welbz Theo and vela and take that Forrest team apart
    He could and did send out his youth team and they would annihilate the likes of this Forrest.

  72. MD-Gunner

    Quote of the day for this game by Roy Keane:

    “Keane’s half-time take was that Mikel Arteta’s team looked like Real Madrid but played like a pub team. Nicely put but it was an arguable comparison. Even the Dog and Duck have the occasional strike on goal”.

    And for all those saying not interested in the FA Cup, 1st it brings in TV revenue and 2nd you can only select from the squad a few players per match. The rest are being paid excellent wages for what exactly? Plus Arsenal supporters will not be watching any possible future talents in games, because every match will now have to be made up of the best squad members to reduce the chance of not finishing in the top 6. What will that do to the players not selected to the match day squad?

  73. andy1886

    “Jurgen Klopp says a Covid outbreak that led to the postponement of Liverpool’s Carabao Cup semi-final first leg at Arsenal had “a lot of false positives”.”


  74. englandsbest


    Getting weepy for the away fans won’t wash, we are talking what is best for Arsenal.

    The Club has a depleted squad with a huge work-load. And young players should be protected from over-playing, trying too hard. And it’s an unwise assumption that Arteta won’t be needing the less regular players in the near future.

  75. Pierre

    As i said , always better to be balanced when analysing a game and Eddie’s finishing was surprisingly poor for a player who has a ratio of a goal every 60 minures this season…never mind ,all strikers have off days , at least he didn’t keep giving the ball away…he did look a little lethargic but of course he did miss the man city game after contracting covid apparently, so there could be mitigating circumstances.

    Thats why i have no qualms about questioning what Martinelli did all game , not one word of criticism on here despite making only 10 passes in the 90 minutes with no shots on goal, but of course that doesn’t make him a poor player , it just means the championship full back had him in his pocket all game , why not say it as it is.

  76. andy1886

    EB, so you’re just ignoring the fact that more than half of the team today weren’t first team regulars and without cup football will be kicking their heels during the next few weeks rather than admit your speculative comments were nonsense.

  77. AFC Forever


    “False positives”??

    Is that right?

    If so, they conned everyone! I thought they had fiddled the injuries but this is shocking. They need to be thrown out, if proven. Disgraceful.

  78. AFC Forever

    Andy, you’re right…!!

    Klopp: “We thought we had a proper (Covid) outbreak last week and it showed up we had a lot of false positives actually, The only real positive case from the team was Trent Alexander-Arnold and all the rest were false positives.”

    Absolutely disgraceful behaviour.

  79. andy1886

    AFCF – It isn’t going to happen but they should be sanctioned for that. If you get a positive you take further tests to back up the original result. You can’t tell me that they didn’t follow that up with a proper lab test and find out that they were false positives within 24 hours, it’s just not believable.

  80. Jdawg

    This comment will go missing. Sharp lesson for this young team to learn.

    Our squad is terrible our first eleven is decent. Also Pedro there’s only 4 months left and then we will see if your hype of Arteta was all worth it. He’s got until the end of the season the team is so up and down it could go either way let’s see

  81. andy1886

    Looks like you can’t play even if it’s shown to be a false positive so not a Liverpool problem. But that really is bonkers, what sort of clowns are running the show here?

  82. G8

    I can understand people are trying to be positive and all, but going out of the cup this early by no mean is good for the club, not for the players and certainly not for the fans
    But we move on..

  83. Invincibles

    It’s what’s called a false positive G8

    It’s like saying we wanted to lose as we had a tricky away tie in the next round at Leicester – when it would have been at home.

  84. MD-Gunner

    Knowing Arteta’s inability of handling spirited youngsters, after subbing Tavares, Arteta refused to acknowledge him, but one could sense Tavares was raging. He will be lucky to feature any time soon given his manager’s ruthlessness with those who act out.

    And for all those who hoped Tavares has a future at AFC good luck with that knowing Arteta’s track record of handling little shits. Guen anyone?

  85. G8

    Unoni now you talking
    Ceballos, what a player lol
    Could have easily won the game on his own
    Thinking about it, Denis Suarez , sorely missed too
    His control and vision 2nd to none!

  86. Terraloon


    AFCF – It isn’t going to happen but they should be sanctioned for that. If you get a positive you take further tests to back up the original result. You can’t tell me that they didn’t follow that up with a proper lab test and find out that they were false positives within 24 hours, it’s just not believable.
    All PL players are tested by club doctors daily . Those tests are conducted prior to the players being allowed to engage in training.
    Every 3/4 days the Premier League independently test the players

  87. Thank. You and goodnight

    Those players had the wrong attitude today. They came out believing the game was already won. Yes I’m still not wholly convinced by Arteta, but I still blame the players more. Cedric’s played how many pro games, Patinho aside most of these players have played 150 plus pro games but their application today was disgusting